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The Best (Tech) Recruiting Conferences


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The Best Recruiting Conferences in the US and Canada

From Europe, let’s move to the US and Canada and see what recruitment conferences are worth your attention in 2023.

RecFest USA

Date: September 13-14
Location: Nashville, TN
Pricing: $199 ($99-149 for groups)

RecFest USA, a spin-off of the UK’s RecFest, is a two-day conference for Talent Acquisition (TA) specialists, Resourcing Leaders, and Hiring Managers. It will take place on the 13th and 14th of September 2023 at Bicentennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee. The event aims to create an interactive platform for professionals in the TA industry, with a focus on learning, networking, and showcasing leading talent technologies.

The event will host over 50 industry speakers, including Lars Schmidt, Torin Ellis, and Bill Boorman, among others. It will feature 30 exhibitors and expects to attract 1,000 attendees. It offers six themed stages covering various aspects of Talent Acquisition, catering to professionals working in remote, hybrid, or in-person TA teams.

Indeed FutureWorks

Date: September 20-21

Location: Atlanta, GA

Pricing: TBA / Early bird registration available

Indeed FutureWorks 2023 is an upcoming conference dedicated to talent leaders who are interested in shaping the future of work. The event, which is set to take place on September 20-21, offers both in-person and virtual attendance options, thereby extending its reach globally.

Topics of focus at the conference include interactive panel discussions, a deep dive into the realities of AI, and a chance to engage with Indeed solutions. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in unrivaled networking opportunities, find inspiration from celebrity keynote speakers and talent experts, and collaborate and share ideas at panel and roundtable discussions.

Silicon Valley TechRecruit Conference 2023

Date: October 25-26

Location: San Francisco, CA

Pricing: $875

TechRecruit Conferences are designed to educate Talent Acquisition professionals on Talent Technology Innovations across all industries. 

This is a rapid-learning event covering Talent Intelligence, Sourcing, Talent Pipeline Strategies, Recruitment Analytics & Metrics, Recruitment Program Management, Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding, Purchasing & Evaluating Talent Technologies, Automation, Leadership & Measuring Success.

Best European Talent Acquisition Conference

If you are based in Europe or are planning to arrive in autumn, you will find many recruitment events to attend. Here are events that are worth your attention.

HR Vision

Date: October 4-5
Location: London, UK
Price: Starts at €2,499

This upcoming HR Vision event will have various discussions on how digitalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning significantly affect recruitment and people management worldwide and how we can use technology to create a human-centric future of work. 

This is a two-day conference where you’ll connect and build relations with industry leaders and TA specialists worldwide.

Sourcing Summit Europe

Dates: October 12-13
Location: Amsterdam + Online
Pricing: €185-750

Sourcing Summit Europe is an event that brings sourcers from all corners of the globe to meet, discuss, network, learn and collaborate to make a difference. Speakers from different backgrounds will share their insights in presentations, workshops, and interactive discussion formats.

Speakers and participants will come from around the world, representing Oceania, Asia-pacific, EMEA, and the Americas. Sourcers from across the globe will unite in one common cause – how to adjust,  navigate and thrive in extraordinary times.


Date: October 17-18
Location: Paris
Pricing: From €1,995

UNLEASH World is an occasion to find the most recent hiring devices and applications that make an increasingly productive activity that purchasers and dealers enjoy. UNLEASH has championed HR excellence and disruption since 2011 and has developed into the industry standard driving progress in recruitment, learning, and human resources.

Tech Rec 2023

Date: November 26-28
Location: Berlin
Pricing: €1,295-3,249

Tech Rec 2023 is Europe’s knowledge exchange platform for all stakeholders who play an active role in finding, hiring, and retaining tech talents. 

The event brings together thought leaders and senior influencers from talent acquisition, sourcing, employer branding, candidate experience, and the recruitment scene physically and digitally to provide precise insights into the latest trends, developments, and technologies in software and tech recruiting.

TAtech Europe & The EMEA Job Board Forum 2023

Date: December 4-6
Location: London
Pricing: £600-1,200

TAtech Europe & The EMEA Job Board Forum is the only conference in the Europe-Middle East-Africa market, which is completely dedicated to the bottom-line success of job boards, aggregators, talent marketplaces, and programmatic platforms as well as the agencies and talent technology solutions that work with them.

This Forum is a B2B event that focuses on delivering the information, ideas, and innovations that will advance the market share and financial performance of online recruitment advertising and other talent acquisition technology businesses.

The Best (Tech) Recruitment Virtual-Only Conferences 

Use Tech & Data to Enhance the Employee Experience

Date: August 23

Location: Online

Pricing: $195

This online conference focuses on addressing employee fatigue and enhancing the work experience by leveraging data and analytics. Strategies and programs to improve the employee experience will be highlighted. Attendees will gain insights into using specific data points to better the employee experience, how to use pulse surveys and other methods to gather data, as well as discover technologies that support the employee experience.

The conference will run from 11 am to 3 pm Eastern Time Zone. It will also offer virtual networking opportunities and access to a digital resource center with keynote videos and slides. Attendees will have the chance to earn various professional development and recertification credits.

