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Please I’m banned for one month and can I please open for me I’m permanently banned never join to friends only message I messaged only please unbanned me I will never do a mistake again

I mean Bigo live streaming I’m banned permanently so. Can I open it for me??

Why My BIGO LIVE Account is Banned?

Your account will be banned if you violate the Community Convention of BIGO Live. Please read the detailed Community Convention before you go live >>> “Me” -> “Settings” -> “About Us” -> “Community Convention”.

If you see violations, please report to us so that our censor can investigate the issue at once.

Bigo Clips That Got Streamers BANNED

How to Unblock Bigo Live Banned Account?

Bigo Live Banned Account

If your BIGO LIVE account got banned/blocked (Class A permanent or Class B temporary) due to breaking bigo live community rules. You can request this free service to unblock your account as soon as possible.

First Free Unblock Form

    If you’re permanently blocked on Bigolive then you may never get your account back on the same phone, you need to make another account and buy new phone, if it is not permanently blocked but you’re having problems with account then you can write them at

    But if permanently blocked they just don’t give your account back, forget about it, no shit works even if you begin email hundred times, but there are other ways if you have option in your phone settings called dual apps, parallel space, it works or you can download parallel space app from Google Play Store and use a New Bigolive account.

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    We understand how important it is for you to restore a bigo account. Our experience says that this is real. But you need a great desire on your part. Your account is your opportunity for the enormous potential of this social network. To do this, try hard. You are ready? We can help!

    Now there is a large queue of pending accounts on our list. Use this button to go up.


    We do not give guarantees for the result of the unblock. But we can guarantee that your application will be considered.

    10 Alternatives to Cameo App: Competitors and Similar Apps

    What is Cameo app?

    Cameo – is service for booking personalized video shout-outs from your favorite people. Access thousands of celebrities and request a personalized video message for any occasion.

    Estimated Annual Revenue – $2.6M;
    Web traffic – 2.55M/mo;
    Downloads – 140k/mo (SensorTower* Dec 2021 updated);
    Co-Founder & CEO – Steven Galanis;
    Founded – 2017;
    Platform – iOS, Android, Web.

    Cameo has raised a total of $165.7M in funding over 8 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Mar 30, 2021 from a Series C round.

    How does the Cameo-like app work?

    Cameo is mobile app and website that connects C-list and B-list celebrities from the music, sports, and film industries with fans who would like to receive personalized video messages or send them to their friends.

    This app allows users to wish their friends a happy birthday with a personalized video from, for example, Snoop Dogg. Prices are different for every celebrity and range from $15 to $10,000.

    How to get a shoutout from a celebrity?

    A shoutout can be defined as an acknowledgment by a person of another’s presence, social status, or accomplishment. A shoutout can be given through various channels such as social media, emails or text messages.

    Celebrities often use their power to give shootouts to fans who are influential in their industry.

    I found several alternatives and similar apps or websites that can be used.

    Starsona is a web platform that publishes reviews and videos of artists.

    • iOS & Android
    • Downloads < 5k
    • Revenue < $5k

    Thrillz – celebrity shoutout

    Thrillz is a website made by fans for fans. Unlike Cameo, it is available in the UK as well as the US and other parts of the world and was created to give fans “direct and instant access to the people we admire”. 

    A new app on the market allows you to meet your favorite celebrities using virtual interactions. Users can do this by organising personal zoom calls or video shout-outs with the subscribed talent on the platform. All that’s needed is signing up and browsing the site to find celebrity matches.

    Celebrities have been the most wanted people in the world for a long time. Fans can meet their favorite celebrity, or even shout-out to them, by using this app. The app will organize a live video call with the famous person and you can talk to them in real-time.

    There are multiple categories on the website, including sections for US and UK reality TV stars, musicians, actors and influencers. Prices vary depending on who you request.

    Greetzly is an online platform that allows fans to receive personal video greetings from their idols.

    • Founded: 2014
    • by AB42 GmbH
    • Downloads < 5k

    Celebrity Video Messaging

    Celebrity Video Messaging is a platform like Cameo for celebrities to record personal videos messages for birthdays, proposals and endorsements.
    Founded: 2013
    Base: 770 Celebrities

    Meerkat Cameo by Life On Air, Inc.

    Invite viewers to take over your stream. It is a streaming-video app that allows people to live-broadcast anytime from anywhere via their Twitter feeds or Facebook page.

    Founded 2015


    Wideo provides a simple and intuitive tool that enables people without previous knowledge or training to create quality online videos. The tool allows make explainer or demo videos, create educational videos, bring animated e-cards to life and lots more.

    Founded 2012

    WeVideo Edit online faster & easier than ever.

    Use stock footage, animated titles & green screening. No software to download/install. Start now!

    WeVideo is the leading online video creation platform, providing editing, collaboration, and sharing capabilities across any device. Anyone can access WeVideo, from any computer or device at home, work, or on the go to capture, edit, view, and share with secure storage of their content in the cloud.

    Was Founded in 2011

    Cameos on Google iOS and Android App

    Get celebrities to answer your top Q&As

    The app is aimed at celebrities and other public figures, who are often the subject of people’s Google searches.

    Iconn Website

    Celebrity entertainment booking platform by Ja Rule

    Iconn is built on a foundation of verified talent buyers and a digital booking management and payment system that allows a secure one-to-one connection between both parties.

    Whale 1.0 [Closed]

    Video Q&A w/ influencers + experts ? Now w/ comments!

    Cameo by Vimeo Web and iOS [Closed]

    Edit and share cinematic videos on your phone

    If you have other apps similar to cameo, please leave a comment here.

    So how exactly does Cameo make money?

    The app takes 25% of every purchase, and the platform suggests users only shop online to skip Apple’s outrageous 30% App Store commission.

    Cameo has raised a total of $165.2M in funding over 8 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Mar 30, 2021 from a Series C round.

    How do You make an App Like a Cameo?

    Here are four steps to make your Cameo–like app idea come to life and simplify the development process.

    1. Research your app’s target market.
    2. Choose a monetization model.
    3. Hire an app or web development guy or team.
    4. Create an MVP (minimum viable product) or POC (proof of concept) for funding search.
    5. Lunch it to Market.

    Soon You’ll Be Able to Make Your Own Video With AI

    Cameo is a platform that allows users to book personalized video messages from celebrities and influencers. While AI tools have the potential to disrupt many industries and services, it is unlikely that they would kill services like Cameo. Here’s why:

    1. Personalization: One of the primary benefits of services like Cameo is that they provide personalized messages from celebrities to their fans. AI tools, while capable of generating content, are not capable of delivering the same level of personalization as a human celebrity. AI-generated messages may lack the emotional resonance and connection that fans feel when receiving a message from their favorite celebrity.
    2. Celebrity Endorsement: The value of services like Cameo also lies in the endorsement of the celebrities themselves. Fans are often willing to pay a premium for a message from a celebrity they admire or follow. AI tools cannot replicate the same level of endorsement and credibility that comes with a personalized message from a celebrity.
    3. Limited Applications: AI tools are best suited for generating content that is repetitive or routine in nature. While they can be used to generate messages, they may not be able to replicate the creativity and spontaneity that is often associated with a personalized message from a celebrity. This limits their applications in areas like entertainment, where fans are looking for a unique and memorable experience.

    Overall, while AI tools may disrupt certain industries and services, it is unlikely that they will kill services like Cameo. The value of personalized messages from celebrities and influencers lies in their emotional resonance and connection with fans, which cannot be replicated by AI-generated content.

    Top 3 Tools to Brand Your Videos

    Branding your videos is an essential step in establishing your brand identity and creating a memorable experience for your audience, especially for businesses and content creators. One effective way to enhance your brand identity is by adding logos into your videos. In this article, we will explore how you can use 3 popular video editing tools to add logos and take your video branding to the next level. 

    DaVinci Resolve

    If you don’t want to stifle your creativity and are ready to figure out the program a bit, then take a closer look at DaVinci Resolve. Used by Hollywood professionals, this powerful video editing software is designed to inspire creativity. It offers a wide range of professional video editing features, from color grading and visual effects to motion graphics and audio production. So, if you want to add a branding touch, just follow the steps below to seamlessly add a logo to a video:

    1. Get an installation package from the official website and run the software.
    2. Import your video footage into DaVinci Resolve and create a new project.
    3. Select File > Import > Media from the menu bar to load your logo file. Then drag it from the Media Library onto the timeline.
    4. Use the positioning and scaling tools to place the logo where you want it in the video.
    5. Use the Inspector tool in the upper right corner to apply any effects or animations to the logo.
    6. Finally, export your branded video in the format and resolution of your choice.

    DaVinci Resolve’s extensive capabilities make it an excellent choice for adding logos and creating a professional and visually appealing video branding experience.

    Adobe Express

    If you’re looking for branding your video on the go, check out Adobe Express. This is an online platform that allows you to make and share content like graphics, videos, web pages, worksheets, etc. It has a simplified interface and a number of user-friendly features, making it easy for beginners to create visually appealing content without the need for extensive design experience. Follow these steps to find out how to put a logo on a video using Adobe Express:

    1. Visit the official Adobe Express website and sign up.
    2. Click on Start From Your Content to import your video footage.
    3. In the left sidebar, tap Media and load the logo image from your device storage.
    4. Adjust the size, position, and opacity of the logo to fit your video.
    5. Customize the logo animation, if desired, to create an engaging branded video.
    6. Click Download to save your edited video on your device or use the Share button to post it directly in the desired social media platform.

