Resources for U.S. SMBs (small-business owners)

Do you know McKinsey’s #1 tip for businesses willing to be up and running again?

“Take your business online.” It seems obvious, but many small business owners still hesitate to do it as they don’t believe it’s easy. One of our thankful clients told us “As a beginner entering this digital world, the online presence was a hard thing to achieve.” I want to tell all entrepreneurs: the market is already offering excellent solutions to small businesses. These are tools that anyone without coding and designing skills can use. And some of them are even free. Like Boxmode.

So, don’t be shy. Go online. Because all your competitors and customers are already there.
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Programs and support

“What resources are available to support my business during the COVID-19 crisis?”

Financial support and official informationReview official government resources and learn about loans, grants, donations, and other relief funding

Expense managementLearn about opportunities to reduce or defer costs, such as taxes, rent or mortgages, utilities, and insurance

Employee supportFind information on where to apply for unemployment relief, health coverage, and other resources to support employees

Pro bono and nonfinancial supportFind expert services at little or no cost, as well as local, industry and community support

Planning to reopen

“How can I get my business up and running again?”

Taking your business onlineFind tips on building a website, connecting with customers, and managing e-commerce

Considering reopeningReview considerations for thinking through what is best for your business, employees, and customers

Preparing to reopenExplore ideas for implementing official guidelines at your business

Back to business

“How might I think about the future of my business?”

Consumer sentimentExplore recent surveys for insights into consumers’ shopping preferences

Small-business sentimentFind insights into how other small-business owners and operators feel

Community mobility trendsReview aggregated mobility data and trends when thinking through decisions for your business

Ways to ask for supportSmall businesses and their communities are relying on each other more than ever. Here are some ways to ask for support