Help people find your site on Google

Help people find your site on Google
  1. What users are searching for when they find your site? Open the Performance report for your site to see a list of search queries at the bottom.
  2. Are you appearing for the queries that you expect? Sort the table by impression count and see if you appear in search for the right queries. If not, you should restructure your site to appear for these queries. Some tips:
    1. Use text: Don’t put your important page titles or content in images, video, animations, or other non-text formats that Google can’t understand as easily. If you do use an image for your site or company name, include the name in the page text as well.
    2. Be complete: Mention everything that you have to offer. Google is smart, but we can’t guess what you don’t tell us.
    3. Be topical: For instance, if you run an ice cream store that also sells hot chocolate, be sure to feature your ice cream in the summer, and your hot chocolate (or coffee, or sandwiches) in the winter, when people won’t be searching for ice cream. If a new trend starts for kiwi ice cream and you have it in your store, feature it prominently.
  3. Are you getting visitors for these queries? Select and sort by “Average CTR”. Try to improve your click-through rate by making your site best in class. Some tips:
    1. Get noticed by other sites: Have your site mentioned in appropriate places online. See if you can get mentioned on your local news sites or in any other appropriate resources.
    2. Be descriptive: Use accurate, descriptive titles for your pages. We recommend focusing on one topic per page.
    3. Keep your site up to date: If your restaurant website hasn’t updated its menu since 1925, then update it; there aren’t a lot of customers searching for sarsparilla these days.