    Adobe Express provides a convenient and streamlined solution for branding your videos with logos, making it ideal for quick edits and social media content.


    If you want to know how to add a logo to a video with ease on your Windows PC, check out Clipify. This easy-to-use video editor is packed with tools and features to easily customize and brand your videos without requiring advanced editing skills. You can add captions, record webcams and voiceovers to make captivating content. You can also swap backdrops with Chroma Key and overlay 200+ music tracks & 450+ cliparts from the built-in library. Here’s how you can use Clipify to insert logos to your video clips:

    1. Download Clipify from the official website and install the program on your PC.
    2. Launch the editor and create a new blank project.
    3. Click Add Videos and Photos to load your video footage to the timeline.
    4. Go to the Clipart tab and hit From File to overlay your logo. Change its position and size.
    5. Use the Edit button to customize the logo’s animation and opacity.
    6. Click the Create Video button to export your branded video in over 30 formats.

    Clipify offers a user-friendly interface and a range of branding options, making it an accessible choice for adding logos to your videos.


    Now you know how to insert your logo to videos to effectively establish your brand identity and create a cohesive visual experience for your audience. Remember to experiment with different positioning, animations, and effects to create a branded video that stands out and grabs your audience’s attention. Whether you want the advanced features of DaVinci Resolve, the simplicity of Adobe Express, or the convenience of Clipify, choose the program that best suits your editing skills, preferences, and needs.

    The Importance of Having Demo Versions in Video Games

    Slot machine enthusiasts today get the benefit of trying games like the Gates of Olympus demo 7Slots online. The demo version is free and you can play as much as you want. In this article, we will discuss these items in detail, so we can understand why casinos offer free versions of slots. We will take a look at the benefits for both the players and the casinos.

    Players Can Understand the Game Better

    Slot machines can be a tad difficult to understand, especially for new players. There are so many paylines, and then there are many features. In addition, there are slots that have different coin sizes and bet levels. 

    Gamblers grow anxious if they spin and do not win, especially in situations when they think they made a payline, but it did not happen. That is why demos are critical — they allow the players to understand the game. 

    Here are some of the things that players get to know better: 

    • Wild symbols – players will know how a wild symbol works. There are many permutations and variants of the wild symbol. As such, it benefits a player to know how a particular one works in a slot machine. 
    • Scatter symbols – like the wild symbol, scatter symbols can trigger many things. The most common bonus round associated with the scatter is the free spins. With the demo version, the player will know if it takes three scatter symbols to win free spins or if they need to be in a specific order. 
    • Payout – slot machine payouts are a bit difficult to understand. Some slots pay by coin multipliers, and some pay by cash amount. The demo version can help the player make calculations and understand how the payout system works. 

    Then, there is the bet level and coin size. With a free version, the player will earn the different bet amounts and what these adjustments in the bet can do to the payout. 

    Players Can Save Money

    Players can save a ton of money with demo versions. Just think about it: if you play with real cash, you may spend $5 for each slot machine you try. After trying ten slots, you would have spent $50. 

    At that point, you have not decided yet which slot works best for you. There are thousands of slot games in online gambling today. Some gamblers may read reviews, but one sad reality is that many of them merely regurgitate what is already written online. In addition, most reviews don’t really explain how a particular casino game works.

    With demo slots, a player can spend hours playing without spending a dime. The best part is that they do not even have to register for an account.

    Casinos Can Entice More Players to Play

    One of the biggest reasons why casinos must offer demo slots is to attract more players. Since these slot machines are online games, the casinos really have nothing to lose. It is one of the main advantages of online slots over physical ones.

    In land-based casinos, the operator would be hard-pressed to offer free modes. Each slot cabinet occupies real estate, and that cabinet must earn money. As such, you cannot find demos in slots that you can play for a long time.

    With online casinos, the operators only have to spend money on server power. The casino can showcase the slot machines and basically show the player how it works.

    In essence, casinos use the demo slot as a hook to attract clients and gamblers. If a player tries a slot for free and wins, they are very likely to make a real cash deposit and play with real money.

    Casino Spend Less Money for Advertising

    Finally, gambling sites don’t have to spend a ton of money to advertise the slots. With the demo version, they only have to spend money on awareness and branding campaigns. They do not have to advertise each slot.

    In addition, they also do not have to pay models to play the slots just to show how they work. All they need to do is allow the players to test the games themselves and let the players decide if the slot machine is worth their time or not. Basically, the casino simply has to ensure that they get traffic to their website.

    Demo versions of slots are valuable tools for marketing. Casinos do not have to spend a lot of money to advertise their games. Players, on the other hand, do not have to waste money testing games. 

    If you are a slot machine enthusiast, you must take advantage of the slot demos available online. You will find an immeasurable depth of knowledge in these games before you even invest. The best part is that you will know what features the slots have before you wager real cash! Free HD TV Online

    In 2023, billions of people have access to the Internet, but unfortunately not everyone has access to Netflix and other valuable services for watching films and TV shows. Even among my friends, there are people for whom pirated content sites are the only way to watch films and TV shows.

    It is for such people that m4ufree was created. is a media library of popular HD films and TV series from around the world with free access 24/7. The project is supported by enthusiasts and funded by numerous advertisements on its pages.

    Film rights holders and distributors regularly send complaints about pirated content, so the site is regularly banned. But the developers restore it under a different name. Sometimes it’s hard to find the latest version unless you have a clue, so I’m collecting here the addresses where it works or there is an alternative project.

    Website link and alternatives:


    You will need these addresses if you are looking for the current version of the project with free access.

    M4ufree screenshot

    Watch movies and tv shows online for free on Watch all your favorite movies and tv shows online for free on M4ufree. Watch all your favorite movies and tv shows online for free from our wide selection of categories, which include:

    • Action & Adventure
    • Comedy
    • Kids & Family
    • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    • Westerns

    Keywords: m4ufree 123movies m4ufree 2017 movies new m4ufree movies m4ufree movies 2018 relea m4ufree tv m4ufree watch movie m4ufree website M4uFreeHD

    In this screenshot, I want to show a really large amount of advertising on the website, which is why it remains free.

    WebRTC for Video Conferencing App: Use Cases

    Video conferencing and LiveStreaming apps are the hot new trend in remote communication – so why do so many of them struggle to deliver a reliable experience? The answer lies in something called WebRTC, and today we’re going to explore how this powerful technology is revolutionizing the way we communicate. Get ready to learn all about the magic of WebRTC for video conferencing apps!

    • Standard(s):
    • Stable release: 1.0 / May 4, 2018; 4 years ago

    Introduction to WebRTC

    WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an open-source set of communications protocols used to facilitate peer-to-peer communication over the web. It enables data, audio, and video communication between two or more peers on the Internet, with built-in encryption for secured communication. By using WebRTC, web developers can create modern applications for video conferencing and real time messaging without needing to use any plugins or third party libraries.

    WebRTC is a free and open-source project providing web browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication via application programming interfaces. Wikipedia

    Thanks to WebRTC’s advanced technologies, users can participate in multi-party video calls without compromising quality or affecting the user interface. This makes it easy and intuitive for anyone to set up a meeting quickly and without a complex setup process. WebRTC also features real-time text (RTT) support, allowing users to chat using just their web browser window in the same manner as traditional SMS messages.

    In addition to these communications features, WebRTC’s innovation also supports robust security protocols such as secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption and authentication credentials management with database integration capabilities that are crucial for app development when creating online motion experiences on any platform.

    Overall, WebRTC is an important technology for developers who are looking to make reliable peer-to-peer audio/video streaming solutions available online through modern browsers. By utilizing its powerful data transmission capabilities, developers can enable real time collaboration across multiple devices satisfying ever increasing demand for powerful real time applications with low latency connection quality.

    Benefits of WebRTC for Video Conferencing

    WebRTC is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for companies that need low-latency, secure, and cost-effective communication. It’s designed to allow users to easily access audio, video and data communications in real-time on any web browser without any special plugins or software downloads being required.

    WebRTC for video conferencing offers numerous benefits in the development of real-time communication applications. Below we look at some of these advantages:

    1. Low Latency: WebRTC technology currently offers a latency of under 1 second between two clients and processes data faster than legacy technologies, thus ensuring smoother video and audio interactions in real-time with near perfect synchronization.
    2. Security: WebRTC ensures secure connections as all calls are encrypted using Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS). Additionally, it includes features such as identity management, key exchange protocols and secure signaling channel transmission that further ensure complete security when sharing data over an open network connection.
    3. Open Source Platform: WebRTC is an open source platform associated with many frameworks and libraries for development purposes which makes it highly flexible for developers to use in their projects with minimal cost investments. This enables businesses to efficiently meet their communication requirements without incurring large development costs thereby reducing operational costs.
    4. Scalability: An important factor associated with all real-time applications is scalability, which allows the applications to dynamically scale up or down according to demand by scaling individual components in an application such as processing units or network resources like bandwidth and storage space instead of adding additional machines that might not be utilized all the time. WebRTC offers better scalability performance compared to other technologies providing businesses more control over their applications without worrying about downtime due to overloads.

    Technical Aspects of WebRTC

    Writing an app based on WebRTC technology is a complex task that requires expertise in multiple domains, from networking to multimedia. WebRTC is a peer-to-peer communication protocol that enables real-time streaming of audio and video data between browsers and mobile applications. It supports peer connections using protocols like UDP, TCP, and even DTMF to facilitate communication between peers.

