Do you want to connect your life with IT, but being simple programmer seams too boring for you? Do you want to do work for special missions and become a hacker? Then, it is the right time to learn about languages which help them to perform the job. We have made a research, and hope it will help you to make a right choice to become a hacker. Generally hacking is divided into three sections: Web Hacking, Exploit Writing and Reverse Engineering and each of those requires different programming language.


An impressive amount of applications have its versions in the Web, so it is clearly important to learn Web Hacking to be successful in the job. In order to learn it, you need to know the Web coding, as hacking is basically the process of breaking the code. So there are four the most important languages to learn:


Programmers say that that is the easiest language, which is mostly used in static markup presented in each website. Learning HTML helps a programmer to understand the logic and responses of the web actions.


That is also very popular programming tool for use for improvement of the user interface and shorter time of the response. Knowledge of the JS helps to understand client-side of the website, in the result it helps to find flaws.


This language is responsible for managing the database of Web applications. Among programmers, PHP is treated as the most important language, as it controls all actions on the site and server.


The structured query language is storing and managing sensitive and confidential data, including user credentials, bank, and personal related data and information regarding visitors to the websites. This is mostly used by black hackers, so if you want to play on the white side then learn this language and find website weaknesses.


The Exploit Writing is used for cracking the software, and mostly the Python or Ruby are used for such actions.


This language is mostly used for creating the exploit and tools that are the most important reason for learning the Python. Also, it has explicit flexibility with the possibility of creation exploits, and for that, you need to be good at Python.


It is an object-oriented language and is very useful for exploit writing, which is used for interpretation scripting by hackers. Metasploit framework, which was written with Ruby is the most famous hacking tool.


The process is based on converting the code written with a high-level language, to the low level one, without changing the original program. The reverse engineering is ought to find flaws and bugs easily. In order to perform the best results in the process, there is a need to be professional in C, C++, Java and Assembly language.

  • C/C++. Everyone knows that C is the mother of programming languages, used in software creation for Linux and Windows. As well as, those languages are very important is exploit writing and reverse engineering. C++ is a more powerful variation of C and is used for a big amount of programs and games.
  • Java. The release of the Java had run with the slogan “write once, run anywhere, which means that language is a powerful source for creating backdoor exploits and that once that can kill the computer.
  • Assembly Language. This language does not have such popularity, as ones previously described, basically, that is a very complicated low-level programming language. With the help of this one, it is possible to crack hardware or software, mostly it is used in reverse engineering. As for this process knowledge of a low-level language is a crucial thing.


Doesn’t matter, will it be surprising for most people, or not there are different classes of hackers. Most of them are classified by three the most common categories, white, black and grey hat ones. Even though, a large number of people are sure that hackers are only white or black ones. Lets review description of their classification.

  • White hat. Those hackers work by the rules, with no personal gain, without breaking the law with all contractual permissions. White hat hackers work in order to protect personal or companies information from black hackers.
  • Black hat. It is completely opposite to the white ones, the run illegal activities, breaking the rules in order to gain personal and other kinds of sensitive data. They break the websites, servers and bank account for personal gain.
  • Grey hat. This kind is something in between of the white and black ones. They follow some rules while breaking the other ones. Probably they work with good intentions, but nobody else thinks the same.


The conclusion which is coming to the mind, after everything described above – in order to become a good hacker you need to know a lot of languages. And that is quite obvious, as there is a big diversity of languages nowadays, which makes a hacking process more complicated. So, a good hacker should be a perfect software engineer, who understands the logic of coding, user actions and what type of languages is used for different programs.