Most popular services during spring and summer

Grill assembly service

Grill assembly service is one of the most popular services during spring and summer. Most homeowners enjoy spending weekends with family and friends. Of course, fried sausages, vegetables complement this time with pleasant taste memories. Basically, there are 2 types of grills – pellet and gas. They differ in the  fuel. In a pellet grill the product is fried on burning wood pellets. Pellets can have their own unique aroma, which is transferred to products during frying. A gas grill is the standard cooking option. It assembles within an hour. As a rule, if you follow the instructions and have experience, there are no problems during the assembly process. You can connect the grill to both the gas line and a gas tank. As a reminder, the state of New Jersey requires a plumber license to connect the grill to your gas line.

The homeowner should also have a line ready to connect this appliance. Therefore, if you want to connect to the gas line, you need to know the location of the grill in advance. In the case of a gas tank, the grill can be installed anywhere in the yard. Do not forget to service and clean your appliance at least once a year for safety purposes. Fat and parts of food can get inside, making it difficult to turn on and use.

If you follow these simple recommendations, then using the grill will be a pleasure, in any case, the service is nearby and ready to help you.  

To choose an inground basketball hoop, you need to understand the level of your involvement in the game. For us as installers it takes two times to visit a customer to complete installation. On the first day we pour concrete and wait for 3-4 days to dry. After we come and do the frame and the backboard installation. If you are going to make professional jumps with hovering on a shield, then you need to take the most professional equipment.

The size of the shield and the material from which it is made is of great importance. Better material means better bounce. Shield height adjustment is present on all hoops as a standard option.

Think about the location

Once you have decided on the choice of equipment, you should think about the location. At a minimum, the playground should be comfortable for 2-3 people to play. It should be level for the ball to bounce correctly. It is advisable not to have structures, lawns, or shrubs nearby. Special adherents of the game paint the court like professionals. Installation of additional equipment like nettings and lighting are the most popular. Nets keep the ball from flying off the court, and backlighting allows you to make accurate throws in the dark.

Coingecko Solana 45b Ossinger Bloomberg

Are you searching for Coingecko Solana 45b Ossingerbloomberg ? Here is what you should know about Coingecko Solana 45b Ossingerbloomberg in 2022.

What is Solana (Sol) token?

Solana’s SOL token has tripled in about three weeks and now has a market value of more than $41 billion, according to CoinGecko. Proponents tout the claimed speed and lower cost of transactions on Solana for decentralized finance and digital collectibles, applications where Ethereum dominates.

What data does Coingecko collect?

CoinGecko also collects data analysis from TradingView, the popular market analysis platform, along with certain other third party organizations (like SimilarWeb to track unique visits to each exchange website). As of November 2019, CoinGecko lists 392 exchanges and 6,036 coins.

Where does Solana (Sol) rank on CoinMarketCap in 2021?

Combined with the longstanding professional expertise creators Anatoly Yakovenko and Greg Fitzgerald bring to the project, Solana is ranked number 42 in the CoinMarketCap ranking as of February 2021.

How many Solana (sol) coins are there in circulation?

How Many Solana (SOL) Coins Are There in Circulation? The Solana Foundation has announced that a total of 489 million SOL tokens will be released in circulation. At the moment, about 260 million of these have already entered the market.

List of Good websites about Solana Crypto Coingecko

Resume Tips for IT Specialist

IT specialists ensure that every automated method of human communication functions correctly. It includes everything from computer software and hardware components to servers and networks. Such individuals require a remarkable resume to prove their qualifications. Here is an example of the perfect resume for IT specialists:

Amy Sanders



Certified IT Specialist with more than 10 years of experience. Proficient in computer and software systems, privacy, and security. Excellent organizational and troubleshooting skills. Looking for a job that will help me boost my capabilities every day. 


High School Diploma

Modern High School

2008-2010  Stamford, CT

Bachelor of Information Technology

Slastes University

2010-2012  Herndon, VA


IT Specialist

Spilstech | 2017-2021 | Herndon, VA

Spilstech is America’s largest organization focusing on all types of IT projects. 

  • Designed 20 significant projects in Autocad
  • Supported more than 300 staff members
  • Executed global hardware upgrade plan for over 800 computers
  • Decreased UMI stack installation time via scripted automation 

IT Specialist

Cralberg | 2015-2017 | Herndon, VA

Cralberg is a leading contractor of high-specification offshore rigs and deepwater drilling services. 

  • Conducted IT support for both hardware and software
  • Supported more than 200 employees’ help desk issues every day
  • Assisted vendors in decreasing the cost of equipment
  • Modernized the infrastructure and virtualized workload


  • Salesforce Consultant
  • Peripheral Equipment
  • Access Points
  • Setup
  • DOD


  • EC-Council: Certified Information technology Professional (CITP)
  • AICPA: Security 5 Certification 


Awarded with the ‘Top Tech Specialist Award’ in 2020 by Spilstech CEO for exemplary contributions to the company

Selecting the ideal resume format

The chronological format is the best option for organizing your resume information. This format is the most straightforward way to view employment history. However, you may opt for a functional resume format if you are an independent IT specialist. It will help you display your relevant qualifications based on skills, projects, and clients. You can also choose a combination of both of these formats. 

Resume summary tips

You can indicate your focus on results through your resume summary, profile, or personal statement. This synopsis describes why you are the perfect fit for the job. Incorporating action verbs will establish a clear link between your primary qualifications and the client’s requirements. 

Writing an excellent employment history

The more diverse work experience you have, the greater your chances of landing the job. You must frame your work experiences as outcome-based achievements. Quantifying measurable results such as savings with outstanding facts will help you stand out from the other candidates. 

Including proper information in the education section

It is the place to enlist your educational degrees in reverse chronological order. You can also mention on-the-job training and IT skills programs you have pursued independently. In other words, all learning activities show your career growth. 

Adding the skills

You must select unique technical abilities to help you outshine the other applicants. Adding an adverb or adjective will create a difference. In addition, include some soft skills in your resume

Based on the nature of the job role, customize your resume to suit the company’s requirements. It will help you compete for the best jobs in a severely competitive job market. 

Why do people hate Russia, Putin and Russians?

The first reason is that Russia has a long history of being a military superpower. The country has been at war with other countries for centuries and as an effect, it has formed an aggressive reputation.

The second reason is the country’s government. Russia’s government isn’t democratic and they have been known to restrict free speech. This has caused many people to be unhappy with Russia’s regime, especially in recent years.

The third reason is that Russians are not very welcoming to outsiders. This can be seen in their laws towards immigrants and refugees.

Introduction: The Origins of Anti-Russian Sentiment

The origins of anti-Russian sentiment are rooted in the Cold War. The tension between the two countries has been going on for centuries. Today, it is an ideological struggle rather than a military one, but both Russia and the US still have nuclear weapons at their disposal.

This paper will explore the origins of anti-Russian sentiment and how it has evolved over time. It will also discuss how this sentiment affects our perceptions of reality and history.

How Russia’s Actions Have Fueled Anti-Russian Sentiment in the U.S.

Russia’s actions in Ukraine, Syria, and the U.S. presidential election have fueled anti-Russian sentiment in the United States.

Russia has often been a topic of contention between Russia and the United States which is why Russia’s actions in Ukraine, Syria, and the U.S. presidential election have fueled anti-Russian sentiment in the United States. In 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea, many Americans were angry that Putin was able to get away with it because of his close relationship with then-President Obama and President Trump’s admiration for Putin

Putin’s involvement in Syria has also caused a lot of controversy because he is supporting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad who has been accused of committing war crimes against his own people

Lastly, Russia’s interference with the 2016 presidential election has

Russia’s Influence on Western Media and Fake News Publishers

Russia has been playing a major role in the media landscape for years. The country has been using propaganda to interfere with Western media and fake news publishers.

Russia’s influence on Western media started in 2014 when it invaded Ukraine and Crimea, and then took over Eastern parts of the country. This led to an information war between Russia and the West. Russia has been using propaganda to interfere with Western media and fake news publishers.

The most notable event was when Russian hackers stole 20,000 emails from American citizens who were working for Democratic National Committee (DNC). These emails were then published by Wikileaks, a site that is known to publish classified information that is obtained illegally. This led to Hillary Clinton losing the election against Donald Trump because people found out about her involvement in rigging her party

Russia’s Role in Syria and Ukraine and How it Affects Relations with the West

Russia’s role in Syria and Ukraine has been a topic of international concern. It has been accused of violating international law by its involvement in the Syrian Civil War, as well as being involved in the Ukrainian conflict.

The Russian government has denied these accusations, claiming that it is only fighting terrorism and trying to protect Christians in the Middle East. However, there are many reports of human rights violations by Russian forces on both fronts.

The West’s relations with Russia have deteriorated over these conflicts, but it is still unclear what Russia’s end goal is with its involvement in Syria and Ukraine.

Conclusion: Why People Hate Russia and Putin?

In conclusion, people hate Russia and Putin because of the way he has been ruling the country. He has been involved in a series of controversies that have led to his popularity declining over time.

Which celebrity received their stage name from a medieval English ballad?

Chevy Chase is an American comedian, writer, and actor who is best known for his appearances on Saturday Night Live and his starring roles in the films Caddyshack (1980), National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983), and Fletch (1985).

Chase was named for his adoptive grandfather Cornelius Vanderbilt Crane, while the nickname “Chevy” was bestowed by his grandmother, derived from the medieval English ballad “The Ballad of Chevy Chase”. As a descendant of the Scottish Clan Douglas, the name seemed appropriate to her.

Top Facts about

  • Chevy Chase was born on October 8, 1943 in Cornelius Crane Chase in New York City.
  • Education: Bard College (‎BA‎)‎
  • Children: Caley Leigh Chase, Bryan Perkins, Cydney Cathalene Chase, Emily Evelyn Chase

What is medieval ballad?

The Medieval Ballad is a form of narrative poetry, which was sung. The Ballads usually tells a dramatic story, as a series of rapid flashes; they consisted of a mixture of dialogue and narration. Ballads were impersonal, since ballad narrators do not speak in the first person.

All about Apple Employee Friends&Family Discount in 2022

  • What discounts does employees get on Apple products?
  • Is it 25% for personal use and 10% for friends and family, and how many of each product can you buy annually?

How much discount do Apple employees get?

You get 500$ every 3 years, within how many days of joining can we claim this.

Apple allows mothers to take four weeks of paid leave before giving birth and 14 weeks after. Non-birth parents get six weeks of paid time off, according to TIME.

What kind of discount do apple employees get?

Apple offers a Friends and Family discount for employees, which can be applied to any device in Apple’s stores. To sign up, employees must bring in an official work ID and their last pay stub.

Some about Apple Inc:

  • Apple, which Markets Insider reports has a current market cap of $871 billion, is one of the most prolific tech companies out there.
  • Using Glassdoor, Business Insider looked into some of its employee benefits.
  • Glassdoor users gave Apple’s overall perks a 4.5 out of 5 stars on the site.


Can apple employees give discounts to friends?

  • Yes, there certainly are. You can get up to 10 items for family or friends at only 15% off by using the discount provided by your previous affiliation with Apple.

ktor vs spring vs vertx for Kotlin on Backend

What about Ktor?

Ktor is the best web apps framework I’ve used.

Kotlin w/ Ktor is good for Smal Personal Project

What about Spring?

Spring has tons of benefits but especially on personal projects ktor is a lot easier to get off the ground.

I’ve written over a dozen spring apps and maintained them at scale and they hold up really well. But the inherit complexity of the framework is kind of it’s downfall.

Java w/ Spring is good for Large Commercial Project

And vertx

Kotlin w/ vertx is good for Large Personal Project

How Late Does FedEx Deliver Packages on Sunday?

  • FedEx Home Delivery now delivers every day of the week. 
  • Deliver to most residential customers on Saturday and Sunday at no additional cost. 
  • Deliver to most residential customers on Saturday and Sunday at no extra cost.

The first thing is to double and triple-check. Are you sure it wasn’t delivered at a different door? Often the delivery person and the recipient have other ideas of which is the ‘front door.

Often the delivery person tries to make the package hard to see from the road to prevent theft, so check behind things on a porch or carport. If your house number is not visible, there is a chance the package was delivered to a neighbor instead. It can also be the case when a package needs a signature, but no one is home. In many cases, a neighbor can sign for the box, and the courier will leave a note on your door, but the letters can fall off or be swept away by the wind.

Once you are sure the package is not there, you should file a report informing the shipper that the package is missing. It may take a few hours to respond since these reports take time to follow up on and require the courier to contact their station or dispatcher about the package.

Hopefully, the courier will give some detail to help you locate your package or confirm that it is missing from that location. In the end, it cannot find the package. You will need to file a claim for the replacement value (assuming it was under $100 or was declared and insured if it was above $100 in value).

Residential Delivery Every Day of The Week

Your customers want to receive their purchases every day — and you want to deliver. Now Saturday and Sunday delivery come standard for FedEx Home Delivery residential shipments so that you can provide your customers’ packages up to one day sooner. 

Monday−Sunday. Delivery is between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. FedEx Ground picks up packages Monday−Friday.

  • Additional information: You can request this 
  • Delivery time: 1–5 business days within the 
  • FedEx network: FedEx Ground

Delivery days and times vary by service type: FedEx Express: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (and Saturday with Saturday Delivery particular handling option) FedEx Ground: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. FedEx Home Delivery: Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

I am expecting a package. When will I receive it?

You can track the status of your shipment on by using your tracking number and reviewing the Estimated Delivery Date. Deliveries occur during business hours and depend on the selected service and location. If you do not have your tracking number or have any questions, please contact FedEx Customer Service at 800 FedEx (800 33339).

What is FedEx Home Delivery?

FedEx Home Delivery is a ground shipping service that delivers to residential areas. It is faster to more residential locations than UPS Ground. FedEx Home Delivery also delivers to more residential locations than UPS Ground on the weekend.

Shipping/transit time

In the contiguous U.S., delivery takes 1–5 days. Shipping to and from Alaska and Hawaii is 3–7 days. 

Weekend deliveries

Deliveries are made every day of the week. FedEx Home Delivery delivers to more residential locations than UPS Ground on the weekend. You can even request evening or appointment delivery.


Get started by getting a shipping rate.

Weight limit and maximum package size

Packages up to 150 lbs., 108″ in length, and 165″ in length plus girth (L+2W+2H) can be shipped.

Delivery area

FedEx Home Delivery delivers throughout all 50 states.

When to use FedEx Home Delivery in U.S.?

Use FedEx Home Delivery to ship to someone’s house or apartment. Use FedEx Ground to ship to businesses.

  1. When you create a shipping label on, make sure to select the check box labeled “This is a residential address.”
  2. If you’re not sure if your destination is a residential address, don’t worry.
  3. Choose “Perform detailed address check.” Our systems will tell you if the address is residential or commercial.
  4. Then select the confirmed address or choose “Use address as entered” and check “This is a residential address.”
How Late Does FedEx Deliver On Sundays

Customize when your shipment arrives

Get delivery any day of the week, including weekends: With FedEx Home Delivery, take advantage of Saturday and Sunday deliveries to all 50 states.

Get delivery on the date you choose: Get convenience with FedEx Date Certain Home Delivery®. The date can’t be before the expected delivery date and must be within ten days from the pickup. This service delivers Monday–Sunday, excluding holidays.

Get delivery between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m: FedEx Evening Home Delivery® is an excellent option if your recipient isn’t available during the day. Use it to choose delivery in the evening on the scheduled day of delivery.

Get delivery on a specific date, during your chosen 2-hour window: With FedEx Appointment Home Delivery®, it’s so easy. We’ll contact the recipient by phone in advance to schedule the delivery.

How to use these customized home delivery options: Create a shipping label online and select your choice in the Special Services section. Or call Customer Service at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 for help.

Does FedEx Deliver On Saturday?

FedEx Ground delivers Monday through Friday only. However, the residential service, FedEx Home Delivery, includes weekend delivery times with no surcharge. Saturday delivery for overnight envelopes and packages, where available, will cost you extra.

Does FedEx Deliver On Sunday?

FedEx Home Delivery will drop off packages on Sundays at no extra cost. However, this service is only available in certain areas. Check the map for Sunday delivery areas.

Does FedEx Deliver On Holidays?

Generally, FedEx Ground services deliver on most U.S. holidays with their regular schedule. The two exceptions are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. All but critical carrier services are closed on those days. 

Freight, overnight, and SmartPost services generally have modified schedules on holidays. Check the FedEx holiday schedule for more information.

What Time Does FedEx Deliver To My Zip Code

FedEx First Overnight® Next-business-day delivery by 8, 8:30, 9:00, or 9:30 am to most areas and by 10 am, 11 am, or 2 pm to additional extended regions, depending on the destination ZIP code. Monday–Friday, with Saturday pickup and delivery available in many areas for an additional charge.

Does FedEx Ground deliver on Sundays?

FedEx Ground Now Delivers Residential Packages on Sunday, Year-round. “This provides added value to e-commerce shippers throughout the U.S. and the 188 million online shoppers in 7,700 cities and towns where FedEx Home Delivery packages deliver on Sundays.

To help online retailers offer better delivery options to their customers, FedEx has now started to ship and deliver on Sundays, too. FedEx Sunday delivery hours can be as late as 8 pm, and the service means all cities in the U.S. now have a seven-day delivery service.

A.M. Delivery Offers You:

  • More effective planning choices.
  • Advanced inventory control.
  • Easy management.
  • Early delivery by 10:30 is the official delivery date.
  • Competing rates
  • On-time delivery — or your money back.

What Time Does FedEx Deliver To My Neighborhood

FedEx Ground is faster to more locations than UPS Ground. Deliveries take between 1–5 days, with most packages arriving within three business days.

So do you think that all the packages in your Zip Code are delivered simultaneously?

When your package gets delivered will depend on whether you’re at the beginning or the end of the route. And there will be at least three FedEx routes covering your area: FedEx-Express, FedEx-Ground, and FedEx-Home Delivery (a division of Ground.)

If your package is Express, the Express driver will deliver it. If it’s Ground, it’ll probably deliver by the Home Delivery driver, but sometimes, the regular Ground driver will provide it if it’s a massive package.

But it all depends on where you are on the route. It could be as early as 9 am. It could be as late as 9 pm. Someplace has to be first. Someplace has to be last.

What Time Does FedEx Stop Delivering Packages?

It depends on your location and which FedEx you are talking about.

FedEx Express typically delivers business packages until 3 pm in most areas and residential packages until 430 pm – except in what is called the “PM” areas which are further away, in which case everything delivers until 430 pm.

However, they CAN deliver as late as 7 pm to residential customers if they need to due to volume or delays. FedEx Ground and FedEx Home services can deliver as early as 7 am and as late as 8 pm regardless of location.

FedEx Custom Critical delivers as soon as they can get there, but this is a very specialized service, and the customer can request a specific time if they want.

Friends, FedEx Freight and FedEx LTL, deliver tractor-trailer loads and usually are there before 5 pm.

Professional indemnity insurance

How Late Does FedEx Deliver Packages In 2022?

That depends on where it is sent from and to and the service you pay for. For instance, if I ship from Florida to the UK, it can take as little as three days. If I choose a slightly cheaper service, it can take a week.

How Late Does FedEx Deliver On Sundays

However, they can’t guarantee anything because, of course, on arrival in the UK, the package has to go through customs, and it can take several days to do their thing.

For me, about 30–45 seconds.