    The technical components for a Video Conferencing App using WebRTC include the following:

    • Network Infrastructure: For any video conferencing application, reliable network infrastructure is essential for quality audio/video streaming. This includes setting up firewalls or proxy servers and configuring socket connections for data transmission.
    • Codec Selection: Different codecs are used to stream audio data between peers in order to minimize latency. A carefully selected codec should enable maximum compression while preserving the quality of the audio stream.
    • Multipoint Conference Control (MCC): Appropriate signaling protocols are needed to enable three or more endpoints to communicate over a single session. This can be achieved through MCC which defines communication rules and establishes paths between each endpoint while maintaining low latency levels.
    • Peer connection managements: Peer connection management controls the entire connection process. It includes state machine design, protocol negotiation, resource allocation & control, server functions for interconnection control & management etc., which helps create efficient peering sessions setup in real time with minimal development effort.
    • Audio Signal Processing: Audio signal processing involves enhancing the signal from microphone(s) before transferring it over the network by applying noise cancellation filters, silence removal algorithms etc., so that both ends get good quality audio signals in near real time with no echo or feedbacks.

    Traffic limits and costs

    When designing a solution for a call with 100 participants who are streaming HD-quality video at a rate of 250 KBps, and one client can view 10 video streams at a time, we need to consider the traffic limits and costs. The client will require a download traffic of 2.5 MBps and an upload of 0.25 MBps, while the server will need to handle a download of 25 MBps and an upload of 250 MBps per 100 users. It’s important to factor in the data transfer charges of the server provider in order to avoid additional costs.

    Hardware requirements

    GPUs are more cost-effective in terms of performance compared to CPUs. For example, using a 24-Core Xeon E5-2690 (2.60GHz) CPU, it is possible to transcode 22 input streams (720p) with 88 output streams. However, using an NVIDIA Tesla M60 16 GB GPU, it is possible to transcode 70 input streams with 280 output streams, which is more than 3 times more efficient than using a CPU.

    Security Considerations with WebRTC

    Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) has revolutionized the way we make audio and video calls over the Internet. WebRTC is suitable for applications that require reliable, secure, and robust real-time audio/video streaming and have stringent security concerns. However, WebRTC still presents some security risks that need to be addressed when developing a video conferencing app for your organization. Below are some of the key considerations you should keep in mind when implementing a WebRTC-based video conferencing app:

    • Data Encryption: With standards such as DTLS and SRTP, data is encrypted before it leaves the sender’s device and then decrypted only after arriving at its destination. This ensures that any data intercepted while in transit remains unintelligible. For an added layer of security, you can also use an encryption algorithm such as AES 256.
    • Secure Signaling Channel: Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks are common against signaling channels in order to intercept credentials, controller access codes, or other sensitive information. To protect against these types of attacks, look for a solution with an end-to-end encrypted signaling channel with mutual authentication between two peers.
    • Access Control: You should restrict which users can connect to the service by limiting access using IP whitelisting and username/password combinations or other identity management solutions like OAuth or OpenID Connect.
    • Network Topology Flexibility: Look for solutions that enable cloud federated networks with multiple segments to enable communication between parties on different networks without sacrificing security or performance.
    • Transport Layer Security (TLS): TLS provides improved data privacy and data integrity over unencrypted communication protocols such as UDP transport protocol on which WebRTC runs by default. It also helps authenticate devices participating in a call so they can trust each other’s identity before exchanging any messages or media streams.

    Challenges of Implementing WebRTC

    Real-time communications (RTC) technology has revolutionized the way we communicate over the internet, and WebRTC technology has helped to accelerate this process. WebRTC is an open-source project supported by Google that enables web applications to access real-time information such as video and audio streaming, peer-to-peer data sharing, and digital signaling. This type of technology is invaluable in creating a secure and reliable way for applications to communicate with each other. However, there are some challenges that must be faced when implementing WebRTC technology in a video conferencing application.

    The first challenge is interoperability between different vendors involved in the application development process. To fully utilize the benefits of WebRTC it must be compatible with various browsers, systems, and platforms so developers must ensure that their applications can function seamlessly across multiple environments. Additionally, existing network infrastructure may need to be upgraded in order for a high-quality user experience to occur due to latency issues or firewall restrictions that could affect bandwidth performance or audio/video quality when communicating via web services.

    The second challenge involves security considerations such as protecting user privacy from cyber attacks or hijacked data streams. Encryption protocols should be implemented along with robust authentication methods in order to protect both private and commonly used RTC service APIs from unauthorized access attempts while also ensuring timely delivery of content within the platform itself. Furthermore, server-side protection measures should also be considered if relying on an external provider for delivering digital media streaming services as part of the overall application structure since this type of infrastructure requires high levels of security in order to prevent malicious activities on the service layer itself.

    Finally, scalability is always a concern when creating applications using real time communication technologies like WebRTC due to its ability reach larger audiences by:

    • Increasing its performance horizontally by distributing traffic across multiple servers
    • Adapting various types of deployments or architectures vertically based on peak usage times within an organization

    Something that should always be taken into account when deciding how many concurrent users a particular application could handle before being scaled down elaborately if necessary under certain conditions.

    Alternatives to WebRTC

    Aside from WebRTC, there are a few different options available to developers who wish to create video conferencing applications:

    • Twilio is a multipurpose communications platform that offers customers access to real-time audio and video calling capabilities. It supports peer-to-peer and group calling, as well as messaging and media sharing.
    • Agora is an alternative communications platform that focuses on building a reliable web-based real-time video communications service with rich features such as broadcasting, recording, scheduling and AI integration. It supports cross-platform communication between iOS/Android mobile apps, web browsers and Windows/MacOS desktops.
    • Skype provides users with desktop and mobile applications for voice and video calls as well as online chats. Its services are often used for business or personal conversations resulting in one of the largest user bases in comparison to other products.
    • OpenTok is an API by TokBox that enables users to quickly add high quality video, audio and messaging functionality into their own custom web or mobile apps without the need for expensive third party software integrations. It comes packaged with features such as group messaging, recording, archiving and analytics tools.

    Use Cases of WebRTC for Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing is an increasingly popular way for individuals and teams to collaborate, reducing the need for face-to-face meetings. WebRTC technology delivers high-quality video streaming that’s reliable and secure, meaning companies can create enterprise-grade applications with WebRTC at their core.

    WebRTC can be used in a range of use cases; some common use cases are discussed below.

    • Live Streaming: With WebRTC’s real-time audio and video capability, companies can enable live streaming of events to reach larger audiences. This is particularly useful in business contexts when a team presentation needs to reach multiple locations or remote offices, when broadcasting internal announcements, or even when allowing customers to join an event in real-time remotely.
    • Training: With WebRTC, organizations can build custom solutions for their training needs enabling remote collaboration on specific processes or modules. An advanced training platform could include use of customized room configurations for collaborative learning and practice scenarios testing collaboration skills of students or professional users.
    • Remote customer service: Companies seeking to reduce the friction of traditional customer support channels can leverage the power of WebRTC technology by hosting video conferences directly from corporate websites or apps wherein online customers are connected with customer service agents through video calls. This provides better resolution on any issue being addressed as facial contact improves relation between both sides.
    • Online meeting applications: Building meeting solutions often requires integration with third party APIs that leverage proprietary protocols making development complex and expensive; however, by leveraging the advantages that WebRTC brings such as low latency audio/video transfer, companies not only get cost benefits but also get access to standardized communication protocols (e.g SIP) providing better scalability options while still delivering interoperability regardless of platform (iOS, Android).

    Future of WebRTC for Video Conferencing

    The low barrier to entry, ease of implementation, and a wide range of features in WebRTC makes it an ideal platform for video conferencing applications. By 2021, WebRTC will become even more stable and equipped with improved features such as private key exchange and secure media capabilities. This improved security is especially critical for the growing enterprise market, and it is expected that major players in this space will heavily invest in developing their own version of RTCs in order to stay ahead of the competition.

    With advancements such as standardized mobile protocols and superior audio quality, WebRTC will become even more versatile when used for communication applications. The platform’s ability to integrate into Android apps easily allows developers to quickly create high-quality video conferencing applications from scratch. This freedom has given rise to many hosted infrastructure solutions that support WebRTC powered video conferencing in an intuitive way.

    In addition, WebRTC also offers a multitude of tools and options to customize the user experience. Video codecs like H.264 can be easily installed on supported devices by simply enabling them through a web browser or app settings menu. This means that you have more control over which devices have access to specific audio or visuals streams when using WebRTC for your video conference application development project.

    All these advantageous features make it clear why WebRTC is the platform of choice when it comes to building innovative video conferencing applications with enhanced customer experiences at scale. It’ll be exciting to see what new opportunities arise from this powerful technology as it continues its journey towards becoming the industry-standard real-time communication protocol for enterprises around the world!

    How to Make a Viral YouTube Video

    How to Make a Viral YouTube Video and Grow Your Business

    Are you trying to create a viral YouTube video? Some suggest you boost your stats by considering paid signals and buying YouTube views. But creating viral content takes much more than just the accumulation of a high number of views, much so if you are trying to use such content to eventually grow your business using a digital sharing platform like YouTube.

    Let us begin by understanding the concept of a viral video. 

    What Qualifies a Viral YouTube Video?

