5 Unique and Must-Try Means of Brand Awareness

Are you searching for the right strategy to boost your Startup Brand Awareness? You need to apply efficient tactics to make it happen. A brand becomes successful only if it is well-known and popular among the audience. Your product or service will become trustworthy for the targeted audience only if they know the brand closely. It will make your brand valuable in the market and be tagged as “trendy” or “buzzworthy.”

Here are the steps you need to follow to accomplish a level of Brand Awareness.

Maintain Brand Aesthetics

Brand building is a crucial factor when it comes to Brand Awareness. For the brand to reach people, it must be aesthetic enough to hold people’s attention. It should look different and unique, it should sound exciting and innovative, and lastly, it should have values that will align with the audience.

Make your startup brand tone cheerful and light-hearted, even if it is formal. By this, the viewer will be more bound towards it. Keep the visuals and graphics very creative and catchy, so it gets imprinted on people’s minds. Finally, don’t forget to have an extraordinary tagline for your brand name. It will make a large group of people remember your brand. Use the right tagline and notice the significant growth in Brand Awareness.

Consistency is The Key

Consistency is the key to having brand recognition. Keep the content and the look the same but increase the frequency of reaching out to people. When the brand appears again and again in front of the audience, they become familiar with it.

Make your brand appear in different places in various events that will make the brand reach people closely. With your brand design and logo, you can put up placards, design boards, and stands at various events. This will attract a huge audience present there. Crowd Culture is one of the agencies that will help with this task. They will provide an excellent, unforgettable design that will lead to your brand recognition.

81% of consumers said that they need to be able to trust the brand in order to buy from them. 

Work Along With Social Media

In the era of social media, utilizing this platform for your Brand Awareness is the most effective way. Make use of the social media algorithm to reach your audience at maximum. Social media is the only platform you can easily and efficiently reach potential customers.

Having your brand name on the platform will gain your brand legitimacy. You must regularly post content and post on your products. It will get directed to the interested audience. Increase your engagement with the general public by replying to comments and text messages. Use the provision of ads for better growth. Collaborate with other brands to have an integrated benefit and reach an audience of a different domain.

Social media contests are a great way to give high exposure to your brand. You can do giveaways and quizzes through which people can win gifts. It will attract the audience and increase the chance of people searching for your brand. Freebies never go wrong!

The world of influencers has grown significantly in recent times. Use these popular influencers to promote your brand on the platform. It will create trust among the audience along with brand recognition.

The Partnership Game

Partnership with another famous brand comes to a great benefit. You can get the upper hand when your brand is teamed up with a well-known brand trusted. The audience associates your brand with the already built-up favorable brand. This gains validation for your brand and comes under the limelight of the pre-existing appreciated brand.

If you get a chance to team up with any well-liked popular brand, don’t miss the opportunity. It will be a golden opportunity to put forward your brand to the audience and make it recognized on a large scale.


Advertisement of your startup is extremely important to boost your brand recognition. Do it right away to make the best out of it.

  • Choosing the right channel to reach out to potential customers is necessary. Don’t forget about channels like SMS as it’s an invaluable channel to throw into your mix thanks to its high open rate.
  • Choose the type of audience you wish to capture and opt for the advertisement channel accordingly.
  • Prior research to reach the targeted audience will greatly impact Brand Awareness.

So, make a wise choice with the Advertisement.


Almost every brand struggles to have Brand Recognition and increase Brand Awareness. Remember all the effective means that will help you achieve your brand goal. Make sure to focus on all the factors of Brand Awareness and check your reach to the general population and targeted audience.

In addition to it, keep a check on the competition in the market. Take wise steps and reach out to the right people.

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Copywriting

Copywriting is not like content writing. It is a combination of art, science, and logic. You must write something crisp and clear to grab the wandering client’s attention in very few seconds.

So here are the top 7 mistakes you must avoid while copywriting for your clients. You must check it out to improve your skills and knowledge.

1)Not doing Proofreading

Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors may lead to a poor impression on your customers. Therefore, a very obvious skill a copywriter must possess is proofreading their content before publishing it.

No company or client will like to work with a copywriter who makes spelling and grammatical errors. 

Check all the spelling, and don’t just rely on spelling checks on Grammarly. You can also request your colleagues to proofread your copy before you submit it.

2)Avoid Long Descriptive Headlines

Usually, people think that writing long descriptive headlines will attract a lot of traffic. However, it is important to note that keeping your headline short, effective and crisp is more must.

Headlines must emerge from curiosity in the consumer’s mind to read a complete post or article. But unfortunately, the internet only boosts headlines that are short and sweet as compared to longer headlines. 

Who will read the complete post if you don’t put a catchy headline? But on the other hand, a bad headline can push away targeted customers and put a bad impression on clients and businesses. 

A good headline can add traffic and retention to the targeted website or customers.

3) Don’t do Keywords Overloading

Every writer tries to include as many search engine-friendly keywords in the content as so as to reach more audience and drive more visitors to the website.

A creative copywriter must know the importance of creating content that looks natural and organic and is not overloaded with keywords. Overloading copy with keywords can distract the audience from reading your content and can affect clickable ratings.

Many copywriters think that they should use as many keywords as possible to increase traffic and rank on Google. But if you oversaturate your content with more than 5% of keywords, it may sound unnatural and can be ignored by Google Bots too.

4)Understand your Audience

Whether you are writing a blog post, or copy for a website,e, or newsletter, make sure you keep in view whom you are writing to, what your customers want and need and how much research is required.

A copywriter doesn’t try to research what their target wants, which leads to content that is not logical. If you are talking about what services your company offers but forget about the consumer’s views and needs, they will not connect with you.

5) Avoid Long Paragraphs

You must understand that writing a long paragraph doesn’t mean you have written something worthwhile or meaningful. Skimmed text is much preferred to pouring long text.

