How to announce your new job on LinkedIn?

new job announcement on linkedin

Congratulations! You’ve landed a new job and you’re ready to start the next chapter of your career. But before you dive in, don’t forget to share the news on LinkedIn and Live. Follow these tips for a successful announcement that will help you stand out and make connections with potential employers and partners.


Congrats on your new job! Sharing your exciting news with professional contacts, such as colleagues, clients and friends is a great way to celebrate your success. Your LinkedIn profile is the perfect platform to announce a job change. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure you’re making the most of this opportunity:

1. Make sure you have an updated profile. Make sure your profile includes relevant work experience, education, skills, and personal interests. This will give recruiters and other professionals an accurate depiction of who you are professionally and what you can offer an employer.

2. Create a specific post announcing the new job that is detailed but succinct. The post should include the title of your new role, along with any unique experiences or responsibilities associated with it that could add value for other professionals or serve as inspiration for those looking for career growth opportunities themselves.

3. Set up notifications so that people who follow you will be alerted when you post content updates on LinkedIn – this will help make sure that more people are aware of your progress in changing jobs and stay informed on the development of your career journey going forward.

4. Ask friends or colleagues who already have a presence on LinkedIn if they would be willing to “like” or comment on your post to show support – having other people interact with your update not only validates its importance but also helps raise its visibility (and yours) among their peers/connection groups too!

Benefits of Announcing Your New Job on LinkedIn

Announcing your new job on LinkedIn is an effective way to let your network of contacts know about your change in career. Doing this also enables you to start engaging in conversations related to the new job and build a strong online presence in the process.

LinkedIn provides an opportunity for you to proudly showcase your accomplishments and goals. You can use this platform to connect with industry professionals who may help with career development, as well as keeping in touch with current and past colleagues. Announcing your new job on LinkedIn allows you to expand your professional network, which may be beneficial for advancing in your career.

In addition, having a strong professional profile on LinkedIn can help improve employer brand recognition and enhance the number of connections that you have within the same organization or industry. This may create job opportunities down the line, or even excellent collaborations. Finally, using LinkedIn enables you to keep potential employers updated about any changes or advancements in your career path, without them having to call or email for updates.

Crafting a Compelling Message

Announcing a new job on LinkedIn is an excellent way to start spreading the news about your career change. Use the opportunity to excite the people in your network and extend your reach even further. To do this, use language that conveys enthusiasm, expresses pride in accomplishment and includes interesting details about what makes this new job such a great fit for you.

When crafting a message to announce your new job, consider the following points:

  • Clearly state that you’re embarking on a new venture by stating where you’ll be working and what role or title you’ll take on.
  • Express enthusiasm for the role by emphasizing how it aligns with your skills and interests.
  • Share unique facts about the company and its mission or vision that make it stand out from others in your industry.
  • Invite people to connect with you at this new place of work if they’d like to follow along with your journey there.

By composing an informative yet exciting post announcing your move, you can create interest among friends, colleagues and professional contacts through both word of mouth and online networking — without seeming boastful or overeager. As always, maintain professionalism while giving thoughtful consideration to each post’s content so as not to put off potential employers or those who have yet to join LinkedIn. This is a time-honored means of announcing important life events — don’t let it go waste!

Utilizing Your Network

Now that you have landed your new job, it’s time to start sharing the news and connecting with other professionals in your field. Leveraging your professional network is a great way to extend your reach and build key connections as you transition into a new role. To ensure that you get the most out of LinkedIn, here are a few tips on how to effectively announce your new job:

  • Personalize Your Profile – Make sure to update all of the relevant information including job title, professional achievements and contact information to appropriately introduce yourself.
  • Gain Visibility on Your Professional Network – Take an active role in networking by connecting with industry peers, reaching out to recruiters and updating skills and endorsements. Utilizing various connections can help draw attention to your professional expertise.
  • Create Strategic Posts – Outline what topics you would like to write about as well as potential hashtags and keywords for better visibility on LinkedIn. Create posts that detail career highlights such as projects, awards or any other accomplishments related to your profession or industry expertise.
  • Engage with Groups & Companies – Join relevant groups and follow companies, while also taking an active role in discussions within these groups by responding/commenting on posts/topics as well as making comments or starting conversations on articles related to your field. This will allow you showcase how engaged you are with current trends in the industry while helping establish thought leadership among peers.