    Simply put, it’s a YT video that has suddenly caught the attention of many favorably at the same time. A viral video gets quickly passed around so more can see and enjoy it. It has an infectious quality: people want to consume, copy, and share it, and it has a community spread just like a virus. In other words, “viral” has more to do with how the video has been circulated and distributed than the content. 

    A viral video usually tends to outgrow the platform it originated on. So, a YT viral video (or parts thereof) may get equally talked of and shared on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other platform for social sharing. 

    Is Any Set Number of Minimum Views or Shares a Video Must Have to Be Declared “Viral”?

    The notion of virality is very relative; hence, you will not find a clear cap on the minimum number of shares and views required for anything to go “viral” on the Internet. However, it is safe to say that the content reaches millions of viewers within a brief period of circulation. 

    Remember that a video only sometimes goes viral the minute it is created. Often, an old video is rediscovered and suddenly shared rapidly in the digital space. What makes a video viral has more to do with how the content resonates with the audience at a particular time and what response it evokes in the viewer at the moment of watching. 

    What Else Makes a Video Viral?

    The engagement rate on any content is vital for it to find a popularity and visibility boost. In addition to views, likes, shares, saves, and comments are all essential stats that add value and visibility to your video. Sometimes the creator’s popularity also matters but in most cases, and the content stands out regardless of who made it. Or should we say it is the content that shoots the creator to popularity and fame because of the audience reception it has found? 

    Can Anyone Make a YT Video Viral? 

    In theory, yes. However, as already mentioned, many factors need to be figured out to get a video viral. Thoughtful planning can surely help make viral and fast-trending videos. At the same time, one also needs a dash of luck to go viral. It’s all about making the correct type of video at the right time. After all, millions of videos are getting made and uploaded by the minute on this platform. Any business – new old, big, or small has thousands of competitors here operating with the same aim in mind. It can be a tough job getting your video noticed in such a scenario, let alone get viral. 

    How Can Creating a Viral YouTube Video Help Your Business?

    Going viral can bring considerable benefits to one’s business marketing strategy. When you go viral, you tend to also:

    • Amass new followers and subscribers.
    • Get more engagement, which boosts the YT algorithms in your channel’s favor. 
    • Get more audience traffic, which feeds into your sales and leads funnel positively.
    • Get a stronger image in your community.
    • Have instant growth in social proof that draws organic attention to all your accounts on and off YouTube.

    In other words, getting viral is as good as getting your business a highly successful free video marketing campaign. It defines successful connection-building with your audience and lays the foundation for your brand’s continued business and social networking.

    What Can You Do to Make a Viral YouTube Video to Grow Your Business? 

    Although the market is rife with content creators and finding popularity can be challenging, it is achievable. Here are a few pointers to creating popular YT content for the benefit of your business:

    1. Know your intent

    Are you making a video for the sale of making popular videos, or do you have a micro goal behind it? What can the video do for your business and brand growth, and how? In other words, as a creator, be clear about why you are aiming to make a viral video in the first place. As long as you know the point of your video, you will be able to create a clearly thought-out video. Every good video has the following:

    • A core idea.
    • A way of storytelling.
    • The signature style of the creator.

    In addition, a good video is produced with the following: 

    • Good camera skills. 
    • Proper lighting. 
    • Maximum noise reduction.
    • Several stages of revising, editing, and fine-tuning. 
    1. Study the audience reception scene

    Any content has the potential to grow viral but not all content does. Understanding audience psychology is critical to make your video trend. Give the audience what they WANT to see to up your chances at topping the video charts. Some content types evoke audience responses faster than others. These include:

    • Humor and jokes

    Funny videos that rely on slapstick, comic timing, jokes, and buffoonery appeal to viewers who want laughs to ease daily life’s tensions. If you have the right type of content, you will see your YT video links shared on chats and other social media platforms. Everyone likes to laugh and share a laugh. Prank videos, funny animal or baby videos too find immense popularity on social media for the same reason

    • Music

    If comedy is not your forte, think of content for those who are musically inclined. Music videos have always been popular on platforms like YouTube. Keep in mind that the scope of music videos is as vast as the scope of comedy. Think vocal, instrumental, parody, and playback for animation or photos. The sky’s the limit when it comes to experimenting with music videos. 

    • Trending Challenges

    A more recent phenomenon that has found a strong foothold with the rising popularity of micro-video postings is throwing challenges at each other and to all virtual audiences. Challenges are quick to catch on to, much like the chain mails of the past. Tag others or make one of your own. Follow the trend while it is still in circulation, and your video will also pick up visibility and reach. 

    1. Aim for shorter videos

    Although YouTube videos can be hours in length, as consumers, the average audience’s attention span is fast shrinking. With the advent of smartphones, the tendency to scroll up and down feeds is forever on the rise, regardless of which social media platform one surfs. While shortening the video length, do not compromise on the quality of the content you are putting forth. Most viral videos are shorter in size but are also packed with one or more of the following:

    • Entertainment. 
    • Elements of surprise. 
    • Food for thought.
    1. Be relatable and relevant at the right time

    In a fast-changing digital world, timing is of supreme importance. Being in vogue at the right time matters. Trends change in a blink of an eye on social media. The process of research, content creation, and video production, on the other hand, needs time when every stage is down thoroughly. It can be hard to be relevant at the right time when you are almost always in a race against time. To be able to create popular videos that have the potential to go viral, you must stay ahead of the game by always keeping yourself updated with news and internet topics. For instance, you can repost an old interview with a popular figure on the day they received an award, or you could do a behind-the-scenes dance in your work attire to join in a te ending dance challenge. The idea is to think wise and keep your audience interested in engaging and unexpected ways. Simultaneously, it would help if you were the trend rather than working hard to follow it. 

    1. Create content with a high shareability quotient

    A video goes viral after being excessively shared. So, make something that your audience will connect with enough to share it. It’s vital if you want to create viral posts for your brand. How do you have the shareability of your video? Put yourselves in your viewers’ shoes and ask what your consumers like to share the most. Will they restrict the sharing to only their peers, or will they like it enough to share it with colleagues, friends, families, and kids -in other words, will your content get shared well outside your existing audience reach? It will not only help you figure out the direction and nature of your video, but you will also become more aware of your target audience’s wants and needs – both of which are crucial for shaping your business’s success.

    So what makes some content more shareable than others? Although there is no one answer for it, the following type of content does tend to get shared more than others:

    • Stuff that brings the viewer’s raw emotions. 
    • Videos with shock value or unpredictable cliffhangers.
    • Videos with Clickbait headers or thumbnail images. 

    If you figure out a template that has been able to build audience rapport instantly and has grown the scope of viewers for you, try using it more and make similar videos to capitalize on its popularity quotient. However, keep in mind that going viral, by its very nature, is highly unpredictable, making creating viral videos such a coveted challenge for content creators. Templates retain their popularity for a short time, and you must quickly adapt to the changing audience reception as and when needed.

    1. Stay consistent with your core ideas

    While trying to go viral is all about experimenting, keep in mind that you have a business to solidify your reputation for. It demands a certain degree of consistency even as you dabble with different types, genres, and forms of video-making. Stick to your niche and business values while creating your videos. For instance, if you are a fashion brand advocating for animals, do not wear a leather jacket to do a dance challenge. Paying attention to details that build your brand reputation and trust value is essential and should be remembered in your quest to create a viral video. It will not only establish the human side of your brand, but it will also give you a direction for YouTube growth. In addition to sticking to your brand’s work ethic and core values, keep trying to make your videos viral by being consistent in the following: 

    • The quality of the work you put up for public consumption.
    • Your posting schedule draws audiences back to your channel at predictable times.
    • Spreading the word about your videos and advertising your business. 
    1. Do not give up

    Everyone hopes to go viral overnight, but not everyone can manage it. It can be disheartening to put in all effort and not get the expected results. Because no one mantra works each time successfully, there is no guarantee on what can go viral and when. Your chances of making viral YT content at the very first attempt are very low but it should encourage you to continue to put in your best efforts in every subsequent post you create.

    Remember that Rome was not built in a day. Aim at steadily and consistently growing audience reach; who knows, and you may wake up as an Internet sensation soon. As the saying goes, fortune favors those who help themselves. Dream big and work consistently to actualize that dream.

    In a Nutshell

    Viral videos can be hard to create, although there are any available online to study and use as inspiration. As with most content, something other than what works for one creator may work for another. Sometimes some creators strike gold with a particular format and manage to create several popular videos using the same template. Yet, at other times, the same design of video creation may bring different audience reception results for the same creator.

    All of this can be frustrating, but it is essential to remember that anyone from any niche can make viral YouTube videos, and all you have to do is believe you can make one too!

    Best 5 Kodi Add-Ons (Kodi 19.4 Matrix)

    Kodi released the latest 19.4 version, Matrix, in March 2022. Several builds and add-ons worked ideally on the previous version (Kodi 18) but not in Kodi 19.4. 

    The main reason behind this is the change in the add-on system. The new Kodi add-on system works on Python 3. Several people complained about non-working add-ons after updating the Kodi to the 19.4 version. 

    However, things are different now. There are various add-ons you can use on the latest 19.4 Matrix. You can use these Kodi add-ons on several devices like Amazon Firestick, Nvidia Shield TV, Windows, Android TV, mobiles, and Mac. 

    1) The Crew add-on

    The Crew add-on is one of the best all-in-one Kodi add-ons. You can use the Crew add-on to stream TV shows, movies, IPTV, live sports, etc. You can also stream content from different niches like cartoons, academy awards, and comedy. You also get the support of free and Real Debrid integration.

