How to Make a Reddit Bot?

A Reddit Bot is a program that monitors specific subreddits (sections of Reddit) and performs certain actions based on the content it finds. For instance, you could write a bot that checks out new submissions to a subreddit and automatically posts a comment if it finds a certain words or phrases. You could also write a bot that automatically posts new content from a certain subreddit to another subreddit.

The sky is the limit when it comes to bots, but they all have one thing in common: they automate some task that would otherwise be manual. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to write a simple Reddit Bot using Python and the PRAW (Python Reddit API Wrapper) library.

What is a Reddit Bot?

A Reddit bot is a program that automatically posts new content to a subreddit or interacts with users on your behalf. For example, a bot could automatically post new articles from a website, or send a message to you when someone mentions your username.

There are many different types of bots, but they all have one thing in common: they automate some part of the Reddit experience.

How do I make a Reddit Bot?

If you want to create your own Reddit Bot, there are a few things you’ll need:
-A Redditor account
-A text editor (like Notepad++ or Sublime Text)
-Basic programming knowledge (we’ll be using Python in this tutorial)
-A hosted server (Reddit requires bots to run 24/7, so you’ll need a reliable server)

If you have those things, you’re ready to start! Just follow the steps below and you’ll have your own Reddit Bot up and running in no time.

1) Choose a functionality for your bot. What do you want it to do? For this tutorial, we’ll be making a simple bot that replies to comments in the “AskReddit” subreddit. But feel free to get creative – the sky’s the limit when it comes to what your bot can do!
2) Find an existing Reddit Bot or write your own code. For this tutorial, we’ll be using an existing bot called “AutoModerator”. This bot is open source, which means that its code is publicly available for anyone to view and use. You can find the code for AutoModerator here:
3) Set up your server. Again, since we need our bot to be running 24/7, we’ll need to set up our own server to host it. There are many different ways to do this, but for this tutorial we’ll be using Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers users scalable and reliable resources at an affordable price. You can sign up for AWS here:
4) Set up your Redditor account and give your bot some permissions. In order for your bot to interact with Reddit on your behalf, you’ll need to give it some permissions (called “OAuth scopes”). These permissions will allow the bot to access certain parts of Reddit on your behalf, like posting comments or reading messages. You can find out more about OAuth scopes here:
5) Deploy your code and run your bot! Once everything is set up, all you need to do is deploy your code and run your bot! Congratulations – you’ve just made your own Reddit Bot!

Why Would You Want To Make a Reddit Bot?

A Reddit bot is a program that interacts with the Reddit API in order to automatically perform tasks or actions. For example, a bot might be used to automatically thank new users for their submission, or to automatically upvote all of a specific user’s submissions.

There are many different reasons why you might want to make a Reddit bot. Some people use them to save time, others use them to improve their workflow, and still others use them as a way to automate certain tasks. No matter what your reason is, there are some basic steps that you’ll need to follow in order to get started.

1) Choose a programming language: The first step is to choose a programming language that you’re comfortable with. There are many different languages that you can use to make a Reddit bot, but some of the most popular ones include Python, PHP, and Java.

2) Find an API: Once you’ve chosen a programming language, you’ll need to find an API that you can use in order to interact with Reddit. The easiest way to do this is by searching for “Reddit API” on Google. There are many different APIs available, but we recommend using the official Reddit API.

3) Choose a purpose: Before you start coding your bot, it’s important to choose a purpose for it. This will help you determine what features your bot will need and how complex it will need to be. For example, if you’re only looking to automate simple tasks like upvoting submissions from certain users, then your bot can be relatively simple. However, if you’re looking to create a more complex bot that can perform more complicated tasks like Natural Language Processing (NLP), then your bot will need to be more complex.

4) Create your code: Once you’ve chosen a purpose for your bot and found an appropriate API, it’s time to start coding! This is where things can get pretty technical, but there are many resources available online that can help you through the process. If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to other Redditors for help – there’s a good chance someone has already made a bot similar to the one you’re trying to make and can help point you in the right direction.

5) Test your code: Once you’ve finished coding your bot, it’s important to test it before deploying it on Reddit. This ensures that your bot is functioning properly and won’t do anything unexpected (like spamming subreddits or getting banned). The easiest way to test your code is by running it on your own computer; however, if you wantto deploy your bot on Reddit itself, there are some specific steps you’ll needto follow in order ensure everything goes smoothly .

