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Gaming is no longer just a niche pastime – thanks to multiple technological, social, and economic advancements in the field, online gaming now enjoys a massive following. A 2017 report shows that more than 2.2 billion people across the globe are active gamers, with a significant number even playing professionally. And whether you want to become a hobby player or pro gamer, it goes without saying that you need gaming equipment. This means more than the basic keyboard and mouse and an actual arsenal of must-have gadgets. But what exactly do you need and how will it facilitate your gaming?

High-Resolution Monitor/TV

When you learn how to play strategy-based games, you familiarize yourself with the rules and techniques of the game. But even a winning formula like this poker positions strategy will not do you any good if you cannot see what is being displayed on the screen.  This is why every gamer should have a high-resolution TV or monitor. Such a screen delivers high quality graphics and images with high refresh rates and multiple light settings. In addition to letting you actually see the game, a high-resolution monitor can also make gaming more immersive. Look for a monitor with multiple connecting ports, 4K graphics, internet connectivity, and a size convenient for your gaming needs.

Game Controller

You can usually play most video games with a keyboard and mouse. But, if you prefer the traditional gamer image, you should invest in a game controller. All major game developers and studios produce a game controller that they regularly upgrade. When deciding which one to buy, consider a model with Bluetooth connectivity. This will allow you more flexibility and movement during gaming. You should also get a controller with a long battery life so you do not lose power during game marathons.

Gaming Mouse

Whether or not you need a gaming mouse will depend on your gaming style. Many pro gamers prefer the look, feel, and functionality of a game controller while others prefer to stick to the mouse. If you are the latter, buy a high-performance gaming mouse with fast-action tracking and functional spring technology. You want a mouse that responds in real-time to your movements. You can also spring for a programmable mouse whose colors you can change and an ergonomic model for maximum comfort.

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are specially designed to deliver quieter, quicker, and more accurate operations. You can usually get away with using a regular keyboard but consider buying a gaming one for a full setup. Today, many gaming keyboards have light settings for when you play at night.

Gaming Headsets

Gaming headsets are crucial not just for you but the people around you. If you share a home with other people who may not appreciate the constant noise games produce, you should get a good quality headset with surround sound. A noise cancelling headset will also limit distractions as you play and, if it comes with a microphone, help you communicate with other players in multiplayer games.

External Hard Drive

Cloud gaming technology promises to ease the storage burden online gaming places on gamers. But if you still prefer to own your games or cannot access cloud gaming services, you will need an external hard drive. This is because your gaming PC is unlikely to have enough storage to store more than a few titles. Keeping your games on a drive also protects you from total loss in case of PC malfunctioning.

Wrapping Up: Start Small

Gaming setups will usually vary from gamer to gamer but typically consist of these key gadgets. If you are only entering the world of gaming, start small and buy affordable but quality equipment. It is better to build your setup over time than to go all in on cheap but poor quality gadgets that will compromise your gaming experience and last only a few years.

Night vision and Thermals in civilian life

Night vision devices are very popular equipment in our time, which are intended not only for hunting at night but also in civilian life. They are used at a time when there is not enough lighting at dusk or at night for full visibility. Some use them outdoors, others indoors, such as in basements. Indeed, sometimes it’s not advisable to use flashlights, light bulbs, or spotlights.

In what areas of everyday life are night vision devices used?

Night vision devices are indispensable equipment for:

  • military
  • police
  • builders
  • hunters
  • guards
  • security
  • wildlife observers
  • scouts.

Also, such devices are used in the field of entertainment, for example, in cinemas. And in order to choose the ideal equipment for yourself, you need to know its basic classification.

Classification of night vision devices 

Night vision devices are classified mainly by purpose and generation. If we are talking about the first variety, you can buy:

  1. Night vision monoculars. This device is used for observation with only one eye in twilight or complete darkness. With it, you can increase the object from one to several times.
  2. Binoculars. Helps to see in the dark or twilight with two eyes. The increase also occurs from one to several times.
  3. Glasses. Can be used in darkness, twilight, and daylight. They help to see with two eyes, but are not equipped with a zoom function.
  4. Sights. They are intended not only for observation, but also for firing at a target. Likewise, they are fixed on weapons (mainly on smoothbore). Furthermore, they are used in the twilight, in complete darkness, and in daylight, depending on the generation.

There are devices called «pseudo-binoculars» on our market. They’re equipped with one lens and two eyepieces, that are suitable for viewing with two eyes. The gadgets increase in any objects is from one to several times. 

Description of generations of night vision devices 

Night vision devices are also classified according to the type of generation. There are GenI, GenI+, GenII, GenII+, GenII++, GenIII. There are also 2- and 3-stage equipment on the market, but now it’s practically not used. 

Devices of the third generation can work not only in the dark, but also in very low light. They have an excellent range. For hunting or observation in open areas, they’re usually bought. And, although their price is 2 times higher than in other counterparts. But their functionality pays off.

All about thermal monoculars

Thermal monoculars is a high-quality optics with high functionality and small sizes. The device is suitable for use in hunting, fishing, in civilian life.

A professional optical device will help detect any objects in the infrared spectrum. The working distance of the equipment is up to 900 meters.

If you decide to buy this product, pay attention to several criteria. For example, the distance you need. In most cases, a distance of 10-50 meters is sufficient.

A good device has the following characteristics:

  • refresh rate 50 Hz;
  • wide zoom 2.5-20x;
  • water resistance;
  • several modes of observation;
  • Stream Vision (the ability to connect via Wi-Fi to any gadget).

The thermal imaging monocular is a very useful and functional device.

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