6)Use of Complex Words

Using Jargon or difficult words is a common copywriting mistake you must avoid. Instead, make sure you use the language your target audience understands and uses to help them relate more to your work.

7)Check Your Tone

While writing, you must use a proper tone, which helps in gaining customers and not avoiding them. But on the other hand, a negative tone or a very direct approach can harm the business by people who avoid it.

The tone is something you come across to your readers. In verbal speech, it is communicated through pitch and voice. But in copywriting, you portray emotions with the help of words, punctuations, choice, and fonts of style you use. This is what elicits a response from the audience.

So you must pay attention to tone in writing. So as a content writer or copywriter, try to check your tone.

Seven Essential Elements of Building Consumers Trust

With advancements in information technology, business-customer interaction changed significantly. Nowadays, businesses struggle hard to retain loyal customers due to tough competition. Every day, thousands of products and services come up in the market. In the absence of brand loyalty, you can easily lose customers to cheap alternatives. And brand loyalty comes by building customers’ trust. 

Once established, it can do wonders for the growth of your organization. Also, loyal customers give good short-term sales and long-term collaboration. So, without wasting time, let us understand the 7 Essential Elements of Building Consumers’ Trust.

7 Essential Elements to building consumers’ trust

A trustworthy brand has the edge over its competitors. Almost all successful businesses pose these 7 essential elements:

  1. High-Quality products and services

Starting with the basics, the most fundamental purpose of a business is to add value to the life of others. And a business can only achieve this by offering high-quality products and services. Customers are more likely to repeat business with you when you do this. 

Also, great products that surpass consumer expectations have a positive impact on consumers. Ultimately, the consumers become a source of your brand advertisement through referrals. 

  1. Personalized PR

One size fits all methodology in building public relations is a thing of the past. Today, every customer wants customized content as per their taste and needs. So, it is vital to shift your PR efforts accordingly. Personalized PR helps you build a meaningful connection with the right target audience. 

While nowadays, AI-driven apps can easily geo target the right audience for you, it is less effective with enlightened customers. Moreover, it comes under the purview of pushy sales tactics. Therefore, consider the following aspects to infuse personalization into your PR strategy. 

  • Instead of directly targeting their personal details, make it more relevant.
  • Timing is the key. Target the right audience at the right time with the right content. 
  • Make a strong connection through polished sales pitches and personalizing interactions 
  • Showcase your brand objective and mission statement. 

Personalized PR is a powerful tool to make your consumers feel valuable. Therefore, do not overlook this aspect anymore; consult a B2B PR agency to explore your options. 

  1. Reduce Response Time 

Whether it is a query or a customer complaint, resolve it timely. Your quick response increases your brand’s reputation and builds trust. On the flip side, delayed responses are likely to have a negative impact. Here are some tips to address this issue: 

  • Try to resolve negative reviews and complaints
  • Use chatbots to resolve small issues and share instant information
  • Do not overlook private queries and emails
  • If their query is taking longer to resolve, keep them informed at every stage
  1. Be transparent

Consumers have every right to know about the company they are dealing with. Moreover, being honest can strengthen customer trust. So, Irrespective of the size of your company, be open and honest. Transparent can include: 

  • Not hiding reviews and blocking users that post constructive criticism
  • Not misleading the consumer with wrong product details and services. 
  • Sharing information about your partners
  1. Give consumers a platform to interact

Live blogging is gaining popularity for launching products and services and conducting online events, allowing consumers to interact with the brand and each other. They can share reviews, testimonials, and suggestions in real-time as the event proceeds.

No matter what platform you choose, it is vital to let consumers interact with the brand and share their reviews to build trust.

  1. Be Empathetic

Emotional connection is as important as a professional connection. A customer feels valued when your content is personalized according to their preferences. Try to tap into the thoughts and attitudes of your consumers by offering exceptional services. It includes both quality products and customer support. 

Show your mission statement.

Another key part of building customer trust is showing what your company stands for. Several companies promise to deliver exceptional service on their site but fail to perform on the ground. So, your actions should be in line with your company goals and objectives. 

To achieve this, make SOPs, guidelines, and terms of service. Further, strongly infuse these policies into your company. Every stakeholder should be aware of these policies to better serve the consumers. 


A strong consumer relationship is key to the growth of an organization. And building customer trust is crucial to strengthen consumer relationships. Whether you want to attract prospects or increase customer retention, customer trust is vital. This article lists 7 essential and proven elements of building consumer trust. Try to incorporate these elements in your PR strategies to build brand trust. 

Foolproof Instagram Growth Strategies

According to data for 2022, one of the most popular social networks has about 2 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily visitors. The audience is constantly growing, and this process is unlikely to stop in the near future. Today we can confidently say that the application (which was previously created for the exchange of square photos) has changed significantly over the past few years and has become a real marketing tool for thousands of large companies and influencers. Competition is also growing accordingly, more and more entrepreneurs and bloggers are coming to Instagram, looking for ways to win the attention of viewers (or customers), increase income and achieve success.

It may seem that the platform is already crowded, and today there is no place for novice authors. But this is far from the truth. If you have the knowledge and know how to put it into practice, then you have many opportunities to grow your own page. You may have already read about Instagram promotion some time ago, but the methods that were relevant in 2020-2021 are no longer so effective. In this text, we will look at how to build a growth strategy in 2022. Keep reading!

  1. Collaborate with creative authors. Regardless of what goals you pursue online, collaborations can be a great way to spread information about your account. Influence marketing has been the main trend in promotion for several years now, and it has many advantages. Collaborations are a way to express yourself and make your page more visible. What do you need to do for this? Find bloggers who create posts on related topics and have at least 1000 subscribers. This is necessary in order for the cooperation to be mutually beneficial and bring excellent results. If you want to collaborate with bloggers, and not buy ads from them, then you need to make sure that you also have good statistics. 

