Uber for Barbers: Build Own Mobile App to Promote Haircutting Service

Haircutting service is in demand all year round (link). It is a stable business and its market grows along with the cities’ population. Still, life is speeding up. People are constantly moving from one city to another and don’t have much time to find a suitable barber to make a haircut. The times when a man visited one barbershop for 30 years are gone.

Do you own a barber parlor? Has it been tough to grow your business recently? There’s one last frontier to conquer and it is expanding the reach of your services and meeting clients where they spend most of their time – in their phones, checking their apps.

Even if you run a small-scale operation, you will see the results in one and a half years. Consider it a business management tool to get orders, gather and store client data, communicate with your clients, receive payments, receive feedback, schedule appointments, or plan a home visit to deliver barber services on-demand. 

Making an Uber for hair cutting is a great idea if you’re a modern entrepreneur that keeps an eye on trends and feels the pulse of life. Connect barbers and clients in the easiest and straightforward way – through the mobile app. Uber for barbers is a simple mobile application idea and a good example of an on-demand mobile app. Surely, it won’t become a billion-dollar venture but can become a stable revenue stream.

We offer a ready-made solution with the possibility to customize your platform with the original design for roughly $ 38 000. But the final price depends on the nature of your unique inquiry.

You can create a portfolio, making photos of your clients before and after a visit to your barbershop or even if you make a home visit. A hairdressing app with such functionality can effectively serve any barber operation.   

Why do barbers need an app?

Many business industries need the implement software solution to optimize and automate work processes. Barbershops are not an exception. It can be really tiring and boring to wait to make the hair cut in the long queue. Also, manual lists of clients have exhausted their necessity and accuracy. This process can much easier and more pleasant for clients as well as for barbers. We covered the key advantages of integrating your barbershop business with an on-demand app:

  • excellent client experience
  • up to date company
  • constant connection with clients
  • ability to choose a suitable time and specialist
  • data analysis
  • access any time from anywhere
  • pictures and reviews of barbershops for clients
  • a quick search for a free barber in the local area
  • management of clients` appointments
  • ability to discuss a future haircut and cost for it in advance
  • flexible for online payments via gateway payment system

Booking App Features

  • Barber Portfolio – Lets users select the best barbers by checking their portfolios. This feature can also be used for monetization of the app. Barbers can promote their portfolio through the app and find clients with similar tastes in style.
  • Appointment Scheduling – This is a core feature that will save customers’ time and let them book a haircut in advance or in an hour.
  • Payment Gateway – Integrate PayPal, Stripe, or any other payment method you prefer.

Want to know what features should be included in your Uber app for barbers?

What Other Options Are There?

If your app is going to be more than just an additional business tool, it can turn around how you make money. Consider the fact that Uber or Airbnb are intermediaries that do not deliver services but provide a platform where homeowners meet tenants and passengers meet drivers. Their business model is Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS).

As a software provider, Uber and Airbnb make a profit from every deal made on the platform. Their ecosystems count millions of daily users and thousands of transactions. At this point, you use Airbnb to find a hotel, even though Airbnb is not a hotel business or hostel provider, it is a broker like Uber is.

To be a barber services provider can be the start of your business but the secret of successful delivery of services is booking optimization. That’s exactly what Booking.com does, gathering millions of travel dorms to its platform and advertising them to future guests, making it possible for the two to meet each other. As an intermediary, Booking.com gets its cut-off every transaction made on the platform.

We have been developing Uber-Like applications for a long time. Thanks to this we accumulated a huge base of knowledge, expertise, and even ready-made MVP. Using such modules, we reduce app costs down to the most affordable on the market.

How to make own Uber for Barbers App?

