Subscription Billing Platforms

3 Technologies that Changed Business Forever

More and more, online businesses have embraced the use of subscription delivery services to sell their products online. Subscription commerce is the new trendy business model due to consistent cash flow, high customer retention, and larger customer lifetime value.

But it’s difficult to launch a subscription commerce business without a little help from your friends (in this case, online subscription billing software). Here are the top five online billing software programs to help get any subscription company, from start-up to enterprise, up and running today:

  1. Recurly: Subscription Billing and Recurring Billing Platform
  2. Nexway – eCommerce Solution‎
  3. Stripe Billing: manage subscriptions
  4. Cloud Billing Software for Subscription Commerce | Cerillion‎
  5. Rebilly: Empower Your Subscription Billing

What is Subscription Billing?

Subscription billing is the process of billing customers for their subscriptions, on a recurring basis. At its core subscription billing comes down to identifying:

  • Who needs to be billed
  • What subscriptions/products they need to be billed for
  • How much they should be billed
  • When they need to be billed
  • How to collect payments
  • How subscription data needs to be reported for analytics and accounting