The time it takes the FedEx driver to get out of their truck, walk to my front door, ring the bell, and leave the package.

Now, if you are Total delivery times, it depends on what the shipper picked as the delivery option. Can be Next Day Air 8:00 am, or 7–10 days later.

It all depends on what you are willing to pay and how far the package goes. You can drop it off in the evening for domestic deliveries in some areas and have them delivered as early as 8 am.

Of course, that kind of service is costly, most customers prefer overnight services for mornings or afternoons, but the original FedEx also offers 2-day and 3-day delivery services.

If FedEx says my package will be delivered today by 8 pm, how accurate is that time?

If it says it will deliver by 8 pm. the keyword is “BY.” It means that 8 pm is the latest the package should arrive. Where you are on the route will determine how early/late you will receive the package.

But if it says ‘by 8 pm’, it can be delivered anytime between when the driver leaves for their route in the morning till 8 pm, which is the latest the driver should be out for delivery.

First of all, never ship money, checks, coins, jewelry through any carrier because there is a possibility it WILL stole because packages are scan and you can see the contents. Use a cashier’s check and send it overnight.

Cashiers checks can’t be cashed without proper ID. Second, call FedEx and put a trace on the package, then file a late delivery claim. As far as the cash, you can try to clan a missing contents claim as well. Ask the agent if/when you call.

What Do You Do If FedEx Says A Package Was Delivered, But You Didn’t Receive It?

First, contact FedEx as soon as possible to trace the package and see if the driver remembers anything. You can reach them at 1–800–463–3339.

Have your tracking number ready, and say “representative” through the first couple of prompts, and that will get you right to a person.

Next, contact the person that shipped the package to you. They will open a claim if there is a delivery issue and pressure FedEx to resolve the situation.

They may also be able to go ahead and ship you a replacement if the item is time-sensitive while they get it resolved with FedEx.

In the future, request a direct signature when receiving packages, especially if you are in an area where package theft is relatively standard.

It will help to ensure that it makes it into your hands and will give you a little more leverage with FedEx if it does not.

You can also consider using a pick-up-at-location shipment through FedEx, where they ship it to a FedEx Office for safekeeping instead of delivering directly to your doorstep.

Good luck; I hope you find your package!

How Late Does FedEx Deliver Packages On Sunday?

 As a driver, I’ve been asked about missing packages several times. On the scanner, we enter the location where we left the box. Most of the time, we can recall in detail where we put it.

If we’re not sure (we make hundreds of deliveries a week), we are asked to return to the location and check. Sometimes the package is still right there where it was left.

Does FedEx deliver after 8 pm?

8 pm is considered the end of delivery time during a delivery day for UPS, FedEx, and maybe DHL. It means your package could be delivered anytime during the day up to 8 pm. Btw, the US Postal Service rarely provides beyond 5 or 6 pm. Due by 8 pm means the package should be delivered before that time on that day.

How Late Does FedEx Deliver On Sundays

Does FedEx deliver after 9: 00 pm?

FedEx Ground and FedEx Home services can deliver as early as 7 am and as late as 8 pm regardless of location. FedEx Custom Critical delivers as soon as they can get there, but this is a very specialized service, and the customer can request a specific time if they want.

What Time Do UPS And FedEx Stop Delivering?

UPS Ground packages are generally delivered anytime Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:00 pm (and sometimes later) to residences and business addresses during their regular business hours Monday through Friday.

FedEx Ground is faster to more locations than UPS Ground. Deliveries take between 1–5 days, with most packages arriving within three business days.

What happens if my FedEx package is late?

We strive to ensure that your shipments arrive at their destination on time at FedEx, so our Money Back Guarantee Policy(1) applies even if we miss our published or quoted delivery time by as little as 60 seconds.

UPS Vs. FedEx – 100 Weight Program In 2021

UPS and FEDEX have typically charged shipping per package based on the weight of each box. But with the current ground networks being as extensive as they are now and most areas in the U.S. covered, they are both now focused on building more density into their existing routes.

One of the most significant costs associated with shipping and delivering any product on a truck is the number of stops that the truck has to make. Let us take a simple example.

How much time would it take to deliver 100 packages to 100 different houses on the same street versus delivering 100 packages to 1 home on that street?

Those 100 packages get picked up by the carrier at the store, run through their sorting facilities, shipped out on delivery trucks, and then delivered to each destination.

Each of the factors in this equation would be equal until the last. It would handle the exact amount of packages, virtually the same amount of miles driven to get the packages there, but much more time to stop at 100 houses than just 1.

So FedEx and ups have decided to give volume discounts on orders over 200 lbs and multiple packages to entice customers to make more oversized shipments.

It adds packages and sales to the ups and FedEx existing ground networks with minimal incremental cost because the number of stops on the truck does not increase.

I wonder how long it will take the post office to figure simple things like this out? Do they need to deliver daily six days a week?

How Late Does FedEx Deliver Packages In 2021?

If they delivered Mon, Wed, and Sat instead of Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, they could cut their delivery costs by 50% and still get the mail there is virtually the same time.

Of course, we are talking about a government entity and unions with a monopoly on mailbox delivery, so I don’t expect that brainchild of an idea to come to fruition any time soon.

Anyway, back to the multiweight program, there is one advantage with the multiweight programs that FedEx has over ups. FedEx pools the orders together for volume discounts on a single day on delivery zip code.

How Late Does FedEx Deliver

So if you have ten packages at 30 lbs each going to the same zip code on the same day, the packages will qualify for the multiweight discounts with FEDEX even though they are ten separate orders.

As far as I know, ups do not do it by zip code yet, just by address.

How Late Does FedEx Deliver?

FedEx Evening Home Delivery is an option with FedEx Ground service. This service delivers between 5 pm and 8 pm, Monday through Saturday. 

What Does FedEx Mean By End Of Day?

FedEx Ground delivers by the end of the business day but doesn’t specify what time that is. You can assume it’s around 5 pm, which is when most offices close their doors. For FedEx Home Delivery, however, the end of the day is 8 pm local time.

If you’re shipping packages, your cutoff for shipping out that day will vary by where you’re sending. FedEx shipping locations may have a cutoff as late as 7 pm for Zone 1 packages. Expect an earlier cutoff for parcels shipped farther. Check with your local FedEx office for shipping cutoff times.

How Long Does FedEx Take To Deliver?

Generally, FedEx Ground delivers in one to seven business days. Delivery times in the contiguous United States are one to five days. In Alaska and Hawaii, packages will arrive in three to seven days. 

FedEx Express Freight delivers in one to three business days to most US locations. 

FedEx overnight services deliver the next business day. Saturday deliveries are available in some locations.

Answers to your FedEx Home Delivery questions

  1. What’s the difference between FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground?
  • FedEx Home Delivery, part of the FedEx Ground network, delivers packages 150 lbs. or less to residences every day of the week. A $4 residential surcharge is applied per package.
  • FedEx Ground delivers packages 150 lbs. or less to businesses or commercial areas Monday–Friday.

2. What’s the transit time for shipping within the contiguous U.S.?

FedEx Home Delivery delivers within 1–5 days every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). It’s ideal for packages shipping within the U.S.

3. What’s the transit time for shipping to/from the contiguous U.S. to/from Alaska or Hawaii?

If you’re shipping packages to/from the rest of the United States to/from Alaska and Hawaii, FedEx Home Delivery delivers shipments within 3–7 days.

4. What’s the FedEx Home Delivery weight limit?

FedEx Home Delivery can deliver items up to 150 lbs., up to 108″ in length, and 165″ in length plus girth (L+2W+2H). If you need help packing your shipment, we can guide you on packing and getting the supplies you need.

If your shipment is over 150 lbs. and you’re looking for an affordable ground option, you can ship your heavy items with FedEx Freight. It’s our less-than-truckload (LTL) trucking service with lower costs than expedited shipping.

5. How long does FedEx Home Delivery take?

FedEx Home Delivery takes 1–5 days to deliver within the contiguous U.S. or 3–7 days if you’re shipping to residential addresses in Alaska or Hawaii. The exact time your FedEx Home Delivery shipment will be delivered is based on your shipment’s origin and the distance to the destination. You can use our interactive maps to estimate FedEx shipment times and costs. Just provide the origin ZIP/postal code.

6. Can FedEx Home Delivery ship to P.O. boxes? 

No, FedEx Home Delivery can’t deliver to P.O. boxes at this time. You can choose to have a package held for pickup at a local FedEx location.

7. Can I ship hazardous materials with FedEx Home Delivery?

No, FedEx Home Delivery can’t be used to ship hazardous materials, except ORM-D and Limited Quantity items.

8. My recipients need their package delivered by a specific date. What can I do? 

If you’re looking to have your shipment arrive on a specific date, you can select FedEx Date Certain Home Delivery. Packages will arrive on your chosen date from Monday to Sunday, excluding holidays. The date can’t be before the expected delivery date and must be within ten days from the pickup date.

If you need expedited shipping, you can use one of our express options for overnight or 2–3-day delivery.

9. My recipient won’t be home during the day to accept the delivery. What can I do?

If you know the recipient won’t be home to accept their package during the day, use FedEx Evening Home Delivery. With it, you can schedule a delivery for between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on the typical day of delivery.

10. My recipient wants to know exactly when the shipment will be delivered. What can I do? 

If your recipient wants to arrange the specific date and time their residential delivery will arrive, choose FedEx Appointment Home Delivery. We’ll contact them by phone in advance to schedule. Otherwise, they can track their shipment or use FedEx Delivery Manager to provide specific instructions and stay updated with alerts and notifications. 

If your business gets a lot of shipment status requests, sign up for FedEx Advanced Tracking. You can customize and manage your shipments, get seamless visibility, and notify recipients of updates and alerts via email.

11. How do I track my FedEx Home Delivery package?

If you’re expecting a package, you can track a shipment here.

If you want to customize your delivery by requesting to hold packages at a FedEx location, sign up and use FedEx Delivery Manager. You can also use it to sign for a package virtually or even receive alerts when a FedEx package is being sent to you.

12. Does FedEx Home Delivery deliver on Saturday?

Yes, FedEx Home Delivery delivers seven days a week. You (or your recipients) don’t have to wait until Monday to get shipments sent late in the week. You don’t have to pay an extra fee or choose an expedited service for weekend delivery. 

13. Does FedEx Home Delivery deliver on Sunday?

Yes, FedEx Home Delivery delivers to most residential locations on Saturdays and Sundays. It reaches nearly 95% of U.S. residential addresses on Sundays, while UPS Ground doesn’t deliver on Sundays at all. See our FedEx Ground service maps for coverage details.

14. How late does FedEx Home Delivery deliver?

Packages are typically delivered by 8 p.m. You can track and manage your incoming shipments by signing up for FedEx Delivery Manager.

15. What time does FedEx Home Delivery deliver?

There are no official delivery hours for FedEx Home Delivery because each delivery time is dependent on the package and its destination. Track your package to get more information.

16. I’m unsure if my destination is a business or a residence. Can you help?

Absolutely. Here are some examples of business locations: nursing homes, churches, prisons, firehouses, farms, and doctors’ offices. Examples of residences include apartment buildings, college dorms, and convents.


FedEx offers a wide range of services with an equally wide range of delivery times. Delivery times will depend on whether you’re shipping overnight or ground. Shipments to residential addresses may have different delivery times than packages going to another business.

I ordered an Apple watch on sale, and FedEx sent it. I check my email, and it said it was delivered and signed for by Catchment. So I did the right things sent it to my work. Well, I was at work, and there is not Catchment.

So I track the package and click help; the IM help person will not tell me anything and contact the seller. The seller tells me they delivered it to a nearby City. NOT my address.

So I go back to FedEx, and I get a call from an investigator. He tells me to look around the property. I said it is not here. What address was it delivered to? Someone signed for it. I need to knock on the door.

He said that it was delivered to me. I told your driver to drop it in another City. It is not here. Where is my watch? He said that they would get it, and I should get it next week.

It was already late.

So now I am waiting for another call. I want to know where it went, how it happened, and how not to have it happen again.

Friends, I will let you know if I ever get my apple watch. I think a driver or a loader saw it and kept it or gave it to his girlfriend.

So after calling FedEx every day for a week, FedEx told me they dropped my Apple Watch at a physical store. The physical store where I had ordered my watch.

So I could have driven to the store and picked up my watch the same day it was delivered. The customer service representative made me think that they sent it to someone’s house. I had to wait a week and a half to get my replacement watch.

So it wasn’t FedEx that messed up. Walmart sent my order to a store, not me, and would not tell me they messed up.

Why You Should Use Instagram Templates and How To Get Started

Using stunning visuals is one of the strategies to engage your social media followers. However, creating the perfect content is a time-consuming process. If you still want to provide refined content for your network, there are still ways to do it. With so many instagram templates free, creating a solid social media presence is pretty straightforward. Why should you rely on Instagram templates, and what are the benefits? In this post, we share everything you need to know! 

Instagram templates

Engaging through stories is one of the most common ways to build an audience. Instagram templates leave plenty of space for sharing information in a statically pleasing way. The templates contain amusing questions, letting your audience get to know you better. You can share your answers in the form of text, emoticons, or gifs for a better visual experience. 

You will create a customized template using free Instagram templates. Then you can watermark the visuals with your branded logo. Your followers will be happy to share the content of their stories and answer the questions. You can also add the templates to your highlights for easy aces. 

The benefits

As we already explained, you can easily customize the templates with a branded logo. What does this mean for your business? First, the step will enhance your online presence and increase brand awareness. Also, this practice will engage users and make them want to share the content. With this, you will get more tags and increase your exposure. Thus this is an excellent practice to gain new followers and expand your network.

Many would agree that Instagram feels rather one-sided. Influencers can share their thoughts and tips in the form of photos and posts, but the followers have limited options for participation. The Instagram templates emphasize the follower and their opinions. The result is enhanced interaction and establishing a stable relationship with the followers. 

In addition, creating content in line with your feed aesthetics can be challenging. However, keep in mind that your followers will love to see more of your signature style. That’s why Instagram templates are available in so many options. Whether your feed is moody and dark, bright and lively, refined and muted, there is a fit for every style. The Instagram templates allow you to create stories in line with your brand identity as an influencer. 

The popularity of Instagram templates

The polls and questions are one of the ways to engage with your followers. However, these will only reach your current followers and not new ones. Templates allow you to engage with your current followers and gain new ones. 

The traditional Instagram posts might not get the exposure you wanted. With stories, it is more likely that your content will reach more people. Connecting in real-time with your flowers is very simple with this feature. Since stories disappear in 24 hours, followers will urge you to check yours before it vanishes. 

Strengthen your brand

Every successful Instagram influencer knows that consistency is the key. Keeping all of your content within your defined aesthetics will strengthen your brand. With templates, sharing your signature aesthetics is very simple. You don’t need to use any other tools to create visuals. Also, you don’t need to have any graphic design experience to have attractive templates. Although there are tools that make it easy for you, opting for free templates is a better solution. 

With the Instagram story templates being the hottest social media trend now, influencers shouldn’t overlook this trend. It makes sharing information easy and fun, allowing your followers to get to know you better and share their thoughts.

How to find Stream of the Book of Mormon musical?

Can I stream the Book of Mormon musical?

You can watch via the web, on your phone or tablet, and through Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast. Beyond the Broadway stage, shows were captured in off-Broadway theaters, as well as venues in London’s West End.

Folk on Reddit say…

I’m not usually one to promote or consume pirated content, but this musical was different for me. I have listened to the soundtrack multiple times (via legitimate means), but I knew that with a sensitive TBM wife, my chances of ever seeing the actual show was slim to none. And I found the soundtrack to be such a catharsis for me, that I really wanted to see the whole show.

My apologies to Matt and Trey and the rest of the crew.

And my thanks.


Audio Links

YouTube link

Where can I watch the Book of Mormon?

  • This website link
  • YouTube Embed
  • Spotify Embed

Phone Plans and Telephones for Senior Citizens

Estelle Carlson of Redondo Beach, California, has had a smartphone for at least 10 years. Carlson, who is in her 70s, does everything on it: she banks, Facetimes with her cousin in Scotland and her granddaughters in Boston and Kaui, she writes “letters” and texts. “I can’t imagine being without it,” she says of her iPhone.

How to find old citizens? Use an app that makes you old trending.

Carlson is not alone. Smartphone use among seniors is growing every year, but it varies substantially by age: 59% of 65- to 69-year-olds have smartphones. But that drops off as seniors get older. Only 31% of 75- to 79-year-olds use them, according to the Pew Research Center.

What if you’re not a savvy iPhone user like Carlson and you want a cell phone only to use for emergency calls and texts? What if your elderly parent needs a phone with big buttons and loud volume, what then? Here, we break down the best cell phone plans and phones for seniors, no matter their mobile proficiency. From flip phones to the iPhone X, here’s what you need to know before you buy.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cell Phone Plan

The first thing you should do when choosing a cell phone plan is to find out what companies have decent coverage in your home and in the areas you frequent. AT&T doesn’t work at our house in upstate New York, for example, but Verizon does. The last thing you want is to get a phone that won’t work in your home.

Start by asking neighbors what they use or ask family members if their phones work in your house. Every cell phone company – big or small – should have a map of coverage and allow you to plug in a zip code to see if it should work.

Here are five other things to consider when choosing a plan:

  1. AT&T, Consumer Cellular and Cricket Wireless offer AARP discounts. AT&T, Sprint and Verizon offer veteran discounts. It may pay to ask, “Do I qualify for a discount?” Also, seniors who qualify as low-income can get money to help pay for their cell phone or internet (not both) through the federal Lifeline program.
  2. How much data do you plan to use? Consider this when selecting a plan.
  3. Shared family plans. Consider piggybacking onto a spouse or child’s plan for $10-20 a month extra.
  4. Switching plans. Many people stick with the same company or the same plan for years because they don’t know what else is out there. But you could save $60 a month or more by switching.
  5. You can get a plan for under $20 a month to pair with a $60 flip phone. Or you can pay $100-plus a month for a plan to use on your $1100 iPhone 12. There are dozens of options in between. Determine what you’re willing to pay and ask the salesperson to add up all the fees, taxes, etc. so you know exactly what your bill will be each month.

6 Great Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

When it comes to cell phone plans, you can go with one of the big cell phone providers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon) or opt for a smaller company (like Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Cricket Wireless and Jitterbug). All of them have their pros and cons.

Here are six popular plans for seniors:

1. AT&T’s GoPhone Daily

AT&T’s GoPhone Daily is another great option for seniors who want a phone for sporadic use and prefer AT&T’s coverage. It’s $2 a day only if you use the phone that day and $2/mo. And if you do, it’s unlimited calls and texts.

2. AT&T Senior Nation Plan

If you have a basic phone and not a smartphone, AT&T’s Senior Nation Plan is an option available only to seniors age 65 and older. You get 200 anytime minutes, unlimited calls to other AT&T customers and 500 nights and weekend minutes, all for $29.99 a month. This doesn’t include texting.

3. Consumer Cellular

Whether you have a basic phone or the $1000 Apple X, Consumer Cellular is a good option for seniors, because it’s a U.S.-based company created with seniors in mind.

Plans for individuals start as low as $20 per month for 250 minutes, 250 MB of data and unlimited texting. A 2-line plan shares the same data and minutes for $35 per month.

