How Sports Betting Can Benefit California’s Economy

  • The market for sports betting has reached nearly $5 billion this year.
  • UN reports increasing numbers in illegal sports betting, estimates $1.7T black market.

In 1992, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was passed which placed a federal ban on all sports betting. The decision was taken to protect sports players from being targeted by criminal gangs and to keep general members of the public safe from problem gambling.

PASPA proved incredibly effective in the following 12 years, but then, with the rise of the internet and online gambling it became unfit for purpose. Online gambling Service Companies from the UK and other places where online sports betting was legal, began to offer their services to betting starved Americans.

That’s why, in 2018 the Supreme Court took the decision to strike down PASPA and thus lift the federal ban on sports betting. Since then a number of states have moved to legalise sports betting to allow their citizens to make popular Moneyline bets on certain NFL odds for teams like the Jackson Jaguars priced at -340 or even place outrights on NBA markets.

On November 8, Californians will be asked to go to the ballot to vote on Proposition 27 which would allow online and mobile sports wagering outside of tribal lands. An awful lot has been said on both sides of the argument, some of it true, some of it partially true and some parts of it, completely untrue.

In this article, we take a look at what the real benefits would be to California’s economy from legalising online sports gaming. Read on to find out what they are.

More Jobs and Less Homelessness

One popular argument at the moment is that the implementation of legal sports betting in California will help combat the homeless crisis, but is that really the case?

Well, it’s complicated. The easiest place to start is with the increase in jobs. Undoubtedly, legalised sports betting in California would see a big increase in jobs, not just directly but indirectly as well, so it’s possible that Proposition 27 would help a large number of people into the job market.

Where it gets complicated though is in terms of tax revenues. If the industry brings in $500 million in revenues then it’s more than likely that a large percentage of the taxes collected on those revenues could be used to address the homeless issues in the state.

That all depends on how much the industry actually generates and how state decision makers decide to spend those tax dollars. The latest evidence from other states where sports betting has been legalised, seems to suggest that industry is more than capable of exceeding even the most optimistic of estimates.

Economic Stimulation

Prior to the striking down of PASPA it was estimated that Americans were wagering $50-60 billion a year with overseas online gambling companies. That was all money that was going out of the American economy and into foreign countries economies.

If that was happening back then, what do you think Californian sports betting fans are doing right now? They’re making wagers with sports betting sites based out of states where it is completely legal, and thus sending their money out of the local economy.

Of course, if Proposition 27 is passed there will be plenty of companies from outside of the state offering their services to Californians, but there will also be plenty of home-grown sports betting sites.

Their success will have a direct impact on our local economy, providing a much-needed stimulus after the past few years of economic turmoil.

Wider Economic Benefits

Not everything in life is black and white and that’s particularly true when it comes to business. The passing of Proposition 27 won’t just have an impact on the gambling industry, it will also have a ripple effect on a number of other industries.

Advertising agencies will report increased revenues, California based sporting franchises will be able to partner with sports betting companies. The housing market will receive a stimulus as workers employed by the industry look to upgrade their living situation or move closer to their workplaces.

Tax money currently spent of gambling enforcement laws will be freed up to be used in other areas and there will be jobs created by the creation of new government departments to monitor the industry.

Reduce Corruption in Black Market of Gambling

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has released a new report that highlights the increasing numbers of people engaging in illegal sports betting. The report estimates that the global black market for sports betting is worth around $1.7 trillion. This is a huge increase from the $155 billion that was estimated in 2009. The UNODC says that the increase is due to a number of factors, including the growth of online betting, the proliferation of illegal.

In short, there will be big and small benefits to almost every area of the economy if Proposition 27 passes.

In Summary

Don’t believe everything you hear or read when it comes to the arguments for and against Proposition 27. Make up your own mind and make sure that you fact check everything you read (including the claims made in this article!)

An informed decision made on November 8, whichever way it falls, is better for California than a rushed one.