But what if you don’t have subscribers? Absolutely all new authors do not have regular viewers at the initial stage. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait a few months before using this tool. It is enough to turn to a trusted advertising company that offers to buy real Instagram followers. This will give you more freedom – you will feel more confident, and the account will look presentable. Are you ready to cooperate? Then write to the blogger you have chosen and offer him a mutually beneficial deal. If you already have an audience and your post feed is filled with interesting content, you won’t get rejected.

  1. Use Reels. Last year, the developers of the application introduced a new format for submitting information – short Reels clips. They are similar to videos from TikTok, which have become especially popular over the past few years. Now Instagram users spend about 20% of their time watching short clips on the web. What does it mean? If you are not ready to change your social strategy radically and want to make only one or several changes, then pay special attention to Reels. 

Users spend about 20% of their time watching Shorta

This format is becoming more and more popular every day, and algorithms are working to ensure that they get into recommendations more often than regular posts. This works as motivation for bloggers – you shoot useful or entertaining high-quality clips, and algorithms show this format to a large number of viewers. 

  1. Try paid services. If you feel that something is going wrong and the growth in the number of new subscriptions has stopped (or it didn’t happen at all), then pay attention to the paid services offered by advertising companies. At the same time, you don’t have to implement this into your strategy on a permanent basis – you can take the opportunity to buy instagram followers only once or choose a weekly package. The second is especially convenient – you will regularly receive new followers who can show real activity on the page, like and comment on publications.

To properly use the advertising budget, make sure that you are buying accounts of real people, and not bots or fakes. This will allow you not to lose money and remain satisfied with the use of paid services.

  1. Create a complete and effective bio. Your biography is an important factor that affects the growth of the number of subscribers. Any methods of promotion will not work as effectively if the name and header of the profile are uncorrected. You need to make sure that the biography is relevant and understandable so that users who are purposefully looking for you on the web can do it simply and subscribe.

Can you write keywords in the name or header of the account? Great, do this to increase the visibility of the account. Don’t forget about the description – here you have to give the maximum information about the profile so that the visitors of the page understand where they are. But that’s not all – keywords give ranking signals to algorithms that present your account to a larger number of potential viewers.

  1. Use hashtags wisely. Tags are a simple and easy way to increase reach, but you need to know how to use it correctly. The platform makes it possible to post about 30 different hashtags for publications and 10 for Stories, but there is no need to use so many. Choose 5-7 most effective keywords that can help your posts get into recommendations. Do not use those that are high-frequency – this is inefficient for fresh accounts. Narrowly targeted tags send more accurate signals to the algorithm, making it clear what your content is about. Try it in your social strategy!

What to Add to a Dating App to Improve Security

Most people understand that having a reputable dating app on their mobile is probably the most important step toward a busy love life (source). And it is even more vital for the members of the LGBTQ community, as being gay or lesbian means you have to choose from a smaller pool of partners.

Because of the growing popularity of online dating sites and apps, it makes sense to take advantage of this multi-billion-dollar industry and compete with your own app. But, to make it work, it is essential to make your users feel confident about their security. After all, you will collect an abundance of personally identifiable information to deliver the best service. And these things matter a lot when creating a lesbian dating app because many of your users would not want people around them to know about their sexuality yet.

Thankfully, there are ways to make your dating app a lot safer and more attractive for your target audience. 

Make Use of the Fingerprint Feature

For starters, help protect your users by allowing them to keep everything behind a fingerprint scanner. The idea is to give them a way to lock the app and prevent unauthorized access to their account, which is essential when creating a high-class gay or lesbian dating app since people of the LGBT community usually opt for safer options among available apps.

The biggest advantage of fingerprint scanners is that they are not susceptible to “over-the-shoulder” leaks, unlike PINs, which a casual observer may easily guess. Therefore, fingerprint phone locks are the most reliable method of protection from snooping eyes.

This method of blocking the entrance to the app is very simple and will not complicate either access to lesbian dating or use of the service itself.

Take Advantage of Facial Recognition

Just like fingerprint scanners, you can embed the facial recognition feature in your dating app. You might have to work with third-party service providers to scan your users and ensure they are genuine people. 

With the benefits of this technology, you can establish order in your dating app and keep members safe so they may feel comfortable opening up to one another. You can use it as a verification tool to stop people from making multiple accounts or abusing the perks of new accounts, all while providing a smooth experience for the consumer.

Do Not Ignore SSL Encryption

Many people think that SSL encryption is only for dating sites, but that is not always true. Your app can benefit from it as well.

Purchasing an SSL certificate is the only way to guarantee the total safety of your mobile app. These allow you to serve your app over HTTPS, giving users peace of mind that your mobile app is secure. Thus, every gay man and every lesbian woman looking for a woman will enjoy online dating without worrying about having their data leaked.

Opt for 2-Factor Authentication

It means your members do not have to rely on their password alone to use your dating app. But they will be able to use it when they get a secret code on their mobile phone. 

Many web services and social media use multi-factor authentication, and lesbian dating apps are no exception. Add 2FA is an excellent option because no one else can use someone else’s account even if they somehow gain access to their passwords. It also means every member on your dating app has to share their phone number, which makes the whole platform a lot safer for every member. However, this method may add a few extra steps to start dating online, but as an additional security option it works great.

Make Profile Verification Feature Mandatory

Top dating apps are getting stricter about this, checking out profiles and ensuring they are legit before letting users in. You should be ready to do the same to make your dating app a real success.

The idea is to act as a gatekeeper and deter scammers and other opportunists who aim to take advantage of the apps’ users.

Always Add a Report Function to the App

It is important to have additional layers of security in place in case any non-compliant users manage to get past the basic profile verification mechanism.

For this reason, it is crucial to provide your users with reactive security features, such as report functions. It enables your members to report inappropriate content for you to see and take action against those scammers. Ensure that your support team offers an update after the investigation is complete to help restore faith in your platform and appease the user who reported the issue. 