    The crew is one of the most consistent Kodi add-ons. Several people have been using it for a long time without any complaints. You might want to try it if you need to stream content from different niches in one place.

    2) Asgard add-on

    You might remember Asgard from its previous name, Odin. Now, it is named Asgard. It is also one of the best all-in-one Kodi add-ons. You can find this add-on in the Narcacist Wizard Repository. It allows you to stream content from different niches like sports, documentaries, movies, etc.

    Asgard add-on works with AllDebrid and Real debrid accounts. You can access content from the Non-Debrid section if you do not have a premium subscription. However, you might find an average stream quality and less content in the Non-Debrid category.

    The sports category of Asgard add-on offers a variety of sports and live sports streaming. You can also watch replays if you miss a live match. 

    3) Black Lightning add-on

    Black Lightning add-on also works on Kodi 19.4 and Kodi 18 like the previously mentioned add-ons. If you want to stream TV shows and movies, it is one of the best add-ons. You get a one-click section with various playlists in the Black Lightning add-on.

    This add-on also comes with the Narcasist’s Wizard Repository. It works equally ideal on the latest Kodi 19.4 Matrix too. You can also use a Real Debrid account with it. Black Lightning offers premium links with video quality up to 4K. You can also link your Trakt account with the Black Lightning add-on. 

    4) Loonatics Empire add-on

    It is one of the latest add-ons for the Kodi 19.4. It offers you to stream a variety of content types like TV shows, IPTV, movies, sports, anime, and documentaries. 

    Loonatics add-on allows you to link your IMDb and Trakt accounts to it. You might want to use this add-on if you are looking for an all-rounder.

    Add-ons like Black Lightning, Asgard, and 4k work on Kodi 18. You can use these add-ons if you do not want to update your Kodi to 19.4. However, if you are using Kodi on a Firestick, you might want to update it to the 19.4 version. Many famous apps are available for the latest Kodi version now. You can check this page to find the instructions about updating the Kodi to the 19.4 version on a Firestick.

    5) 4k add-on

    As the name suggests, this add-on offers streaming in 4k quality on the Kodi media player. You can find this add-on also on the Narcacist’s Wizard Repository like other mentioned add-ons. 

    It offers you a vast library of movies you can stream. 4K add-on allows you to link your Debrid account with it. You might not get links for sports and other live events in this add-on.


    Kodi offers many things like streaming videos and audio, using add-ons(paid and unpaid), accessing local storage, etc. That is why it is one of the most used apps, especially on streaming devices.

    You might want to update it to the latest version because it offers improvements like mouse-cursor positioning, windows-specific, installing python add-ons, etc. It received an update three months ago, so several add-ons are working fine on it now. You might also want to use Kodi on android phones and Windows PC. There are some decent specific add-ons for those platforms you might not want to miss.

    What is a Point-To-Point to Use Video Conferencing?

    As technology advances, more people use video conferencing to communicate with colleagues, clients, and friends. There are many reasons why video conferencing is becoming more popular. It is convenient, cost-effective, secure, and provides a more personal experience than other forms of communication.

    Let’s explore how video conferencing can benefit you and your business!

    What is Video Conferencing?

    Video conferencing is a technology that allows users to communicate with each other using audio and video signals. It can be used for face-to-face meetings, distance learning, telemedicine, and more. Video conferencing requires a webcam, microphone, and internet connection.

    The video signal is compressed and transmitted over the internet, while the audio signal is transmitted over the phone line or VoIP. Video conferencing can be used with desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

    There are many different video conferencing software platforms available, and some platforms are free to use, while others require a subscription.

    Why is it Beneficial to Use Video Conferencing?

    There are many reasons why video conferencing can be beneficial, both for businesses and individuals.

    Extremely Convenient

    One of the main reasons why video conferencing is so beneficial is that it is incredibly convenient. You can conference with people from all over the world without having to leave your office or home. This saves you time and money on travel expenses. Video conferencing is also a great way to stay in touch with loved ones who live far away.

    When you’re video conferencing, there are a few factors you need to consider to make sure the meeting goes smoothly.

    1. First, you need to make sure everyone who is going to be on the call has the same conferencing software. This can be tricky if some participants use a PC while others use a Mac. Many software programs are available, so doing your research beforehand is essential.
    2. Second, you need to have a good internet connection. If your connection is weak, the video and audio quality will suffer. It’s best to test your connection before the call to avoid any issues.
    3. Third, you need to find a quiet place to take the call. Background noise can be very distracting for both you and the other participants. If you can’t find a quiet room, try using headphones to minimize the noise.


    Another reason why video conferencing is so beneficial is that it is cost-effective. Conference calls can be expensive, especially if you pay long-distance charges. With video conferencing, you only have to pay for the internet connection. This makes it much more affordable for businesses and individuals alike.

    When you’re trying to be cost-effective, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

    1. First, you need to make sure you have a good internet connection. Without a strong connection, the video and audio quality will suffer. This can cost you more in the long run if people can’t understand what you’re saying.
    2. Second, you need to find a reputable video conferencing software that is free. Many options are available, so it’s essential to do your research beforehand. You don’t want to end up overpaying for a service that you could get for cheaper elsewhere.
    3. Third, you need to consider the number of participants. The more people you have on the call, the more it will cost. Many free options are available if you’re only conferencing with a few people.

    Communicate Securely

    Video conferencing is also a secure way to communicate. With traditional methods of communication, such as email and phone calls, there is always the risk that your information could be intercepted by someone who is not supposed to have access to it.

    With video conferencing, your conversations are encrypted so only the people on the call can hear them. This makes it much more difficult for someone to eavesdrop on your conversations.

    Keeping a few things in mind when using video conferencing for secure communications would be best.

    1. First, you must ensure the conferencing software you’re using is secure. Many different software programs are available, so it’s essential to do your research beforehand. You don’t want to use a program known for being insecure.
    2. Second, you need to consider who will have access to the call. If you’re only conferencing with people you trust, your information will be less likely to be leaked. However, if you’re conferring with someone you don’t know well or if you’re sharing sensitive information, it’s essential to take extra precautions.
    3. Third, you need to make sure the connection is secure. If you’re using a public Wi-Fi connection, there is a risk that someone could intercept your information. Using safe, secure connections is essential when you’re video conferencing.

    More Personal Experience

    Finally, video conferencing provides a more personal experience than other forms of communication. When speaking to someone face-to-face, you can pick up on nonverbal cues you would miss if you were talking on the phone.

    This allows you to build better relationships with the people you are talking to. Video conferencing is an excellent way to build trust and rapport with clients, colleagues, and friends.

    When you are trying to have a more personal experience, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

    1. First, you need to make sure you are making eye contact with the camera. This will help the person on the other end feel like you are looking at them, even if you’re not in the same room.
    2. Second, you need to smile. Smiling is a nonverbal cue that helps put people at ease and makes them feel more comfortable. Smiling is an excellent start if you want to build rapport with someone.
    3. Third, you need to pay attention to your body language. Your body language can say a lot about how you’re feeling. It can be uninteresting if you’re slouching or crossing your arms. Attention to your body language will help you become more engaged in the conversation.

    Other reasons to use video conferencing:

    1. Helps build relationships.
    2. Saves time.
    3. Streamlines collaboration.
    4. Increases productivity.
    5. Makes scheduling meetings easier.

    As you can see, there are many reasons why video conferencing is a beneficial way to communicate. Video conferencing provides a more personal experience than other forms of communication and is a secure way to communicate.

    When using video conferencing for secure communications, a few things must be kept in mind, such as ensuring the software is secure and only conferencing with people you trust. We encourage you to do so if you have not yet tried video conferencing! You will be amazed at how much it can improve your business or personal relationships.

    What is the Best Laptop for Video Conferencing?

    To choose a good laptop from which you can easily participate in video conferences, you need to remember that this requires a good processor, a high-quality video camera, and a clear and juicy display.

    To choose your best laptop for video conferencing, you need to remember that this requires a good processor, a high-quality video camera, and a clear and juicy display. So what should be a laptop for large-scale meetings?

    Typical equirements: to be able to install Skype, MS Teams or Zoom, to have a built-in web camera or the ability to connect a web camera purchased separately, plus a headset (microphone, headphones).


    Since communication is supposed to be two-way, you will need a microphone to transmit the audio information communicated by your voice. In modern conditions, its acquisition is not a problem. So, how to communicate on Skype through a laptop? Do you want to ensure your comfort while working? Then you should pay attention to special microphones designed to interact with a computer. Their design is equipped with a special stand that will allow you to properly adjust the device. The second option is a device with the option of attaching to clothes or a headband. It is very convenient to use a microphone for video conferences.


    What else do you need from the best laptop for video conferencing? Good and at the same time expensive kits are often equipped with a decoder, that is, a digital input. A digital connection can provide a better guarantee of sound quality. This is an opportunity to refuse to purchase an expensive sound card. But there is a condition: the motherboard or the same card must provide for a suitable digital output. Even if there is no special RCA socket, it is possible to connect it using an adapter. It is meant to be installed in the back of the system unit and connected to special pins located on the motherboard.

    Skype webcam

    If you need to organize the transfer of images when communicating in Skype, you will need a webcam. It is important that it has the function of capturing a video image with its subsequent forwarding to the air. High resolution systems are recommended. For example, Logitech Quickcam Sphere AF. There is also a camera with built-in Skype.

