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Unlock the Magic of Reading: A List Of Children’s Books On Z library That Your Kids Will Love



Step into the enchanting world of children’s literature with Z library! Fuel your child’s imagination and foster a love for reading with our handpicked collection of top children’s books. The website offers various novels that enthrall your children, ranging from gripping stories of adventure to touching stories of friendship. Classics that have stood the test of time, current blockbusters, and books by eminent authors that have won awards are all part of our meticulously selected collection. Unlock the Magic of Reading: A List Of Children's Books On Z library That Your Kids Will Love

These books will capture young readers and cultivate a lifetime love of reading due to their lively visuals and compelling content. Whether your child is a timid reader or a blossoming bookworm, our assortment has plenty for them. Unlock the door to imagination and embark on an unforgettable literary journey with Z library‘s top children’s books. Start creating lifelong memories today!

  1. Big Shot

Author: Jeff Kinney

Genre: Middle Grade, Graphic Novels, Humor, Children, Sports, Juvenile

After a horrible school athletic contest, Greg calls it quits on his sports career. He grudgingly decides to join up for basketball, though, when his mother implores him to give athletics another try. Greg is confident he will unlikely make the final list since the auditions are shambling. But he unintentionally gets assigned to the weakest team. Greg and his new friends have difficulty defeating even one game as the season progresses. However, anything may happen in athletics. Will Greg perform well when the game is on the line and the ball is in his hands? Will he miss his chance, or what?

  1. Illuminations

Author: T. Kingfisher

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Magic, Childrens, Science Fiction Fantasy, Family

Rosa Mandolini knows her immediate family members are the city’s top illustrators of enchanted scenes. However, the bizarre Studio Mandolini is struggling, and tomorrow is no longer guaranteed. Rosa finds a weird magical box guarded by an embossed crow while attempting to assist her family. The Scarling, a violent monster out to eradicate the Mandolini family at any cost, is accidentally released when she unlocks the box. It’s up to Rosa to oust the Scarling before it destroys the enigmatic pictures that keep the city functioning and, perhaps, saves her family in the meanwhile, with the help of her previous closest companion and an enchanted crow named Payne.

  1. Dust

Author: Dusti Bowling

Genre: Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Abuse, Social Issues

Her parents relocated Avalyn to Pure Canyon City, Arizona, where the air is pure and humid after she nearly passed away from an asthma episode. She has been able to take deep breaths for the past ten years. Until Adam arrived, that is. Adam is an immediate victim of the bullies who have tormented Avalyn and her friends because he is reserved and disheveled. As Avalyn comes to know him, she starts to suspect his feelings could be responsible for the town’s unexpected, odd surge in sandstorms. When enormous black walls of dust begin to roll in after school, she fears that his issues may be much worse there. Will she be able to defend her new companion somehow? 

  1. Skandar and the Phantom Rider

Author: A.F. Steadman

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Magic, Adventure, Children, Unicorns, Action

Skandar Smith has fulfilled his lifelong goal of becoming a unicorn rider. However, a new danger materializes when Skandar and his buddies begin their second year in the Eyrie. A prophecy foretells grave peril, ageless wild unicorns are being mysteriously slaughtered, and elemental disaster is starting to wreak havoc on the Island. Kenna, Skandar’s sister, yearns to be with him, and Skandar is willing to do whatever it takes to support her. Can Skandar figure out how to prevent the Island from ripping itself apart before it’s too late for them all as the hurricane approaches? 

  1. Two Tribes

Author: Emily Bowen Cohen

Genre: Graphic Novels, Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Jewish, Juvenile, Children, Family

Emily Bowen Cohen celebrates the variety, purpose, and intense love of being a member of two thriving tribes in her moving debut graphic novel, which was motivated by her life. Mia remains to be adjusted to her new home life with her mother and stepfather and their Jewish heritage’s additional significance. Mia discovers herself increasingly wondering about her Muscogee father, who resides in Oklahoma with his new family, as she feels out of place at home and at her Jewish day school. Even though her mom is reluctant to speak about him, Mia can’t help but feel incomplete without him. Mia soon devises an idea to use the presents she received as a bat mitzvah gift to board a bus bound for Oklahoma without warning her mother to meet her father and establish a link to her Muscogee heritage, which she recognizes as significant to her Jewish heritage. 

  1. Matilda

Author: Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake

Genre: Children’s, Fiction, Middle Grade, Humor, Magic, School

Matilda is an adorable kid who is almost too sweet to be genuine. At age 5, she can read classic novels and solve double-digit mathematical problems. Even more impressive, her students like her despite her being an extreme geek and the teacher’s favorite. But in Matilda’s world, only some things are ideal. She possesses a pair of the most ignorant, selfish parents that have ever lived, to begin with. Miss Trunchbull, a former hammer-throwing winner who throws kids at her will and has about as much compassion as a bulldozer, is a vast, chaotic horror of a school administrator. Luckily for Matilda, she possesses the inner strength to handle such annoyances: astounding intellect, angelic endurance, and an instinct for retaliation.

  1. The Cat in the Hat

Author: Dr. Seuss

Genre: Children’s, Picture Books, Classics, Poetry, Animals, Kids, Cats

When this well-known tale presents readers to the Cat in the Hat and his mischief-making buddies, Thing 1 and Thing 2, remember to include Fish! — a dull day becomes a crazy escapade. This tale, a favorite of children, parents, and educators, encourages and enchants young readers with its straightforward language and easy rhyming.


Z library, the treasure trove of knowledge, is here to unlock the magic of reading for your kids. From enchanting tales of mythical creatures and daring adventures to heartwarming stories of friendship and self-discovery, Z library boasts a vast collection of children’s books that cater to every little reader’s taste. With a few simple clicks, you can access these literary gems and set sail on a literary adventure with your little ones. The joy of reading awaits you at Z library, where countless stories await discovery.

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