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Recruitment Strategy.

Many companies simply pretend that this problem doesn’t exist. I would write a sequence of steps – how to create this very hiring plan. Adapting the outcome to your context is a simpler task.

So, I’ll write why it’s needed and why it’s so important.

???? Without a hiring plan, tasks and deadlines burn, and people burn out. ???? With a hiring plan, you have relative order and certainty.

???? You understand much better who you need to start looking for in a month, how long it may take, and how much it might cost. And you can plan this process for tomorrow, not for yesterday.

???? The very work on creating a hiring plan allows you to look at the project from the side – it organizes business processes.

???? When you plan ahead, you have time to take the necessary preparatory steps for the search:

  • gather information about the tasks of the role and the specifics of the requirements
  • check whether the tasks of the role, requirements, description, and method of selecting relevant candidates correlate properly – it saves a lot of time. And time is money. In all senses.

⭐️ Remember that story about two lumberjacks, where the one who cut less often won because he was sharpening his axe? And the one who constantly cut and forgot to sharpen his tool lost. Well, it’s the same here.

???? Sometimes, while creating a recruitment strategy for half a year or a year, it turns out that some steps are not needed and a lot can be done more efficiently in the processes themselves. Thus, thoughtful recruiting affects all processes in the project.

???? A hiring plan, actually, is the cornerstone of your employer branding. Knowing who you need, who your target audience is, for what tasks, etc., you understand how to communicate with potential candidates on the market right now, so that tomorrow or in 4 months they will happily respond to your vacancies.

Alternative View

Cool, but how should small companies, where uncertainty reigns over certainty, and hiring usually solves a problem that arises relatively spontaneously, meaning it most often solves the problem of unburdening other team members by distributing responsibilities from which the decision to hire an additional person is made. Based on this, is a detailed startup development business plan needed where the positions that will arise and how they need to be filled are written out in approximate dates?

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