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Are you searching for the right type of Roof tiles? Do you want to know which one will be the best option? Roof tiles are the most common and essential things while making your house roof. It will prevent water from seeping into the roof. This system of tiles on the roof has been used since ancient times. Here is all the information about various kinds of tiles and which will be the best option for your house. Read on!

  1. Metal Roof Tiles

Metal Tiles are extensively used these days. It is made of copper, zinc, aluminum, and other strong products. The ones made up of steel and aluminum are preferred the most. They are crafted perfectly to look exactly like wood or slate tiles. They come in different varieties of patterns and shapes.

It will be a good choice to go for these tiles! They are lightweight, and installing them is not a hassle.

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  1. Stone Roof Tiles

Stone tiles are one the tiles with beautiful patterns and designs! This tile variety comes in a wide range of color options in its natural form. This is a classic type of Roof Tiles. It is very durable and is not easily harmed by fire.

You can go for it as it is considered one of the best types of roof tiles. However, due to its high demand in the market, it costs more than other types.

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  1. Composite Roof Tiles

These are unique forms of tiles that have layers in them. The layers are metal, acrylic, and stone. Unfortunately, the designs of these tiles are not so natural, so they are less popular among customers.

If you want to go for a lightweight option, then this is this! It is also available for a lower rate in the market.

  1. Concrete Roof Tiles

These tiles are very strong and durable and don’t break easily. You are made up of a strong mixture of water, sand, and cement. Its hardness comes with very heavy weight but has a low rate compared to the slate ones. Therefore, it is a great alternative to ceramic roof tiles.

  1. Solar Roof Tiles

These Roof tiles don’t catch your eye but definitely greatly depreciate your electricity bill. Installing it on your roof connected to a battery inside your home can generate electricity naturally from the sun.

This is more costly than other roof tiles and needs professionals to install, maintain or repair. But in the long run, it can save more money by saving your monthly electricity cost. In addition, you can go for different brands of solar tiles like Volt Solar Tiles and others.

  1. Bituminous Roof Tiles

If you want the lightest weight tile, then this is the best for you! The tile is made of fiberglass, and the upper layer is coated with granite or basalt chips. The installation of these is extremely easy. It only requires an adhesive to stick on your roofs.

Due to its installation, no holes are made on the roof. By this, there is a zero chance of water seepage into the roof of your house.

  1. Ceramic Roof Tiles

These tiles are well known for their ability to protect from fire. It is also known for its durability. Ceramic roof tiles are found everywhere as they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Hence it becomes ideal for all types of houses.

  1. Polymer Sand Tiles

It is considered the best alternative for ceramic roofs. It is made with a mixture of sand and polymers. It somehow looks similar to ceramic roof tiles but is more durable than it. In addition, it is fireproof and weighs less than many other roof tiles.

  1. Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are very common and also used in the past. This is because the material required to make this is just clay and sun. So people used to make it, give it a shape with their hands, and keep it dry in the sun.

Nowadays, the hands of the people are replaced by machines, and huge blast furnaces replace the sun. These tiles are readily available at a low price. However, clay tiles are extremely heavy. Hence it would help if you made the foundation of the house strong to hold them easily.


Now that you know the different types of Roof Tiles available in the market, you can choose the best one for your house. Clay and Concrete are the best ones you can pick; they are the best version that will be the most beneficial for your house. Buy the tiles which will suit your house type, budget, and climate.