How To Improve Productivity And Efficiency With Custom App Development

There comes a time when each business owner starts thinking about custom app development. The variety of benefits acquired together with custom software is impressive. From heightened security to new development opportunities, such programs can make a huge difference in the way a company functions.

What stops some business owners is the price they have to pay for custom app development. However, the investment made in the custom-tailored software has a high return. By making simple calculations, the majority of owners concludes that custom app development is the right decision.

How can you improve productivity and efficiency with custom software? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Better Output with Fewer Unnecessary Actions

The big problem with off-the-shelf software is the limited number of functions it offers. These programs are designed to cater to different needs, but hardly to all that your company requires.

As a result, business owners buy several software products to ensure all the company’s requirements are met.

Employees often struggle with juggling several apps at once, making repetitive actions, entering the same data several times, and the like. Eventually, the efficiency of their work reduces and so does the output.

With custom software, the number of actions taken by employees goes down considerably. By eliminating repetitive and unnecessary work, they can achieve much better results and have time left for other important tasks.  

For example, custom software is especially demanded in the healthcare industry. The same program can file insurance claims, schedule appointments, and send reminders. Without a custom app, all three tasks would have to be done by different programs, forcing the employees to enter patient information into the computer three times.

2. Improved Security with Limited Outside Access

Even though off-the-shelf software manufacturers are often doing an excellent job keeping the level of security high, hackers still manage to find loopholes. Since the software is out in the open, anyone can buy it and spend as much time as necessary looking for weak spots.

The software provider may have an update ready in a short time, but not all customers do updates when necessary. As a result, the company’s security may be compromised.

This is especially harmful for companies, which deal with sensitive customer information. One simple leak could spell disaster, lead to lawsuits, and end with bankruptcy.

Since custom software is available to your employees only, the chances of leaks and hacks go down to a minimum. It’s up to the business owner to set up a security policy, which keeps the system safe. If no internal leaks occur, the custom-tailored software can be 100% protected.

3. Instant and Ongoing Customer Support

Even the best employees encounter problems while working with the software. When that occurs, they need immediate assistance. According to software development experts at EntranceConsulting, the majority of such problems could be fixed within a minute or two.

However, when it comes to off-the-shelf software, getting help may be tough. Some employees spend hours waiting for advice. Others pay large sums for ongoing support.

With custom software, you don’t have to worry about waiting for support. The development company usually offers high-quality support services for its products round the clock. Your employees get access to specialists immediately to avoid delays and downtime.

Another weak spot of off-the-shelf software support is the possibility that the company may stop providing it. If the developer deems the product outdated or unnecessary, it could stop supporting it altogether.

The majority of custom software developers offers lifetime support.

4. Faster Reporting and Work Process Analysis

Preparing reports for analysis is one of the most time-consuming tasks done by employees. Even though some workers do reporting quickly, the overall time it takes is considerable. The process usually distracts them from other work, botching deadlines, and sometimes causing downtime.

Since custom software works with all the data, which the company deals with, it can provide excellent reports in a fraction of the time it would take a human to do it. You don’t have to put together different pieces of information from different departments; the program does it for you.

Simply said, with custom software, you have a single database of information, which can be used for high-quality analysis.

5. New Opportunities for Growth

When your company grows, its needs start changing. As a result, you have to invest in new software to accommodate them. Such an investment is usually costly and time-consuming. Some programs come with a high learning curve. Others take too much time to integrate.

Custom software is initially designed to accommodate the growing needs of the company. The program grows with you. Developers leave room for additions in case the company changes size or direction.

Overall, the number of changes you have to go through when the company grows is much lower.

6. Real-Time Updates and Communications

Custom software usually caters to the communication needs of the company. It allows different employees to access the program at any time and from anywhere. Meanwhile, they can communicate within the app to work on projects remotely while maintaining high-security levels.

By improving real-time updates and communications, you can boost the efficiency of your work tremendously without any extra investments.

Bottom line

Custom app development is the key to improving the company’s efficiency, output, and profits. By heightening security, offering smooth growth opportunities, reducing repetitive actions, and providing excellent analyses, such software can put your business ahead of the competition.