The Influence of Sports on Body Image

There is no doubt that sports play a significant role in our society. Athletes are often looked up to as role models, and their actions can have a profound impact on the general population. In recent years, there has been a great deal of discussion about the influence of sports on body image. Many people argue that athletes are too often glorified for their looks rather than their accomplishments. This can lead to negative body image issues in the general population. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the relationship between sports and body image.

The impact of sports on body image

Anyone who has turned on a television or opened a magazine in the past few decades is familiar with the idealized image of the “perfect” body. In recent years, however, there has been an increasing focus on the impact that this image can have on young people. Participation in sports can be a great way to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. However, the pressure to conform to an unrealistic standard can often lead to negative body image issues.

Studies have shown that girls who are exposed to images of thin, photoshopped athletes are more likely to develop eating disorders and body dysmorphia. In contrast, girls who see athletes of all shapes and sizes represented in the media are more likely to have a positive body image. 

In case you’re not familiar with this issues, start reading any body image essay for free online and get a better understanding of how these two are connected. It is very important for young people to have access to a variety of writing resources and role models in sports. When young athletes see that success is possible no matter what their size or appearance, they are more likely to develop a healthy relationship with their bodies and embrace an active lifestyle.

How athletes are often held to a higher standard when it comes to their physical appearance

In today’s society, there is a lot of pressure to have the perfect body. This pressure is especially intense for athletes, who are often expected to have toned physiques and perfect skin. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, the unrealistic standards set for athletes can lead to a number of problems. 

First, it can cause athletes to develop eating disorders or body dysmorphia, as they strive to attain an unattainable level of perfection. Second, it can lead to the use of performance-enhancing drugs, as athletes feel the need to bulk up in order to compete. Finally, it puts unnecessary pressure on young athletes, who should be focusing on their skills and performance instead of their appearance. 

The pressure that is put on both male and female athletes to maintain a certain body type

Being an athlete requires dedicating countless hours to training and practice. It also requires making sure that you are physically fit enough to withstand the rigors of your sport. For many athletes, this means maintaining a certain body type. 

Unfortunately, the pressure to conform to idealized body types can be intense, especially for female athletes. Studies have shown that up to 80% of collegiate women athletes report feeling pressure to change their bodies, and this pressure can lead to disordered eating, body dissatisfaction, and low self-esteem. 

The pressure to conform to an unrealistic body type is not limited to women, however. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of male athletes who feel pressure to maintain a certain physique. While the idealized male body type is typically not as skinny as the female ideal, it often includes little body fat and well-defined muscles. This heightened focus on appearance can lead to the same negative health outcomes as it does for women. 

The pressure that athletes face to maintain a certain body type is harmful and unnecessary. Athletes should be celebrated for their dedication and hard work, regardless of their size or shape.

Ways to deal with the pressure to have a perfect body

There is a lot of pressure in today’s world to have the perfect body. While society’s definition of what is “perfect” may be unrealistic, it can still be hard to feel good about yourself when you don’t meet that ideal. If you’re struggling with body image issues, here are a few things that may help. 

First, try to focus on your health rather than your appearance. Eating nutritious foods and getting regular exercise are important for both your physical and mental health. Second, try to find activities that make you feel good about yourself regardless of how you look. For example, if you enjoy playing sports, focus on the joy that comes from competition and camaraderie, not how your body looks in your uniform. 

Finally, remember that everyone is different and that there is no such thing as a “perfect” body. Embrace your own unique physique and be confident in who you are.


The pressure to have the perfect body is intense, especially for athletes. This pressure can lead to a number of problems, including eating disorders, body dysmorphia, the use of performance-enhancing drugs, and low self-esteem.

The best way to deal with this pressure is to a focus on your health, find activities that make you feel good about yourself, and remember that everyone is different. Embrace your own unique physique and be proud!

