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How to Transport a Laptop Safely: 7 Tips


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How to Transport a Laptop Safely

Travelling with a laptop is now a regular part of life. Sometimes, our smartphones and tablets aren’t powerful enough to execute computing tasks that are possible on a laptop. In the past, laptops are heavy and bulky, making them gruelling to transport. Fortunately, technological advancements have made laptop designs smaller, lighter, and more portable for transport.

Although you can carry your laptop anywhere, it’s vital to take steps to protect your device. You want to protect the laptop from various hazards in your commute, including accidental falls, spill damage, or other knocks and bumps. Learning how to transport laptops safely will preserve your device while on business trips and prevent avoidable damage. 

Of course, if you’re just as keen on traveling and working a little. But be careful with workaholism, many people will suffer burnout in this case. I was also sick of it at one time. So when I travel on vacation, I set an alarm to avoid working too much.

Use the following 7 tips to help you transport your laptop safely.

1. Invest in a messenger bag

Messenger bags are an excellent option for professionals or students who want to protect their laptops. These bags are made with high-quality materials and have soft interiors that will protect your unit. Many messenger bags are made from leather and can last for decades with proper treatment. 

Even when fully packed, messenger bags will stay flat. The compact dimensions allow you to slide your bag under a seat and keep it out of harm’s way. Most messenger bags come with a dedicated area for your laptop. Their designs can stop the unit from moving around too much while travelling.

2. Don’t overload your bag

Many laptop owners accidentally damage their devices by overloading their bags with items. The combined weight of the objects resting on top of your laptop can cause damage. Pressure damage may appear on your laptop as slight marks or fuzzy spots on your screen. Significant pressure damage results in defective pixels, which you can only fix by replacing your screen. 

If you notice your laptop displaying the wrong colours or slightly blurry images, you may have pressure damage. Fortunately, laptops like the ASUS ROG Flow X13 come with Gorilla Glass touchscreen protection to enhance your laptop’s durability. This portable 13-inch laptop also has a compact size, making it ideal for travelling.

In addition, you can avoid pressure damage by keeping your bag light and spacious. Another reason to use a messenger bag is that it has a shoulder strap, leaving your hands free for extra items. 

3. Add extra padding to your bag

When using a backpack or messenger bag, you can increase the security of your laptop by adding some extra padding. Place your device between soft objects, such as a foam board, bubble wrap, or clothing. Doing this will reduce the chance of your laptop getting damaged in transportation.

The extra padding will minimize pressure from other objects in your bag. The less your laptop moves around, the more likely it will stay safe. Add as much padding as you can to protect your screen and sensitive internal components from vibration or fall damage.

4. Use a protective case

If you’re always on the go, a laptop case is an inexpensive form of insurance you can use to protect against potential damage. Protective cases will prevent scratches and make your laptop more resistant to bumps or accidental drops. Using a protective case will protect your laptop from spills and potential electrical damage. As a bonus, these cases allow you to customize the appearance to match your style and personality. 

While a protective case will minimize the damages, it is not foolproof. That’s why you should prioritize durability when purchasing laptops. Devices like the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo are subjected to multiple military-grade shock and drop tests. Their strong, sturdy designs make them the ideal laptops for safe transport. 

5. Turn off your laptop while travelling

A common mistake that people make is forgetting to shut down the laptop while they travel. Many users simply close their device and let it enter sleep mode while in transportation. Even in sleep mode, there are internal components that continue to work. These parts can become broken if they receive damage while in operation. 

Your laptop is less likely to be damaged when it’s completely shut down than staying in sleep mode. While it may take longer to power on your laptop, the added protection you get is worthwhile.

6. Invest in a padded laptop sleeve

In addition to a protective case, using a padded laptop sleeve will make transporting your laptop much easier. Padded sleeves act as the first layer of protection against bumps and vibrations while your laptop is in a bag. Look for laptop sleeves made using neoprene, a durable and synthetic rubber that will protect your unit.

Leather laptop sleeves are ideal for people who work in professional environments. You can maintain a formal appearance while still protecting your laptop. Laptop sleeves made from EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) are great at absorbing shocks and insulating your laptop from heat. EVA also repels moisture, which will protect your device from accidental spills.

7. Invest in a voltage stabilizer

If your job involves routinely travelling to different countries, a voltage stabilizer is an important investment to make. Voltage stabilizers ensure your laptop gets the correct amount of power even under adverse conditions. 

Different countries may have different voltage standards that prevent your laptop from charging properly and may even damage your battery. Countries with developing infrastructure may have frequent voltage fluctuations that can damage your device if you’re not careful. Using a voltage stabilizer adds another layer of security to your laptop. You can feel confident using your device in hotels and airports without issues.

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