It is even better to let your users have full control over who they do not want them to see online. In other words, you should have a “block” feature added to your lesbian platform to save your members from receiving spam or other undesirable messages. It is vital for everyone but is of great importance for lesbian women seeking women, who are often the target of hate messages. 


Dating apps work amazingly well to bring people close to their potential matches and are a lifesaver when fishing in a small pool of gay or lesbian singles. If you could find a way to deliver a smooth matchmaking experience, you will notice your dating app grow in a short time and help you earn good money in the process. Just be sure to add all the right features to your app and never ignore the importance of keeping your members safe to win their trust and build a solid community.

6 Massage Marketing Ideas, Tips and Strategies to Improve Your Business

If you own a massage business or are thinking about starting one, you’ll need to know how to market your services. Marketing is essential for any business, but it’s especially important for massage businesses. Why? Because there are so many massage businesses out there competing for customers. You need to make sure potential clients know about your business and why they should choose you over the competition.

Fortunately, marketing a massage business isn’t complicated or expensive. With a bit of creativity and effort, you can get the word out about your business and start attracting new clients.

Here are some massage marketing ideas to help you get started:

1. Create a Strong Brand Identity

Your branding should be professional and consistent across all of your marketing materials. Your brand identity should reflect the type of massage business you have. Are you a luxury spa or a more affordable massage clinic? Your branding should communicate this to potential clients.

Here are some tips for creating a strong brand identity:

  1. Use high-quality images that reflect your business. For example, if you’re a luxury spa, use photos of your beautiful facility and well-dressed staff. If you’re a more down-to-earth massage clinic, use images that reflect this (e.g., someone getting a massage in street clothes).
  2. Write a compelling copy that tells potential clients what your business is all about and why they should choose you over the competition.
  3. Use colors and fonts that reflect your business. For example, if you want to convey a feeling of relaxation, use calming colors like blue or green.

Make sure all of your brandings are consistent across all of your marketing materials. This will help people recognize your business and build trust in your brand.

2. Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach potential clients and promote your massage business. Create social media accounts on the platforms where your target clients are most active. For example, if you’re trying to reach working professionals, LinkedIn would be an excellent platform to focus on. If you’re trying to get millennials, Instagram would be a better platform.

Once you’ve created your social media accounts, start posting interesting and engaging content that will appeal to your target clients. For example, you could post photos of your facility, staff, and massage treatments, infographics about the benefits of massage, or blog posts about interesting topics related to massage.

Make sure to use relevant keywords in your social media posts so that people who are searching for those keywords will be able to find your business.

You can also use social media ads to reach potential clients who don’t already follow your business on social media. Social media ads are relatively inexpensive and can be targeted very specifically (e.g., by location, age, gender, interests, etc.).

3. Use Online Ads

Online ads are another great way to reach potential clients. You can place ads on search engines like Google, social media platforms like Facebook, or on websites that your target clients are likely to visit.

Like social media ads, online ads can be targeted very specifically. For example, you can target people who live in a particular area, who have visited your website before, or who have searched for keywords related to massage.

Set a Budget for Online Advertising

Online advertising can be very effective, but it can also be expensive if you’re not careful. Make sure to set a budget for your online advertising and track your results so that you know what’s working and what’s not.

Here are some tips for setting a budget for online advertising:

  1. Start with a small budget and increase it as you start to see results.
  2. Focus your advertising on the platforms where your target clients are most active.
  3. Target your ads specifically to the people who are most likely to be interested in your business.
  4. Track your results so that you know what’s working and what’s not.
  5. Use discount codes or special offers to encourage people to click on your ads.

Track Your Results

Make sure to track your results so that you know what’s working and what’s not. This will help you make adjustments to your marketing strategy and ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Here are some things to track:

  • The number of people who see your ads
  • The number of people who click on your ads
  • The number of people who visit your website after clicking on your ad
  • The number of people who call or contact you after seeing your ad
  • The number of people who book a massage after seeing your ad

4. Distribute Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are another great way to promote your massage business. You can distribute them in local businesses, at community events, or door-to-door in neighborhoods where your target clients live.

Make sure your flyers and brochures are professional and eye-catching. They should include your business name, logo, contact information, and a brief description of your services. You can also include coupons or discounts to encourage people to try your services.

5. Offer Free or Discounted Massages

One of the best ways to attract new clients is to offer free or discounted massages. You could offer a free 15-minute chair massage to people who stop by your booth at a local event or offer a discounted 60-minute massage to first-time clients.

Make sure to promote your free or discounted massages through all of your marketing channels (e.g., social media, email, flyers, etc.). This will help you reach the most significant number of potential clients possible.

6. Provide Excellent Service

Even if you have the best marketing in the world, it won’t matter if you’re not providing excellent service to your clients. Make sure that every client has a positive experience from the moment they walk in the door until the moment they leave.

Here are some tips:

  • Greet your clients with a smile and make them feel welcome.
  • Listen to their needs and tailor your massages accordingly.
  • Communicate with your clients throughout the massage to ensure they’re comfortable.
  • Provide your clients with trusted appointments booking software.
  • Be professional, courteous, and respectful at all times.
  • Follow up with your clients after their massage to see how they’re doing.

If you provide excellent service, your clients will be more likely to come back and refer their friends and family to your business.

By following these massage marketing ideas, you can start attracting new clients and grow your business. Just remember to be creative, consistent, and always provide excellent service.

What is Brand Impersonation and How to Protect Your Business from It?

As a business owner, you know that protecting your brand is essential. But what if someone was impersonating your brand online? This can be confusing, frustrating, and damaging to your business. In this article, we will discuss what brand impersonation is, the different types of impersonation, and how you can protect your business from it.

What is Brand Impersonation, and Why Should You Care?

Brand impersonation is the unauthorized use of a company’s name, logo, or other trademarked material to deceive consumers. It can take many forms, from duplicating a product’s packaging to setting up a fake website or social media account.