Markky Streams – Reddit Live Streaming Website

Markky Streams is a free website that allows you to generate a fully-functioning blog in a matter of seconds.

The platform has some great features such as the ability to manage social media accounts, post pictures and videos on your blog, build an email list and even sell products on your site.

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What is the 6streams?

6streams is the online sports streaming website that plays the NBA, NHL, NCAA, and MMA streams.

What is the difference between 6streams and markky?

Both websites are owned by the same group and you can access any of these sites if you face any issues accessing them.

All you need to know about Basketball Hoops

Our company provides service to install inground basketball hoops and portable basketball hoops. The difference between them is very simple. Portable is a non-stationary object that can be moved to another location. It is equipped with wheels for easy transportation. Water, antifreeze or sand is poured into the base for stability. As a rule, the height of the ring is adjustable.

Portable Basketball hoops

The cost of assembly work rarely exceeds $150-200 . These rings make a great addition to small yards and are good for those who move from place to place. You can place it in any place convenient for the game. Unlike the portable one, the inground basketball hoop is  mounted into a concrete base and cannot be moved.

The choice of location should be considered before. You also need to keep in mind that it should be installed next to a flat area so that a ball bounces perfectly and at least a couple of people can play. Such a hoop is comparable to a professional ring in size and capabilities. A fairly large number of accessories are sold for it, you will not get bored in the game.

Hoop assembly time

A portable hoop assembly time does not take more than 1.5-2 hours. As for the Inground hoop,  installation is done in 2 steps. The first is concrete work and fastening j bolts and a plate. The second stage is  assembly of the frame and backboard. In general, total time for assembly and installation takes about 5-7 hours. If the installation is carried out on concrete or asphalt, additional time is required to cut off its layer.

Handyman is very easy to find and at the same time very difficult to find a good one. There are plenty of ads on the Internet with service offers, but in our opinion, you should take into account some points in order to find a real professional at an affordable price. It is necessary to find out how many years a person has been in business. More is the better. Having insurance and a license means he is doing business legally. The price per hour indicates how much a professional values himself as a specialist. Possibility to give a flat rate price for a small project.

Q: Should I use antifreeze in a Lifetime portable base during the winter months?
A:  No, antifreeze is not necessary. Lifetime bases are made out of high-density polyethylene plastic that is flexible enough to expand with the water when it freezes.


Experienced specialists know how long the work takes and how much material is needed, so they are ready to give a flat rate. An important point is the reviews on google. They summarize everything that has been said and say how much the service was in general and whether it is worth working with such a person or company. A handyman can work both for himself and for a  company. It does not matter much, it is important to understand the experience and qualifications of the one who will come to you to do the work. It is always possible to find a common language with a good specialist, he understands how to do it faster and cheaper for the client.

How to Develop an App for Sports Team Fans?

Apps for sports team fans can be packed with awesome features for users to enjoy and for the team to get new monetization methods.

Sports applications and apps for sports fans, though popular still cause a number of difficulties for developers. Is it worthwhile to start developing a product that will be popular in a narrow circle of fans of a certain sport or even a specific team? What functionality must the application have, so that it can interest users? Perhaps, the most important question is how to earn money with the application for sports fans?

Choosing ways for the monetization of any application is a separate serious problem, but without profits, it makes no sense even to begin the development process. However, let us review everything in order.

The purpose of this article is to discuss how to make an app for sports fans and specifics of such software.

What Can Help Attract the Attention of Fans?

To make a mobile app for sports team fans successful, first, you need to focus on the interests and needs of potential users. Of course, in order to interest the buyer maximally, one must seriously study the sport or even the specific team, its features, history and even slang. While preparing to develop an app for football club fans or app for soccer team fans, it is important to know the sports terminology and to use in the text content slang words related to a particular team and the sport as a whole. This approach will surely help to attract the target audience.

However, it is not enough just to show that you are in accord with customers. The main things in the application are its functions and capabilities.

