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Uproad app makes your toll road trips stress-free and cost-efficient

This innovation makes transponders obsolete. Uproad detects the moment when the driver takes a toll road and sends them a notification.



Uproad app makes your toll road trips stress-free and cost-efficient

The Uproad app makes your toll road trips stress-free and is cost-efficient

It smoothly integrates with established toll agency systems, automatically processes toll payments, and sends you timely notifications


The Uproad app started in California but is quickly expanding all over the country. Soon it will cover all the toll roads in the US — and these count over 5,000 miles in total. One can download this software for free for iOS or Android, set up an account and start using it for toll payment immediately in some locations or as early as the next day in others.

Uproad automatically detects when you take a toll road and notifies you. If you activate the Autopay mode, it deducts the toll from your balance so that you won’t need to make a single click yourself. Otherwise, one can opt for manual payments.

This software is compatible with Venmo, PayPal, debit and credit cards. On top of the toll cost, it adds a small convenience fee. To decrease this fee, simply buy a $19.99 premium yearly membership.

Thanks to the lack of intermediaries between you and the authorities you will be able to economize on operational costs. The tolling agencies, for their part, can be sure that the fees will always arrive without delays.

This handy invention will help make sure you pay your tolls on time and avoid toll agency fines. Before setting out on a trip, you can calculate upcoming expenses with the Uproad trip calculator. Once the trip is over, you’ll have tracked your total toll usage. While planning your itinerary, you will be able to check which roads are relatively free at the moment and which ones are suffering from bottlenecks. This app makes the conventional toll transponders obsolete by allowing you to connect up to 10 cars to your account.

If you have any questions regarding the app’s functioning, you can get in touch with customers’ support right through its interface. In case you accidentally receive a conventional bill for the toll that you have already paid through the app, the Uproad team will handle that.

This handy invention will make sure you always pay your tolls on time and never get fines.

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