The world economic major players [Redslob A., Tsafack Nanfosso R.]


It is nowadays well known thatĀ globalizationĀ can be defined as the gradual disappearance of barriers from all perspectives, that is to say economic, social, human, and industrial, sports, etc. Given that this concept has become the international engine since many years from now, regardless of the analytical point of view, it is of huge importance to answer the following questions:

  • who is driver?
  • In other words, who are the major economic actors in the World?
  • What are their domains of activities and/or interventions?
  • How do they perform their business?

The purpose of this paper is to give a comprehensive picture of the main actors of theĀ globalizationĀ phenomenon, as far as economy is concerned. To do that, and because these actors are numerous, we identified three large entities.

The first is the world state actors including theĀ statesĀ themselves but also theĀ statesĀ groups like G8, G20 or BRICS; and the regional communities.

The second entity is the institutional global actors like the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the International Criminal Court.

The last entity is represented by the non institutional global actors which comprise multinational firms, the diasporas, the media and other actors like churches, non-governmental organizations and other activists. The three categories stand at the core of our analysis.

Redslob A., Tsafack Nanfosso R. The world economic major players // Š˜Š·Š²ŠµŃŃ‚Šøя ŠŠ»Ń‚Š“Š£. 2015. ā„–2 (86).