Dating Website vs Dating App – Which Is Better?

The internet has been a huge blessing to the dating world. Everyone can meet like-minded people by simply creating a profile on a dating website or an app. But which between them is better? Which is more comfortable to use for fetish dating (user option) and which is for making a profit (owner option)? Here’s an insight into why managers of BDSM dating sites are confident that a mobile application can be a great addition to a full desktop version, but cannot replace all the advantages of the site.

Advantages of Dating Websites vs. Mobile Apps

We can all agree that there is a wholeness and clarity that comes with viewing the desktop version of a page instead of viewing the mobile version. The user experience is always better, although, in recent times, search engines like Google have made it mandatory for websites to optimize for mobile to allow mobile users to enjoy a smooth browsing experience. All the same, the desktop version is king in so many ways.

For instance, site user can be able to access multiple features of dating websites simultaneously. By site means it could be possible to open one tab for editing the profile by indicating your BDSM lifestyle and the partner you are interested, and open another one for scanning through new matches. While switching between these two tabs, there is still an opportunity to chat with potential partners because desktop notifications will alert when new messages come in. This way, every user can get to enjoy many parts of the website at the same time.

Usually, an app will only allow running one function, which may limit the fun. With a dating website, everything is hosted online, and so customer tends to enjoy faster loading speeds. When browsing through a profile of someone they like, the user can be able to view all the info in great detail on one page and even peruse through the photos will clearer and bigger images with every available particular. 

When Do Dating Apps Make Sense?

A person’s greatest friend in the 21st century is arguably their mobile phone. We spend most of the time either chatting with friends on social apps, watching videos on YouTube, playing games, or even handling work and school-related matters using our phones. The portability of a smartphone is what makes it the most used gadget in online browsing worldwide. You will just slide it into your pocket and go about your business without anyone being the wiser.

Dating apps are one of the main incentives that your smartphone can offer you. It means that on the way to work, people can simply hop on the phone and open a dating app and like some new profiles of singles in the nearest area on the go. For BDSM app users it makes it easier to catch up with the matches and flirt with them a little more to turn up the heat during the day. It is a most lovely distraction that can light up the moods even when it feels bored in everyday routine.

One of the perks of using a dating app is that most of them are free to join which is undoubtedly attractive to most users. The fee is only charged when someone wants to access extra features to make the experience more enjoyable and increase the chances of success in meeting the people they want. Most apps also tend to be open to worldwide membership, unlike some dating websites that are restricted to certain zones. They offer convenience, simplicity, and fun.

Which Model is More Profitable for the Dating Business?

When it comes to profitability, both business models seem to attract different audiences. Thus, with proper design and effective management, it is possible to make a fast buck from either a dating app or a dating website. In relation to apps, they seem to be more general and open to people from all walks of life. Whether the target users are gay or straight, young or old, black or white, they all are able to access most dating apps and set their own preferences. Therefore, as a dating business owner, you have many members and are targeted hugely by advertisers. 

Dating websites, on the other hand, seem to be more specific. One may be strictly for people above 40, another is strictly for professionals, and the third is specifically for gays. This feature of targeting along with geographic regions makes most BDSM dating websites exclusive to clubs where members don’t mind parting with some dollars to join. Their wide array of membership plans sees them attract many users of their targeted groups and, in turn, make a good income. They also attract advertisements targeted to their member group.

Dating Sites vs Dating Apps: What Works Best?


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Technology has indeed simplified modern lives, and dating is no exception. Thanks to dating websites and apps, people are able to connect with individuals from all around the world and fall in love with someone with similar interests. That’s why businessmen are highly interested in developing more and more dating platforms to satisfy specific user preferences as much as their own profit.

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