Brand impersonation is a serious problem because it can damage a company’s reputation and bottom line. When consumers are tricked into buying counterfeit products, they not only waste their money but may also have a negative experience that leaves them feeling duped and less likely to do business with the company again.

In some cases, brand impersonation can also lead to safety concerns, as fake products may not meet the same quality standards as the real thing. Therefore, companies need to be aware of the problem and take steps to protect their brands.

The Different Types of Brand Impersonation

There are several different types of brand impersonation, each with its challenges.


Counterfeiting is the most common type of brand impersonation, and it often takes the form of fake websites or social media accounts. These counterfeits can be very convincing and may even dupe consumers into buying counterfeit products.

Sometimes, these products may be of inferior quality, damaging a company’s reputation. Additionally, counterfeit products may not meet the same safety standards as the real thing, posing a danger to consumers.


Cybersquatting is the practice of registering a domain name similar to an existing trademark to sell it back to the company at an inflated price.

This can be especially damaging to companies if the imitator sets up a website that looks identical to the company’s own but with different contact information. This can lead customers to believe they are dealing with a legitimate company when they are not.

Additionally, cybersquatters may register domain names that misspell a company’s name to capitalize on internet users who mistakenly type in the wrong address.

Trademark Infringement

Trademark infringement occurs when a company uses another company’s trademarked material without permission. This can take many forms, such as using a company’s logo on products or packaging or selling counterfeit products that bear a company’s trademark.

Trademark infringement can confuse consumers and damage a company’s reputation. Additionally, it can lead to legal action from the company whose trademark is being infringed upon.

How to Protect Your Business from Brand Impersonation?

You can take several steps to protect your business from brand impersonation.

Monitor Online Platforms

One way to stay ahead of brand impersonators is to regularly monitor online platforms for instances of counterfeiting, cybersquatting, or trademark infringement. There are a few different ways to do this.

  • Use a Service Specializing in Online Brand Protection: Several companies specialize in monitoring the internet for instances of brand impersonation. These companies use sophisticated trademark monitoring software to scan websites, social media platforms, and online marketplaces for signs of counterfeiting, cybersquatting, or trademark infringement.
  • Do a Manual Search: You can also do a manual search of websites, social media platforms, and online marketplaces. This is more time-consuming than using a service, but it can help find instances of brand impersonation that automated searches may have missed.
  • Set Up Google Alerts: Another way to monitor online activity is to set up Google Alerts for your company’s name, logo, and other trademarks. Google will email you anytime someone uses one of your protected terms online.

Take Action Against Infringers

If you find instances of brand impersonation, it’s essential to take action against the infringers. The best way to do this will vary depending on the type of infringement and the platform on which it takes place.

  • Send a Cease and Desist Letter: One common method of dealing with trademark infringement is to send a cease and desist letter to the infringer. This formally demands that they stop using your company’s trademarked material. Cease and desist letters can effectively get infringers to stop their activities. However, if the infringer ignores the letter, you may need legal action.
  • Report the Infringement to the Platform: If you find brand impersonation on a social media platform or marketplace, you can report the infringement to the platform. Each platform has its process for dealing with trademark infringement. For example, Facebook has a process for reporting trademark infringement, while Etsy has a process for removing listings that infringe on trademarks.
  • Take Legal Action: In some cases, legal action may be necessary to stop brand impersonators. This is usually only an option if the infringer is based in your country and engaging in illegal activities under your country’s laws. If you decide to take legal action, it’s essential to consult with a lawyer beforehand.

Register Your Trademarks

Registering your company’s trademarks can help protect your business from trademark infringement. If someone infringes on your trademark, you will have a stronger legal case if your trademark is registered.

There are a few factors to consider when you register your trademarks.

  • The Type of Trademark: There are two main types of trademarks: registered and unregistered. Unregistered trademarks are automatically protected under common law, while registered trademarks are protected under the law of the country in which they are registered.
  • The Country or Countries You Register Your Trademark: You can register your trademark in one or more countries. The level of protection offered by each country’s laws will vary.

How to Register Your Trademark?

There is no single process for registering a trademark. The process will vary depending on the country or countries where you wish to register your trademark. In general, however, the process involves:

  • Applying with the relevant government agency.
  • Paying a fee.
  • Waiting for the application to be processed.

After your trademark is registered, you will need to renew it periodically to keep it active. The renewal frequency will vary depending on the country where your trademark is registered.

Educate Your Employees

Educating your employees about brand impersonation can help them spot instances of it and take action accordingly. Employees should be aware of the different types of brand impersonation and how to handle them.

You can use several methods to educate your employees about brand impersonation.

  • Training Sessions: You can hold training sessions on brand impersonation and other types of intellectual property infringement. These sessions can be held in person or online.
  • Policy Updates: You can update your company’s intellectual property policies to include brand impersonation information. Be sure to include a definition of what constitutes brand impersonation and the consequences of engaging in it.
  • Email Reminders: You can send periodic email reminders to your employees about the importance of protecting your company’s intellectual property from infringement. These reminders can include information on brand impersonation and other types of infringement.

The negative impact of brand impersonation can be far-reaching, so companies need to take steps to protect their brands. By monitoring online platforms, taking action against infringers, and registering trademarks, businesses can help safeguard their reputations and avoid the potential risks associated with brand impersonation.

Why You Should Not Ignore Digital Marketing For Your Business

Without the help of technology, we are nothing in this modern world. The trend of digitalization in the contemporary world is the most exciting gift of technology. On the other hand, business is the backbone of our economy. 

We will understand the importance of technology when we dig into the world of business. The modern business platforms are too aggressive and progressive as well. The reason is digitalization in business. 

There is a chance for business entrepreneurs to capture many audiences by including digitalization in business. We are discussing the essence of digital marketing in the current competitive business market. 

Nothing is more disgusting than waiting to be visible to the consumers, and as a business person, you know that. Here comes digital marketing to help you gain maximum proficiency out of business. You can download resources and tools regarding digital marketing through Pirate Bay for free.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the usage of online technology to enhance your business by attracting more customers. Every practice that you are doing right now with the help of technology to promote your business comes under the umbrella of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing includes various forms –

  • Content marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).

