How To Start Your Own Football Betting Blog with WordPress

Pro football is America’s favorite sport. From baby boomers to Gen Xers, every American demographic is obsessed with the gridiron. Why not turn that obsession into a profit by starting a football betting blog?

Everybody is blogging these days. In fact, there are more than 173 million active bloggers. With personal stories and storytelling on the rise, blogs will continue to be a major force in the New Media.

WordPress is a popular blogging platform, perfect for bloggers just starting out. Currently, WordPress is powering 28% of the Internet, making it a great place for those choosing a blog platform for the first time.

Continue reading, to find out how to start a football betting blog on WordPress.

How to Start a Football Betting Blog on WordPress

Before we get started, let’s talk a bit about what WordPress is and does.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management Software (CMS) on the Internet. CMS solutions allow a user to update a website without knowing how to program or code.

With WordPress, users can:

  • Publish and edit posts
  • Categorize articles
  • Search content
  • Manage users’ access
  • Customize themes and layouts

Step 1: Download and Install WordPress

Start by downloading the newest version of WordPress. Unzip the compressed file.

Step 2: Decide on a Hosting Solution

With WordPress, it’s possible to publish on the native site. You won’t be able to customize your domain name, however. users are stuck with the “” web address. This may make it more difficult for search engines to find you.

Step 3: Upload WordPress Files to Your Server

For those hosting WordPress on their own site, you’ll need to settle on a server. and are popular choices. When your domain name is registered, upload the WordPress files to the server using an FTP client.

Step 4: Create a MySQL Database

Sign up with Create a MySQL database and assign a user to it, with full access. Write down the database name, username, and password.

Step 5: Install WordPress

Navigate to “” and follow the installation instructions. Or do the same for “”

Step 6: Decide on a Niche

Decide what angle will be used to hook readers. Sites that feature personal stories make for a very different football betting blogs than one like UltimateCapper, which posts free NFL picks weekly.

Step 7: Start Writing

Now that a niche has been decided on, it’s time to start creating content.

Remember, blogging is hard work but it pays off in dividends. Don’t worry about it being perfect, either. One of the great things about blogging is it’s possible to learn along the way.

Step 8: Post Consistently

Create interesting, unique content regularly. Decide on a schedule and stick to it. Readers will begin to look forward to the blog posts. They’ll even spread the word, so the marketing takes care of itself.

Step 9: Hard work and Make Money

Whether making money from betting, or getting paid to promote products, blogging can be a fun, inspiring way to make money from home.

A football betting blog can be a lot of work, but writing it is also super fun and rewarding. It’s great to see personal thoughts, perspectives, and opinions go out into the world. It’s also great to help others make a buck doing what they love, while you do the same.

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