Functions for user app

There is already a high level of competition on the market of Uber apps for barbers. So it is crucial to implement common and also advanced functions in your solution. It has to cover all clients’ needs and respond to their expectations from this on-demand service. Here is the core function that should be available in the application from the professional side:

  1. Registration – the step can be performed via email or social media accounts
  2. Personal profile – filling the main info about every client like gender, name, age, phone number, address, skills, and experience
  3. View users profiles  – all barbers can look through the profiles of their clients but each view will be displayed for clients
  4. Bookings check – all barbers can track their schedules
  5. Acceptance or rejection of an appointment – usually the app shows all available hours to particular barbers, however, specialists have the ability to confirm or reject the booking. In any case, the clients will get notifications about the barber decision
  6. Notifications – barbers get notifications as well from the administrator about any updates
  7. Revenue – specialists can check the balance for the current month to know their revenue 
  8. Ratings – all clients have the ability to leave a rate and review about barber`s skills
  9. Private chat or call – after checking the booking, barbers can write or call a client to specify the details
  10. Schedule – every barber creates its own schedule and chooses workdays for clients to know if a particular specialist is available 
  11. Dashboard – the barbershop administrator can track all workers in the application and manage them as well as clients
  12. Payments – admin also manages all transactions, discounts, and special offers, add multiple payment methods and fix commission for barbers


Uber for barbers app not just automates the workflow for barbershops and helps to earn even more money. When people search for a highly qualified barbershop, initially they will surf the web and read reviews about the local ones. The availability of mobile app attracts more clients as it simplifies the process of making appointments, choosing the barber, and finding the location. We covered the most common ways of monetization of your uber app for barbers:

Service Commission

There should be a fixed number of percent commission that will be taken for your services.


You can also promote your app on the marketplaces, social media targeted at local people. Therefore, you will attract more client to your barbershop as not of the local one have a convenient mobile app.


A month or annual subscription provides access to special offers, discounts, special prizes, and giveaways for clients who buy it.

Guaranteed Booking

To be sure that the client will not reject the appointment at the last minute, you can take a guarantee commission – it can behalf of the general sum or even 100% to avoid rescheduling.

Want to define what type of monetization would suit your Uber-like solution?

How much does it cost?

To make an app for Barbershop you need designers, developers, business analysts, project managers, and hard work by many professionals. Usually, the price for barber on-demand apps starts from $30k per one platform (iOS or Android) and it can increase, depending on the company you will choose. However, as we have ready-made developed modules as well as extensive experience in making such applications, our prices are lower. We may deliver your own service app with a unique design developed specifically for your barber business for about $38000 depending on the specification of your business. Our specialists made an MVP estimation for on-demand up, so check it out:

Business Analyst132
Scrum master338

The average time of MVP development is 2-4 months. You can be sure to have a working prototype available for real users in about 3 months. During that time the design, functionality, integrated services, and final submission to AppStore and Google Play will all be done.

On-Demand Barbershop Cost

The rough cost of it is near $10k – $15k. Be sure, that the app will be fully custom and unique.
And pieces of code will be used to save your budget.

How to start Development process?

To start development with an outsourcing team, you must give yourself the answer to such questions:
1) Would you like to have the same functionality as Shortcut App has at the moment? Or you are comfortable to start with less for 1st release?
2) Do you have any access to the admin panel of Shortcut?
3) How would you like to monetize the app?
4) Do you have any limited budget or deadlines for this project?


Before the beginning of the development Uber app for barbers, you need to research the modern market of the same apps in your area, what functions and features they have, what services they offer to compare them, and define the crucial. Also, it is important to realize if your app will be useful and necessary, solve your clients’ complexities and meet their needs and if it will be beneficial for your business. Building a business strategy is key to success, however, you need to create it with the help of a professional Business Analyst who has already experience in this industry.

What I Learned About People From Delivering UberEats For 1 Month

Being on the job hunt is basically a full-time job. You go on interviews, hoping that they lead to something. When you’re not working though, what do you do to pay the bills?

You could apply for unemployment, but that usually takes weeks to begin, and that’s if you’re even approved (I was denied both times I needed it). Thanks to what is called the “gig economy” you can now become an independent contractor and use your car to give people rides (Uber, Lyft), loan your car out (Zipcar), or become a food delivery driver (Glovo, Doordash, Bite Squad, UberEats). I chose the last one.

In between applying for what felt like 100 jobs, some that were not what they seemed, I decided to use my car and my cell phone data plan to deliver food for UberEats. I did this for about one month before starting my current job and I learned a lot about people in my city.

1) Most People Don’t Tip

When I started delivering for UberEats I had a goal of earning $100 per day. If I went out 5–6 days each week, I would make up for the money that I was missing out on from not working based on this goal.

I figured a few trips here and there added up, plus I would receive tips on most trips.