Why Should You Not Ignore Digital Marketing? 

You might think that your business is doing well currently, and your word-of-mouth is enough for your business! But that will not be a permanent process, and for you, you might consider the digital marketing aspects. 

Here are a few significant reasons for you to adopt digital marketing in your business. 

1. Reach Global Customers

It is a myth that digital marketing is only for large businesses. Your small business can also gain the opportunity of having global customers these days. 

Digital marketing is the only way to enhance your visibility in the global market. Being in the local area will never help you to increase your business efficiency. Rather you might look for online websites and selling approaches to enhance your reach globally. 

2. Educate People About Your Business

Educating the audience about the services that you provide can help you to gain the permanent trust of the consumers. It is very crucial for you to look to create strong brand loyalty for your company. 

This can only be possible through the informative digital content that you can serve to the audience globally. With digital marketing, there is no boundary, and you will experience the best results so far. When people know about your services, they will be curious to try your products.

3. Increasing Online Expectations Of Consumers

In the 21st century and especially in 2022, we, from the perspective of the consumers, cannot think of a company without an online presence. We want companies that provide online services, including home delivery. 

So, it is your responsibility as a company owner to think of the digital marketing aspects of your company. Otherwise, the audience will not accept you for so long. Be proactive and be smart to use the benefits of digital marketing. 

4. Digital Marketing Is The Future

We all know that we are dealing with digitalization, and it is helping us in various ways to minimize the task and increase profit. So, why should we not depend on the gifts of technology?

The importance of technology is huge, and technology will decide where we will stand in the future! Digital marketing, as a part of technology, is also the future of marketing. The time will come when 100 out of 100 companies will be doing their marketing digitally. 

5. Increases Roi

Digital marketing includes the essence of the economic services into its digital platforms. Through the help of digital marketing, you will be able to engage more and more people, and it is also possible to enhance the reliability of the consumers with various services. 

In that way, you will have the chance to increase the conversion rate when people buy your products by knowing the content, and that will ultimately allow you to enhance the Rate of Return (ROI). 

To Conclude 

Are these reasons not enough to rethink your word-of-mouth business? 

Well, we think that you have understood the essential features of digital marketing. Our target was to set you on track, and now it is your responsibility to enhance your business process and profit by adopting digital marketing aspects.

5 Things You Want to See from a Link-Building Service

If you know at least a little about SEO, you probably understand that link building matters a great deal. If you operate or own a business, and you want your site to consistently rank at the top of the SERPs, you’ll need to hire a company or individual to help you with it.

You’ll want to see some particular things from a link-building entity that establish they’re the right company for the job. We’ll talk about what you want to see from your link-building service in the following article.

The Right Price

The price always matters when you’re looking for a product or service. You will definitely need to find a link-building entity that offers you the service you need for the right price.

If you’re operating a successful company, you’ll have money allocated for different things. You might have money for R and D. You probably have some set aside to run your ad campaigns. You may have funds allocated for worker bonuses, insurance the company needs, etc.

You will also have money earmarked for SEO and probably digital marketing in general. The cash you can pay your link builder will come out of that.

If you find a person or company who has excellent qualifications, but they quote you a price to research and add inbound and outbound links that’s well out of your range, you can’t hire them. Link-building services need to match your price range, or else you need to go with someone else. Negotiating the price for this company or individual is the only alternative, if they’re willing to do that.

The Right Attitude

You should work with someone who’s eager to help you. They should have ideas that will get your site to rank, and they should feel confident they’re the right individual or company for the job. You don’t want someone noncommunicative or who doesn’t seem sure of themselves.

You want this person or company to get back to you quickly when you leave them a message or to answer the phone when you call them. They should have multiple methods for you to reach them. If they don’t get back to you fast when you have a question or idea, you should probably go with someone else.

The right link-building company or individual should know all about your niche. They should have some prior experience working in your particular industry, or they should show they can learn about it quickly.

The Latest Tools

SEO is an exact science. It’s not guesswork or experimentation. Someone who does SEO for you needs to know how to do research within your niche and exploit any competitor weaknesses.

To that end, they need to have all the latest SEO tools and know all the latest strategies. Much like any ultra-competitive field, new SEO tools and techniques come out all the time. The company or individual you hire should know all about those.

They need the operating budget to get the SEO tools they need on their own. They should include that in the price you pay to hire them.

They should know how to explain the tools and techniques they’ll use to you. As a company owner, you’re probably not an SEO expert. Still, the company or individual you hire should know how to explain to you what tools they will use and how they will utilize them. They should know how to tell you, in simple language, what you’ll get for the money you’re paying them.

They Should Guarantee Results

The link-building company or individual you use should guarantee the results you want. They might not guarantee getting your site to the number one Google position for a particular search term or phrase. However, they should at least guarantee you’ll appear on the first page for some words or phrases.

Links should help your site rank. If the proper ones appear on your landing page or elsewhere on your site, that should get it to show up near the top of SERPs when people search for content having to do with concepts directly tied to your niche. That’s how fundamental SEO works, and link building remains a part of that.

You want a company or individual who will tell you they’ll get your site to rank at a particular position for some specific terms or phrases by a specific time. For instance, maybe they’ll say that within three months, their link building will get your site to appear on the first Google results page for at least five of the top ten phrases having to do with your niche.

They can do keyword research using the latest SEO tools to determine those phrases. Remember that link building only constitutes part of SEO. The person or company you hire should know all about the other elements involved as well.

They Should Only Link Your Company to Reputable Websites

The person or company you hire to do link building for your site should also understand that credible, reputable sites exist and also spammy ones that won’t help you at all. They should realize that they can’t link your site to poorly regarded websites, or else that will hurt you from an SEO standpoint.