Talent Summit 2023

Date: September 20

Location: Virtual

Pricing: Free

Talent Summit 2023 is a virtual conference designed specifically for Talent Acquisition leaders. This event, scheduled for September 20, 2023, promises to inspire attendees and provide strategic insights while fostering a sense of community among talent professionals from around the globe.

The conference offers a platform for visionary leaders from diverse industries to share their strategies for leveraging data, evolving team dynamics, and crafting resonant talent brands that stand out amidst fierce competition. The aim is to foster innovative talent acquisition practices, making it possible to fill critical open positions efficiently and at scale.

Talent Success Conference 2023

Date: October 4

Location: Virtual

Pricing: Free

Talent Success Conference 2023 is a professional event designed to enhance talent management capabilities. With the participation of prominent HR experts, it aims to share industry trends, valuable insights, and innovative approaches for attracting and retaining exceptional talent across various businesses.

Participants can expect to leave the conference equipped with new tools, strategies, and insights that can be immediately applied to their talent management practices. For future reference and continued learning, on-demand access to TSC recordings will also be provided.

HR & Staffing Conferences that Might Be Interesting for Recruiters

CWS Summit North America

Date: September 18-19

Location: Dallas, TX

Pricing: $960 for CWS Council Members and $1,145 for non-members

The CWS Summit is an interactive conference aimed at HR, procurement, and workforce solutions management professionals. The event seeks to address key issues in managing today’s contingent workforce across five tracks: Talent Engagement & Management, Technology Solutions, Program Operations & Strategy, Research, Risk, & Compliance, and Ideas in Action.

Workday Rising

Date: September 26-29

Location: San Francisco, CA

Pricing: $299-2,195 (Free Digital Pass is available!)

Workday Rising, scheduled for September 26–29, 2023, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, offers attendees both in-person and digital experiences to explore the latest in AI and machine learning (ML) in the workplace.

Promising to deliver an immersive, hands-on experience, this four-day event provides over 400 actionable, thought-provoking sessions aimed at different organizational roles and industries, with more than 150 exhibitors. Key speakers include Workday’s Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Aneel Bhusri and Carl Eschenbach, and Co-President Sayan Chakraborty, with more to be announced.

The event emphasizes the benefits of networking, learning, and interaction with other Workday customers and teams, bringing together a global community with a focus on leading the future of work.

Western Cities HR Conference

Date: October 4-6

Location: Edmonton, AB

Pricing: CA$1,099

Western Cities HR Conference is an event focusing on public sector human resource professionals. The event, which includes after-hours activities and a gala, has a rich history of over six decades, beginning as an informal meeting of Compensation and Labour Relations professionals before evolving into a full-fledged conference.

The conference provides opportunities for participants to interact with their industry peers, broaden their knowledge through expert-led breakout sessions, and gain insights from keynote speeches and panel discussions led by industry leaders.

HR Technology Conference

Date: October 10-13

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Pricing: $595-2,495 (The Early Bird discounts are available)

The HR Technology Conference, happening from October 10 – 13, 2023 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, is the world’s largest and most dedicated event to HR innovation. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and connect with HR and IT leaders from across the globe and learn about the latest trends, tools, and insights to advance their HR strategies.

This event boasts an impressive lineup of over 300 powerhouse speakers and 125 impactful sessions. In addition, there will be more than 400 world-class exhibitors presenting their solutions. Expected to draw over 10,000 engaged attendees, the conference offers an unparalleled platform for premier networking and learning.

Past Tech Recruitment Conferences 2023

We decided to keep these here so you can explore them and keep them in mind for the next year.


Date: March 22-23

Location: Budapest + Virtual

Pricing: In-Person – €126-230; Online – €101-118

This conference will cover the topics of recruitment automation and recruitment dashboards, candidate experience, candidate persuasion in recruitment, sourcing, etc. This year, recruiTECH will take place in a hybrid format on two consecutive mornings.

RecBuzz Conference

Dates: April 20-21

Location: Berlin

Pricing: €1,299-1,598

RecBuzz is a conference focused on recruitment marketplaces. The AIM Group, a consultancy and business intelligence company for recruitment marketplaces, organizes it. 

RecBuzz covers the most important topics for recruitment marketplaces, including recruitment analytics, programmatic advertising, applicant tracking systems, interview technology, etc. The keynote topics will be covered on three tracks. Also, there will be networking sessions as well.


Date: June 15

Location: Barcelona

Pricing: TBA

This conference will cover the hottest topics in Talent Acquisition. End to end. Learn and be inspired by the best Talent Acquisition professionals.

Global IT HR & Recruitment Forum

Date: July 3, July 6

Location: Warsaw + Virtual

Pricing (1 day): 99-150 EUR (the Early Bird price is 99 EUR for in-person attendance and 59 EUR for online)

The 15+ top-level HR Speakers from all over the world will join the Global HR & Recruitment Forum in Warsaw on the 3rd of July and 6th of July to discuss solutions to many domains’ burning topics. Sourcing, candidate experience, AI, candidate outreach, mental health, and stakeholder communication — we’ll try to find solutions to these and many more disturbing questions. 