4. Jitterbug

Jitterbug, aka “GreatCall,” offers plans specially designed for seniors. Plans start at $14.99 for 200 minutes, $3 for 300 text messages and $2.49 for 40MB of data. Both phones (a flip-phone and a smartphone) have big buttons and bright screens and include an Urgent Response button and 24/7 access to a registered nurse or doctor as part of the plan.

5. T-Mobile’s Pay As You Go

Seniors who want a cell phone for emergency use only will love T-Mobile’s Pay As You Go plan. It’s $3 a month for any combination of 30 minutes of phone calls or 30 text messages. Anything over that is 10 cents a minute per talk or text.

6. T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ Plan

One of the best plans for seniors who want to talk, text and stream videos is T-Mobile’s 55+ plan. You get two lines with unlimited talk, text and 5G data for $70 a month (including taxes and fees!). The primary account holder must be 55 or older, but the other person doesn’t.

Other great options for tech-savvy seniors include: Boost Mobile and U.S. Mobile. These companies don’t offer plans tailored specifically for seniors, but they offer great rates and are well-respected alternatives to the Big 4.

Selecting a Phone for a Senior in 2022

There are so many phones on the market, choosing a good one can be daunting. I recommend finding a plan first, then selecting a phone that works with that plan.

Here are tips for finding the perfect phone:

  • Basic vs. smart: You have two options for phones, a basic flip phone and a smartphone. Do you want apps, games and video capabilities on your phone? Opt for a smartphone. Will you use the phone for calls and texts only? Opt for a basic flip-phone.
  • Make a list: Create a list of the features needed before you shop. These could be big buttons, bright screen, easy on/off switch, GPS or voice command.
  • Read reviews: If you find a phone you like, check online to make sure it gets decent reviews.
  • Return policy: I’m convinced there would be fewer negative reviews if people took advantage of return policies. Almost every carrier will let you return a phone with no questions asked during a 14- to 30-day trial period.
  • Test drive: Those with dexterity, hearing or vision problems should try out phones in person to ensure the buttons (including the on/off buttons) are big enough, the ringer loud enough, etc. Many of the negative reviews I’ve read complain about volume (“I can’t hear the phone when it rings!”) and problems with buttons (“My fingers are too fat, or these buttons are too skinny”).

There are a few phones designed just for seniors, including the Doro 824 SmartEasy, the Jitterbug Flip and Jitterbug Smartphone. While these are designed with simplicity (and seniors) in mind, I couldn’t help but notice the reviews for them aren’t great. Of course, many seniors absolutely love them, but just as many seem to be “meh” about the design, function and simplicity. You might be better off with a phone from a more well-known brand like Apple, Google or Motorola that isn’t designed just for seniors.

Which cell phone plans and phones for seniors are you currently using? We’d like to hear more about your experiences in the comments below.

Today, a mobile phone gives us unlimited communication opportunities. But it carries high risks.

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July Derrick is a writer and editor who lives between Brooklyn, NY and upstate NY. She has more than 20 years experience writing and editing for online Websites including and and spent her first working years as a health reporter at various New Mexico newspapers. A native small town Texan, she enjoys visiting friends and family in Texas and when she’s not traveling home, she spends time with her husband and toddler son skiing in winter and sailing and hiking in the summer. She has a keen interest in aging issues and seniors because her father has had to adapt to becoming blind at 65 (he handles his situation with large doses of humor) and her feisty grandmother, “Meemaw,” lived to 96. She particularly enjoys finding solutions for the everyday issues people face as they and their loved ones age.

About the Author

What impact does Bitcoin have on LG Corp?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin could have a significant impact on LG Corp’s business. For one, the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, making it difficult for LG to price its products in cryptocurrency. Learn more about bitcoin trading by visiting bitcoin circuit.

Moreover, if Bitcoin becomes more widely accepted as a form of payment, LG (Lucky-Goldstar) may find itself at a disadvantage if it does not accept Bitcoin payments. 

Finally, LG may also find it challenging to invest in cryptocurrencies, as the technology is still relatively new, and there are many risks associated with investing in them. As a result, LG may have to make a significant investment to participate in the cryptocurrency market.

Nothing has been decided yet. We just mentioned business areas in a broad manner.


LG Corp’s businesses could also be affected by Bitcoin in other ways. For instance, if the use of Bitcoin increases, it could put pressure on traditional financial institutions like banks. As a result, it could lead to a decline in demand for LG’s products and services banks use. 

Moreover, as Bitcoin becomes more popular, it could also reduce the value of traditional currencies. As a result, it could negatively impact LG’s sales in countries where traditional currencies are used. 

Overall, it is clear that Bitcoin could have a significant impact on LG’s business, and the company will need to be prepared for the various ways in which Bitcoin could affect it.

Several Ways how bitcoin can affect LG Corporation

Bitcoin could make it easier for LG Corp to do business with international partners. Many companies still rely on traditional payment methods such as wire transfers, which can be costly and time-consuming. 

Bitcoin could make it much easier and faster for LG Group to do business with partners located in other countries.

Bitcoin could help LG Corporation save on transaction fees. Transaction fees are a significant expense for businesses, and bitcoin could help LG Corp save on these fees. For example, by accepting payments in bitcoin, LG Corp could avoid paying credit card processing fees.

Bitcoin could make LG Corp’s products more attractive to consumers. Many consumers are interested in using bitcoin, making LG Corp’s products more appealing. 

In addition, some consumers may be more likely to purchase products from LG Corp if they can pay for them with bitcoin.

Bitcoin could help LG Corp expand its customer base. Bitcoin is a global payment method that could help LG Corp expand its customer base. By accepting payments in bitcoin, LG Corp could make it easier for customers in other countries to purchase its products.

Bitcoin could help LG Group build trust with its customers. By accepting payments in bitcoin, LG Corp could show that it is a forward-thinking and innovative company. As a result, it could help it build trust with its customers.

Bitcoin could help LG Corp reduce its reliance on traditional payment methods. Many businesses are starting to explore alternative payment methods such as bitcoin, which could help LG Corp reduce its dependence on traditional payment methods. 

It could be beneficial in the long run, as it may help LG Corporation become more efficient and save money.

Bitcoin could have other benefits for LG Corp. There are many other potential benefits of bitcoin for LG Corp, such as the fact that it is a secure and transparent payment method. In addition, bitcoin could help LG Corp to build trust with its customers and expand its customer base.

Several Cons of bitcoin that can badly affect LG Corp

Bitcoin is highly unstable, and its value keeps on fluctuating, making it a hazardous investment option that can affect LG Corp.

The number of bitcoins in circulation is limited, which might lead to its deflationary spiral in the future that can affect LG Corp.

Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, which could lead to loss of money in case of fraudulent activities or hacking incidents that can affect LG Corp. Furthermore, Bitcoin is not regulated by any government or financial institution, leading to various risks for investors and users affecting LG Corp.

Conclusion here

Bitcoin has both advantages and disadvantages for LG Corporation. While the benefits could help LG Corp grow and expand, the penalties could lead to various risks. Therefore, it is essential for LG Corp to carefully consider these pros and cons before deciding whether or not to use bitcoin.

What is IT army? How did Ukraine build own virtual Army?

The informational simplicity is now overpopulated and it is very important to distinguish “fakes” from facts. The aggressor’s goal is to create panic among the population, thereby undermining morale. Everyone’s task is to filter the news, prevent propaganda plots from spreading, and contribute to the dissemination of reliable information on the information space of Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

How IT Army Can Help Ukrainian Military?

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian technology workers have taken part in cyberattacks against Russia’s government, media and financial institutions in recent days. (Sam Schechner )

What is IT Army?

IT Army is a platform that connects companies with a global army of skilled IT professionals.

The idea behind the platform was to make it easier for companies to find IT talent and hire them on-demand. It started as a way for small and medium-sized enterprises to get access to qualified IT professionals when they are in need of them. The company has now grown into an enterprise that also provides digital marketing, data analytics, and software development services.

IT Army serves clients from all around the world from different industries like manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education, finance and more.

The Complete Guide to Ukraine’s IT Army

In recent years, Ukraine has been building up its military. This led to the creation of the IT Army. The IT army is a group of experts that have skills in information technology and cyber warfare. They are tasked with defending Ukraine from cyber attacks and hacking attempts.

The history of this army goes back to 2013 when Russia invaded Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. This invasion led to a number of cyber attacks on Ukrainian government websites and infrastructure systems. In response, the Ukrainian government created the IT army that would operate as a sub-division of their military forces.

This section will discuss the role of AI writers in future copywriting, how they work with content writers, what use cases AI writing tools have, how they generate content at scale, and how they are used by companies today.

Ukraine’s Military-Industrial Complex Goes Virtual

The volunteer project is an initiative of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex to create virtual models of military vehicles and weaponry. The project has attracted more than 1,000 volunteers from all over the world.

This section introduces the Ukraine’s Military-Industrial Complex Goes Virtual. It talks about how it is a volunteer project that has attracted more than 1,000 volunteers from all over the world.

DDoS attacks on Russian websites 

The most famous organization of hackers “Anonymous” also stands for Ukraine. They declared a cyber war on Russia because the truth is on the side of Ukraine and websites and channels showing propaganda should be stopped. 

Also people from all over the world demonstrated their willingness to help on the cyber front. Now everyone who has a PC or a laptop can join our IT army and help Ukrainians with DDoS attacks on Russian websites. You do not need to have a technical background or any industry-specific knowledge. 

There are websites that automatically attack the IT infrastructure of our aggressor. Here are some examples: 

Virtual Army, an Ukrainian Army YouTube Channel with over 700k Subscribers

The Ukrainian Army has produced over 700k subscribers to their YouTube channel. They are using modern marketing techniques to reach out to their audience and create a sense of belonging. The videos on the channel are not only about military life but also about the everyday struggles of Ukrainian soldiers.

Virtual Army is an army YouTube channel with over 700k subscribers, created by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The channel has been gaining traction since it was created in 2016 and now has over 3 million views on its videos. The channel features clips of soldiers training, singing, playing video games and more. These videos are not just for entertainment purposes but also serve as a way for Ukrainian soldiers to tell their stories and connect with civilians who may be interested in joining the army themselves someday.

What is an IT Army? and Why is Ukraine Building Their Own

How to Develop a Virtual Army?

The development of virtual armies is a very hot topic. This article will discuss how to develop a virtual army and the possible use cases of it.

Virtual armies are computer-generated soldiers that can be used in combat. They are designed to replace human soldiers in the near future as they are much cheaper and more efficient than humans.

Different Types of Units in the IT-Army

The IT-Army is the military branch of the Department of Information Technology. It is responsible for the protection of national interests in cyberspace.

The IT-Army has a wide range of units that perform different functions. Some are responsible for defending computer networks and others for attacking them. The IT-Army also has units that are responsible for cyber intelligence and cyber warfare.

Conclusion: Why You Should Care About Ukrainian’s Military Tech Project & How It Is Changing Conflict in Eastern Europe

In conclusion, the Ukrainian military tech project is a game-changer in Eastern Europe. It has changed many aspects of the region’s conflict and will continue to do so in the near future.


Googelecom – Google’s web-based store is a cool place to buy products. By using the “find a store near me” feature, you can search according to state, zip code, or city. Google also analyses in-store inventory for you and will show the map and hours of operation on the web page. One of the best things about Google is its map-based search. Using this, you can find stores near to where you are by simply using the search engine. If you have a smartphone, there are also apps that allow you to access its whole catalog. You can save time and effort with these in many different ways! The site is very favorable for those people who want to search for items and services at a smaller amount. 


Introduction: What is Googelecom and What are its Uses?

Googelecom is a search engine created by Google. It is the most popular search engine in the world. It was created in 1997, and it is one of the earliest internet search engines.

The goal of Googelecom is to provide users with quick and easy access to information on the internet.

Googelecom has many uses, but they are all related to searching for information on the internet.

YouTube videos about Googelecom

#googlecom – YouTube

Which Set of U.S. Presidents Have Descendants Who Are Married To Each Other?

Richard Nixon and Dwight Eisenhower are the only set of president and descendant who are both married to each other. President Nixon’s daughter, Patricia, married 4-star lieutenant general David Eisenhower in 1968.

They got married in 1968 and birth to a total of three children.

Their names are Alexander Richard, Melanie Catherine Eisenhower, and Jennie Elizabeth.

Who is president Dwight Eisenhower?

Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower (October 14, 1890 – March 28, 1969) was the 34th President of the United States from 1953 to 1961. He was a five-star general in the United States Army during World War II, and served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe, with responsibility for planning and supervising the successful invasion of France and Germany in 1944–1945.

Who is Richard Nixon?

Richard Nixon was an American politician who served as the 37th President of the United States from 1969 to 1974. He had previously served as Vice President for eight years.

Melanie Catherine Eisenhower

She is the granddaughter of President and Mrs. Richard Nixon and the great-granddaughter of President and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower.

15 Best Google Cardboard Apps (iOS/Android)


“June 25, 2014” This day became remarkable for the whole IT community worldwide. This is the day the budget alternative to VR glasses, Google Cardboard, was released. Unlike usual VR glasses developed by other leading companies that cost from $100, Google Cardboard’s price amounted to the amazing $15 on Amazon.

So, what does it mean? First and foremost, it means that virtual reality finally became affordable for regular smartphone users! In this article, we’ll cover top virtual reality apps that users from all around the world already enjoy.

Google Cardboard Apps: Our Top 15

So, let’s get acquainted with the most interesting, in our opinion, VR cardboard apps.

1. Roller Coaster VR

The first app on our top Google Cardboard apps list is Roller Coaster VR. This VR app allows you to experience a shaky rollercoaster that you are riding in abandoned surroundings covered with trees. (In certain locations, the rollercoaster ends up on water, so excitement is guaranteed during your user experience.) Some may think that the landscape is beautiful, but, in our opinion, it’s pretty scary, especially considering that you’re wearing VR glasses that make the landscape looks real.

Thanks to being so realistic, the app became one of the top downloaded ones on Play Store. As for the requirements, the game was developed by FIBRUM, so it’s no surprise that you need to use the FIBRUM VR headset. Nevertheless, according to gamers’ reviews, playing Roller Coaster VR using Google Cardboard is just as good. All you need to achieve full immersion is to have decent headphones.

As for the price, the game is absolutely free for the trial period. After it’s finished, you can purchase the unlimited subscription.

2. Radial-G Infinity

This VR-powered app developed by Tammeka Games is one more game on our best virtual reality apps list. It gained its popularity thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. The game revolves around covering a certain distance as fast as you can while encountering such obstacles as drones destroying everything in their way. These drones will do anything to stop you from getting to the finish line.

Thanks to the realistic visual effects and high-quality graphics, you can fully experience all the “perks” of anti-gravitational space and the adrenaline from abrupt maneuvers, descends and ascends. In the game, you can speed up or slow down your vehicle, as well as even jump!

Soundtracks make the gaming experience even more addictive by enhancing it with epic music.

You can choose from nine various tracks in the game. To enhance the immersion effect, the developers used the panoramic view instead of the more traditional for VR games forward scaling. Thus, the game impacts users’ peripheral vision.

As for the equipment, the more usual way to play Radial-G Infinity is using Google Daydream. However, Google Cardboard will do just fine as well.

3. Tilt Brush Gallery

This app developed by Google is a perfect solution for those who love 3D animation. The idea seems to be simple, but the app doesn’t let you go after the very first time you use it. This is why hundreds of thousands of people downloaded and installed it.

Using this app (and Google Cardboard, of course), you can view 3D objects and create your own 3D animations. (If you don’t know how to do it yet, fear not – there are tons of tutorials on YouTube for anyone.)

All in all, Tilt Brush Gallery is a perfect solution for those who are seeking to spend their free time productively or just relax after a stressful day with their hobby.

4. Stereogram

Stereogram is one more outstanding application that allows its users to view stereo images using Google Cardboard. With its help, you can view the stereo images stored in the Boston Public Library and New York Public Library. Furthermore, more than 40,000 images are available through the voice search feature which makes the user experience truly unique.

You can take a closer look at the details, change the images’ scale, create your own sets of favorite images – all of this is possible with Google Cardboard, so there is no need to acquire a full-fledged VR headset.

5. Lamper

Created by Archiact, Lamper is one more VR-based game among the best Cardboard apps for iOS. Despite it seeming a bit childish, the game was featured in CNET, Tech Times and VR Bites.

The app strikes with its astonishing animation and exceptionally bright graphics. The game revolves around its main hero, a cartoonish firefly, that flies in a tunnel and collects coins. Surely, the way is not that easy – you encounter various obstacles that you need to get through.

Unfortunately, this app is not available for Android users. However, it is compatible with 11 (!) models of VR headsets, including Google Cardboard.

6. VR YouTube

YouTube doesn’t require any presentation here. Its Android app recently got a new feature compatible with Google Cardboard. Now, you can watch videos using VR glasses. All you need to do is to find videos with hashtag #360video, open them on your smartphone, tap on the Cardboard icon in the right corner at the bottom of the screen – and voila, you can now enjoy watching videos in 3D.

The best thing about this is that YouTube keeps expanding its range of videos compatible with Google Cardboard. This means that you will be able to watch all the videos available only in 2D with this low-budget device soon.

7. Quake for Cardboard

This first-person shooter is a full-fledged extension of the original game specifically for VR experience. In comparison with it, Quake for Cardboard is truly three-dimensional: apart from flat graphics being replaced by 3D polygons, users can now move in any direction instead of just to the left or to the right.

The game revolves around you protecting your base from an unknown enemy using teleportation gates. Your task is to expel aliens from the Earth and destroy their leader in another dimension using an ax and a firearm (these are your weapons in the beginning; during the game, you can find more advanced weapons).

All in all, gamers point out that the game has the best VR experience thanks to the dark atmosphere of a single-player game getting amplified with regular battles with monsters and quests for secret rooms. Besides, being able to watch the battlefield in 3D brings gamers a whole new level of adrenaline and dopamine.

8. BombSquad VR

In our opinion, it’s hard to find a smartphone user who hasn’t tried this fun dynamic game in 2D. Now, surprise – it’s become available for VR headset owners (including those who have Google Cardboard)!

BombSquad 3D is a fun arcade game where you can choose your own avatar and play either in a single- or multiplayer mode. Your task is to push your enemy over the edge of the battlefield or kill him/her right on it using hand-to-hand combat and time-limited states that you can purchase by collecting coins.

In general, the avatars’ detailed appearances and capabilities, a great soundtrack and, of course, the amazing VR experience will not leave you indifferent, even if you are not a huge fan of latest games or VR itself.

Despite its description, this is not a bloody game – so, it can be a great choice for a family evening.

9. Hardcore VR

Despite its somewhat old graphics, Hardcore VR can be considered one of the best VR shooters. The game is packed with a variety of breathtaking missions that will require you to collect items, jump from one platform to another (and the platforms are moving at a great speed!), and, of course, fight enemies (in this case, they are robots).

You can compete with other players – Hardcore VR has the “Capture the Flag” option designed for this. With this option turned on, you’ll fight other players online using your assault rifle. And if you want to play on your own, you can choose the single-player mode and get ready to destroy robots standing in your way and solve puzzles on convoluted levels.

10. Netflix VR

The Netflix AR app was originally developed specifically for Google Daydream, but today it is available for a wide range of its alternatives, including Google Cardboard. As for the app itself, it can amaze not only dedicated Netflix fans but also anyone who wants to test one more VR-based app after acquiring a VR headset.

Using the app, you can watch any TV show or film on Netflix in 3D without any constraints. Of course, you will need to purchase the Netflix subscription. However, if you don’t have it yet, Netflix offers the first month of trial for free.

