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Crazy Time Game Variations and Evolution



Crazy Time appeared on the market less than 3 years ago and has eclipsed all games, including live dealer games. It is that this game can provide a completely new entertainment option. The functionality in this game is simple. The player just needs to place a bet on the sector of the spinning wheel and if it falls out, then he wins and receives the bet plus the specified winning odds to it.

The representatives of Evolution Gaming have developed an excellent product. The main advantage of this game is that it is played live. In other words, the user places bets in real time and receives winnings. There are many opportunities to get big winnings in this game because there are variations of various bonuses. With their help, players receive large sums, and this attracts an increasing number of players.

Exploring Game Variations

So far no one has been able to replicate a product in the Crazy Time games format. This game:

  • is played live;
  • has 4 different bonus rounds with big winnings;
  • provides 4 multiplier options in the main round with different payouts.

At the very least, this is why Crazy Time is significantly different from other games. Previously, users mostly played roulette or similar games with a spinning wheel. But they didn’t have the variety for making money that this game offers. Moreover, the developers are ready to improve the game’s functionality and consider users’ requests.

Its creators regularly develop innovations that are set to improve the game. In particular, the appearance of the largest bonus in the form of the Crazy Time sector. In other bonuses, players get chances to win big by playing additional games. No one on the market is ready to offer such variations yet. Therefore, the popularity of Crazy Time is only gaining momentum and the number of active users is only increasing over the years.

Innovations in Bonus Rounds

You can also make money in this game in the main rounds. They are more likely to hit and the payouts are similar to what players would win in table games. However, it is best to pay attention to the bonus rounds for those who want to win big. Crazy Time has 4 bonus rounds, 2 of which have 2 sectors on the wheel, and two more have only 1. These are:

  • Coin Flip. In this round, the user goes to an additional game, where there is a coin with two sides, colored in different colors (red and blue). Before the coin toss, odds are displayed and the player must guess which side will land. If he guessed correctly, he receives a win according to the specified coefficient;
  • Cash Hunt. This round takes place in a screen format with different symbols. A coefficient is hidden behind each symbol and they are shuffled before the start of the round. Then the ball begins to fall from top to bottom and where it stops, the player will receive such a coefficient;
  • Pachinko. This game is reminiscent of popular Japanese entertainment. There is a point on the board from where the ball falls on the playing field with barriers. Where it stops, the user will receive such a winning ratio;
  • Crazy Time is considered the most exciting round. The player will find himself in a large room with a game wheel. It displays the odds, including doubling and tripling. If the wheel stops with a pointer to these functions, it is started again, but if the coefficient drops out, a double or triple win will be considered.

As you can see, such innovations for the game increase the excitement and the possibility of good winnings for users.

Impact on Player Strategies

Crazy Time is best played with a well-thought-out strategy. This means that the user must think ahead of their actions and improve their results. There is no single strategy in this game. However, users need to act carefully and analyze all possible dropouts. It is also worth studying the previous rounds and understanding how long ago the big winnings fell out. If it’s been a long time, then it makes sense to bet on the bonus round.

Such bets force the creators to think over more new rounds and perhaps the developer will soon add some more additional entertainment for users.


This game is extremely interesting and exciting. Therefore, the developers are constantly improving it and are ready to create new rounds and opportunities for users to make money. This increases the interest in it and the number of users increases.

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