Why WebRTC Developers are Trending Now?

WebRTC developers are responsible for developing applications and services that leverage the Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) technology.

As a CTO, you may be interested in understanding what WebRTC developers do and how they contribute to your organization’s technology stack.

WebRTC technology allows real-time communication between web browsers and other devices, enabling video and voice communication, screen sharing, and file sharing capabilities.

WebRTC developers work on a range of projects, from building video conferencing applications and streaming services to developing real-time collaboration tools for remote teams. They use a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and C++, and are skilled in front-end and back-end development.

What does WebRTC do?

Some specific tasks that WebRTC Programmers may undertake include:

  • Building WebRTC-based applications and services that integrate with other systems and APIs.
  • Optimizing WebRTC performance and reliability, including addressing network and connectivity issues.
  • WebRTC video conferencing development refers to the process of creating video conferencing solutions using WebRTC technology. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) enables real-time audio, video, and data communication directly within web browsers, eliminating the need for additional plugins or software.
  • Developing APIs and SDKs that enable other developers to build WebRTC-based applications and services.
  • Implementing security measures to ensure data privacy and protect against cyber threats.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging issues in WebRTC-based applications and services.

WebRTC developers are a critical part of any organization that uses real-time communication technology. They enable teams to collaborate and communicate effectively, regardless of their location, and help businesses to deliver high-quality video and voice experiences to their customers.

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The Demand for WebRTC Developers

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) developers are trending now for several reasons:

  1. Increasing Demand for Real-Time Communication: With the rise of remote work, online collaboration, and the demand for real-time communication in various applications, there is a growing need for developers who can work with WebRTC. WebRTC allows for peer-to-peer communication, enabling audio, video, and data sharing directly between web browsers without requiring additional plugins or software.
  2. Advancements in WebRTC Technology: WebRTC has evolved significantly in recent years, becoming more stable, feature-rich, and supported across different web browsers and platforms. The technology has matured, making it easier for developers to build real-time communication applications using WebRTC.
  3. Expansion of Video Conferencing and Streaming Platforms: Video conferencing, live streaming, and other real-time communication platforms have gained immense popularity. Services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Twitch heavily rely on WebRTC for their audio and video capabilities. As a result, the demand for WebRTC developers has surged to meet the needs of these platforms.
  4. Mobile Application Development: WebRTC is not limited to web browsers; it is also widely used in mobile application development. With the increasing usage of smartphones and the growth of mobile apps that require real-time communication features, there is a rising demand for developers who can integrate WebRTC into mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms.
  5. Cross-Platform Compatibility: WebRTC provides cross-platform compatibility, enabling real-time communication across different devices, operating systems, and browsers. This flexibility has made WebRTC a preferred choice for developers who want to create applications that can seamlessly connect users on various platforms.
  6. Open Source and Community Support: WebRTC is an open-source project supported by a large community of developers and organizations. This community actively contributes to its development, enhances its functionality, and provides support for fellow developers. The availability of extensive documentation, libraries, and frameworks makes it easier for developers to learn and utilize WebRTC in their projects.
  7. Integration with Web Development Technologies: WebRTC integrates well with other web development technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. This allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills and frameworks to create real-time communication applications, reducing the learning curve and development time.

Overall, the increasing demand for real-time communication, advancements in WebRTC technology, expansion of communication platforms, mobile app development needs, cross-platform compatibility, open-source nature, and integration capabilities have contributed to the trending demand for WebRTC developers.

Outsourcing vs. In-House Development

CriteriaOutsourcingIn-House Development
CostCost-effectiveHigher upfront investment
ExpertiseAccess to specialized skillsLimited to in-house expertise
ScalabilityFlexible scaling optionsResource constraints
Time to MarketFaster deploymentLonger development cycles
Maintenance and SupportVendor responsibilityIn-house maintenance and support

What includes WebRTC application development service?

WebRTC application development services encompass a range of offerings aimed at leveraging the power of WebRTC technology to create real-time communication applications. These services typically include:

  1. Custom WebRTC Application Development: Experienced WebRTC developers can build custom applications tailored to your specific requirements. They handle the entire development process, from conceptualization and design to implementation and deployment, ensuring that your application meets your business objectives.
  2. WebRTC Integration: WebRTC can be seamlessly integrated into existing applications, platforms, or systems, enabling real-time audio, video, and data communication. WebRTC developers can help integrate WebRTC functionalities into your web or mobile applications, enhancing user experience and enabling efficient collaboration.
  3. Real-Time Communication Solutions: WebRTC development services often provide end-to-end solutions for various communication needs. This includes developing video conferencing platforms, live streaming applications, voice and video calling solutions, chat and messaging applications, and more, leveraging the capabilities of WebRTC technology.
  4. Cross-Platform Development: WebRTC applications can be developed for various platforms, including web browsers, Android, iOS, and desktop applications. Skilled developers can ensure seamless functionality across different platforms, allowing users to communicate in real-time regardless of their device or operating system.
  5. Consulting and Support: WebRTC application development services may also include consulting and support to assist businesses in making informed decisions regarding WebRTC implementation. WebRTC Development Company can provide guidance on the best practices, architecture design, security considerations, scalability, and ongoing support and maintenance of WebRTC applications.
  6. Testing and Quality Assurance: To ensure the reliability and performance of WebRTC applications, development services often include comprehensive testing and quality assurance. This involves testing audio and video quality, network resilience, interoperability across different browsers and devices, and overall application stability.

By leveraging these WebRTC application development services, businesses can harness the potential of real-time communication and create innovative solutions that enhance collaboration, improve customer engagement, and drive business growth.

Cross-platform Development with WebRTC

Here are some popular cross-platform development tools and frameworks for building WebRTC applications:

  1. React Native: React Native is a JavaScript framework for building native mobile applications. By leveraging WebRTC libraries and plugins, developers can create cross-platform applications that incorporate real-time communication features.
  2. Flutter: Flutter is a UI toolkit developed by Google for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. With WebRTC plugins, developers can integrate real-time communication capabilities into their cross-platform Flutter applications.
  3. Xamarin: It is a Microsoft-owned framework that allows developers to build native mobile applications using C# and .NET. With the help of WebRTC libraries, Xamarin developers can incorporate real-time audio and video communication into their cross-platform applications.
  4. Cordova/PhoneGap: Cordova (also known as PhoneGap) is an open-source mobile development framework that enables building applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. WebRTC plugins can be integrated into Cordova/PhoneGap applications to enable real-time communication across platforms.
  5. Ionic: It is a popular framework for building hybrid mobile applications using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. By utilizing WebRTC libraries and plugins, developers can add real-time communication capabilities to their cross-platform Ionic applications.

These tools and frameworks provide developers with the necessary resources and libraries to incorporate WebRTC functionality into their cross-platform applications, making real-time communication across multiple devices and platforms more accessible and efficient.

The Role of Svelte for WebRTC

Yes, Svelte can be used for WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) applications. Svelte is a component-based JavaScript framework that allows developers to build reactive web applications with a focus on simplicity and performance.

Although Svelte itself does not provide direct WebRTC-specific features, it can be combined with other WebRTC libraries or APIs to create real-time communication functionality in web applications. Here’s how you can use Svelte with WebRTC:

  1. Svelte Components: You can create Svelte components to build the user interface and handle the logic of your WebRTC application. Svelte’s component-based architecture makes it easy to manage and update the UI based on real-time communication events.
  2. WebRTC Libraries: Svelte can integrate with WebRTC libraries such as SimpleWebRTC, PeerJS, or RTCPeerConnection to handle the WebRTC signaling, peer connections, audio/video streams, and data channels.
  3. WebRTC APIs: Svelte can also utilize the WebRTC APIs directly, such as getUserMedia for accessing the user’s media devices (camera and microphone), RTCPeerConnection for establishing peer-to-peer connections, and RTCDataChannel for real-time data exchange between peers.

By combining Svelte’s reactive UI capabilities with WebRTC libraries or APIs, you can create interactive and real-time communication features in your web applications. Svelte’s efficient reactivity system helps to optimize the rendering and performance of your WebRTC application while providing a straightforward and concise development experience.

It’s important to note that while Svelte can be used for building the UI and managing the application’s state, you will still need to incorporate WebRTC-specific functionality through appropriate libraries or native WebRTC APIs to handle the real-time communication aspects of your application.

WebRTC Developer Tools Landscape


  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari

NAT traversal – on premise

NAT traversal – hosted


Standalone plugins & SDKs

VoIP – clients

VoIP – servers

Media servers – open source

Media servers – commercial

Signaling – open source

Signaling – commercial

Testing & monitoring


In conclusion, hiring WebRTC developers is a crucial step for businesses looking to incorporate real-time communication capabilities into their applications. By understanding the role of WebRTC developers, defining a solid hiring strategy, sourcing talent effectively, and considering outsourcing options, you can build a successful team.

Remember, some agency offers exceptional offshoring services, providing access to a wide talent pool of skilled WebRTC developers, ensuring a seamless development experience. Share your thoughts and experiences with hiring WebRTC developers in the comments below.

Svelte Framework Popularity & Development in 2023

The Svelte framework is a new way to develop websites and apps. It’s lightweight and easy to use, making it perfect for those who want to create fast and responsive web applications.

Introduction to Svelte Framework

Svelte is a component framework that compiles your components at build step (using Rollup) into highly efficient imperative code that updates the DOM. It’s the equivalent of React or Vue, but with much smaller resulting bundles. It was created by Rich Harris in 2016.

Getting started with Sveltehttps://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/Tools_and_testing/Client-side_JavaScript_frameworks/Svelte_getting_started

Today, most component frameworks deal with state management by re-rendering the entire component tree on every change, even if only a single node has changed. This wastes valuable resources and can lead to Jamstack in complex applications.

Instead of virtual DOM diffing, Svelte writes code that surgically updates the DOM when the state of your app changes. This means that apps built with Svelte are fast by default, and you don’t have to worry about wrapping your head around a built-in virtual DOM API. And because Svelte components have no dependencies, you can ship them as stand-alone packages, which is great for compatibility with third-party libraries and tools.

  • Write less code
  • No virtual DOM
  • Truly reactive

What is Svelte.js?

Svelte.JS is a component-based JavaScript framework similar to React and Vue.js. But unlike those frameworks, it embraces a brand new approach to building user interfaces.

With Svelte, you write components in a format that is very similar to writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript all together in one file. Then, when you build your app for production, your components are compiled into highly efficient vanilla JavaScript code that eliminates the need for any kind of runtime library, like React or Vue.JS. (Read this – https://outsourceit.today/do-you-believe-vue-js-will-surpass-react-js/)

This approach has a number of benefits. Firstly, it can give you a huge performance boost because there is no need for the browser to download and run a larger JavaScript library just to display your app. Secondly, it can make your code more maintainable because you are not relying on any external dependencies.

Svelte also provides first-class support for TypeScript, which can help you catch errors before they happen. And last but not least, Svelte comes with its own set of tools and best practices that can make development faster and easier.

svelte kit image

Why use Svelte?

There are many reasons to develop with the Svelte framework. The main benefits are its small size, its ease of use, and its speed.

Svelte is a modern framework that uses a unique approach to development. Rather than relying on large libraries, it compiles your code at build time, so you end up with leaner, more efficient code. This also means that you don’t need to spend time loading large libraries into memory, which can improve performance.

Svelte is also very easy to use. It uses a syntax that is similar to HTML, so it is easy to pick up for anyone who has experience with web development. And because it doesn’t rely on large libraries, there is less code to write, which can save you time in the development process.

Finally, Svelte is fast. It compiles your code down to small bundles that load quickly and run efficiently. This can improve the performance of your applications and make them more responsive.

Guide for beginners

Why is Svelte becoming popular in 2023?

Svelte, a modern JavaScript framework, has been gaining popularity for a number of reasons:

1. Compiler-Based Approach: Unlike traditional JavaScript frameworks that do most of their work in the browser, Svelte shifts that work into a compile step that happens when you build your app. This results in less code being sent to the browser, making apps load and run faster.

2. Simplicity: Svelte’s syntax is straightforward and easy to understand, especially for those already familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This simplicity makes it an attractive option for developers of all skill levels.

3. Performance: Because Svelte compiles your code to efficient vanilla JavaScript at build time, it’s able to deliver excellent performance. There’s no virtual DOM, and no runtime interpretations. This results in faster initial loading, smooth animations, and less memory consumption.

4. Reactive Programming: Svelte introduces a new approach to reactivity. Instead of using a virtual DOM diffing algorithm for reactivity, it uses a compile-time code to update the DOM which makes it more efficient.

5. Rich Feature Set: Svelte comes with built-in state management, animations, transitions, and other features out of the box. This reduces the need for additional libraries and tools, making it a more complete package for developers.

6. Growing Community and Ecosystem: The community around Svelte has been growing rapidly, with a proliferation of tutorials, examples, and third-party libraries available to support development.

As with any technology, Svelte might not be the right choice for every project, but its unique advantages make it an appealing choice for many. Keep in mind that while it’s gaining popularity, it’s still not as widely used or supported as some other frameworks like React or Vue.js.

How to get started with Svelte?

Svelte is a new framework for building fast, reactive user interfaces. If you’re not familiar with Svelte, check out the [documentation](https://svelte.dev/docs).

To get started with Svelte, you’ll need a recent version of Node.js installed on your machine. Then create a new project and install the dependencies:

npx degit sveltejs/template svelte-app
cd svelte-app
npm install

Once that’s done, you can run the app in development mode with:

npm run dev

What are the benefits of using Svelte?

The biggest advantage of using Svelte is that it helps developers write easy-to-understand code that is free of any framework-related boilerplate. This is because Svelte handles most of the heavy lifting for them, which results in simpler and more concise code.

Svelte also offers a number of benefits over traditional frameworks, such as:

  • Better performance: Svelte apps are typically faster than those built with other frameworks because they are more lightweight and only load the necessary code for each page.
  • Less code: Because Svelte apps require less code, they are easier to maintain and scale.
  • Enhanced developer experience: Svelte provides a variety of features that improve the developer experience, such as hot reloading and language support for TypeScript and JSX.

How is Svelte different from other frameworks?

Svelte is a component-based framework, which means that your code is organized into small, self-contained pieces. This makes it easy to create complex applications without getting bogged down in spaghetti code.

Other popular frameworks, such as React and Angular, use a virtual DOM to keep track of changes to the UI. This means that every time a piece of data changes, the entire UI is re-rendered. Svelte takes a different approach: it uses something called a DOM diff to only update the parts of the UI that have changed. This makes Svelte applications much faster and more efficient than applications built with other frameworks.

Why You don’t need Svelte?

Do you already have a working website, but a new developer persuades you to rewrite everything on Svelte? How to understand whether you need to do it? I will try to explain on a real example.

We have a site written in React about 3 years ago. Frontend specialists always persuade us to switch to a new technology to solve old problems and keep the project code up to date. But when we get a cost estimate for this work, we see the need to increase resources x10 times. It is expensive for a working project with a small team of developers. At the same time, while the code is being updated to the new framework, the development of new features will stop. Our users do not get new functionality and will wait for it for a long time.

Of course, if you have an unlimited budget – this is not a problem. You can quickly increase your Svelte team by outsourcing. You will also have to replace your team or train them in new technology.

For example, for a SaaS startup that generates 10 thousand dollars a month, this solution is not acceptable. But for a rhubarb company with 50 thousand dollars or more should be enough resources to hire 2 developers.


After looking at the pros and cons of each framework, it’s clear that there is no right or wrong answer when choosing a front-end framework. The best solution is to choose the framework that best suits your needs.

⛱️ Skilled expertsSuperior coders
✅ Quality guaranteedZero bugs
⚡ Fair pricingMedium and low rates
⏰ Timely turnaroundDeadline dedication
✅ Customized assistancePersonalized PM

If you’re looking for a lightweight solution that won’t require much development time, Svelte may be the right choice for you. However, if you need a more robust solution that can handle complex applications, React or Angular may be a better fit.

No matter which framework you choose, the most important thing is to pick one that you’re comfortable with and that will help you get the job done.

Explore the future of web development with Svelte 3, an innovative component framework that offers enhanced performance and an outstanding developer experience. Learn more about how Svelte 3 operates at build time to deliver highly efficient applications. Click here to read the full post and discover the benefits of Svelte 3 today!

Angular Search Box for Your Website (with Algolia)

You may have heard of the term “Angular search box” and be interested in understanding what it is and how it can be used in your organization’s technology stack.

An Angular search box is a user interface (UI) component built using the Angular framework. It is a text input field that allows users to search for specific data or content within a web application. This component is designed to make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for by quickly filtering large sets of data based on user input.

Angular search boxes are highly customizable and can be integrated with various back-end systems and APIs to enable real-time search results. They can also be designed to include advanced features such as autocomplete, typeahead suggestions, and filters.

Angular search boxes are widely used in modern web applications, particularly those with large amounts of data or content. They help users to navigate and find information quickly, which can improve user engagement and satisfaction. From a development perspective, Angular search boxes can be easily integrated into existing Angular applications and customized to meet specific business needs.

A Search Library: Algolia

Algolia – a search library that offers Angular InstantSearch, a powerful search-based Angular library that can save you valuable development time. With Angular InstantSearch, you can quickly and easily implement search functionality into your web app, thanks to Angular’s component-based structure.

Algolia’s InstantSearch library is based on widgets, which are the building blocks of the search user interface. Depending on your web app’s needs, you can choose which widgets to use from Algolia’s categorized selection. Widgets can be thought of as the building materials for a house, and they can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

With Algolia’s library, you have the flexibility to extend widgets by tweaking their business logic code (connectors) to suit your needs. This process allows you to control the behavior and output of widgets. Additionally, Algolia provides a guide for creating your own widgets, which can be tailored to your specific use cases.

Customizing widgets is an intensive process that involves creating your own connector, but the benefits of Algolia’s flexible search infrastructure make it worthwhile. Overall, Algolia’s Angular InstantSearch is a valuable tool that offers pre-configured widgets that can be customized to meet your unique search requirements, saving you valuable development time and delivering a superior search experience for your users.


Overall, an Angular search box is a powerful and essential component for any web application that requires effective search functionality. It can significantly enhance the user experience and help businesses to deliver a more efficient and streamlined search process.

TOP 9 best PHP IDEs for Web Developers in 2023

IDE is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development.

There are a lot of IDEs accessible in the market, both for Free and Paid, and picking one can be a tricky job.

Integrated Development Environment Definition:

An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development. An IDE normally consists of a source code editor, build automation tools, and a debugger. Most modern IDEs have intelligent code completion. Wikipedia link

What does IDE stand for software?

Here the Best 9 IDEs for Developing on PHP we will be looking at:


PhpStorm is perfect for working with Symfony, Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, Laravel, Magento, Joomla!, CakePHP, Yii, and other frameworks.

The editor actually ‘gets’ your code and deeply understands its structure, supporting all PHP language features for modern and legacy projects. It provides the best code completion, refactorings, on-the-fly error prevention, and more.

2. Cloud 9

Also See: Community big PHP IDEs list


3. Komodo IDE

With discounts for students, freelancers, and individuals for $147


4. Koding

Open-Source and Education FREE, Solo Developers $1/mo.


5. Eclipse

You can easily combine language support and other features into any of our default packages, and the Eclipse Marketplace allows for virtually unlimited customization and extension.

Load PHP IDE by Eclipse.


6. Sublime Text

7. Atom

8. Brackets

9. Netbeans

  • Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris
  • Supported Languages: Java ME & SE, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, C/C++, XML, Groovy, Javadoc, JSP
  • Price: FREE (CDDL or GPLv2)
  • More Information: Integration of Subversion, Mercurial, and Git, NetBeans Profiler

Best lightweight IDE for PHP programming?

So, save this page if you are a PHP Programmer or even a beginner!

Is PHP a vulnerability?

Is PHP a vulnerability?


Drag the slider and make your voice heard.


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Website Maintenance tips

In this digital age, websites are the first point of interaction between a business and its customers. They form the ever-important first impression on your prospective clients. Of course, you need to invest in a good website for your business, but it isn’t enough to set it up. You need regular maintenance to keep your website running smoothly. In fact, regular website maintenance is essential for customer experience and retention, particularly if you do most of your transactions through the site.

Just like in car maintenance, you want to handle issues like website bugs, technical issues, broken links, security issues, and load speeds. That way, there is a reduced bounce rate since every visitor has a jolly good time browsing through and navigating your corner of the internet.  

Here are some tips to help you conduct thorough maintenance steps for your business:

Create a schedule!

Website maintenance is never a one-time thing. It is a continuous process of ensuring a website is in its best shape with no bugs and errors. Regular updates ensure compatibility between the website, browser, and plugins.

You need a schedule that helps you stay on top of things. That way, the monitoring will be frequent enough. A maintenance schedule is especially essential with an e-commerce website because customers constantly share sensitive data and information. And it is your duty to ensure data security.

Monitoring your website once a month should suffice. The optimal functioning of your website will rely on regular updates, and a schedule helps a lot.

Let feedback be the guide!

The endgame for any website maintenance quest is to appeal best to site visitors. In addition, the best way to know what will wow your target audience is to listen to what they have to say.

Customer feedback comes a long way in providing essential information a business can use to improve its website. The comment section should be the first place you look at when researching ways to improve your website. You will get insight into what your audience thinks about your website. You will also understand what features to add to your website and which ones you can use less of.

Your users will help you identify the things, which are not working, as they should. That way, your updates will be effective and improve the customer journey on your website.

Understand your audience!

Your website is primarily for your target audience. Ergo, they should be top of mind when doing updates and maintenance. Your website will only be the best match for your audience if you take the time to know who they are. Draft user personas that you will refer to when updating your content and website design. Ensure that everything to do to your website reflects the target audience.  

Take care of the loading speed

Page loading is a crucial measure of website functionality. See, most users will abandon a website and never return if it takes too much time to load. One study done by Google back in 2016 found that 53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, according to a Google study. Having a slow-loading website is a risk you should never be willing to take if you are serious about keeping visitors on your pages.

Ideally, your website should not take more than two minutes to load. You can use tools like GTmetrix to check the loading speed of your site and get other performance reports for your website.

A faster website means better retention, which translates to a higher possibility of conversions. Also, the lower bounce rate resulting from excellent loading speeds will paint you in good lighting with ranking in search engine results pages.  

Perform security checks!

Carve out time to update your software. Update and install security patches, bug fixes, and all updates relating to your web server, CMS, database, connected applications, and operating systems. That way, your website will be safe from attacks from malicious cybercriminals.

Your hosting services should be secure enough. It helps when your service provider has solid uptime. Another layer of security to introduce to your website is using an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate will ensure an encrypted connection. That way, the user data will be secure. Moreover, SSL certificates are available at a low price a site owner can go with discounted or cheapest SSL Certificate to secure the site.

Prioritize regular SEO Audits

SEO makes your website visible in search results. That means more traffic and more opportunities to turn prospects into customers. Regular SEO audits are, therefore, an essential part of website maintenance.

An audit will help you assess the competition, check your loading speed, know your SERP ranking, and find and fix broken links. Prioritizing your SEO will make it easier to understand issues in your website that need fixing. You can also bring yourself up to speed on algorithm updates and emerging trends to apply to your site to make your website more desirable in the eyes of search engine giants.  

Update content

Content is the flesh every website needs to feed its audience. However, it is only effective if relevant and with the times. In fact, websites that regularly update their content have a 434% higher chance of ranking well on search engines, according to a study by TechClient.

Fresh and evergreen content retains the regulars and attracts more traffic to your website. You need to keep your content up to date when doing website maintenance. Be sure to include the publication date before every blog so users can find recent content easily. It will also be easier for search engines to filter through content with dates. That way, they can rank your websites more favorably.

Remember to take care of the images too. Place them properly to create an incredible page design. Make sure that all images punctuating your content are high quality. Employ proper image SEO to make your content more discoverable.

Conduct regular web analysis!

You need to crunch the numbers to assess the efficiency of your website and understand customer behavior. That makes website analytics a crucial aspect of website maintenance.

Try to monitor your website analytics at least once a day. You will get instrumental updates about the statistics of the people visiting your site and the conversion rates. You could use tools like Google Analytics to get free website analytics.

Wrapping up

A website is never complete. There is always room for more improvements and updates. Update your website regularly to keep visitors scrolling through and encourage them to be back for more.

The 10 Best Tech Websites Engaging Consumers in 2023

Great tech necessitates great tech websites — there’s no getting around it. The best technology websites are insightful, imaginative and compelling. They integrate innovate features, dynamic elements and seamless systems to help navigate users through a fluid and efficient buyer journey.

These tech e-commerce sites need to rise to the occasion and rise above the competition — and they need to include some bells and whistles that most e-commerce sites don’t necessarily need. This is because as an industry, tech brands are in the business of innovation — whether they’re in video streaming, wireless sound systems or automobiles.

The top technology websites, like those you see above, incorporate innovative elements to amaze, inform and enlighten.

These brands are constantly growing and learning, and their website designs need to match that forward-thinking mindset.

Of course, all brands should grow and evolve. They should listen to their audience, learn from their past mistakes and work together to create an identity and a product and gadget suite that their consumers want to buy. But with tech, it’s a little bit different.

Technologies are constantly evolving, with new trends sweeping through, new solutions rising to the top and others falling by the wayside. So in order for tech brands to stay relevant, they need to stay up to date on everything that is happening in the industry.

So, what are the new emerging technologies entering the playing field? For starters, artificial intelligence has blown up, as has machine learning and augmented reality. How can your brand integrate these technologies into your products?

And better yet, how can you integrate those actions into your own web designs to emulate that sophistication and mirror that innovation?

It’s a long process, and it doesn’t ever end. But achieving the end result of a stunning tech website isn’t impossible. You just need to know where to start.

For inspiration of your own, and to get a better understanding as to what it means to operate and construct an exciting and top-notch website design in the tech industry, check out these 10 best tech websites of 2020. You’re sure to be amazed, excited and ready to emulate their talent and expertise

The 10 Best Tech Websites That Reimagine Online Businesses

  1. Sonos
    Sonos is a B2C brand that produces wireless sound systems. It’s a leader in its niche, with a legacy that dates back years and quality products that people swear by. Choosing Sonos over other wireless speakers is just as telling as choosing an iPhone over an Android and vice-versa — the competition is that intense.

So to complement such a stunning brand identity, the team created a website that was equally innovative and exciting.

The Sonos online platform is a clean, visually-driven website that puts an emphasis on products and the buyer journey. High-value messaging, product-focused imagery and stunning motion are just a few of the things that immediately catch your eye when landing on the home page.

But in seconds, you’re perusing the dynamic and engaging site, learning about the products and making purchases.

Clear and direct CTAs, smooth and fluid graphics and a clean layout are all additional aspects of this site that help users on their journey to the checkout page. It’s clear, clean and focused in a way that is equally please and exciting.

This is a tech website that understands its product, understands its audience is ready to connect the two. It’s smart, intuitive and captivating. It simplifies its products and shows users its use with ease and satisfaction.

Tesla’s consumer-focused website design stuns in its dynamic and bold imagery and features.
  1. Tesla
    Tesla is an automotive corporation that specializes in electric cars. It’s a brand known for cutting-edge technologies, innovative techniques and forward-thinking features. And to further propel these beliefs and motivations, the Tesla website is a bold, intuitive and highly engaging design that informs, excites and radiates.

The focus of this design is entirely on the products and the features consumers are most anxious to learn about. It doesn’t go to great lengths to promote its innovative, technical excellence right on the man page. No, instead it offers consumers all the bells and whistles they want to hear about.

This website was created with car buyers in mind. Bold imagery, interactive movement and clear CTAs all point users down the right path — where they can learn more about the cars, what goes into them and what features appeal to them. Here is some info on logitech drivers.

This isn’t a website touting its own excellence — although the brand is at the top of its game. There’s no denying that — but consumers already know that. They know about the forward-thinking nature of the brand and its strive towards success.

But they don’t know how many seats come in a certain version, or know what safety features are included. So the website clearly displays this information for consumers to see, absorb and let sway.

The Tesla website is definitely innovative — there are dynamic movement, fluid navigation and breathtaking visuals. But it was created with its customers in mind and that’s key.

The Apple website puts an emphasis on product imagery.

  1. Apple
    We all know Apple — the leading tech brand in smartphones, smartwatches, tablets computers and more. It’s a brand that rose from nothing to become a brand that most people across the globe can’t live without. Apple is iconic. Its products are unmistakable. Its designs are revolutionary.

And its website is no different.

The Apple website is clean, product-focused and demanding. Product images make up most of the design. Apple relies heavily on stunning product images to engage with users and tout its excellence. It doesn’t need words — not when the proof is so evident just by looking at these sleek and sophisticated products.

This organized and efficient website outlines its features in a clean, crisp way in its minimal menu bar. But that’s mainly because when users land on the web page, they already probably know what they’re looking for, so Apple is trying to make the process easy for them going forward.