Netflix is constantly updated with new episodes and new TV shows, so your interest is not likely to disappear after a month or two. You can find the TV show or film to match your preferences – Netflix has a lot to offer both kids and adults. For instance, you can tickle your nerves when watching The Walking Dead!

11. Within VR-platform

This video platform is a qualitatively new type of VR-based apps. It gathered the most interesting and useful VR content. Here you can find documentaries that will take you to another corner of the world and a variety of psychedelic videos that will be interesting for those who haven’t experienced the full potential of Google Cardboard yet.

Using Within, you can fly on a helicopter, attend a world-scale concert of your favorite singer or band, or show your kid his/her favorite cartoon in 3D.

12. Fulldive VR – Virtual Reality

This is one more popular navigation platform that allows you to experience panoramical and 3D videos and images for any taste. Besides, you can also play various VR games (as of now, the service offers around 500 games) and find any VR content you’re interested in. Furthermore, you can share such content on social networks (e.g., Facebook).

All in all, if you want to experience virtual reality to its fullest extent and get an all-in-one solution, you should try what Fulldive VR has to offer.

13. vTime

vTime is something new not only among social network but also in the VR apps world as a whole. It is a cross-platform app created by Google that can astonish even the most demanding social network users. The registration process is mundane, unlike what you get to experience after its finish.

In particular, vTime allows you to create your own VR avatar – and this is how other users will see you. You can toy around with the skin color, eye color, hairdos, clothes, etc. – basically, you can think through all the details of your avatar’s appearance.

Once you’ve finished working on your avatar, you can join other users by choosing the location you find the most interesting. Finally, users’ avatars copy their movements in detail, thus making communication extremely realistic.

All in all, Google developers did their best and created a masterpiece. We thought that it would be impossible to amaze someone with one more social network – but they managed to do that!

14. Sites in VR

Sites in VR can take you anywhere in the world. With this app, you can experience a tour around the world, see the most famous sites and architecture of different ages, and enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of modern cities (perhaps, you’ve always wanted to visit Singapore?). But that’s not all. With Sites in VR, you can even experience the outer space!

As for the user experience, the app is convenient in use – all videos are sorted into categories. Besides, Sites in VR will automatically adjust the settings of your smartphone for the VR headset model. So, you won’t have to waste time trying to match the image to your Google Cardboard.

15. Public Speaking VR

Last but not the least on our best Cardboard apps for Android list, Public Speaking VR is a virtual environment created specifically for public speeches. It was originally designed for educational purposes to allow students or anyone else to prepare for a speech properly.

The app creates the image of a live audience, imitates noises and people’s chatter, and allows you to choose from several premade locations. The app users can upload their own presentations to make the speech as realistic as possible and optimize the speed of changing the slides.

The only drawback you may find in the app is its size. However, it’s not a big issue for most mobile gadgets.

Tips For Finding Love in The World of Online Dating

Are you looking for love but haven’t had much luck lately? Perhaps you’ve set up an online profile on a dating website and don’t seem to be getting as much interaction as you’d like? If that’s the case, then we have some tips that might be able to help. Read on for some tips for finding love in the world of online dating. 

  1. Make sure that you are definitely ready

If you have recently gone through a breakup and you have jumped straight into the world of online dating, then it may be too soon. Nobody knows better than you whether you are ready not, but it’s definitely something that requires some careful thought and consideration. It’s better to feel completely ready to meet somebody new and then go for it. 

  1. Find the perfect dating website for you 

There are countless dating websites online and in order to achieve the most success you need to find a platform that suits you. For example: if you are a senior then there are websites that are designed especially for older people; or if you would prefer not to be inundated with requests from men, websites like Bumble are set-up so that only you can approach them first. Do some research and decide what you want from an online dating website before taking the plunge. 

  1. Create the ideal dating profile 

Setting up on online dating profile can be daunting, particularly if you don’t much like talking about yourself. However, in order to find someone well-suited to you, you need to accurately describe yourself, including your passions and interests. 

Ask yourself:

  • What kind of person do you want to meet?
  • What type of relationship would you like? 
  • What are your values?
  • How would you best describe yourself?

Just be careful not to give too much away. You want to create an element of mystery to entice people to want to get to know you further as well. 

  1. Set realistic expectations 

Finding the perfect soul-mate isn’t something that just happens overnight. You have to be realistic and be prepared for meeting a few bad apples along the way. It can be disheartening when you are desperate to find love and don’t seem to be having much luck but if you set realistic expectations, you’ll have a much easier time of surviving the disappointing encounters. 

  1. Take your time (and take care of yourself) 

If you look too hard you are going to be filled with disappointment. Yes, we understand the desire to find love and get on with your life, however, it’s important that you take your time and focus on you in the meantime. 

While you should invest plenty of time in speaking with new people and exploring the world of online dating, your priority should be yourself. Work toward your own life goals, exercise regularly, and give yourself all of the love that you deserve. 

Remember, you are looking for someone to add to your life, not to become your life. If you want to be attractive to other people, then you need to have self-love. Sure, it can be frustrating when you want a life partner and someone that you can enjoy awesome sex with. However, there are plenty of great sex toys that can fulfil your needs while you continue your search for the perfect stranger.

What is E-Info?

Supplies and Service for our Customers

E-Info ties directly into our support systems here at A&A, providing the quickest turn around and best possible service.

Use E-Info for:

  • Requesting service and supplies
  • Submitting meter readings
  • Check statuses on supply orders and pending/scheduled service calls
  • View your account status

Create Music Using Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence as a tool to make music or help musicians is a common practice nowadays.

In this article, I will share with you some Artificial Intelligence tools that can help you become a music star. 🙂


Jukedeck allows to create royalty-free AI music for your videos. Choose your style, personalise your music and download unique, royalty-free tracks.


Amper is an AI music composition platform for enterprise content creators, as well as a developer API. It enable anyone to make custom music that fits the style, length, and structure of their unique projects. The system is composed of over one million individual samples and thousands of unique instruments. Recorded by hand, every sound in Amper is sculpted with meticulous attention to detail.


This is an AI music platform that composes emotional soundtrack music. You can listen to this playlist to see what AIVA can do.


Computoser is an “artificial intelligence” algorithm that turns the computer into a music composer. Each track you can hear is algorithmically generated.


Phonicmind enable everyone to remove vocals from any song and use it for their performance. Phonicmind can separate vocals, drums, bass and other instruments out of the songs with power of the AI.


This is a free AI Music creation app available for Iphone. Humtap uses you natural voice, along with our breakthrough AI technology to collaborate with you to create studio-quality music right from your mobile phone.


Rave helps everyone to create mashup music. A mashup is a creative work, usually in a form of a song, created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs.CHECKOUT OUR LATEST PRODUCT – THE ULTIMATE TAILWINDCSS PAGE CREATOR 🚀


This is able to give you the instant chords for any song.


LANDR is the creative platform for musicians: AI-powered music mastering, distribution, plugins, collaboration, promotion and sample packs.


The Fake Music Generator provides free computer generated albums that you can use in any way you want. It gives us an entire album: cover art, artist, album title, track titles, and even computer generated music. You can also use the fake album generator.


Mubert Play is the first streaming app that generates unique music personal to each listener. Artificial intelligence uses a huge database of human-made sounds in different moods and genres to create an everlasting music stream.


It can help you easily create and share lyrics for music.


Rotorvideos can help you create an engaging video for your music in minutes usiing AI.


Ambient-mixer is a community driven project offering you some unique quality soundscapes with different atmospheres for chilling, relaxing or your recordings using our endless audio loops.


The best online DJ software to remix SoundCloud music and Youtube videos for FREE! You don’t need to install or download anything, become a DJ right now 🙂

In this article, you have discovered the most popular artificial intelligence music creation tools that can help you compose music without any musical knowledge. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

22+ Best Hidden Roku Channels You Need to Check Out

Roku is one of the best ways to transform your old TV into a new, smart TV. These devices are available in different models, so you can get the one that suits your needs. They allow you to add channels and watch content from all over the world.

The Roku Channel Store offers an exhaustive selection of free and paid channels for your viewing pleasure. But don’t forget that there’s another way to access even more content! You can find hidden channels on the platform.

With this guide, you’ll be able to find out the best private channels you should install. But before that, let’s quickly see how you can add private channels to Roku.

How to Add Hidden Roku Channels

You can access the hidden channels on all Roku devices, whether you have a Roku Ultra, Roku Express, or Roku Streaming Stick Plus. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit on your mobile phone or computer.
  2. Sign in to your Roku account.
  3. Under the Manage account section, click or tap Add channel with a code.
  4. Enter your desired channel access code and select the Add Channel button.
  5. A popup warning will appear. Tap or click OK to proceed.
  6. Select “Yes, Add Channel” and you’re done!

The channel won’t immediately appear in your Roku channels list. If you want to access it right away, go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now on your Roku device.

Here are the Best Roku Hidden Channels in 2022

To access private channels on Roku outside their designated regions, you’ll need to use VPNs on the device.

1. The Space Opera Channel

Access Code: (soctv)

If sci-fi series and indie fan films are your thing, the Space Opera Channel is a must-have. This hidden channel gives you access to both on-demand and live content across a wide range of categories. Also, you can watch iconic titles such as Flash Gordon, Space Angel, and Captain Z-Ro.

2. Nowhere TV

Access Code: (NMJS5)

Nowhere TV is one of the oldest hidden channels on Roku and offers content from networks like NBC, BBC, HBO and PBC. There’s also plenty of sports content such as NFL, MLB or even more

3. El Cartel TV

Access Code: (chibchombiatv)

El Cartel TV provides access to dozens of South American live TV channels, particularly those originating in Colombia. Some of the more popular channels available include Canal Uno, Canal Capital, and TeleSUR.

4. iTunes Podcasts

Access Code: (ITPC)

iTunes podcasts enables you to listen to free iTunes podcasts. You don’t have to install iTunes on your computer as this private channel doesn’t require an iTunes account to run, and it streams podcasts straight from iTunes’ library of podcasts.

5. Unofficial Twitch.TV

Access Code: (TwitchTV)

If you’re an avid gamer, Unofficial Twitch.TV is well worth checking out. Even though it’s an unofficial Roku channel, you’ll be able to use a variety of features and access all of Twitch’s without limitations of any kind.

6. EuroRoku

Access Code: (296XJKP)

This paid hidden Roku channel lets you access live streams of popular European TV stations. EuroRoku has up to 300 channels, which includes networks from Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, and Moldova.

7. Wilderness Channel

Access Code: (FL82109)

If you’re interested in nature and wildlife-related content, the Wilderness Channel is for you. It offers both on-demand content and live broadcasts of shows like America’s Wilderness, Alone in the Wilderness, and Secrets of Stealth Camping.

8. AOL On

Access Code: (aol)

With AOL On, you get access to content from TV networks like HGTV, BBC News, Food Network, Cooking Channel, ET Online, and DIY Channel. It used to be available in the Roku Channel Store, but now can only be added as a hidden channel.

9. Arirang TV and Radio

Access Code: (ArirangTV)

Arirang TV and radio is one of the go-to channels for South Korean TV and radio programming. This private Roku channel offers access to documentaries, cultural features, and more.

10. Space Time

Access Code: (CN6MRTG)

Do you find astronomy fascinating? Space Time is a hidden Roku channel that provide the latest videos from space agencies around the world, especially NASA for their high-resolution footage.

11. Video Games

Access Code: (T6PH2V)

If you like to watch video game walkthroughs, Video Games is a must-add. It offers full playthroughs of classic games like Super Metroid, Super Mario Bros. 3, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

12. RokuMovies

Access Code: (zb34ac)

RokuMovies features outlandish and strange low-budget films, which you should give a try if you’re into kung-fu and giant monster flicks.

13. MultiLive

Access Code: (DNLMPK)

Want to stream European TV channels? MultiLive won’t disappoint as it comes with dozens of channels from Berlin, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and Cyprus.

14. Weather Radar

Access Code: (radar)

Weather Forecasting is one of the areas that we cover here on Weather Radar. There’s no need to worry about content reliability when you have direct access to US National Weather Service data.

15. DISHWorld

Access Code: (DISHWorld)

You won’t find a better live international TV service than DISHWorld, owned by Sling. It offers over 170 channels in 15 different languages, meaning there’s plenty of options for everyone.  

16. RokuCast

Access Code: (CL9D5D)

With RokuCast, you can watch HTML5 videos from your computer’s Chrome browser to your Roku device, but there is an experimental Chrome extension that needs to be installed beforehand.

17. StreamNowTV

Access Code: (sntvdemo)

Fan of indie flicks? StreamNowTV’s beta version offers movies from independent contributors across various genres like horror, action, drama, and comedy.

18. Silent Movies

Access Code: (RLQXKG)

The era of silent films has long gone, but now you can enjoy watching Buster Keaton and other actors on the Silent Movies channel.

19. Pro Guitar Lessons

Access Code: (ProGuitar)

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, Pro Guitar Lessons is one of the best paid hidden Roku channels for this purpose.

20. 5ik.TV

Access Code: (5ikTV)

With 5ik.TV, you’re able to watch a wide range of live TV channels from countries like South Korea and Japan. Like other Roku private channels, the interface isn’t in English but it’s easy to understand.

21. Happy Kids TV

Access Code: (HappyKids)

Happy Kids TV has tons of kids programming, including music, activity guides, TV shows & movies. What’s more, these videos can be streamed from anywhere in high definition!

22. Food Matters TV

Access Code: (foodmatterstv)

Food Matters TV is a great private channel for people who want to watch or share food-related content. It offers plenty of info about what we should eat and why, as well as recipes and cooking suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Roku Private Channels Safe?

Yes, they are safe for the most part. However, you should still exercise care about the content you watch. Roku doesn’t verify private channels, and some of them provide access to copyrighted content that can lead to takedowns that will… You won’t have to worry about getting hacked or catching malware from our private channels. They are “sandboxed,” so no outside content can enter our app.

I’m not sure… If they were illegal, Roku might not want to support them. The channel will not land you any legal trouble though.

How do I remove a hidden Roku channel?

If you want to remove a private Roku channel, the process is the same as any other channel. Just follow these steps:

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  2. Select the channel you want to get rid of.
  3. On your remote, hit the Star button.
  4. Select the Remove Channel option.
  5. Your desired channel will now be removed.

What is the Roku Secret Menu?

Most people don’t know that Roku has a secret menu that can be used in case of any issues with your device. The menu will bring you to different screens, each with a specific function.

By accessing these screens, you can do things like find out details about your Roku’s network, factory reset your device, or modify some settings. For this, you’ll have to enter different Roku remote codes using your remote control.

Let’s Get Watching!

Share your suggestions on hidden Roku channels in the comments below.

New Translator in iOS 14-15: What’s so great about it?

WWDC 2020 took place a month ago but the whole world is still discussing the innovations presented by Apple. Needless to say that thousands of iPhone users can’t wait when they will be able to make use of the brand new iOS 14 features. Apart from being so visually appealing, the new version of iOS will be full of numerous functionalities and among them a built-in Translator. 

But what’s so revolutionary about it? Should we all really feel excited or is it just a minor update of the existing functionality? Let’s take a closer look at Apple’s Translate and discover what it is capable of. 

What advantages does the Translate have? 

First of all it is necessary to mention that Translate is going to be a standalone application that all iPhones will get after their iOS will be updated to the 14th version. Translate app is absolutely user friendly and it does not require any specific actions. You simply open it, select the desired languages (the one you are going to translate from and the one in which everything is going to be translated to), type your sentences and get a result in a couple in a second. 

Understanding the work of the built-in translator on the iphone

What’s especially great about the Translate app is that it will support dictation. So you don’t even need to waste time on typing the text and you can use an app on the go. You can easily switch between modes – written and conversational – by changing the rotation of your device. Vertical rotation is used for typing your text, while in landscape one the microphone button will appear and you can start dictating the text. 

There is also an option allowing you to listen to the translated piece of text and it is going to be read with the correct pronunciation. Taking into account this feature and the number of supported languages (there are 11 of them), it can be said that iOS Translator will be perfect for learning languages and communication with foreigners while being on vacation. 

Source: Apple 

The first question every Apple fan had when he heard about the Translate app is whether it is going to require Internet connection. Yes, it will but it also has an offline mode. Which makes it even more convenient if you are a traveller or a freelancer, because sometimes the Internet connection abroad can fail you and you end up being without any smart helpers. Now at least you will have a great app helping you to start a conversation with another person or to translate something quickly (like directions, information on billboards, etc.).

If you are interested how the Translator manages to work fine without the Internet, well that’s thanks to Neural Engine. As to the online mode, the application uses Apple servers and the translation itself is more accurate than in offline mode. However, the testers of the beta version of iOS 14 state that even in offline mode the Translate app provides decent and understandable results. 

Speaking about Neural Engine, it will also improve the work of Siri. Now you can ask it to translate something for you even when you are not connected to the Internet. Safari will also get a built-in Translator and will be able to translate the content of pages on the go without connecting to any third-party services. 

Those who learn languages know the struggle when you are trying to memorize a phrase or a word and somehow after an hour or so it slips your mind. With the Translate app installed on your iPhone you will forget about this issue, because it has Favourites section and keeps history of recent translations. So whatever piece of text you were translating, you can bookmark it and get back to it later. Such a handy feature, we think iPhone users from all over the world will be very thankful for it. 

We can say for sure that the addition of the Translate app to iOS devices will push numerous app owners to consider updating their solutions especially if they offer some translating features or if they are related to e-learning. Not only they will have to consider adding offline mode to their solutions to keep them competitive, but also they will need to think about widgets for their apps. 

Let’s not forget that iOS 14 will bring numerous new features to our devices and the changes always imply improvements. Widgets will be new go-to features, so sooner or later every app owner will need to incorporate widgets in different sizes providing different amounts of info related to the app on the Home Screen. 

New Translator may also boost popularity of apps related to notes and reminders creation. Together with the new Scribble feature it can revolutionize the way we create and use notes. Not only the text can be written by hand using Apple Pencil but also it can be easily translated into any of the supported languages by built-in Translate app. 

Should I add some new features to my translation app?

If you have an iOS app that is used for translation, we would recommend you to consider updating it and to do its code review first. This will help to get your app prepared for iOS update and make sure that it will work fine on it. You may also need to create widgets or app clip because these features will be trendy.

Is offline mode necessary in translation related apps?

Yes, offline mode is preferable because it helps to make an app more convenient to use. Not always people have a good Intenet connection, especially if they are traveling and need to use your app to translate things on the go.

Is Apple planning to add support of more languages to Translate app?

Apple has not announced this yet, so as of now there will be 11 languages available in Translate app. But probably Apple will extnd this list with time.

To sum it up

Apple is doing its best to create effective and seamless user experience and that is exactly why we like its technology inventions. With the addition of Translate app, every iPhone user will be able to overcome language barriers and feel more comfortable in a foreign environment. Presence of offline mode, option allowing to bookmark translated pieces and save recent translations, supported dictation – all these options will make learning of languages and communication between people easier. 

It cannot be said that there definitely will be a boom of new applications but we predict that after iOS 14 release the reviewing of app code will become quite common. Why not improve your solution and make it more advanced if you have a chance to incorporate up-to-date features? After all, 2020 is all about new user experience. 

Apple iOS translate app review

The iOS translate app is a lifesaver for those who frequently travel. The app has more than 50 languages and can translate text in real-time by using the camera, voice, or text. It can also translate to and from 120 different currencies. And best of all, it’s free!

