3 Technologies that Changed Business Forever

New technology is evolving at a faster rate than ever these days, with new innovations, changes and developments around every corner.

3 Technologies that Changed Business Forever

New technology is evolving at a faster rate than ever these days, with new innovations, changes and developments around every corner. From the power of the modern smartphone to the capabilities of the internet, there are incredible changes every single year to how we do things; and businesses are no exception. With technology evolving specifically to make business easier or different – whether intentionally or not – there’s a lot to keep up with for the average employee or business owner.

While not every innovation is equal, there are some forms of technology that have completely changed the way that business works forever. Technology is so important that we will likely never go back to the old way of doing things. So, what are these technologies that have made such a vast difference to business and changed it forever? Here are just three of the major innovations that have transformed the world, and business with it:

1. Online shopping

From anniversary gifts to household essentials, books to flowers, very few people use physical stores any more when there is far more choice and freedom available online. Just about anything can be delivered to our doors in 2-3 working days, and even sooner in many cases. The development of online shopping technology has vastly changed the landscape for any business selling directly to the public, making buying online vastly superior to shopping in physical stores. As such, it’s no surprise that buying online overshadows just about any other form of shopping available.

This is made all the more important as new technology is developed to provide better customer service and faster delivery. The fastest delivery in the UK was made in just 14 minutes and 8 seconds, and platforms like Amazon are king when it comes to buying a whole host of products. From vacuum cleaners to hair products, furniture to artwork, anything can now be purchased online. For businesses, this technological tool means an entirely different way to sell to customers that have never been done before. 

2. Digital communication

It can be easy to forget that businesses once had to rely on landlines or even letters to get their business done. The office is one of the places that have been completely transformed over the years by technology, vastly improving efficiency and allowing companies to be connected around the globe without any extra effort or input required. Digital communication is at the heart of much of the technology in offices, allowing businesses to work more effectively together and communicate between themselves and to customers far more quickly.

Digital communication is a vast area of technology, but the majority of it relies on the same basic requirements; an internet connection on both ends. From popular video conferencing services to instant messengers, emails to VoIP calls, digital communication, often in instant form, has evolved so rapidly thanks to the improvement and evolution of how we use the internet. Digital communication has changed business forever and only looks to be getting more sophisticated as time goes on.

IMAGE: https://unsplash.com/photos/mw6Onwg4frY

3. Mobile technology

Very few people go out into the world without a smartphone by their side. From communicating with friends and family to checking work emails, using GPS and scrolling through our favourite social media platforms, smartphones are probably the most invasive piece of technology in our modern lives. As such, they’re the ideal tool for businesses to utilise for anything from improving productivity to advertising to customers. Mobile technology has changed business in unexpected ways, allowing us to adapt to new forms of entertainment, advertisement and communication.

While digital communications technology does include smartphones, the average iPhone or Android device is far more than just a way to talk to or collaborate with others. As such, the way businesses utilize mobile technology is different in many ways. Not only do these handheld devices change our shopping habits and even our customer service requirements, but they also change our expectations of businesses. Fast responses, instant support and mobile-friendly websites are a must for any business that wants to remain attractive to their audience, vastly changing how customer care and even website design has been handled in the past.

There’s no doubt that technology can change just about everything. For business, understanding those changes and adapting to them are musts to survive. From digital communications to online shopping, the way that we interact with companies has vastly changed – so understanding those changes, and meeting those needs, is more essential than ever.