9 highest paying trucking salaries of 2022

Are massive trucks fascinating to you, and have you ever wondered what it’s like to drive one? Or maybe you just want to know how much these big guys in big trucks made? 

Truck drivers have been around for a long time, and their contribution to the economy of any country is considerable. Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, their value was once again recognized during the worldwide lockdown. This article about the world’s highest-paid truck driving jobs will blow your mind.

  1.  Ice Road Drivers

These drivers take on a great deal of risk as they deliver merchandise to remote towns and mining sites over difficult terrain and perilous road conditions. Optimal conditions for these cargoes only exist for a few months out of the year, and during that time, these drivers make a full year’s wage, allowing them to explore other possibilities or enjoy their time off during the off-season.

Salary: $62,000 to $80,000 per season (4-5months).

2. Oversized Load

Oversized loads, also known as over-dimension loads, are those that surpass the federally mandated legal dimensions. Oversized transporters must be better than average in managing cargoes containing enormous goods like construction equipment, wind turbines, mobile homes, and heavy machinery. These drivers must adhere to specific regulations that outline the routes and times of day during which these cargoes are permitted to travel. An escort crew is frequently required, and some organizations insist on the driver hiring their escort team.

Salary: $75,000 – $125,000

3. Specialty Vehicle Haulers

Specialty vehicle transporters transport high-value or specialty vehicles in enclosed trailers, such as race cars, luxury autos, collectibles, and other valuable objects. To avoid damaging these high-value loads, they must use extraordinary caution at all times. Even when parked, these drivers must take extra steps to avoid damage to the load due to another driver’s irresponsibility, as well as follow strict protocols to prevent theft.

Salary: $68,000 to 90,000

4. Team driver

Working as a team often includes earning 60% of the rate per mile while also driving twice as far as a single driver can under Hours of Service requirements, resulting in higher overall income for both of you. Companies that hire team members will look for experienced drivers because a collision puts more individuals in danger.

Annual salary: approximately $54,000

5. Owner-operator

Being an owner-operator is not for everyone; in fact, the majority of owner-operated enterprises fail within the first year. Being one entails much more than simply transporting goods and resources from point A to point B. To establish a business, you’ll need to obtain the necessary licenses and permissions, secure funding for your vehicle (and maybe a trailer), negotiate your job with brokers, and keep account of every dollar to know where you stand financially. If you thought driving an 18-wheeler was a time-consuming profession, wait till you work in the office. This employment, on the other hand, provides limitless earning possibilities for savvy players with business sense, especially if your company evolves into a fleet.

Salary: $115,000+ (12 months)

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