FEX.NET: Cloud Storage Review 2022

First, let’s go back a few years

For me as a regular user, file storage services have several stages of development. Some services stop developing. And some of them constantly surprise users with new functionality.

Let’s look at the main stages of evolution of such services and what the creators of FEX.NET Project have come to.

At the dawn of the Internet era, data transfer speeds were very slow and we used simple storage facilities to exchange files. These services allowed you to leave a file to download overnight and start using it in the morning. Let’s call this period of “Primitive storage”. From this time torrent trackers gained popularity.

The second stage of evolution I will distinguish from the moment when such services began to offer users full-fledged offices to manage their files. Since the subscription-based monetization model was not yet popular, the services were mostly earned through the integration of banner advertising. And some lousy services even limited the download speed. Let this stage be called “Meta Trackers”.

Then there was a leap in the speed of our Internet and most of the files became easy to share through messengers or our social networks. During this period, file-sharing services began to be actively used by all kinds of professionals to share content. Engineers, architects, artists, marketers, and photographers. It was convenient to share a temporary link with the customer and hand over the project. At this time Dropbox and other cloud solutions from Microsoft, Google, and Amazon were gaining popularity. Cloud Services offer some space for free and the rest on a monthly subscription basis.

These days, data-sharing services have moved to a new level of development. Solutions like FEX.NET are harvester with great functionality that gives you access to your files anywhere in the world from any device for a small monthly subscription. This is the period of Omni Storage Portals – comprehensive solutions that have become competitors to Google Drive or your iCloud with more favorable prices.

What do we have today?

FEX.NET is safe cloud storage. Using the cross-platform app, you can:

  • Safely store your photos, videos, audio, documents in the cloud;
  • View files online;
  • Have access to all your files using the application, your PC and even Smart TV;
  • Quickly share files and folders with friends and colleagues;
  • Have offline access to files;
  • Get the best deal among cloud storage and buy an account with a capacity from 10GB to 3TB.

Even if something happens to your PC, your files will always be safe.

Project FEX.NET has survived the history of the Internet taking over our world and has been developing its cloud file storage service since 2016.

The audience of the portal today is more than 2 million people monthly (by Similarweb).

Visit the site https://fex.net/ to try this service for yourself today!

7 thoughts on “FEX.NET: Cloud Storage Review 2022”

  1. I carefully read your review on cloud storage and I was very interested in it. Really convenient service, given that sometimes anything can happen to equipment and often the data cannot be restored or simply forgotten, and so it will be possible to know exactly the login data and pull out your information from anywhere. Thank you very much. I will definitely use this service and test it.

  2. Thank you very much for such an interesting review. I was very interested in this information. I have never used such services, but now I need it. After all, the technique all of it ever breaks down and it’s a pity for the information that was collected not a single day, and so with the help of the storage seris you can return all the information without any problems.

  3. For me, it is very important to safely store your photos, videos, audio, and documents in the cloud. When choosing cloud storage, this is the most important criterion for me. FEX.NET this is a truly unique service that really allows you to experience all the benefits of cloud technology.

  4. There is no point in storing information in a computer, since it takes up disk space and therefore it is very convenient to use cloud storage, even better than storing information on memory cards. Since the cloud storage is always nearby and you can quickly find the file you need, and no one else can get to your files and harm.

  5. In terms of backup storage of important information, your service will undoubtedly be useful. I have long been looking for a similar way to secure my data. It is very unpleasant at the most inappropriate moment to lose working projects. Also, for each of us, an electronic archive of family photographs is important. This data is also archived.

  6. All this article reminds of the past, when the speed was such that it was possible to shave while the data was being loaded. Nostalgia for the past is very much visible today, when you can store a huge amount of information and the speed is simply amazing. I really want that progress does not stand still and such sites become cooler, and performance is like the speed of light !!

  7. There is no point in storing information on a computer, I was very interested in this information.
    FEX.NET is a truly unique service that really allows you to experience all the benefits of cloud technology
    Thank you very much for such an interesting review.

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