Check out the list of 30 of the most exciting startups working on driverless cars and autonomous tech.

Some of these companies have raised significant funding in recent weeks, as investors place their bets on the eventual breakout winners in the space, as well as the new industries that will emerge.

Zoox is the most mysterious member of the self-driving car club, an exclusive list of 50 companies that are allowed to operate autonomous vehicles in CA. The startup raised a $250M Series A from Lux Capital and DFJ. Zoox is hiring in multiple positions in the Bay Area. aims to build the the safest most reliable autonomous driving tech. In January, the one year old startup raised a $112M Series A.

Cruise, which now leads GM’s autonomous tech efforts, recently showed off a robocar without a steering wheel it plans to launch as early as next year (pictured in header). Cruise is hiring in SF. is building the self-driving car brain. Watch the video. The company raised a $50M Series B from GGV Capital and NEA and is hiring in multiple positions.

Nauto raised a $159M Series B from Softbank and Greylock to make self-driving safer. The company gathers data about human drivers and their behavior to improve safety through its autonomous data platform.

AImotive raised $38M in its third round of funding just a few days ago. The company specialized in making software that can take the data from autonomous car cameras and sensors and identify pedestrians.

Ouster makes the world’s most capable LIDAR sensor, and raised a $27M Series A back in December.

Embark makes self-driving trucks. The company went through YC and aims to revolutionize commercial transport. Embark is hiring. Check out the video of their tech.

Starsky Robotics is also making self-driving trucks, and also went through Y Combinator. Starsky is hiring, and has a demo video that will make you want to go into the self-driving trucking industry today.

LvI5 building software and collecting data that’s needed to scale autonomous vehicles globally. If you’re interested in crowdsourced HD mapping and want to work at a YC startup, go work there.