I was mistaken.

I completed at least 4 trips each time I went out and some days more. For 29 deliveries in my first week, I received a tip on 15 trips. Roughly 50% of the time. I strategically went to certain areas of the city where I knew people are more apt to have money based on their housing and driving situation.

Some of these people tipped and some did not. There’s also a college in one of these areas where affluent families send their kids. Don’t go to those areas; college kids don’t tip either.Part of my first and second days of delivering and the tips received

I understand that on top of ordering your food, you have to pay the service charge to use the app and the delivery fee. Depending on what you’re ordering, and your money situation, it’s easy to spend $15 on a meal through UberEats.

However, if you go to a restaurant and spend $15 on a meal you’ll tip, let’s say $2 at least. I believe people who use UberEats think that the drivers earn all of that delivery fee so they don’t see the point in tipping. You’ve earned $5-$10 for picking up the food and taking it to their home. That’s not the case. I’m grateful for the people who tip though(special thanks to the man who tipped me in cash one night. That was a nice gesture).

2) People Look Down On You

I worked in the restaurant industry from my sophomore year in high school until my final semester of college. I made a little over the $5.15 minimum wage at the time but barely hit the $6 mark before I left. I know what these drivers, servers, and cooks go through on a daily basis and it’s not an easy job whatsoever. Working in the restaurant industry taught me to treat these workers with respect and appreciate them. If it wasn’t for them, you would have to cook a meal every morning, afternoon, and evening.

This didn’t happen too often but I did feel disrespected during one of my final trips on a Thursday night. I couldn’t find the entrance to a patron’s downtown apartment and circled the block on foot trying to find a way to get in. On top of that, I had parked on another street because downtown has terrible parking at night.

From the moment I accepted the delivery until I reached the door, it was almost 30 minutes. I understand the frustration that comes with not having your food when an app tells you it will be there in 10 minutes. Humans make errors and when you depend on someone to find where you live, when it’s not an actual house, it can be difficult to enter an apartment.

I finally figured out where the entrance was located. I was also greeted by another delivery driver who couldn’t figure out how to get in the building either. After searching through the list of both of our patron’s names, his patron finally sent the access code. We were in!

I made my way up to the 5th floor in a hurry to deliver. Upon knocking on the door I was greeted by a less than happy man who took the food and didn’t want to hear my explanation for not being able to find his apartment. “It’s cool”, he said in a very passive voice before shutting the door on me.

I understand if he was hangry but a lot of these people who order food don’t respect the person delivering it. This makes me wonder if these people ever had to work for anything in their lives.

3) Demographic

Earlier I mentioned that I go to a certain part of the city to do deliveries. While this sometimes works, it also has not worked on several occasions. However, there’s a trend that I noticed in my first week as an UberEats delivery driver.

Many of the people using the app to order food are in fact better off than most people. They’re usually white, 30’s-40’s, and have a couple of cars parked in the driveway of their $400,000 home.

This doesn’t only breakdown for home deliveries. When tasked with office deliveries, these people are usually wearing suits or some form of dress clothes. They were almost always white.

Best food delivery service in the US: Uber Eats vs GrubHub vs DoorDash

There was a time where you could look at a particular delivery and known what platform would have paid because the pay formula was transparent. That’s gone now, other than Postmates anyway, but that’s probably just a matter of time. I could use the average profit per hour. I track every delivery and here’s how it works for me:

  • Postmates: $22.48/hr
  • Grubhub: $21.61/hr
  • Doordash: $20.37/hr
  • Uber Eats: $17.87/hr

Understand – that’s PROFIT – after expenses. But that’s not the total picture because total earnings with Postmates is a fraction of what it is with Grubhub. So let’s talk about each one.

The App4321
Compare US Delivery Services

So what does all of that mean? Your average person who uses UberEats to order food is out of touch with why people are delivering food in their spare time.

Nobody wants to give up their spare time to go pick up your food and take it to you. People are doing ride-sharing and food delivery because they may not have a choice. They may not be getting hired so this is a small way to try and pay the bills. Or maybe they’re so far in debt that they have to work a part-time job in order to pay their bills.

The next time you call an Uber, make sure you tip your driver. Treat them with respect. You never know when this could be you someday.