Fan Communication by App

The first need of fans of any sport or team is communication. Even before the advent of the internet, information technology and mobile applications for iOS and Android, fans joined clubs by interests to communicate on common topics, discuss matches, players and teams. The implementation of the fans’ need for communication is perhaps the mandatory function in the application, no matter which of the features of the application will be the main ones. However, do not bet on the chat application for the fans of the team: in the modern world of social media, these people have long ago found each other and united in groups on the network.

Easy Helpful Information Access

Of course, sports fans can fully realize their need to get info about their favorite team on the Internet. The question arises: why make an app for sports club fans that does everything they can do without it? The answer is simple: unlike information resources, communities and interest groups in social networks, your application can give the opportunity to get “Everything at once and in one place”:

  • Information about players and the team, including biographies and history;
  • Match statistics;
  • League rankings;
  • Booking forecasts;
  • Links to all the team news published at various resources, events, and campaigns.

Entertainment in real-time

Sports fans are very gambling people. Applications dedicated to a favorite sports team that employ gaming mechanics can be very attractive and popular. This can be match replays, where the user can experience the flow of the game from the player’s point of view, or educational games, thanks to which beginners can better understand the rules of the game.

The possibility of a multiplayer game be it step-by-step or real-time is another good idea to attract users to your product. Games can also be a good foundation for monetizing your application.

What Else can be Useful for the Fans?

Symbolism and color scheme of the team is an excellent tool in the hands of the developer. Various unique emoji and colorful stickers, especially when they can be transferred to other platforms (for example, social networks, chat, WhatsApp, etc.) – is an opportunity to attract new fans to your product. Regular add-ons, updates and additional emoji packages with custom design can also increase the audience of your users. In addition, paid VIP packages and functions are a good way to receive revenue from the application.

What are the Benefits for Developers?

For any application owner, the most important issue is naturally the return they will get from the product. Developing an application for fans is a very complex process, requiring the careful study of additional information: from the features and rules of the sport to the biographies of all the team members. This requires resources and, first of all, time, which is expensive by itself. Can the application for the sports fans recoup the costs of the development through the monetization of the finished product?

The answer is yes. You can monetize any high-quality product, and applications for sports fans provide additional income opportunities.

Best Monetization Methods

The first and one of the most profitable methods of application monetization besides selling the application itself in stores is advertising. In the presence of a large audience both the placement of advertising and paid premium accounts, for which ads are disabled are a great way to earn money.

For informational applications, it will be appropriate to have paid subscriptions with additional functionality and capabilities.

Monetization of gaming applications (especially with the possibility of joint participation of many players or the opportunity to share results and achievements) is a real gold mine. To receive profits, you can use as additional game content (new levels, matches, advanced “equipment”, etc.), and additional opportunities in the game for VIP accounts.

Implementation of sports betting in your product is another possibility to profit.

An audience consisting of fans of one team is also a way to profit by selling various team-themed merchandise such as clothes with prints of team symbols and popular players. Remember: the more unique is the merchandise, the more value it will bear for buyers. Include in the list of app features the ability to search for products dedicated to the team at the e-commerce sites and purchase them directly and your product will certainly pay off and bring profit.

How to Make an App for Sports Fans: is it Worth Taking on the Development?

The question is very complicated and it is very difficult to give an unambiguous answer to it. Certainly, sports fans can become a strong, large and loyal audience for an application dedicated to their favorite team. It is no secret that such an audience is very likely to bring greater profit to the creators of the application when monetizing it. The only question is if you would be able to come up with and develop a product that will attract the users you need?

Besides the point that the applications for the fans must be of high quality and maximally trouble-free, it must be efficient, useful and interesting. To create such a product, you must very careful approach to the study of the needs and interests of potential users. What do the fans want? How to pique their interest? What are their objectives? What features of the application will intrigue them? To answer these questions, it’s best to be a fan of the team, at fans of which a product is directed, or to conduct a serious study of the market and potential consumers.