Remember: creating meaningful relationships through networking can yield unexpected opportunities such building professional relationships leading potential collaboration opportunities for the future!

Engaging with Your Connections

Engaging your connections is a great way to announce your new job. Regularly liking and commenting on updates from people you’re connected with will let them know of your exciting news. Take the time to thank anyone who has been especially instrumental in helping you gain your new job, or who has offered general support when things were tough during the job-hunting process.

When announcing your news, select updates from colleagues and other contacts, and engage with them with enthusiasm as you would when networking. After all, it’s not just about announcing where you are working now – it’s also about building relationships and generating leads for future opportunities.

As well as showing appreciation to those who have made a big difference in helping you land this new role, demonstrate your knowledge by sharing relevant content on the topic or related topics. For example, share news items that show the company you are now working for in a positive light or articles on topics that reflect well on industry trends relevant to this area of work. It’s important to show that your knowledge extends beyond what you do every day at work and demonstrates further potential down the line once opportunities arise in other fields of work or specializations become available.

Creating a Professional Profile

Creating an aesthetically-pleasing and professional profile on LinkedIn is key to announcing your new job. A successful profile includes a current and accurate photo, an up to date headline featuring your most recent job title, an engaging summary that introduces yourself and identifies important skillsets you possess, as well as experience and education sections that highlight your work history. All these elements help to create the best impression possible when announcing the news of the new job on LinkedIn.

Furthermore, be sure to add key skills that accurately reflect who you are professionally – these should be tailored to align with your new job’s industry. Additionally, build a strong network by creating connections with colleagues in the industry, alumni from school or university who are already in the same field you’re entering now and past employers who can attest to your abilities and qualifications. By building relationships mutually beneficial for both parties involved through LinkedIn ahead of joining a new workforce will ensure a more successful transition for career growth going forward.

Leveraging LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are an excellent way to find peers, mentors and industry leaders who share similar interests. The best way to announce your new job on LinkedIn is to join relevant groups in order to start conversations and get insights from industry experts. You can also use LinkedIn Groups for networking, growing your professional reach and staying ahead of news about potential job opportunities.

To increase your chances of success, make sure that you are properly introducing yourself in the group in a manner that is professional yet engaging. You will also want to participate by liking and commenting on posts, offering helpful advice and resources, or fostering conversations. By actively engaging in the group discussions you can build up a reputation as an expert or mentor within your desired field. Additionally, many groups have discussions pertaining specifically to job openings so it’s wise to monitor those topics closely in order to search for opportunities that match your skillset without directly advertising yourself as available.

Finally, if you decide you would like to introduce yourself more openly within the group then create a post dedicated solely to announcing your new experience or opportunity – this will oftentimes be welcomed within the community!

Final Thoughts

Writing a post to announce your new job on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be difficult. Keeping it concise, making sure to include important information such as your company and title, and thanking those who helped you along the way are all great ways to create an effective post.

Additionally, make sure that you keep your personality in mind when writing the post, as you want to stand out and have an impactful message. Other tips such as including a call to action or including relevant hashtags can also make your overall post stand out more and grab the attention of potential employers.

Above all else, the most important tip when posting about announcing a new job on LinkedIn is that you sound genuinely excited and passionate about it – this will show in the end result of your posts!

The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Live and How You Can Use It to Enhance Your Company Brand

Introduction: What is LinkedIn Live And How Does it Work?

LinkedIn Events that use LinkedIn Live see twice the engagement of Events that dont. To help you make the most of this benefit, we’ve granted your LinkedIn Page access to LinkedIn Live.

