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How New Technology has Made Bingo Game Popular



Any player of the esteemed game of Bingo, whether in its physical or virtual variants, plays to win. This, of course, means that there are plenty of strategies and tactics one can use to achieve victory on the table. Thankfully, Bingo is not a difficult game – and so there are plenty of these tactics to use should one wish to increase financial rewards.

Bingo might have died down since its heyday in the 1960s, when over 14 million people played it in the UK. But make no mistake, the advent of online bingo is turning things around. With technological advancements, online gaming started gaining popularity. And with digital payments becoming the norm rather than the exception, it has become easier than ever to play it. It is estimated to be a £270 million market annually today. 

Online bingo also offers big prizes, drawing people from all over to try their luck at this easy game. Because it can be played in the convenience of the house or while on the move, it is far more accessible than before. There are an increasing number of online bingo sites around today, like Jackpotjoy, for example, which give options to players.

Why bingo was popular earlier

But make no mistake, it is not just online bingo that is succeeding. Along with it, the bingo of earlier times is also seeing a revival. Online bingo has introduced the game to a lot of people. It was earlier seen as restricted to the elderly, who would socialise over the game at their local clubs, community centres and churches. It also had health benefits, keeping the mind sharp and helping them stay physically active. Alternatively, it was a female preserve. During the war years, women took to bingo to relieve themselves of their difficulties and to find solidarity in the community. Even now, a majority of bingo players are women. 

Getting inclusive

But with online bingo, the game has acquired an inclusive flair. Like with Drag Bingo in the US. As the name suggests, it is hosted by a drag queen, who reads the numbers and entertains the audience. This of course brings in people who would otherwise might not be associated as the traditional bingo players. Further, the average of a player has dropped to 53 years from 58 years earlier. The percentage of women playing bingo has also dropped from 90% earlier to 70% now. 

How New Technology has Made Bingo Game Popular

Additional entertainment option

With rising incomes around the world, there is also more opportunity to afford leisure. People are now seeking out various forms of entertainment, and bingo is one of them again. It offers a sense of nostalgia to younger generations, since they might have played it with grandparents. Since it is no longer seen as an activity for older people, it is being taken up by bars, clubs and even workplaces. Even otherwise, in the UK alone, there are around 350 active bingo halls. 

There are breaks between rounds of bingo, which let players socialise with each other. This can be a great way to make new friends and bond over a common interest. Bingo events are also organized to raise funding for charitable causes. Not only do people come together to support a common cause, but they can also socialise over it. 

Charity bingos can work in various ways. The fee for bingo goes towards the charitable causes. The prizes are typically not big cash prizes but donations or gift certificates from local businesses. Charities can also seek out corporate sponsorship, who provide prizes and also help gain visibility for the causes. In fact, charities were one reason why bingo became popular among women back in the day, when they raised funding for the likes of Red Cross. 

More Varieties

There are also newer variations to bingo games, that are making it more exciting and popular. Some of them are:

  1. 75-Ball Bingo: A popular variation in the US, it looks like a traditional bingo card with a 5×5 grid. It is played with 75 balls, where players match their numbers with those called out. 
  2. 90-Ball Bingo: In the UK, this is a common bingo type, played with 90 balls. Here each bingo card has 15 numbers arranged in a 3×5 grid. Players can win by matching one line, two lines, or a full house.
  3. Speed Bingo: For a more thrilling version of bingo, Speed Bingo is it. It is played with fewer numbers and a shorter time limit, making it much faster
  4. Progressive Jackpot Bingo: This type of bingo sees an increase in prize money the longer it takes for someone to win. The winner is the person who completes a full house wins. 
  5. Themed Bingo: Spicing up bingo, this variation is can be based on music, movies, or sports. The game could have special rules reflecting the theme, making it even more entertaining. 

Go bingo!

Over time, it is quite likely that bingo will continue to evolve. Already, it has come a long way since the time it was first popular decades ago. Meant to keep the elderly alert and social, and popular with women, it is now being adopted by younger people. The popularity of online bingo driven by better technology, payment systems and convenience, has revived actual bingo too. But with a twist. The variations and themes are changing it, while keeping the original character. 

Is bingo a technically complex game?

No, bingo is not a technically game. It is a game of luck that requires only a small amount of knowledge and skill. The basic mechanics of the game are to mark the numbers that are called on your playing card and hope to win if you manage to complete a certain row or combination.

However, bingo can have its own peculiarities depending on the rules used in a particular game. For example, there may be additional rules about which combinations are winning, or which numbers are called from which ball. Therefore, before you start playing bingo, you should carefully read the rules to avoid any misunderstandings and misunderstandings.

How New Technology has Made Bingo Game Popular


Bingo may be an art, but you should remember that it’s designed to let you, the player, blow off steam! The act of surrendering to the wheels of Fortune is itself addictive, and while these ideas may help you maximize your gains, they shouldn’t take away from the greatest reward of Bingo: entertainment.

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