TOP Multi-factor authentication solutions

What is MFA provider?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) software secures user accounts by requiring them to prove their identity in two or more ways before granting access to accounts, sensitive information, systems, or applications. The use of MFA software is an effective way to mitigate the risks associated with account compromise.

What are the benefits of using MFA/2FA software? MFA software protects sensitive information and systems by requiring users to provide two or more pieces of information before granting access.

This article reviews the top security solutions offered by Protectimus – Two-Factor Authentication Provider.

On-Premise Protectimus platform

The Protectimus on-premise MFA just needs to be installed on your computer’s server or in your private network.

You protect your customer information and also make your account more secure. For an example, you could place the on-premise platform on an isolated network without internet access and add additional security using firewalls.

This 2 fa platform delivers strong authentication across your whole organization. On-premise authentication platform supports multidomatic environments, clusters and replication. Backups and backups are easy to set up and maintain.

  • Cross-platform
  • Multidomain environments
  • Replication and backup functionality

You don’t have to worry about logins getting breached because Protectimus is partnered with leading companies like SwiftKey and Microsoft. All of the features are included in our comprehensive strategy.

Additional MADP features can be added, or you can back up to text by sending your messages via SMPP.

Protectimus Winlogon – 2FA/MFA for Windows Logon and Microsoft RDP

Protecting your Windows account is easy with 2 fa windows logon. You can connect the Winlogon or Microsoft RDP 2FA solution to Protectimus in just 15 minutes.

Protects both local Windows logins and remote desktops (RDP). Easy to install Windows 2FA and suits either corporate or personal Windows accounts. Works in offline mode.

Using a Windows password manager is a great way to protect both your local Windows logins and remote desktop sessions (RDP). This software eliminates the need to create and remember complex passwords. When used offline, it can still access your stored data when disconnected from the Internet.

Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Server 2012, 2016, 2019 and 2022.

Now you can have an added level of protection for your Windows account with the Protectimus 2FA software. Instead of just a standard password, you’ll use a time-based one-time password as well.

Windows 2FA eliminates the possibility of Windows account compromise when the password is intercepted, guessed, discovered, or stolen through social engineering or phishing.

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