Critical Thinking Wheel

Critical thinking is an important skill that can help people make better decisions and solve problems.

What is Critical Thinking Wheel?

Critical thinking skills are the ability to think about the world in a logical manner, question assumptions, and evaluate information. Critical thinking skills are not innate but can be developed through critical thinking activities and exercises.

This article will describe what critical thinking is, how it is used in various contexts, and how you can develop your own critical thinking skills.

How to Use the Critical Thinking Wheel?

The Critical Thinking Wheel is a tool that can help us to think critically about a given topic. It is an interactive wheel, which includes four different types of thinking:

  • 1) Beliefs
  • 2) Values
  • 3) Knowledge
  • 4) Emotions

The wheel helps us to understand the different perspectives on a subject and how they relate to one another.

Final Thoughts and Discussion

Critical thinking is a skill that is acquired through practice. The Critical Thinking Wheel Tool provides a way to practice and improve these skills.

This tool has been designed to help people learn how to think critically by solving problems, analyzing information, and drawing conclusions from the data. It can be used by anyone who wants to be more effective in their decision-making process.

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