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Everything You Need to Know About the Project Management Professional Training Course Offered by KnowledgeHut



Everything You Need to Know About the Project Management Professional Training Course Offered by KnowledgeHut

These days it’s very to have a job that not only pays you well but also keeps you engaged. A profession is something that you have to do your entire life so if you’ve decided to be project management then take the project management training course by KnowledgeHut now. KnowledgeHut provides the best PMP Certification Training to people who enroll themselves in this course. There are plenty of benefits that it offers related to learning, exam support, and career support as well.

The training course is so designed to help you excel in your PMP® exam on the very first attempt and a 100% money-back guarantee is also provided if you choose to leave the course mid-way although there are certain terms and conditions for that. By having a certification you’ll join millions of project management professionals from across the world and become a member of a large community of PMPs. The course ensures that you not only pass the examination receive the certification but also know how to handle real-world projects by providing the benefit of experiential learning workshops. The comprehensive training course provides an immersive learning experience that follows the curriculum of the latest PMP® exam content outline 20221. Rest assured that you’d receive top training because KnowledgeHut is a Premier Authorized Training Partner of PMI.

The PMP® Certification is one of the most popular certifications in the project management field. The course offered by KnowledgeHut teaches you complex project management topics that have been tested on the PMP® exam 2021 so that gain confidence and understanding of all the concepts. The course prepares you not only for the exam but also for the real world. There are PMP simulation exams and 2000 PMP practice questions to train you in this course. The training would prepare you with expert-level skills to design, organize, execute and drive project success in an industry no matter how big or complex the project might be. 

After completing the course, you’ll be successfully able to manage challenging projects and deliver them efficiently within a given timeframe. Since the exam pattern changed to meet the latest trends of the market, the curriculum has also been updated. Now it has three new domains of People, Process, and Business Environment. Spanning the value delivery spectrum, which includes predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches have been included as well. The PMP course is aligned with the 7th edition of the PMBOK Guide. 

Key Benefits of the Project Management Professional Training Course that is Provided by KnowledgeHut

  • After the completion of the course, you’ll earn up to 35 PDUs and 24 PDUs which would be highly beneficial to you in the long run
  • There will be live instructor-led sessions to clear all your doubts and provide you an insightful training so that you have a deep understanding of the core concepts of project management.
  • Study plans to study for PMP exams are also provided by experts and you can either opt for the 30-day plan or the 60-day plan based on your time preference and how much knowledge and understanding you have and need to prepare with before you give the exam
  • For practice, there will be 5 mock tests, 2250 practice questions, and 5 simulation exams. KnowledgeHut understands that practice is very essential to strengthen our skills and therefore provides an extensive range of opportunities to a student for practicing and learning.
  • There will be plenty of experiential high-energy workshops with hands-on learning which will prepare you for the real world. These workshops would include activities, practical case studies, and team-based exercises. 
  • Besides all the training offered to teach the candidate, exam preparation support is provided as well as webinars, e-books, articles and interview questions. There are doubts clearing sessions by experts from to time as well. Support also includes PMI registration, membership, review, and submission of PMP exam applications.
  • You’ll earn aces to unlimited batches with the Exclusive Grand Pass for 180 days. In this pass, you’ll gain the advantage of getting a Free Refresher course.
  • If any support is required at any step enrolling in the training to attaining a PMP certification, KnowledgeHut got your back.
  • Exclusive post-training sessions are provided as well to help you settle in your career and face any sort of new challenge in your job. Mentor guidance from an expert would be provided to you to help you advance your project management skills. 

Reasons to Take the Project Management Professional Training Course

Project management professional has recently become the most trending job in the market and not only in the tech industry but in every industry that exists. That is because the work of a project manager is very important and is required in almost every field especially because of the advancing society. There are plenty of job roles for people in the project management field. There is a high demand for PMPs in the market and by 2027; 88 million individuals would be required to work in this field. If you attain the PMP certification you can easily acquire a high-paying job in manufacturing, healthcare, IT, finance, and other industries. There are over 1 million PMP certification holders in the world and the median salary of certified PMP professionals is about 25% higher than non-certified ones. Therefore, get the PMP certification by excelling in the exam through the world-class training provided by KnowledgeHut and become the next best PMP®.

PMP certification

KnowledgeHut provides you the opportunity to grow and build your skills. It provides you with not only knowledge but the experience of real world. It prepares you for the exam and supports you till you attain the certification and even after that to help you settle in your job and face challenges. Get the PMP certification now and capitalize on the high demand across industries across the world. Once you attain the certification you can validate your expertise as a project manager anywhere in the world and get recruited in the topmost companies that provide high-paying jobs. 

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