Apple doesn’t need much explaining — either the brand nor the products — so the company eliminates unnecessary copy in its website design. Images are the focus, and it’s these images that drive sales.

This keeps the website clean and decluttered, easy to use and pleasing to navigate. The Apple website organizes content in a reverse pyramid, keeping this consistent throughout when you do see the copy. But even this is simple, streamlined and minimal.

Amazon’s organization makes buying products from this retailer a dream.

  1. Amazon
    Amazon is a powerhouse retailer that has taken the world by storm in recent years. It’s an online distributor that connects consumers with the products that they want — these products range from books, movies, children’s toys and more.

Considering the comprehensive offering this brand offers, it makes sense that their website is equally comprehensive — but that doesn’t mean it’s cluttered, disorganized or complicated. In fact, Amazon is one of the easiest e-commerce sites to navigate thanks to its open layout, grid structure and thorough categorical breakdown.

Amazon’s clear organizational structure — with products and categories clearly lined along the page, in blocks on the screen and in drop-down menus — lends itself to an intuitive and streamlined design. It’s easy to navigate, fun to explore and exciting to search through.

There is plenty of clean space that excites, bright colors that captivate, vivid images that draw attention and CTAs that encourage action. This seamless user experience makes it simple for consumers to get lost on the site and find the products they’re looking for, and get inspiration for even more options.

This site is clearly laid out, color-coded and easy to peruse. It’s a fun and satisfying website design that puts the shopper experience front and center, while still offering up its own products and services to grab users’ attention.

Though Amazon’s user interface is without a doubt impressive, a critical role is played by the Amazon Affiliate Websites to capture users’ imagination. Websites like Reviewscrush.com work in partnership with Amazon to promote top-notch, quality products, thus making it convenient for buyers to shop online.

BMW captivates with it’s dynamic and engaging website design.

  1. BMW
    BMW is another major car dealer with a drive towards the future. And its website design speaks volumes to that effect.

The BMW website is organized, clean and dynamic. Videos autoplay, images glide and navigation is seamless thanks to the overall layout. Images and video sit in a grid-like structure, each box sitting abstractly in different sizes. This is a very modern and clean layout that has your eyes drawn to each and every corner.

The structure is organized and fun, and the typography is clear. The text is boldly overlaid over images and video making it easier for users to get the aspect of the website they are searching for.

Products are put on clean and clear display in this design, but so is innovation and news. The BMW website makes a point to share with consumers their successes, innovations and projects to spark interest and keep the brand alive in the minds of consumers across the globe.

It’s a brand that wants its accomplishments tracked — partially for the notoriety, but also to let consumers know that the brand isn’t giving up nor stopping its forward motion anytime soon.

The BMW website is cleverly organized, dynamic and fun. It puts an emphasis on automotive innovation to keep consumers, and possible investors interested engaged and ready to interact.

The Sony website is a dark and moody design that attracts.

  1. Sony
    Sony is a global producer of professional and consumer electronics including gaming, entertainment and financial services. They really do it all, but their bread and butter is their entertainment and gaming consoles — and their website promotes that as best it can.

The Sony website is dark, edgy and moody. The main page is made up of a grid of multisized squares each holding a piece of information in them represented by a bold image and subtle text.

News, tweets, innovations and product descriptions litter the homepage in a creative, succinct and technical way. It looks futuristic fun and innovative — the perfect theme for a brand that creates high-quality technical entertainment and gaming systems.

A clean menu bar sits at the top with a comprehensive drop-down menu of options opening when you hover your mouse over. This is clear, cohesive and clean. Product pages match this cleanliness with plenty of open space, a focus on product imagery and minimal text.

This website does a lot and hosts a lot of different products in a lot of different niches. But it doesn’t let itself get too carried away.

That’s the beauty of this design — there is so much going on — so much that has to be included — but users never feel overwhelmed. This design isn’t cluttered or obnoxious. It’s the perfect balance of interesting, enigmatic and thorough.

The Netflix website is a personalized, moody design that sets the tone for binge watching.

  1. Netflix
    We all know Netflix. We all probably love Netflix. It’s the popular video streaming service that, for a monthly subscription, allows us to watch our favorite shoes and movies at length. I can’t even count the number of hours I’ve lost transfixed on a new docuseries.

And that’s due, in part, to its web design.

This dark, moody and seductive website design lulls you into submission. It sets the tone for movie night — even if the sun is out and it’s three in the afternoon. The dark color instantly puts you at ease and gets you into the mindset of watching a movie.

And the navigation is flawless. A handy drop-down menu sits at the top, letting users choose what video category they want. Similarly, the organization of content is a breeze. A horizontal grid lists titles and genres which are condensed into handy and vivid blocks.

Do you these websites give you design inspiration? If you want more, sign up for the DesignRush Daily Dose!

There’s a personal and intuitive quality to this site as well. It recommends titles based on past watch history and offers them to you front and center. This makes the overall experience even simpler, with the website telling you what to watch instead of making you spend hours searching.

This personalized, intuitive and engaging website just can’t be beaten.

Paypal went with a web design that was simple, efficient and intuitive.

  1. Paypal
    Paypal is a simple, modern and efficient website design that helps users send and receive money across the world. This service aims to simplify money transfers, and does so with a comprehensive online presence and simple navigation.

The website opens up with interactive and engaging imagery, overlaid with simple text. People can choose to use the service for personal or business needs and the service diverges from there.

But the main theme of the Paypal website is simplicity, with a focus on simple, minimal copy and semi-transparent images.

Clever illustrations add context to the service and its usage, and clear CTAs make it easy for users to navigate the site and get to the money transfer portal or the account page to send and receive money.

PayPal wants to make the process simple. It wants to eliminate the guesswork that goes into figuring out how to get money where and what conversion rates might be involved. Finances are tough enough as it is.

Pair this simple navigation with a blue color scheme and users are put immediately at ease to enjoy the service without any stress or anxiety.

This website is clean, seamless and straight to the point — exactly what a money transfer service should be.

Fitbit makes fitness easy with its seamless web design.

  1. Fitbit
    Fitbit is a fitness tracker — it tracks calorie intake and expenditure, steps, heart rate, progress and more. It’s an innovative product that connects with an app on your phones so you can track your progress wherever you go. Fitbit is a brand that encourages users to live their best life and to do that, Fitbit created a website that makes fitness fun — at least online.

The website is bright, clean and visually stunning. Bold product shots set against colorful backgrounds, with simple, clear CTAs leading users to products, informational pages and more.

The website overall is simple and fun. Blocks of images and text provide users with valuable information about their Fitbits as well as the multiple services the brand provides. It offers insights, innovations and news about the brand as well.

This is a very approachable and friendly website. It doesn’t get too technical or in-depth, instead, walking users fluidly throughout its design in a determined, creative and orderly fashion. Using color, clever illustrations and an approachable tone, the Fitbit website makes it easy for users to start taking fitness more seriously.

Nest Best Tech Website Design
The Nest website is bright, bold and fun.

  1. Nest
    Nest is a brand that creates smart home products — anything from doorbells, to heating and cooling systems and more. If you want to control your home from your handy smartphone device, Nest is the leader in this niche and you should be learning more.

Nest is a brand that caters to consumers, so their B2C website is geared towards everyday people. And to reach these people, Nest went with a colorful and playful design that is innately engaging, clever and fun.

Nest plays with popular culture, brand representatives and cool colors to excite, amaze and entertain. It’s a website that knows its audience wants quick, cool and easy, so they play with design elements that lighten the mood, inform and lead users quickly and efficiently throughout the site.

A slideshow of images and text give users brief news updates so they can understand what’s going on with the brand, the products and possible updates that will affect them — giving users one interface to interact with to stay up-to-date and in touch with the company.

Typography and images are also bold, leading users throughout the site and giving them context to product usage. Similarly, products are seen in real use and real situations. This adds an approachability to the product and its use. If people weren’t familiar or didn’t understand the product before, now that they can see it being used in real-life situations, they can understand it better than reading lengthy bodies of text or seeing a lengthy video.

This site aims to make the product easy and compel users to use and understand it with ease and efficiency.

Top Website Design Agencies For Technology Companies

5 Things to Remember When Hiring a Web Developer

Web development is a key ingredient in running a company efficiently and successfully. The term “web developer” is used to describe a professional who creates, modifies, and maintains websites to be used on computers and mobile phones alike. A web developer can specialize in various different areas within this field, which we will specify later. Currently, web developer has become a popular career in technology due to the increasing demand of web-based applications

Web development is a science-based, creative line of work that can be one of the best jobs for a career change. Within web development, you can join fields such as web design, programming, or database management. These various choices make this career suitable for someone who prefers a versatile environment and likes having room to grow in their job. 

The focus of web development is to provide information that users seek to them whenever they need it. This entails information maintenance, frequent updates to the information, and high standards for information and website quality. 

The Types of Development 

Web development can be separated into two different categories: frontend and backend development. 

Frontend development

This side of development focuses on anything the user will interact with, which is why this side of development uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap as their main programming languages for web design and so on. 

Backend development 

Backend development focuses on the servers these websites will run on, in other words, the body of the operation. No users will be interacting with these areas of the site. Languages like PHP, Python, Java, Node.js, and Back End Frameworks are used to secure efficient outcomes in backend development. 

How to start looking into hiring 

  1. Pinpoint a difficulty for the developer to fix

Before starting your search for hiring a web developer at your company, start by defining the issues your target audience, or you are facing, followed by the ideal outcome you wish to have. These struggles usually boil down to two things a developer can fix: design or functionality. Once defined, you can hire a frontend or a backend developer accordingly with the help of job boards like Lensa

For website creation, you will obviously need two people who are specialized in these two areas to work together on the project, or you can simply hire a full-stack developer who can do both. The reason specifying your project idea in detail is so crucial is that it will help you eliminate any candidates you don’t need, making the hiring process easier. 

You should also mention the scale of the project at hand, which can range from small to large. Tasks could range from simple feature integration to creating a video social network, which are two very different things that some developers may not want to take on at that current time. 

  1. Make sure your team knows what’s happening 

Remember that hiring someone new is a new addition to your whole existing team. Your development team and hiring manager should all know what the challenge, goals, and expectations are, as well as the standards you are trying to reach as a company. This will help filter out any candidates who aren’t adept at working there or wouldn’t work with your team well. 

  1. Look for specific characteristics

There are select features that every successful web developer has to offer. Depending on the notion of the project, you will be looking for different characteristics, but the main ones to look for include being quick learners, meaning they switch roles easier on a new team, having positive attitudes, ensuring they will go the extra mile, and reliability. 

Reliability is a characteristic every great web developer has mastered since they take on multiple projects at once and need to learn to prioritize to optimize their workflows. Predicting when they finish projects and being on time are also an addition to reliability. 

Good teamwork and strong communication skills are also a bonus when sifting through web developers since they will be working with your existing team to conclude a project. 

  1. Make an outline for the developer to follow 

 Once you’re set on hiring a developer, you will want an exact outcome from this project. To make your and the potential developer’s life easier, start by giving them a project summary. 

First, start by giving background information about you, your company, and the target audience you want to reach with this new project. Your business goals are also a priority since these projects are meant to boost those. 

Give developers a project summary and also establish how the project should be delivered to you once it’s completed. After giving the developer a summary, provide them with existing assets your company has, such as logos, color schemes, guidelines, wireframes, and so on. 

Lastly, give the developer a timeframe so they can successfully complete the project on time. Try to set the time frame to before the actual release of this product. This tactic gives insurance for your company to buffer any mistake in time if anything were to occur.

  1. How to evaluate a candidate before hiring 

We’ve already mentioned some soft skills an ideal web developer should have to work well at all companies. We’ve also talked about what programming languages and other technical skills can prove useful for them. In this key point, we will talk about what you need to look for when evaluating the candidate you are already willing to hire. 

Firstly, start by looking at past projects of theirs so you have proof of their expertise and can analyze where their weaknesses and strengths lie. This will allow you to steer the developer in a more ideal direction for the project to be completed to your standards. 

Look at past customer ratings if you can. Luckily, almost everyone has a presence on the internet, especially those who work on it or with it, making background checks all the easier. Read up on individual customer reviews and look at their overall ratings to get a sense of what you’re in for. 

Better developers ask for more but have a shorter turnaround time, whereas less experienced ones are the opposite. It is up to you to decide what suits this project as well as the deadline. If you’re unsure of who to hire, you can ask your candidates to complete a paid test so you can see how they work and somewhat predict what it would be like working with them. 


The web development job market is currently saturated, making it easy to find one that suits your team and the company’s needs.  Job search portals, like Lensa, are one way you can filter through a number of CVs quickly. If you follow certain hiring rules and communicate clearly with your web developer, you will be able to turn out one successful project after another without having to worry about high turnover rates.

Is Node.js Good for E-commerce? Building Online Store in 2023

E-commerce platform is a complex system from a technical perspective. To make all the pieces work together, you need a reliable technology that will support it. Node.js is fast and scalable, but how to make sure it’s the right match for your platform?

The Beauty of Building Apps with Node.js

Node.js is a Javascript environment that lets you develop performant and scalable applications. It’s a perfect match for applications such as real-time collaboration tools, chats, streaming apps or other applications that deal with multiple I/O operations. However, it doesn’t cope well with CPU-heavy software as the long-running calculations block incoming requests, which can lead to a drop in performance.


Node.js supports multitasking by giving better outcomes with lower costs. Comparing it to – say – PHP, it’s way more convenient. As the buyer’s journey at an e-commerce store involves numerous operations, such as adding things to the basket, changing product features, choosing payments etc., it’s crucial from the performance viewpoint that the technology serve such tasks efficiently. And Node.js effectively handles different operations conducted at the same time, which makes it a good choice for e-commerce.


Node.js enables quick scalability. In a short period, your e-commerce store can grow substantially. It is an important factor to consider when choosing the technology. Node has an inbuilt mechanism that helps to manage scalability and adjust it to your individual needs.

Big and Active Community

The Node.js community is a very active and vibrant group of developers who contribute to the constant improvement of Node.js. Thanks to their cooperation, the framework is well-documented, up-to-date and continuously supported, which makes the development much easier and faster. They produce a ton of ready solutions, codes in Github, plugins, modules and many more possibilities. In addition, if a problem pops up, chances are you already have the answer on StackOverflow.

Many Plugins and Packages in npm

Node.js comes with a great deal of packages that can be easily implemented in your app. That way, developers don’t need to write everything from scratch but can leverage reliable open-source solutions. It significantly increases the speed of development. There are great packages available for e-commerce too.

One Language on Back- and Front-end

Node.js is a JavaScript-based environment, and many popular front-end frameworks (such as React, Ember, Angular) use the very same language. Therefore, you can create applications which are isomorphic that is written in one language. It streamlines the development process, the communication between front- and back-end teams is way easier, and they can understand both sides of the codebase much better. Potentially, you might have a smaller and more efficient team that is easier to manage. Finally, with no technological diversity recruiting new people in case of scaling up won’t be a problem.

Tips and Things to Remember

After you weigh up all the options and decide to go for Node.js, there are a few things to consider about the development.

Choose the Right Solution

Depending on your needs, the number of features and the complexity of an application, you will have a bunch of options to develop your e-commerce store. There are a few ready solutions to create such an app including platforms such as Prime Fusion, Reaction Commerce and Trader.io. Naturally, you can also build an app from scratch if your project requires unique characteristics. Let’s go through all of the options.

  1. Prime Fusion
    Prime Fusion is a product fully based on MEAN stack, a full-stack javascript framework that includes MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js as well as GraphQL, webpack, React, Gulp, Babel and Mocha. All the above mentioned databases and frameworks provide developers with a complete set of tools to build a stable e-commerce platform. Prime Fusion can be easily modified and doesn’t require special knowledge about creating a store – everything comes with the framework.
  2. Reaction Commerce
    Reaction Commerce is an open-source, real-time platform based on Meteor Framework. It is a fast, flexible and scalable solution that plays nicely with npm, Docker and React. The codebase is modular, so you can tailor the solution to fit your needs. Everything can be extended, overwritten or installed as a package. It also provides extensive real-time analytics to help you make better business decisions.
  3. Trader.io
    Trader.io is also built around MEAN stack. It offers a flexible, scalable API and all basic functionalities you will need in your e-commerce store. The solution was built by a team of developers who had previously created a lot of e-commerce applications and then decided to take that existing code and make it open-source.
  4. Own solution
    The last option is to code your own solution that would be fully in line with all your needs. Building it from scratch will give you much bigger flexibility. However, it will take more time and money to create it and require more experience from developers.

Consider Technology Coherence

Node.js serves only as a backend for your e-commerce store, and you also need to think about what technologies you will use for other parts of the application. It’s important that all the frameworks and solutions stay consistent. That’s why the best option is to use a ready package offered by e-commerce platforms mentioned in the previous section. That way, you will avoid many problems that may appear when developing the app.

Is It a Good Choice?

In many cases, Node.js can give you higher performance than other technologies. It’s also proven that it’s a stable and fast solution for building e-commerce stores. It comes with a bunch of ready frameworks that make development easier and quicker. However, choosing stack is an individual case and depends on many factors.

How to find Best Wix Corvid Developers in 2023

It all starts with your stunning website. Wix advocates it’s easy and free to create one. But numerous google queries on “Top Wix Corvid developer” indicate that it’s not. At least for some part of Wix’s users.

Hereinafter we’ll list links to reliable Wix developers, who might help you create a stunning website you deserve.

Where to find Wix Corvid (ex.Code) developers?

1. Fiverr link – On this well-known site of freelancers I found only four specialists. But they are all ready for work and motivated.

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“I am a Wix Code Expert with a strong technical background.”

She will create dynamic pages with JS, API $ Database on Wix site at prices starting at $15.

★★★★☆ Tiaanrich

“Wix Code and Wix Databases Expert”

He`s a professional Wix Corvid website developer with a background in financial markets.

★★★☆☆ Falkon_techno

“I love coding and designing”

She made a lot of usual sites and develops services for Wix Corvid.

★★☆☆☆ Pdonnelly3

“A Machine that turns coffee into code”

He’s still young but ready to work.

2. UpWork Experts – There are not many more programmers. And there are developers who have a few hats. But the AVR allows you to hire a coder with a payment hourly.

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Comparison of Wix Corvid Freelancer on Fiverr

Real User Reviews:

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  • Darudex
    Anna is Fiverreasy to work and is a talent in webdesign. She is very easy to communicate with and keeps the time schedule. I have tried quite a few “wix webpage designers” on Fiverr before, and Anna is by far the best. She exceeded my expectations, a true professional! A big thank you 🙂
  • Thomasrosalia
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  • Olivialake
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Work Examples and Portfolios

How to Get Support yr Wix Site for Free?

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Dominating Web Development Trends 2023

“Figuring out what the next big trend is, tells us what we should focus on.” — Mark Zuckerberg

Web development, over the years, has proved itself as an indispensable element in the success of any organization/business. It is a window to your business, which helps you grow it globally.

Now, the Web development world is constantly changing, so do the trends. Sometimes these trends change much faster than they can be used. To stay ahead, it is necessary to focus on the latest trends, updates, techniques, and approaches that are getting popular. Besides, knowing trends and keeping in check of what is happening around is highly essential for web development.

Here we have gathered some trends after analyzing tendencies across industries in this list of web development trends this year. You’ll get to know about the top web technology stacks worth your attention in the coming year.

We have made this list so that you can save your time and can help you grow your business in the upcoming era. So, let’s begin.

1. Single-page Apps

All in one place. No need to switch. No need to wait..!!

Well, it is a bit irritating when one click leads to one more web page downloaded from a server. It also consumes your time and leaves a bad impact on users as well. This situation has lead to a trend of SPA.

SPA is one of the trends of recent years that helps to avoid lengthy communication with the server. It offers better page performance and provides a high level of data protection.

So, A single-page application is an app that works inside a browser and does not require page reloading during use. You are using this type of applications every day. These are, for example, Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, or GitHub.

As JavaScript frameworks in 2022 is going to actively rise, & SPA uses this language for content loading, this trend isn’t going away soon. Besides, these apps don’t require additional waiting time providing the users with instant feedback. Furthermore, it offers some amazing advantages.


  • Great UX/UI in a native browser environment
  • Saved bandwidth
  • Easier set-up and debugging with Chrome tools
  • The focus on APIs
  • The efficiency of a caching process

Single-page app examples:

You can check Vuexy Admin Template, which is highly suitable for developing single-page apps.

It is an advanced admin template. It is highly responsive, clean, and well structured. Besides, it is laced with Vuejs, HTML, PHP, and React. Furthermore, this graphically enriched bootstrap template is highly recommended by developers over the world for its user-friendly experience and speed. In addition, it includes 100+cards, 50+ Components, and many more.

Demo Download

2. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Everything at your thumb…!! We know this concept right? Easy navigation, smooth working, less loading, and fast. Yes, that’s what PWA i.e Progressive Web App is about..!! Fast, Reliable, and smooth user-friendly experience.

No doubt, PWA is not that new. Although, it is the talk of the town since it arrived and it is going to dominate 2021 as well. Modern developers and investors are aiming for it because of its capability to perform a high-quality user experience. As they are highly mobile-friendly, there is no doubt demand for PWA is going to increase.

Well, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are built and enhanced with modern APIs to deliver enhanced capabilities, reliability, and installability while reaching anyone, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase. Which makes it suitable for cross-device compatibility.

They not only are fast and load instantly, but they also allow users to use services offline, while performing all the functions of a native app.


  • PWA helps deliver a smooth and user-friendly web experience.
  • Helps reducing bounce rates
  • Works offline as it is connectivity independent
  • Makes your app reliable, capable and installable

Some example of services using PWA :

3. Artificial Intelligence Development – Support

As per the report “The artificial intelligence market to be valued at USD 39.9 billion in 2019 and is likely to reach USD 190.61 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 42.2% during the forecast period.” That’s a pretty huge number…!! Isn’t it??

Now, around 38% of people skip a website if the content or layout is unattractive. More than 75% of customers decide a business’s credibility based on its website design. Users take just 0.5 seconds to form an opinion about a website. Henceforth, it is essential for technology to involve in the world of web development. Here, AI comes into the picture of web development trends 2023.

  • Dall-E
  • CPT-3
  • ChatGPT

Applying AI in web development helps you predict customer choices using which you can shape the overall look and feel of your website. AI allows you to know,

  • What are your customers planning to buy next?
  • The ideal time frame during which a customer decides to buy a product.
  • What kind of products allures the most to the customers?
  • What are the products that are not appreciated by the customers?
  • Who all are interested in buying your products?

We are living in a digital era and it’s a well-known fact that the upcoming age is going to be all about a smarter approach in every field. This means less manual operating. For example, chatbots, Augmented Reality/Virtual reality.

Sketch2Code, a web-based solution, has recently been introduced. It relies on artificial intelligence in order to transform a handwritten UI design from an image to a valid HTML markup code.

Many users aren’t even surprised that AI is involved to some extent in most sites. It created a new dimension in the sphere of web development.

4. WebAssembly

The first thing that must not be neglected when developing a web application is performance. Now, JavaScript limitations make heavy calculations slow. That significantly worsen the user experience.

This is one of the main reasons for the rising popularity of WebAssembly. With this technology, the code in any programming language can be compiled into bytecode, which runs in a browser.

WebAssembly is an open standard that defines a portable binary-code format for executable programs, and a corresponding textual assembly language, as well as interfaces for facilitating interactions between such programs and their host environment.


  • It’s independent of programming language and platform
  • Independent of hardware
  • Executes code fast
  • Provides a high level of security.

It all comes down to the triangle — small footprint, cross-platform scripting, and speed. All three of these components are the key ones in modern web development. This is why a lion’s share of web development cases is not without WebAssembly today.

For more info check Webassembly concepts

5. Voice Search and Navigation

Hey Siri…. What’s trending today?

We, humans, are getting lazy day by day… isn’t it..!!?? First, we made mobiles, then developed smartphones to reduce manual works, and now we are heading towards “voice-oriented hands-free” gadgets. Command-oriented services are hot topics nowadays.

Well, voice search and navigation are going to be one of the most dominant web development trends in 2021. They are already a part of our daily routine. They are super awesome as they kind of made it easy the way we search for information, take notes, and so on.

Brands like Apple, Android, and Google implement the trend in their UI/UX design process. So, this rapidly emerging trend isn’t something you can ignore…!!

Google reports that 27% of the online global population is using voice search on mobile.

Voicebot.ai reports that over half of all adults have used voice search, with 33% using voice search monthly in early 2019, jumping up from 25% in 2018.

By implementing Voice search and navigations in web development, you can make sure your service delivers an amazing user experience.

Voice user interfaces work according to the following algorithm:

  • Speech recognition software converts input analog waves into a digital format
  • The audio input is broken down into separate sounds, phonemes
  • The software analyzes each of them and compares to words from the dictionary
  • Speech is converted to on-screen text or computer commands


  • Ease of use
  • Allows freehand interaction
  • High speed of task execution
  • Great user experience
  • Intuitiveness and convenience

People prefer to spend less time typing commands. This is why they increasingly use voice search. Therefore, web development will be closely related to the implementation of such functionality.

6. Native Apps will dominate the market

What if you are working and suddenly there is a net issue..!! Bit irritating to depend on the internet all the time. That’s where the Native app comes into the picture. It allows you to work offline as well.

native mobile app is one that is installed directly on the smartphone and can work, in most cases, with no internet connectivity depending on the nature of the app.

Well, native app development is already in demand as it is, going ahead, software developers can expect this trend to dominate web development trends in 2021.

Since they are uniquely designed for specific platforms, they generally deliver a better user experience and more powerful performance comparing to hybrid apps. That’s the reason, more and more businesses are investing in multiple native apps for iOS and Android to enable them to provide their users with a better experience.


  • Broad functionalities due to using the capabilities of the underlying devicE
  • UI that better matches with user experiences of the OS
  • Responsive and fast performance
  • Push notifications
  • Quality assurance through ratings in application stores.

With the increasing popularity of smartphones in the market and with the ever-increasing dominance of iOS and Android operating systems in the market, it doesn’t seem like an investment in native app development will dwindle anytime soon, not in 2021 or in the foreseeable future as a matter of fact.

7. 3D Motion design UI

Credit: Credit: Vuexy By Anand Patel on Dribbble

Motion design is one of the main web design and web development trends in 2021. Minimalistic design coupled with sophisticated interactions gives an engaging and interactive look that attracts the user’s attention.

As its name strongly suggests, motion design is about designing movement. However, it goes quite beyond simply animating an element of the screen after it has been conceived.

Motion design must be contemplated already on the UI/UX design stage. The reason behind this is that just having a screen that contains animations falls a bit short of its intended aim: the movement added has to mean something and have a purpose.

Due to motion design, these elements will be implemented:

All of that will help you display your unique style and entertain the user, improving behavioral factors, and helping your web app rank higher in search results.

With the help of AMP, motion design can be implemented without loss of download speed. Therefore, if you want to hold the user on your page, then do not ignore this one…!!


  • Define your structure and interactions
  • Eases navigation
  • Dissimulates slow load times
  • Increases session length hence reduce the bounce rate

To increase engagement and provide better UI/UX to your web app’s users, try to upgrade it with motion UI techniques.

  • Guide users through your app with animations demonstrating which step to take next;
  • React to users’ gestures with catchy animations;
  • Demonstrate the relations between different components of an app, etc.

8. Serverless Architecture

Credit: Runcloud

Serverless architecture is a way to build and run applications and services independently to manage infrastructure. Your application still runs on servers, but all the server management is done by AWS. You no longer have to provision, scale, and maintain servers to run your applications, databases, and storage systems.

So basically, Serverless applications are event-driven cloud-based systems where application development depends solely on a group of third-party services, client-side logic, and cloud-hosted remote procedure calls. (Functions as a Service).

No doubt, Serverless is reaching new heights in its path to disrupt your server infrastructure. Serverless is already used in production by companies like Netflix, Reuters, AOL, and Telenor.

as Serverless architectures help reducing system overloading, data loss, and expensive development. Consequently, one of the solutions became cloud computing, which can replace regular servers.


  • Easy to deploy
  • Better scalability
  • it reduces development and ongoing support budgets
  • strengthen app architecture
  • increases flexibility

The most common tasks that can be very quickly executed due to serverless technologies are downloading file backups, notification delivery, and objects export. Stated differently, serverless architecture is one more trend, which will dramatically change the approach to web development.

9. Continuous Integration and Deployment

Credit: By Stories on Freepik

We are living in the digital era where speed and continuity play a brutal role in any sector and business, the web development world is no different either. In fact, in the world of web development, it is the uppermost priority to deliver speedy, smooth, and updated services.