How To Make a Reddit Bot – Step by Step

A Reddit bot is a program that automatically creates or comments on Reddit posts.
As a Redditor, you may have seen bots in action. For example, the /u/tiptobot Reddit bot posts tips on saving money.
Creating a Reddit bot is relatively easy. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a simple Python bot that fetches data from Reddit and posts it on Twitter.
Step 1: Set up Python and Tweepy
First, you need to set up Python and Tweepy on your computer.
Tweepy is a Python library that allows you to access the Twitter API. We’ll use Tweepy to interact with Reddit’s API and post our results on Twitter.
If you don’t have Python or Tweepy installed, follow these instructions to set everything up.
Step 2: Get a Twitter developer account
Next, you need to create a Twitter developer account. This will give you access to the Twitter API.

To create a developer account:
1.Go to and log in with your Twitter account credentials
2.Click “Create an app”
3.Fill out the form and click “Create”

What Can Your Reddit Bot Do?

A Reddit bot is a program that automatically posts or comments on Reddit. For example, you could make a bot that automatically posts the latest news from your blog. Or, you could make a bot that replies to comments on a specific post.

You can make a Reddit bot with any programming language, but Python is the most popular choice. There are many different libraries and frameworks you can use to make a Reddit bot. In this tutorial, we’ll use PRAW, which is the Python library for Reddit.

Before we dive into the code, we need to get some things set up. First, you’ll need to create a Reddit account and then create a “developer application” on Reddit. This will give you a “client ID” and a “client secret” – don’t lose these! We’ll also need to install PRAW.

How To Edit Your Reddit Bot

Log into your account on
Click on the down arrow next to your username in the top right corner of the screen and select “User Settings.”
Scroll down to “Apps” and click “Manage.”
Find the app labeled “example_bot” and click “edit.”
You should now be able to change the name, description, redirect URI, and owner of your app.

How To Get Your Reddit Bot Up and Running

Now that you’ve got your narrowly defined task and you know what subreddit(s) you want to target, it’s time to get your bot up and running! If you’ve never written a bot before, there are a few things you’ll need to do in order to get started.

First, you’ll need to create a Reddit account for your bot. This is pretty straightforward – just go to and click on the “create an account” link in the top right-hand corner. Once you’ve got your account set up, take a look at the Reddit API documentation. This will give you all the information you need in order to start writing your bot.

Next, you’ll need to choose a programming language. There are a lot of different programming languages out there, but for this project we recommend either Python or ruby. These are both free, open-source languages that are relatively easy to learn. If you’re not sure which one to choose, we suggest starting with Python – it’s generally considered to be more beginner-friendly than ruby.

Once you’ve got your account set up and you know which programming language you want to use, it’s time to start writing some code! The first thing you’ll need to do is create a file called “” (or “bot.rb”, if you’re using ruby). In this file, you’ll need to write some code that will tell your bot what subreddit(s) to target and what task it should perform. For example, if you want your bot to post “Hello, world!” every time someone mentions the word “python” in /r/learnprogramming, your code might look something like this:

import praw # this is a python library that allows us to interact with Reddit’s API

def main():
reddit = praw.Reddit(‘bot1’) # this creates a new instance of the Reddit class called ‘bot1’

subreddit = reddit.subreddit(‘learnprogramming’) # this tells our bot which subreddit(s) it should target

for comment in # this tells our bot what task it should perform; in this case it will look for new comments in the specified subreddit(s)

if ‘python’ in comment.body: # this tells our bot what specific condition it should look for; in this case it will look for comments containing the word “python”

comment.reply(‘Hello, world!’) # this tells our bot what action it should take when it finds a comment matching the specified condition; in this case it will reply with the text “Hello, world!”


Save this file and run it on your computer – if everything goes well, your bot should now be up and running!

How To Make a Reddit Upvote Bot

In this guide, we are going to show you how to make a Reddit upvote bot. This bot will upvote every new post that is made on any subreddit that you choose.

First, you will need to create a new Reddit account. Once you have done this, you will need to go to the settings page and create a new app. Choose the “script” option and give your app a name.