Popfindr – PopFinder Online Shopping App

How to Find the Best Deals with PopFinder Online Shopping App?

PopFinder checker Overview

PopFinder is a mobile app that helps consumers find deals on their favorite products.

PopFinder is a mobile app that helps consumers find deals on their favorite products. The app was founded in 2015 by founders from Yahoo, Google, and Facebook. PopFinder has been downloaded more than 5 million times and has over 2 million active users.

PopFinder vs Other Apps for Finding Deals

PopFinder is an app that offers a curated list of the best Pops deals. It provides a personalized experience by learning about the user’s preferences and habits. It also offers personalized recommendations based on the items that they are currently looking at, which are tailored to their specific needs.

PopFinder is not just another shopping app. It is an app that has been created for people who want to find a bargain and save money when they shop for their clothes, shoes, accessories, home furniture, etc.

Popfindr website link –

PopFinder Features That Make it a Unique & Helpful Tool for Online Shoppers

PopFinder is a unique and helpful tool for online shoppers. It helps them find the best deals on products that they are looking for.

PopFinder is a mobile app that can be used to find the best deals on products that people are looking for. For example, if you are looking for an iPhone X, it will show you where to buy it at the cheapest price.

PopFinder has features like:

  • A search engine with exclusive filters
  • Price comparison with other stores
  • A live chat system where you can ask questions about your purchase

How You Can Use PopFinder as Your Personal Shopper

PopFinder is the best bargain hunting app for those who want to find the best deals and be on top of all the latest trends.

It has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. It is a one-stop shop for finding the best deals, whether you are looking for clothes, shoes, or anything else.

New Californian Sports Betting Initiatives Could Raise Hundreds of Millions in Tax

Allowing California residents to place bets on professional and college sports could raise hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes for the debt-laden Golden State. Thirty-two states have already fully legalized betting on collegiate and professional sporting events, and California could join them if voters approve of changing the state’s constitution. The initiative is expected to be put to the public vote in 2022.

Californians have voted three times to make constitutional amendments related to gambling. They voted in favor of a state lottery in 1984, which remains popular to this day. Voters headed to the ballots in both 1998 and 2000 and put provisions in place to allow Native American tribes to open casinos on Californian soil. This fourth vote could spark what the media calls a gambling gold rush.

It is possible to place wagers on horse racing within the Golden State. Gambling on professional and college teams, the NBA and NFL, for example, is a little trickier. There is nowhere in California where this is legal. However, Golden State residents wanting to enjoy online sports betting in California flock to offshore websites, which means the state government misses out on massive tax revenues, estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

California is in debt to the tune of half a billion dollars

Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Four initiatives are heading toward Californian voters in the coming months. Passing just one would open the door to some form of legalized gambling on professional sports within state lines. California has the most debt of any other U.S. state, with a deficit of some $506.6 billion, which is $12,725 of debt per capita. It is fair to say the state needs additional income and needs it fast. These upcoming sports betting initiatives could do precisely that.

First up is The California Sports Wagering Regulation and Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act. This authorizes certain racetracks and Native American tribes to offer in-person sports betting. In addition, tribal casinos will finally be allowed to provide dice games and roulette. Ten percent of profits generated by racetracks will go to the newly created “California Sports Wagering Fund.” Some 70% of the fund heads straight into the state general fund, with a portion dedicated to helping problem gamblers.

The most eagerly watched votes will be cast on the California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support Act. Passing this initiative fully legalizes mobile and online sports betting for California residents. Only federally recognized Indian tribes and heavily-vetted businesses linked to them are permitted to accept wagers. All bets placed have to happen in California and not on Indian land.

Massive gaming companies want in on the action

This is the most-watched bill because some of America’s largest national online sports betting operations want a piece of the action. DraftKings, FanDuel, and WynnBET have already shown support, while dozens of other gaming companies are prepared to link up with tribes to offer their services to the Californian people. The initiative proposes a 10% tax on sports wagering revenues and licensing fees; licenses could cost up to $100 million and are renewable every five years. Fifteen percent of the money raised goes to non-participating tribes, with 85% assisting homelessness programs.

Legalized and regulated sports betting are far too lucrative to turn a blind eye to. In June 2018, a month after legalizing sports betting, there was $310 million wagered for the month. Fast-forward to October 2021, when many more states were on board, and that amount wagered soared to $7.1 billion. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. predicts the online sports betting market in the United States could reach $39 billion by 2033. Furthermore, a study shows the Californian market could be worth $3 billion in revenues due to the sheer size of the state’s population. The figures touted are too substantial to ignore.

What is a Master Production Schedule? Guide with Examples

A master production schedule is a handy, easy-to-use tool that can be referenced in your future production planning. It contains data about individual schedules, making it easier to plan for the future.

What is a Master Production Schedule (MPS)?

A Master Production Schedule includes a list of products that needs to be created, in what quantity and when. It also doesn’t go into detail about the materials to be used.

Rather, it is like a contract between your sales and production departments. The deal will balance supply and demand by defining the number of units needed and the schedule for those orders.

Make-to-stock manufacturing environments use a demand forecast to drive production planning. The Master Production Schedule is a vital tool in this scheme. As an MPS is often used as the main driver of production activity, it needs to be accurate and viable for it to have a positive effect on the profitability of a business.

The MPS is also best-suited for specialized, personalized items in an environment where made-to-order production runs are impossible. In this case, the sales forecast and master production schedule are used to plan the inventory needed for production.

A master production schedule is a long-term plan made for each product separately. It has a planning horizon of 3 months to 2 years and at least 1 week as the smallest time bucket specified.

The basic inputs you need to create a viable master production schedule are the following:

  1. Starting inventory. How many units are already available in stock?
  2. Sales forecast. How many orders are expected for the period?
  3. Current order portfolio. How many orders are already planned for the period?
  4. Quantity to produce. How many units need to be produced during the period to keep supply and demand in balance?


Let’s say you produce wooden furniture such as chairs, dining tables, and coffee tables.

At the start of the period, you have 40 chairs in stock. Your sales forecast says that you will sell 200 of them. That means you will need to produce 160 chairs during that period in order to match the demand.

As budgets are limited, you need to be practical. This means producing enough inventory for this period. By doing that, you will be able to ensure that enough chairs are produced for demand

Master Production Schedule and Safety Stock

Just-In-Time manufacturing is great for ensuring you don’t stock up too many products in advance, or design inventory in excess of what is needed. However, it also means that if there’s a sudden spike in demand, it can be difficult to keep up until production catches up.That is why we can complement the master production schedule with:

5. Safety stock. How many units do you want to keep in inventory in case there are spikes in demand?

In the master production schedule, safety stock will be expressed as part of the period’s ending inventory that will be transferred to the next period as beginning inventory.

Example cont.

Now, continuing with the previous example let’s say that you always want to keep 40 chairs as safety stock. Therefore, 160 chairs will not be enough to meet demand and replenish your safety stock during the first period. This means that you will need to produce 200 chairs altogether to satisfy your customers and maintain the required buffer.

Master Production Schedule and Rough-Cut Capacity Planning

When planning production, you always need to keep in mind how much exactly you are able to produce in a given period. If you take in orders that require you to produce a thousand chairs in a month, but you only have the means to produce 500, you will let down your customers and your company. That is why you would always want to account for:

6. Production capacity. How many products would you be able to produce during the period, given that everything is running smoothly?

Rough-cut capacity planning is very useful alongside your production schedule. You will need to know the time it takes for each product and the hours that your shop floor is open.

Once you have created your initial master production schedule, you can test its viability by creating a rough-cut capacity plan according to the MPS. If the capacity plan shows that your production capacity cannot accommodate the production levels in any period set in the MPS, you will need to find ways to increase capacity or modify the MPS.

To master production scheduling and rough-cut capacity planning, you need to keep an eye on both. Any changes to one aspect of this process may affect the other.

Additional considerations regarding MPS

Master Production Schedule freezing

Freezing the MPS means locking the first couple of periods a certain amount of time, e.g. a week or two, before production according to the schedule starts. This is done to prevent last-minute changes that create confusion and bottlenecks that slow down production and, ultimately, ruin your plans.

Available to Promise

Additional capacity (available to promise) is the number of additional units where you can simultaneously promise to deliver them during this period. It takes into account all firm orders and is calculated according to the master production schedule.

Batch criteria

When drawing up a master production schedule, you should always consider your batch sizes, i.e. how many products do you make in one run. That will determine the step of your quantities. For example, if you manufacture in batches of 25 products then your quantity to produce cannot be 240, it needs to be 250 or 225.

Maximum inventory

The MPS is a great tool for planning and preparing early for surges in demand. However, there are physical and practical limitations to the quantities you can store in stock. Even if you had the production capacity, it may not be possible to utilize it if your stock is full. Or beyond a certain inventory level, too much cash may be tied up in inventory.

Benefits of a Master Production Schedule

There are multiple benefits to introducing an MPS in a manufacturing business:

  • It provides a solid base for building, improving, and tracking the sales forecast.
  • It provides a solid base for determining the desired inventory levels.
  • It provides a solid base for calculating the required amount of labor and shifts.
  • It allows optimizing the installed capacity and balancing the load of the plant.
  • The manufacturing department can estimate the production and maintenance costs associated with the workstations.
  • The financial department of the company can derive expected revenues and expenses from the MPS and generate a cash flow forecast. Among other benefits, this will help build investment plans.
  • The HR department can take advantage of the MPS to anticipate the requirements of hiring labor.

The MPS should reflect the business plan as closely as possible. This requires a constant update by all departments of the company.

For example, if the Marketing department plans a sales promotion, then a proportional increase in demand needs to be displayed in the master production schedule and on the forecast. If the Sales team discourages customers from buying one product over another, this should also be reflected

Master Production Schedule vs. Manufacturing Resource Planning

The master production schedule is one of the steps to take when making a manufacturing resource plan. This is just one of many inputs that are being used. Other inputs used are things such as inventory management, bill of materials (BOMS), routing information, material requirements and costs, final forecast data etc.

Production management is a huge task and thus requires a lot of resources. This system saves you the burden of individually checking and requesting for each resource, and instead allows you to focus solely on your company’s production flow.

Producing a master production schedule is not easy, as it’s hard to create one manually without the help of manufacturing resource planning.

There are many software providers offering ERP systems, but many of them have grown out of accounting or inventory management software, and can limit your manufacturing resource capabilities.

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s important to have access to a good MRP system in order to stay on top.

How I Make Shopping Online Easy With Yayoins Clothing Reviews

Introduction: The Benefits of Shopping Online

Shopping online is a great way to get clothes for a lower price. It eliminates the need for going into the store, physically trying on the clothes, and then having to go through all of that trouble in order to get it at a cheaper price.

Online shopping has become so popular in recent years because it saves time and money. If you are looking for some new clothes, there are many reasons why you should consider shopping online.

How to Shop Online Safely & Effectively

Online shopping is one of the most popular activities nowadays. With the help of technological advancements, it’s become much easier to find and purchase anything you want. However, it can also be a great risk because there are many scammers out there who are trying to steal your money or personal information.

In order to avoid these risks, you should take some precautions when shopping online. For example, make sure that the website you’re using is trustworthy and that they have a solid security system in place. Also, don’t forget to read reviews of the product before buying it and never share your personal information with strangers online.

My Personal Experience With Yayoins Clothing Deals

This is a review of Yayoins Clothing Deals. I have been using the site for a few months now and have had a great experience. They have an amazing selection of clothing and accessories that are all very high quality. The clothes are very affordable as well, which is fantastic for those on a budget.

They also have an AI chatbot that helps you find the perfect outfit based on your style preferences and what you want to wear for the day ahead. They’ve been really helpful with finding outfits for me, so I’m glad to be able to use them!

I highly recommend this site if you’re looking for clothes online.

Main Reasons Why Yayoins is the Best Online Store for Clothing Reviews

Yayoins is a popular online store for clothing reviews. It has a well-designed website and a wide selection of clothes for shoppers. The site offers an easy way to find the best clothes for your budget and lifestyle.

The main reasons why Yayoins is the best online store for clothing reviews are as follows:

1) Yayoins provides quality clothes at affordable prices. 2) The website has a wide selection of clothes from different brands and designers, so you can find something that suits your style and budget easily. 3) There are plenty of customer reviews available on the site, which will help you make informed decisions about what to buy. 4) You can also make use of Yayoins coupons to get discounts on your purchases.

Final verdict

After conducting impartial research on the website, we can say that the website is a scam as it does not meet all the factors associated with a legitimate website. There are no reviews available on Google and social media pages.

The best watch review site in 2022

Welcome to best24watch, an independent website about watches.

The main idea of the site is to inform people about interesting watch novelties.

We mainly write reviews of “affordable watches” of popular brands such as CASIO, TAG Heuer, Seiko, Orient, Omega, Tissot up to $3000 – but still, we don’t have strict price limits. You will also find material on the construction of watches and the technical characteristics of many of today’s movements. The site is not affiliated with any brand or online store. We do not write articles to order. We prefer to present information objectively.

We will tell you how to choose the best watches 

Men’s and women’s watches reviews 

Men’s watches (have a restrained design without additional ornaments in the form of rhinestones and drawings);

Ladies’ watches (ceramics, gold, silver, bronze, precious stones and brighter colors are used in their production);

Children’s watches (bright colored water-resistant plastic and rubber models which are hard to break);

Smartwatches (connected to the phone and have a number of useful features);

Sports watches (for people with active lifestyles. Used shock-resistant glass, rubber, titanium alloys).

Watch glass reviews 

Glass in watches can be:

  • sapphire;
  • crystal;
  • plastic;
  • mineral.

The most durable coating is sapphire.

Strap and bracelet reviews

Straps are made of crocodile leather, colored ceramic, precious metals, steel links, rubber and plastic. Classic models are fitted with leather straps. They look presentable and stylish, but are short-lived.

Ceramic bracelets are fragile, but look very impressive. They should not be dropped on the floor or banged against hard surfaces. You should pay attention to the fact that they are quite heavy.

Precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) are represented only in the prestigious expensive mainly Swiss brands. They make chains of various widths and configurations, complex figured weaves and solid arcs.

Steel bracelets are used for men’s and women’s watches. They have an attractive appearance and fit any style.

Rubber straps are a distinctive element of sports watches. They do not slip on the hand, are easy to fasten and last quite a long time.

Plastic bracelets are an inexpensive option for teens and children. They can be replaced often if they fall into disrepair.

Silicone straps are the ideal choice for those who value lightness, comfort and durability.

Water-resistant watches

There are special water-resistant watches for swimmers. They can operate underwater for long periods of time. Waterproof watches do not withstand such stresses and can withstand a small amount of moisture. Hermetic sealing of the watch also plays an important role. It can be from 3 to 30 atmospheres. This figure indicates the number of meters the watch can dive to. The maximum permissible distance is 300 meters. But with one condition – no more than 2 hours underwater. You can see such models in the special sections of the site dedicated to this subject.

Types of movements and operating systems 

There are 2 types – mechanical and quartz.

Mechanical watches can be automatic or manual winding. They have one significant disadvantage – time failure, with uneven unwinding of the spring. Mechanical watches are assembled by hand, so their cost is a bit higher than that of quartz watches. It keeps charge for quite a long time and does not need recharging. Time error in such watches is 15 seconds per month.

Smart watches are small wrist computers. It can be paired with a phone and broadcast information from it. Common operating systems are iOS, Android, Watch OS and Tizen.

What to look for when buying a watch?

Warranty and quality are key points to pay attention to if you want to buy a watch. That’s why it’s important to buy watches in stores that have all the authorizations and certificates; we only work with the best and most trusted brands and wristwatch stores 

Any interested reader can take part in the site’s work. For example, to write your own review of watches from your collection/set or to provide technical specifications.

Things to consider when buying a new Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency, the all-rounding currency medium that has been sparking off in the global market since its introduction, is justifiable. With all the benefits of a digital currency, and sweeping away the disadvantages of fiat currencies like inflation, market influence, etc. and the benefits of decentralization, which means no authority has control over this currency. 

Since Cryptocurrency has been so popular in the current market, it is recommended by many professional investors and experts to buy or invest in digital currencies. With the craze of Cryptocurrency, many investors have earned millions in a matter of days. This kind of profiting value has inspired many to jump into the cryptocurrency domain to get some for themselves. 

While this idea of buying Cryptocurrency may be enthusiastic, you must consider all the possible terms and requirements while buying a new virtual currency. To not do so is like firing an arrow in the pitch dark. Check to know the basics of bitcoin trading. So below are some standards you must verify upon your Cryptocurrency to see if they match up well or not. 

Understanding the Future situation of Cryptocurrency 

Suppose you want to buy a new cryptocurrency, lookup for a cheap one. You are new to this crypto community. So you should not go for the big fish that early. It should also be pocket-friendly, and you can easily understand the flow of Cryptocurrency while analyzing the perfect match for yourself. Unfortunately, the uncertainty of the cryptocurrency market makes it a little hard to understand the next go at market price.

When they join this community, most investors make a mistake because they go for the high leap, i.e. going for the most expensive and popular Cryptocurrency without proper analysis. They mostly buy that virtual coin when the market price is at a peak. This is dangerous as digital currencies often fall enormously and unpredictably, resulting in a massive and sometimes, loss. 

You should also consider the acceptability of your respective Cryptocurrency; if you buy a virtual coin with fewer uses or acceptability in the market, it will become near useless. This difference in acceptability varies from region to region, so choose wisely by which region of the environment you will use your virtual coin in. 

The terms of Market Dynamics 

Cryptocurrency, a decentralized and open alternative to currency, depends on market circulation and demand numbers, which are required standards for the price of a standard cryptocurrency. Therefore, analyzing the market circulation and the reach of your respective Cryptocurrency in the market will help you in the long term. 

The most common reason for investors suffering massive losses is poor analytic knowledge. It is justifiable as there are many factors and standards along which the flow of Cryptocurrency and its demand thrives. These factors and not so easy to grasp and prepare any different strategies. A considerable amount of effort and experience in trading is required to predict robust strategies. 

As for the newbies, their best weapon is knowledge.

A vital decision can be taken if all the analytic details have been summarized and considered carefully. Even a rookie can prevail and earn profits with the right decision and knowledge. The fluctuations in cryptocurrency market prices are due to standards like trade charts and demand statistics. 

Another factor to keep in mind is the maximum cap. Once you have found your compatible Cryptocurrency, do not just go and buy hundreds of it. As Cryptocurrency’s uncertainty awaits, there are chances of your virtual coins losing many proportions of their value in hours. So, be judgmental and only buy what you really can afford to lose. 

As mentioned earlier, the standards should be kept in mind while entering the cryptocurrency community and deciding to buy your first Cryptocurrency. While all the many standards are enlisted here, it is advised that you must do self-research to understand how the flow of demand in the crypto market works and just how capable are your analytical skills. 

Cryptocurrencies are fragile in economic terms, and their fluctuations are unpredictable. So, a perfect strategy is needed, and adequate knowledge of the Cryptocurrency you will buy. This necessity is required to keep your losing chances to a minimum and provide you with a profiting crypto journey. 

Drippy outfits

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7 Distinct Uses of JavaScript Array Slice

The JavaScript array slice method is one of the most powerful and commonly used built-ins in the JavaScript language.