Frequency in Regular bug fixes, updates, improvements in UI/UX, etc makes your web service accountable and user favorite. Also, most modern applications require developing code in different platforms and tools, the team needs a mechanism to integrate and validate its changes. It affects your overall business. Thus, Continuous Integration And Deployment are crucial in the web world.?

Well, Continuous Integration is the process of testing each change done to your codebase automatically and as early as possible. Continuous Deployment follows the testing that happens during Continuous Integration and pushes changes to a staging or production system. While continuous delivery means apps get into production for thorough testing, and continuous deployment updates them automatically.


  • Smaller code changes are simpler (more atomic)
  • Fault isolation is simpler and quicker.
  • The product improves rapidly through fast feature introduction
  • Meantime to resolution (MTTR) is shorter due to the smaller code changes and quicker fault isolation.
  • Testability improves because of the smaller, specific changes. These smaller changes permit more accurate positive and negative tests.
  • Elapsed time to detect and correct production escapes is shorter with a faster rate of release.

With such advantages, no wonder more software development companies will implement this approach in their work. As it is the most crucial aspect in the world of web development.

10. Cloud technology is here to stay for a long time

Created by Taras Ivanytskyi on dribbble

Did you know that in 2020, the cloud services industry generated almost $40 billion in revenue, taking its market value to a total of $266.4 billion from the $227.8 billion in 2019, an 17% growth in just one year?

With these figures, one thing is sure; in web development services, cloud technology is the king. In 2021, it is expected that cloud vendors like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon will continue to rake in lots of cash thanks to cloud technology.

The reason behind this hot trend is, there are several companies on the cloud, and more are expected to move there. Businesses of all sizes, from a small entrepreneurial startup or a multinational corporation, to businesses across several industries, from health care to intelligence agencies and even government organizations are all going to cloud providers for data storage.

Credit: Cloudopedia

Following are some cloud services.

Cloud technology offers great security, scalability, and flexibility when it comes to data storage, and considering the ever-present threat of hackers which could lead to a security breach, organizations will want to ensure they are taking measurable steps to safeguard their sensitive data and avoid a data breach and other activities that might compromise the privacy of data.

11. 5G Technology will be unparalleled

Credit: Rpc snate

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks, bringing new capabilities that will create opportunities for people, businesses, and society. Even in the web development world, 5G is ruling. As there is a need for enhanced service, faster connectivity is a must thing.

In 2023, software developers can expect the 5G technology to return as a trend, but for all the right reasons this time around. With the use of new radio frequencies and speed reaching 100 Gbps, the 5G technology is about 100 times faster than 4G networks and experts in the software development industry predict that it will lead the standard data transmission with 1.4 billion devices around the world in the next five years.


  • Greater speed in transmissions
  • Lower latency
  • Greater number of connected devices
  • Network slicing
  • Enhanced Capacity
  • Availability and Coverage
Credit: By Kate mangostar on Freepik

5G technology is designed for compute-intensive apps like augmented reality, virtual reality, and 4K video streaming. Software developers interested in creating designs and features that enhance business performance will find this technology especially useful.

With the promise of better data transmission and a faster network, the 5G technology is no doubt a great contender for one of the best web development trends in 2021.

12. Mixed Reality (MR)

As per the report, the market of AR/VR i.e mixed reality will grow from $1.054 billion in 2017 to $9.982 billion in 2024, and it will see a CAGR of 73.2% during 2018–2023 period.

Mixed Reality (MR), is a combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). It has a pivotal role in enterprise applications. AR combines digital content with the physical environment of users, whereas VR creates an immersive experience for users.

Organizations in many sectors like Web app development, defense, tourism, architecture, construction, gaming, healthcare, etc. are realizing key business value with the help of this technology.

How MR is turning the table:

  • Businesses, government organizations, and even non-profit organizations can use AR and VR to train their employees in complex jobs.
  • The ability to overlay digital information on the physical environment on a real-time basis creates many possibilities for augmented reality in business.
  • Media and entertainment businesses are using AR and VR in a significant way to offer engaging content to consumers.
  • Businesses can use AR and VR to let their prospective customers “try-out” their products virtually, and this augments their sales effort.

MR experiences on websites will keep increasing over the coming years. Think of furniture sites like IKEA that showcases what furniture would look like in your room..!!

13. Blockchain/NFT: Augmenting enterprise solutions with transparency, efficiency, and security

Bitcoins kind of turned revolutionary when it arrived…!! It sort of shook the market and opened a new gate for the web development world as well. A Cision PR Newswire report estimates that the blockchain technology market will touch $57.641 billion in 2025, by an impressive 69.4% CAGR between 2019 and 2025.

The cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether have made us notice blockchain, the technology has a wide impact on enterprise systems. Basically, blockchain is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, and it offers decentralization, a distributed ledger, transparency, and security features.

Smart contracts running on blockchain networks are tamper-proof and transparent, therefore, they are secure and trustworthy. Besides, their execution is irreversible, which makes contract administration easier.

Blockchain Advantages:

  • Decentralization
  • Immutability
  • Security
  • Transparency.
  • Securing the Internet of Things (IoT)

Examples of a few blockchain use cases:

  • Improving supply chain management
  • Identity management: Blockchain can improve the “Identity and Access Management” (IAM) processes with its tamper-proof data and distributed ledger.
  • Better analytics: Blockchain offers immutability and audit trail, thus assuring the right quality of data. This can help businesses in all sectors since they can run their analytics tools on reliable data.
  • Disruption through decentralization: Blockchain platforms like Ethereum and NEO enable entrepreneurs to build “Decentralized apps” (DApps), therefore, they can disrupt existing centralized business models.
  • Securing the Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of Things (IoT) has significant potential since it can derive insights from billions of sensors and devices. Although, IoT faces risks since the entire communication between devices takes place over the Internet. Blockchain can secure this communication with its robust security features.

14. IoT: Internet of Things

According to research, “over 20 billion IoT devices will be active and connected to the internet by the year 2020”. That’s pretty impressive…!!?

We want everything smarter. Be it a smartphone or even a light-bulb..!! You see, the demand for smart gadgets is increasing day by day and it is not going to stop. And, thanks to the internet, smart life is becoming a reality. All you have to do is, command…!! Yes, that’s the thing we love.?

Well, It is impossible to imagine life without the internet as each and every aspect of the world is now connected to make everything convenient, simple, and smart. Thus, to keep the world even more connected, the advent of IoT (Internet Of Things) has been a blessing.

IoT refers to a broad range of internet-connected devices that are capable of communicating with other devices and networks. They can perform a variety of functions but are most often used to gather information and perform specific actions. You’ll be amazed to know that Every Second, another 127 Devices are Connected to The Internet.


  • Improve monitoring
  • New capabilities to predict and act
  • Increase customer dialog
  • Fine-tune services and products
  • Improve control of operation processes

Nowadays, the internet is making life extremely easier but also making the world a small place now. Thanks to the growing enhancements, the internet is now part of our systems and routine to enrich us.

IoT is definitely going to rule the web development world for a long span of time…!!

15. MEAN-React-Vue-Flutter Tech Stack

Most of the listed above trends can’t be implemented without a certain technological stack. But nowadays there are hundreds of frameworks and libraries. Which of them will be used most often?

MEAN is a free and open-source JavaScript software stack for building dynamic websites and web applications. Because all components of the MEAN stack support programs that are written in JavaScript, MEAN applications can be written in one language for both server-side and client-side execution environments

MEAN stack is one of the most popular ones out there. It includes:

  • MongoDB – a database
  • React.js – a web framework
  • Vue.js – a front-end framework
  • Angular – a front-end framework
  • Flutter for web

React library plays a major role. It’s frequently used as a replacement for Angular in the MEAN stack. It enables the faster and easier implementation of changes, so more and more developers choose it over Angular.

  • React is an open-source, front-end, JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies.

Have a look at the Vuexy React Admin Template which is made using React.

You can check_ ReactJS Roadmap For Developers for a detailed overview of how to start with reactjs. Apart from this, there is an article on the best ReactJS UI Frameworks and component libraries which will be helpful.

Vue has already made its place in the global market after giants like Xiaomi and Alibaba switched to it. This is a very compact front-end solution.

  • Vue.js is an open-source model–view–ViewModel front-end JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications.

You can have a look at the Vuexy Vuejs Admin Template which is made using the Vuejs.

Also, there is a detailed article on Trending VueJS UI Components Library and frameworks that you’ll find useful.Angular

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations.

And the last popular solution is Flutter for Web. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase. It helps to provide high-quality work of web apps on any device, so it stands high in web developers’ ratings.


Well, as here talked about web development trends in 2022-2023, It can be hard to chase them since they change so fast. But, we must keep them in check and try them out..!!

By following the latest tendencies in web development, you can appease your users with a world-class user experience, improve your web app ranking, and open new markets for your services…!!

By using these trends, you will be able to provide an amazing experience to your web app’s users. Also, you will increase your chances of becoming their first choice!

Generally speaking, every web development trend is worth your attention. Some of them may continue for the next decade, for example, AI Chats, IoT, Voice bots, MR, ETC. While some of them will become a norm in just a few months.

So, don’t hesitate to start implementing them to your next project as soon as possible.

Do tell us your favorite one and in case we missed any here, we would love to hear it. Happy developing.?

Dating Online Business Operations that Can Be Outsourced

Getting into the world of dating site operations can be financially rewarding. It takes time to build the site functionalities and build a subscriber base. You have to focus on the early stages of the user experience and site design and then add features overtime to keep those users and attract new ones. You also need to work with your development team to streamline the user experience based on the analysis of their diverse needs.

There are many tasks and challenges you’ll face while running a dating platform. Naturally, you can’t please every user, but you should do the best to serve your subscriber base. Dating site managers shared their experience in maintaining Tenderbang website by outsourcing individual tasks. So, here is why site heads choose outsourcing to coordinate much of web-based operations.

A dating site is an online business with many difficulties but great opportunities!

A dating site or app is an easy way for people to meet other people, so they can form relationships both online and in real life. Thanks to this technology, people need no more to come up with the places where singles are and have a live conversation with each new potential match. It’s great that anyone can use a dating site as a  tool to communicate according to their own comfort level, thus gradually overcoming the anxiety of talking to strangers, and setting updates only when they are ready. These reasons are driving the rise in the popularity of dating platforms. As soon as your web property attracts a higher number of users you are directly responsible for improving the service level they receive. In that case, it makes sense to delegate certain day-to-day tasks so that the main team can make time to perfect matching algorithms or take care of the other core businesses.

The features of the dating niche

When running an online dating project, you must understand the features of the dating market and protect site-specific operational information. Never to share such classified information with your outsourcing assistants as:

  • the matchmaking algorithm (or how people get new matches);
  • individual or collective user data;
  • a business model (or how your website will benefit your business);
  • the specific dos and don’ts for using the site.

A dating site uses the data that it collects from user activity or from the personality test questions they answer to predict factors such as romantic desire and to give the best matches. So if you give away these secrets, it is easy for an outside source to duplicate your website scheme and steal your membership.

The dating site management tasks that could be safely outsourced in 2023

If you are serious about managing your dating site, then outsource the dating site operations that pose the least risk to your business. Choose those time-consuming tasks that need to be operated regularly throughout the year.

Users want a dating site that evolves over time and increases in user responsiveness while maintaining an intuitive design. They also want to keep being members of a dating site with a growing user base. They have the perception that more matches in their area will increase their chances of finding love when actually it’s really about the quality of the matches (however few). 

These tasks you can safely trust to an outsourced worker:

  • Content creation – creating a web page and blog posts for users to understand the site features, to interact with other users, and to post various items to their own profiles; collect and analyze niche-oriented keywords for promotion your blog content.
  • Website design and graphics – make the site look attractive and help users navigate with efficiency; take care of site brand building; fill the site with original visuals. Find a strong Frontend Guru here.
  • Marketing maintenance – ensure all ingoing and outgoing ads are managed with care (including mass media communication, digital media and advertising).
  • Technical support – respond to requests for information and user problems, moderating user posts, and removing inappropriate content.
  • Analytics and web research – mining web and user data on the site and on other appropriate sites to make improvements while not changing the matchmaking algorithm, comparing your site to competitor sites.
  • SMM – comprehensive social media marketing – continuing your site’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Mobile application – development of a convenient and optimized app while maintaining the maximum possible functionality of the site.

In the end, you have everything to gain by delegating the daily management of your site to outside help. Many outsourcing agencies and freelancers are located throughout the world that can help you succeed while not interfering with your business model, so consider adding one to your site and start counting the profits from an investment well done.

How to Launch an Online Dating Site Successfully in 2023? [9 Tips]

Are you looking to get into a lucrative and competitive marketplace on the web today?

Are you looking to get into a lucrative and competitive marketplace on the web today? Then making an online dating site might just be the way you want to go. Not only do you get the chance to help people from all walks of life find love, but you can find several different ways to make some money! It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Today, we’re providing you with several critical tips for how you can launch your dating site quickly and easily! Another good example of launching a startup is in our article about Likee App.

An online dating site is really a successful business?

The first question that people ask about online dating sites is whether they are successful. The answer is all about the potential of the site and the discipline of the site operator.

  • Will you be willing to invest time, money, and effort into the site?
  • Are you okay with building partnerships with others in the world of cyberspace?
  • Do you have the discipline necessary to use every resource possible to make your site the best it can be?

If you answered yes to those questions, then you can be the owner of a very successful online dating service. The online dating market creates revenue worth almost $2 billion, and that number is growing every day. There is no reason that you can’t build a site that will give you a piece of that pie.

Does outsourcing development help to achieve the best results?

A major thing that people talk about when it comes to making a dating site is whether it is worth it to outsource the development or operation of the site. There are two kinds of outsourcing: one is when you hire people to do the work for you, and the other is when you hire outside the country for those jobs. Many people believe that outsourcing will not end well because the people they hire from other countries don’t speak the same language. However, you can mistake one’s fluency in a language for their intellect. Some nations have incredibly talented programmers and writers; they simply get a bad rap for being from a specific country. If you can look past that (and you should), then it is easy to see why outsourcing should be something you do to bolster your site. You can’t do all the work yourself, and you should entrust it to skilled workers no matter where they are from.

To-do-list for successful dating site:

Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes – what do you imagine when you think about the perfect Online Dating Site: easy chatting, simple and intuitive interface, convenient user settings, no intrusive ads – all this and even more. That’s why you need to take into account this to-do list to ensure that everything you need is ready for your service.

  • Choose the right niche

In order for your website to be successful, you have to be in the right niche. Preferably, this is an area of dating that you identify with or something you care about deeply. Make this part of your passion, and it will work out well. Also, some niches are more friendly to market entrants than others; don’t expect to come in and take market share away from companies that are large and generalized dating sites.

  • Decide on a business model

Now that you know how you are going to run your website, you have to know how you’re going to make money from it. Don’t worry, though. You can change your approach later or have many. Set up affiliate marketing, ads, and paid accounts on your dating site to get great results.

  • Define a matchmaking algorithm

How are you going to match your users? Do you have an algorithm in place? Will you buy one? Or will you make your users do most of the legwork?

  • Create a catchy name and logo

Your branding is just as important as the website itself. You have to choose a good name that rolls off the tongue easily, and you need an unmistakable logo.

  • Think over a marketing promotion strategy

How do you get the word out about your website? It can be hard, but with social media, partnerships, and ads, you can secure some first-generation users!

  • Provide site security and user support

Nobody wants to use a site that is not going to protect their private data. You have to add security and support features to your site to help your users stay safe and feel as though their voices are being heard.

  • Remember about mobile apps

Everyone is using their phones to date these days. A dedicated app for your website can help bolster your user numbers and drive people to your advertisements to improve your income. An app costs extra money to build, but it’s also one of the best ways to ensure customer loyalty!


When it comes to designing and building a dating site, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are many things to do and a whole lot of expertise that you need to gain in a relatively short amount of time. However, when you manage to start matching people and helping them find the best romantic outcomes for their lives, you’ll know that you made the right decision. So, get ready to roll up your sleeves, get a team ready, and get to work so you can start making money in this highly lucrative sector of online development.

How to develop a website similar to Datdrop

Let’s get started creating a website similar to datdrop.com! In this blog post, we’ll discuss the technologies and techniques that go into developing a user-friendly, streamlined site like this online gaming platform. So put on your thinking cap and get ready for some serious web dev fun!

website https://datdrop.com/
twitter https://twitter.com/DATDropCases

Introduction to Datdrop.com

Datdrop.com is an online platform that offers its users the chance to get involved in digital asset trading.

DatDrop is exclusive CS:GO open case, upgrade and battle opening website.

The venture has established itself as a reliable source for people looking to purchase and trade cryptocurrency in traditional fiat currency or vice versa. It’s a great way for users to buy, sell and securely store digital assets and use their funds to pay for goods and services with different cryptocurrencies.

This platform enables its users to explore a variety of options when it comes to buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies, including the following features: automated services that help with matching buyers and sellers; an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation; built-in wallets for storing digital assets; access to more than 25 exchanges; integration with popular tools such as Oanda Live Trading Station and Cloud Mining ; multi-language guides and customer support; Express Local Transfers system which enables customers to quickly move funds between exchanges without leaving Datdrop.com interface.

By understanding how Datdrop has achieved success, it is possible to come up with a list of steps necessary for building websites similar to this one. In order to get started you need to choose the right architecture, develop user friendly interfaces and secure payment systems, integrate third party services, localize your platform in multiple languages, implement customer service measures etc. In this guide we are going provide you information on everything you need know in order create a website similar Datdrop.com – from analysing existing solutions on the market step by step development guide building a successful trading platform from scratch.

Understanding the Features of Datdrop.com

Datdrop.com is a well-established website in the gaming industry that offers case opening services. If you aim to construct a similar website, it is important to understand the features of Datdrop and how it works.

First, the site provides users with a variety of game cases; these cases can be rewarded or purchased with coins, which are gained by completing various tasks such as surveys or playing mini games. The more expensive cases bring higher rewards and higher chances at bigger items such as skins or rare items. The site also has an active community where users can share experiences and discuss strategies for successfully playing their game of choice.

Second, Datdrop allows users to view individual user statistics, including win/lose ratio and accuracy percentage when opening a case with real money investing in them (Play Money mode). In addition to these statistics, users are able to check out other players’ recent activity on the ‘Latest Drops’ tab or access the ‘Leaderboard’ section which shows players’ stats in specific categories relevant to their chosen game (e.g., most kills for CS:GO). Lastly, the Why Buy section provides details about why players should consider investing real money in their case openings; this includes information about discounts for certain purchases as well as rewards for referrals.

Steps for Developing a Website Similar to Datdrop.com

Creating a website like Datdrop.com involves a few steps that may be challenging but are highly rewarding once accomplished. To start with, careful research needs to be conducted to understand the site’s core idea, design, user experience approach, and other relevant factors. Additionally, coding needs to be done efficiently to ensure compatibility with all desktop as well as mobile devices.

Here’s a brief overview of the development process:

1. Research: Gather information regarding the Datdrop website, including its current design elements and features, user interface approaches, etc., and use it as a base for your project.
2. Wireframe Design: Utilize the collected research data to create an initial wireframe structure for the website at both page level & component level — this is where you’ll decide about placement of components on each page or their functionalities.
3. Identification of System Requirements: Breakdown each component identified in step 2 into smaller pieces and identify system requirements needed for every piece — some parts might need server-side support while others can directly implemented via client-side coding using HTML/CSS/JavaScript/etc..
4. High-fidelity Mockups & Design Implementation: Using these system requirements as foundation blocks, create high-fidelity mockups that define look & feel along with interactions; use these mockups as reference points while implementing designs via HTML/CSS/JavaScript/etc..
5. Testing & Debugging: Thoroughly test your implementation against defined usage scenarios — starting from validating minor pieces up till validating complete product end-to-end — fix issues identified through testing process until entire product is considered stable; once satisfied, release it live or move it out for production environment through hosting services such as AWS..

Building the Front-end of the Website

The front-end of the gambling website will be created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The following steps should be taken when building the front-end:

1. Develop a wireframe of the website using a software tool such as Adobe XD, Sketch or Figma. This is important to ensure that all design elements fit together consistently and accurately reflect your vision for how the website should look.

2. Create a style guide that details any colors, fonts and other design elements used throughout the site. This will help you create consistency across all pages.

3. Write HTML code to create all the elements on your page and style them with CSS code to make them look appealing and presentable for visitors

4. Test different layout designs to find an optimal user experience that looks good and helps users find what they are looking for easily

5. Add interactivity by linking pages together and making sure navigational links work properly using JavaScript

6. Check page load speed by testing each page on multiple browsers, devices or networks to make sure they load quickly

7. Validate code against existing standards such as W3C’s HTML validator and CSS validator

8. Utilize web tools such as Google Analytics to monitor traffic patterns, measure conversions and gain insights about visitor behavior

Setting up the Database

One of the most important components of a website like datdrop.com is the database. You will need to create a database and tables to store user data, products data, orders data, and other information that users may need to access while using the site. Depending on your implementation technology, different methods for setting up the database exist.

If you are using PHP and MySQL, you can manually create the tables in a web-based tool like phpMyAdmin or you can use SQL scripts to create and populate your tables with information. If you prefer using an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) library such as Doctrine for PHP or Hibernate for Java frameworks, then you won’t have to manually create the tables; instead, by configuring an object model in code and running generate command from within your ORM library command line tooling youWill be able to automaticallybuild out all of your necessary database objects including but not limitedto Tables, views and stored procedures etc required by datDrop.com

When setting up your Database it’s important that you understand how it will be used so thatyou can organize it accordingly and ensure optimal performance of queries over time as the site grows.

Integrating Payment Gateways

In order to create an interactive and secure website such as datdrop.com, you need to be able to accept payments from your users. One of the best ways to do this is by integrating payment gateways into your website. Payment gateways provide a way for customers to securely send money directly from their own account into yours.

Payment gateways are responsible for verifying that the user’s account can cover the payment they are attempting, so it is one of the most important parts of building an e-commerce site such as datdrop.com. When selecting a payment gateway provider, you should consider features such as customer service and ease of integration with your project’s architecture. Popular providers include PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net – all with slightly different feature sets and prices that may be more suitable for certain transactions.

Once a payment gateway has been integrated into your platform’s codebase and configured correctly, you should then begin setting up relevant pages and forms on your site that can collect customers’ payment information (such as credit card numbers). Depending on the implementation, your web application may also be necessary to interact with the payment gateway in some way (such as verifying a token or fetching details about a transaction). With all these pieces in place, customers can begin sending funds securely through your website!

Testing and Launching the Website like Datdrop

Once the design and development of the website is complete, it’s time to test it and launch it. This involves verifying the accuracy of content, checking the layout and design, and running a series of performance tests. It’s important to ensure that your system works correctly on various browsers and devices before going live to ensure that all visitors have a good experience using your website.

Some tasks you need to include in your testing phase are coding verification; page load time; compatibility on different browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.; consistency across devices such as mobile phones and tablets; validating URLs so they don’t contain errors; performance tests including load time views of each page; broken link checks among others.

Testing should include methods for monitoring errors so you can solve them quickly when they occur. Once all tests have been passed successfully, your website can be launched live on the internet. Before this happens however there are additional steps that must be taken such as registering web domains and updates to DNS records which will allow users access to your website by its name rather than IP address. You may also need to configure hosting accounts or obtain a dedicated server before going live depending on specific technical characteristics of your project.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Maintaining a website similar to datdrop.com will involve staying up-to-date on new technologies, servers, and databases to ensure optimal usability and performance.
Adding features and functions require code changes, which should be tested for accuracy for official website updates.

Upgrades are essential for an active production environment as these features can help optimize a user’s experience when browsing the website and increase productivity when making adjustments.

Organizing backups is important in case of a crash or other technical issue that may arise with the server or database. These backups are crucial in ensuring that content isn’t lost and sensitive information remains secure.

Best tech structure for new Gambling Website

In the modern world, technology plays a crucial role in the success of any business, and the online gambling industry is no exception. A well-designed tech structure can make all the difference when it comes to attracting and retaining players, as well as maintaining a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded market. In this post, we’ll explore the various tech stack options available for building a gambling website, and discuss the key considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right technologies for your business.

Best tips for finding Tech Team for your gambling website

It’s hard to find an experienced team in designing and developing high-quality slot online platforms that offer a wide variety of games, attractive bonuses and promotions, and seamless integration with various payment options.

  1. Identify the roles and responsibilities: Determine which roles are needed for the project and what responsibilities each team member will have. This could include a project manager, developers, designers, and quality assurance (QA) testers.
  2. Hire team members with the right skills and expertise: Look for individuals with the skills and experience necessary to successfully complete the project. This may include programming languages, design software, and project management skills or experience in igaming nish.
  3. Foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment: Encourage team members to communicate and collaborate with each other to ensure the project is completed efficiently and effectively.
  4. Use project management tools: Utilize tools such as Trello, Jira or Asana to help manage tasks, deadlines, and team communication.
  5. Establish clear goals and objectives: Set specific and measurable goals for the project and ensure that team members understand their roles in achieving them.
  6. Provide ongoing support and training: Help team members stay up-to-date on new technologies and best practices by providing ongoing support and training. This will help ensure that the team remains productive and effective.

A team of experienced website developers specializes in creating custom judi slot online platforms that are user-friendly, visually appealing, and securely integrated with payment processors and other third-party services.

One of our main priorities when developing a judi slot gacor website is ensuring that the platform is fair and secure for all players, with strict measures in place to prevent fraud and protect sensitive user data.

Here is a potential structure for a gambling website:


This should be the first thing that visitors see when they arrive at the site. It should provide an overview of the types of gambling activities available on the site, as well as any promotions or special offers that are currently being offered.

Game selection:

This should be a dedicated page that lists all of the different gambling games that are available on the site. This could include traditional casino games like slots and table games, as well as newer options like virtual sports and eSports.

Payment options:

This page should provide information on the various payment methods that are accepted by the site, as well as any fees or restrictions that may apply. This could include credit card payments, e-wallet services, and bank transfers.

Responsible gambling:

This page should provide information and resources for players who are looking to gamble responsibly. This could include information on how to set deposit limits, self-exclude from the site, and access support services if needed.

About us Page:

This page should provide information on the company behind the site, including its history, mission, and values.

Legal Notice:

This page should include information on the legal framework governing gambling on the site, as well as any relevant licenses or certifications that the company holds.

Contact us:

This page should provide information on how to get in touch with the site’s customer support team, whether through email, phone, or live chat.

FAQs Page:

This page should provide answers to common questions that players might have about the site, including questions about payment options, game rules, and responsible gambling policies.

Bottom line

In conclusion, building a tech team for a gambling website requires careful planning and consideration of the specific needs and goals of the project. By defining the scope of the project, identifying the roles and responsibilities of team members, hiring individuals with the right skills and expertise, and using project management tools and providing ongoing support and training, you can create a solid tech structure that will ensure the success of your gambling website.

It’s also important to foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment to encourage teamwork and productivity. By following these tips, you can build a tech team that will be able to deliver a high-quality and reliable gambling website that meets the needs of your users.

Why should we use WordPress over Blogger (Pros and Cons)

This guide shows you why wordpress is the best platform for blogging in comparison with blogger and why we should use it.

Overview – WordPress vs Blogger

Both WordPress and Blogger are good and appropriate at their places. Here, we will get to know why we use WordPress over Blogger.

It is never too late to fulfil your dreams. It is never too late to start anything new. Blog writing or having your website is one of them. People who love to write have their websites or blog. So, it is also necessary to know what is the best for a website or blog? Blogger or WordPress.

On a hand, having a blog or website gives you fame. It also helps you to earn a lot. Many Bloggers do this full time nowadays. Being a WordPress development company, we can help you have one.

There is a normal tendency of human beings. If they go to buy something, first they analyse many times about the product. Product can be anything. It can be electronic items. They may be clothes. It can be any type.

So, when it comes to websites or blogs, they also want to buy the best. But sometimes, they cannot analyse those two platforms completely by themselves. As a WordPress web development companywe are here to help you. To find out why WordPress is better than Blogger.

First, have a little knowledge about WordPress and Blogger.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS platform. It provides a broad range of so many features, essential for any website. There are facts that will surprise you. Almost 38.3 percent of websites are powered by WordPress.

WordPress is a platform where anyone can manage all his data on the website. Even without having much knowledge of any programming language. We have so many tools in WordPress that can help us create our website.

And if you use WordPress for your website, you’re in good company. These famous sites all use WordPress, too:

  • TechCrunch
  • New York Post
  • TIME.com
  • New York Observer
  • TED
  • Thought Catalog
  • Fortune.com
  • National Post
  • Spotify

It’s no wonder. WordPress is awesome.

What is a Blogger?

Blogger is an American blog-publishing service. It Permits multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. The Pyra Labs developed it. It was bought by google later on. The blogs are hosted by Google in the Blogger. It gave a sub-domain of blogspot.com.