On the other hand, knowing and understanding your audience gives a definite plus to developers. With a responsible approach to the idea and product development, establishing feedback from users, you can create an application “developed by fans for fans”, and this is almost a 100% guarantee of popularity.

“developed by fans for fans”

Be creative, understand the needs and interests of your users and your product is doomed to success, and you – to high profits.

Top-Rated Apps for MMA Betting

Are you looking for the best MMA betting apps? Of course you are. You want the best, and you should settle for nothing less than championship-level quality when it comes to betting on MMA for real money.

We know exactly what to look for when distinguishing the best apps to bet on MMA from the worst ones, so you’re in good hands here. Read on as we explain all about what makes a good MMA betting app, and also list our current recommendations for the top MMA betting apps you should consider using.

Best MMA Betting Apps

  • BetOnline – Excellent MMA app for easy mobile betting
  • – Great app from one of the leading US sports betting sites
  • Bovada – Well-known brand with a reliable app for MMA betting
  • BetNow – The top MMA betting app for US bettors
  • MyBookie – Very popular mobile app for UFC betting

Safety at MMA Betting Apps

When watching any MMA bout, you will find two fighters squaring up with a referee watching everything they do. The main reason the referee is present is to keep things safe between both.

When choosing a great MMA betting app, you should also be thinking of safety. It is important that you choose an app that keeps you and your sensitive information protected at all times. 

Our recommended betting apps above have all passed our safety checks, and we would never recommend any sports betting app that hasn’t matched up to our high expectations. Here are just a few areas we look at when rating an app.

High-Tech Safety Procedures

Any mobile betting app we recommend to you comes with the latest security features that prevent third parties from intercepting your data.

From state of the art SSL-encryption to robust firewall technology, you can rest assured that your safety comes first. More than this, these betting apps and related mobile sports betting sites are designed with protection in mind.

Reputation and Trust

Before we recommend an app for betting on mixed martial arts, we want to know that the sportsbooks and betting sites behind it is trusted, respectable, and has a reputation for excellence.

You will not find just any old sports betting app falling through our safety nets. We combine years of expertise when checking every single one with a fine-tooth comb, meaning nothing will get past our highly trained panel of reviewers.

Licensing and Regulation

We check that any MMA betting app we recommend is fully licensed, regulated, and above all operating legally in its respective jurisdictions.

It is important to know that any app on our ranking list is thoroughly researched and checked through to ensure it meets our standards, especially when it comes to your protection. 

Finding the Best Apps for MMA Betting

Whether you are looking for the best UFC betting app on iOS or the best ONE FC betting app on Android, you need to consider the quality of that app.

These days, MMA betting fans have a number of tools that they can use to improve their betting experience. If you are asking how to find the best MMA betting apps, you are doing so in the knowledge that quality can make things so much better.

Our MMA betting experts study each real money MMA betting app we recommend to ensure they pass our quality checks.

They look out for a number of things, which we cover below.

Software and Design

Many would take a sleek MMA betting app over one with a poor design any day of the week. 

When using an online app to bet on the UFC, for example, your experience would be much better with one that looks good. Our experts know that if the design is on point — and you can move around the app smoothly and comfortably — it’s going to be a hit.

Numerous MMA Betting Markets

We all love a beautiful-looking online betting app, but if the markets are limited, it’s going to be about as useless as a chocolate kettle. 

One of the most exciting things about betting on MMA is trying to predict more than just the winner of a fight. Through these mobile apps, you can predict things like how a UFC fight will end, the round a scrap will finish, and even find betting options such as props and parlays to keep you entertained.

Top MMA betting Odds

These days, there are many MMA betting apps that don’t live up to the hype when it comes to their betting odds.

The apps above come packed with top odds for you to get your teeth sunk into. When looking for the best prices on your favorite fighters to win, you are sure to find some great value through our recommended apps for MMA bettors. 

