Amazon privacy: How to clear your Shop Story

Amazon has a wide range of products. You’ll find it slowly learns about you by browsing your purchases. You’ll be able to see all of the products you’ve looked at in the Amazon app if you have ever opened it.

These recommendations can be very helpful and highlight products that you might not have otherwise considered. There are many reasons Amazon might not track your online interests.

Perhaps you are looking for something unexpected and don’t want your partner to know. Perhaps you are tired of being targeted ads based upon your browsing history. Maybe your recommendations are out of control since you clicked that strange product link in a buzzfeed article.

No matter the reason, Amazon users can delete items from their personal history. Here’s how it works.


Amazon tracks everything you see, regardless of whether you purchase it. Although you cannot access a history of all your viewed items, it is possible to look at a list and delete any.

Tap the “three-line” icon at the bottom of the Amazon app for iPhone or iPadOS and choose Your account. Select Recently Viewed Items from the next menu. To delete specific items from your history, click the Remove From View button.

To remove all items from the list, press Manage at the top right. Then press Delete history at the bottom. The browsing history option can be toggled off completely, so that it doesn’t track future product views.


You may also want to delete any records of previous searches. You can do this by simply tapping on the search box “What are you looking for” at the top.

A chronological list of searches will appear. To delete an entry, press the X button to the left.


It is worth noting that Amazon searches history and recently viewed items are different for each device. For example, if you are using the app on an iPhone or an iPad, you will need to repeat the steps above twice.

You’ll also need to manage your history on any computer you log into Amazon from. Go to Amazon’s website from your computer and click Your Amazon in the top menu. The Your Browsing History sub-menu will appear. From this menu, you can delete items much like the above.