Wix vs WordPress vs Builders

For customers with the need to create their own small website or online store, today the most affordable alternatives to the solution are Wix – WordPress (Shopify + Custom template) and Website Builders at domain registrars. In the first case, there are a lot of training materials and relative freedom of decision. In the second, non-technical users can succumb to the registrar’s offers when they purchase their own domain.

All three solutions (Wix, WordPress and Builders) are in the same price range – an average of $ 0-100, they all fit almost any business client. They all have a trial period in a certain form. All are characterized by outdated template designs. Everyone needs search engine optimization. For all, you need to further configure in-depth analytics to account for traffic and conversions. Wix and WordPress have a large database of tutorials and instructions. Wix and Builders allow you to release a site as quickly as possible, with WordPress it will be on average longer. With the WordPress, the client will have complete control over the domain and content of the site. Builders have an advantage – contacts of those who just bought / are buying a domain. Wix and builders have support; WordPress only has a community or a separate payment. WordPresss have more options for designing and connecting other widgets, but with small investments, on average, Wix will have a better design. WordPress has an undoubted advantage in obtaining Organic traffic. Wix has an advantage in speed along the chain Idea-Site-Advertising-Sales. At the WordPress, the server will be closer to non-US custom meters.

I would recommend Wix products to move to the side: improving finished designs and especially mobile typesetting; Improve traffic accounting, conversions and sales; Improve components and various widgets.