Different ways to keep your electric devices safe

Devices you must carry while traveling and How to keep them safe. 

No longer is living off the grid the only way to get away from everything. Because electronic devices are so convenient, it’s harder to turn them off and relax. For example, you can get maps and restaurant reviews right away, and you can share photos from your trips. Even if a digital detox isn’t on your travel list, these stress-free tips for traveling with your essential electronic devices will help you relax and recharge.

Just bring what you’ll need.

Even though it seems easy in theory, it can be hard to bring only the things that you really need. Think about where you are going and what you will or won’t need. If all of your devices charge the same way, you only need to bring one or two charging cables with you. You won’t need a laptop if you don’t plan to work while traveling. If you want to see the sights in the area, you shouldn’t leave your camera at home. 

On every trip, you need to bring the best phone accessories. One of the best portable power banks for your phone. You’ll need to keep your phone charged no matter where you go, so it’s a good idea to bring an extra or two charging cables. Bring a surge protector and a universal adapter when you go to different places.

Gadgets that run on USB

It looks like the popular Swiss Army knife. Because this device has different kinds of connectors, you can use it to charge a wide range of devices.


When wound up, it can be used as a torch. If the power goes out, you can use it as a lantern.

A transportable Bluetooth speaker

This portable speaker will make your hotel room a better place to listen to music.

Headset group

Why listen to music by yourself when you can listen with other people?

Bag light 

Attaching this pocket LED light to your handbag will make it easy to see what’s inside when you need to get something out. 

Small reading lamp

This small clip-on booklight can be turned 90 degrees to make a beam that is good for reading.

Electronics must be carried on as carry-on baggage.

Electronics should always be kept in a personal bag or on a person. If you don’t have a carry-on bag, choose the smallest bag you can find. Choose bags with a lot of pockets and compartments inside to keep your electronics organized and easy to find.

 This is also helpful at security checkpoints, where your bag will be checked. This is always a problem at airport terminals, but it can happen on any type of public transportation. Make sure your electronics are visible when you open your bag.

 Keep your electronics in your carry-on to make it less likely that someone will steal or lose them. If it’s always there and easy to get to, it’s less likely to go away.

Before you leave, make sure to secure your devices.

After you decide what to bring, make sure your devices are safe. Even though putting them in your carry-on is a good start for safety, there are other steps you can take.

Use passwords to keep your gadgets safe.

Even though your phone should be safe, you should still take precautions to protect other devices that can store personal information, such as your laptop, gaming consoles, and any other electronic gadgets. It is recommended that a robust password be set on each and every device.

Monitor your electronic devices.

This will help if something gets stolen or lost. You can find a lost item with tracking software or a physical tracker, like a Tile. It’s easy to lose a bag or device when you’re traveling, but these tools can help you find it.

Save your innovations

To prevent your tablet or electronic reader from becoming dinged up or scratched, you should protect it with a padded case or sleeve. The padding provides additional support for your device and prevents it from colliding with other items while it is in your purse or day bag. Bring a phone and e-reader case that is watertight if you intend to spend the day by the water, such as at a lake or beach.