Many social media users are getting tired of seeing their friends post the same photos and videos over and over again. With LinkedIn, you can stay in touch with your network without feeling like you’re being bombarded by the same posts. LinkedIn Live is a new feature which allows users to post live videos from their smartphones.

LinkedIn Live is a live video broadcasting tool that gives businesses an opportunity to share their message with a global audience. It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as delivering a keynote speech, conducting a webinar, interviewing people or providing customer service by answering questions in real time.

It allows you to speak directly with your target audience in real time and you can listen to feedback or ask questions from your clients or customers at any point during the conversation!

How Can You Use LinkedIn Live For Marketing Purposes?

LinkedIn Live allows marketers to connect with people who are interested in what they have to say.

LinkedIn Live is a platform that gives you the chance to broadcast live video content on your profile page. Unlike other live streaming apps, LinkedIn is geared towards business professionals and offers more features for professional networking.

The benefits of using LinkedIn Live can include:

– Increased visibility for your company

– Improved reputation by showcasing thought leadership

– Connecting with new audiences and prospects

– Brand awareness

how to get linkedin live?

Linkedin live application

How to Get Started With Linked In Live As a Content Creator

Linked In Live is a new product from Linked In that can help you create and edit content on social media in real time. This article will take you through the process of getting started with this tool.

Linked In Live is an online broadcasting service that allows you to create, edit, and distribute presentations on your social networks in real-time. The tool has been available for few months now, but it can already be used to create engaging content. Let’s see how to get started with it!

All super and content admins on the Page can stream on behalf of this Page. Here’s how to get started:

Choose a streaming tool
Depending on your experience level with live streaming, you can choose from a few options. If you’re new to streaming, we recommend our Preferred Partners.
Follow LI guidelines
Keep your live videos professional, respectful, and safe in accordance with terms and other streaming guidelines.
Prepare to go live
You can choose to go live spontaneously or schedule a live event from LinkedIn or through your streaming tool.

How to go live on linkedin?

Conclusion: Why Using LinkedIn Live is the Ultimate Way to Grow Your Company Brand

This article will provide you with a number of reasons to use LinkedIn Live. You will learn about the benefits and features that you can get from using LinkedIn Live and how it is the best platform for making your company stand out to potential customers.

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for gaining insight into what your audience wants and needs. With LinkedIn live, you’re able to get instant feedback from viewers on what they want to know more about or what they find interesting. It’s also great for making connections with other professionals in your industry.

Ways to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

Linkedin remains one of the most popular platforms to get efficient B2B lead generation. However, you can’t just fill up your company’s page with the information and wait for the happy clients to throw their money into your pockets. 

This article will give you a cohesive guide on generating new business leads using Linkedin. Let’s start with the basics and make our way to more complex staff. 

And if you don’t want to spend time figuring this all out by yourself, you can ask the B2B lead generation company Belkins for help.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a go-to social media platform for business owners and employees to communicate in their business fields and find new opportunities. You can access it either through a desktop, laptop, or mobile application.

The person’s profile includes education, hard and soft skills, hobbies, and job experience. Additionally, you can see the statistics, videos, different events, recent news, and more in the corporate profile. 

LinkedIn Interface

You need to go through the process of registration to use the platform’s lead functions. After that, you will see your profile with the avatar, number of views on your last post, and how many people visited your page.

Moving to the middle, you can see a button to create your unique post. There are three types of posts: 

  1. GIFs, memes, or a video 
  2. Article 
  3. Invitation to the scheduled event 

The platform allows you to start liking, sharing, and commenting on the content of your peers once you get the first connections.