Now, let us come to our key point of discussion. Why should we use WordPress over Blogger? 

We, a WordPress development service, would like to tell you one thing. On what parameters, we are finding the superiority of WordPress of Blogger.

#1 Functioning

The functioning of Blogger is too basic. You cannot do too much with your post and content. You have thousands of themes with WordPress, which you can use in your WordPress account. You can customize your blog easily with WordPress.

#2 Appearance and Customization 

We all heard a famous quote, “First impression is the last impression.” What is your first impression? Your look. Your appearance. If your first impression is not good, no one will try you.

The same thing applies to the blog or website. It needs to be good in appearance. When someone opens your site, he must have a good feel.

With the help of WordPress, we can improve our website in appearance compared to Blogger. Blogger is restricted to some tools while WordPress does not. We have more tools and WordPress themes for website designers to make our website more appealing.

We have a wide range of plugins as well in WordPress compared to Bloggers to customize our blog or website. Being a Best WordPress development company, we can help you make your website good in appearance. We can also figure out which plug-in suits your blog post.

Every website and blog needs a specific plug-in. For example, a service website will need a booking plugin. The same thing applies to the theme. It is mandatory to use a specific and suitable plug-in and theme with the website. Which is completely based on the purpose of the website?

For example, if you want to have a news website. You need to put a specific theme and plug-in for the same. They are specially designed for the news website. The same applies to an e-commerce website. As an E-commerce development company, we can do that for you.

If you are looking for a larger website, you have to go with WordPress.

#3 Flexibility

Which platform should we use? The answer will surely be in question. I.e., which is more flexible? And WordPress is more flexible than Blogger. It is something like customization. As we already discussed, WordPress gives us more customization benefits. It provides us with more themes. It means it is more flexible.

#4 Ownership

The one major disadvantage with the Blogger is, you have not owned your content. While not such issues are there with the WordPress. If google shut down their services, then Bloggers may shut down automatically. And google can also shut down your services.

So, if you are looking for ownership of your content. You are going to create any shopping or e-commerce website. Our ecommerce website development company is here to help you.

#5 Reliability and Support

It is another most important aspect while the selection of anything. Just think, if you will go to buy some property, what do you look into first? Reliability. When you are there for an outing and need to take a hotel. What do you ensure first? Reliability. So same as with the website, Reliability is an important phenomenon.

If you will not be taking care of this, you will lose your data. Not only you will lose your data, but also you will lose all your hard work. The hard work you had done for your website or blog. The hard work which you had done to brand yourself or your company.

Conclusion: Blogger vs WordPress – Which One Is Better?

So being a WordPress development company, we suggest going with WordPress. Why are we saying this? Because Blogger fully depends on google. If a Blogger goes shut down, your site too. And if google suspended your account although you had done nothing wrong, what you can do? Nothing.

WordPress is a self-hosted solution. There will not be such types of issues that will occur. You can recover your data easily.

The support system of Bloggers is also not as good in the comparison of WordPress. WordPress also has an active community for any support needed.

As a renowned WordPress development service, we can say that in many aspects WordPress is better than Blogger. And we can help you have one on WordPress.

At last, we would like to show you trends of searches of WordPress and Blogger for the past five years.

Author’s Bio:

Yashraj is the Digital Marketing Manager in a Best WordPress Development Company, he has a passion for Digital Marketing and web design, and when not in the gym enjoys playing cricket. In free time, he publishes some articles on his blog.

What is a headless CMS

A headless content management system (CMS) is a back-end software that helps you manage the content on your website. It’s “headless” because it serves your content as data that can be used by any number of front-ends, or “heads,” like a website, mobile app, or voice assistant.

Introduction: What is a headless CMS?

A headless content management system (CMS) is a CMS that only has a back-end, designed from the bottom up as a content repository. It makes all of your content accessible through a RESTful API so it can be displayed on any device.

A headless CMS is not the same as a traditional monolithic CMS, which uses a templating language to deliver your content to be displayed on a web page. With a headless CMS, your content is created once and made accessible through an API, no matter what platform will be consuming it.

The advantage of this is that you can construct any sort of digital experience you can dream up, from a website to a native mobile app to a connected device or something else entirely new. Also, since there’s no templating language confining you to one particular delivery platform, you’re able to switch platforms whenever you want without having to start your website from scratch all over again.

The benefits of using a headless CMS

There are many advantages to using a headless CMS. One of the most important is that it decouples the backend from the frontend. This allows developers to work on different parts of the stack independently, making it easier to scale different parts of the stack independently.

Another advantage of a headless CMS is that it fosters a better separation of concerns. The system takes care of content authoring and delivery separately, which makes it simpler to manage complex workflows and keep the systems running smoothly.

A headless CMS also gives you more leeway in terms of choosing frontend technologies. The backend and frontend are not connected, so you can use any frontend technology that you want. This means that you are not restricted to using one particular technology stack.

In conclusion, a headless CMS simplifies the process of distributing content to multiple channels. The content is stored in one central location, making it easy to share across different channels. These can include web, mobile, and even IoT devices.

The best open source headless CMS options

A headless CMS is a content management system that doesn’t couple its content with its presentation. In other words, the CMS can be used to manage content, but the frontend is managed by a different system.

Some advantages of using a headless CMS are that you can use any frontend technology and the content is separate from the presentation.

There are a few different open source headless CMS platforms to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top open source headless CMS options currently available.

The definition and meaning of a headless CMS

A headless CMS is a CMS without a front-end. In other words, it gives you an api to manage your content, but there is no pre-made front-end. This allows you the freedom to create any kind of front-end you want, using any technologies you want.

A headless CMS is often much more lightweight than a traditional, monolithic CMS. It also is typically much more developer friendly, as it is usually very easy to set up and get started with.

A potential downside to using a headless CMS is that it can be tricky to locate comprehensive documentation and support. This is due to the fact that they are still relatively new, and because there are various options available.

A potential drawback is that because they are not as robust, they might not have all the features you would find in a more traditional CMS. However, this is usually compensated for by the fact that they are easier to extend and customise.

The features of a headless CMS

A headless content management system (CMS) is a back-end only content management system (CMS) designed specifically as a content repository that can be accessed via an API for display on any device.

A headless CMS is a powerful engine that runs in the background and delivers content to various devices or platforms. The “front end” or “presentation layer” is decoupled from the “back end” where the actual content is stored and managed, which is where the name “headless” comes from.

A headless CMS offers more flexibility for developers to use their chosen technologies for the presentation layer, as opposed to a traditional CMS which couples the two together. This also allows non-technical users to manage and update content from the backend CMS, without having to edit any code.

A headless CMS provides many advantages, one of which is that it allows your digital properties to stay current by decoupling them from any one specific technology stack. For example, if you need to change your website from PHP to Node.js, you can do so without having to transfer all of your content into a new system—you can simply update your website application to work with the API of your headless CMS.

Furthermore, a headless CMS saves all your content in one central location, making it simpler to recycle that content for multiple digital channels—including your website, mobile app, smart devices, connected products, and so on—without needing to duplicate effort or keep different systems.

Examples of headless CMS in use

A headless content management system (CMS) is a back-end only content management system (CMS) designed specifically as a content repository that can be accessed via an API for display on any device.

A headless CMS can be used to power websites, mobile apps, in-car systems, smart TVs, digital signage, and any other digital experience you can think of.

There are many different types of headless CMSs on the market today. Some are compiled for specific programming languages, while others work with any language. Some are open source, while others are commercial products. Some focus on user experience and offer strong editorial features, while others focus on performance and scalability. And some are built specifically for developers, while others are designed for business users.

Here are some examples of headless CMS in use:

  • ButterCMS is a great way to automate your blog posts. It’s easy to use and compatible with most blogging platforms. Plus, it has a built-in content curation tool and promotion features.
    Contentful is a great way to automate your blog posts. It’s easy to use and compatible with most blogging platforms. Plus, it has a wide range of features that will help you create and curate content. And finally, it’s easy to promote your blog posts once they’re published.
  • Drupal is a great platform for automating your blog posts. There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about using Drupal for your blogging needs. First, you’ll want to make sure that the software or plugin you’re using is compatible with your blogging platform. Second, you’ll need to have a plan for creating and curating content. And finally, you’ll want to consider how you’ll promote your blog posts once they’re published.
  • Be strategic about the keywords you target. You’ll want to choose keywords that have high search volume but aren’t too competitive. This will help you attract readers who are actually interested in what you have to say.
  • Don’t forget to promote your autoblog! Social media is a great way to get the word out about your blog and attract new readers. You can also guest post on other blogs or collaborate with other bloggers in your niche. By taking these steps, you’ll be well on your way to success with your autoblogging venture!

Why use a headless CMS?

There are many advantages to using a headless CMS, which is a content management system that allows you to create and manage your content without a graphical user interface. These benefits include:

  • Any device or platform can be used to manage your content.
  • Automating content updates can be simpler.
  • A headless CMS can be less expensive to keep up than a traditional CMS.

Conclusion: The benefits of using a headless CMS

Some advantages of using a headless CMS are:

  • By decoupling the front-end and back-end of your website or application, you can make it simpler to oversee and grow each one independently.
  • A headless CMS can be used with any type of front-end framework, providing you with more flexibility for how you construct your site or application.
  • One of the benefits of using a headless CMS is that you can change your front-end technology stack without affecting your back-end content management.

In general, a headless CMS can provide more flexibility, scalability, and efficiency when it comes to managing and constructing contemporary websites and apps.

How New Technologies are Disrupting the Web Development Industry

The use of technology has been disrupting in every sector. For good or for bad, innovations are being implemented, and there is no way back.

The use of technology has been disrupting in every sector. For good or for bad, innovations are being implemented, and there is no way back. Web and mobile app development industry has also been affected by the use of new technologies. Accelerated mobile pages, voice search, and artificial intelligence (AI) are only a few technologies that are now being used to improve websites.

Designers have to adapt and face new market challenges. For example, companies now rely on digital marketing to increase their sales and improve their brand recognition, but they can only be achieved with the help of websites. For that reason, web developers need to build better websites, with better performance and features.

In like manner, the use of augmented reality (AR) for online shopping has also set new challenges for developers. For that reason, staying current is a must for web developers today.

To realize how new technologies are affecting the Tech industry, here are some aspects we should take into consideration.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning 

Nowadays, developers have used Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their Applications in a way with no precedents. Now, with the use of machine learning, sites can provide more personalized experiences. Users now consume tailored content. In effect, companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Youtube have used machine learning to suggest relevant content based on users’ inputs. Users now feel comfortable about machine learning because they do not have to spend time looking throughout content they don’t like.

Also, since the voice search optimization was implemented, customers are constantly engaged. They can search for something by telling their smartphone to do it and thanks to optimization, the results will load faster. In effect, when using voice search features, customers spend less time on searching content than before.

Although this may be true, not everything about the use of machine learning is good. For example, users now complain about privacy issues. People know that machine learning algorithms are used to monitor their behaviors and online interactions. As a result, many customers feel alarmed about it.

Also, it does not matter how well software engineers, web developers have built chatbots. Customers will be able to notice when a response is sent by AI. Similar to privacy issues, most customers complain about automated responses because of impersonal interactions.

With this in mind, software engineers have to work harder every day to build more sophisticated solutions that meet customers’ needs. Web development for startups has become a separate niche with its own rules and challenges. Discovery Phase, ARPU, MAUs, DAUs are important concepts for these people.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content management systems (CMS) are used to simplify the website creation process. In effect, users do not require a great knowledge of web development, they only need to know what kind of content they want to share and add a few widgets to get the job done. However, providing a unique experience using a CMS like WordPress or Wix can be difficult as most of the websites are built using generic layouts.

On the positive side, for company owners, web developers might not be essential in creating visually appealing websites because CMS is easy to use. Websites are built on a hosting provider that gives access to databases and files.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) have been used since using smartphones became popular. In effect, with more customers now using mobile devices, having high-speed loading websites is a need. The use of AMP provides solutions to several existing issues. For example, using the technology not only boosts mobile rankings but also reduces server load. In effect, it improves the user experience for incoming traffic, as well as reduces the stress on website hosting servers.

However, not everything is perfect, using AMPs also has disadvantages. In the first place, using accelerated mobile pages reduces ad integration on websites. As a result, website owners will notice a decrease in their revenues. Secondly, e-commerce websites use dynamic elements that are not supported by AMP. For this reason, when a customer visits a website and gets redirected, the company may lose credibility. Finally, there are restrictions on websites’ content as the final viewable design is under the control of Google.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

But in recent crisis times, technologies that give us multiplatform and hybrid solutions have been in great demand. Many companies like the advantages of reducing costs, fast releases and market entry. Hybrid mobile development also reduces the risks of third party integrations as there is no dependence on the type of platform for which the application is built. In the implicit Saas and API services it is a big advantage to ensure stable operation.

Top 10 Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks

  • Ionic.
  • Sencha.
  • React Native. 
  • Mobile Angular UI.
  • jQuery Mobile.
  • Flutter.
  • Xamarin.
  • Onsen UI.
  • Corona SDK.

Most Popular Hybrid App Examples in 2022


Adopting the hybrid approach has allowed developers to build an app that supports both offline data and rich media. The best example of this is the signature short videos. The app lets the user access the media even when they are offline or at least displays an error message.


Evernote is the best example to show that performance is not an issue now for hybrid applications. In spite of its beautiful design, Evernote is extremely efficient in driving productivity. The intuitive and flawless functionality of Evernote is built with (mention the framework).

Baskin Robbins

Your favorite ice-cream store has a hybrid mobile app. The application uses HTML5 to provide best offline access to the users with a similar UI on various platforms. The way Baskin Robbins has combined native and HTML5 features is impressive.


Pacifica app has one of the best UI. Pacifica has a set of various videos to be added as the background. The video theme background of the application gives a native-like look and feel. The rows of features are loaded as the web layer and wrapped in native navigation.

Remote POS

The Remote POS app is to manage and handle a whole restaurant through a single mobile application. The application works offline and needs internet connectivity for printing the final bill of the customer. The application has local data storage as well as cloud storage. The app allows easy staff handling and order management.


The application is the ultimate guide to work out and exercise, providing interactive video sessions. The application is reliable with the iMessage app and apple watch app making it more native-like. The user can sync the application with Google fit application to track the data.


Yes, the mobile app you are currently using to make your traveling comfortable and easy to access is one of the most popular hybrid app examples. The easy navigation and simple user interface make this app extremely popular among its rival apps.


Google has been using HTML for its popular internet mail service for a long time. It is astonishing to see how Google has made a new version for the mobile application of Gmail using both native and HTML elements.


I know it is difficult to believe, but Twitter is also among top hybrid app examples. To handle a high level of traffic, Twitter is using a hybrid approach. It is proof that performance is not an issue for hybrid apps.

Augmented Reality for Web development

Web designers have implemented augmented reality (AR) technology in smartphone cameras and webcams to help customers choose products. In effect, the use of AR improves user experiences on desktops, as well as mobile devices. AR has been used in several sectors like retail, home improvement, and gaming. Users can now point their cameras wherever they want and have a preview of the product. For example, in the home improvement sector, homeowners can select a product and point their camera to see how it fits in a room. Also, in fashion retail, customers can scroll through outfits and see which one fits better. It is reasonable to say that augmented reality has changed the way people are shopping online, increasing customers’ satisfaction.

Our goal is to use new technologies to rapidly grow our business. Someone is looking back, but great players are only looking forward. There will be our path to efficient and successful business.

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If Forum.thotsbay.com is down for us too there is nothing you can do except wait.

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8 Free Website Design Platforms: Quik & Easy Development

Website builders have been gaining more popularity and traction lately, thanks to services such as Wix and Webnode.

Website builders have been gaining more popularity and traction lately, thanks to services such as Wix and Webnode or Weblium.

These online website creators allow you to create a full website directly in your browser without any prior knowledge of website development.

Many of these services also offer premium packages with additional features, for a small cost per month, if you desire additional tools. The biggest advantage in using these services is the unbeatable development speed, as it all happens in your browser with click-and-drag functionality.

If you’re not a web designer or a creative person but need an easy and affordable solution to create a nice website, try one of these free solutions.

Wix – the King of Builders

Wix offers a simple, yet powerful online platform to make Flash websites, MySpace layouts and more. Using a browser-based interface, you can choose from a wide selection of design templates or start with a blank canvas. Wix provides more than enough tools to get the job done, with everything from animation effects and photo albums to Google maps and RSS feeds. You can also import photos from Flickr and videos from YouTube with only a few clicks.

The design interface is sleek and quick (on a high-speed connection). Tools are easy to access when needed and can be hidden when not necessary. Creating new pages and editing old ones is straightforward. Your website is hosted on Wix’s server for quick and easy publishing, however unless you upgrade to a premium package (starting at $4.95/month), you don’t have much control over your domain name. All in all, Wix is by far the best choice for free Flash websites.


Weebly is another top choice and sports a simple click-and-drag interface that allows you to create a professional website very quickly. Content elements, such as videos, pictures, maps, carousel and text are added to your website by simply dragging them from the Weebly bar to your webpage.

You must choose from one of their templates, yet each template is pretty flexible and customizable so there is some room for creativity. Adding and organizing your website’s pages is surprisingly painless. When you add a new page to your website, it’s automatically added to the navigation bar so there’s no need to update your navigation, even if you add a new page at the last minute. Your website domain is in the format of ‘pagename.weebly.com,’ though if you wish, you can create and purchase your own domain name through the interface (the domain purchase process is handled by bestdomainever.net).

Webs (formerly FreeWebs)

With over 20 million websites created with Webs, this one is among the most popular free website creators available and features many of the same features of the other online website builders.

It’s worth noting the ability to integrate your site with Paypal or Google Pay. It only takes a few clicks and your account information in order to add e-commerce functionality to your website. Also, you can create your own social network by requiring visitors to “join” your site, all with a just a couple of clicks. How cool is that?

Webs is probably not the easiest free website builder to use, however with the extra features available, Webs is a viable option for creating a powerful, free website.


Webnode has an interface that could easily be mistaken for Microsoft Word and it’s incredibly ease to use. It’s a phenomenal package and if you’re a Word user, you should be up and running in a few minutes.

What sets Webnode apart is the way that you create and edit your website. It operates more like a content management system. You edit pages by browsing to that page first, then making the necessary changes. This helps to better visualize how your website will look and function exactly. You can change your page layout and design at anytime using the toolbar. The benefit of creating and editing your site with Webnode is that it allows for automatic linking and navigation, so it can be particularly useful when creating large websites with lots of content.

Webnode is the most intuitive program among these website creators, with powerful content management system capabilities and a user friendly interface.


Jimdo operates much like Webnode, by browsing to each page before editing. You practically won’t notice a difference between the site as it appears online and the site as it appears in editing mode. Jimdo however, is not quite as powerful or as easy to use as Webnode.

On the other hand, Jimdo does offer greater design possibilities with a broad range of customization options.

Sprout Website Builder

Sprout has a range of features that will allow you to quickly and easily build, publish and manage rich media Web content including widgets, banners, mashups and more.

Sprout has a powerful design interface, though it’s a bit difficult to use the first time. The interface consists of dragable toolbars with a surprising amount of design options such as opacity, bevel, emboss, drop shadow, etc.

Despite a bit of a learning curve, Sprout is still a solid choice and offers many powerful design tools that allow you to create a unique website.


Viviti is primarily a content management system with less focus on design and customization, however it does a good job at getting you on the web quickly and easily.

Select from one of their templates, then create the pages you need and add content. Pretty simple, though if you’re looking for an extremely powerful website creator with endless possibilities, then this is not the best application for you.


Synthasite has functionality that is similar to that of desktop publishing software such as Microsoft Publisher. It offers drag-and-drop editing features that rival many others on this list. Most remarkable is SynthaSite’s online photo editing through a partnership with picnik.com, which is an extremely powerful browser-based image editing program.

Synthasite service is very reliant on templates, but there are plenty to choose from and they vary from fun and funky to classy and cool. Sometimes you’ll stumble upon a template that has a bit of flexibility – offering the ability to change the background image, for example – but those who want to exercise their design talents will find it restrictive.

CRM & Web Design for Insurtech: Real Experience

CRM, website design, branding and development for Insurance Company RVOS.

The insurance industry has always been in great demand with fierce competition. For many insurance companies, differentiating themselves on the web becomes a great way to gain prospective customer’s attention. An insurance company website must be honest, convey well-structured insurance information, and have proper navigation.

Considering the listed design features of the insurance website, RVOS Farm Mutual Insurance Company contacted our design studio to make their customer portal stand out from the crowd and attract more target audience. In this article, we’d like to share the most important design practices we’ve experienced around insurance company website design.

Brief Insurtech company description

Insurance Company provides protection to various clients from homeowners to farmers in the USA. Being a company with a solid history and reputation, RVOS always cares about improving client service. Our design studio in collaboration with RVOS representatives created the customer web portal. 

Challenges in designing an insurance company website

For the RVOS policyholders, the customer service at an exceptional level is a very important standard, so the portal should fully meet their expectations. 

There were 4 design challenges our team faced with:

  1. To include the features of the inclusive design to the RVOS platform for people with bad eyesight.
  2. To create a bright and clean dashboard for the customer web portal.
  3. The customer portal should be supported by all Internet browsers (including Internet Explorer) because many RVOS clients have been using their gadgets for more than 10 years. 
  4. Web development has to match responsive design so that portal users can get the same quality experience when they browse online.

Both the designers in Cadabra Studio and our client were interested in developing a high-quality product. That’s why many changes and ideas were made during the PDP (Product Development Process)

Insurance company website design process

Great web design focuses on equal parts strategy and execution. To achieve maximum efficiency, we pay special attention to the workflow. 2 developers (front-end and back-end), 2 back-end developers from the client’s side, manual QA engineer and automation QA engineer, DevOps, and a design team worked on the customer portal. They make a high-quality customer-centered product that really solves the relevant problems that RVOS users have. 

According to the client demand, we added to the customer portal quoting form for insurance products such as Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Farm Insurance. Moreover, we made information on the claims process and plugins available for submitting. 

The clean dashboard was a must-have feature because RVOS users should be able to see their payments, insurance policies as well as overall statistics and don’t get confused. 

Light colors and shadows along with appropriate typography met the client’s expectations. The primary version of the dashboard was the following.

For the first time, the sidebar menu was on the left side. However, after the first trial, the location changed. 

As you can see in the picture above, we made some changes to the menu, added more necessary information about payments. To gain a better user experience, our designers created an agent account on the main menu, added the function “File new claim to each specific policy”. We also added the information about the claim number and policy number to a certain claim.

After testing, we made some changes in statistics as well as in buttons “Claims”. We also added more information about billing and payments. 

Having conducted several tests, the vertical menu was transformed into a horizontal menu without icons that is good for responsive web design. The pie chart of the Remaining Balance in the Billing and Payment category were included in the dashboard.

Insurance company logo design and branding 

The customer web portal is a new stage for RVOS. The right logo and branding increase the site’s visibility on search engines and social media, hold a visitor’s attention, entice them to know more about insurance products, and provide interactive ways to communicate. So, we suggested our clients make a trendy style of their brand.

The main goal of rebranding was to attract a younger target audience to an existing product. The existing RVOS brand is a combination of stylish conservatism and modern design. The process of rebranding was challenging and well-planned. The first thing we changed was the logo.  

The insurance company logo design was made in a simple style, to keep the company’s spirit. The blue-colored bar was chosen for the logo. The logo shape perfectly matched the content, making the RVOS brand more recognizable.

For Instagram promotion, we chose trendy and relevant typographic, that would stand out from the endless content. For Facebook promotion, we created contrasting photos with bright colors.

Results and Data

Thus, the customer portal has been launched recently, the changes in site traffic are significant. We keep tracking various metrics and the results are impressive. The primary goal of the customer portal was to freshening up a solid insurance company, however, during the design process we changed even more, than planned before. The entire design and development process lasted for 1.5 years. 

Must-have design features of an insurance company website: our expertise

The experience of developing and designing the RVOS customer portal is an achievement we are proud of. In addition to valuable experience, we’ve compiled the list of features for successful insurance company website design. 

  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly;
  • Clean layout with modern appeal;
  • Simple and well-planned navigation;
  • Quick loading time;
  • Quick access to important information;
  • Relevant CTA buttons;
  • Quick access to online quotes.

Including the listed features to insurance company website design helps you to make an accurate representation of any insurance company. 


When an insurance company invests in its website design, it is a straight way to succeed. With the upgraded customer portal and new branding, RVOS Insurance company attracts many new clients because their portal is a fast and easy-to-use, whereas the logo is recognizable. Cadabra Studio is glad to have a partnership with RVOS Insurance company, that trusted and worked with us for a long period of time.

Check out our blog to read more case studies and learn about our expertise.

Wix and Their Dirty Tricks

Wix – the famous website-builder company that you may have seen steal WordPress code and lie about it has decided that the best way to gain relevancy is to attack the open source WordPress community with a strange set of ads. They have attempted to imitate Apple’s Macvs PC ads but instead tastelessly portray the WordPress community as an absent father who is in therapy.

I feel a lot for those who were forced to work on these ads. Even the actors. It must have been a terrible feeling working on something like Encyclopedia Britannica attacking Wikipedia. WordPress is a global community of hundreds of thousands of volunteers, and community members working together to make the internet a better place. You own the code and all that you have put into it. The open-source license gives you complete control over your code and ensures you are in total control of your code for now and forever. WordPress is free and gives you freedom.

Wix, a for profit company valued at approximately 20 billion dollars, has a business model that requires customers to pay more each year. This makes it hard to leave the site or get a refund. You can see their investor presentations, but don’t believe me. They are so insecure that they are the only website creator that I know of that does not allow you to export any content. It’s like a motel where you can check-in but never check-out. Their proprietary stack locks you in. Even their support documentation admits it.

If we compare website builders to abusive relationships then Wix is the one that locks you down in the basement and won’t let anyone out.

Philosophically, open source is what I believe in. If WordPress isn’t for you, there are many great open source communities such as Joomla, Jekyll and Typo3. We have great relationships with our proprietary competitors. I also have high respect for Squarespace and Shopify. I have always seen their integrity, and would recommend them to anyone.

It’s hard to believe that users will be interested in this in the long-term. That could explain why Squarespace recently surpassed Wix in market share . They support the native export to WordPress’ format and don’t need to resort to any dirty tricks to succeed. Squarespace’s upcoming IPO is going to be a success, I believe.

Wix continues to display their true colors, however. I encourage people to think about the behavior of the companies they fund with their dollars, regardless of the product they use. Wix wants you to see their latest campaign, so let’s go ahead and take the bait. Let’s watch the misleading, creepy way they try to portray themselves.

Wix vs WordPress vs Builders: Which One is Better?

For customers with the need to create their own small website or online store, today the most affordable alternatives to the solution are Wix – WordPress (Shopify + Custom template) and Website Builders at domain registrars (like Godaddy). In the first case, there are a lot of training materials and relative freedom of decision. In the second, non-technical users can succumb to the registrar’s offers when they purchase their own domain.

Which is better?

All three solutions (Wix, WordPress and Builders) are in the same price range – an average of $ 0-100, they all fit almost any business client. They all have a trial period in a certain form. All are characterized by outdated template designs. Everyone needs search engine optimization. For all, you need to further configure in-depth analytics to account for traffic and conversions. Wix and WordPress have a large database of tutorials and instructions. Wix and Builders allow you to release a site as quickly as possible, with WordPress it will be on average longer. With the WordPress, the client will have complete control over the domain and content of the site. Builders have an advantage – contacts of those who just bought/are buying a domain. Wix and builders have support; WordPress only has a community or a separate payment. WordPresss have more options for designing and connecting other widgets, but with small investments, on average, Wix will have a better design. WordPress has an undoubted advantage in obtaining Organic traffic. Wix has an advantage in speed along the chain Idea-Site-Advertising-Sales. At the WordPress, the server will be closer to non-US custom meters.

I would recommend Wix products to move to the side: improving finished designs and especially mobile typesetting; Improve traffic accounting, conversions and sales; Improve components and various widgets.


Which is better: Wix or WordPress?

If you’re pretty technically confident and are looking to build a large site, WordPress is worth a try. However, if you’re not so tech savvy and prefer an easier platform – while still being able to create a beautiful and professional site – definitely look into Wix.

Best platform to build a Website

I have been creating sites for blogging and company presentations with my own hands for about 15 years. I recommend choosing WordPress for blogging and Wix for sites with built-in payments.

WordPress vs. Wix: Examples

Build by Wix – Intent IQ Website from Ben Yishai and Roy Shkedi:

Sample on WordPress – Fortune Media IP Website by Stanley Black:

How to quickly create sites on builders yourself?