Next, you will need to install the PRAW Python library. This can be done using pip:

pip install praw

Once PRAW is installed, you will need to create a file called “” and copy the following code into it:

import praw

def main():

reddit = praw.Reddit(client_id=’YOUR_CLIENT_ID’,

for submission in reddit.subreddit(‘SUBREDDIT’).new():

if not submission.saved:

How To Make a Reddit Comment Bot

This is a very simple tutorial on how to make a Reddit comment bot using Python and the PRAW (Python Reddit API Wrapper) library. I will be using Python 3.6 for this tutorial.

First, we need to create a Reddit app. Go to the following link and create a new app: Choose the script option and give your app a name and description. For this tutorial, I will be calling my app “Comment Bot”. Once you have created your app, click on “edit” next to the script section and copy your “client ID” and “client secret” into a text file. These will be used later to access the Reddit API.

Now that we have our app set up, we can start writing our bot! The first thing we need to do is import the PRAW library and create an instance of the Reddit class:

import praw

reddit = praw.Reddit(client_id='', # Enter your client ID here
client_secret='', # Enter your client secret here
user_agent='') # Enter your user agent here

Next, we need to choose a subreddit that we want our bot to operate in. For this tutorial, I will be using the /r/testingground4bots subreddit. You can change this to any other subreddit of your choice.

subreddit = reddit.subreddit(‘testingground4bots’)

Now, we need to choose a keyword or phrase that our bot will be looking for in comments in order to reply to them. For this tutorial, I will be using the keyword “bot”.

keyword = ‘bot’

The next step is to write the code for our bot’s reply function. This function will take in a comment as an argument and reply with a message of our choice if the keyword is found in the comment:

def reply(comment):
comment_reply = ‘This is a reply from my Comment Bot!’ # Change this to whatever you want your bot’s reply to be
comment_reply += ‘\n\n’ # Add two new lines for formatting purposes
comment_reply += ‘^^^I ^^^am ^^^a ^^^Comment ^^^Bot!’ # This line adds some info about the bot for posterity


comment.reply(comment_reply) # Reply with our message!
print('Replied To Comment ID: ', comment) # Let us know that our bot has replied

except Exception as e: print(e) # Print any errors that occur

print('Failed To Reply To Comment ID: ', comment) # Let us know if there was an error


The last step is to write a “main” function that will get all of the new comments in our chosen subreddit and call the reply function on each one: def main(): for comment in if keyword in comment.body: reply(comment) if __name__ == “__main__”: main() Once you have written all of this code, save it as a .py file (e.g., Your Reddit bot should now be up and running!

How To Make a Reddit Vote Bot

A Reddit vote bot can be a great way to get your voice heard on the popular social media platform. With millions of users and thousands of active communities, Reddit is a great place to promote your products or services, engage with customers, and build brand awareness. However, standing out on Reddit can be tough—unless you have a vote bot.

A vote bot allows you to automatically upvote or downvote content on Reddit, based on specific criteria that you define. For example, you could create a vote bot that upvotes all posts containing the word “coffee” in the title, or downvotes all posts from a specific user. Vote bots can be used for good or evil—it all depends on how you configure them.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a vote bot for Reddit using Python. We will use the PRAW (Python Reddit API Wrapper) library to interact with the Reddit API. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a fully functioning vote bot that you can use to upvote or downvote content on Reddit.

Automated Breach and Attack Simulation Is Rapidly Growing

The automated breach and attack simulation (BAS) market is relatively small. In’s recently released report entitled “Automated Breach and Attack Simulation Global Market Report 2022,” its estimated market value in 2022 is around $380.89 million. This is considerably smaller compared to other segments of the cybersecurity industry like the antivirus market which is worth around $4 billion.

What makes the automated BAS market notable, though, is its rapid growth. estimates that it is set to become a $1.35 billion market by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 37.3 percent. Many are seeing its benefits, but there are still many more organizations that have not incorporated it into their security posture management.

Adopting automated breach and attack simulation

Breach and attack simulation was introduced in 2017. It took a couple of years for it to be polished and become more acceptable as a cybersecurity solution. By now, it can already be considered a mature enough technology with proven benefits in real-world scenarios. Organizations that have adopted it are already reaping the benefits of being able to prevent more sophisticated cyber attacks.

However, it is never too late to embrace this relatively new cybersecurity technology. Breach and attack simulation delivers real-time visibility that allows organizations to have a clear understanding and control over their dynamic business and cybersecurity environments. This is not just some hyped-up cybersecurity strategy or the result of concerted marketing efforts among cybersecurity firms.

