Top Launchers for your Android TV Box in 2022

The launchers that come by default in most Smart TV Boxes are pretty boring. Really! Ugly icons and pastel backgrounds that say nothing and give a very unattractive touch. Do you want to customize the interface of your Android TV to show the apps in a more elegant and colorful?

In this post, we take a look at the best launchers for your Android TV Box. Attentive, because it has no waste!

The 10 best launchers for your Android TV Box

I’ve been using TV boxes for about 5 years at home and office, and I’ve always had to change the launcher that came pre-installed on the device. And it is not an easy task, since there are not too many specific launchers for Android TV OS that are worthwhile.

However, there are still a few launchers in the Google Play Store that are really good and serve to significantly improve the user experience.

Square Home 3 by ChYK

My favorite launcher for Android TV. Whenever I change the TV box I install this launcher, since it is light years away from what most manufacturers offer us (especially if we have a cheap box).

It offers a fully customizable desk, with different sizes for icons, colors, shades, widgets, customizable wallpapers and more. The interface is Metro UI type, which is known to appear in the latest versions of Windows. Do not lose sight of it.

Load here:

ATV Launcher

Some TV Boxes do not allow changing the wallpaper. It is an important fact because if we install a traditional launcher designed for mobile phones on a TV Box with this type of blockade, it is quite a nuisance. We could not change the wallpaper and instead, we would have a black wallpaper. Luckily with ATV Launcher we can skip that restriction and put the wallpaper that we want.

In general, an excellent launcher for Android TV. It has a very intuitive interface and is a step ahead of the horrible launchers that come from the factory.

Simple TV Launcher

The right launcher for those who use 4 things and already. The desktop is capable of hosting a panel with 6 large buttons where we can assign the apps that we use the most. It is a fairly stable launcher and usually does not give many problems. It allows the use of animated wallpapers (as long as our TV box supports them and we have some stored in the internal memory).

It’s totally free, and like the previous 2 launchers that we just mentioned it does not contain any kind of ads.

Ugoos TV Launcher

A different launcher and with a really careful interface. It has some customization options, although some could be included for the user’s pleasure. One of its peculiarities is that it offers advanced support for air mouse and adaptive remote controllers.

An app that we should not lose sight of. Notice for boaters: attentive because it is not compatible with some models of Android TV box.

TvHome App

TvHome is a minimalistic launcher for Android TV that’s designed to provide you with the best TV experience. It replaces the stock launcher that ships with Android TVs. TvHome is all about your TV, put your apps and games on one page, and enjoy the customization options to show everything just the way you want it.

If you have a smart TV from Samsung or LG that runs either TizenOS or webOS, the layout of TvHome Launcher will be instantly familiar. Indeed, if you want to recreate the smart TV experience, TvHome is one of the best Android TV launchers you’ll find.

Download: TvHome Launcher (For Free)


This is a launcher designed to show and open apps that have not been specifically designed for Android TV. Normally in TV boxes and portable consoles with Android do not show the apps that otherwise could work if we load them in the background ( sideload ), something that we can solve with this launcher. It is one of the best launchers for your Android TV Box.

As for design, it is not my favorites, but it has many customization options for sizes, fonts, and colors. Oh! And it allows changing the wallpaper. Of course, it still has some edges to polish.

TV Launcher

Generic name launcher developed specifically for Android TV. The design is somewhat more static than Square Home and with fewer customization options, but it is presented as a clean and elegant desk. Although developed by an amateur developer offers some interesting results. If you are looking to renew the look of your TV Box it is well worth taking a look.

The only downside is that it has integrated ads that jump from time to time (something we can solve if we go to the premium version).

Sideload Launcher

Like HALauncher, this is a launcher to load all those apps that do not appear in the Home of our Android TV because they are not completely compatible. Mind you, that does not mean that they will work, but at least it allows us to test them and use them if they are operational. A very practical launcher if we have compatibility problems with any application. It is more stable than HALauncher – something to be expected considering that we are talking about an app developed by Chainfire.

Noblex Launcher

Application designed for TV Boxes of the Noblex brand. Even if we do not have an Android TV from this manufacturer, we can install it anyway. It is a launcher with a more than appropriate design, very similar to Square Home 3, but with fewer configuration options.

Perfect if all we want is a pretty launcher instantly, without having to worry about personalization.

Smart Launcher 5

It is a launcher that is designed for mobile but adapts quite well to the widescreen format of a TV. Presents 2 customizable desktops: one with the app drawer in a circular and another more traditional.

It has a really basic design that can come to our hair if we are looking for a minimalist environment without distractions.

Mega TV Launcher

A launcher whose particularity is a central window from which we can search on YouTube. The presentation is not bad, but the wallpaper is not customizable, and sadly it is quite shabby. Ouch.

On the other hand, the launcher has no configuration options, which makes it a rather rigid tool. However, it has a stable interface and we will hardly see crashes.

Find the Best Android TV box Launcher for Your Needs

In our opinion, there is not a single Android TV launcher app that stands out from the crowd. They are all targeted at different subsets of users. Consider questions like “how many apps do you use frequently” and “which features are most important” before you make your final decision.