And with the rise of React and other functionally oriented JavaScript practices, it is becoming even more important, for 2 key reasons:

  • Functional programming, particularly higher level functions, works heavily with lists of data
  • Functional programming requires pure functions, functions that do not cause side effects or modify their input data.

The JavaScript array slice method fits both of these criteria

The slice method provides a mechanism for creating a shallow copy of a subset of a list, without modifying the original list. Thus it provides a key building block for writing functional JavaScript.

In this post we’ll master the slice method by example, exploring 8 different ways it can be used.

The slice method is not to be confused with the splice method, which modifies an array in place.


In JavaScript, an array is an ordered list of data. An array has the following special characteristics in comparison with the array of other programming languages such as Java, C/C++, etc.

JavaScript Tutorial

Slice leaves the original array intact and returns a shallow copy of selected items, splice modifies the original array.

How Javascript Array Slice Works

t, look at the basics of the slice method.

As shown in the MDN documentation, is a method on an array that takes up to 2 arguments:

arr.slice([begin[, end]])

The begin argument is a 0-based index identifying where to begin extraction, while the end argument is a 0-based index identifying where to end.

The slice method creates a copy of the array starting at begin up to but not including end.

It also accepts negative indices, which indicate counts back from the end of the array.

Basic Uses

Our first 4 uses the core functionality of slice.

Use 1: Simple copy

const arr2 = arr.slice();

Slice without any arguments performs a simple shallow copy. In modern it is more idiomatic to use the spread operator for this functionality, but if working in older codebases or without a build step that uses babel you may still want to use slice.

Use 2: Subarray starting at N

The simplest way to use the slice method is simply to grab all elements of an array starting at N.

An example use case might be you want to pop off the first element of an array and use it, returning the remaining array, but you want to do it without modifying the original array.

function useOne(arr) {
const usedItem = arr[0];
// do something with usedItem
return arr.slice(1);

Use 3: last N of an array

Another way that slice can be used is to grab the end of an array, taking advantage of the fact that negative indexes count back from the end.

This negative indexing makes it super simple to strip off however many elements you want. For example, if you want to grab just 3:

const last3 = arr.slice(-3)

Use 4: first n of an array

The pull off the front of an array, we need to start using the second argument to the method as well: end.

When both arguments are passed, the slice method returns a set starting at begin up to but not including end.

Since JavaScript arrays are zero-based (index starts at 0), this makes it super simple to pull off the first N elements:

const first4 = arr.slice(0, 4)

Use 5: segment of n, starting at m

Generalizing use 5, what if we want to use slice to pull off a segment of the array starting at any index?

To do this, we need to translate from (begin, length), to (begin, end). Luckily, the math is straightforward and we can define a simple function to do this:

function pullSegment(arr, begin, length) {
return arr.slice(begin, begin + length);

Working With Array-like Objects

The slice method can also be used on array-like objects. These are objects that behave mostly like arrays, but are not actually arrays. These are essentially any object that includes a length value and can be accessed via numerical indexes, but do not include Array methods.

Some examples include arguments (keyword for accessing all arguments passed to a function), NodeLists (returned from any DOM API method that returns a list of nodes), and even raw objects that use numerical indices and add a length attribute.

To use the slice method on an array-like object, you need to reference it directly from Array.prototype, like this:;

This leads to a couple valuable uses:

Use 6: Convert array-like objects into arrays

One common use for the Slice operator on array-like objects is to convert them into actual arrays. For example:

const args =;

Why would you want to do this? To get access to array methods. For example, imagine a function that looks like this:

function addOne() {
return => i+1);

Seems like it would work, but if you try to do this you get:

> addOne(1, 2, 3)
TypeError: is not a function
at test (repl:2:18)
at repl:1:1
at ContextifyScript.Script.runInThisContext (vm.js:44:33)
at REPLServer.defaultEval (repl.js:239:29)
at bound (domain.js:301:14)
at REPLServer.runBound as eval
at REPLServer.onLine (repl.js:440:10)
at emitOne (events.js:120:20)
at REPLServer.emit (events.js:210:7)
at REPLServer.Interface._onLine (readline.js:279:10)

This is because arguments is not actually an array, but an array-like object. You can implement this function using slice as follows:

function addOne() {
return => i+1);

and now you get what you’d expect:

> addOne(1, 2, 3)
[ 2, 3, 4 ]

No need in .slice:, i => i+1);

Vitaliy, Expert in JavaScript

Use 7: Coerce arbitrary length extra arguments into an array

Sometimes you want to allow for arbitrary numbers of arguments to a function.

Newer versions of JavaScript have introduced what is known as rest syntax to handle this, but if you are stuck supporting older browsers without a transpilation system, you can do this with slice:

function myFunc(a, b) {
const extraArgs =, 2);

This allows calling myFunc with arbitrary numbers of args. e.g.:

myFunc(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
And inside you’ll end up with a === 1, b === 2, and extraArgs === [3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]

Functional Array Manipulation

Another huge area of use for is to manipulate arrays in a functional/pure way, without modifying the original array.

+1 Use: Modifying a particular index in an array

A powerful and common use of slice in a functional context is to replace the value of a particular item in an array.

Imperatively this is simple, you just assign the new value, but in a functional world you can’t modify the original array.

Instead, you can combine slice with the new JavaScript spread operator to return a new array that is identical but for the index you want to update:

function replaceIdx(arr, index, newVal) {
return [
…arr.slice( 0, index ),
…arr.slice( index + 1)

To be fair, method .splice also can replace index or add elements:
Adding new value at position [2]: arr.splice(2, 0, ‘new value’)
Updating value [2]: arr.splice(2, 1,’new value’)
Replacing [2] and [3] with new value: arr.splice(2, 2, ‘new value’)
.splice may take more arguments, placing them at required position, with or without removing elements at this position. Really powerful method.
Mutation? Ok, copy before doing this stuff.

Vitaliy, Expert in JavaScript

Partial Function Application

Another common pattern in functional programming is what is known as partial function application: pre-applying parameters to a function, and then returning a new function.

This pattern allows you to compose functions, creating greater reusability by letting you use the same core functions with different pre-applied parameters.

While more pure functional languages like Haskell support partial function application natively, in JavaScript we can implement a function to do it using slice:

var partial = function() {
const fn = arguments[0];
const args =, 1);

// Return a function that calls fn
return function() {
var remainingArgs =;
return fn.apply(this, args.concat(remainingArgs));

Wrapping Up

As you can see by this point, the Array slice method is an incredibly useful tool in your JavaScript , especially as you start moving towards more functional ways of programming.

I’m confident there are many more great examples of using slice – if you have a good one, share it in the comments below! I’ll happily update the post.



Copy JS and enjoy!

What is MyVidster App? Best video collection App

MyVidster is a video collection app that allows you to create your own playlist of favorite videos, store them online, and share with the world.

It is an interesting way to curate videos. You can go through the web finding different sources of content and put it all in one place so you have easy access to it.

What is MyVidster Alternative Apps

MyVidster is a video sharing site that allows users to upload and share their videos as well as search for video across the web. It also has a social media type of interface where you can follow other users and comment on their videos. MyVidster was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Some alternative apps include: YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

How to build own Application like MyVidster?

MyVidster is a video sharing site. It was created in 2009 by Anthony Padilla and David Heinemeier Hansson and is similar to YouTube.

Before we start, we should know some of the features of this famous application:

– MyVidster has a user-friendly interface;

– it’s not difficult to upload videos;

– you can follow your favorite users and get notifications when they upload new content.

Now, let’s take a look at what resources are needed to create such an application:

  • Python programming language;
  • Django Web Framework;
  • MySQL Database service with PHP, HTML5 or CSS3 coding skills.

How to find good app developers?

If you are not technically-inclined, the best way to find an app developer for your idea is to show it to other people, get feedback and then find someone who can help you build that app.

You can also post it on platforms like Angelist or Fundable. You can also go through certain development agencies online like Fiverr or Upwork. These agencies provide freelancers who will work on your project for a small fee.

RTO (Rent-to-Own) Dedicated Server Service

We are pleased to announce our new rent to own program for dedicated servers. These are unmanaged servers. With select dedicated servers you can choose the option of rent to own. This program is you pay for the hosting for 12 months and on the 12 payment you own the server.

Once you own the server you have some options this includes the following.

  1. Keep everything the same, you still pay the same monthly price and get free hardware replacement and support for the server.
  2. Choose to co-locate the server instead. This may lower your monthly payment but you will be responsible for hardware replacement costs and maybe charged for support.
  3. Choose to have the server moved to a different data center or shipped to your home.

If this is an option you would like to go with please open a ticket with the sales department.

22nd Birthday Captions for Instagram

It’s always special to celebrate any person’s birthday. But when it comes to celebrating the 22nd birthday, it is even more special. It is because not many people can reach this age. So, why not wish them a happy 22nd birthday with these captions for Instagram?

1) “It’s not just your 22nd year of life, but your 22nd year of greatness.”

2) “22 years ago you were born. And since then you have done so much.”

3) “This might just be the best year yet.”

4) “I will always support you in every decision you make and I’m so glad to call you my best friend.”

5) “You are stronger than anyone could ever imagine.”

Birthday is a special occasion, because it is your start. It is a window to the opportunity of your whole life, the opportunity to satisfy all your distinct mission. If you want to celebrate the fruits of life, don’t forget to celebrate the tree that bears the fruits first, ie your birthday.

A birthday is absolutely not just an occasion to get beautiful gifts and warm wishes. More importantly, it is a day to bear in mind that on this day a significant event happened to commemorate and appreciate, at the same time to demonstrate how well we are satisfying our duties.

Birthday is a milestone to reconsider your life, to review your goals, what achievement has been made, how far still left. When reaching your 22nd birthday, an extremely important time point in your life, you need a good caption to declare it to the world.

Difficult to come up with or find a perfect caption? Don’t worry, we’ve listed below best 22nd birthday captions collected from Getchip to help you. They are really cute and funny.

22nd birthday is even more meaningful than previous ones, because people reaching this age are believed to be capable enough to understand themselves, the society and take on larger responsibilities. This is the age when people can finally find for what they are born. For such an important day, you must spread it all over your social media to let the world know you are 22 now.

For more information, check out

Without further delay, let’s continue with the best 22nd birthday captions we compiled for you.

  1. Cheers to my 22 years.
  2. I don’t know how you feel, but I’m feeling 22.
  3. Beginning from the bottom and now I am 22.
  4. I do not take it as my 22nd birthday, I consider it as my first anniversary of being legit to buy wine.
  5. Buddy, happy 22nd birthday to you, I wish you will have endless laughter from this special day.
  6. I hope you’ll receive many gifts. But gifts won’t be able to make a 22-year-old happy any longer. But friends, I hope they will make your day today. Happy 22nd Birthday!
  7. 22 candles shine wonderfully. But I’ll still be shining after I blow out the fires.
  8. Happy 22nd Birthday to my angel. I’m so happy to have you as my future wife. I would like to show you to the world to prove to my friends that angels exist.
  9. Happy 22nd Birthday to my lovely daughter. I know what it feels to be young and attractive. From now on boys of your age will stare you more. Keep shinning my daughter. Enjoy your day.
  10. At 22, you may still hope to be young and save those happy childhood years, but don’t be confused by that feeling. Keep going on. Happy 22nd Birthday my daughter.
  11. The only thing the comes to my ear is 22 beers.
  12. 22 years ago right on this day, I was born kicking and crying. Amazing all went past so fast and smooth.
  13. It’s my special day today. Beginning Chapter 22.
  14. You are my angel and words fail to describe how much I love you. Nothing in the world can take your place. Happy 22nd Birthday my love. Stay blessed.
  15. Congratulations! You’ve been through 22 years now.
  16. I came into this world 22 years ago on this big day. But I’m ageless.
  17. My 22nd birthday celebration starts right now.
  18. On this meaningful day, someone lovely was born 22 years ago and that someone is just me. Happy birthday to myself.
  19. It’s surely going to be fun after fun for me today because it’s birthday. Happy 22nd birthday to myself.
  20. Today’s my 22nd birthday. I’m so glad and thankful for what I have today. Happy birthday!
  21. A very happy 22nd birthday to you, a charming prince – me.
  22. It’s my special day today, so let’s enjoy this fun party like never before. Happy 22nd birthday to my humble self.
  23. Thank you, dear God for all the grace to me. Just have fun today! Happy 22nd birthday to my wonderful self.
  24. 22 certainly looks good on me. Happy 22nd birthday to a fresh new self.
  25. You know what looks good on me? 22 looks nice on me. Happy birthday to my pretty self.
  26. I’m not one who would refuse a party! I’ve had enough single time, so today is the day when all are changed. Happy 22nd birthday, me!
  27. On this day a Queen came into this globe. Happy 22nd!
  28. Happy 22nd birthday to a pretty, kind, lovely, brave yet naughty girl – me.
  29. It’s time to drink some wine; it’s my birthday today. Happy 22nd birthday to a new me.
  30. I will enjoy this special day to the utmost because it only happens once. Happy 22nd birthday!
  31. It took 22 years for me to get this pretty.
  32. Calm down, it’s my 22nd Birthday.
  33. Becoming 22 and suddenly all the teenagers seem like 12.
  34. Happy 22nd birthday to my most loyal friend, myself. I hope you’re doing great today!
  35. I feel so wonderful today, it’s my birthday. Finally I’m 22 and this is the best year ever!
  36. I am 22 now and I am acquainted with so many reasons to smile!
  37. I am becoming better and better each day and here comes another year of living myself to the fullest. Happy 22nd birthday, me!
  38. Happy birthday, my love! It’s your 22nd year today and I wish you a happy day.
  39. Wow, kind of shocking it’s been another year already since my last birthday. Time flies by so fast and now I am 22-year-old!
  40. Happy birthday to son. It seems just a minute for you to get 22.

22 is sometimes the most ignored birthday. You might have simply commemorated 21 the former year, or 18 after graduating from high school and entering adulthood. But when being 22, you may find it too mature already to have a celebration.

However, each of your birthday as well as birthday of your loved ones deserves a big celebration, especially the most milestone one – 22nd birthday.

More specifically, to celebrate your 22nd birthday, you should grab a wine and cake and use these captions as inspiration.

How to Delete my Account in Parlor? [30-sec Video Guide]

Learn how to Delete an Account on Parlor. This is the best method of how to Remove Account in Parlor in 2021.

To be brief: First off, yes, you cannot delete your Parlor account with a push of a button. There is one mention of an email you have to contact in their Privacy Statement.

Step-by-step Video Guide:

Accounts, settings & scroll down. You’ll see ‘delete account’. I just deleted mine no problem.

How do I deactivate a Parlor account permanently?

First, open the Parlor web/app. Afterwards, click on the 3 dashes icon. Then, go to the Settings and Privacy tab. Now scroll down to the Legal tab and choose Delete Account.

iOS App

  1. Select the Side Navigation Menu in the top left corner of the screen. 
  2. Select Settings and Privacy.
  3. Scroll down to Legal Section.
  4. Select Delete Account.
    1. Mobile Browser Opens to
  5. Select Delete Account.
  6. Enter Username.
  7. Enter Account Email for this account.
  8. Enter Message about why you are deleting account.
  9. Select Submit.
    1. Your account will be processed for deletion.
    2. There is no way to recover accounts, so be ABSOLUTELY sure you want to delete.

Android OS

  1. Navigate to on your Android browser.
  2. Select Delete Account.
  3. Enter Username.
  4. Enter Account Email for this account.
  5. Enter Message about why you are deleting account.
  6. Select Submit.
    1. Your account will be processed for deletion.
    2. There is no way to recover accounts, so be ABSOLUTELY sure you want to delete.


  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Delete Account.
  3. Enter Username.
  4. Enter Account Email for this account.
  5. Enter Message about why you are deleting account.
  6. Select Submit.
    1. Your account will be processed for deletion.
    2. There is no way to recover accounts, so be ABSOLUTELY sure you want to delete.


Plenty of Fish browse/Search without registering

The internet plays a major role in the business and corporate world. Individuals can use platforms on the internet to build connections and networks with others. Some websites are used to build extended relationships such as dating websites. People become members of dating sites in an attempt to get their perfect match. There are many available dating sites available. Plenty of Fish (POF) is among the most commonly used dating site around the globe. How to use Plenty of Fish Without Signing Up?

The platform is a Canadian online dating service founded in 2013 with its headquarters in Vancouver, Columbia and Canada. There are many reasons why one should use POF. Dating enables users to create meaningful relationships which enable the users to start a family. There are many inherent reasons why people search the internet for access to dating platforms.

POF is easy to use and provide connections to may users at any time. Many successful relations have begun from the dating application.

Why use Plenty of Fish Without Signing Up

POF is preferable by many users due to several factors among them:

Reason 1: Free membership

One of the reasons why use POF is because of the free membership option that it offers. There are more than 150 million users of the application as its free for all and does not require you to pay any extra amount to use their services

Reason 2: Huge database

Compared to any other dating apps, POF offers a bigger database. These are due to the long presence in the market. Users can find a lot of people through the platform hence creating a perfect match. These means that there is a big chance for a user to connect with another individual who has the same relationship interests.

Reason 3: Legit Information

The platform has no fraud information which makes it the most preferable platform. Connections through the platform have been successful according to the users who have been successfully connected.

Reason 4: Different Search Options

The platform provides three types of connections. One can opt for Basic search where you can search for people with the help of postal code. You can use the Username Search Option which enables the users to search the specific name of an individual.

 is only useful if you are searching for someone specifically and you know their username. Advanced Search enables users to choose partners considering age, Height, Personality, caste or their monthly income.

Reason 5: Access to a perfect match Every time

As POF requires you to use Legit information, so people found on the app are genuine. You can find people who share the same ideology. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship with casual ones or just hook up.

Reason 6: Quick Message Services 

The quick message service in POF allows you o text anyone instantly if you like them. 

Reason 7: Goldfish Credit

Through goldfish option, one can send virtual gifts to your partner. Once the chemistry is established you can strengthen the relationship by the use of available gifts to the new partner.

How to browse Plenty of Fish Without Signing Up

Users can browse Plenty of Fish Without Signing Up. These enable access to connections without your identity being revealed. You can follow the guideline provided below to use Plenty of Fish Without Signing Up.

Step 1: Use the browser of preference to search POF platform 

Step 2: On the platform click the option indicated search.

Step 3: Options indicated Requirements will appear where you can select options such as age, gender, City or Postal code.

Step 4: Once the requirement is set click on the option indicated Go fishing. Click the option to be redirected

Select the partner of preference and create a connection to your perfect match.

Users can use other methods to gain access to the platform by use of other criteria for instance one can follow the procedure in here to connect without registering.

Step 1: Open the browser of preference and search for POF

Step 2: Click on the option indicated Search in the top between the meet me and online options.

Step 3: Select the Advanced option to open a link on the platform.

Step 4: Enter the requirements of the connection you need. The options range in the preferences of the use.

Click on the GO fishing option and the results of your search will appear without registering.

The user can opt to use the platform without Sign in. These can be done by clicking the User name option on the required option. You can search the full name of the person you need to meet. Many options will appear hence it’s necessary to select the person of interest.

How to delete a Plenty of Fish account

In many cases, once an individual gets their perfect match it may interest them to delete their account. There are many reasons why one can require to delete their account. To do so the users can follow the procedure provided bellow:

Step 1: First of all, on the device open the google play store 

Step 2: Under the Play store menu, go to the Account section.

Step 3: Tap on the Subscription option select POF and cancel the subscription.

