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UI Design Tips For High Converting Landing Pages



First impressions of your Web Page are important. If your website isn’t getting sales, it might not be because of what you’re selling – consider revamping your landing page! A well-designed landing page is a big part of a successful sale – it begins the conversation with the customer. Do you want that conversation to seem disorganized, cluttered, or cheap? Probably not. If you’re looking to make the most out of your first impression on potential customers, consider redesigning the landing page of your website.

Two types of landing pages

The first is what’s called a lead-generation landing page. It’s like a call to action, and its main goal is to obtain contact info from the reader, which is called a lead. The second is a click-through rate (or CTR) landing page, and instead of trying to get information, it aims for sales or subscriptions. CTR is determined by the percentage of people that click-through to the offer page from the landing page. It’s a measure of how effective your landing page is because it shows if a customer was interested or not. Now that you understand the two different goals of landing pages, here are some key tips to designing more effective ones.

8 Key Design Tips to Boost your Landing Pages CTR

  • Keep Things Extra Simple.
  • Don’t use link to another website.
    A landing page isn’t the same as a home page. You want fewer links on the landing page so that you aren’t steering customers away from your business – you want them to stay on your website, not find someone else’s. A landing page needs laser focus so that the customer knows what they’re paying for. The lawyers of Olschewski Davie recently got a new website built, and to optimize click-through rate, they eliminated all ads and outside links from the landing page. This made it so that all traffic on the webpage was directed toward sales and not outside sources. An effective landing page does not distract from its main goal: making a sale.
  • A/B Test Your Landing Page.
  • More Advertise.
    A beautiful landing page is senseless if no one is there to see it – that’s why you need to advertise to attract customers to your landing page. Ads are useful at getting the name of your business out there, but it will only work if the ads are in the right places. First, find where your customers are hanging out. You want to purchase ads on websites where potential customers are most likely to see them. 
  • Redesign the colours.
    Colours are a huge part of marketing. The right colour might not make or break a sale, but it will increase your conversion rate. When designing your landing page, don’t compromise your colour scheme. Use colours that are clear and distinct so that your landing page is well-defined. It might not seem like a big deal to change orange text to black, but the difference might surprise you – certain colours, like brown, are largely disliked and should be used sparingly. At the same time, avoid monotony. Black and white are safe colours, but use too much of them and you’ll risk boring your client away from your landing page.
  • Always forget about mobile users!
    Not everyone who views your landing page will be sitting in front of a desktop computer. These days, most internet users browse the web on their smartphones, and it’s important to keep this in mind when designing your landing page. Mobile screens are much smaller than monitors. Don’t put vital information on the outskirts of your landing page – mobile users will scroll right past it. 
  • Use a Sales Pitch Video.
  • Consider hiring a professional to design it for you.
    Need help with web design? Skip the headache and get straight to sales by hiring an experienced professional to design your website for you. If you are inexperienced at designing websites, hiring a professional is a very good alternative. The cost of the service will be repaid by the new customers that you gain.

A beautiful landing page is an important part of having a successful website. To entice potential customers, use these tips to create a landing page that is cohesive, well-designed, and pleasing to look at. It will increase your conversion rate and in turn, the success of your business.

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