Replacement for MacDraw: All Solutions

Replacement for MacDraw: All Solutions

About MacDraw:

MacDraw was a vector graphic drawing application released along with the first Apple Macintosh systems in 1984. MacDraw was one of the first WYSIWYG drawing programs that could be used in collaboration with MacWrite. MacDraw was useful for drawing technical diagrams and floorplans. @Wikipedia

The Problem:

I have recently changed from an old 68k Mac to a G4. I have a lot of drawings (mainly building floor plans) that I did using MacDraw Pro that I want to display on my G4. I’ve copied the application across and it runs OK in Classic mode. However I’d prefer to use an OSX native version if possible. As MacDraw is no longer available, can anyone suggest a suitable alternative?

I know there are plenty of high-end drawing (and even CAD) programs out there, but what I’m after is something quite basic that I can use for drawing room layouts, floor plans, etc. (i.e. mostly circles, rectangles and lines). One of the features I like about Mac Draw is being able to set up the scaling on drawings e.g 5mm = 1m, and then use autosize lines to show the room dimensions on a drawing.
Does anyone know of a simple program that has these features? I’ve tried CAD programs like PowerDraw, but I prefer the simplicity of a drawing program.

Brian Beaven

Mac Draw and ClarisDraw Import

Apple Works:

Apple has dropped support for AppleWorks, a great classic application whose time has passed. Apple’s new proprietary workflow offering is the iWork suite. These Apps do not provide a drawing application. Many users migrating to iWork have found EazyDraw to be the perfect solution for their drawing needs. In response to this trend, EazyDraw now offers a full import of AppleWorks 6 drawings. Since the iWork applications and EazyDraw are founded on the Cocoa technology, EazyDraw works as a full fledged team player, finishing out the Dream Workflow of the future. More Info: AppleWorks Import .

Import the Classic Mac Drawing Files:

EazyDraw now supports full import of AppleWorks 6, Claris Draw, MacDrawII, MacDrawPro and PICT files. All vector information, patterns, colors, gradients, groups, layers and rotated object, are supported by the import.

Full support is provided for import and editing of PICT images and files. PICT content may be converted to EazyDraw vector graphics. The conversion conserves vector information, fully attributed text, as well as embedded bitmap images.

ClarisDraw Libraries:

ClarisDraw libraries are fully supported by EazyDraw. A ClarisDraw library is opened directly into EazyDraw. The Claris Library becomes an EazyDraw library with support for all the EazyDraw library modes: Name, Button, Element, with main menu access.


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