Use some of this links:

Landingfolio Tool Review


The original Landingfolio was built on a WordPress template. Everything was basically a spaghetti program. The website would crash every time I tried to add a new feature. It was now at twilight. Is Landingfolio on the horizon?

The site has received over 800.000 pageviews in the past 12 months. This is insane considering that this was a side project from 2015. These numbers and so many words about the project from others convinced me to double down.

Go all in

September 2019, I decided that Landingfolio needed to be taken to the next level. No more breaking WordPress. It’s no longer about inspiration. It’s time to create something more. I learned how to program for four days per week, weekends included.

Nuxt was the tool I used to create Landingfolio. Vue.js framework. Vue.js is a framework.

The website you are viewing is the latest version of Landingfolio. It was completed six months ago and took over 500 hours to create. I had to add a lot of features to the “later section.” Many indie hackers fear launching their products. This was something I didn’t intend to allow, so I determined what the minimum viable product for Landingfolio.

So, what’s new?

The Landingfolio used to be a common design gallery. Although my favorite designs were included, that was it. The New Landingfolio was my vision. Only curated designs would be allowed on the platform. There are no fancy examples like Dribbble. Instead, real examples.

A platform can have many features. Below, I’ll list all new features, beginning with the most obvious.


You can still find all the old landing pages. However, I have added eight new categories of inspiration.

Login, Pricing, Signup and About. Logos, 404, and Logos. You can use this information to find inspiration for your next design project.

Landingfolio currently has over 4000 designs. It can be difficult to find the right one, so I added some cool new features!

Filter-based colors

You can see the colors at the bottom of each inspiration. These links are clickable. They will only show you landing pages with the exact same color as the one that you clicked. You can also use color filters located in the menu under the header.

Mobile and desktop designs are shown

These days responsive designs are essential. All designs on Landingfolio are now compatible with both mobile and desktop designs. To switch between designs, simply click on the toggle button in the filter menu.


Do you still use Google Docs to gather URLs for designs you like? You can now stop using Google Docs to collect URLs of designs you like. With the introduction collection, you can create and store your favorite inspirations in the correct collection.

There are endless possibilities for creating collections. The best part?

You can share your collections with friends and clients.

It is difficult to share examples with clients, as designers know. I have been sharing links to Google Docs. This doesn’t look professional.

Look in the upper right corner for the share button. You can now share your collection. The link will take you to a personal collection page that includes all of the designs. Send the link to your clients, and they will choose which design they want for their redesign.

The new Landingfolio Pro plan allows you to share collections. This plan will allow me to create even more features and concentrate full-time on Landingfolio.


You are faced with the dilemma of creating a footer on your website. You would normally have to open each new website, scroll down to the bottom, and then look at their footer, which can sometimes be mediocre.

These days are long with Components. Landingfolio now has a new addition! Over 1500+ components have been collected from various websites. The menu at the top will help you find the right components. There are currently over 20 categories. More will be added. The best thing? The best part? You can filter them by colors.

All examples of component parts can be saved to your custom collection.

Templates and Resources

Also, the template and resource sections of the website have been given some attention. Each item now displays the technology and tool for which it was built. This allows you to quickly filter your tech-stack and find the right template or resource for your needs.

Next steps

The New Landingfolio was released and I had to add many features. There are many functions that I would like to add. These are my favorites and they will all be available on the site very soon.

  1. Conversion Optimized Landing Page templates.
  2. Landing page Teardowns. Get inspired by the best examples of what to do.
  3. Designer Profile. Create your portfolio and get new clients with Landingfolio.
  4. Drag and drop the Inspiration Builder. You can create your own example landing pages using the best elements from different websites. This can be used as a base for your own custom design.

Are you a Landingfolio expert? You can send it to the bottom of the page and you might be able use it soon!

The all-new Landingfolio is now available

I hope you enjoy the new redesign as much as I do. Remember, the website has been run for free for 5 years. Landingfolio Pro is a subscription that allows you to support me in building this amazing platform, and all the cool new features.

Java vs Python

Do you know some differences between Java Vs Python in the web development field? Have you ever thought about Java Vs Python and which programming language will be better for web development purposes? Let’s experience some comparison between Java Vs Python in the web development module.

But before we start to know which programming language is better in Java Vs Python, let us first know why we need to find out so. What is the necessity of finding such solutions?

For that let us take an example:

Suppose, to go to your school there are two roads. In between them, one road is more lengthy than the other road. But the long road has better road conditions. But the road which is short in length, the road condition is not better there. So, which road will you choose?

In such cases, there should be some experience in both cases. Then you can compare the time & difficulty you faced while going to your school in both cases. Those experiences will help you to choose the correct road in the future. If you are looking for Coding Homework Help then you can contact codingzap. 

The same thing goes for the difference between Java Vs Python for web development purposes. You need to compare the two programming languages in various fields. Like Java Vs Python performance, Java Vs Python speed, Java Vs Python for backend use purposes, and Java Vs Python for app development. then it will be an easy task to compare two programming languages.

What Is Java:

Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language. It is the programming language that is developed from very basic programming languages like the C programming language. In this programming language, an Object is created by the programmer. There are methods like the concept is present instead of the structure. Also, some functions help to make short-type code structures.

Java is used to develop software and applications in IT companies. It helps to develop the backend of the software. As well as it helps to develop applications throughout the globe. It is secure to use. That is why after the C++ programming language, most developers want to use Java for developing purposes.

What Is Python:

Python is a general-level programming language. It is very easy to learn for the beginner. Though the Python programming language ranges from the beginner to the advanced level. It is very easy to learn & write Python programming language. It helps to remove the work pressure on the developers. As it has many in-built functions which help to solve any problem in a couple of lines.

Python is also used for developing software, applications, websites, etc. Besides that, there is another use of Python. That is Data Analysis. Python is only the programming language that is capable of analyzing any data. But if we compare Java Vs Python speed, then Python is having quite a greater speed than Java. But other fields like Java Vs Python performance, Java Vs Python for backend use purposes, and Java Vs Python for app development, in these fields it is very difficult to make a difference between Java Vs Python.

What Is Web Development:

Web Development is a process where websites are developed, and maintained by the developers. Web development can be divided into two parts. One is Frontend & another is Backend. In Frontend, the developer designs the websites. They beautify the website in this case. In the Backend, the process by which the websites run is implemented. In the Backend, many programming languages like Python, and Java are being used to run the website properly. This section makes a complete website.

Java Vs Python: Which Is Better In Web Development:

Java Programming LanguagePython Programming Language
Java Virtual Machine is the main component here. It converts the Bytecode to the operatable web development coding language.Here, the Interpreter translates the source codes to the Bytecodes. These Bytecodes will be further used there for developing the website.
For developing applications, Java programming languages take much time to complete the process or to develop the website.For developing applications, Python programming languages takes much less time to complete the process or to develop the website
The speed of the Java programming language is very less.The speed of Python programming language is very fast. That is why many developers like it.
On any device, Java programs can develop the applications & deploy the website.For Python programming, an interpreter is needed to run the application. It helps to translate the source code to the executable code.
Java is less dynamic. So, developing the website may be difficult to implement here.Python is much more dynamic than Java. That is why developers mostly use Python to develop websites. 
The code structure is much more difficult than Python. It is difficult to implement a large website with the help of Java.The syntax of the code & code structure is very linear in Python. It takes less amount of a line than Java.


As we saw Java Vs Python is very important to know from the web development background.

It is advisable to clear the basic concept of both programming languages in a good manner. It is a very important first step.

We have to make more differences from our own in the fields like Java Vs Python performance, Java Vs Python speed, Java Vs Python for backend use purposes, and Java Vs Python for app development. It helps to understand the concept more clearly.

25 Ugly Websites That Make You Want to Laugh or Cry

Sometimes websites are just so darn ugly. You have to wonder what they were thinking about when they slapped it together. However, if you want users to take an interest in your website you can learn from all the mistakes of previous website admins.

While it might be a bit ugly below, every website is a goldmine of information on how not to design a website. When you put together the lessons, you can determine the best way to design your own site.

List of 25 Ugly Websites

“Grand Pri” has Craiglist

1. The Big Ugly Website

This site was designed by a web designer to show you exactly what not to do in a website. Start by looking at all of the funky motion graphics. They make you want to leave the site the instant you get there.

Next, examine the atrocious yellow background mixed in with a lot of red text. This is a classic no-no for websites. This combination makes it harder to see the text.

Finally, evaluate the mismatched boxes that overlap each other and the nonsensical content. Put it all together, and as the website url states you have a big, ugly website.

2. The World’s Worst Website

Another site created to emphasize the worst design traits. Notice the beautiful stars in the yellow highlighted section that make you feel like 1994 is back.

The block text is another nice add-on for people who might struggle to read what you have on your website.

Next, you have to appreciate the useless purple box on the right hand side. A good reminder that you can remove content on your site that does not serve a purpose. Especially if distracts from your goals.

Finally, look at the background. The image was not large enough for the site dimensions, so they made it a tiled background. That makes it seem like they have no clue how to design their website.

3. DesignZ23

When a website design site is this ugly you just need to wonder.

How in the world can they sell themes and website designs to their clients? It is bad enough that many of the sites listed here are just plain ugly. However, when someone packages that ugliness for other websites to buy, DesignZ23 takes it to another level.

4. Thorn Ford Dental Laboratory

When your website has nothing below the navigation tab, it is not a good sign. A large obnoxious Facebook button above the fold is not necessary either.

Finally, saying “Welcome to” is a waste of website space. Use that instead to talk about the benefits of the website.

5. Bone & Joint Center

Perhaps they could add an uglier flash header. You might not be able to tell from the image, but the flashing header may cause seizures before the repair your bones and joints.

Plus, not exactly sure what the benefit is of having an image of cafeteria at the top of the page.

Finally, the website has too much information to figure out what your next steps should be on the site.

6. Arngren

The benefit of an ecommerce site is you can display a number of different products to customers. However, stuffing as many products as possible on a page screams we just want your money.

Not something you want to convey in an age where 90% of consumers check reviews of your website before purchasing.

From a conversion standpoint this website is a disaster. Consider the famous study by Columbia University on how buyers purchase different flavors of jam through a tasting.

This was done live to two separate groups. One group was shown 24 flavors of jam. Another presented with 6 flavors. At the end of the sample, they were asked if they wanted to purchase. Only 3% of people presented with 24 flavors purchased.

Conversely, those presented with only 6 flavors converted at a rate of 30%. Sometimes too much choice can be detrimental to your closing rate.

To put this in context, there are close to 50 products listed on this ecommerce site. If 24 flavors converted at 3%, how much poorer is the conversion rate for Arngren?

7. Internet Archeology

Random flashing images with the no purpose, navigation, and very little text. Load the page from the start to see the worthless scroll of images. You gotta love the stars and spinning crosses.

8. Jamilin

If it were just the multi-colored navigation bar than this site might not be that bad. However, add in a header that is all over the place and you start to see the problem with the site.

Keep in mind this site helps people keep harmony in their life through Feng Shui. Yet, the owners feel cluttering the header conveys that message?

9. Rudgwick Steamshow

The animated gif with the highlighting circles is a great touch. The fact that this is for an engineering show makes you wonder what type of engineering tools are displayed at the 30th Rudgwick Country Show.

10. Penny Juice

What could be better than comic sans fonts, multi-colored rainbows tabs, and a worn penny that has nothing to do with the rest of the website.

Still not sure what Penny Juice is exactly.

11. Gates N Fences

While they do have a few images, Gates N Fences is way too text heavy.

Visuals are processed 60,000x faster than text in your brain. The sheer volume of text displayed here makes it hard to process any of that information.

12. Ugly Tub

Not sure what a crazed woman screaming has to do with bath tubs, but heck! Let’s go with it! It is not as if the website is as ugly as the tubs. Hm!

Side note: The guy falling in the tub is a great visual for bath safety.

13. Mortimer Lumber

Nothing says quality lumber like an overcrowded website portal. Even better, click on the website link to see how the box on the left flashes and distracts you from the products they sell.

14. Media Tek

While not the ugliest site on the list, what exactly do they do? Their parallax site does not explain the services they provide until halfway down the page.

15. Serene Naturist

Do beautiful animated butterflies make you have a craving for a massage?

If not, what about a naked roman statue? Serene-Naturist is for a massage parlor, so I am not sure if naked women is the correct message for your prospective clients.

16. Super Video

If ugly moving graphics and stroke inducing backgrounds are your cup of tea, then you should check out Super Video.

Based on the text on the website, they provide valuable information…I think! That is part of the problem with this website. No clear value to the site.

17. P&M computers, Inc

Do you remember the pointless intro screens a lot of websites used to use. Meet the most pointless intro screen ever designed.

The load time here is extremely slow, and when it finally does load you basically see their logo. Why not put that in the header, and get rid of this page altogether.

18. Richards Brothers Seafoods

When you think of purchasing fish products, do you look for a navigation bar that blocks your product images? Hopefully not!

19. Rush Biddies

Nothing attracts college girls looking to rush for a sorority like an outdated website that is not even mobile optimized. Text heavy websites for a generation growing up on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat is not going to pass muster.

20. Imprint Technologies

Technology companies that have a mismatched scrolling feature, and out of place backgrounds generally inspire confidence.

Next add in some really ugly colors. A little green mixed with yellow with a background of silver is far from ideal.

Finally, just want to bring up the scrolling feature one more time. Unlike most websites where the scrolling feature is on the side of the website, the scrolling feature here covers the middle of the page.

That indicates a few things. First of all, the website is not optimized for mobile devices. Second, the site is not oriented right. Over time, this could mean the website can break down. Third, it looks unprofessional.

21. Centre for Interdisciplinary Artefact Studies

Looking to show off your archeological finds to the world? Then you might want to consider not using a flash website that moves around as you look at the items.

Google officially stated that flash websites do not get indexed. Therefore, this is a perfectly good waste of a site. Secondly, it is annoying to look at the artefacts as that move while you look at them.

On a positive note, at least the background has a lot of white (black) space.

22. Chester Tourist

Another example of a navigation bar that gone wrong. Your navigation bars should be one line, and one line only. Otherwise, they are off-putting.

Plus, if you are marketing a tourist spot, then you need to ensure your website is visually appealing.

23. Bear Springs Blossom

This is a non-profit website to encourage environmental change. While the website is clear in their intent, the oval image of the smokestack with a thermometer does not inspire climate change.

24. The Register

We mentioned earlier how too much text can be overwhelming. Welcome to another example of this. The other problem is that the text is so tightly packed together it makes it hard to distinguish specific articles.

While the content on the website might be great, breaking up content into smaller pieces can make it more readable. This is cram it down your throat obnoxious.

25. The Slide Rule Universe

Do you remember when slide rules were cool? It must have been a time well before Slide Rule Universe created this dreadful website.

While you can almost forgive a site for creating an outdated website design when selling an archaic tool, this site is just not user-friendly. The ecommerce design below the image is hard to follow. You do not get a good sense of what you are purchasing.

Plus, the addition of the Twitter button looks like they just stuck it into the middle of the website without caring how it would look.

Finally, the scariest thing is that they last updated the website on August 16, 2015. Based on the look, you would think that would be August 16, 1995.

Final Thoughts

Why do we show you ugly websites? Is it to make your eyes hurt?

No! As we mentioned earlier, ugly websites are lessons in what you can do differently to ensure your website looks better and works better than the ones shown above.

Look at the elements of each website, and how they negatively impact their ability to drive traffic and sales. Then start creating a plan to make your website without any of these nagging elements.

Browser ‘Favicons can be used as Undeletable Supercookies to track you online

Source Vice: “Favicons are something that almost every website uses, but nobody thinks about. The little icon at each tab’s start provides a logo for the current tab. Twitter uses the little bluebird, Gmail has the red mail icon and Wikipedia has the bold W. This is a handy shortcut that allows us to navigate through our endless tab situation. Researchers have discovered that these icons could be a security flaw. They can allow websites to track your movements and bypass VPNs and incognito browsing statuses. This tracking technique is known as a Supercookie and was created by Jonas Strehle, a German software designer. Supercookie uses favicons as a way to give unique identifiers to website visitors. This ID, unlike traditional tracking methods can be stored almost permanently and cannot be easily removed by the user,” Strehle stated on his Github.

Browser favicons can be used undeletable!

The tracking method is effective even when the browser is incognito. It cannot be cleared by closing the browser, closing it, restarting the system, or using AdBlockers or a VPN. Strehle’s Github explains that he was inspired to use favicons for tracking users after reading an research paper from the University of Illinois at Chicago …”.

Parler Hack

Its 70TB users’ data leaked by security researchers – https://cybernews.com/news/70tb-of-parler-users-messages-videos-and-posts-leaked-by-security-researchers/

Best day to launch a website [Research]

Launching a website can be difficult, especially if it is replacing an existing one.

This was my most stressful day when I started my agency. There are many points of failure: editing DNS records, changing domains and installing SSL certificates.

Make backup!

You will eventually realize that something was missed when it is finally live. It’s often the obvious things you don’t know how you missed.

To solve the problem, I first scheduled the launch day in advance and had a repeatable process in place so that everything was in order.

However, no plan can be foolproof. The best thing you can do is to analyze all options and make the best decisions based on what you know. Recent polls gave us ample data. I believe we can resolve this issue.

Which day is best to launch a website in a week? According to web developers, Tuesday is the best day for launching a website. It’s Tuesday. Launching a website on Tuesday will give you the energy of Monday and plenty of weekdays to fix any bugs or issues.

Ask web developers for their top launch days

Research by Rich Deane has shown that web developers all over the world voted for the best day of the year to launch a site.

Tuesday was the clear favorite and received more votes than Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!

All other days combined24%

The data was somewhat blurred by the inclusion of other options in the responses. This experiment was limited to the data that I took from the seven days of the week.

No other day of week is as close.

Tuesday’s dominating lead was so convincing that I knew there had to be truth behind it (and a reasonable explanation).

Before we get into the reasons Tuesday is so popular with web professionals, let us take a look at other days that aren’t as great.

? Many people say that you should never launch on Fridays.

Fridays are now known to be the worst day for launching a website. In fact, “any day other than Friday” was one of the options in the poll. This option garnered many votes.

Web agencies tend to take weekends off. With all the uncertainty surrounding every website launch, it is easy for your website to be published on Friday.

Even though things seem fine immediately after launch, it is almost certain that someone will find an issue, whether it be you, your customer or their visitors.

Bug fixes and other changes can easily interrupt your weekend if there is a serious issue. Customers won’t care if you aren’t available for work on weekends if the multi-thousand-dollar project you were paid for “doesn’t work”.

This could not only ruin your weekend plans, but it can also damage your relationship with your client.

We know that we want Saturday and Sunday off so we can leave Saturday and Sunday alone.

? Mondays are stressful.

Despite Monday coming in second (likely due the lengthy buffer before the next weekend), Mondays are stressful.

After two days of not thinking about websites, you’re now out of the office routine. It might not be the best way to start your week.

A pile of voicemails, emails and other requests from people who were absent while you were away almost always welcomes you to work on Monday morning. A Monday launch can mean delaying your responses or getting a late start due to the fires you are putting out.

Launching a website can be mentally demanding and time-consuming. Monday may not allow you to have the time or brainpower necessary to make it a success.

Keep in mind, however, that Monday is the most common day for people to call home sick. Launch day can be difficult if there are multiple people involved.

? Wednesday and Thursday also have their issues.

You start to dream about the weekend, rather than the beginning of the week. You are more likely to make mistakes if you feel low in the middle of the week.

Your energy levels decrease as you move closer to your last weekend off. You might feel excited for the week ahead on Monday, but by Wednesday your energy levels have dropped significantly.

Your ever-growing to-do-list should be considered, as it tends to grow longer each week. Your to-do list will be full by mid-week, so you need to make sure you get everything done before Friday.

You should launch on Wednesday or Thursday if you don’t have any other work.

Tuesday is the best day for launching a website

Tuesday is a great day to get rid of the stress of going back to work on Monday, and to have energy to last the week.

Three reasons made Tuesday such an appealing candidate for me…

Plenty of buffer

You have plenty of time between your Friday launch and the weekend, unlike a Friday launch.

If you launch on Tuesday but are still fixing major bugs three or four days later, it is likely that something has gone horribly wrong.

Most cases will see the website up and running with major bugs fixed. You’ll still have plenty of time to work on other tasks during the week.

Energy levels high

Studies show that Tuesday is the most productive day for Monday-Friday workers.

You’ll be back in the rhythm of work Monday and Tuesday, having put the weekend behind you.

You still have plenty of gas in the tank. This means that you have the energy and motivation to get the week started right.

You are not too busy yet

Your to-do list will grow as your week progresses. Wednesday and Thursday aren’t preferred because you have the most demands on your schedule by mid-week.

However, Tuesday is a good day to be ahead of the rest of the week.

You have put the Monday chaos behind you and are now free to focus on Tuesday.

Does this mean that you should always launch on Tuesdays?

There are chances that the stars will not align for you to launch every Tuesday on a Tuesday. But, you can do it any time.

One person reminded me it was worth considering your website’s specific audience and needs.

It all depends on the website. It doesn’t matter if it’s brand new. I usually do a domain re-design on Friday night, particularly for heavy e-comm sites with a lot of traffic. I usually do this on Friday because that is the lowest traffic day.

Google Analytics can help you determine what days and times are most busy. Avoid peak hours to minimize disruptions caused by a website launch. It’s important to consider each website individually before making a blanket decision.

Before I wrote the article and analyzed the poll results, I had not really thought about which day was best. Other than knowing that Friday wasn’t my ideal launch date.

Even though Tuesday is a great day, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to launch your website on Tuesday. But it’s worth considering why so many developers prefer Tuesday. You can argue that Tuesday is the best day to launch a website.

While opinions and circumstances may differ, one commenter reminded us of the most important point:

Not before pay day.

How to launch a successful website?

Whatever day of the week it is, preparation will make your website launch a success.

It is easy to forget about the open graph/social share image or turn off the no index (we’ve all been there).

A checklist for website launches can help you avoid making mistakes, save time, and give confidence to your customers that you are well-informed.

What Makes PWA a Good Choice for eCommerce

With the ever-growing popularity of mobile devices and the rise of mobile commerce, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are looking for ways to optimize their online presence for these platforms. While there are a number of different ways to do this, one of the most effective is through the use of PWAs short for progressive web application

PWAs are web applications that are designed to function like native apps, but without the need to be downloaded and installed from an app store. This makes them ideal for businesses that want to offer their customers a seamless and convenient experience regardless of what device they’re using. 

In addition, PWAs are also much more affordable to develop than traditional native apps, making them a great option for businesses on a budget. So if you’re thinking about developing a PWA for your eCommerce business, here are just some of the benefits that you can expect to see.

What makes PWA a good choice for eCommerce development?

PWA is a good choice for eCommerce development because it is fast, reliable, and engaging. PWA is fast because it uses caching to load pages quickly, even on slow internet connections. 

PWA also works offline or in poor network conditions making it more reliable. Last but not least, PWA offers an app-like experience to users, which can help increase conversion rates. That’s why this technology is, in fact, so engaging. 

What are the benefits of using PWA for eCommerce?

There are many benefits of using PWA for eCommerce, including the following:

-PWAs can improve your website’s performance, since they’re built using web technologies that are designed to be fast and efficient.
-PWAs can provide a more immersive and app-like experience for your users, which can lead to higher engagement and conversions.
-PWAs can be added to the home screen of a user’s device, making your eCommerce site easily accessible with just a few taps.
-PWAs can work offline or in low-quality network conditions, which is ideal for users with spotty internet coverage.

What is the future of PWA for eCommerce?

The future of PWA for eCommerce looks very promising. With the ever-growing popularity of mobile devices and the need for businesses to have a mobile-friendly presence, PWAs offer a great solution. 

They are fast, reliable, and can be used offline, which is an ideal solution, especially since they work as both web pages and mobile apps. In addition, they are relatively easy and inexpensive to develop, which makes them a great option for small businesses.

PWA are a good choice for eCommerce since they provide an excellent mobile-friendly solution. They are also much more seamless to create and maintain than native apps making them ideal for online stores on a budget.

Microsite vs Landing Page: What’s The Difference?

What is a landing page? What is a microsite? What are the similarities and differences? What are the pros and cons of each? What are the best uses case each one?

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page that promotes a product or service. It is located on your main domain with the URL reflecting the campaign. Your landing page can be used to push prospects further down the sales funnel if your website is an extensive tool for information and sales. Its purpose is to convert. Convincing design is the main focus. Information and entertainment are secondary. A landing page is much more simple than a microsite. There are no links or other information, and the prospect can focus on the task at hand.

What is a microsite?

A microsite, a targeted website that is small and easily accessible, is often used to educate, entertain, or convert. A website, on the other side, is a complete tool for information and selling. It contains all about your brand, values and products. A microsite, which is an independent domain, is different from a landing page. Microsites can be compared to landing pages. They are usually topic-based and only contain a handful of pages as opposed to your main website, which could have dozens. The microsite’s few pages contain targeted content that is engaging users. It tells a story about specific products and services and creates an engaging and enjoyable experience for users. When used in conjunction with a larger campaign, they can help to build brand awareness and fan followings. If the campaign is complicated and cannot be explained in just a few lines, a microsite may be used.

I found this definition on the Internet.

microsite is a specific, standalone domain, unlike a landing page. When comparing microsites vs landing pagesmicrosites are often topic based and contain a few pages, as compared to your main website which may contain dozens of pages. These few pages on the microsite contain specific content that engages users.

But I absolutely disagree with him. I will explain my vision.

What is a microsite in truth?

What is a microsite example?

What are the similarities and differences?

What are the pros and cons of each?

What are the best uses case of each one?

How to Create a Website like Reddit?

How to create a website like Reddit? This idea might have struck you while going through the website. If you wish to know about it, we can help you.

Before that Let’s have a look at Reddit and why it has become famous.

Reddit has become the world’s most successful social bookmarking website explosive with millions of users across the globe. The website is buzzing with lots of activities and page views per day.

Reddit basks in the glory due to its rich community of people that comes together with common interests. Its unique approach has users sharing links and content that receive upvotes based on how engaging it is.

Reddit contains Subreddits of trending topics such as Video Games, Movies, NBA, Football, etc.

If your content is strong enough to earn maximum upvotes, it goes viral (like YouTube videos) across Reddit platform and appears on the homepage.

The Reddit’s success is knitted with expanding number of users who run a riotous lot of activities on its platform. This is what you should focus on while building a website like Reddit.

So if you are wondering what it takes to create a website like Reddit with a growing social bookmarking community, follow these steps:

Pick a Short Yet Stunning Domain Name

Acquiring your own domain is the first step towards building a website like Reddit.

For your website to be successful enough to grab attention, choose a domain name that is short, memorable and appealing.

Make a list of a few potential domain names, discuss with others and pick one that you can convert into a news and content brand like Reddit.

While you are still planning for domain names, you can focus on the following aspects:

  • Short in length
  • Catchy and easy-to-remember
  • Brandable qualities
  • .COM extension for global appearance
  • .co.(country name) for Country-specific domain

You can also go online to scour suggestions and ideas for selecting a powerful domain name.

GoDaddyNamestationBigRock are great options to satiate your domain needs. These domain services guarantee handy dashboard, flexible plans and 24/7 customer support.

Shorter the domain name, the increased are the chances for your social bookmarking site to be popular. Use maximum 8 characters to define a name like what is done by hit socials such as YouTube, Quora, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit itself.

Opt For Web Hosting Services

After you have bought a perfect domain name, it is time to move on to web hosting services.

You will find a pool of options floating online when you search for affordable web hosting providers. A few great names in this category are:

They are your best choice because it provides simple and friendly environment to build and launch a new professional looking website in no time.

Beginners can also get started with hosting their website even without prior technical knowledge to build a website.

Their pricing varies depending on the functionality, space and support you seek while hosting the site. They each provide:

  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Custom Site Builder
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Hosting Space
  • Wide range of templates
  • Unlimited File Transfer
  • 24/7 Customer Support.

Choose a good Website Script

After you have ensured a good domain name and perfect hosting, your social bookmarking sites where content is king need a robust script solution.

WordPress emerges as a powerful blogging platform. Though WordPress makes for an obvious choice and offers various themes, it does not essentially support web structures challenged by massive MySQL database activities.

Therefore, for the efficiency and performance of ambitiously large websites with ample daily traffic, PHP custom scripts are found suitable.

To build an excellent Reddit alternative with WordPress, you can rely on the following plugins:

  • WPeddit
  • Bunchy
  • UpVote
  • Rank it (for submit, vote and comment)

To leverage PHP Scripts, consider the following:

  • Gentile Ninja
  • Ncrpyted
  • Bookit

Reddit’s Source Code For Developers

To build a strong Reddit alternative, why not go for Reddit’s own source code.

You can refer to its GitHub page to study its regularly updated open-source codebase enough to figure out how it all works and develop from it.

