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New Dell monitors have dedicated Microsoft Teams button



Are you tired of manually opening Microsoft Teams every time you want to join a meeting? If so, Dell might just have the answer. The company recently released a series of new monitors that come equipped with a dedicated Microsoft Teams button, making it easier than ever to stay connected with colleagues around the world.

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Read on to find out more about this innovative new feature!

Introduction to Dell’s New Monitors

Dell recently unveiled its new lineup of monitors featuring improved performance, modernized design and impressive 4K resolutions. The monitors also offer special software capabilities that make them an ideal choice for large offices as well as conference rooms.

Among the most notable features of these new monitors is the dedicated Microsoft Teams button that allows users to quickly launch their team communications from an interface on the monitor itself. This integration allows both teams and individual users to quickly access their collaboration channels hassle-free, while also optimizing screen real estate by removing app icons from users’ desktops and taskbars.

With this new feature, users will be able to reduce the clutter on their computers while enjoying a faster connection to their distributed teams, making their workflows more efficient than ever before.

Dell claims it has created the “world’s first video conferencing monitors certified for Microsoft Teams,” after Microsoft started certifying displays, webcams, and headsets last year.

Features of Dell’s New Monitors

Dell’s new monitors come packed with features that make collaboration and web conferencing more streamlined. The installation process is simple and intuitive, allowing for quick setup. They feature a dedicated Microsoft Teams button that optimizes the experience for video meetings, as well as adjustable stand options to allow users to customize their viewing angle. The monitor also comes with an integrated power supply (no power brick necessary!), extra HDMI ports, and built-in speakers so users can connect to audio without extra equipment.

Color calibration helps adjust the color accuracy of the display, while an Easy Arrange feature on Dell’s Display Manager tool allows you to easily tile applications side-by-side or across multiple displays. For fast contactless access, Dell’s new monitors feature a Near Field Communication tag that pairs users’ devices quickly without typing in passwords or other information manually.

All of these features make for an optimized collaboration experience.

Benefits of Dell’s New Monitors

Dell has recently unveiled its newest line of monitors, which come with a dedicated Microsoft Teams button to make collaboration simple and efficient. These monitors provide a number of benefits to both personal and business users.

First, the Microsoft Teams button makes it easy to quickly join virtual meetings or start conversations with colleagues. This button also provides access to the Teams app, allowing you to check messages, manage tasks and calendar appointments, and join conferences without ever leaving your desktop.

Furthermore, these monitors come with adaptive lighting technology that adjusts the brightness levels depending on your environment, so you experience improved visibility in low light scenarios. Additionally, wide-angle viewing makes it easier for multiple participants to view content on the monitor from different angles for faster decision-making during collaborative activities.

Moreover, Dell’s monitors are built with integrated speakers for clear sound delivery during video conferencing or chatting with friends online – all of which are designed for both personal and business users alike. With all these features combined into one product available at an affordable price tag – Dell’s new monitors provide the ultimate streamlined collaboration experience.

How to Use the Dedicated Microsoft Teams Button

Dell has recently released a series of monitors with a dedicated Microsoft Teams button. This allows the user to quickly launch the Teams app and get connected. The button offers a secure and reliable way to access the app, allowing you to join or start meetings and chat with contacts with just one click.

In order to use the dedicated Teams button, merely press and hold down the button for about two seconds. This will open up an autolaunched versions of Teams, where you will be able to communicate with your coworkers. Upon opening Teams, you can:

  • start a meeting
  • join connections from other platforms such as Skype for Business, Zoom and Webex that your coworkers may be using.

Once you’re done using Microsoft Team’s features, you can easily close out by pressing the same dedicated Teams button one more time–holding it down for two seconds will finally shut down the application.

This new feature offered by Dell is great for making collaboration with coworkers much easier! Start boosting productivity and take full advantage of the convenient dedicated Microsoft Teams button in Dell’s new monitors.

Pros and Cons of the Dedicated Microsoft Teams Button

The recent release of Dell’s new monitors comes with a dedicated Microsoft Teams button, allowing users to launch Teams directly from their monitors with the press of a button. In addition to the convenience this offers, the monitor allows users to join meetings with just a single click.