They can use their SEO tools to research different sites to see whether the Google algorithm or other search engines regard them as credible or not. If a site has excellent domain authority, they know they can link your site to it, and it will help you. If not, they should know they need to keep hunting.

Overall, the link-building service or individual you hire should know how to create a complex link structure that makes your website appear as attractive as possible to search engines. They should also realize that they’ll need to continue doing link building for as long as your company operates. Link building, like all SEO, needs to keep happening so that you stay consistently at the top of the SERPs.  

Top 5 Things to Learn from Telegram Success

You have probably already heard of this application as about most successful startup in IT currently. Actually, Telegram success story is way more interesting than the numbers, figures and capitalization. It’s all about people.

Why Telegram is better than any other messaging app?

Founded in 2013, Pavel Durov’s startup attracts more and more users. Lots of people remove other messengers in favor of Telegram – they simply don’t need any other app for communication. So why Telegram is better?

First of all, security. Telegram uses MTProto protocol to encrypt user data and besides, there’s a huge bonus to all privacy fans: cloud data storing and end-to-end encryption by request. The most known security-providing feature of this app is a two-layered encryption system which keeps user data private and safe forever from anyone, even the governments. Fun fact: to confirm his words about application’s security, Pavel Durov announced $200,000 competition soon after Telegram was launched – he promised to give these money to anyone who will hack his secret chat with co-developer and brother, Nicolay Durov. Needless to say, no one was able to do that.

Also, Telegram has its own open API which allows anyone to create all kinds of bots and microprograms. Recently the company announced the launch of direct sales via bots and it makes Telegram something more than just a messenger.

Telegram channels have such wide range of features that Facebook public pages may become useless really soon. And let’s not forget about the stickers! They’re all free, look stunning and unlike in Viber or WhatsApp, any user can create and share their own sticker packs.

In conclusion, Telegram has perfect design (even though users can create their own color schemes) – it’s easy to use and looks simple plus effective.

How it started: Telegram Success Story

Telegram was launched August ’13 and opinions on its growth were radically opposite. Someone predicted huge success, someone claimed that without big financial investments there’s no way Durov and his developer team will repeat achievements of his previous project – “VK”. And although founders had enough money for project to start, further development of the messenger was a big question. At first, it looked like Telegram can’t offer something new – there has already beenSkype for video calls and WhatsApp took over nearly every smartphone and these were only the biggest opponents in market at the time.

Pavel Durov, CEO and founder of Telegram

However, critics were deeply mistaken with their forecasts. By February 2014 the messenger already had 100 million of users and daily audience growth made it to 350 thousand accounts. Users were sending 15 billion messages daily from around more than 200 countries worldwide. And all these numbers were reached without any marketing expenses – according to Durov, users promoted the product themselves among their friends.

So why Telegram is popular?

There are several reasons for popularity growth like this. First of all, developers positioned this product as something uncontrolled by the authorities of any country. Second reason is declared security and openness of API, and the third are unique features that build a reputation for Telegram as not another WhatsApp clone, but as complete independent product.

Let’s see how Telegram works. It’s just a messaging application, basically. To start working with Telegram users don’t need any long registration procedures – accounts are tied to phone numbers. All messages are encrypted so there’s no way any government structure will be able to read them. To sync data with other devices, app stores data in cloud and maybe that’s the reason of fast work of the application. Telegram channels are easy to create and often interesting to read, so are the bots (which are a great replacements for independent apps, like the weather forecast or reminders).

Also the app probably has the best minimalistic design among other messengers as well as the option to change it any way that user may like. But there’s also a big amount of additional functions, such as sending geolocation to contact, file exchange up to 1GB of each file, creating user gifs, unlimited number of stickers and more. So how does Telegram make money? The thing is, it doesn’t. You might wonder why Telegram is free despite its huge popularity. It’s crazy, but Pavel Durov shares the idea of ad-free and free of charge messaging and supplies the project with his own money. But as said in F.A.Q., if ever these donations run out, developers will add optional paid features to maintain the functioning of the application.

Everyone should learn from Telegram success. Among the numerous life and business lessons Durov’s project can give, there are top 5 things to learn:

1. Always know what people need the most.

Durov was analyzing a lot and knew that people spend more time on messaging than on scrolling their feed on Facebook. Most importantly – he knew why people always come back over and over. So he created a convenient and unique messaging application for everyone. Additionally, while everyone kept discussing how privacy is easily breached nowadays, Durov and his team tried to create the most secure chat ever, and make security a Unique Selling Proposition of their product.

2. Idea shapes your Product.

Without numerous fights for absolute data security and without developers’ belief Telegram wouldn’t make it to the top. People trust their data to the app because they know that their confidentiality is developers’ priority #1.

Additionally, the idea of Telegram channels and bots shaped the additional marketing tool for companies, replaced groups in social media and, possibly, some other apps since bots give the opportunity to find out the necessary information, perform a certain action, and more. As a result, almost every Telegram user has a list of favorite channels or bots used daily that make them come back to the app again and again.

3. Simple is the New Sexy.

While other companies hold thousands of workers in different departments, Telegram prefers rationality in problem-solving, maintenance and outsourcing. Also, as said previously, this company hasn’t spent anything for marketing purposes. Telegram has hundreds of millions of users because of its authenticity, indispensability, and convenience, no more, no less. Make it simple to make it perfect.

When users first accessed Telegram, they found it simple, use-to-use, and fast. Easy navigation together with smooth fast work definitely became the reason for success.

4. It’s always about people.

There’s no way you can make an authentic product without a trustworthy crew. Durov has only fifteen developers in the main team. These people design, develop and manage everything that Telegram is. Of course, there are a few more workers that are responsible for moderation etc., but solid ground of project is Durov’s team. Trust your crew, make them trust you, and your product will be the most trustworthy among the others.