Bonuses and Promotions

Whether you prefer to bet on the UFC, ONE FC, Bellator, Cage Warriors, or any other MMA promotion worth its salt, what ties us together is that we all like free stuff.

When we are ranking the best apps for betting on MMA fights, we like to see what bonuses, promotions, and other treats are available. In this day and age, you will usually find only some of the top UFC betting apps, for example, have great bonuses. These are what we are interested in bringing to you, as bonuses and rewards are one of the biggest benefits of online betting,

Wide Range of Payment Methods

We all know that a UFC fighter with limited skill gets exposed quickly inside the cage. But how about a betting app with limited payment methods?

In our opinion, MMA betting fans deserve options. It is always better to have choices, so finding MMA apps with a wide range of payment methods sounds good to us. Everything from Visa and Mastercard to PayPal and Bitcoin is on the table with the apps above. 

The payment methods available through our recommended betting apps include the following listed options.

  • Credit and Debit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Maestro
  • E-Wallets: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller
  • Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Other: Prepaid cards, wire transfers, checks

Using Apps for MMA & UFC Betting

With MMA betting apps, you can take the action with you wherever you go, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Unlike using an online betting site at home from your desktop, being able to access things like UFC odds and other MMA markets from your mobile device gives you the freedom to place your bets wherever you are.

Whether you are betting on the UFC or looking for the latest ONE FC odds, you will have access to everything you need. Most MMA apps these days are compatible with Android and iOS, so providing you have a smartphone or device capable of downloading these apps, you can get in on the fun.

Aside from tailor-made bonuses and free bets for UFC and other MMA events, you may also find that betting through these mobile apps is so much slicker. The real money MMA betting apps we recommend are fully optimized for the most convenient and hassle-free mobile betting experience you can get.

Popular MMA Betting Apps FAQs

Is it legal to place bets through MMA betting apps?

You need to be sure that MMA betting apps are legal to use where you live. Depending on your jurisdiction, you might find that online gambling or mobile betting is against the law. If so, you might not be able to use any of these apps. 

If unsure, you can read more about online gambling laws and jurisdictions to put your mind at ease.

Are MMA betting apps safe?  

We can only speak for the MMA betting apps that we recommend, as we know that they are safe. Unfortunately, not all apps can be as trusted to keep your personal information safe and not take your money without honoring bets.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that stick to apps from reputable betting sites and online sportsbooks. If you decide to look beyond our recommended apps, please ensure that you do your own diligent research.

How much do MMA betting apps cost to download?

The apps that we recommend do not cost any money to download or to use. You only pay for your bets.

You should NEVER have to pay just to use or download a sports betting app of any kind. Any app that comes with such fees should be avoided for sure.

Are MMA betting apps worth it?

Many users find MMA betting apps to be incredibly convenient and very easy to use. From betting in play to placing parlays, teasers, and other bets, there are many happy users that certainly find the apps to be worth their time.

Do these apps have fast payout options?

The apps we recommend typically have fast payout options when it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

When cashing out most cryptocurrencies, you can receive your winnings within 48 hours or even less. E-wallets commonly pay out within a couple of days, while credit and debit cards usually take anywhere between 3 to 10 working days, but it depends on the app and the sportsbook or betting website behind it.

What bets can I place through MMA betting apps?

Most common MMA bets can be placed through these apps. For example, you can bet the moneyline, method of victory, and over/under.

The best MMA betting apps also provide numerous other markets and bet types, such as parlays, round betting, and much more.

You’ll find the widest variety of betting options available for UFC fights, but most other mixed martial arts fights still get plenty of attention.

What bonuses can I claim through these apps?

There is a growing trend of companies providing those who use their betting apps with special bonuses, free bets, and other promotions as a reward for downloading the software.

All bonuses and rewards differ from app to app, but you can usually find that the vast majority focus on free bets and reloads.