30+ Best Free Schedule Templates Google Sheets

Have you been wanting to start planning your life?

This approach could be a pivot point in your daily routine. Planning allows you to be many times more effective in all areas of your life. It means that you can easily begin to achieve great heights in your training, business, and other day-to-day activities. Moreover, it is straightforward to start planning. Especially when TheGoodocs has created and curated 30+ free schedule templates in google sheets for you. Those templates are created by our highly qualified designers. So, everyone can find the right option for planning their day, month, or year, regardless of their preferences for design and functionality.

Simple Project Schedule – free Google Docs Template

This convenient option is perfect for any person who works with clients. You can use the built-in functionality for reporting, scheduling customer visits, and providing them with the necessary service. A fairly simple, but not strict design in green and blue tones will suit almost everyone.


Free Basic Maintenance Schedule Template

This option is perfect for setting tasks and deadlines for their implementation. A rather strict design using mainly gray colors and a multifunctional structure will allow you to achieve greater efficiency in the conduct of your business. You can also use this template to achieve everyday goals.


Asset Amortization Schedule – free Google Docs Template

The yellow and blue tones of this template make the design a bit unusual. It can be both an advantage and a disadvantage for you. In general, this template is used to carry out depreciation activities and calculate the costs associated with them. Also, you can remake it for similar activities.


Free Weekly Schedule Template

Do you want a simple but convenient template to quickly organize activities for the whole week? Then this option is perfect for you. Nice and easy-to-use design, as well as ease of setup, will make this an indispensable option once you get used to using this kind of planner. Suitable for any business.


Weekly Employee Schedule for the Year – free Google Docs Template

Does your production or company work in several shifts? Or do employees go to work using schedules 1/1, 2/2, or something similar? Then this template is what you have been looking for all this time. With its help, it will be easy to set up the perfect work schedule for employees without unnecessary issues and complications. The design is quite modest and not conspicuous.


Free Wedding Payment Schedule Template

Do you want to plan your wedding? This holiday is usually associated with various costs, so every transaction must be tracked. To make this process simple, we suggest using this template. An eye-pleasing design and convenient functionality – everything to make your wedding a truly memorable event.


Weekly Working Schedule for the Year – free Google Docs Template

Do you need to fast and correctly distribute work on a project among all employees? Use this template. A simple and user-friendly design with many involved fields is a great option to plan your company’s work for the whole year ahead. Do it quickly, simply, and without unnecessary worries, and most importantly, completely free.


Free Project Schedule Template

Do you have a new project for which you need to plan every step? This template is perfect for this task. Here you can enter all the information about past and future activities that will make your project a success. Our free template is perfect for any project manager who wants to be successful in every endeavor.


Smart Daily Schedule – free Google Docs Template

This versatile template will make your work, leisure, and other daily activities trackable. With this option, you can make a plan not only for work but also for your personal life. A great option to increase your motivation and efficiency in any business.


Free Sample Work from Home Schedule Template

Do you work remotely or freelancing? Then you have found what you were looking for. Plan your working day with various projects right now. A user-friendly interface that will allow you to track your daily progress is free from TheGoodocs, and a nice design will help you succeed. This is especially valid for IT workers.


Blue Monthly Schedule – free Google Docs Template

Plenty of research shows that blue shades make you more productive. If you need to schedule a month’s work, then this template is perfect for this task. Enter your projects here, divide them into each step – everything so work and track your achievements is easier.


Free Construction Schedule Template

This template is suitable for precise planning for every day of the month. Moreover, you can adjust the scale by how many percent of the work was completed. This will help you track the performance of your employees. A user-friendly interface and simple design are what any business owner needs.


Colorful Weekly Schedule – free Google Docs Template

This template was created specifically for those who love unusual designs. Very easy to use, it will help you plan all your activities for the week ahead. You can set the time and activity as needed. Also, you can copy it and edit it as you wish for the following weeks.


Free Basic Construction Schedule Template

This template is suitable for planning any tasks in your company. You can enter a start date and an expected completion date and track the success of each task. The design is quite simple, and it will be easy to deal with it.


Production Planning and Scheduling – free Google Docs Template

This template is suitable for planning any tasks in your company. You can enter a start date and an expected completion date and track the success of each task. The design is quite simple, and it will be easy to deal with it.


Free Employee Schedule Template

Do you want to increase the productivity of your employees and schedule tasks for everyone? This template is a great way to get it done quickly and hassle-free. The simple yet feature-rich design is a great option for any business owner.


Weekly Employee Shift Schedule – free Google Docs Template

Schedule and organize the work of your shift employees months ahead without any problems. This template is perfect for this task. Moreover, learning to use it is quite simple.


Free Blank School Schedule Template

This template is stylized as a military school timetable. However, you can easily remake it for the regular one. It is perfect for both principals and teachers who are going to create a curriculum for their students.


Simple Spreadsheet Schedule – free Google Docs Template

A simple and clear design is suitable for anyone who wants to plan every workday and weekend. Perfect for school children, individuals engaged in business activities, and other groups of people.


Free Student Schedule Template

If you are a student and plan your affairs for every day, then we recommend using this option. Comfortable and easy to use, it’s perfect for you. You can set up the main scheduling blocks and combine them or add new ones.


Pastel Colors Lesson Schedule – free Google Docs Template

This template is best suited for primary school teachers. The cute design in different colors will plant a love of learning in the little ones. While adults will be able to easily control the learning process.


Free Editable Job Schedule Template

Set up a work schedule for each day. You can use this template in combination with weekly or monthly options. So, you will track your success in each case and plan the most important events.


Children Immunization Schedule – free Google Docs Template

This template is especially relevant in our difficult times. It is designed to make it easy for you or your medics to track your children’s immunization progress. However, it can be converted to track a pet’s vaccination in just a few clicks. All you need to do is change the name.


Free Simple School Schedule Template

It is another relevant template for schoolchildren and their parents. You can plan every school day by customizing this template. In this way, you can easily be aware of what lesson is next and not miss anything important.


Blue School Immunization Record – free Google Docs Template

This template for Google Sheets is filled with the main vaccines that your child should be immunized with. Thus, you can not even waste time on customization. It remains only to enter the current dates of the vaccination or schedule them.


Free Equipment Maintenance Schedule Template

If your production involves various kinds of equipment, then it must be constantly checked and monitored for proper operation. To make this process as efficient and less time-consuming as possible, we recommend using this option.


Convenient Class Schedule – free Google Docs Template

Schedule for students with convenient checkmarks is the main advantage of this template. You can fill it with the necessary subjects and mark those already completed. Hour scales can also be changed to adjust to the relevant schedule.


Functional Class Schedule – free Google Docs Template

It is another handy template for setting up a school schedule for the whole week. There is also a convenient notepad. You can use it to write down your homework, or leave notes on some subjects and not forget the necessary details.


Fantastic Class Schedule – free Google Docs Template

Unusual design will delight schoolchildren. Moreover, the functionality of this template is also amazing. You can select the number of lessons with checkboxes, adjust the schedule depending on the start and end time. This is a great and very versatile option.


Simple Group Fitness Classes Schedule – free Google Docs Template

Do you make a schedule for your remote yoga class? Or do you need to schedule your class for each day? Then try this template. Convenient design, easy-to-use functionality, and the ability to write every day of the week by time.

Hundreds of similar and other templates are already on our website. You can use any functionality for free and pick up many other free templates in google sheets for your needs. Our range is constantly updated. Designers create templates from scratch, so you will get a unique option at your disposal.

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