This saves a lot of time for web development experts as they won’t have to pull off everything from scratch.

Partner, Collaborate & Hire Your own Squad

If developing a social bookmarking and content-sharing website like Reddit is too overwhelming for you, you can always choose to partner with specialized web developers and hire their dedicated squad of developers.

Reddit might seem simple, but the process of building a fully functioning website with engaging functionality still takes efforts of skilled, technically sound developers.

Content Management Tactics

Beginnings are always tough. It is common to see not many users when you launch the website. But the best way to create the buzz is to build spurious profiles by developers and feed some content to make it look active. That is what Reddit did initially to get the momentum going.

Users will not prefer to stay on your website unless it has some existing users. You can tell your cluster of creators, associates or your partners to pose as active users and content frequently.

This will grow it from empty to busy. Aim at reaching at least 100 users and a thousand of posts before expecting organic traffic. Try variety in content types such as articles, queries, personal stories and status and Gif videos, etc.

Gather Volumes of Users

Upon making sure your domain name is fascinating and your content looks compelling, you can switch your focus on marketing it and tempt more traffic to your website. Basically, there are three ways you can possibly acquire more viewers.


From meta description and URL to most entered keywords and backlinks, there are different ways to optimize your website for SEO on search engines.

Get all the basics right and engage a technical team who possesses thorough knowledge about SEO website marketing including organic elements such as precise backlinks, long-tailed keywords, page URLs with post titles.

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Your homepage is a star performer in SEO optimization efforts for Google, Yahoo and Bing. So load the website homepage with lots of trending search-worthy content.

If you are not good at SEO marketing, it is judicious to collaborate with an SEO marketing agency along with a web development company.

Social Media

It is undeniable that social media platforms help drive boost in popularity and thrust your social bookmarking website in limelight. Weave social activities in your marketing strategy to gain more leverage.

Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are main players in the business with Facebook offering great tools and community to spread a word. Your major target market is captured by Facebook.

Stretch your budget enough to integrate Facebook ads if possible. Attach a link to your website on your Facebook page. As a user hit the Like, their friends can also view the activity.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth, of all marketing tactics, is important one since it is inexpensive yet effective. You can start by interesting the people in your network in visiting your reddit-like website. If they like it, they will propel it further among their circle.

Another trick is to arrange a pleasant giveaway on your website for existing community.

If the website users find value and goodness in your offerings, they will share their experience with their friends and encourage then to create accounts.

Create a Reliable Monetization Stream

Generating revenue from websites like Reddit is a tricky game where being smart is the difference between being desperate and being generous.

As for Reddit creators, they gain revenue mainly from advertising and sponsored links of their partners.

However, they also have a tertiary unique feature called Reddit Gold accounts that encourage users to buy additional features. The best monetization is to create a stream that involves multiple sources.

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When you concoct a blend of several monetization tactics, you will never have to rely heavily on a single source and you will be at the advantage of accelerating the revenues.

Try to incorporate sponsored links within the website content. Like Reddit, you can also afford users special membership perks such as being an active part of community.

If your website content drives value to users, they will feel naturally motivated to contribute some monetary donation.

Replicate Reddit by Building its Alternative

The steps described above will boost your knowledge for developing a successful website like Reddit. It is important to note that having your community website on well-hosted, perfectly managed server is utmost necessity you can’t compromise on.

Creating a simple YouTube Video Downloader using coding

Why You Need To Create a Simple Video Downloader

The need to download videos from YouTube is increasing with the rise in popularity of YouTube.

YouTube has been around for a while now and it has become one of the most popular sites on the internet. Millions of people use it every day to watch videos, upload their own videos or just enjoy other people’s content.

However, there are certain limitations that we can’t overcome when using YouTube. One of these limitations is that you can only watch a video online and not download it to your computer. This means that if you want to watch a video offline, you have to create an account on YouTube and store it in your account first before watching it offline. And if you want to upload your own video on YouTube, you also have to create an account first before

Every video on YouTube has a unique ID. The link to a YouTube video generally looks like:


The series of characters fJ9rUzIMcZQin this link represents the unique ID of this video, given by the GET query parameter v.

We will see various things we can do with our Youtube Downloader and the various functionalities it offers to us. So, let’s do it step by step.

  1. Downloading and Importing the libraries
  2. Accepting Input from User
  3. Revealing various Information about the Video
  4. Looking at Streams Available

TOP Lessons

Learn to build a simple working YouTube downloader using Python with the help of PyTube3 – https://github.com/shubham1710/Youtube-downloader

Learn to build a simple working YouTube downloader using JavaScript – https://github.com/ytdl-node/ytdl

American Airlines website Login for employees (faportal)

SMlogin.aa.com ex. Faportal.aa.com

Faportal.aa.com How to Login on?

If you are an American Airlines Employee, you can log in here to faportal.aa.com. The main condition to login here is your employment with AA ID. You can login here if you belong to Southwest. Registration is necessary if you are using the portal for the first time. So whenever you want to access the platform, do register first.

How to register with Faportal.aa.com?

Looking to get a registration with www.faportal.aa.com? You can simply follow some easy steps and sign up for the dashboard. Follow these steps to do the signup process:

  • Access the URL with your browser
  • There you can see a column to fill for first-time user registration
  • Fill your user ID here
  • User ID will be your employee or contractor number

You will get registered once you are done with the necessary information. Start using the platform with your user id and password that you created with faportal.aa.com

American Airlines Customer Service

Facing some issues with anything you can communicate with the customer care services of American Airlines. You may reach American Airlines or American Eagle. The number for the same is 800-433-7300. If you are looking to get assistance in the Spanish language, please dial 800-633-3711. There is an online way to get support from AA via aa.com/i18n/customer-service. So whenever you are stuck with faportal.aa.com, please let them know.

About American Airlines Company

American Airlines is a major US airline that operates from hubs in Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago; Dallas-Fort Worth; Los Angeles; Miami and New York City.

Their network operates in around 50 countries. This was founded on April 15, 1926.If we talk about the employee power of AA, the company has around 130,0000 as per 2019.The airline network handles around 500,000 passengers daily.

Final words

This is a complete guide to login to www.faportal.aa.com. So whenever you are looking to find any solution related to login, go through this guide. If you have any queries related to this, please drop a comment.

What is Animxplay? Watch HD Anime for Free

Animxplay is an online streaming service that allows you to watch free HD anime.

It is the first platform of its kind, and it is very popular with audiences in India.

Now that they have released their app, it has become even more convenient for people to enjoy their wide selection of anime without the hassle of any advertisements.

If you are looking for a way to watch anime hassle free, this service could be perfect for you!

ex animxplay.to

Why should you use it?

If you’re wondering about whether a subscription-based app is worth paying for, now’s the time to check it out. There are many other apps that make big promises but don’t deliver.

And it can be challenging to figure out which ones work.

But animemixplay works. I’ve used this piece of software for a couple of years now and it really simplifies Youtube marketing.

Animxplay offers all the features I need in one app. They link to my YouTube channel and use their members as commenters – it’s perfect. Animixplay can do a lot more than what you might think. One way it’s helped my business grow is by giving me someone to answer audience questions and keep an eye on what competitors are doing.

Fortunately, it doesn’t just help out with parts of my work. We use Animixplay to make sure that I don’t miss any.

How to build own video streaming website like Animxplay?

Video streaming websites are the new trend in the internet. They provide users with a vast library of content, all without having to leave their website. This is not only convenient but also provides a user-friendly experience as they don’t have to go through content searching from other websites.

Animxplay is one such video streaming website that provides an immersive experience for its users. It has a huge library of videos and also gives its viewers the ability to comment and rate videos on their site.

So, if you’re looking at building your own video streaming website, then Animxplay is a great starting point to learn from.

How to find good web developers to build Animixplay-like?

The best way to find a web developer is to search for them online. Read reviews and testimonials, and try to find out if the company has done any work in your industry. You can also ask for recommendations from colleagues or friends in the industry.

Finding a good web developer is not easy, but you don’t need to worry about it! That’s because we have created this list of tips and tricks for you. We’ve curated a list of things that will help you find the perfect person for your project needs!

Companies looking to hire developers should look at their portfolio and see what kind of projects they’ve worked on before. If you’re looking for someone with experience in your industry, then try asking them about past projects that were done in that particular field.

Magento 1 vs Magento 2

What is the Reasons to Upgrade to Magento 2

Magento 1 will cease to be supported at the end of June 2020, so Magento store owners should make the tough call of whether they should continue operating their ecommerce websites on Magento 1 or upgrade to Magento 2. 

Magento 2 was released to address many of the drawbacks, malfunctions, and bugs of Magento 1 and turned out to be a significant upgrade in terms of performance and usability compared to the former. 

Magento 1 vs Magento 2: Key Differences

Magento 1 was originally developed as a flexible ecommerce solution. However, the platform lacked some vital features (performance optimization and mobile-friendliness) that were found on many rival ecommerce platforms. Therefore, many merchants were complaining about the slow performance of their Magento 1 stores leading to lost customers and decreased revenue.

Magento 2 has come to resolve all of the problems encountered in Magento 1. Moreover, Magento 2 includes even more benefits compared to Magento 1. Let’s highlight the top differences between Magento 1 vs Magento 2 features. Some of these key improvements  are:

  • Architecture 

The Magento development team has modified the stack by adding different new technologies – Apache, NGINX, Varnish, Composer, Symfony, Redis, and more. The architecture now supports the PHP7 version, which essentially means even better chances for optimization and customization.

Magento 1 vs 2 technology stack:

Magento 1Magento 2
Apache 2.xApache 2.2./2.4.
 Nginx 1.7 or greater
PHP 5.2.x – 5.5.xPHP 5.6.x/ 7.0.2 / 7.0.6
MySQLMySQL/MySQL Percona 5.6.x or greater
Solr (Only for EE)Solr 4x
 Varnish 3.x / 4.x
 Redis 2.x / 3.x or Memcached 1.4.x
JQuery (in latest themes)JQuery
 RequireJS / Knockout.js
 PSR – 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Zend Framework 1Zend Framework 1 / 2
  • Performance

Once your business expands, you will get more traffic and require a solution to be able to cope with a large flow of visitors. If we’re talking about Magento 2 vs Magento 1 performance, Magento 2 is faster all around: on the product, category, and home pages. As mentioned above, many new technologies were added to Magento 2 that helped to optimize pages for fast delivery, reduce the server response time for site activities, and make backend operations more effective. 

The average loading time is now below two seconds (50% faster than Magento 1), which means there is a much smaller probability that your customers will leave a website because of slow page loads. This is all possible due to full-page caching technologies such as Varnish and NGINX.

According to Benchmark Testing, now Magento 2 can operate around two million more page views and process up to 39% more orders hourly compared to Magento 1. Add to cart server response is now 66% faster, and an end-to-end checkout is also 51% faster. 

Even though Magento 2 offers fast performance by default, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to optimize your site speed. In general, slow interface and loading time issues are caused by a lack of knowledge in optimizing the website. Slow load times hurt crawl efficiency and lead to fewer pages being indexed, so make sure you do everything possible to speed up Magento 2.

Magento 1 vs Magento 2 Loading Speed Comparison. Image credit: dev.to
  • Dashboard 

The admin panel in Magento 2 is customer-friendly, easy in navigation and intuitive. Thus, you can find info effortlessly, navigate all elements of the admin panel smoothly, and operate your ecommerce store more effectively. 

An advanced dashboard is what Magento 1 was missing. Magento 2 admin dashboard displays last, new, and average orders; lifetime retail sales, top search keywords; income tax, bestsellers; the number of products; and amount of shipping that helps to determine the progress of your ecommerce business. In addition, with Magento 2 you can create configurable products and customize data grids. 

Magento 2 Dashboard. Image credit: Magento
Magento 1 Dashboard. Image credit: Magento
  • Security

Maintaining security is crucial when operating an ecommerce website. Magento 2 supports advanced built-in security options. One of them is SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm 256) for passwords, which makes it less possible for a dictionary attack to succeed. 

Magento 2 also comes with the fraud protection system Signifyd. Signifyd is embedded in the latest release of Magento 2,  allowing the platform to determine and reject orders that seem to be scams and deliver 100% chargeback protection. The cost of Signifyd depends on the number of orders your store processes.

The good thing is that if you’re running your store on Magento 1 and you’re worried about security protection, you can add security modules to your ecommerce website through extensions. The bad news is that there’s a bigger possible cybersecurity threat due to the fact that Magento will stop supporting security updates and patches in June 2020.

  • Extensions

With Magento 2, you can integrate and make modifications to new extensions less expensively and with no hassle. The process of installing extensions and updating features became simpler because of the new technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Require.js) integrated into Magento 2.

There are numerous third-party extensions available in the market for Magento 1. However, there could occur conflicts when two or more extensions attempt to rewrite the same functionality. Magento 2 introduced a change that enabled third-party plugins to overlap the core code, rather than overriding it. 

  • Functionality 

One of the major Magento 1 vs 2 functionality differences is the introduction of Ajax Add-To-Cart to Magento 2. In Magento 1, when a product is added to the cart, the system reloads the page, leading to deteriorated performance. With Magento 2, by adding Ajax Add-To-Cart, the new system doesn’t need to reload the page when a new product is added to the cart. 

Checkout functionality has also been simplified and now it’s easy for customers to navigate. Magento 2 automatically recognizes inputted card types of registered customers. This feature is not available in Magento 1. 

Magento 2 takes this further and also provides advanced reporting and marketing automation. Magento 2 offers crucial business metrics, allowing you to track 20 online store reports right from the admin panel. 

When it comes to marketing, Magento 2 has introduced Dotmailer e-mail marketing automation. With Dotmailer, you can create automated marketing campaigns for Push, SMS, e-mail, and other channels.

Last but not least, one of the most important changes in Magento 2 is the dependency injection. In Magento 1 class files are often large, so it’s difficult to determine what their core functionality is. Magento 2 solved this problem with dependency injection, a design pattern that abstracts out the dependencies of a class to make the process quicker and easier. Dependency injection is an excellent way to diminish tight coupling between application codebase. 

  • Support

The end of Magento 1 support is coming soon. At the end of June 2020, Magento will stop releasing and updating security patches and important fixes on their part. Evidently there will be no more innovations, new features or enhancements for Magento 1. 

At the same time, Magento 2 has integrated new features like page builder, PWA (Progressive Web Applications) and is expected to realize even more functionality to deliver robust e-commerce solution with better speed, security, and performance.

  • SEO

When Magento 1 was launched in 2005, it lacked significant functionalities for SEO. Magento 2 has introduced many enhancements in search engine optimization. For instance, Schema.org is aimed to boost the search engine rankings of your store. Also, rich snippets on the Magento 2 catalog pages make your product data much easier to crawl by search engines.

  • Cost

This could be the only aspect where Magento 1 wins the battle, as the Magento 1 license is cheaper than Magento 2. With so many updates, new functionalities, and the latest features, it’s obvious why the Magento 2 license costs a pretty penny. 

Community Editions: Magento 1 and Magento  2 are free of charge

Enterprise Editions:  Magento 1 EE license cost (starts at): $18,000 per year

                                       Magento 2 EE license cost (starts at): $22,000 per year


How to Integrate Instagram API and Feed on PHP Website

Few can argue that Instagram is one of the most powerful and engaging social media platforms across the internet right now. It has more than 700 million monthly active users (MAUs) and about 400 million active users per day (DAUs). No surprise that many merchants and companies are already using Instagram as their primary sale or promotion channel.

Taking into account that 65% of customers are engaged in online shopping and social media, integrating Instagram may actually provide you a huge boost in sales and conversions. We’d like to share two most popular Instagram website integrations: social login and feed streaming and teach you how to integrate API into a website.

Login with Instagram Using PHP

It must be acknowledged that the shorter registration form – the higher conversion rates. Users are not willing to spend hours filling in long forms. The feature we’re going to integrate will allow your users to quickly login by using only their Instagram account password.

Moreover, by making this function available you still will be able to collect all valuable user data required for targeting, email newsletters, and analytical purposes.

Information that can be obtained through Instagram API:

  • User info
  • User feeds
  • User media
  • User likes
  • User follows
  • User follower
  • User Relationship
  • Search media
  • Get media
  • Popular media
  • Media likes
  • Media comments
  • Like media
  • Delete like media
  • Get location
  • Get location media
  • Search location

Step #1 Registering your Application

  • Login on www.instagram.com;
  • Go to the developer account https://www.instagram.com/developer/ ;
  • Click on “Register Your Application” button;
  • Register new client ID;
  • In “Website URL” field use your website address or localhost if you’re using it;
  • In “Redirect URL” field type location where the response will be handled (e.g. http://yourwebsite/yourprojectfolder/callback.php );
  • Go to Manage Clients tab. From here you can acquire your Client ID and Client Secret.

Step #2 User Flow

The principle of Instagram Authentication is quite simple. User clicks on “Login with Instagram” button. The request is redirected through Authorization URL to Instagram. It`s like magic.

Here’s the structure of Authorization URL:


In response, Instagram will provide you with the code in the following format:


Get this code from URL

Step #3 Access Token

Next, you’ll need an access token. In order to acquire it you’ll need to make an array with the following data:

  • Client ID.
  • Client Secret.
  • Redirect URL.
  • Grant Type.
  • Code from Step #2.
$url = "https://api.instagram.com/oauth/access_token";
$header = 0; // header = 0, because we do not have header
$data = array(
"client_id" => $client_id,
"client_secret" => $client_secret,
"redirect_uri" => $redirect_uri,
"grant_type" => "authorization_code",
"code" => $code

You can call it and pass this URL using CURL

Step #4 Getting User Information

Finally, after getting access_token you can call this URL https://api.instagram.com/v1/users/self/?access_token=$access_token) and get User Data.

Data you will acquire:

  • Full Name.
  • Website.
  • Bio.
  • Followers Count.
  • Following Count.
  • Profile Picture.

That’s it, and good luck.

Just kidding! Here is a folder with all files required for integration of Instagram Login on your website using PHP.

How to integrate Instagram feed to your website without API

Most tutorials on how to implement Instagram feed suggest to use Instagram API. And while there is nothing wrong with this method, there is an easier way without actually using this API.

The first thing we need to do is to get feed data from Instagram.

Here’s a code sample for this task:

$username = 'YourUserName';
$json = file_get_contents('https://www.instagram.com/'.$username.'/media/');
$instagram_feed_data = json_decode($json, true);

For the “name” field use your username as it shown in Instagram’s address line.

The string $instagram_feed_data = json_decode($json, true); indicate the data will be contained and decoded. The data will be decoded into the array.

Basically, in your array, the data about each post will be structured into [“items”]. Each item contains information about every single post including user info, images, the caption, likes, comments, etc.

This is the information we’ll gonna use. But first, you should check if there are any items in the array. Here’s how to make this:

if (isset($instagram_feed_data['items'])) 
foreach ($instagram_feed_data['items'] as $item) }

Next, you’ll need to get an actual post link and image URL. Keep in mind that the array contains image URLs in multiple formats: thumbnail, low_resolution, and standard_resolution. You may choose one of those formats depending on your needs.

In our case, we’ll be ok with low resolution.

$link = $item['link'];
$img_url = $item['images']['low_resolution']['url'];

In addition, you can take a caption. In case of Instagram posts there isn’t always a caption, so you’ll need to check whether it exists first.

$caption = isset($item['caption']) ? $item['caption']['text'] : '';


Now, when feed data is acquired we can stream to your webpage. Let’s start with the images by using image URLs. Since this URL is leading to an external web resource (Instagram), we’ll make the target blank. Then, list output of actual image and caption.

<a href="<?= $link; ?>" target="_blank" class="instagram-post">

<img src="<?= $img_url; ?>">
<div class="caption"><?= $caption; ?></div>

That’s it. All you need is to compose all these code strings into one script. Here’s it by the way.

if (isset($instagram_feed_data['items'])) {
    foreach ($instagram_feed_data['items'] as $item) {
        $link = $item['link'];
        $img_url = $item['images']['low_resolution']['url'];
        $caption = isset($item['caption']) ? $item['caption']['text'] : '';
        <a href="<?= $link; ?>" target="_blank" class="instagram-post">
            <img src="<?= $img_url; ?>">
            <div class="caption"><?= $caption; ?></div>

Use this simple script that will get images, caption and links from the Instagram feed with no API. With little CSS magic, you can turn this data into such a good-looking web page.

Hope you found what you looked for.


The Complete Guide to Best Fintech Websites And How To Find the Right One For You

What is Fintech?

Fintech is the combination of financial technology and traditional finance. It is a growing industry that offers new financial services to customers.

Fintech is a fast-growing industry that has been around for over a decade. It has been providing companies with new business models, products, and services that have helped them grow in the past few years.

This section will explore what Fintech is, how it works, and why it has become so popular in recent years.

What are Fintech Websites?

Financial blog is a blog that focuses on financial matters. Fintech websites are blogs or portals that are specifically designed to provide readers with information about the latest developments in financial technology.

Fintech Websites has been around for more than a decade now, and it has seen exponential growth in the past few years. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • The internet is becoming more accessible to people all over the world.
  • More people have smartphones which make it easier to access the internet.
  • The rise of social media and other forms of digital marketing.

To find out the cost of designing and developing a reliable project, you should visit site. A strong team of experts and sustainable funding is the key to a quality product that will appeal to the target audience.

How To Use These Sites to Stay up to Date with Financial News

The finance industry has experienced a lot of changes and developments in the last decade. These changes have been so drastic that it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest developments.

As a result, many people are looking for ways to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in finance. There are many different ways to stay on top of the latest news and trends, but one of the best methods is through financial news websites, blogs, and content generators.

The following sites provide excellent resources for staying up-to-date with financial news:

  1. Bloomberg
  2. MarketWatch
  3. CNBC
  4. Forbes
  5. The Wall Street Journal

According to Statista, 64,6% of US citizens used online banking in 2021.

Keeping tabs on the fast-paced FinTech industry can be difficult, but luckily there are a few reliable sites that we can refer to.

1. Finextra

Finextra is an international newswire and information source, reporting on the ever-changing financial industry. We also write white papers and publish articles on technology, especially in wholesale and retail banking, capital markets, insurance and other related industries.

2. The Paypers

The Paypers is a business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) portal which provides insights into new initiatives and developments into global payments. The site offers real-time news updates, research reports, market guides along with a company profiles database.

3. The FinTech Times

The FinTech Times is a newsletter that provides an alternative to the physical newspaper with the same name. It is published by a group of writers who provide insights and updates on happenings in the domains of payments innovation, RegTech, banking transformation, and more.

4. Pymnts

Pymnts chronicles the news and initiatives from “retail reinvention to the Internet of Things”, for readers wanting to keep up to date with developments in the payments and commerce in the FinTech scene.

Pymnts is a publication for readers interested in retail, payments, and commerce. The site covers news and initiatives from the FinTech sector.

5. Financial News

London is a hub for FinTech in the world. Financial News (London) offers professionals and companies information on the latest developments, news and views.

6. FinTech Futures

Unlike bank news, FinTech Futures provides updates on other parts of the industry and covers regulatory developments, asset management and insurance.

7. American Banker

American Banker is a strong source of global finance news, meaning regardless of your views on their name, it doesn’t dissuade you from reading what they have to say. They keep you up to date with new technology &amp; innovations as well as providing insight into effective regulation &amp; reform strategies ##

Best Investment Comparison Websites for Investments and Trading Accounts

Investment and trading account comparison sites are a great place to start your research if you are looking for the best investment brokerage or trading account. These websites can help you find the right brokerage or account for your needs.

Investment comparison websites will give you an overview of all the top brokerages, along with their pros and cons. They’ll also point out any important details that might be relevant to your research, such as commission rates, minimum balance requirements, and trading tools.

Trading account comparison sites will provide a similar list of brokerages, but with more emphasis on their trading accounts than on their other services. They’ll also highlight any bonuses or promotions that particular brokerages are offering at the time of your search.

How to build fintech websites?

Here are some steps you can take to successfully develop a Fintech app:

1. Understanding the customer needs

2. Identifying the target audience

3. Defining the goals and objectives of the app

4. Designing a prototype

5. Creating a business case

6. Developing an MVP

7. Developing an app for different platforms

Ronasit is a company that designs and develops websites and mobile apps for startups, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses. They specialize in customized solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Custom website development: definition, benefits, and costs

Do you have a website and are thinking about redesigning it, or are you or your business not yet online but want to fix it? Then you should pay attention to custom website development services. We have collected the basic information that will allow you to learn everything about custom web development.

What is custom website development?

A custom site is a website that is made exclusively for your business or personal needs and goals. It is a fully personalized solution with very specific features that fit your business strategy and communications. A custom site can be a landing page, an online store, a web portal, or any other, it all depends on the requirements of the owner.

One option for creating a custom site would be to use a CMS such as WordPress. This approach is a bit easier than full custom web development, but it does require technical web development skills to offer a unique template and specific features. Another way to create a website is full development, which includes back-end and front-end steps.

Why create a custom website?

The benefits of a custom website are endless for your business. Indeed, here are some of the real benefits that a fully personalized website can bring your business:

Strong design and clear brand image

One of the main advantages of a custom website is the design. Indeed, here you are not limited in terms of graphics, unlike a CMS, or you have to choose a common template and fiddle around to get it set up. Whether it’s your menu, the shapes you use, your animations, your colors, your buttons, or your footer, you’re completely free to design all of your elements.

Therefore, if you have a graphic charter that is already well established for your business, you will be able to transcribe it perfectly on your website. If you don’t already have one, now is the time to create one with your custom website. 

By having a unique visual identity that suits you perfectly, you will be able to make your site unique and effectively stand up to your competitors. As a result, your brand image will be better, and you will be able to reach as many of your potential customers as possible. Indeed, many of your potential customers get a sense of your brand from just the look and feel of your website.

User interface (UI)

With a custom website, you will be able to give an effective user experience to your visitors. Indeed, several points can be optimized with a personalized site:

You have the option to host pop-ups, buttons, or completely custom forms. As a result, you will create an interface that will please your users. In addition, the possibilities for creating an interface when creating a custom website are extensive: almost any specific idea you have in terms of your website appearance can be brought to life thanks to custom website development.

For example, knowing that more and more users are browsing the web thanks to their phones, creating a responsive site that adapts to all screen formats is now essential. By creating a custom website with the help of the Digiteum team, you can get the perfect responsive design. With optimized CSS, HTML, and PHP code, your pages will be technically and visually optimized on phones and tablets.

Download speed

Page loading speed is also a point to consider when developing a custom site. Such a site allows you to perfectly control the loading speed of your entire site. Indeed, you will have access to all technical options:

  • Image sizes;
  • Server in use;
  • Web hosting;
  • Pagination;
  • CSS and JS code;
  • Optimized download tool based on user geographic location.

Best SEO

It goes without saying that if you’re building a custom site, it’s for creating quality content. And quality is an important factor in your website’s SEO.

By developing a website, you will be able to create a code and structure that strives for perfection. If your titles, subtitles, various tags, descriptions, meta descriptions, etc. are optimized, Google will consider your site worthy of proper positioning in search engines.

In addition, Google is optimized to highlight sites with a properly organized HTML structure. Therefore, with a perfectly matched site, you can implement tags in connection with structured data. For example, FAQs, guides, etc.

Analysis of results

With a custom website, you will be able to analyze your site’s statistics very effectively and act on those statistics. For example, if you have an e-commerce site, you will be able to test different types of sales pages with different designs or different calls to action, for example. By doing this, you will be able to determine what works best in your marketing and in the design of your pages.

How long does it take to create a custom website?

Now that you know the main benefits you will get by using custom website development services from Digiteum, you must be wondering how long the development will take. This concept of duration can be very variable. This will, of course, depend on the complexity of your project, the resources you allocate to it, and the methodology used to develop your site. A growth-driven, agile-inspired, and data-driven design approach has the undeniable advantage of increasing your project’s chances of success.

How much does it cost to create a custom website?

The concept of value also varies greatly. The price of a website depends on many factors: the number of pages, technical specifications, type of agency, design method, design, options, content, and many other elements. Therefore, companies that develop websites have a wide range of tariff offers. Each such offer will be unique for each client because it will be based on individual desires.

As you can see, creating a custom site is quite a capacious process, but the benefits from it at times cover this investment of time and money. And now we can be sure that if you want to start your business on the Internet, then you need a custom website. This will allow you to learn much more about your market in addition to developing your image and your clientele.

How Interac Became The Most Popular Payment Method in Canadian Casinos

Although online casino gambling had been legalised in Canada, there was a major problem with how Canadians transferred their real money into an online casino platform just so they could enjoy their favourite casino game. While are legal issues that come with casino banking in Canada, the advent of Interac partnering up with Gigadat Solutions Inc, solved most of those issues. This pivoted Interac online and e-transfer to the peak of popularity in the country and it became the standard of online casino payments for the average Canuck.