    An interesting fact: many of the modern manufacturers in the field of IP-telephony supply devices specifically for Skype to the market. Outwardly, they are very similar to ordinary phones. If you are a regular user of the program, such an acquisition will be justified for you.

    Quick Guide: How to Choose the Best Laptop for Zoom and Video Conferencing

    In the article, we figured out the characteristics and parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing a laptop for work. We found out which devices are suitable for standard office applications, and which ones will cope with graphic editors and 3D designers.

    #1 Long battery life. This is a very important parameter, because during an important conference, the last thing you want to be distracted is looking for a charger. For comfortable work, 6-8 hours of battery life can be enough.

    #2 Modern processor. In general, this parameter is almost always very important, especially in those situations when it comes to video communication. The more powerful it is, the better, but here it all depends on your budget.

    #3 Display and high-quality front camera. It is not necessary to explain that during an important meeting, the interlocutor must see you well, but you must also have a clear picture in front of your eyes.

    #4 Modern wireless technology. This is also important so that the connection during the conference is not interrupted and is stable.

    Apple MacBook Air is perfect for Zoom and more

    Anyone who has ever encountered Apple technology at least once in their life knows that these guys do everything so that the buyer likes their product as much as possible, and this laptop model is no exception.

    Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a worthy competitor to Apple and the best video conferencing machine

    Previously, Microsoft was only known for making good operating software, but now this company is a real competitor to Apple, because it releases laptops that are not inferior in performance to the “apple” and are slightly cheaper.

    LG Gram is the best conferencing option in 2022

    If you have a job that requires you to spend a lot of time on Zoom every day, you need a laptop that has long battery life and some other features that make it very comfortable for you to work from the comfort of your home.


    Modern IP telephony is developing very quickly. As a result, stronger and more functional devices appear on the market. The disruption of the picture and sound complicates the communication between the participants. To maintain a high-quality workflow in Skype, you need to choose the right devices. Thus, you will increase the efficiency of your work and improve the perception of information.

    How to redeem YouTube Premium code (ex. Red)

    “I love YouTube Premium

    YouTube Premium is a premium membership that grants you ad-free, rich (offline viewing), as well as improved access to many of Google’s video- and music services such YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids.

    YouTube Premium subscription is about getting rid ads. YouTube Premium is a way to remove ads from YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google. The company stated that it is doing this to assist artists in their financial endeavors.

    “In same counties, like Montenegro, Premium subscription has many limits. You only get Ads free option.


    YouTube Premium membership also offers fresh content. YouTube Premium subscribers have access to videos that are not available to the general public. According to the description, “New, original series from some of YouTube’s biggest creators.”

    The viewer can pay, so it is no longer necessary to flick between videos. It doesn’t matter where the paid account is logged into. It was originally released in November 2014 as Music Key. This allowed for ad-free streaming of music on YouTube and Google Play Music. YouTube Red was launched in 2015 with ad-free streaming of all videos and not just music.

    To boost their Google Pay balance they would need to use a Youtube premium redeem code or a Youtube premium code. This code can be used to make YouTube purchases.

    What is the procedure for redeeming a YouTube premium code?

    Send a request for a referral:

    • Start the app.
    • Select “Payments” and then “New”.
    • Select Invite Friends from the drop-down menu.
    • Choose the individuals you wish to invite and then click Send.

    Use a Google Pay referral code to get started:

    • Open the app and click “Referral Code” in the upper right corner.
    • Type in the referral code and make a payment.

    The steps to redeeming your Youtube Premium Code are as follows:

    • Sign in to your Google Account and go to or
    • Enter the code and click Next.
    • Choose what you want to buy and then choose Google Pay as your payment option.
    • Finally, click Buy to redeem your code.

    Best Video Streaming apps for iOS/iPhone or iPad

    It has been a year since the first news of a global pandemic started hitting us on a day-to-day basis. Our entire lifestyle has undergone a major shift and everyone across the globe has been forced to either stay indoors or stay away from other people for prolonged durations. With the lockdown and work from home norms underway in many regions, technology, especially the internet has proven to be a solace for billions of people across the world.

    Video on demand (VOD) or the over-the-top (OTT) content providers have seen a massive surge in viewership. With high-speed internet penetration reaching to more and more small city and towns, iPhone users got a chance to take advantage of their beautiful screens and watch immersive content from every corner of their house. 

    Online video streaming has gained so much popularity because of the pandemic, that some streaming apps had to put a cap on the quality of the stream in Europe, India, the US, basically in most of the high usage regions across the world. This is where the iPhone users have an advantage since the software and hardware of the device works extra hard to provide the best user experience all the time. Some of the best online video streaming apps for your iPhone have been listed below so you never run out of content to watch in times of boredom.

    1. Popcornflix – this one is a 100% legal and subscription-free app that users can take advantage of when you do not want to pay to watch some content. iPhone users can watch feature-length movies and TV Shows with starring many of the biggest names in box office. It enables you to search your favorite content based on the genre and stream as much as you want without paying a dime!
    2. Pluto TV – this one again is a content provider that charges no fee for you to watch any content in its library. You can watch thousands of movies and more than 250 channels on your iPhone from anywhere in the world whenever you want without worrying about shelling out some cash. Whether it is news, sports, TV Shows and much more, Pluto TV offers something for every user.
    3. IMdB TV – IMdB is the world’s most trusted source of information about all things cinema. With IMdB TV you can get access to selected movies, favourite TV Shows, behind the scenes exclusives, trailers and IMdB original content. If you wish to stay up-to-date with the entertainment news, awards, events, etc. this one app should be on top your list.
    4. Plex – This one too gives you access to thousands of shows and movies that includes documentaries, docuseries, Bollywood musicals and much more! What is exciting about Plex is that with their media server system on your home computer, you can create your own video, photo and music library and stream it to any of the devices you have including your iPhone, anywhere in the world! You are also able to record broadcast TV using Plex.
    5. Apart from the apps mentioned above, the most famous online video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, etc. also offer a host of video content that can last a lifetime.

    Because of the gaining popularity of streaming services, live streaming platform is also gaining a lot of popularity. Living in the pandemic and navigating different restrictions, live streaming your content has also gained a lot of traction in the last year. Whether it is an online party, taking online classes and even wedding ceremony, Live streaming has taken the world by a storm. With iPhone getting ubiquitous, there are a host of apps that provide you a live streaming platform so you can connect with your friends, family or fans anywhere in the world. Some better apps that you can use are mentioned ahead for you to chose from.

    1. Facebook Live – The largest and the most used live content streaming app Facebook allows you to live stream to all your friends and family wherever you are. It’s fast, it’s easy and it is interactive enough to keep you and your viewers engaged.
    2. Instagram– This one too allows you to reach out to your viewers from your home, from the beach, from your own wedding, from under the stars or just about anywhere you have an internet connection, including underwater since most of the iPhones are waterproof now!
    3. Livestream – This one as the name suggests enables professionals and amateur users alike to broadcast their event to the world. It is the market leader in this space as it provides you the ability to choose from all the live streaming happening or planned in the future for you to access. 
    4. Periscope – this is an app that provides one of the most user-friendly live streaming platforms in your palm. Apart from the usual shenanigans, this app enables you to scan your vicinity to find live streamers nearby.

    Twitch, Streamago, Alively and Broadcast me are other apps that you can explore is you want a live streaming platform to reach out to the world through your content.

    Creating a simple YouTube Video Downloader using coding

    Why You Need To Create a Simple Video Downloader

    The need to download videos from YouTube is increasing with the rise in popularity of YouTube.

    YouTube has been around for a while now and it has become one of the most popular sites on the internet. Millions of people use it every day to watch videos, upload their own videos or just enjoy other people’s content.

    However, there are certain limitations that we can’t overcome when using YouTube. One of these limitations is that you can only watch a video online and not download it to your computer. This means that if you want to watch a video offline, you have to create an account on YouTube and store it in your account first before watching it offline. And if you want to upload your own video on YouTube, you also have to create an account first before

    Every video on YouTube has a unique ID. The link to a YouTube video generally looks like:

    The series of characters fJ9rUzIMcZQin this link represents the unique ID of this video, given by the GET query parameter v.

    We will see various things we can do with our Youtube Downloader and the various functionalities it offers to us. So, let’s do it step by step.

    1. Downloading and Importing the libraries
    2. Accepting Input from User
    3. Revealing various Information about the Video
    4. Looking at Streams Available

    TOP Lessons

    Learn to build a simple working YouTube downloader using Python with the help of PyTube3 –

    Learn to build a simple working YouTube downloader using JavaScript –

    Alternatives to Videovor Downloader

    Video streaming is a vital part of our life and we don’t know how to act without it. However, VideoVor successfully converts files from social media platforms and lets you download your favorite videos even if your internet connection isn’t working.

    One of the best things about travelling is the music. And where there’s no WiFi, there can be some really good offline radio stations. But now Spotify has emerged as a Millennial trend too and it might not be reliable on your older phone. In that case, we have something easier and more compatible with your old device – you can enjoy videos & music offline.

    What is Videovor?

    Videovor is a solution for converting your media files, mp4 and YouTube videos. Not just Youtube, you can download audio and video files into your device from any website.

    So, what’s stopping you? Videovor supports different formats and lets you download online videos in your optional quality of music. Here, everything is free?

    Believe me, you can download free-of-charge YouTube Videos in both Audio and Video formats. Talking about the stats and trends, more than 5 minutes are spent on Videovar by most of its users.