There are five buttons in the top menu:

  • “My Network” – allows managing your connections;
  • “Messaging” – contact your contacts via text chat;
  • “Jobs” – using this allows you to find work or post a vacancy;
  • “Notifications” – check out the activity on your profile;
  • “Me” – you can see how people see your profile;

LinkedIn tools 

The users of LinkedIn get access to several unique platforms. In this part, we will tell you about them:

  • Talent Insights: The goal of this platform is to help employers or HR managers to find people that will be great for specific pieces of work. The Talent Insights include a vast amount of data points, real-time data about the employees, an overview of the market, and more insights. Your HR team should surely enjoy the appointment setting feature that helps set up interviews with talents.
  • Learning Solutions: There is this time when your employees need to go and understand more information to become better professionals. The Learning Solutions platform gives you unlimited access to the vast library of courses. The aforementioned requires you to get a paid subscription.
  • Sales Navigator: Little sales can be worse than promoting a product to the wrong audience. Sales Navigator allows your marketing team to narrow down specific customers and pitch sales to the right companies (or people).
  • Marketing Solutions: This instrument will be handy for generating new business leads. The name of this platform makes it evident that it is used for creating ad campaigns to show on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Groups: It is a small, free instrument that allows you to create, join, and discover different user groups
  • ProFinder: Every entrepreneur gets to the point where they need to get some services from independent contractors. This platform allows it. It is entirely free but works only in the United States. 

Email marketing remains among the most powerful tools to get more customers and elevate your business. However, creating the selling mail is a tedious task. The Folderly platform is here to change it all. The goal of Folderly is to help marketers to accelerate their sales by sending emails that bring money. Press this linkand get started with Folderly today! It will surely help you increase your business lead acquisition potential.

Ways to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

There are two ways a company can generate leads from LinkedIn. You can generate sales leads using your profile or through your corporate page. In this article, we present you with five easy steps for both ways. 

  1. Set up a profile

People do judge the book by its cover. You need to make your profile as great-looking and representative as your budget allows.

Corporate profile: We recommend you view your profile like the landing page on the Internet. You need to present your product/service to the audience. Don’t forget to fill in all the fields and use your corporate image style.

Personal profile: State your role and the company and fill in the form as you would do with the corporate profile.

  1. Sales prospecting is the key

It is essential to get as many connections as possible, but you need to remember that quality is more important than everything. It would be advantageous to understand the ICP and buyer persona during this process. 

Corporate profile: Our specialists recommend you treat LinkedIn like a corporate website. Yeah, you cannot message every subscriber directly, but you can get more subscribers (and potential customers) by getting their interest by posting excellent content.

Personal profile: If the corporate profile is similar to the landing page, the personal page is just like emails. Remain clear with your message and go to the more personalized methods.

You can check out our material about prospectingto understand it better. 

  1. Show your value

There are many lead generation strategies, but bringing real value is the essential thing in it all. Let your prospects understand that your services cost every single dollar you ask for them.

Corporate profile: It is essential to fill your feed with valuable tips, insights, and other interactive pieces. Having a vast amount of iterations will help you to build up strong brand awareness and potential customers. 

Personal profile: You can showcase your strong sides by sending the note along with the invitation message. We recommend you send many letters, but you need to be vigilant because the platform can ban you for spamming users. 

If you are already experiencing issues with demonstrating the value, we highly encourage you to address the B2B lead generation company.

  1. Utilize LinkedIn contact targeting

It is not 100% necessary to promote the content to get many leads from LinkedIn, but we recommend spending some money on the ads. This will increase brand awareness and drive new clients to the company. Just be careful with it, and you will master B2B lead generation. 

  1. Analyze, optimize, and start again

People spend many years learning how to create successful lead generation campaigns. It is essential to remember that there can be periods when you don’t generate any leads at all. Don’t give up. It will take some time for you to hit the right spot. Just record what worked well and what did not. Analyze the information, and improve it next time. This is the way to get successful at the b2b online lead generation. 

So, Are There Any Business Leads on LinkedIn?

We consider LinkedIn to be the solid lead generator for your business. Yes, it has its moments, and it will take time to master. However, it is valid for every single platform that can bring more new customers to the company.