The Canadian province of Ontario today (4 April) officially launched its legal and regulated online gambling market.

The Canadians could only play online casino games and gamble at sportsbooks with their credit cards. MasterCard and Visa partnered up with banks across the world to put an end to this type of transaction, and so the search for other methods of payment for Canadian gamblers returned. Skrill and Neteller emerged as the possible best for the Canucks in their search.

Legal Issues Hindering Online Casino Payment Processors

Back in September 2006, the US Senate released a bill that made online gambling illegal in the United States, this transformed into Neteller being charged by the government for “illegally” processing online gaming transactions and ESI. This also led to a Canadian payments provider being charged, then it became the chain of events that led to several legal problems arising in the industry.

Although no bill was passed in Canada to make online gambling illegal, the lack of response was left open to interpretations. The online casinos operating in Canada can only be given licenses by the provincial governments. Because foreign companies cannot be prosecuted under the Canadian Criminal Code except the companies that have a physical presence in the country, Neteller and Skrill, which both have a physical presence in Canada, decided to not run the risk of operating in the country and thus packed their bags.

Arrival of New Canadian Casino Banking Methods

Over the last decade, several payment providers came and left the online casino banking range. EcoPayz, iDebit, and Instadebit are the latest e-wallet companies to enter that market, while PayPal never concerned themselves with the industry at all. Paysafe, Neosurf and Flexepin also emerged in the market as they were accepted by most online casinos operating in Canada. However, they can only be used to deposit cash into their casino account, if they wish to withdraw they will have to choose another method to achieve that aim, which in most cases is usually the ancient bank wire or cheque in the mail.

How Interac Online Became Popular

Online casino banking or not, Interac is the most widely used payment processor in Canada. All Canadians that have a bank account probably know of Interac e-Transfer, as the payment processor has partnered with almost every major bank and credit union across the country, and they all offer Interac Online.

LeoVegas was the first INTERAC online casino in Canada to start offering Interac Online as a deposit method to Canadian gamblers. That was just three years ago. Currently, almost all top-class online casinos in Canada is now offering Interac as a mode of payment. Gigadat Solutions Inc’s partnership with Interac made this possible, as it is responsible for connecting Canadian banks with merchants.

Interac Online & E-Transfer

Using Interac as a payment method in online casinos became so popular due to its ease of use. However, there are two main online casino types, Interac Online and e-Transfer. Interac Online is popularly known to be a direct banking method that lets you transfer cash directly to your casino account with the aid of Gigadat as the third-party processor that will link the two parties together. While e-Transfer is a type of payment that is processed by a financial institution. Gigadat is still responsible for processing the information needed to complete the transaction.

While both types can be used for deposits, only e-Transfer can be used for withdrawals. Interac e-Transfer is available at every bank and credit union running in Canada, and it also takes more time to process deposits while Interac Online are instant when it comes to deposits.

Interac is an online payment solution that is based in Canada, so this won’t stop being a payment method for Canadians in online casinos unless it is regulated by the Canadian government. Interac will be Canadians’ stable, secure and fast casino payment method for a long time.

CodeIgniter 4: Build a Complete Web Apps from Scratch

Codeigniter is a popular PHP-based web application platform for building high-quality web apps, websites, content management systems, and e-commerce stores.

Web development has progressed significantly as a result of the widespread use of mobile devices and the digitization of industries, and specific solution-based application development has become a requirement of the hour. Developing multi-device supporting solutions that are reliable, scalable, and stable has become the most in-demand service in today’s world.

PHP is an open-source scripting language among developers because of its ease of use. To put it another way, the PHP framework supports the creation of a simple platform for companies and entrepreneurs to build seamless web applications. This framework enables developers to use pre-built modules rather than writing repetitive code, saving time and allowing for a shorter development cycle, resulting in faster app development.

Best-in-class coding practices and development procedures are included in the PHP framework, which aids in the coordination and protection of the process. 

CodeIgniter and its various aspects

CodeIgniter is a website-building framework based on the PHP programming language. It’s a completely free framework to use. It features several advantages such as easy to upload and operating your website.

Codeigniter is a perfect solution for those who want to build projects from scratch without the need of installing any other software on their machine.

If you know PHP, CodeIgniter will facilitate your work. It comes with a multitude of libraries and assistants. If you build a site from the ground up, CodeIgniter will save you a lot of time. Furthermore, a CodeIgniter website development is safe, as it can prevent a variety of website-based attacks.

CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP framework for developers who want to develop complete, simple, elegant Web applications. CodeIgniter is a technology institutional document developed by EllisLab and is a British Columbia Institute project.

A developer may choose to master one or more of the frameworks mentioned above, but the one that is the most current in terms of market dynamics and demand should be prioritized over the others. See the benefits and disadvantages of using CodeIgniter website development.

CodeIgniter 4.1.5 is the latest version of the framework, intended for use with PHP 7.3+ (including 8.0). Last updated on Nov 08, 2021.


Advantages of CodeIgniter website development

CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC framework that allows developers to quickly create full-featured dynamic applications. The MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture of CodeIgniter helps create multiple processes of the development cycle simultaneously with successful design, with a variety of libraries and packages enabling linking databases to perform diverse operations such as file uploads, session management, email sending, and more.

MVC Architecture

The MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework is used by CodeIgniter to create website designs. MVC is an architecture or design model used in the development of websites. The design structure is divided into three parts, as the name suggests, allowing for easy customization.

  • Model – The model, which is in charge of data management, establishes the base layer.
  • View – The data would be then forwarded to the receiver.
  • Controller – The controller’s role is to keep all of the previous levels’ links on the same page.

Form Validations

The form validation feature is critical in web application development. It allows you to capture and file data in the appropriate format. It also makes the job of developers much easier and more enjoyable. The CodeIgniter system makes custom validation easy, and it comes with a number of built-in type validations, making it unsuitable for scripts.

Inbuilt Security Tools

In PHP CodeIgniter website development facilities, excluding slashes when recovering data from the database is a common practice. Due to built-in security tools, these patches are interpreted in default settings. When feeding to a query, these default settings fix the database problem by disabling the runtime guidelines for magic quotes. Thanks to these useful features, the CodeIgniter website development process is quick and easy for developers.

Error Handling

During the CodeIgniter website development process, developers who use the CodeIgniter web application development framework may find it easier to access error reports. The framework also supports the saving of debugging messages as text files with error logging class instructions. This feature is extremely useful for programmers.

Database Caching Class

The following easy steps can be found for the cache. Reduce loading by storing text file queries.

  • Build a writeable directory on the server that stores and saves cache files
  • Set the path to the cache folder in the application/config/database.php file
  • You can turn on the caching function globally or manually in the application/config/databank.php file.

Since CodeIgniter has a simple integration feature, cutting-edge web applications developed with it can help businesses all over the world, making it the most preferred web platform for developers.

PSR Compliance

The PHP-FIG was created in 2009 to help make code more interoperable between frameworks by ratifying Interfaces, style guides, and more that members were free to implement or not. While CodeIgniter is not a member of the FIG, we are compatible with a number of their proposals. This guide is meant to list the status of our compliance with the various accepted, and some draft, proposals.

Server Requirements

PHP version 7.3 or newer is required, with the *intl* extension and *mbstring* extension installed.

How to find a skilled team to outsource Codeigniter development?

Codeigniter is a popular open-source PHP web application framework. It’s a powerful and flexible tool for experienced programmers, but it’s also a great option for beginners.

In this section there are some tips on how to find codeigniter developers:

You should look into their online portfolio and check the quality of their projects as well as the number of projects that they have done in the past. You can also ask them about what type of freelance jobs they prefer, or if they prefer working with one company or multiple clients at once.


Codeigniter framework is a popular PHP-based web application platform for building high-quality web apps, websites, content management systems, and e-commerce stores. The framework combines a highly immersive interface with a collection of simple tools to make it ideal for developers. Codeigniter is a common option due to additional features such as simplicity, versatility, and security. If you want to have a smart and vibrating web application, you should use CodeIgniter website development

10 Best Open Source Ecommerce Platforms

Online presence is vital if you want to stay competitive in today’s world. This is true both for small and medium-sized companies. However, before contacting an e-commerce agency, it is important to choose the right platform that will meet your business needs. Because all companies are of different sizes, processes and target audience.

In this article, we will review top eCommerce platforms you can choose from, including the open source eCommerce platforms comparison. Using this information, you will get a clear picture of modern eCommerce technologies.

To begin with, you should decide whether you need an open source eCommerce solution or another type of platform. Before choosing any platform, you should first answer these questions:

  • Does my online shop have custom features?
  • Do I have enough budget to hire a team of eCommerce developers?
  • Is the custom web design essential for my business?

If your answer is “Yes” to all those questions, we can move further, because your option is an open source eСommerce website builder.

Also read:How to Launch a Successful e-Commerce Website: The Ultimate Checklist

What is the best eCommerce platform 2021?

Today there are many types of open source eСommerce software for every business. Their main benefits are:

  • Most of them are free.
  • Platforms give business a customizability opportunity.
  • You can scale your online shop anytime.
  • Most platforms with open source have developed community support.

In this article, we are going to share the open-source eСommerce software comparison.

1.  Magento Community Edition

Many online retailers think that Magneto is the best open source eСommerce platform. Why? Because currently, it holds about 26% of the e-commerce software market. That fact makes Magento an industry leader. However, it does not suit all companies. There are different plans on this platform. For instance, Magento Enterprise Edition, mostly used by big companies, costs about $16,000 a year. Nevertheless, Magento also has a solution for small and medium companies. With a Community Edition, online retailers can enjoy loads of features for free. The most notable features are of using different currencies and supporting languages, managing multiple stores, and customs modules.

Another benefit of using Magento is a wide range of plugins and add-ons. That way, this platform provides users with flexibility and infinite scalability.  

At the same time, Magento has its drawbacks. First, since the community is very big, it could be a challenge to find the answer to your need in the forums. In most cases, even if an online retailer has knowledge in coding, he would rather hire an e-commerce agency to make all the necessary changes.

You should not pay for Magento Community Edition, but if you want some custom features or a beautiful design, you should buy extensions, plugins and templates at the marketplace.

2. osCommerce

If your business needs a platform simple in maintenance, osCommerce is a perfect choice. This “old reliable” solution is still popular among online retailers.  To provide your online shop visitors with custom designs and functionality, you can use 7,000 extensions created by osCommerce developers.

osCommerce platform has developed a community that includes over 26,000 online retailers. In case of any problems with your website, you can use the support network.

If you think that osCommerce suits you the best, you should know about its disadvantages. The platform is quite old and not as powerful as modern e-commerce solutions. In this case, online shop scaling could be a challenge.

3. OpenCart

This platform suits perfectly to online retailers, who have a small business and are not technological persons. This solution is easy to set up. OpenCart has basic e-commerce functions that might be helpful to start your first online shop. However, this can also be a disadvantage if you plan to scale your business and launch marketing activities.

Meanwhile, in the first stages of setting up an OpenCart website, you need to hire an e-commerce agency to help you with some code. To add more functions and to make your online shop more flexible, you can use tons of different plugins.

OpenCart weak point is that some plugins do not always work together and have poor compatibility. Another drawback is updated that may never come. If you are not scared to put your business at the mercy of software developers, you can use this solution.

4. Spree Commerce

This online store platform was developed on Ruby on Rails. With many online business owners, Spree Commerce platform is growing very fast. Why is it so popular? Users say this platform is easy to learn and has rich functionality.

The platform also provides many ready-made extensions so users do not need to use a third party for improving feature list.

Spree Commerce has advantages of scalability and flexibility. Online retailers can add any custom feature to their website. Such advantages make this e-commerce solution one of the top eCommerce platforms in 2018.

5. PrestaShop

This solution is very popular among online retailers. For this reason, we decided to add PrestaShop to this open source eCommerce platforms reviews.

PrestaShop has the intuitive admin panel. Users can easily install an e-commerce website. With this platform, you can determine the level of technical control since there are both self-hosted and fully hosted options. Moreover, both of them are free.

Nevertheless, PrestaShop also has its disadvantages. There are limited options for website customization. If you are looking for a platform that allows your business to create the bright design and many graphic elements, look for something else.

To customize the design on PrestaShop website, you can buy extra themes.

6. Zen Cart

Zen Cart platform has many users and a great supporting community. If you need a platform with developed product management features, this one will fit your business. This open source website builder has over 150,000 members in the support community.

What advantage will you get with Zen Cart? The main advantage as we said before, is great product management. Users are free to create sales, specials and control inventory.

However, pay attention that adding too many products may slow down the system. If your business offers many products, you should consider another open source eCommerce software.

When choosing Zen Cart as an open source e-commerce platform for your online retail business, you should be aware that this platform has a kind of unattractive design by default. To make an e-commerce website on Zen Cart attractive, you will need some help from developers. You can also buy templates to make your storefront look more attractive.  

7. WooCommerce

If you’re into WordPress and want to start an online business, we can offer you several options. However, in this part, we are going to tell you about the most popular WordPress plugin WooCommerce. This leading open source solution for e-commerce also has a great user community. One of its benefits is that you can set up and manage your online shop without any technical knowledge. User-friendly admin panel made WooCommerce very popular among many retailers.

This platform is mobile friendly. With this feature, your online shop visitors can make orders from their mobile devices or tablets. As a result, you increase your sales. Moreover, one of the add-ons even allows you to create a mobile app with your products.

Take into account that WooCommerce works only with WordPress websites, which is not suitable for some types of businesses. Nevertheless, if you are familiar with WordPress admin panel, WooCommerce will be a great option for your business. To get custom features out of this open source e-commerce solution, online retailers should pay for extensions and templates.

8. JigoShop

JigoShop is one more option for WordPress fans. Like WooCommerce, this solution is easy to set up. If you want to make your online shop effective and convenient, you should pay for additional themes, extensions and plugins.

The main disadvantage of Jigoshop, as for WooCommerce – you cannot link product variations with this platform. For instance, if a business sells products of different sizes and colors, the platform requires specifying a color option for every size. The process of creating so many pages may take plenty of time.   

Default features of Jigoshop are very basic, but you can buy additional upgrades to satisfy your business needs.

9. Drupal Commerce

If you are familiar with Drupal admin panel and looking for an e-commerce solution, Drupal Commerce may be the right choice for you. This open source e-commerce solution is not only SEO-friendly but also flexible. Do not forget about clear administrator panel and advanced payment modules, even subscription-based.

As you understand, this solution works only with Drupal websites. From the beginning, Drupal Commerce has only basic features for e-commerce. To extend a website functional, you can buy Commerce Kickstart” package. Consisting of the most popular add-ons, it will give the new online shop a nice start.    

Consider this option if you are looking for an online shop with basic features, but you plan to expand it with third-party extensions.  

10. VirtueMart

VirtueMart is an e-commerce extension developed for websites on Joomla. It is extremely easy to set up and run an online shop with this solution. Especially if you want to sell overseas since it has multi-language capabilities.  

This extension is popular for SEO friendly features, allowing online shop owners to get more traffic that is organic. VirtueMart provides users with not only inventory management but also invoicing.

How to choose the Best Platform for your online business?

Since you now know about the most popular open source eCommerce solutions, you can make the right decision for your business. In the table below, we share additional information about most platforms solutions and maintenance prices.

 MagentoWooCommerceOpencartosCommerceDrupal Commerce
The number of online shops216,548396,171179,10080,14113,989
% share of top 100,000 eCommerce websites using open source technologies58.2Data not valid6.011.17.2
Number of add-ons, extensions and plugins availableHighHighMediumMediumMedium
Availability of expertise for development and maintenanceVery easily availableVery easily availableSuitable expertise is difficult to findSuitable expertise is difficult to findVery easily available
Overall development and maintenance costLowLowHighHighMedium

In this table, we share the comparison of Pros and Cons of the top e-commerce open-source platforms.

E-commerce platformPrice from (per month)Pros “+”Cons “-“
Shopify$9Ease of use, wide range of features, extendable, mobile-friendly, great supportAdvanced customization difficult, expensive, no blogging capabilities
BigCommerce$29.95Easy to use, feature-rich, great design options, SEO and marketing, payment options, customer supportConfusing plans, expensive, lack of ownership
Magento$5Feature-rich, third-party integrations, customizable, scalable, marketing-friendly, well-supportedUnsuitable for beginners, can be hard to find a developer, can be costly for the enterprise
WooCommerce$0Cost-effective, easy to setup and use, feature-rich, customizable, well-supported, SEO and marketing, full ownershipAdvanced customization skills required, dependent on WordPress, true costs difficult to calculate

Shopify just made a $2 billion windfall on Affirm IPO, six months after their partnership.

The two companies forged a partnership in July for online lender Affirm to become the exclusive provider or point-of-sale financing for Shop Pay, Shopify’s checkout service. As part of the deal, Shopify was granted warrants to buy up to 20.3 million shares in Affirm.


Without knowing your business size, specific and needs, it is impossible to say which platform is the best.

If you are looking for an online shop with basic features, you do not need to pay for advanced modules and extensions. Yet conversely, if you want to surprise website visitors with a bright design, custom features and you have enough budget, high-performance platforms suit your business more.

We hope that our open source eCommerce software review was helpful to you.

Most Common WordPress Issues

Creating a website is one of the first and most important steps that online business owners will take. Many people end up choosing WordPress to build their websites due to its user-friendliness. WordPress is a great option, but there are a few common errors to be aware of in case you encounter them in the future.

Make a Backup

When you notice an issue on your website, you may have a temptation to resolve the problem right away. Before you take any action, it is a strong recommendation to make a backup of your WordPress site. This is to ensure that you do not lose any data if the attempted resolution fails. Several plugins offer backup services, or you could perform a manual backup instead. 

WordPress Issues

1. Slow Speeds

Due to the short attention span of most online visitors, it has become more important than ever for websites to load quickly. If a customer needs to wait more than three seconds for a page to load, they are very likely to navigate away and find a competing product instead.  

There are a few different methods of solving the problem. First, check your hosting provider’s website. A server may be undergoing maintenance, and the provider will likely post an estimated time of completion. 

Another possibility is that your website has outgrown its hosting plan. Talk to your provider about upgrading to a new, reliable WordPress hosting plan that will suit your needs better. A WordPress hosting plan will optimize your website and provide you with features such as one-click installation, auto-updates, enhanced security, and support from experts in the field. 

2. “White Death” Error

When your WordPress displays a blank screen, this is primarily known as either a “White Screen of Death”, or a “White Death” for short. This error indicates that the site was not able to load, and it can be tricky to troubleshoot because there are multiple possibilities. The most likely culprit is a broken plugin. 

If you just downloaded a new plugin, the resolution to the problem may be simple. Login to your admin area and navigate to your plugins. Deactivate the plugin you recently acquired and test your web page again. If that was the cause, you should submit a support ticket to the plugin’s developer to let them know there was a problem. If that was not the cause, you could try deactivating all your plugins at once to eliminate them from being the issue. Do a test, and then reactivate them if the problem is not fixed. 

Another potential solution is to clear your cache. After an update, the cache may still be displaying out-of-date files. This is simple to do if you have a cache plugin, as there will be a button in the admin toolbar. Simply hover over the button, and the option to purge the cache will appear. 

3. Internal Server Error

Encountering an internal server error is an indication of a corrupted .htaccess file. This is the file that contains server instructions that allow for configurations of your website. The file can become corrupt due to the installation of a plugin or if the internet drops during a change to the website. 

You will need to log into your site root directory to repair this. Here you will have access to your WordPress installation, and you can change the name of your .htaccess file. Rename it to .htaccess_old. Save your changes in the settings – permalinks area, and then check that the issue is now solved. If it is, you can delete the old .htaccess file, as a new one will generate to replace it. 

4. Issues with Uploading Media

Sometimes, while uploading media in the admin area, you may encounter an HTTP error. This will pop up on the side of your screen in a small box. Luckily, this issue tends to have a simple resolution. You may have left your session open too long and it expired. Refresh the page and then try again. 

Otherwise, there may be an issue with the media file itself. It could be too large, or it could have disallowed characters in its name. Try renaming it, and then resizing it to solve the problem. 

5. Unsecure Site

While testing your site, you may notice a warning of “Not Secure” beside the URL. This indicates that your website does not have an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate will ensure that the data transmitted between the server and the browsers of visitors remains encrypted and secure. There is a reduced chance that hackers can infiltrate the data and steal the information of customers. 

Having an SSL certificate is important because it demonstrates to customers your dedication to protecting their personal information. A customer will be far more likely to purchase something from a secure website as opposed to an unsecured one. 

Wrapping Up

The above are five of the most common WordPress errors you may encounter during your business operations. If you cannot find your specific error or a resolution, try reaching out to your web hosting provider, as they might be able to walk you through the solution.   

How to Install WordPress on a Subdomain

If you want to use WordPress on a subdomain but have trouble installing it, there are a couple of ways to do it. The first way is to manually install it, which involves using an FTP client or your hosting provider’s file manager. This method is not very recommended, but it can work in some cases. You can follow the steps below to do it manually. The second method involves automatically installing WordPress on a domain, but it is more complicated.

In order to install WordPress on a subdomain, you need to create a new database in your hosting account. You can do this by going to your CPanel home page and clicking on the ‘MySQL’ section. Then, you need to create a user with the username you chose and grant them all privileges. The name of the database should include an underscore. Once you’ve set up the user, you can upload the WordPress files to your subdomain.

Once the installation is complete, you can check and verify the updates by logging into your WordPress account. You can even use an FTP client to install WordPress on a subdomain. There’s no need to create a separate domain to install WordPress. All you need to do is add a directory with the name of the subdomain in your hosting account. Then, you can go to that directory with your web host’s ‘Add Site’ button.

If you’re looking for a simple way to install WordPress on a subdomain, you’ll need an FTP client. To get started, open the ‘Domains’ section and select ‘Subdomains’. Next, click ‘Create’. You’ll find the ‘wordpress’ folder in your local files panel. To install WordPress, you’ll need to upload the zip file to the subdirectory and rename it.

Once the files are moved to the main root of your domain, you’ll need to create a subdomain folder. Then, you’ll need to change the path to the WordPress folder. You should also create a database in your host’s account in order to enable the installation of WordPress on a subdomain. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to install WordPress on a subdomain.

The next step is to create a MySQL database and set up the WordPress software. If you have access to your main account, then you should log in to your subdomain using the FTP account. You should enter the subdomain name into the Directory text box. Then, you need to enter the administrator password and MySQL credentials. To make the website accessible to the public, you should enter the full path of your website in the ‘wp-admin’ field.

Elementor: The Most Dynamic Website Builder

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet, and with good reason.

Put simply, WordPress enables web designers to create the most stunning, comprehensive websites imaginable.

However, if you can’t code, creating a WordPress website may prove challenging (if not downright impossible).

With Elementor, you can create dynamic WordPress websites without having to write a single line of code.

Have we mentioned that it is free, too?

Elementor: The Ultimate Design and Marketing Tool  

The ultimate free WordPress drag-and-drop builder, Elementor empowers web creators to design the perfect WordPress websites.
If you have your heart set on creating an ecommerce website, Elementor has you covered as well (more on that in a minute:)

With Elementor, it makes no difference If you don’t know how to tinker with CSS or HTML. The platform will enable you to intuitively create your landing pages and keep track of your progress while you assemble it.

We haven’t even scratched the surface, though:)

Elementor boasts dozens of widgets and tools that help you actualize even the most ambitious web design concept. You can create any slide, design any form and create the most stunning popup, all within Elementor.

Core features 

Drag and drop editor

The foundation of every website builder is its editor. Elementor offers users a truly unique editing experience; every item added to your page can be dragged and dropped within a clean, clear and intuitive environment.

Here’s what it looks like:

The widget panel can be seen on the left. Elementor offers more than 90 dynamic widgets and hundreds of templates with which you can create your stunning website. 

Business and marketing features

Elementor is more than just a site builder; it’s an all-in-one website creation platform. And, most importantly, it is a marketing and business oriented tool, as well. 

With Elementor, you get to build, publish, and manage your landing pages, forms, popups, and website pages without ever needing to incorporate any other tools.

Elementor offers powerful features geared towards marketing and business objectives (including lead capturing). You’ll find:

  • A powerful integration with Yoast, ensuring that your website will be SEO-optimized
  • Features such as fully customizable forms and smart popups enable site owners to considerably grow their audience
  • Elementor users can leverage customizable templates and set triggers to target their visitors at the right moment. 

Workflow optimization 

Ensuring consistency across your entire website is mission critical when creating it. Thanks to 

Elementor Pro’s Global Settings, you’ll be able to create and manage your site’s own design system and  significantly speed up your workflows.

Whenever you create a new design, it will automatically inherit its settings from your Global Settings. In the event that you modify something in Global Settings, that update will automatically apply across your entire site.

You can always choose to tinker with a design on a page-by-page basis, if you choose too:)

Kits Library

WordPress websites are composed of themes and templates. While customizable, these elements can prove tricky (and time-consuming) to tinker with.

Sometimes, it’s imperative to create a website and launch it quickly and effortlessly.

That’s what Full Site Kits are for.

Elementor’s Kits Library contains dozens of complete, designer-made website kits. These kits include all the elements and attributes a website needs in one single kit. All you have to do is click import. 

With Kits, there is no need to work on each page attribute (e.g. header, footer, color palettes) individually. You can choose a kit, customize it so that it fits your design goals, and hit publish. 

Boom, you’re up and running with your complete website.

It gets even cooler, though.

A kit, as a whole, single unit, can be replicated and reused:

The site settings ,its content, templates and other individual components (e.g.s  header, footer, 404 error page, pop-ups, color scheme, fonts) can be easily implemented into other sites. 


You can build incredibly comprehensive ecommerce websites with Elementor. WordPress’ premier ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce powers millions of online stores across the globe, and Elementor boasts one of the most popular WooCommerce site builders out there.

With Elementor’s ecommerce website building features you can:

  • Build your store’s homepage, product catalogue, product pages (that are more complicated than ordinary landing pages) without any need to code.  
  • Perfectly present the right product information, customer reviews and leverage powerful upselling features
  • Optimize your customers’ “add to cart” experience with custom buttons, menus, banners, and more

Elementor Free Vs Elementor Pro

Unlike some other website creation platforms, Elementor offers users a free plan, along with four subscription packages. 

With Elementor’s extensive free plan, users can leverage its , drag-and-drop editor along with a wide selection of widgets and 5 Kits. This plan should work for you if what you have in mind is designing basic landing pages and websites.

However, if your aim is to create a truly comprehensive website (not to mention an ecommerce website), and/or want to fully leverage Elementor’s game changing Full-Site Kits, you’ll need to upgrade to Elementor Pro.

Here is a list of features you’ll gain access to with Elementor Pro:

  • Access to Elmentor’s Theme Builder
  • The Fastest Theme On WordPress: Hello Theme
  • 300+ Pro Templates & Blocks
  • Custom Fonts & Adobe TypeKit
  • All WooCommerce widgets and templates
  • Elementor’s form builder
  • 3rd party integrations (e.g. MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, ReCAPTCHA, Slack)
  • 65 designed Kits

Elementor’s 4 subscription packages 

  1. Essential for US$49 per year – You can build one professional website with this plan
  2. Expert for US$199 per year – You can build 25 professional websites with this plan
  3. Studio for US$499 per year – You can build 100 professional websites with this plan
  4. Agency for US$999 per year – You can build 1000 professional websites with this plan

Get Started With Elementor

There are quite a few website building platforms on the market. 

But those that enable users to create comprehensive, visually-stunning WordPress at scale, are harder to come by.

Elementor stands out as a truly unique solution; offering web designers and developers an intuitive way to bring their vision to life and build the website of their dreams.

If you’re ready to get started with Elementor on your WordPress site, and join a community of more than 8 million professionals leveraging the website builder’s powerful features, go ahead and install the free version from WordPress.org today.

Web Design vs. Web Development: Differences to Help You Choose The Right One

Web Design vs Web Development, What’s the Difference Between the Two?

Whether you want to build a new website from scratch or you just want to update your current website, you might be wondering if you need the services of a web designer or a website developer. 

Nowadays, the terms are even used so interchangeably that it’s easy to get them confused. This can lead to employing the wrong strategy in building your website. 

So when you need a specific service for your website, it’s crucial you know whether you need a web design service or a web development service.

Well guess what? that’s what this article is about.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the differences between Web Design vs Web Development and we’ll help you decide when to choose each one for your projects.

So keep on reading this article.


Web design refers to the visual or aesthetic appearance of your website and how the different components add up to create a user-friendly environment for your business on the internet.

Think of web designers as architects of a building. As an architect would create the plan of a building before building it, so will a web designer model the layout of a website before the developer can start developing it. 