A notable benefit of this feature is its enhanced efficiency and organization. This design gives users quick access to one of the most popular online collaboration platforms in today’s market, making it easier for individuals and teams to stay connected, organize meetings, and collaborate efficiently in real-time.

Though convenient for many reasons, there are still some drawbacks associated with this feature that users should be aware of. The most obvious being lack of customization options for those who use alternatives to Microsoft Teams such as Zoom or Google Meetings. This can limit user’s ability to choose their default meeting platform and hinders ease of access from customers who may prefer an alternative service platform than what’s offered by Dell. Additionally, it requires set up time which may be unwelcome and time consuming for many users.

This dedicated Microsoft Teams button has both pros and cons attached to it; understanding them is important when considering whether or not this new monitor best serves your individual needs or business goals. All in all, Dell’s monitor offers a great tool for enhancing collaboration between multiple parties with the flexibility to fit both personal and professional needs alike.

Alternatives to Dell’s New Monitors

The recent introduction of Dell’s new monitors with a dedicated Microsoft Teams button presents a great opportunity for those who need to maximize their productivity. But what if you need alternatives to these monitors? There are many other great options available on the market which offer similar features.

Some examples of alternatives include HP’s OMEN X Emperium 65, Asus’ Designo Curve MX38VC, BenQ EX3501R, and Acer’s Predator X34. Depending on what you need from a monitor, any of these models could be suitable for your purposes.

For example, the HP Omen X offers up to 1000 full-array zone backlighting as well as NVIDIA’s G-sync technology for tear-free gaming visuals and zero screen latency – perfect for gaming needs! The Asus MX38VC Designo is also another great choice as its ultra wide curved panel offers stunning picture quality and color accuracy with superior 178° wide viewing angles.

The BenQ EX3501R provides 98% DCI P3 color space with 35” UltraWide QHD resolution and HDRi technology that can be suited to both gaming and business needs respectively. Finally, Acer’s Predator X34 boast 3440 x 1440 QHD resolution providing eye-popping ultra HD shots plus Flickerless and Blue Light Shield technologies in order to reduce eyestrain when using the monitor over long periods of time.

Whether you choose Dell or one of its competitors, there is no doubt that investment in one of these high performance models can help boost your productivity or enhance your entertainment experience – the choice is yours!


The Dell monitors with the dedicated Microsoft Teams button are a great choice for professionals who use Teams on a daily basis. This button lets users open and join the program with one simple touch, significantly cutting down on time when using the monitor in collaborative settings.

The Dell monitor line proves to be more than capable of meeting the needs of many departments within an organization, including marketing, customer service, IT, and beyond. It also boasts features such as wide color gamut, low blue lighting, stand adjustability and tilt design that accommodate different users’ preferences. With these features and the convenience of the Microsoft Teams button, Dell monitors make a great cost-effective choice for any workplace.


This section provides answers to some frequently asked questions about Dell’s new monitors featuring the dedicated Microsoft Teams button.

  • Q. What is a Microsoft Teams button?
    A. The Microsoft Teams button is an easy-access button that allows you to quickly access and use the unique features of Microsoft Teams with just one click.
  • Q. How does the Microsoft Teams button work?
    A. When pressing the dedicated Microsoft Teams button, a dedicated window will appear on your screen with easy access to all relevant features of Microsoft Team, including chats, meeting options, calls, and other operations related specifically to Team products.
  • Q. On which Dell monitors can I find the dedicated Microsoft Teams button?
    A. You can find this feature on Dell’s new UltraSharp 27 and 34 Curved USB-C Hub Monitors (U3421WE). This is designed as an exclusive feature for these particular models; it is not available on any other models at this time.
  • Q. What type of connection will I need to use the dedicated Microsoft teams button?
    A. You must have a Windows 10 system with USB-C connectivity in order to use this feature properly, otherwise it may not be able to detect and establish connection with your monitor efficiently and effectively.
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