It’s the only specialized Forum in Eastern Europe with the main focus on the IT & Tech field.

You’ll also get a chance to network with 150 + highly motivated IT HR & Recruiters experts and put your knowledge into practice through workshops from top-level professionals.


Date: June 28-29

Location: Munich + Virtual

Pricing: TBA

More than 50 program highlights await you on the stages and arenas, the MeetUp as well as the new Master Classes of the TALENTpro – which will be revealed to you at a later date.

But also away from the big stages, highlight after highlight follows. In 2023 will continue the successful Deep Dives for the hotel industry and the public sector and inspire you with much more exciting formats.


Date: July 6 / September 13-14

Location: Knebworth Park (UK) / Bicentennial Park (USA)

Pricing: £199- £500 (UK) / TBA (USA)

July 6th, RecFest returns once again to Knebworth’s hallowed fields for another day of festival vibes, TA learns, and the industry’s most legendary after-party. RecFest 2023 will be bigger than ever, with over 100 sector-leading speakers covering 10 stages, and 70+ awesome activation sites.

SourceCon Spring

Date: April 12-13

Location: Dallas + Virtual

Pricing: In-Person – $1,499; Online – $499 (Early bird prices available as well)

Hear from expert sourcers and top talent acquisition professionals eager to share their most successful strategies. Through hands-on training sessions, community discussions, and peer networking, you’ll discover a range of new sourcing tools and techniques to help you become a more effective sourcer — all while building long-lasting connections with fellow colleagues.

WorkHuman Live

Date: April 17-20
Location: San Diego
Pricing: From $895

WorkHuman Live is an event for recruiters seeking fresh ideas and wanting to participate in great, productive discussions. 

This conference doesn’t follow the traditional system with boards, exchanges, and book signings. Instead, it focuses on seeing the impact of appreciation and human rights in a workplace setting.

ERE Recruiting Conference

Date: May 22-24
Location: San Diego + Virtual
Pricing:  In-Person – $1,499; Online – $499 (Early bird prices available as well)

The ERE Recruiting Conference is the only in-person practitioner-led recruiting event that provides actionable insights for talent acquisition professionals, by talent acquisition professionals. Discover practical ideas, best practices, and case study solutions from leaders who share your toughest recruiting challenges — and have experience overcoming them.

2023 Virtual Conference: Create a Culture of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Date: April 19
Location: Virtual
Pricing: $195

Attend this conference to learn how to:

  • Build a framework for a coaching culture that addresses diversity and inclusion
  • Develop hiring strategies that focus on engaging underrepresented candidates
  • Utilize data and key metrics to plan future steps and measure success.

Talent Acquisition Week 

Date: July 17-21
Location: Virtual
Pricing: TBA

Talent Acquisition Week brings sourcing, recruiting, and employer branding strategies together to provide you with the most comprehensive learning experience in the industry. Join this unique virtual experience to power your talent acquisition strategy. 

Talent Summit

Date: March 9
Location: Dublin
Pricing: €495

Founded by Sigmar Recruitment, Talent Summit has grown to become one of the largest HR & Leadership conferences in Europe, showcasing the latest thinking on talent topics from around the world. Its mission is to enhance the human experience of work as work continues to change.

Future of HR Forum

Date: March 22-23
Location: London
Pricing: £199- £999 

The Future of HR Forum was created to bridge the gap between HR tech and HR strategy. Our mission is to bring together senior HR leaders from across various industries to discuss emerging tech, evolving employee expectations, and the new world of work.

HR Technologies UK

Date: May 3-4
Location: London
Pricing: FREE

HR Technologies UK will bring together the UK’s HR and recruitment community to discuss, deliberate, and deliver the future of HR fuelled by tech. Co-located with Learning Technologies, Europe’s leading showcase of organizational learning and the technology used to support learning at work, that welcomes over 9,000 attendees from 50 different countries, 200 unmissable seminars, and over 200 exhibitors.

Wrapping up: What (Tech) Recruiting Conference to Attend?

2023 will give sources and recruiters across the world many opportunities to grow their skills and stay up to date with the current industry trends.

If you are located in Europe or have a planned business trip, you could attend some of the best conferences that are coming back this year. The most event-intensive European hubs are Amsterdam (TRC 2023, SOSU Europe), Berlin (Tech Rec 2023, RecBuzz Conference), and London (HR Technologies, HR Vision). Pricing varies from hundreds to thousands of euros depending on the specific conference and the chosen package. Some events may be quite costly because of additional options you don’t need (hotel, transfer, etc.) That is why we suggest you carefully look through the keynote speaker list and agendas to choose the most valuable event for you.

For those who can’t attend the specific event in person, many conferences have the option of virtual attendance. TRC 2023 Amsterdam, SourceCon (San Diego), SOSU Europe (Amsterdam) are examples of hybrid events. You can have the same experience as online attendees by attending these events, but you’ll be located wherever you want.

Also, there are a lot of events for the HR and the staffing community that may be relevant for recruiters, such as the Future of HR Forum, Talent Summit, HR Technologies, and others. So, if you want to dive into these fields and expand your network even further, you have a great choice of events, from in-person to hybrid and virtual.

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