In essence, web design is concerned with everything that has to do with the visual appearance of a website and how users can interact with it. This includes components such as color, theme, graphic, content, and everything else that relates to the visual aspects of the user interface (UI) & user experience (UX).

In simple terms, web design focuses on how a site looks and how users interact with it. Web design governs what users see on their computer screens or mobile devices when they visit your site. A good web designer must be able to use the principles and tools of web design to create a site that looks great and appeals to your target audience. This is because if they like what they see, they’re probably going to stick around.

It might interest you to know that about 73% of businesses today are investing in web design to gain an edge over their competition.

So hiring a good web design company would help you reach your business goals by generating more leads or improving your online sales.

A web designer isn’t concerned with building your website from scratch, rather, they use design programs to create a prototype of your homepage and unique internal pages. This gives you a big picture of how your website would look like and also serve as a building block for developers when they get to building your website.

Some of the design programs used by web designers include Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, GIMP, Figma, Canva, bootstrap, Weebly, etc. 

Also, the design phase of your website allows you to provide feedback about the design and tell your designer what you like, what you don’t like, and the changes you’d like to effect on the current mockup.


Having talked about web design, let’s see what web development is all about.

After completing the planning and design process of your website, a web developer, often called a programmer, steps in to make the design function as it should. 

So if the designer is the architect, then the developer is the engineer.

Web developers build a functional website from the design made by the web designer. They make the design prototype of a website come to life and function as a website.

Developers add interactive functionality to your website, whether it be live active links, CTA buttons, or sliders.

For instance, if a design features 2 CTA buttons on the homepage, those CTA buttons have to be hard-coded into the site in such a way that they respond correctly when users click on them. The same goes for every other element in the website such as contact forms, a simple hyperlink in your content, sliders, or even the navigation bar.

Web developers may choose to work with content management systems (CMSs) like Joomla or WordPress, but they’re also able to build your website from scratch by coding with programming languages such as HTML, PHP, and CSS.

So if you need a website or plan to update an already existing website that require people to register and create profiles or collect leads, then you need a web developer.

Note that there are two subcategories of web development; Front end (client-side) and back end (service side) development.

FRONT END DEVELOPMENT is the practice of producing HTML, JAVASCRIPT, OR CSS code for a website or a web application to enable users interact with them directly. Front end development is all about what the user can see on the website like the graphic user interface including beautiful sliders, flashy buttons, navigation buttons, colourful images, etc.

Now since a web designer doesn’t know much about coding, it becomes the role of a front end developer to create an environment that the user can see and touch, by combining several tools including HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT.


This is simply the part of the website which the user cannot see and interact with. It’s all about how to system works. 

The back end runs on the server side but communicates with the front end so that everything works out fine. Essentially, back end developers control the server data and request by coding on the web servers and databases, and not on the browser. 

So a website where users submit forms with personal data (such as creating an account), or saving an article for a blog would require back end services.

On the other hand, fullstack developers are well versed in both frontend and backend development. They’re the complete package when it comes to web development.


If you need a new website for your online business or you just want to tweak the look and feel of your current website, you might be wondering if you need a superb web design or a fantastic web development service. Our table below will give you a quick overview on when to choose each one;

ProjectWhat You Need
Build a website using the design from a website designerWeb development
Create an appropriate color pattern for your websiteWeb design
Create a wireframe to suit your existing web design IdeasWeb design
Choose the right fonts for your new or existing websiteWeb design
Create a mobile appWeb development
Fix server/hosting issuesWeb development
Edit visual content like photos and videosWeb design

Hiring Web Design and Web Development Company

Since we’ve grouped the two disciplines into separate categories, it’s easy to think you’ll have to hire Web design company and development company separately. But that’s not true.

If you’re like most business owners, you don’t have the time to juggle client emails, paperwork, and creating a website, an agency full of experts is a great solution.

We can’t wait to get your web design and development off to a flying start.

How to to Speed up PrestaShop?

Although online shopping is much more convenient than going to a brick-and-mortar store, people tend to be less patient when making purchases over the internet. Users expect instantaneous reactions when they click on links. The longer they have to wait, the more likely they are to get cold feet. Consequently, online stores that prioritize speed make more money.

If you use PrestaShop for your ecommerce website, you have many tools available to fine tune your shop’s performance. This guide will cover some simple ways to speed up PrestaShop.

How to speed up PrestaShop: 8 tips to optimize your shop’s performance

PrestaShop is an open source platform that allows anyone to create their own online shop. Written in PHP, PrestaShop is a popular solution for websites of all sizes thanks to its wide selection of add-ons. Check out each of the 8 tips below for advice on how you can speed up your own PrestaShop site.

1. The three C’s: Combine, compress, and cache

This option will condense all of your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML into single lines of code, therefore, getting rid of any whitespace or unnecessary characters. Thus, your file sizes will be smaller, and your web pages will load faster. From the top menu bar, look under the Advanced Preferences tab and click on Performance. Then, look for the CCC option.

2. Choose a cache module

The importance of implementing a cache module cannot be underestimated. On top of reducing page load times by several seconds, in some cases, they can drastically reduce your server load since delivering cached files consumes minimal resources.

However. not all caching modules are created equally. There are free ones out there, but serious online stores should invest in a premium option like JPresta Page Cachextendify Express Cache or Page Cache Ultimate Module.

3. Double up your web servers

When it comes to choosing a web server, Nginx or Apache are your obvious options. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, so which one should you use? The answer is both! Using the two servers simultaneously makes up for their individual deficiencies. The most common approach to this is to put Nginx in front of Apache as a reverse proxy. That way, Nginx will handle all of the static content requests while Apache handles dynamic content requests. To learn more, check out our complete Nginx vs Apache guide.

4. Invest in a CDN

If you haven’t already, take advantage of a content delivery network (CDN) to speed up content delivery. Once you set it up, simply input the media service information into PrestaShop. A content delivery network will cache your static assets across its network of edge servers around the globe. Therefore, a visitor’s request can be routed to the CDN’s nearest edge server as opposed to traveling to the origin server each time.

5. Use the latest version of PHP

Installing or upgrading to the latest version of PHP could bring some major speed improvements. PHP 7 was a substantial upgrade in terms of performance compared to PHP 5.

A few pros of PHP 7 include:

  • The request handling limit for PHP 7 is double that of PHP 5.6, and it responds to each request quicker.
  • By altering how it internally handles data, PHP 7 is 3.5 times more memory efficient than PHP 5.6.

Read this complete PHP 5 vs 7 article to learn more.

6. Optimize your database

For your database, you might want to try Percona Server or MariaDB rather than the standard MySQL for improved scalability. Alternatively, you may want to use a separate server for your MySQL if your website has lots of traffic. The size of your sever ultimately matters less than how it’s set up.

Also, don’t forget to optimize your database every now and then. The free PrestaShop Database Optimization module does a sufficient job. Just make sure you don’t accidentally wipe out order information or catalog data!

7. Take advantage of PrestaShop add-ons

Speaking of modules, the PrestaShop store has a whole section of add-ons for improving your online store’s performance. Such tools allow you to implement lazy loading, image optimization, and other strategies to optimize your user experience.

8. Uninstall any unused modules

PrestaShop 1.7 comes preloaded with hundreds of features and modules, many of which you don’t need. Disable and uninstall any modules your store doesn’t use so that they don’t get loaded.

Speed testing tools

Of course, you can’t know if your optimization efforts are paying off unless you quantify your gains. Thankfully, speed testing tools can evaluate your website’s performance and point out areas for improvement. Whichever tools you choose, run tests regularly to make sure you’re operating at optimal speed.

What not to do

  • Don’t bother with PHP accelerators such as Xcache or APC. Instead, try OPcache for faster PHP delivery.
  • Don’t bother with the PrestaShop stats modules since they take up space in your database. Instead, use an alternative like Google Analytics.
  • Don’t rely too heavily on fonts or files from external sources. Also, limit your use of external tracking scripts.
  • Don’t try to scale large photos with HTML. Optimize images in a program like Adobe Photoshop or with an image compression module.

Evaluating your progress

More important than any metric is your bottom line. Are your optimization efforts driving more sales? While website speed is probably the most pivotal factor to an online store’s success, it’s still just one of many. Your site layout, your prices, and your products are all important. Nonetheless, if customers have to wait for long load times, they’re not likely to stick around to see all that your store has to offer.

The Best Websites With Apple Pay Option

Six years have passed since the moment when mobile payments were transformed by Apple Pay. The number of active Apple Pay users keeps constantly growing. And according to Statista, last year 441 million Apple Pay users performed 10 billion transactions. The numbers are quite impressive, aren’t they? And it is not a surprise because our way of living changed and now it demands more fast and convenient services. It is easier to pay using your Apple device rather than a physical wallet. 

Have you noticed that less and less people buy things in malls? They’d rather make an online purchase instead of standing in the line for a fitting room or a counter. It is much faster and less tedious to choose an item and make one-tap payment on the websites. And that is what makes Apple Pay so popular. We have already covered the topic of Apple Pay on websites, how to implement it and what business advantages it offers. And now we would like to share with you a list of top websites supporting Apple Pay. 

Where to use your digital wallet?

Without doubt, Apple Pay irreversibly changed the way we do online shopping. Each year more and more websites add it as a payment option. Apple Pay has numerous advantages and among them we’d like to emphasize such key ones as convenience and security. 

  • Convenience. The less actions a customer has to perform when making an order – the better. Just imagine how irritated customers may end up if they do their Christmas shopping. They probably need to buy various items on different websites, which, in turn, make them enter payment details again and again. That’s just too much effort. So Apple Pay resolved this major issue and made all its users forget about an annoying checkout procedure. With a single tap on Touch ID sensor a person can handle all purchases and transfer money to a retailer’s account.
  • Security. You’ve probably heard how the whole databases of online retailers can get hacked or stolen. It is insecure to store your card number on a device. So Apple Pay offers a perfect secure solution. It transfers your money using a special Dynamic Security Code and Device Account Number. You will be charged only after you tapped Touch ID sensor and your fingertip was recognized and accepted by the system. You actual card numbers will not be stored on Apple servers. 

It is understandable why many big merchants enable the Apple Pay option on their websites. And it is only a matter of time before all more or less big online stores will support it. The integration process is not complicated and does not require any special skills. It is way harder to develop a web application itself than incorporate Apple Pay in it.  So in case you are only thinking about web app development and you need a solution for business, take time and think about all crucial features and payment method it is going to offer. 


Before you make a final decision on what your iOS application should be, take a minute and read about native and hybrid app development. It will help you to choose the right type of app for your business.

But before all retailers will start accepting Apple Pay, let’s take a look at the ones that are already doing it. 


This service is a favorite of all travelers. It allows to book apartments all over the world, communicate with your hosts, leave honest feedback and rate the place you’ve stayed in.  It was one of the first websites which enabled Apple Pay and keeps successfully using it right now. 

Best Buy

A huge consumer electronics retailer which offers its customers literally everything starting with various house appliances like fridges or washing machines and ending with digital cameras, mobile phones and even software. Dealing with daily influx of customers is not an easy thing and yet Best Buy managed to make shopping experience better by implementing Apple Pay into its website. 


Probably everyone has heard about Etsy and perhaps even bought something on their website. Having a huge variety of vintage and hand-made goods, this retailer understands the importance of customer satisfaction which depends not only on goods but also on services. So should you decide to buy something chic and unique, Etsy website with Apple Pay will make this experience enjoyable. 


As of now 15 countries can appreciate this marketplace selling services, activities and goods. No wonder Groupon became an Apple Pay-friendly store. Numerous merchants united on this web platform to offer a full range of services. It is possible to buy everything you can imagine on Groupon – fitness classes, cosmetics, food, various memberships, accessories, flowers and many more. 


Due to this crowdfunding platform, many startups raised enough money to become a success. Kickstarter has a large community of people ready to back up any cool innovative project by investing in it whatever sum they can afford. To make investing experience even more pleasant Kickstarter introduced Apple Pay and that turned out pretty well for both startups and their financial supporters. 


Food delivery is extremely popular and brings tons of money to companies. What can be better than ordering a set of delicious meals from a restaurant you like? Grubhub is a huge marketplace that has a website and mobile application and connects foodies with local takeout places. To ensure total customers satisfaction they offer various methods of payment including Apple Pay. 


The creators of this service understand the importance of fast delivery. By using Instacart one can order same-day groceriy pick-up and delivery from a store nearby. A couple of clicks and you have your food ordered, one tap on a screen – you’ve made a purchase using Apple Pay. One more great thing about this service is that anyone can easily become a shopper for someone else and earn money instead of spending them. 


Everybody has used Uber (which by the way started supporting Apple Pay in 2014) many times but not everybody knows that there are similar services with even more wide spectrum of transportation and ride sharing services. F.e. Lyft – a holistic system (web platform + mobile application) allowing you to become a driver or get a ride at once. Moreover, Lyft has scooters and bicycles for rent and even organizes food delivery.  With such a big variety of services it is mandatory to implement different payment options for the customers convenience. 


All sports fans have already forgotten how exhausting buying a ticket can be. If previously they used to wait in the long queues, now with a couple of taps on the screen they can purchase a ticket for baseball, basketball, hockey, football and other games. Such ticket distributing services can’t manage without Apple Pay which makes all financial transactions easier. 


This platform is a real finding for all travelers because it offers renting of cars, booking of cruises, flights and hotels at cheaper prices. There are even additional discounts for those who purchased a bundle (f.e. hotel apartment + flight ticket + car rent). All customers can not only pay conveniently via Apple Pay, but also save money. 

What changes await for Apple Pay after iOS 14 release?

This year Apple surprised us with some innovations at its WWDC. And while all users are alredy waiting for new iOS 14 to play with the brand new options, the app owners and developers start being concerned. What is going to happen with the already existing solutions? Should you seriously think about updating your apps?

Based on our experience, we can say that it is better to face iOS updated prepared, because no matter what app you own, the new App Clips option will require its code review.

And now as to the influence of App Clips on apps with Apple Pay option. First of all it is necessary to mention that thanks to App Clips users will be able to use a certain features of the solution without downloading it from the App Store. So all companies which have apps related to renting, booking and services providing and have Apple Pay option will need to update their apps. It will be necessary to develop App Clip of the app (which is basically a lightweight version of it) and make sure that Apple Pay functions correctly.

Also many resources discuss the new possibility that Apple Pay will get in iOS 14. This will be an option allowing to scan QR codes or traditional barcodes using an iPhone camera and make instant payments. Which is great if we speak about customer experience. Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming feature we’ve managed to find on the Internet.

It is high time to think about your application update since many new solution will offer this new option, and if you want your app to stay highly competitive you need to alter it. App Clips and payments via QR codes are predicted to be extremely popular especially among people from 18 to 40 years old (which is quite huge potential customer base that you can get if your solution will be up-to-date).

Also if your solution is related to providing services or selling some goods via website or mobile application, it will be reasonable to think about your own custom CMS. In case you haven’t heard about this solution.


Can Apple Pay be used on wearables?

Yes, it can be set up on Apple Watches. To do this you need to open Apple Watch app on iPhone, find Wallet option and tap Add Card. After that follow the instructions and everything is set up.

Where is Apple Pay available?

As of now it can be used in 40 countries all over the world including US, UK, China, Canada, Japan, Australia, Ukraine, Russia and many more. You can check the full list of countries on the Internet.

Is it secure to use Apple Pay?

Absolutely, since Apple does not save your card numbers or transactions data on its servers. Everything is performed through Wallet app and is kept there. Also Apple Pay makes a special token that replaces your payment details, and device account number is encrypted and securely stored.

To sum it up 

As you can see from the variety of stores accepting Apple Pay, this payment method works for any industry. The technologies nowadays aim to make our mobile and web experience more simple and secure. So before purchasing anything customers tend to ask themselves a question: “Why share my debit card numbers and store them on my device if I can avoid all risks and pay safely with one tap of a finger?” This means that way more customers choosing among similar stores would prefer the one with the convenient payment options.

The best tool for A/B tests for UI or CRO

I have two points for which I occasionally try to be persecuted:

  1. If you don’t know which tool to choose, then choose any tool. And this is most likely Google Optimize.
  2. You don’t need to know the under-the-hood math of A/B testing. Look at the tool’s “Win/Lose” messages.


So why do I think that?

  1. If you don’t know which tool to choose, chances are you have no or very little experience in A/B testing. To get that same experience, it’s important to start as soon as possible.
  2. If you don’t know which tool to choose, it means you have no requirements for the tool. If there were real requirements, a simple comparison of functionality would quickly solve the problem. And if there are no requirements, then anything will do.
  3. Knowing the under-the-hood math will help if you write your tool from scratch. In other cases, it’s practically useless: you can’t change the Google Optimize algorithm(s) and/or other tools.

It seems like picking the best tool and figuring out the under-the-hood math is very, very right. The devil lies in the definition of “right.” I insist that speed of motion (start early) is more important in most cases. In that time, you will have time to do more and get better results than that gain from a better tool and knowledge of math.

Run experiments whose wins will be reported to you by accounting, not by the analytics system.

TOP 7 Social Website Design Tips

Online dating has been a huge part of our lives for quite some time now. In fact, at the moment, as more and more people decide that this is the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to date nowadays, half of all people have tried it, and hundreds of thousands more try it each day. So, of course, the need for niches was born. Online dating websites took things to the next level and decided to create special websites for different kinds of people and people with different needs.

Mature Online Dating is a Large Market

The mature dating niche is truly one of the broadest. Firstly, because mature single people who stand confidently on their feet can afford to pay for quality online dating services, as they are focused on results. And secondly, by the age of maturity, people know and understand a lot about themselves, so they specifically follow their preferences. Mature singles’ preferences give rise to subcategories in the mature niche, including casual hookups and serious relationships, as well as international and interracial dating that will bring date seekers from the United States to Asia and around the world together.

Online dating has different combinations like young people seeking mature ones, matures looking for matures; an emphasis on a racial or cultural background is also possible. Search filters are so diverse on sites that finding mature Asian ladies dating for young men is as easy as it is for matures. While in the past, people who were over 40 and single with a passion for Asian women, who were divorced or widowed, did not have a way to connect to others in similar situations and got almost shunned from society and remained alone forever, nowadays it’s not the case anymore.

The main thing is that the site is aimed at the age of the target audience and is usable for the older generation.

How to Design a Mature-Friendly Dating Site

There are some peculiarities in creating online services for mature people so that they can be used by people over 40 without inconvenience or confusion during the dating process.

  • No clutter – having a clean design that’s minimalistic is crucial as one likes things that are all over the place. While in the past, websites with a lot going on were the norm, now the simpler, the better
  • Straightforward and intuitive – the website should be insanely easy to use. User experience is very important, and you need to remember that these are older people. They might not be very tech-savvy and shouldn’t get lost on the website trying to find the mature Asian dating subcategory. Keep everything one or two clicks away from the homepage at the most.
  • Simple color scheme – create a safe space, with simple colors that will catch their eye but not look too menacing. Pastels and basic black and white are good options.
  • No flashy colors or buttons – make mature singles feel welcomed and safe by not using flashing colors and buttons and getting them to panic that they’ve gotten a virus. They may not know much about websites and the Internet, so they will scare easily.
  • Сlear and large font – The text on the pages of a dating site should be easy to read, as well as there is no need to place small and illegible inscriptions on important buttons such as “log in” or “swipe to like”. It’s better to use classic sans-serif font like Arial due to easier perception by the eyes of older people or people with visual impairments.
  • Available on any device – make the website fit perfectly across all devices. While some might like browsing on desktop computers and laptops, the majority will probably prefer using it on the go. Especially if a person is traveling or looking for an Asian partner, being on the other side of the world, where the time zone is different, then it will be convenient to have access to their dating profile at any time. If possible, also create an app.
  • Great search feature – this is absolutely imperative. Probably one of the most important features of the website. Make it easy to spot no matter where you are on the dating website and super easy to use. Have several functions available to users, from geolocation to filtering according to age, gender, sexual orientation, and more.


There are several other aspects that you should take into consideration, but the others are more on the turf of how to design a website in general and aren’t necessarily connected to making a mature dating website.

What is most important to remember out of all of this is that you must do your research and understand your target audience as well as possible. If necessary, try focus groups and questionnaires and ask them directly. Meet their needs and adapt and change if the users raise demands or have opinions that could improve their experience.

TOP-7 ways to benefit from GPU servers for your business

New technologies have a huge impact on all business spheres. There are serious corporations as well as small coffee shops and well-known clothing brands. Sometimes the development of a new project comes to the point that the owner has to buy additional technical equipment. Not every business requires a stable Internet connection; some portals can survive with a simple site and a few commercial pages on social media platforms. However, when it comes to dealing with big data and personal information, the responsibility needs to be taken.

Purchasing or renting a reliable server may be a significant item of expenses. It is important to decide whether you want or need it for your business. Many people say that in any case, it will be a necessary step and a great way to improve marketing strategies and sales. Online presence has become not an optional feature, but a necessary part of running a company. The Internet can be used to keep in contact with customers, store important information, advertise a product and demonstrate reliability and a well-deserved positive reputation.

A graphic processor unit was created for many purposes connected with visuals. It has been developed with a lot of effort, which is why it is not the cheapest equipment. How did it come that a computing device for 3D graphics and detailed visuals became an option for a server? Let’s find out.

What is a GPU server?

Improving graphics here seems pointless. However, servers with GPU show a lot more potential and complexity than those without one implemented. The main processor becomes overloaded easily without proper maintenance. Adding a graphic component will help with some of this work and prevent freezing, errors, data loss, etc.

This strategy also helps to manage tasks properly. You can assign the most important calculations to the main processor and leave the rest for the graphic processing unit.


The central processing unit is the most basic and essential part of a computing machine. It is responsible for operating a system, and many people stop upgrades at this point. If it is too slow, you just add more power to do different tasks. Usually, it has 32 or 64 cores.

GPU was created for operating graphics cards. Due to the specialty in visuals, it may have more than 1000 cores. It would seem, what is the advantage of the usual processor over such a powerful tool? Well, the GPU was constructed to operate a difficult task as fast as possible, but only once at a time, while each core of the CPU takes over a particular operation. This means that a graphics processor is perfect for a huge individual calculation.

Does a server need a GPU?

We pointed out a couple of reasons why you should consider this investment. We would like to add some more to the list:

  • Quick calculations. As it was mentioned earlier, the more operating tools you have, the faster everything will work. The efficiency of your hardware has a huge impact on the User Experience and overall performance of your website or application;
  • Tasks management. Focusing on the main functions is vital for operating a website or app. Any additional operation which is not in the priority may be assigned to the GPU;
  • DDoS protection. Modern technologies will guarantee safe and secure operational processes without unwanted intrusions. Having the GPU hosting, it is possible not to worry about important data losses;
  • Low expenses. The renting of virtual equipment allows saving expenses. If you rent the virtual server with a graphic card, you will get incredible operational performance at an acceptable cost;
  • AI training. If you need strict statistics and autonomous tasks, you should consider this high-quality equipment. It is perfect for establishing algorithms and AI improvement.


We are lucky to live in a period, where you are given many possibilities in the business sphere. The Internet is a powerful tool, a net of information, which brings great benefits to both entrepreneurs and clients.

Hostkey Company is one of the best hosting providers. It offers a variety of dedicated servers. If you want to see the list of interesting offers and get professional advice, just visit the official website. Experienced managers could assist you to choose the most reliable and inexpensive variant of equipment due to your requirements to rent. Professional tech support is available 24/7. It is possible to solve any questions or get a free consultation in the short term.

How to Create a Dating Reviews Site Structure That Will Improve SEO

Having the best site ever doesn’t mean much if it gets no traffic. If your dating reviews site can’t attract enough attention, something needs to be changed. Check if you’re ranking for relevant keywords. If not, add more content. If you’re getting impressions but can’t get clicks, you have to fix your on-site SEO. Getting a couple more backlinks (off-site SEO) won’t hurt either. But we’re talking about the structure of your site, so no backlinks from now on. Before we reveal 6 ways to create a great site structure for your dating reviews site, you have to understand why it is so important.

Why Site Structure is As Useful For Users as it is for SEO

The Site structure of your website shows Google which pages of your site are most important.

If you look at SERP results for any keyword, you’ll notice that sites with high ranks have something in common. All of those sites have a good structure. It’s simple enough so anyone can easily find all the features and categories. That boosts user experience, so visitors spend more time on the site. Algorithms notice that readers are spending time on a site, so the site gets ranked higher. SEO is search engine optimization, but in the end, you aren’t optimizing your site for browsers; you’re optimizing it for your readers.

If someone who visits your site seeking dating site reviews gets confused by the site’s structure, they’ll return to the SERP. That will increase your bounce rate. An alarm to browsers that visitors aren’t satisfied with your site. In the end, your rank will suffer even if you write the best reviews and even if you upload 2 reviews per day. Bad user experience results with low rank, every time, not even black hat SEO can save you for long. If readers can’t find useful info on your dating reviews site, you won’t rank high. And the foundation for a good user experience is a clear site structure that lets everyone find everything they need.

Ways to Create Great Site Structure for Dating Reviews Site

People looking for reviews of dating sites aren’t all looking for the same kind of sites or fantasizing about the same types of relationships. They are coming from different locations as well. Because of that, you should make a different buyer persona for every category of singles you want to attract to your site. That will help you adapt your site and cover more niches – from lasting relationships to kinky and BDSM. Of course, you have to pay attention to proper structuring. Anyone should be able to find a search bar easily, and reviews should be divided into categories. But before you can start thinking about that, focus on the first tip below.

Plan Before Developing

In the famous Sun Tzu’s book “The Art Of War” the first and most important chapter is “Planning”. From the perspective of a dating review site owner, that means you have to know your audience. It’s easy to help someone when you know what they are looking for

When you choose the categories your site will cover, start building a relationship with the target audience from the beginning. Paid advertising is of great help there. You can target specific groups of people to answer their needs at the right moment. If you plan to start filling your site with reviews of BDSM dating sites because that’s trending in Australia, make sure people in Australia can see those reviews. Advertise locally and adapt the whole review to the Australian market. Don’t leave prices in USD; turning that into AUD is nothing for you. For your reader, that’s a point where he loses concentration because a wild math problem appeared in the middle of your review.

Create a Concise but Appropriate URL Structure

Many people neglect the effect URL structure has on SEO. A clear and concise URL with keywords in it lets the browser know what the site is about. When a page goes to fetish dating sites, it should be clear from the very beginning by the URL of the page. That’s important because algorithms focus on user experience more and more with every update. Solid URLs followed with relevant headings and content are easily understood by crawlers and people. If a crawler understands what a site is about (and content is relevant), it will check it as useful for readers. That means more organic views of the site and lower marketing costs.

Know Your Meta Tags

Clear URL structures aren’t the only way to help search engine crawlers understand the topic of your site before entering it. SEO heading (the heading visible on SERP) helps a lot, but you shouldn’t forget meta tags. Most people focus on writing meta descriptions (the text under a heading on SERP) which is great but doesn’t affect page rank. Meta descriptions help the readers understand what a site is about; meta tags do the same for crawlers. After doing deep keyword research relevant to the niche of the online dating industry, choose precise and relevant meta tags to give your site a free and easy SEO boost. 

Shallow is Preferred Over Depth

The easier a site is to see, the more people will see it. To accomplish that, don’t bury important pages. Don’t put casual BDSM site reviews in the casual dating category if they get a lot of attention. Make the BDSM category instead. Put related sites in that new (sub)category, and they’ll emerge from the depth. Do that from the start with all targeted categories, and you’ll easily create a clear site structure.

The Home Page is the Navigator for the Entire Site

This is related to the previous tip on putting important pages in visible places. Your homepage is the most visible page on your site. Even if some other pages are ranking better, readers will still go to the homepage to look for more reviews. When a popular query is available from the home page, like in the example above, anyone looking for fast dating matches in Australia will be able to go to the best BDSM dating sites in just one click. Because of that, it should have a simple menu that gets a reader to important pages in a couple of mouse movements. Pinning popular reviews as featured articles is another way to take visitors to helpful pages. Then it all depends on internal linking.  

Pay Attention to Internal Link Optimization

If you create a web of useful internal links, readers will browse the site for a while. Neglect internal link optimization and readers may go to the homepage and look for another review after they’re done with the first. Or they may leave the whole site and never come back. Just because there were no internal links that would take them to pages of their interest, put links to related articles in reviews to keep answering questions your readers have. If they’re reading reviews of casual dating sites, write a blog article with tips on casual dating and link it to existing reviews. Put a couple of relevant internal links on every page your audience and crawlers will be grateful.    

Summing Up

Structuring your dating reviews site carefully from the start will save a lot of time in the long run. When it starts to grow, it will take less maintenance to keep everything clear. Clear structuring of a site helps to get more organic views because crawlers go through pages easily. But the biggest benefit of a well-structured site is a great user experience. Give your readers useful info about finding love online in a clear way, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

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