As Reportlinker’s study reveals, “rising complexities in maintaining security threats due to an increased number of attack vectors are expected to propel the growth of the automated breach and attack simulation market in the coming years.” Organizations need a better approach to dealing with the evolving nature of cyber threats, and automated BAS provides a suitable solution.

Compelling reasons to adopt automated BAS

Automated breach and attack simulation (BAS) provides numerous advantages. For one, it does not rely solely on cyber threat and attack identities or threat intelligence. It entails simulations aimed at replicating real-world cyberattacks to test how security controls hold up. Many cyberattacks take advantage of unique vulnerabilities in an organization, and threat identities are unlikely to be useful in addressing these. 

Automated BAS spots security weaknesses that are unique to an organization, so they can be fixed before threat actors find and exploit them. Phishing, for example, is a very common attack, but it requires the “right” conditions to work. The perpetrators of phishing schemes need to find an organization whose employees, for example, are clueless or not so cautious when it comes to clicking links and filling out forms.

Automated BAS can determine weak points in an organization’s security posture such as the failure of email filters to block links to sites associated with phishing. It can also identify employees or departments that appear cavalier when dealing with potential social engineering attacks.

Since the process is automated, organizations can undertake BAS repeatedly and cost-efficiently to ensure continuous security validation. This is not possible if only human security analysts take the responsibility of evaluating the security posture of an organization. It would take innumerable human analysts to perform continuous security validation, and this idea is remotely viable, given the global cybersecurity skills shortage at present.

The continuous security testing automated BAS affords ensures that opportunities for unchecked vulnerabilities to linger, get discovered by threat actors, and become points of entry for attacks are almost entirely eliminated. It only takes minutes or less for hackers to launch an attack and steal data. It only takes a few seconds for a careless employee to download a malware-laced file and infect a network. Every moment of vulnerability that is left unchecked and unaddressed is a good enough opportunity for threat actors.

Moreover, breach and attack simulation emphasizes meticulousness in finding security weaknesses. It goes beyond the superficial to find possibilities of lateral attacks through a network. It can simulate endpoint attacks, malware distribution schemes, data exfiltration, and complex APT attacks that are difficult to detect and appear harmless.

Leveraging an established cybersecurity framework

It is also worth mentioning that automated breach and attack simulation is compatible with the MITRE ATT&CK framework. There are automated BAS providers that operationalize MITRE ATT&CK as part of their continuous purple teaming process. Through the up-to-date adversarial tactics and techniques information of the ATT&CK framework, organizations get to continuously test the effectiveness and optimize their security controls across the full cyber kill chain.

Created from an adversary’s perspective, the ATT&CK framework injects useful inputs into the security posture management of an organization. It departs from the conventional defender-focused mindset when it comes to risk and threat lifecycle modeling. It provides insights into the attacker’s behavior to help defenders better understand how attacks work and how they can be modified or tweaked to evade defenses.

Proving the benefits of automated BAS

Again, automated breach and attack simulation is not just a marketing ploy. Market intelligence and advisory provider International Data Corporation (IDC) describes it as “a critical tool to test the efficacy of security controls.” IDC considers automated BAS a great addition to traditional cybersecurity vulnerability testing, citing its robust range of features and functionality and ability to enable a more proactive thrust in establishing cyber defense.

A 2020 Frost & Sullivan white paper also backs the idea that breach and attack simulation is helpful in improving cyber risk management, especially amid the growing complexities of cyber threats. “Leveraging advanced automated BAS technology is a best practice that more enterprises with a large number of endpoints need to embrace. It will unquestionably enable organizations to raise the bar on security hygiene while simultaneously allowing IT departments to become more efficient,” the paper explains.

Moreover, different companies that offer automated BAS solutions have long lists of satisfied clients that share their testimonials on the benefits of automated breach and attack simulation. These are verifiable information involving real organizations. Also, just recently, the United States Army granted an Authority to Operate to a BAS solution provider, marking the first time that the US Army uses a breach and attack simulation platform to achieve enhanced defense posture across mission-critical assets.

There are reasons why automated breach and attack simulation has become one of the fastest growing cybersecurity solutions in recent years. It provides palpable benefits and there is a growing number of organizations that have already adopted it. Also, authoritative organizations and institutions acknowledge its advantages.