What is RCP component and Why Is it on my Android Phone?

What Is RCP Components App on Android?

RCP components are an Eclipse-based system App that helps developers build and launch applications on a variety of devices. They help developers integrate independent software modules into their application without the user’s knowledge. The application can be launched on a variety of devices without a need for manual intervention. They are also designed to be portable to different operating systems. These components can be installed and removed without causing any harm to the device. The RCP component app is available in the play store and is completely safe to download and install. However, it can interfere with other apps on the phone and may cause damage.

Developers can easily remove RCP components from their applications by deleting the apps. This will not harm other applications that require these components, but it can also damage other applications. If you do not need any particular application, you can delete all the RCP components from it. These applications are portable and can launch on different devices. By deleting these applications, you’ll have more space on your device. If you’re worried about breaking other applications on your device, it’s easy to use the RCP components app to create a new application.

Android’s RCP components

Android’s RCP components are built into the operating system and enable developers to build applications. Because of their inherent power, they are crucial to the smooth functioning of the device. You can disable RCP components from your smartphone without worrying about security issues. If you’re unsure about which apps are using this technology, check out the developer’s website. The instructions for removing these components will help you remove them easily. If you’re unsure about whether these components are harmful, you should disable them instead.

RCP components make building applications much easier than developing them from scratch. You don’t need any tools to develop an application using them. They’re also portable to different operating systems, so you’ll be able to launch it on a variety of devices with a minimum of hassle. This means that your app will work on a variety of gadgets without the need for additional development. This makes rcp applications highly useful.

While RCP apps can be safely removed from the Google Play store, they’re not safe for the Android device. They can damage the device, so it’s best to keep them on the phone and uninstall them from time to time. They’re also not easy to remove from the Android Market. If you want to delete them completely, you may risk damaging the device. The RCP apps you need to remove are the ones that aren’t available on the Google Play store.

The RCP components app is an essential tool to have on your Android phone. It allows developers to easily integrate independent software components into their applications. The RCP component can be found in the application manager on Android devices. It’s a great tool for Android developers, and it’s a system app for developers. In fact, RCP components are a huge part of your development and are a vital part of a mobile app’s UI.

Most Expensive Android Apps In The world

If you are searching for the costliest application for your precious device, you are landed on the correct destination. We all know in the last few couples of years Android market has expanded at an enormous rate, no need to tell, why?

There are more than 2 million apps for the Android platform. 45% of them are free to use and the rest of the apps cost between $1 and $3 on average. There are a few apps on Play Store which are rarely installed by users. This is not because they are useless; the reason is their price tag. Also, you may find some of them nothing more than a crap.

Back in October 2015, Google set an upper limit for how much an app or a game could cost on Play Store. You won’t find anything over $400. However, it’s fun to see what people are charging that kind of money in exchange for what service. So here we introduce the 20 most expensive Android apps on Play Store.

20. Medical-Surgical Nursing – $48.95

This medical app describes over 200 usually encountered surgical disorders and procedures, focusing on treatment in which the nurse plays a key role. It is packed with all need-to-know information on common procedures like tube feeding, CPR and artificial airway management.

There are 7 flowcharts and 32 calculators for making clinical decisions. Also, patient teaching content is highlighted with a special icon for easy reading.

19. NAVIGON Europe – $59.99

The app turns your android device into a mobile navigation system – the maps are available for Europe only. There are no data transfer and roaming charges for route calculation and map display.

It consists of various important functions such as destination preview, active lane assistant, local search, reality view pro, speed assistant, text to speech announcement, 2d and 3d maps, destination entry with coordinates and much more.

18. Emergency Medicine Manual – $69

This handy manual is developed by Tintinalli’s emergency medicine to help you provide skillful and timely patient care. It focuses on clinical features, emergency management, and disposition, diagnosis, and differential.

All this information is available in a compact presentation with full-color design including photos, tables, and line drawings. The inclusion of complex topics such as Thromboembolism, Acute Urinary Retention, Low Probability ACS, Bowel Obstruction and Volvulus, makes it quite expensive.

17. Pocket Atlas of ER Ultrasound – $69.99

Pocket Atlas is an educational app that provides a quick and handy guide to all the body systems evaluated with ultrasound. It contains 443 images, including the actual ultrasound pictures, photographs showing where to place the ultrasound probe and explanatory anatomical drawings.

It also contains text details, including clinical consideration, anatomical consideration, and technique and normal ultrasound findings. Like other expensive medical apps, this one is also written by actual doctors.

16. Dr.Web Security Space Life – $75

Dr.Web is an antivirus app that protects your device from all types of malware. It performs a full system scan and real-time file system scan to detect new, hidden or unknown malware. You can move detected threats to the quarantine.

To avoid unwanted calls and SMS you can create your own filtering profile and edit blacklist. Moreover, the app claims that it minimally impacts system performance and economizes battery resources. Most of the antivirus apps have monthly/yearly subscription but, a flat $75 payment would actually save you money in long terms.

