Optinly vs QuickPop vs Popupsmart: Big Compare 2023

Various popup creation tools have been appearing on AppSumo in the last couple of months. 

While all of them have the same basic idea, there is some interesting creative variety between them.

So, we decided to compare the top three choices in a few key categories. Our top three picks are; OptinlyQuickPop, and Popupsmart.


  • Popupsmart
    Offers 48 very modern-looking templates in a variety of colors and styles. All of them are fully conversion-optimized.
  • QuickPop
    It doesn’t have templates, but a specialized design tool that can be used after the desired content is added.
  • 🏆Optinly
    Comes with an extensive library of over 75 ready-made templates. All of them are high quality and professional. There is enough style variety to fit pretty much everyone. Probably the best one in this category.


  • Popupsmart: 
    This tool is integrated with 8+ email newsletter providers, including MailChimp. Other important integrations include Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, WP, and WooCommerce.
  • QuickPop: 
    Integrates with both HubSpot and MailChimp, as well as some smaller services.
  • 🏆Optinly:
    Integrated with some of the best email marketing providers like; MailChimp, Sendinblue, ConstantContact, and quite a few others.

Customization and Ease-Of-Use:

  • Popupsmart:
    Type in your campaign’s goal, and you’ll get a set of templates suitable for the job. In step two, you can add text, change the color, background image, text alignment, etc. In step three, choose who you want to target and publish. It’s effortless to use in general terms. However, this tool doesn’t feature a drag-and-drop editor.
  • QuickPop:
    Probably the most complicated out of the three. There are three main steps, content, design, and settings. Most of what you’re doing can be previewed, and the process is a lot like customizing a WP theme. Once again, not a drag-and-drop.
  • 🏆 Optinly
    In essence, the creation process is much the same as with the previous plugins. Only you choose the goal of your campaign and template first. Once in the editor, just use the simple drag-and-drop system to change it any way you like.

Standout Feature:

  • 🏆 Popupsmart: 
    Over 26 audience targeting options including; geo-location, URL browsing, HTML, After Scroll, etc.
  • QuickPop:
    Excellent tech support and the ability to create animated popups very easily.
  • Optinly:
    A fantastic analytics tool that includes all of the crucial metrics like conversions, total click number, total and specialized open rate, page view, etc.


  • Popupsmart
    Comes at the price of $49/y on AppSumo.
  • 🏆 QuickPop:
    The cheapest one of the bunch with a price tag of only 7$ for an LTD.
  • Optinly:
    The only one with three different pricing plans. This tool is going to cost you either $49, $98, or $147, depending on how many sites you own. 


Which one gets the win? In our opinion, the tool to go for is Optinly

It comes with a drag & drop editor which is important when working on the popups.Optinly comes with the largest set of templates as well, and it’s definitely worth noting the price – although not as low as QuickPop, you can still get it for a lifetime for only $49!

In reality, all of the features are very similar, and you won’t really notice there are fewer templates or the lack of a drag-and-drop editor because this one is just as easy to work with.

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