If there is a reason to hesitate trying out automated BAS, it would be the reputation of the company that offers it. Otherwise, it is high time to take it as an essential part of an organization’s security posture.

The Future of Agriculture Automation

How does the earth feed nine to ten billion people?

Smart farming is an important part in answering this existential question. Smart farming is a highly efficient way to produce food. It uses the most recent technology that is computer-supported and, where possible, fully automated. The seeds are placed individually and accurately; the fruits are picked by hand-operated pickers; and fertilizers and other plant protection products are applied in small amounts and in a specific way. These operations are made possible by a number of small, powerful electric motors.

The latest technological craze focuses on ever-changing topics, such as quantum computers, space tourism and hydrogen technology. Surprisingly, agriculture is often overlooked. Despite the fact that it has so far been able to feed an exponentially increasing human population, The 18th century agricultural revolution allowed for huge increases in yields. It is based on increasing use of high yielding varieties, chemical pesticides and mineral fertilizers, as well as mechanization and large-scale, artificial irrigation. However, these interventions in the ecology can have undesirable side effects.

All population forecasts are well-founded and predict that the human population could reach nine to ten billion by the end this century. Even this large population can be fed by the earth’s resources. This is a huge challenge for agriculture. Crop cultivation and livestock agriculture must produce more, but not endanger the life-sustaining resources. Our most precious “resources” are fertile soil, clean groundwater, and an intact natural environment. These resources must be protected at every cost.

Instead of focusing on the field, focus on the plant.

Many important steps in crop cultivation, including fertilizing, planting and protecting crops, have been done on the basis of land area. The quantity of pesticide or seed to be spread is determined by the area. The machines then distribute the material at the correct flow rate. A portion of the fertilizer that is meant to strengthen the plants instead reaches the groundwater. Manual labor is expensive and can be difficult, such as when it comes to the pruning and harvesting of delicate vegetable and fruit varieties. As a result, more businesses are experiencing a staff shortage.

Smart farming is the use of modern technology to improve efficiency in agriculture. It uses less resources, reduces monotony, and produces higher yields. This includes precision farming, digital agriculture, and e-farming. Computer-supported and networked processes, machine learning, and custom robot functions allow for the focus to be on individual plants and not the entire field.


Targeted use of fertilizers and herbicides reduces soil contamination.

The more directly the measures are targeted at the plants, the more economically and efficiently these measures can be used. For example, the use of herbicides can be significantly reduced if applied to the individual plants in a more targeted manner. Fruits and vegetables could be harvested by robots in continuous passes, always at the optimum ripeness.

The autonomous, lightweight field robots can also protect the ground. The largest agricultural machines today weigh in at ten tons. Every pass causes soil compaction due to its high weight. This reduces the soil’s ability to absorb water and air and negatively impacts soil life. It also affects the health and growth of crop plants located near roads. Smart farming can contribute to healthier soils and greater biodiversity.

From the moment you put seed into the ground, thousands of things can stop a seed’s ability to reach its full genetic potential.

Greg Meyers, CIO/CD, Syngenta

Automation in agriculture, horticulture

Many applications are currently only prototypes or studies. Smart farming, however, is being used in practical ways such as precision planting. This machine was initially developed for research and seed-breeding. These machines can plant individual seeds at precise intervals. The acreage is maximized and each plant gets enough space to grow. The valuable seeds are also used efficiently.

Modern machines only use one row of separation modules with an electric drive. The motor drives the slotted or toothed disk which transports individual seeds to the outlet. An intelligent controller can precisely determine the optimal spacing for each type and row of seeds. It can also compensate for the differences in the corners when the rows are traveling around corners. Motorized closures can also be used to control the feeding of seeds to the disks.

Many plants in greenhouses are grown in small pots. Later, they are replanted in larger containers or in raised beds. Modern horticultural enterprises use machines to sort and handle pots and plants. It is similar to machinery used in logistics and industrial production. Roller conveyors and conveyor belts are used to transport trays containing products at various stages. These grippers are different from similar devices used in other industries by the form of their “fingers”. They are driven by micromotors and perform the manual handling of individual pots or root balls.

Although self-driving harvesting devices for fruits and vegetables are not yet mature enough to be used in general, the direction of technical development is evident. Camera-assisted sensors detect the degree and shape of strawberries and peppers and record their precise position. This data is used by the on-board computer to control a robot arm that is equipped with a type or shears as well as a collection device. This technology is made up of many electric motors. These include the single-wheel drive, the robot arm, the cutting apparatus, and the collection system.