    But which keywords can help you to discover this majestic site? If you are a beginner just type “youtube to mp4” or “youtube mp4”, and on your search engine, and you will be able to locate it.

    Otherwise, we have a small tutorial that will help you in finding Videovor:

    Step 1: Enter the URL: on the search bar.

    Step 2: After entering the URL, you will be welcomed by the User-friendly interface.

    Step 3: There will appear a search bar saying “URL of the video you want to download”. Enter the YouTube video’s link.

    Step 4: Press enter and you will be offered two format options, Video Format (MP4) and Audio Format (MP3). The formats are followed by the size of the files. Here you can choose, either you want to enjoy its audio or video.

    Easy right? Videovor is a super-easy online application that doesn’t just allow you to download YouTube videos but audios as well. It enables you to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. This app Swiftly downloads your file to your device in high quality.


    • Direct download
    • Free and unlimited
    • View video in offline mode
    • High speed

    Videovor isn’t just a download but also has earned popularity for being an amazing online converter. It allows you to convert video into different audio and video formats of different video resolutions. Videovor is an all-in-one place and it supports nearly every audio and video format.

    It does not have any boundaries. It can be accessed from all around the world. It will offer the best service, no matter you are from Australia or Africa. Furthermore, it recommends you trending videos you can download. This feature can save a lot of your time and effort IMO.

    We guess you have learned enough Videovor. Let us take you on a tour of the best alternatives of Videovor on the web.

    1. Grab Any Media

    Grab Any Media is an Italy-based website but it has grabbed the attention of all around the world Just like Videovor, Grab any media is a well-known online platform for downloading the video file.

    Grab Any Media has decided to take Videovor Launcher and all its functionality to a new level to make it bigger and better for the future!

    This website lets you download any video at any destination. Are you crazy about Video Streaming? Then Grab any media will make you love it more. It’s accessible on every search engine including Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

    Above all, it’s free of cost. Without buying a subscription, you can access your favorite videos and download them.

    2. YouTube Video Downloader

    It isn’t just an extension that lets you download unlimited YouTube Videos. It’s an easy to use and accessible Google extension that appears when you open the YouTube Video page. It will show a mini Download Button on it.

    A single click on that download button will save that file on your device permanently. You can keep a record of 1000s of your favorite and all you have to do for it is “CLICK”.

    3. Video Downloader

    Since many people are getting into the trend of downloading videos and keeping them on their phones. We found a special place which you can call Heaven for music as well. Video Download is an online extension which without any hassle download videos and other media files into your computer.

    What’s so special about it? Video Download has the slogan “Get Them All”. It indicates that this website does not just let your download videos but all kinds of media files through your browser. It’s like all entertainment under one roof. However, many other people are hopping into the same deal of features but just stay where the quality belongs.

    4. Video Downloader All

    Not just on a search engine, Video Downloader All is available on Google App Store. Isn’t it just wow? The experience of best-in-class video downloader is accessible on your PC’s Google Chrome internet browser and your phone.

    Video Downloader All doesn’t restrict by imposing strict usage rules and subscriptions. Sounds like so much fun. You can use an array of features offered by the website and download online videos with literally no limits.

    If we talk about Video Download All, it isn’t someplace where you would be disappointed. It lets you enter into the arena of famous media files. But let us tell you its downside. It can download videos from every side except for YouTube. It restricts you when it comes to YouTube. Don’t know the reason, but have another alternative that can make your YouTube video download easy.

    5. FlashGot

    If you are looking for them which is not just a video downloader or converter, then FlashGot will get you covered. The whole long process of a client “Save link as” for multiple files is super boring. And we all are tired of it. FlashGot let you do it all with just a single click.

    Just click on your favorite movie, music files, pictures, programs or anything. You’ll get it to download within a few seconds (we said it metaphorically, it mainly depends on your internet quality (LOL).

    The best feature of FlashGot is its capacity to download multiple files with just a single client and having a large collection of everything.

    6. Keepvid

    Keepvid Downloader, a well-known extension available on the Google Chrome browser. It enables you to download a huge collection of media files. It makes it simple for users to download video and audio documents, including sound, streak, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

    Keepvid Video Downloader & Converter makes it simple to download information from the Internet. No something over the top is required. However, Keepvid Video Downloader will not permit you to download any copyright-secured media records.

    What is the best/fastest way to download videos from Youtube by Keepvid?

    1. Access the Youtube URL you need to download, copy its URL.
    2. Visit keepvid, paste URL in the input box, press Enter
    3. Select the file format you wish then click to “Download” button.

    7. Video Download Helper

    The hero of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Video Download Helper is a famous extension that lets you download video and picture documents from different sites. It’s mainly for those people who hate giving details to the internet before downloading anything.

    Video Download Helper is an ideal downloading platform online which lets you find your favorite media file quick as a sprinter.

    8. Y2mate

    This website is not a very new name online, it can be considered the most famous online application for YouTube fans. People who want to download and play their favorite videos and sounds from YouTube can access them in a couple of minutes.

    No matter where do you live! This website works on every gadget all around the world. Not just YouTube, you can convert videos from Facebook and other social media platforms. You convert it into either Mp3 or Mp4 but the constant thing will be High-definition quality. It upholds all videos including Mp4, 3GP and FLV just as Mp4 and Mp4 in HD.

    9. Qdownloader

    Qdownloader has even a bigger game. It has dual features of downloading full feature movies and videos online from one place. It’s just a WOW! This online platform helps you save and recover your favorite movie and let your download HD videos at the same time.

    But don’t a thing, it’s gonna make you bankrupt. It is free and that makes it even a better deal. You can download your whole long playlist without investing a single penny.

    It’s easy to use video and movie downloader which does not ask for too much technical stuff. We all get a bit off guard if a website asks for too much info. But that’s not the case in Qdownloader.


    TubeNinja will make you nostalgic for millennials’ childhood cartoons Ninja Turtles. They saved the country from crime and Tube Ninja saves you from your time. It helps in quickly downloading streaming audio or video. It works effortlessly on your computer and smartphone.

    If you are way too suspicious about downloading plugins and extensions to get access to a file, then Tube Ninja is made for you. It supports over 80 streaming sites. Even if there is some site that is not supported by TubeNinja, you can simply put its link on the website’s system and it will find your file anyway. Magical, no? If you wanna download it while watching a video or listening to some music, use the bookmark technique. Just add out the “Ninja it”-button from our top menu to your bookmarks bar.

    Click it every time you want a hassle-free experience. YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Vine are securely supported by TubeNinja.

    11. Vaporous YouTube Downloader

    Vaporous YouTube Downloader allows you to download YouTube videos through plenty of sources on your Windows or Mac PCs. It lets you appreciate YouTube videos without even being connected to the internet. It supports HD and Ultra HD videos. It lets you download a YouTube video in MP3 or MP4 format hassle-free.

    It’s pretty easy to use. Just copy the YouTube URL and CLICK on the download button to save your video. Videos can be saved as MP4, 3GP or FLV.

    12.  H2converter, an easy to access YouTube converter, helps you in converting YouTube videos over to sound (mp3) or video (mp4). Don’t worry! You can download them too.

    Every converted video and audio are compatible with all gadgets, including tablets, cell phones, workstations, and personal computers. It converts all your favourite most videos over to the best quality. What else? It is amazingly free.

    You can download your YouTube video by copying the YouTube URL and choosing the desired format. When the conversion is finished, you can also easily download the video.

    13.  Pointmp3

    It’s a hub of mp3. Pointmp3 is an online tool that converts over YouTube tracks to mp3 format. It is easy to use and famous among online users. It responds away at every significant stage and is extremely responsive. You don’t have to copy the URL in this case, just mention what you want and Pointmp3 will serve it hot and tempting.

    It is known for being the best site to change YouTube videos over to MP3 and free downloads. It offers a free service and let its users download as many audio files as they want!

    14.  Video Downloader for PC by Fast

    As its name suggests, you can quickly download and combine different videos on the quickest video downloader. This downloader is super easy and offers the quickest downloading speeds.

    This video downloader is basic and clear. It offers overall similar capacities and components like the video downloaders for workstations and PCs. Quickest Video Downloader has a browser so clients can explore the videos easy from their browser, besides opening multiple sites.

    Our Verdict

    Videovor App and the big list of alternatives have similar features and capacities. All of them are based on what you would love. This list is made to make you an MP3, MP4 converter and downloader’s good experience. A few of them might support ads but most of them are relevant and easy to use.

    So tell us which one is going to be your go-to video downloader/converter?

    What is MyVidster App? Best video collection App

    MyVidster is a video collection app that allows you to create your own playlist of favorite videos, store them online, and share with the world.

    It is an interesting way to curate videos. You can go through the web finding different sources of content and put it all in one place so you have easy access to it.

    What is MyVidster Alternative Apps

    MyVidster is a video sharing site that allows users to upload and share their videos as well as search for video across the web. It also has a social media type of interface where you can follow other users and comment on their videos. MyVidster was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

    Some alternative apps include: YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

    How to build own Application like MyVidster?

    MyVidster is a video sharing site. It was created in 2009 by Anthony Padilla and David Heinemeier Hansson and is similar to YouTube.

    Before we start, we should know some of the features of this famous application:

    • MyVidster has a user-friendly interface;
    • it’s not difficult to upload videos;
    • you can follow your favorite users and get notifications when they upload new content.