Step 4: Click on the application to determine whether the subscription has successfully been deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why use Plenty of Fish?

Dating is an essential activity when building relationships that can lead to marriage. POF provides users with the opportunity to make meaningful relationships among users.

How to create Plenty of Fish account?

Creation of an account is provided through the site home page. The user needs to select the site and create the account 

When to use Plenty of Fish?

Dating sites enable individuals to get their perfect match. Users require Mates for several reasons. For instance, one may need to raise children hence it’s necessary to access a partner with the same interests.

Wrapping up

Dating in the modern society has become easier than before. Relationships are important for attaining the most productive lifestyle. To access these, many dating platforms have emerged. Plenty of Fish is one of the most preferable dating platforms used by many to meet their connection needs. The user can use the guidelines provided here to meet their dating needs.

How to Add a Link To Your TikTok Bio

What To Know:
Go to the Me tab > select the three-dots > Manage Account > Switch to Pro Account > Business.

This article will show you how to check which features are available to your personal account, how you can switch to a Business account so that you can get more features, and why it’s worth it.

How to See If You Can Add a Website to Your TikTok Bio

Some users already have the ability to add a clickable link in their bio. To see if the ability is already there, tap the Me tab and then tap Edit Profile. If you have the ability to add a clickable link, you will have an option in here that says Website. If you do not have that option, you can change your account to give you that option (see below).

How to Add a Link to Your TikTok Bio (Business Accounts)

If you don’t have an option to add a link to your bio, then to do that, you need to change your account to a business account. This is free, and you can always change back later if you want. You will not lose anything by switching back and forth except analytic data.

The main difference between using a Personal TikTok account and a business TikTok account is the availability of sounds and songs you can use in the videos you create. Some songs and sounds are not licensed for commercial use, which means a business account cannot use them.

  1. Tap the Me tab and then tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Manage Account.
  3. Tap Switch to Pro Account.
  4. Tap Business > Continue.
  5. Choose a category for your business.

Once you have changed your account over to a business account, you will have the ability to add a link to your bio.

  1. Tap the Me tab.
  2. Tap Edit Profile.
  3. Tap Add your website.
  4. Type the website address into the Website box.
  5. Tap Save.

What Can I Use a Link in My Bio For?

You can use the link in your bio to link to sites that will help people enjoy more of your content or support you directly. Some linking options include:

  • A personal website to promote your work
  • Venmo or Paypal accounts to draw contributions
  • A Patreon page for contributions
  • An about page to help people get to know you better
  • A cause you want to support

What’s most important is this allows you to get people where you need them to go.

What Links Can Already Be Included in the Bio for a Personal TikTok Account?

TikTok is limited in terms of what you can link to in your bio. You can add an Instagram account and a YouTube channel. You can also type a website in your bio, but it won’t be a clickable link. In short, switching to a business account is the easiest way to make sure your followers are going where you need them to go, and you can switch back at any time.

How to Switch Back to a Personal TikTok Account

If you decide a business account isn’t for you, you can switch back to a personal account. You will lose any analytic data, though. If you want to proceed, it’s easy!

  1. Tap the Me tab.
  2. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap Manage account.
  4. Tap Switch to Personal account and then when prompted tap Switch Back,

AWS are down 07 November 2021 Again?

If you are an Amazon Web Services user, you may have seen the warning that your data may be at risk due to a maintenance incident. AWS was down for over an hour, which is enough time for data to be compromised.


What is Snapchat Score?

Snapchat is basically an app where you can send photos or videos to your friends with added fun effects and also text caption. If you are using Snapchat, you would probably notice the number in front of your Snapchat screen menu.

According to Snapchat support, Snapchat score is basically a number that represents a special equation that factors in the number of Snaps that you have sent and received. The factors also includes the Snapchat stories that you have posted. Snapchat support also stated that the score numbers also taken account other factors.

The other factors remains a mystery and only Snapchat knows what it is. I can assume that the other factors can probably be on how active you are at browsing other people’s stories and also your complete details in your Snapchat settings. However, this is only my assumption.

Snap Score

Your Snapchat Score is like a report card, and how high you rank can depend on who you follow & what they post.

Achieve 100+ followers and you’ll score over 50, but it takes more than just chasing numbers to earn a Platinum Status. Ways to earn more: Posting your geofilter ideas directly instead of speculating, snapping daily under radar places, and visiting our different account pages.

  • Build your friends by following them on Snapchat
  • Build your score by using less filters

You can only see Snapchat scores of your friends that follow you back. So, this also means that people that you follow can see your snapchat score.

So, does Snapchat scores really matters? If you have a high Snapchat score, what does the affect it have to your Snapchat account? Among the main reasons that I can think of are:-


The higher your Snapchat scores, the higher it seems that your Snapchat account have matured in terms of seniority. The score is more of to differentiate somebody who is a season snapchatter with the newbie snapchatters.


The snapchat score also can be used a fun and competitive measurement between your friends and peers. You and your snapchat friends can compete with each other and see who got the higher Snapchat score within a month.


Even though Snapchat have never publicly said this, but I am making an assumption here that the snapchat scores will be used by snapchat for their marketing algorithm. People who have high snapchat scores are basically people who used Snapchat a lot.

Therefore snapchat will be giving these people with high scores some kind of advantage if they want to market something using the Snapchat platform. So, the score can be used as incentive mechanise to encourage Snapchatters to be active on a daily basis.

The actual mechanism of the snapchat score is still a mystery. However, there a direct correlation of its score to the usage of the snapchat. Here are some tips on how you can increase your Snapchat scores.


You send snap message and open snap message as many times as possible. It is that simple. However, some of your friends are probably not that active in Snap and this might annoy the crap out of them. So, that leads to tip number 2.


Celebrities especially the big names who are in Snapchat probably received snap message every minute. So, the interesting about snapchat score is that as long as you send a snap, it counts as a score regardless it is open or not.

This might change in the future but as of today it does count as score. Therefore, you can add all the big name celebrities and send them a snap or two. You will see an increase in your snapchat score. The upside to this approach, you might get a reply from the celebrities. Who knows.


Even though Snapchat support only says that the snapchat score is accounted by the number of snaps that you send and received, I also think that the numbers also correlates with how many number of friends that you added. I have did some experiment on this by adding some random snapchatters to my snapchat and my snapchat increased by one point.

Another thing about the Snapchat score is that many websites out there are providing services that can increase your snapchat scores. I have not personally tried it and I could not tell you if it is legit or not.

But, please be cautious on this as you can see that buying Facebook likes and Instagram followers have not resulted in any good outcome for the digital marketers out there. Please be legit and white hat all the way. Do not fall into the dark side. May the snap force be with you.

What is Social Computing? Definition, Examples, and Background

Definition 1:

Social computing is an area of computer science that is concerned with the intersection of social behavior and computational systems. It is based on creating or recreating social conventions and social contexts through the use of software and technology.

Definition 2:

The interaction of social behavior and computational systems is the focus of social computing, a branch of computer science. It is based on the use of software and technology to create or recreate social conventions and social settings. Blogs, email, instant messaging, social network services, wikis, social bookmarking, and other examples of what is commonly referred to as social software exhibit social computing concepts.

Definition 3:

“Social computing facilitates social interaction via computers.” It should be considered what social computing is all about. However, Social computing is not to be confused with artificial intelligence applications such as socially intelligent computing, in which the computer is meant to demonstrate social behaviors and make the user feel more socially involved when they are not.

History of Social Computing

The idea that humans—and human behavior—are deeply social is the starting point for social computing. Humans orient to one another from birth, and as they grow older, they develop capacities to interact with one another. This includes everything from facial expression to gestures to spoken and written words. As a result, people are acutely aware of the conduct of those around them and make a plethora of decisions influenced by their social environment. Social knowledge provides a foundation for reasoning, planning, and coordinating activity, whether it’s finishing up a discussion when the audience starts fidgeting, preferring the full restaurant over the practically deserted one, or crossing the street against the light because everyone else is doing it.

The idea of ‘Social Computing’ is that by making socially produced information available to users, it is possible to design digital systems that enable meaningful functionality. This data can be directly presented, such as when systems display the number of people who have rated a review as helpful or unhelpful. Alternatively, the data could be offered after it has been filtered and aggregated, as when algorithms propose a product based on what other people with comparable purchase histories have bought. Alternatively, as with Google’s page rank algorithms, which order search results based on the number of pages that (recursively) point to them, the information might be presented indirectly. In each of these scenarios, information generated by a group of individuals is used to offer or improve the system’s functionality. Systems like this, as well as the procedures and concepts that underpin them, are the focus of social computing.

PLATO, the PLATO computer system based at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in 1973, may be the earliest example of social computing in a live production environment with hundreds, if not thousands, of users, when social software applications for multi-user chat rooms, group message forums, and instant messaging appeared all within that year. Email was introduced in 1974, along with the world’s first online newspaper, NewsReport, which featured information supplied by users as well as articles authored by editors and reporters.

The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki popularized the concept of social computing, which involves supporting “computations” carried out by groups of people. Collaborative filtering, online auctions, prediction markets, reputation systems, computational social choice, tagging, and verification games are examples of social computing in this sense. This sense of social computing is the emphasis of the social information processing page.

Examples of Social Computing:

Blogs, wikis, Twitter, RSS, instant messaging, multiplayer gaming, open source development, as well as social networking and social bookmarking sites, are all examples of social computing. Web 2.0, which may be viewed of as a framework of apps supporting social computing activities, is closely tied to the concept of social computing.

Social Computing and Business

Within an enterprise, social computing has the potential to empower and engage employees, as well as generate business benefits. Paul Galvin describes how installing SharePoint, for example, can help with this process:

Social computing can also be used by businesses to connect with their customers and promote their brands. Consumer relationship management (CRM) can benefit from social computing since it allows a company to monitor public perception of its brand and respond swiftly to customer complaints. Crowdsourcing is also being used by many major organizations for research. Enterprise 2.0 refers to the usage of social computing applications by businesses.

What is the Old Grannies Meme On TikTok? Old Granny Trend

TikTok is one of the leading social media apps. It has many interesting features for individuals, brands, and businesses. Among other things, trends on TikTok spread so fast. One user shares something which gets passed to the other and it goes on. So is happening with the old grannies trend aka the old granny meme.

Old granny is a TikTok meme that tricks users into searching for something which they will find disturbing. Suppose someone tells you to do a google search for something and you get something that does not make you happy.

How People Are Spreading Old Grannies Meme?

People are pranking others by telling them to search for old grannies on Google. The style is something like ‘old grannies’. please – don’t do it!

What is Mystery Behind Old Granny Meme?

If you search on google for old grannies, the search results will bring many explicit photos of elderly people. You may think that seeing old people’s pictures is normal. So, go to google and search old grannies.

Here are some tweets about the old granny trend.

#DIV/0! Error in Google Sheets? Here’s The Fix Guide!

If A2 becomes zero or is blank, then it will result in an error #Div/0. If you use the formula =Iferror(A1/A2,”0″) then if A2 suddenly becomes blank or zero, instead of displaying an error it will display Division by Zero. The If Error function can also be used as the syntax =Iferror(value).

How to Develop User Generated Content (UGC) App Development

The concept of User Generated Content (UGC) is not new, but it has only recently become more popular as a marketing tool in mobile app development. It provides a social aspect to platforms and apps, encouraging the interaction of members within the app. It also gives them a competitive edge. Here are some tips on how to develop UGC apps: Let users write about their experience with your product or service. Then, let them upload the screenshots or write a testimonial about your product.

One of the best ways to increase user engagement is by creating a platform for your users to post their own content. This way, you can leverage the power of your audience. This type of content helps you engage and interact with your customers and make them feel more connected to you. You can also make use of user generated content to increase revenue and user base. It is essential for your app to have a way for users to post and share their own content.

The biggest challenge of user-generated content is creating a community. While this method is a great way to encourage engagement, it is difficult to monetize it effectively. It involves legal and social issues that are crucial. Ultimately, UGC will help you create a thriving brand and attract a loyal audience. It will also make your app more interesting and memorable. The key is to find the right platform and work on the details.

UGC App Development

UGC App Development is an essential part of smartphone app development. The right type of user-generated content can influence the behavior of consumers and influence their buying decisions. The best UGC app development platform will have a way to use user-generated content for this purpose. A user-generated app will make a huge impact on the success of the company and its products. It will help in retaining users and build brand credibility.

A UGC app can act as a powerful promotional tool for your brand. Ensure that you are only publishing the best pieces of UGC and do not promote any other products or services. It is crucial to keep the content relevant to your target audience. By promoting complementary products or services, you can make UGC more relevant. This will increase the chances of making sales. It will also build your fan base and boost the number of followers on your social media channels.

The benefits of UGC for a brand are clear: it can increase brand loyalty and improve communication through social media. The content may be humorous or informative. Regardless of its purpose, UGC is an effective marketing tool. By using user-generated content, you can drive brand awareness, promote your products and build a stronger brand. It can also boost the popularity of your business. You can use it as a means to boost brand recognition.

How to Get Your Instagram Profile Link From App

The easiest way to get the URL of an Instagram photo or video is to log into the app, go to a photo or video, and click on the three dots icon. Then, click on the URL bar and select Copy Link. This URL will be visible in your search bar. To get the URL, you must be logged into the app. Once you have a unique URL, you can copy it to your computer.

To copy your Instagram URL, open the Instagram app and click on your username. Once there, click on the avatar on the bottom-left corner of the menu bar. After copying the URL, paste it in the address bar to get the URL of your Instagram profile. It’s best to paste the URL into the address bar of your application – otherwise, people will be unable to view your posts.

Once on the URL bar, you can paste your URL wherever you want. If you have an Instagram desktop app, you can copy your URL directly from the URL bar. If you’re using a web browser, you can copy it from the URL bar of any web page. Once you’ve copied it, paste it anywhere you’d like. Then, you can use it on your desktop or in your browser to share your Instagram profile on other social networks.

CAD/CAM Software Solutions of 2022

The Best CAD CAM Software Programs For Beginners

CAD CAM software is a combination of CAD software and machine manufacturing capabilities. This allows users to design and create 2D and 3D models, and then transmit those instructions to a CNC machine. The program will also let users see how the cut will look before it actually happens. The best CAM software can be downloaded for free online and will allow users to try it out before buying. The following are some of the top choices.

AutoCAD offers a free educational version for new users that has limited features. Fusion 360 is one of the most popular free CAD CAM software programs, and it is available for Windows and MacOS. Unlike most other CAM software, Fusion 360 is easy to use and is ideal for a variety of professionals and hobbyists. It also allows you to create photorealistic images much faster than other software. There are several other CAM options available for Windows and MacOS.

VISI works with industry-standard file formats, including Parasolid and CATIA. This software helps increase productivity and surface finish by automatically machining flat surfaces with flat bottomed tools. VISI can handle multiple file types, including IGES and Creo. It is easy to switch between CAD windows and the CAM interface. VISI also includes CAM software for both Macs and PCs, which makes it ideal for professionals who need to share files with their colleagues and clients.

CADCAM software is available for Windows and Mac users alike, and DraftSight is the best free option for beginners. It offers a free 30-day trial, and after the trial period, the cost is only Rs. 41,182 per year. If you’re not sure which to buy, you can always try one of the professional versions. In general, DraftSight is the best choice for beginners and intermediate users. It offers an intuitive user interface, extensive documentation, and a comprehensive learning program.

CAM software can be used for CNC machining. CAM software enables users to generate parts and automate production processes. In addition to the CAD software, the CAM solution can read CAD files from other CAD programs. Aside from that, it also offers a free trial of its industrial version. The industrial version is designed for CNC routers. Another great CAM is Solid Edge. These three packages all have many advantages.

In addition to CAD/CAM software, there are also other CAM software packages. While CAD-CAM is used for CNC machining, Solid Edge CAM Pro provides an on-premise solution for manufacturing. For more advanced capabilities, it can even activate CNC accessories. Besides, Autodesk’s CAM solutions include CAM Inventor, Solid Edge, and CAM Inventor. It’s also available in cloud-based versions for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Animated Explainer Video Examples

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to explain your business to a large audience, you should consider creating an Animated Explainer Video. An animated video isn’t as time-consuming as a traditional one, and it doesn’t require a crew or a shooting schedule. An animator can blend animation and real life demonstrations. If you’re not a skilled animator, you can use screen capture to create your video.

When creating your animated explainer video, make sure you have a goal in mind. Think about the message you want to convey, and then write a script. It’s a good idea to include images or other visuals, and then incorporate a strong call to action. You can also use audio and video effects to make the video more entertaining. Once you have a solid concept, you’ll need to find an interesting voice actor to narrate your story.

Animated Explainer Videos are a great way to explain your product or service to potential customers. These videos are versatile and easy to make and can be used anywhere you’d like. They can be simple or complex and can be as long as one minute or as short as one minute. Moreover, they are easy to produce and edit. A good animation can communicate a clear idea in an engaging way. It will help potential customers understand why they should choose your product or service.

Animated Explainer Videos can also be animated with different kinds of content. The most popular are infographics and cartoon series. Creating these videos is a great way to promote your business and educate potential customers. You can also use these videos to make a persuasive sales pitch. You can even use the animated explainer video as a lead generation tool. You can include a link to your website so that prospective clients can download your video.

Animated Explainer Videos are the best way to sell your business and brand. Whether it’s a product or service, these videos can be used to build brand trust and boost revenue. Regardless of the type, Animated Explainer Videos are an effective way to market your business. In fact, many companies have used them for their marketing and sales purposes. It’s possible to make your own Animated Explainer Video.

Animated Explainer Videos are popular for non-physical products, like iPhones and iPads. They can easily be customized according to your target audience’s needs and interests. They can be made in a variety of styles and formats, which will make them easy to customize. They’re an excellent tool to help your business communicate its value proposition. You can customize the Animated Explainer Video to meet your needs.

How to Write a Game Design Documents

Creating a game design document is an important step for a game developer. It should be as detailed as possible to avoid leaving artists and programmers scratching their heads. The GDD is a document that outlines all of the important aspects of a game. The document is like a road map for the team, and it will help them stay on task and on track. It will also save you a great deal of time.

The game design document will also serve as a marketing tool for the game development team. It contains information about the timeframe and budget for the game development. The goal is to create a product that people will buy and enjoy, and a well-written GDD will make it easier to attract potential partners. The GDD also serves as a sales document for the game. It is not limited to just technical requirements.

How To Write a GDD?

A game design document will also provide the basic concept of the game, including the characters, settings, and gameplay. This document will include key elements, as well as a short synopsis. If the document is more detailed, the developers can add the UI, interface diagrams, and other elements that will make the game playable. The GDD will help the developers avoid last-minute revisions.

A design document is a complex document. It should include all the information about the game. Whether it is a simple puzzle or a complex platformer, a design document should cover all the necessary details. It must be informative, evocative, and accurate. While it’s important to keep in mind the game audience, it is not intended for a consumer audience. Instead, it is aimed at the team.

In a GDD, the player’s goal is the central aspect. A player’s goal is the reason why he or she is playing the game. A game design document should include all these details. The goal of the game is one of the most important parts of the document. If the game has multiple levels, the player will only have one level. A good design document will have several levels.

The game design document should also contain all of the details about the game’s actors. It should include details about the theme and setting of the game. In addition, it should outline the player’s control over the game. It should also clearly describe how the player controls the game. Lastly, the design document should be updated often. This will make the document more accurate and updated in the long run.