15. G-CORE Green Caddy Golf Korea – $89.99

A full-featured GPS golf range finder with graphical view. The app provides a guide to golfers who are playing for the first time in a new golf course in Korea. You can download up to 10 golf courses. It features target point, mark position, driving distance measurement, auto searching and more.

14. Dominate The Bar – $99

Dominate the bar is a study aid for the multi-state portion of the bar exam. It covers constitutional law, real property, contracts and sales, criminal procedure and torts. The app is packed with more than 900 carefully crafted flashcards that go through each subject in an organized and thoughtful manner.

13. Destinator 9 – Western Europe – $99.99

Destinator offers turn-by-turn navigation solution. It has a simple user interface, rich map content in 2d and 3d views, and a few innovative features such as TapNGo, StickyPOI, integrated weather, an online search powered by Google and robust voice-guided system.

12. 5-Minute Sports Medicine – $99.99

This app provides fast and to-the-point guidance on the treatment of injuries caused in sports in everyday practice. It includes around 280 treatment methods which are summarized well in 5-minute format to deliver fast or instant treatment.

It is written and edited by actual doctors, which is probably why it costs a bunch. The interface is highly optimized for the Android platform. The app is more suitable for nurse practitioners, physicians, athletic trainers, assistants, and orthopedists.

11. Mobile Accessibility US – $99

Mobile Accessibility US has been designed for blind and people having low vision. It helps them interact with their Android device in a simple way, more efficiently. The app focuses on a few main smartphone functions such as Contacts, Phone, Alarm, SMS, Email, Web, Calendar, GPS, Apps, and Settings which are manipulated in a special way.

Moreover, it has a speech recognition system for easy input and voice synthesis will read the text located under the finger. Unlike other apps, people actually buy this one and it has got 3.6 ratings on Play Store.

10. The Atlas of Internal Medicine – $129.99

The app is a mega-collection of over 2,000 high quality clinical, morphologic, radiological and laboratory pictures, which represent the signs of common disorders. It allows accurate and fast visual diagnosis of more than 200 internal medicine conditions. No internet connection is required to view the app. You can easily navigate while browsing the content and searching for topics.

9. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics – $143.99

The app-book is designed by MedHand Mobile Libraries to recognize, diagnose and manage genetic conditions more effectively. It is a complete set of medical calculator that includes peak expiratory flows, body mass index and dehydration correction calculator. It comes with a powerful search feature with a broader emphasis on imaging and molecular diagnoses.

8. Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery, 11th Ed – $180

Gynecological surgery is designed for surgeons to learn useful skills and sensitive techniques that help them minimize patient discomforts. The source of information is MedHand Mobile Libraries.

The app contains detailed information on Urogynaecology, Gynaecological surgery/oncology, and operations of other organs. It focuses on most commonly performed procedures with emphasis on evidence-based decision making and the use of laparoscopy in diagnostic and surgical procedures.

7. Most Expensive Android Widget – $199

A totally useful widget that costs a lot of money. Don’t accept any service from this app. It will sit your home screen displaying “Most Expensive Android Widget” so that people viewing your home screen know how wealthy you are.

6. Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus – $200

The application was designed during the FIFA World Cup 2010; no update since then. What does it do? Well, it helps you annoy anyone around you with the World Cup Horn. Just shake the device to begin horn and shake it again to stop it. You can also touch and hold the screen when your team scores to hear the announcer scream. That’s all.

5. Super Color Runner – $200

Super Color Runner is one of the most expensive games you can get on Google Play. It’s an endless runner game where you have four paths to run and switch among them to pick up energy pellets and batteries in order to stay alive.

Every second you either get closer to death or closer to prosperity and evolving to the next level of play. The graphical interface is very simple and it will run perfectly fine on low-cost phones. However, these features still do not justify the app’s price.

4. Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgery – US$249.99

Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgery is designed to teach how to perform the most common surgical procedure using safe and well-established methods. The app layout contains Content, Index, Search, Bookmark, and Notes menu.

It covers more than 230 procedures, including laparoscopic operations along with 1600 color highlights that help you grab every important action clearly. It is packed with all indications, preoperative preparation, position, incision and exposure, operative preparation, closure, and postoperative care.

3. I’m Rich$ – $384.99

The app does nothing other than wasting your money. Still, we have to include this in the list as it is available on Google play store. It is very much similar to all other “I’m rich”-type apps and all you get is a luxury diamond image.

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2. The Most Expensive App – $400

Yet another bizarre app that does nothing, except showing a diamond on your device display. The screenshot on the Play store doesn’t show the diamond instead, it displays a text “you’ll see a shiny diamond here”.

1. Abu Moo Collection – $400 each, $2400 total

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Developer Abu Moo has taken the term “expensive” to a whole new level. Instead of creating one “expensive app”, he uploaded a series of six applications on Play Store each with a price tag of $400.

These apps are simply the name of precious gems. Collecting all six would cost you about as much as a bike. What are the features of these apps? Nothing! They are just a widget that shows the gem on your home screen.