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Internet project of an Entrepreneur



Over the years of consulting in Internet marketing, I have an interesting quality. I began to determine the future of an entrepreneur’s Internet project with fairly high accuracy.

Imagine, I personally consulted hundreds of site owners over 10 years. I remember almost everyone and still follow some.

I have developed critical thinking. On my way, almost every entrepreneur excitedly talks about his project. Sometimes it even speaks very correctly. But managerial experience makes it possible to evaluate business by additional criteria.

And now you listen to the entrepreneur and make your own assumptions. Will win or not with this approach and my observations.

Every year more and more coincidences. Every year more and more often I speak my doubts right in the eye. Often not a plus to myself. But I’m telling the truth.

Although there are exceptions: When you were very surprised at the rapid growth.

Stages of Successful Business

There are two stages when a business owner can understand whether his online project will be successful:

The first stage in the communication phase:

  • What is his business category
  • Attitude to the product (by the product we mean everything, not just the site)
  • What is his real expertise
  • What is the share of the marketer in him and what experience did he have
  • How does a person relate to investments and generally to money
  • How soberly assesses the situation, goals, risks and its willingness to take risks
  • Willingness to deepen in new knowledge or to assemble a competent team
  • Tolerance and ability to transfer knowledge to others
  • How well does he manage to assemble teams and effective working groups

The second stage at the stage of starting work:

  • Quality of communication
  • Self-discipline and the ability to discipline everyone around
  • From discipline and speed of implementation of important matters
  • Loyalty to the smart, not loyalty to loved ones
  • The speed of his own development

Then additional factors are connected. There are many of them and all can not be counted.

The most important competencies for an entrepreneur

I calmly relate to burning eyes, motivational speeches, or “now we will change the world.”

That’s what everyone says. Especially in the first 2 months. Cool when they tell you this in a year with good results.

The reason for the lack of many qualities is the nature of the person or defocus.

In the long run, the ability to create a team and management that possesses these skills decides. Or you have to do everything yourself on and on.

Good and indispensable experience! Sometimes it saves your time and money.