How to fix delayed WhatsApp notifications on Android?

We all use WhatsApp messaging service quite frequently and stay connected with our friends. Many times we reply to the WhatsApp messages from just the notifications. But, due to some reasons, these notifications don’t come timely and hence we miss getting them. Almost every one of us has experienced this issue that delays the messages and the only way to see whether you’ve received any message is to open the WhatsApp application. Opening the app to check if any message has come is really annoying. There could be important messages that need to be replied on time but due to this issue users miss out reading and responding to them at the earliest.

Now, before you read the solution to it or how to fix WhatsApp delayed messages. You should know why these delays actually happen.

Why are my WhatsApp incoming messages being delayed?

Well, there can be many reasons that prevent WhatsApp messages to be delivered on time. So, it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s causing your messages to come or send on time. But, the first and foremost reason could be a poor internet connection that is causing your message to be delivered and received on time. Also, not receiving the WhatsApp notification on time could be due to the restriction of background data use. This setting stops the app to sync data in the background over the mobile data connection.

How to ensure the prompt delivery of WhatsApp messages and notifications

So, I am writing here several troubleshooting ways that you can try and bring those timely WhatsApp notifications pop-up on time back for you.

  • First off, Reboot your device
  • Check your internet connection, if it’s unstable then try switching to Wi-Fi
  • Go to Settings > Tap Data Usage > Tap Mobile data usage > Select WhatsApp > Tap Background data (demoed on OnePlus 3T running Android 8.0 Oreo)
  • If you still find the issue in getting app notification timely then try deleting the app cache, which you can do by following the steps – Settings > Apps> WhatsApp > Storage > Clear Cache (this can take some time).
  • You can also reset the app preferences by going to your phone’s Settings app > Apps > Menu Button > Reset app preferences. (When you relaunch the WhatsApp, it will show you only contact numbers. Don’t worry, just click, little icon present on the right-hand side of the app, this will refresh your contact list )
  • WhatsApp also tells you to log from WhatsApp Web by going to WhatsApp > Menu Button > WhatsApp Web > Logout from all computers if you face delaying of messages.

Do let us know if any other solution worked for you.

Why is my WhatsApp message taking so long to Deliver

The following are the most common reasons why WhatsApp is taking too much time to send messages.

1. You are using a slow network connection

2. You have too many photos or videos to send

3. Your phone is old and can’t keep up with the new technology

4. The person you are sending the message to has a slow connection too

Whatsapp Taking Too Long to Send Videos? Here’s the Fix

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The most common reason behind a slow or stuck video upload on WhatsApp is a sluggish internet connection. So, make sure you have an active internet connection and check if it’s working fast enough by opening or in your browser.

If you’re on Wi-Fi, try switching to mobile data to see if it works and vice versa. There could be a significant delay in sending videos and messages if you’re having network issues or are traveling, which often causes network fluctuations.

2. Reboot Your Phone, Force Stop WhatsApp & Clear Cache

A simple reboot usually solves most temporary glitches. However, if your WhatsApp is still having issues despite a fast internet connection, we’d suggest you force stop it once and clear the cache memory.

On Android, go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp. Here, click on Force Stop. Then, click on Storage and tap on Clear Cache. If you’re on iOS, open the recent apps screen by swiping up from the bottom (on iPhone X & later) or double-tapping the home button. Then, swipe to remove WhatsApp.

Make sure you’re using the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. If not, update it from the Play Store or App Store.

3. Compress the Video File

Before sending any video, WhatsApp compresses it so that it takes less space. However, if WhatsApp is taking too long to send a file, there may be issues with the video itself. In that case, you can compress the video manually using third-party apps.

You can use apps like Video Compressor, Proton Video Compressor, and Video Format Factory to compress videos or change their format and resolution.

Is WhatsApp Getting Killed in the Background?

Apart from the tips given above, do check if WhatsApp is being killed in the background. IF it is, then you may experience delayed video uploads as well as incoming messages.

To fix it, you can dd WhatsApp to the memory whitelist on your phone manager app (if your phone has one built-in). Furthermore, add it to the “Do Not Optimize” list in Settings > Apps & Notification > Special Access > Battery Optimization > All Apps> WhatsApp > Do not Optimize. The steps may vary based on your phone’s make and Android version.

Who owns Signal app?

Signal is a messaging app for simple private communication with friends.

Signal uses your phone’s data connection (WiFi/3G/4G) to communicate securely, optionally supports plain SMS/MMS to function as a unified messenger, and can also encrypt the stored messages on your phone.

The executive chairman of the Signal Foundation is Brian Acton, a co-founder of WhatsApp. Signal is the lovechild of two pieces of software from Whisper Systems, which launched in 2010: RedPhone, an encrypted voice calling app, and TextSecure, an encrypted texting platform.

Is Signal app owned by Elon Musk? – No, but his tweet with a recommendation had a big impact on the growth of downloads of this messenger in January.