    Now, let’s take a look at what resources are needed to create such an application:

    • Python programming language;
    • Django Web Framework;
    • MySQL Database service with PHP, HTML5 or CSS3 coding skills.

    How to find good app developers?

    If you are not technically-inclined, the best way to find an app developer for your idea is to show it to other people, get feedback and then find someone who can help you build that app.

    You can also post it on platforms like Angelist or Fundable. You can also go through certain development agencies online like Fiverr or Upwork. These agencies provide freelancers who will work on your project for a small fee.

    Animated Explainer Video Examples

    If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to explain your business to a large audience, you should consider creating an Animated Explainer Video. An animated video isn’t as time-consuming as a traditional one, and it doesn’t require a crew or a shooting schedule. An animator can blend animation and real life demonstrations. If you’re not a skilled animator, you can use screen capture to create your video.

    When creating your animated explainer video, make sure you have a goal in mind. Think about the message you want to convey, and then write a script. It’s a good idea to include images or other visuals, and then incorporate a strong call to action. You can also use audio and video effects to make the video more entertaining. Once you have a solid concept, you’ll need to find an interesting voice actor to narrate your story.

    Animated Explainer Videos are a great way to explain your product or service to potential customers. These videos are versatile and easy to make and can be used anywhere you’d like. They can be simple or complex and can be as long as one minute or as short as one minute. Moreover, they are easy to produce and edit. A good animation can communicate a clear idea in an engaging way. It will help potential customers understand why they should choose your product or service.

    Animated Explainer Videos can also be animated with different kinds of content. The most popular are infographics and cartoon series. Creating these videos is a great way to promote your business and educate potential customers. You can also use these videos to make a persuasive sales pitch. You can even use the animated explainer video as a lead generation tool. You can include a link to your website so that prospective clients can download your video.

    Animated Explainer Videos are the best way to sell your business and brand. Whether it’s a product or service, these videos can be used to build brand trust and boost revenue. Regardless of the type, Animated Explainer Videos are an effective way to market your business. In fact, many companies have used them for their marketing and sales purposes. It’s possible to make your own Animated Explainer Video.

    Animated Explainer Videos are popular for non-physical products, like iPhones and iPads. They can easily be customized according to your target audience’s needs and interests. They can be made in a variety of styles and formats, which will make them easy to customize. They’re an excellent tool to help your business communicate its value proposition. You can customize the Animated Explainer Video to meet your needs.

    Best 5 free Online Video Editing Software for PC

    Top software for online video editing on Windows or Mac. Each program has its own advantages and disadvantages. We are sure that you will be able to choose something for yourself.

    It goes without saying that video editing is a top trend today. We live in a digitized world with social networking sites where tons of cool videos are uploaded every day. Some of them are funny whereas others are superb marketing tools that allow brands to promote their goods or services online. But how to choose the right online video editing software? What tools have more features and allow you to make touching videos? Whether you are an amateur or a professional video blogger, you won’t create the best videos until you use the best video editing programs. In this insightful post, we’ll take a closer look at the most powerful video-making software that can be used for creating family, marketing and travel videos.

    Get comfortable and have a look!


    It’s a free but powerful animation-making tool that features more than a million media assets, including sound effects and music and even motion graphics. The greatest benefit of this solution is that all these assets are free for users. Thanks to Moovly, you can easily create stunning animations that won’t leave the audience indifferent. You can choose available templates and customize your videos. As a result, you’ll create your own animation.

    On top of that, Moovly also features a built-in tool kit that also enables users to integrate with Shutterstock to get access to more features. This will surely make the animation process smoother. 

    Even if you are new to video editing, you’ll easily understand how to use this tool as it has a user-friendly interface. There’s a 30-day free trial version. That’s enough to check the functionality of this tool. By the way, no credit card is required!

    However, Moovly has two shortcomings:

    • There’s a watermark on all free videos;
    • You can’t download videos that you’ve created.


    When it comes to choosing a superb tool for making simple marketing videos, we couldn’t pass by Fastreel – a reliable online video editing program that comes with a plethora of templates and tools. The greatest benefit of Fastreel is that you are allowed to use this program’s free version for a long time. But beware that all free videos will have a watermark.

    You can also create your videos in Fastreel and quickly export them to Facebook or YouTube. Overall, Fastreel is very easy to use as there’s a detailed explanation to absolutely every feature.


    Eager to find a tool that allows you to make creative videos? You’ve come to the right place as PowToon can meet the requirements of the most demanding users. Thanks to this cloud-based solution, you can make professional animations. All in all, the whole design process is quick and smooth. On top of that, PowToon is integrated to many top websites. This means that you can choose content from a huge database that includes a big collection of files, available for free.

    This tool supports MP4 and enables you to create GIFs, crop and cut videos, and turn your creative ideas into reality. 

    Unfortunately, there’s one shortcoming – you can make only a 3-minute video for free! Besides, you are also limited in storage space.


    It’s a powerful and multi-featured solution for making animations. The greatest benefit of this tool is that you can make animations without a watermark on them. Moreover, Biteable, also features a wide array of ready-to-use templates and live-action scenes that enable you to make exciting animations.

    Besides, you can also add music, text, and other incredible effects that allow you to customize your video. After you make a video in Biteable, you can easily share it online, on YouTube or Facebook. All users of Biteable also have a free 1 GB storage space. Overall, this program allows you to make superb promotional content for your business needs.

    However, there’s one disadvantage – you can make only five free videos per month. You are also limited in functionality until you buy a subscription.


    If the above-mentioned tools aren’t for you, you can also opt for Animatron – s superb solution for making videos online. Google, Disney and other industry leaders are already using this platform for building exciting promotional videos. On top of that, Animatron also features a wide array of mind-blowing options. With this platform, you’ll surely have the right tool for creating various videos. Simply put, you can make catchy animated banner ads and educational videos in a few clicks. There are more than 500,000 free media clips that can be incorporated to your video for free. On top of that, Animatron is also used for making a whiteboard animation style; this will undoubtedly help you save money on too expensive video editing software.

    However, Animatron also comes with a few shortcomings. Firstly, you can make only 5 videos per month for free. Secondly, the free version allows you to make only 3-minute videos.

    After All:

    In this post, we’ve brought together the best tools that have the highest rating online. All these programs have millions of positive testimonials that prove their impeccable reputation on the market. Some of them have similar features whereas others have something different to offer. They allow you to make cool promotional videos, make a slideshow from photos, create videos for your family archive, ets.

    We recommend trying a few tools, checking their functionality, making a few videos, and gradually, you’ll choose the best one for yourself. Remember that your success on the market partially depends on the software that you use.

    Choose only reputable solutions and the result won’t belong incoming!

    AI-powered Smart Webcam for your PC and Mobile

    Yesterday, the NeuralCam team dropped NeuralCam Live, an AI-powered app that turns your iPhone into a smart webcam.

    It’s simple to set up. Download the iOS app, install a Mac driver, and you’re good to go.

    They built a machine learning engine to make you look better, even in your pajamas.

    The Style framework edits video similarly to a professional colorist (think Instagram filters).

    With the Enhance framework, well, you can enhance your video.

    Finally, with the Recognition framework, you can automatically locate your face and remove everything around it. It can also detect and instantly blur facial touches (looking at you, nose pickers) and nudity (there are other apps for that).

    Rapidly developing AI and ML tools will inevitably bring serious innovation to live photography and videography. NeuralCam Live is one of the examples among others (Camo, Around, and mmhmm).

    The company is gaining momentum in the growing smart camera space. A year ago, they launched low-light and photo enhancing NeuralCam and NeuralCam Pro.

    The growing number of smart camera apps and video tools (Loom, Zoom for Home, Facebook Portal, Remotion, and Krew) can make working from home a lot more interesting.

    NeuralCam Live is free to download with and has a premium subscription with better features. It works with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Sadly, it doesn’t support FaceTime or Safari browser.

    Your TOP Voice and Video Apps

    Find best Voice and Video Apps

    Hangouts  – Bring conversations to life

    Google Hangouts is a communication platform developed by Google which includes messaging, video chat, and VOIP features. It replaces three messaging products that Google had implemented concurrently within its services, including Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, and Hangouts, a video chat system present within Google+. Wikipedia
    Initial release date: May 15, 2013
    Developed by: Google

    Anchor  – The easiest way to start a podcast

    GoToWebinar  – Webinar and Online Conference Software

    Cincopa  – Video Hosting, Photo Galleries, HTML Slideshows and More

    Bonjoro  – Personalise your customer onboarding


    Video software for the video-loving business


    Secure Video Sharing for Creatives


    Video Meeting & Webinar Experience for Teams – eyeson


    Human contact for remote teams


    The Best Webinar Software & Webinar Services


    A Magic Link for Customers to Get Face-to-Face with You  – Conferencing made useful.

    StartMeeting  – Meet. Share. Collaborate.

    Komaso  – Make the Easy Call  – Learn more from your most important conversations.

    VidMob  – The world’s best video creators at your service.  – You Need An Automated Assistant For Your Work Day

    Youtube to MP4  – Youtube Video Download


    Copy the voice of anyone, using a voice imitation algorithm


    Beautiful, free videos for your homepage.

    Rocketium is a suite of video creation products, consisting of a DIY video maker, video API for automated video creation, and a fully integrated white-label solution. Try now for free!

    Rocketium pracing

    Loom – Seamless screen, mic, and camera recording for Chrome

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