How AI can transform the future of agriculture

AI systems help increase the harvest quality and accuracy, also known as precision farming. AI technology can detect disease in plants and pests, as well as poor nutrition in farms. AI sensors detect and target weeds, then determine which herbicide to use in the area.

What is Farm Automation in Agriculture? 

The process of utilizing various technological innovations to upgrade and automate the many processes of farming is known as farm automation. This technique is meant to ease the labor and time-intensive processes of agriculture that challenge farmers around the world.

Electronics and electrical system are key technologies

“Mechanical gear transmissions and pneumatic drive are very common in conventional agricultural machinery,” said Kevin Moser, FAULHABER’s business development manager. These are too heavy, bulky, too complicated, and inefficient for small-scale smart farming systems. There are now more electric micromotors that provide power for specific tasks. However, drives used in agricultural environments must meet extremely high standards.

Modern machinery takes over the sorting and handling of crops.

Unlike the traditional large devices, the machines and components used in smart farming are generally more compact and lighter. This means that there is often little space available for the motors. Nevertheless, as drives of sowing disks, flaps, grippers, robot arms or shears, they must supply sufficient power to reliably perform the respective task over countless cycles. At the same time, they should operate extremely efficiently, as the autonomous units usually draw their energy from batteries with limited power reserve. It must also be possible to integrate the drive electronics in networked structures and make intelligent control possible.

4 Ways Automation Can Help a Business

Anyone who runs a business likely knows all about automation. Automation means you’re using machines and processes to create products or services. You can also use it for all kinds of other tasks that humans once needed to do themselves.

Some workers might not like to hear about automation in their industry because it could render their jobs obsolete. It’s true that some positions no longer exist because of automation. 

However, there’s no stopping progress. Any worker who knows that automation will cost them their job should start looking for other work now since they can probably read the proverbial writing on the wall.

While automation isn’t always great news for individuals in some professions, company owners usually love it. Let’s look at four ways that automation can potentially help businesses.

It Can Save Manufacturers Money

73% of manufacturers believe automation is business-critical. To put it another way, nearly three out of every four manufacturers understand how much automation matters to them, either now or in the near future.

If you purchase a product in a store, you might not think about the manufacturing process that led to you holding that object. You likely don’t consider the raw materials that went into that product or how it traveled down an assembly line before it ended up in a box on a truck, headed for the store shelf where you found it.  

That’s manufacturing in a nutshell, and at one point, very few machines existed that could assemble products, especially ones with delicate components. Human workers had to do that instead. It was monotonous work, but it let these employees put food on their tables and keep a roof over their heads.

Automation can save a business money because if machines exist that can put these products together, the company does not need to hire as many workers who need to do the job by hand. Again, it’s unfortunate for the employees, but the company can then allocate the money they once paid human assembly line workers toward other things. They might use that cash for research and development, advertising, etc.

Self-Driving Trucks Can Reduce Driver Errors

Automation can extend beyond assembly lines and to other business aspects. For instance, automating trucks can save companies money because they no longer need to pay human truck drivers to carry goods from place to place.

It’s true that truck drivers will lose their jobs, and they will need to find other occupations, but truck drivers cause many accidents every year. They’re driving massive eighteen-wheelers that weigh several tons in some instances. Regulations dictate how much time truckers can spend behind the wheel, but not every driver or company follows those rules.

Several companies are hard at work right now trying to perfect self-driving trucks. Some report they’re not far away from getting it right. When that happens, the AI that drives these trucks will gradually phase out human truck drivers.

Again, it’s unfortunate to think about anyone potentially losing their job and having to find another career path, but virtually anyone can do it if they set their mind to it. Also, if companies can perfect the technology that allows self-driving trucks to take over for humans, that’s automation that can save lives by eliminating human error that causes far too many deaths on America’s roadways.


You can apply automation to businesses in many other scenarios if you stop to think about it. Chatbots are another popular example.

A chatbot is a relatively simple, AI-infused program that you can add to your website or app as a business owner or operator. You can purchase a chatbot from a company that makes them, or you can even hire someone to create a proprietary one if you want it to answer unusual questions.