Ways to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

Linkedin remains one of the most popular platforms to get efficient B2B lead generation. However, you can’t just fill up your company’s page with the information and wait for the happy clients to throw their money into your pockets. 

This article will give you a cohesive guide on generating new business leads using Linkedin. Let’s start with the basics and make our way to more complex staff. 

And if you don’t want to spend time figuring this all out by yourself, you can ask the B2B lead generation company Belkins for help.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a go-to social media platform for business owners and employees to communicate in their business fields and find new opportunities. You can access it either through a desktop, laptop, or mobile application.

The person’s profile includes education, hard and soft skills, hobbies, and job experience. Additionally, you can see the statistics, videos, different events, recent news, and more in the corporate profile. 

LinkedIn Interface

You need to go through the process of registration to use the platform’s lead functions. After that, you will see your profile with the avatar, number of views on your last post, and how many people visited your page.

Moving to the middle, you can see a button to create your unique post. There are three types of posts: 

  1. GIFs, memes, or a video 
  2. Article 
  3. Invitation to the scheduled event 

The platform allows you to start liking, sharing, and commenting on the content of your peers once you get the first connections.

There are five buttons in the top menu:

  • “My Network” – allows managing your connections;
  • “Messaging” – contact your contacts via text chat;
  • “Jobs” – using this allows you to find work or post a vacancy;
  • “Notifications” – check out the activity on your profile;
  • “Me” – you can see how people see your profile;

LinkedIn tools 

The users of LinkedIn get access to several unique platforms. In this part, we will tell you about them:

  • Talent Insights: The goal of this platform is to help employers or HR managers to find people that will be great for specific pieces of work. The Talent Insights include a vast amount of data points, real-time data about the employees, an overview of the market, and more insights. Your HR team should surely enjoy the appointment setting feature that helps set up interviews with talents.
  • Learning Solutions: There is this time when your employees need to go and understand more information to become better professionals. The Learning Solutions platform gives you unlimited access to the vast library of courses. The aforementioned requires you to get a paid subscription.
  • Sales Navigator: Little sales can be worse than promoting a product to the wrong audience. Sales Navigator allows your marketing team to narrow down specific customers and pitch sales to the right companies (or people).
  • Marketing Solutions: This instrument will be handy for generating new business leads. The name of this platform makes it evident that it is used for creating ad campaigns to show on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Groups: It is a small, free instrument that allows you to create, join, and discover different user groups
  • ProFinder: Every entrepreneur gets to the point where they need to get some services from independent contractors. This platform allows it. It is entirely free but works only in the United States. 

Email marketing remains among the most powerful tools to get more customers and elevate your business. However, creating the selling mail is a tedious task. The Folderly platform is here to change it all. The goal of Folderly is to help marketers to accelerate their sales by sending emails that bring money. Press this linkand get started with Folderly today! It will surely help you increase your business lead acquisition potential.

Ways to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

There are two ways a company can generate leads from LinkedIn. You can generate sales leads using your profile or through your corporate page. In this article, we present you with five easy steps for both ways. 

  1. Set up a profile

People do judge the book by its cover. You need to make your profile as great-looking and representative as your budget allows.

Corporate profile: We recommend you view your profile like the landing page on the Internet. You need to present your product/service to the audience. Don’t forget to fill in all the fields and use your corporate image style.

Personal profile: State your role and the company and fill in the form as you would do with the corporate profile.

  1. Sales prospecting is the key

It is essential to get as many connections as possible, but you need to remember that quality is more important than everything. It would be advantageous to understand the ICP and buyer persona during this process. 

Corporate profile: Our specialists recommend you treat LinkedIn like a corporate website. Yeah, you cannot message every subscriber directly, but you can get more subscribers (and potential customers) by getting their interest by posting excellent content.

Personal profile: If the corporate profile is similar to the landing page, the personal page is just like emails. Remain clear with your message and go to the more personalized methods.

You can check out our material about prospectingto understand it better. 

  1. Show your value

There are many lead generation strategies, but bringing real value is the essential thing in it all. Let your prospects understand that your services cost every single dollar you ask for them.

Corporate profile: It is essential to fill your feed with valuable tips, insights, and other interactive pieces. Having a vast amount of iterations will help you to build up strong brand awareness and potential customers. 

Personal profile: You can showcase your strong sides by sending the note along with the invitation message. We recommend you send many letters, but you need to be vigilant because the platform can ban you for spamming users. 

If you are already experiencing issues with demonstrating the value, we highly encourage you to address the B2B lead generation company.

  1. Utilize LinkedIn contact targeting

It is not 100% necessary to promote the content to get many leads from LinkedIn, but we recommend spending some money on the ads. This will increase brand awareness and drive new clients to the company. Just be careful with it, and you will master B2B lead generation. 

  1. Analyze, optimize, and start again

People spend many years learning how to create successful lead generation campaigns. It is essential to remember that there can be periods when you don’t generate any leads at all. Don’t give up. It will take some time for you to hit the right spot. Just record what worked well and what did not. Analyze the information, and improve it next time. This is the way to get successful at the b2b online lead generation. 

So, Are There Any Business Leads on LinkedIn?

We consider LinkedIn to be the solid lead generator for your business. Yes, it has its moments, and it will take time to master. However, it is valid for every single platform that can bring more new customers to the company.

1337x Proxy site List

1337x is a website that provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links used for peer-to-peer file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol. According to the TorrentFreak news blog, 1337x is the third most popular torrent website as of 2021.

Torrent sites are places where you can share or download files like movies, programs, games etc. However, some of the greatest sites were taken down by government authorities because of copyrighted and violation of cyber laws. And this action hits harder some of the best torrent websites like KickAss, The pirate bay, and Extratorrent.T

The 1337x torrent site was taken down by governmental agencies in several countries. The UK and Australia are two examples of countries where the site has been blocked

But wait doesn’t be upset if your original domain-named website is not available, There are several proxy or mirror websites that work like 1337x, they may be not exactly the same as the original site but it works nearly the same as the original websites.

These proxy websites are starting to become familiar due to the increasing popularity of 1337x. Sites like these give people an illusion of being close to their loved ones by giving them access to their favorite entertainment content just like they were closer than ever.

Below I am listing the most result-oriented websites which will work as the best alternative to the 1337x website.

Disclaimer – We would like to make it clear that the torrent sites listed below is only for educational purposes. We do not promote or encourage an illegal use of copyrighted content.

1337x clone sites 2021(100% working)

1337x Mirror Sites in 2021

There are several mirror websites of 1337x that can be access when you can’t reach the real 1337x sites. We have listed the list of mirror websites to assist to unblock 1337x if it is limited in your location by ISP.

1337x Torrent Alternatives in 2021

If the above-listed torrent websites are not available or working for you don’t worry. There are lots of other torrents websites that will help you to download films, software, Application, and video games. These 1337x options are easily available on the internet, you can utilize VPN to access them for torrenting.

How to Build a Career in App Development

In the age of modern technology, careers in IT have never been in such high demand. Computers, tablets, and phones have opened up a whole new world of software jobs that are as demanding as they are rewarding. One such career path is that of mobile app development. With more than two-thirds of the world’s population connected to a mobile device, apps have quickly become a tool for us to organize our lives, have fun, and keep track of our habits.   

As a direct result of this increase in apps, the demand for mobile app developers has also grown. Companies are looking for app developers to create platforms for everything from face tracking to sports team fans, so if a career in app development is something you have been thinking about, there has never been a better time to begin the journey. So, where do you start? 

Learn code

The very first step to becoming a successful app developer is to learn code. Programming languages such as C++, Python, C#, and JavaScript are all great places to start. It’s important to remember that while coding looks extremely difficult to master, it can be straightforward once you’ve got the hang of it. Python is one of the simplest languages to learn, while JavaScript is arguably the most used language and C++ is essential if you want to become a game developer. Learning several different languages will give you a great foundation and enable you to work across different platforms. 

Study for a qualification 

If you need some motivation and guidance when learning to code, nothing quite beats taking a course and obtaining a qualification. Whether you go to university to study for a degree or take a few online courses to get up to speed, a course is a great way to stay focused and on the right track when you begin your career in app development. Look into the quality of the education provided by the school and find out what the alumni have managed to achieve with a qualification from there. If the school is producing successful app developers, then it may just be worth investing the time and effort in studying with them. 

Choose a platform

There are as many types of app platforms as there are developers, so it pays to find your niche and focus on it early on. Application developers have evolved their market niche so much that today we can find all kinds of applications. From cooking apps that offer us the best recipes like Yummly, and travel apps to capture the best prices like Skyscanner to apps that offer you a good time with casino games like blackjack, such as PokerStars Casino, there are plenty of platforms to choose from. Becoming a specialist in a niche is a great way to make yourself stand out from the crowd in the job market.

How much can you earn in 2021?

The big question when anyone begins a new career path is how much is this going to pay me in the end? It’s no secret that app development is one of the fastest moving sectors at the moment and that the salaries reflect the demand for great app development skills. A junior position may earn as much as $111,000, while a senior technician can often take home as much as $162,000. So, while there is an investment of time and effort in learning how to take this path, the rewards are high enough to make it worth it! The salaries for freelancers may be even higher, so it may be worth looking into forging your own path if the thought of working for a company doesn’t appeal to you. 

Provided that you are dedicated and focused on creating a career in app development, this is a path that can be extremely interesting and rewarding. Just remember to study hard, practice, choose a platform, and niche down, and the app world will be your oyster!

How to create FREE .Edu email (100% free 2022)

Are you searching for “How to Create Free .edu email ?” Well, you are at the right place. Here, we have 5 working methods that will help you get an edu email for free. NOTE: Follow all the steps and you are good to go.

When you become a student of a particular university or college at that moment you will start looking for an opportunity to complete coursework for me, you will have a .edu email account with your name, for example, But if you are not a student and felt like I need a .edu email address then, this article is for you. And yes, this method is 100% free and working.

What are the benefits of .edu email?

Here are some of the benefits of having a .edu email.

1. GitHub Student Developer Pack

The first and biggest benefit of having a .EDU’s email address is the GitHub Student Developer Pack, the best free developer tools, and services for students. This student pack comes with 12 great offers and free services that may be useful to you, such as $15 Amazon AWS coupon, $50 Digital Ocean coupon and much more.

If you are planning to apply to .edu for the GitHub student Pack benefit then stop here. You don’t have to go through all the articles. Just read the FAQ Question number 2. We have it covered there.

Take a look at the list below:

  • $15 Amazon AWS coupon
  • $50 Digital Ocean coupon. It will be expired within 12 months after adding to your account – a new account only.
  • Bitnami: Offers the Business 3 plan for one year that typically costs $49 per month.
  • Crowdflower: Access to the Crowdflower platform.
  • DNSimple: Offers the Personal hosted DNS plan for two years that typically charge $5 per month.
  • GitHub: Offers unlimited private repositories while you are a student. Normally, GitHub charges $7 per month.
  • $25 credit of HackHands, a live programming help that available 24/7.
  • A suite of Microsoft Azure cloud services and developer tools: Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Community, and the rest of Microsoft developer tools, while you are a student.
  • Offer one year.ME domain name registration costs $18.99 per year – and one year SSL certificate costs $10 per year.
  • Orchestrate Access to the Developer account that costs $49 per month, while you are a student. It’s a complete database portfolio, includes search, time-series events, geolocation, and graph queries through an API.
  • SendGrid: Offers the Student plan with 15,000 free emails per month, while you are a student.
  • Travis CI: Access the Private builds that charge you $69 per month, while you are a student.

2. Amazon Student Pack

When you use an  .EDU email account and sign up for an Amazon Student account – you will be able to use this Edu email for Amazon Prime for free for six months, which has many benefits:

  • Free TWO-DAY shipping on many Amazon products.
  • Get unlimited instant streaming of movies, TV shows, and music.
  • Access exclusive deals for students.
  • Unlimited photo storage with Amazon Prime Photos.

3. LastPass

LastPass offers six months of the LastPass Premium for any users with a .EDU email address.

4. Newegg Premier

Grab one year of Newegg Premier that costs you $50. Just sign up for the Newegg Premier account with your student email account.

5. Apple

You will help yourself saving a lot of money by using the .EDU email address to purchase products from Apple. There are changes to save up to $200 on Apple computers.

6. Microsoft DreamSpark

Grab Microsoft DreamSpark with plenty of useful software and a Microsoft Office 365 subscription for free.

The benefits list of .edu email is not limited in these only there are many other benefits like free domain name and much more.

Now let’s enter into the subject matter. How to get free .edu email. Follow the step below carefully to create free .edu email. This tutorial is divided into three parts. You can skip part 2(if you like).

Method 1: For FREE Edu Email

Getting  emails in 2021 seems to be difficult but still, there are few universities that are providing the edu emails. Just follow the article and you will get the .edu email at the end of the article.

  1. Go to this link and click on “Enroll as a New Student”
  2. Then click on “Step one Apply” and then “CCCApply”. The website uses CCCApply Portal to give the .edu email so first, we have to create the CCCApply account. 
  3. After successfully applying from the CCCApply you will get your .edu email. I got my email within 3hr of applying. Here is the proof below.
  4. Note: You may have to reset the password a few times at first if you face a problem login to the account.
    Login to the .edu email to the outlook.

If you still face problems while creating the CCCApply account then don’t worry follow the video below to make it.

Create a CCCApply account and Apply for the .edu email for free Video:

2nd method (Method 2)

Here is another working method for 2021 to get a free Edu email. This method was shared by our telegram member 🙂 We are proud to have such users who share such HQ methods/ techniques with us. This method for getting a .edu email is really easy and you can get the email within 3 days. (Because of this COVID situation the time for processing the application may vary so it may take some time.)

Without any delay, let’s move into the topic.

  1. First, connect to US IP. You can use any paid as well as free VPNs to do so. For writing this article I am using Express VPN.
  2. Go to this link to register for Illinois Central College.
  3. You will see different details to input in the field. You can get the details to enter from the OLD METHOD part. Get all the details and enter as asked.
    Note: The age of the student should be more than 21 years. Keep in mind while entering these details.
  4.  After filling in all the details click on Next Step
  5. For address, you can use any US address. (For better results you can use the Illinois address. In this article we are going to use the address of Florida just to show any address will work.)
  6. It asks for some details like phone number and email. For email enter your own email to which you have access. It sends all the Edu email details in the email you mentioned so it’s better to use your own primary email. In place of phone number enter any random number or you can use VOIP numbers from sites like text now and Twilio.
  7. After filling in all the details click on Next Step. It will ask some general questions. you can use the random answers or select the answers from the old method. (We suggest using the answers from the old method or follow the answers as mentioned in this article.)free edu email method 2free edu email method 2
  8. After this step, the Academic part is very important. You have to be more careful which you select. Selecting anything wrong may result in rejection and you won’t get the .edu email. If you didn’t get the edu email on the first try you have to change the program and apply again. You can change the time for joining the class as well. (For the example I have used the random course, it is not sure that you will get Edu email from the course I mentioned. )
  9. Select any university and the graduation year your like.
    Note: Don’t put the gap of more than one 1year from your applying date to your graduation date.
  10.  After filling all of these details you are at the end of the process. Now just select the “I certify …..” And click on Submit. It will as you to confirm again you submission just confirm again by clicking on “Submit the article”

That’s all for this method. You have successfully applied for the Illinois Central College. Now the only thing you have to do is wait for the reply from the university. We received the reply within 3 days from the University and successfully got the free Edu email address on the 3rd day. Hope you will also get the same from the university.

3rd Method (Method 3)

  1. Open this site to register and get a .edu email.
  2. Click On getting Started and then start applying NOW using CCC​Apply!​ [Or simply click on this link]
  3. If you already have a CCCApply account then simply create an account or click on sign in. I assume all of you have a CCCApply account as you all previously applied to any university for free .edu email.
  4. If you are creating the application look at the following screenshots to know what to fill. If you have already registered then you can use the same save profiled.5. Now if you followed the procedure correctly you will see the mail within 12 hours.6. After 24 hours of getting this mail you will get the password and email for your .edu email.Follow the exact steps mentioned above in the image to get your email in your outlook in 12 hours. Cheers 🙂

Now you have got free. .edu email. You can log in to this email through outlook.

Method 4 (Method 5)

This method is by @L00n1 so a big shoutout to one of our member of the telegram channel 🙂 He shared this knowledge.  This method is still working too I added this to this website As the article has already been too much longer I will just give the university link the details to fill is same as the above one University link:

Note- You must be connected to US IP and Input a temporary Illinois address also Age should not be more than 21years old 

Also, remember your SSN number you will need it to log in after your student email. An email will be activated in 3 days.

Method 5 (Method 5)

The sixth method is the Fortscott University method. During COVID they are not providing the edu email as their registration system must be closed. But after the cases of COVID are decreased you can apply to this university. The  email from this university is working everywhere and it’s easy to create. It may take up to one 1week for the university to get the response.

Not sure either they are providing at this moment but they will start distributing the Edu email soon for sure. If you are reading this article other than 2021 you can give this a try you may get the edu email. For this  email, I have attached the video feel free to watch the video :).

This is the end of this tutorial. In this way, you have successfully created free .edu mail. If you have any questions feel free to comment below and if you like this article don’t forget to share it with your friends.

FAQ for the edu email

  •  Is using the Edu email from this method legal?

Ans: We won’t say that creating the Edu email this way is totally legal. But doing so is also not totally wrong. So it is somewhere between legal and illegal.

  • Can we get Github students to benefit from these emails?

Yes, you can get Github student benefits from an Edu email. But for many to get free .edu email or Edu email you have created from some methods as we have shared; GitHub may ask for the verification. For such verification, you have to submit the student card associated with the .edu email. As we don’t have such cards the request may be rejected.

  • Does that mean we can’t get GitHub student ourself?

If you wanted to get the GitHub student pack only then you can do that without the edu email only. Yes, you heard this right you can get the GitHub student for free without any .edu email. For this register to GitHub using your Gmail account. Go to the student benefit portal and apply for it. It asks for your academic proof (for this you can submit your 11th or 12th grade admit card, identity card, or mark sheet/transcript). Note, The name of such documents should match with the name of the GitHub account that you created and the Gmail account you created.

Still worrying because you don’t have the transcript and all stuff. We have already shared this stuff on our telegram channel you can get it from there.

  •  I created the edu email but my friend purchases the .edu email from a seller. What is the difference between them?

No there is no difference between such accounts. The seller also creates an account like the method we mentioned above. You can get different scripts online for mass-creating the email or you can create your own scripts to create a mass account using python. (which we strongly discourage because it will spam the method and the university will stop providing the emails.)

If you don’t have many times for creating emails and want many emails then we have you covered. We have mentioned the shop link at the top of this article.

  •  I tried all the methods but none of them are working?

If you tried all of the mentioned methods and failed to create the account then don’t get panic and don’t do the hate comment. Just let us know all the mentioned methods are not working. We will work and come out with a new method.

  •  I got the edu email. For how many years will it works?

The answer to the questions depends on the universities. Some media accounts may work for about 4 years while some may expire after 6 months.

  •  What are the benefits of free .edu email?

We have already explained the benefits of the .edu email above. To summarize the benefits here are some.

  1. Free .tech domains or any domains from
  2. Free amazon prime account for six month
  3. Github student developer pack
  4. Six-month last pass subscription for free
  5. Newegg one-year premium subscription for free
  6. Up to 200$ discount on apple and Microsoft and many more.