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5 Highest Paid Industries for Graphic Designers

Careers in graphic design are generally considered to be rewarding only because it lets you embrace your creative side. It’s time to break-free from the shackles of this line of thought.



Careers in graphic design are generally considered to be rewarding only because it lets you embrace your creative side. It’s time to break free from the shackles of this line of thought. Graphic design is not just rewarding because it is creative. There’s a huge demand for designers and some graphic design career options are very rewarding in terms of remuneration too. 

So, if you’re a budding graphic designer or an employed designer looking to land a well-paying job, then consider these high-paying industries for graphic designers. 

Web Design:

Web designers are in demand around the world. While it is true that web designers do need some basic front end coding literacy, their graphic design skills are still key to making exceptional web pages and websites. Besides, trends do keep changing. Graphic designers who go into web design earn the highest salaries as compared to other graphic design career options. However, the high pay also comes with responsibilities, higher work pressure and shorter turnaround times. 

Web designers are a crucial factor in the success of a website. How much you can earn as a web designer will depend on where in the world you are employed, how much experience you have and what web design skills and coding languages you are proficient in. Web designers who also have a comprehension of user experience design are bound to earn considerably more. In addition to graphic design, some skills you need to become a well paid web designer include HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Adobe XD and Mockup design. 

UX Design:

It is common and rather unfortunate that user interface design and user experience design are used interchangeably in the information technology industry. While UI design deals with designing the actual interface that users will operate on, UX design is the process of ensuring the user has a pleasant time while using the UI. In recent years, the importance of good UX design and implementation of UX processes has come to light. Studies have shown that UX design boosts usability, increases conversion, increases user satisfaction and more.

The UX process is a more holistic process from start to end when compared to UI design. Therefore, graphic designers who are looking to get into UX design will require better people skills, communication skills, analytical skills and presentation skills. If you consider yourself a graphic designer with these UX skills, you can get paid handsomely at organizations that implement UX into their development process. 

iGaming Design:

The online casino gaming market, which is also known as the iGaming market, is booming to say the least. The online gambling market was worth nearly $58,960 million in 2019 and is projected to exceed $90,000 million in 2023 with an estimated compound annual growth rate of 12%. With many states and countries around the world following the trend and legalizing online gambling, the industry is set to reach massive heights in the near future. 

With thousands of online casinos, online casino games and even online sportsbooks vying for market share, experienced and creative graphic designers are desperately required. If you have a knack for designing games with incredible themes and animations, slot design could be the perfect, high paying niche. For those who are not already familiar with slot games, there are numerous resources that will allow you to play around and get a feel for how they work and what is needed from a design perspective.

The need for creative slots that deliver the wow factor through stunning visuals and designs is on the rise. The days of classic slot games with simple and minimal designs are quickly drawing to an end, slots with 3D looks, complex characters, engaging themes and realistic visual imagery are on the rise and they cannot be produced fast enough to meet the demands. Jump on this money train and your journey is sure to yield good fortune.  


There is no limit to how much graphic designers who are also good at self management and client communications can earn. If you don’t have to rely on the framework of an organized company in order to acquire projects and deal with clients, then you should seriously consider freelancing. The freedom of freelancing is the best part of it, but the pay can be surprisingly healthy as well. Be your own boss, work while travelling, take projects when you want to and take days off as you like. When you free-lance, you can work as per your rules and requirements. Want to make more money? Well, you are in control, you can buckle up and step on the gas at any time to bring in the dollars. 

Creative Direction:

Albeit you need a considerable amount of experience and also staunch leadership skills, being a Creative Director is no chump change. If you have the foresight to envision brand image and scope, this could be the right role for you and your wallet will be happy too. Consider yourself as someone with good leadership, interpersonal and communication skills? Start looking at Job Descriptions for Creative Directors and build your portfolio accordingly, once you have what it takes, you will get paid plentifully to materialize your clients’ vision.

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