Say that you set up a chatbot on your business website or app. You won’t need to have as many human operators standing by to answer questions if someone wants to buy one of your products or utilize one of your services, but they have some additional concerns your FAQ section does not address.

If you own a huge website or app like Amazon, with which millions of customers interact every day, it’s easy to see a chatbot’s usefulness for your business endeavor. Instead of having hundreds or thousands of human workers sitting at phone banks, ready to answer questions, you can have the chatbot handle it instead.

This automation form means you can shrink that workforce. You can’t completely get rid of human workers since you’ll need at least a few to answer unusual questions the chatbot can’t handle. However, you’re using technology to save you money on your bottom line, and it’s an easy way to expand your business model.

Automated Email Marketing Lists

You can also use automation as a business to market to potential or former customers. Imagine if you have someone who visits your website. You use an eCommerce business model. The customer buys something from you.

When they do that, you automatically add the email they gave you during the checkout process to your email marketing list. The customer can always opt-out of that list, but few of them bother to do it.

From that point forward, you can send them promotional emails whenever you’d like. You know they probably like your products or services because they bought something from you before.

You’re using automation to let a former customer know that you have a sale coming up or that you’re running a special promotion. Even if someone visited your site but didn’t convert, meaning they didn’t buy something, you can still use targeted marketing to show them ads for your products.

If they see those ads enough times during browsing sessions on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, they might convert this time. You’re using automated marketing strategies to make it more likely that you’ll get a sale, and you can do that without lifting a finger.

How does a Crypto Trading Bot Work?

In the cryptocurrency market, just like in traditional financial markets, bots – automated trading systems – are actively used. How they work, what are their pros and cons, and why you shouldn’t leave a bot unattended – this is what representatives of 3Commas automated crypto trading platform told us specifically.

People vs bots

According to Bloomberg, more than 80% of trades in traditional financial markets are made with the help of automated trading systems – trading robots or, simply put, bots. Traders set up bots, and they execute trades in accordance with the specified conditions.

Similar data is emerging in the cryptocurrency market. Automated trading eliminates the need to track the right moment for a deal, but also requires human attention.

Pros of trading bots:

No emotions

Traders, like all humans, may find it difficult to control their emotions. The bot follows a given strategy without panic or hesitation.

Saves time

With bots there is no need to constantly check the situation on the market – automatic programs do it on their own.

Fast decision-making

Bots can instantly react to market fluctuations and execute trades according to their settings. It is practically impossible for a human to place hundreds or thousands of orders in a second.

Bots do not sleep

Unlike the traditional stock market, the crypto market operates 24/7. This requires traders to be in front of the trading screen at all times. Using a bot doesn’t sacrifice sleep.

However, there is a significant “but”. Bots are able to relieve traders of many routine actions. However, you should not take them as an independent, passive source of income. Trading bots work solely on settings set by a trader. These settings require constant checking and, if necessary, adjustment.

Basic rules when trading with bots

Watch your bot.

To trade successfully using a bot, you need to control it. You should regularly check its activity: how well it operates in a particular market situation. Watch your trading pairs, analyze charts and check the news from the cryptocurrency world in order not to lose your investment.

Beware of fraudsters.

Never trust bots that promise you income after depositing cryptocurrency into their “smart contract. Real bots should only work through your account at a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. You must see all of your bot’s trades and bids. The bot cannot withdraw money from your account on its own. Permission to make transactions must always come from you – through your chosen trading strategy.

Best Bot for cryptocurrency trading

As the cryptocurrency market develops, there are more and more platforms that give you the opportunity to use trading bots. We have divided them into several types based on their key functions.


This bot track trends in the cryptocurrency market and make trades based on this information. Bots react to events and predict the movement of the asset’s value. Often, such bots provide an opportunity to set limits, upon reaching which the trade will be closed. It allows to fix profits and avoid large losses when the trend reverses. Access to the platform features depends on the plan.

  • Manual trading
    • Take Profit and Stop Loss
    • Smart Cover
  • Automated trading
    • Long&Short algorithms
  • Price Charts
  • Notifications
  • Marketplace
  • API Access

Alternative: Cryptohopper, TradeSanta.

Bottom line

Trading bots can save time, speed up trading activity, and help make profits. However, a bot should not be left unattended – it should be used consciously. Remember that the bot is not a trader. Only a person decides which strategy to use, as well as what and how to trade.