5. Don’t be afraid of competition in the market.

Telegram was launched when Jan Koum’s WhatsApp was already worldwide popular. Another competitor, Viber, had tens of millions of users in Iran, Russia, and other countries. Moreover, there already were local messaging applications in development – Indian Hike, Chinese WeChat, Japanese Line. Nevertheless, Telegram burst into the top amazingly fast all around the world. Without faith in success, without understanding what competitors don’t have, this wouldn’t be possible. So know your product, know the rivals and create something bigger than just an alternative.

Bonus Secret: Stickers

Obviously, everyone loves Telegram for stickers and for the ability to create stickers of your own easily. Telegram wasn’t the first to introduce stickers, but they took this feature further and made it more enjoyable for users. According to our experience, custom stickers can be a nice addition to a social app or messenger and become a great monetization method.

Final thoughts

The best Telegram features created a perfect IT product that continues to grow. Despite the tough history, this messenger definitely shapes our messaging reality. Needless to say that there are no stable future projections for this company as it still financed by one person with rock-hard principles, but you still can find a number of ways to use Telegram’s experience to build your own perfect startup.

The conclusion here is simple: even if you think that the market is too saturated and your app idea is doomed to fail, think of Telegram who made to the top despite numerous strong competitors. The Telegram team tried to make something ultimately better, more secure, more efficient – and users appreciated the effort.

How to Repurpose Content to Spend Less on Your Marketing Strategy

This statement carries an undeniable truth. Marketing is essential for business growth.

“Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two — and only these two — basic functions: marketing and innovation,” said management guru Peter Drucker (reported by Forbes). 

This statement carries an undeniable truth. Marketing is essential for business growth.

The complexity of marketing and its increasing importance is what can take away a lot of your energy, time, and money. Is that the only way you can boost your marketing efforts? Of course not.

Make the most out of the content you create by repurposing it. Not only will you enhance your marketing strategy, but you won’t have to desperately search for fresh content at all times. Moreover, you won’t have to spend your marketing budget on new content.

When you can’t find anything new and interesting to write about, don’t resort to mediocre content. Turn to your best pieces of content and repurpose them. 

Do you want to make the most of the content you create and boost your marketing efforts? Use the following practical tips to repurpose your content.

Analyze Your Current Content’s Performance

First of all, you need to determine which content appeals most to your target audience. Based on that, you’ll know which pieces of content you should repurpose for maximum engagement.

Use Hotjar or Google Analytics to identify your best performing content. You’ll get insight into which headlines attract the most attention, content on which your audience spends the most time, your audience’s favorite posts on your website, etc.

To define your most engaging social media posts, use the Sotrender tool. Get an overview of your content performance on all your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube). 

Once you collect information on your most popular posts, you’ll be ready for the next step – determining which content can be repurposed.

The type of content you should consider for this purpose is:

  • Content with high user engagement
  • Content that is currently relevant in your industry
  • Content with dated information 
  • Evergreen content
  • Content that needs an update (if new information on the topic has appeared)

Repurposing content with outdated information won’t be of any use. For example, repurposing a post on social media strategy from 2012 won’t provide readers with any current trends in social media marketing. 

Aside from metrics like views and engagement, you have to bear in mind that the content you plan to repurpose is still relevant. 

Update Your Most Popular Posts

One of the ways to revamp old content is to add new relevant information. Provide users with additional information or a different perspective on the matter you’ve already discussed. 

The new insights can give users a holistic view of the topic.  

Users who haven’t read that post can have a bigger picture on the subject. While those who have read the post can jog their memory as well as learn something new.

Back in 2015, Buffer tested out this strategy. The test was the “No New Content” challenge, and the goal was to show how valuable revamped content could be.

They repurposed two to three content pieces every week, and they did that for a month. Without creating any new posts along the way.

The repurposing included adding new information and making some updates to the old content.

The test was a success as their organic search traffic increase by more than 4%. Also, one of the posts they repurposed on Medium was listed among the Top 20 posts on that platform. 

Repurpose Quotes for Social Media 

Turn quotes from your articles into social media posts. Go through the interviews with inspiring people or articles with a strong message and draw out the best quotes. 

Forbes successfully uses this technique as they regularly fill their Instagram account with inspiring quotes. Quotes they pulled out from their posts.

For example, on the 15th of November, 2020, Forbes shared a quote by Kirsten Green on Instagram. That quote is from the post “Investing Powerhouse Kirsten Green On Facing The Future With An Open Mind” from October 24th, 2019. As you can tell, this post was published over a year ago.

What’s important is that the quote can provoke engagement. Just as Forbes’ quote managed to bring over 18,500 likes and inspire conversation in comments. 

Turning the quote into a post isn’t the only option. You can also use the quote as a caption for a social media image or video. 

Create Infographics

People are drawn to visuals, therefore, infographics have a better chance of retaining people’s attention than text. You can create infographics using data from your reports.

Business Insider shares on its Instagram platform infographics that come from their website posts. They also direct users to the post itself by mentioning in the description that the link to the full survey can be found in the bio. 

Infographics are a very popular form of content, and you can practically turn any statistic or data into an infographic.

Whenever you do original research, you can summarize your findings through an infographic. You can share that infographic within the post as well as on social media.

Since they are attractive and informative, infographics easily go viral compared to ordinary text. 

If you need more convincing about infographics popularity, check out these statistics:

  • The term “infographics on Google” will generate over 15 million search results.
  • Infographics can enhance your business by 82% by creating brand awareness.
  • The infographic production increases by 1% every day. 

Transform an Article into a PDF Guide

Content upgrades are amazing at growing email lists. Users get free content, and you get their email information – a classic win-win.

Your old content can help you create content upgrades. Transform a well-written article into a downloadable how-to guide.

Do some tweaks and tweezes to make the article more practical, and you’ll get yourself a new content upgrade.  

Discuss Your Posts in Live Stream Q&A

Challenge yourself to create something different. In addition to various forms of written content, why not give live streams a try?

Live streams are a trend. The live video streaming market is estimated to grow from $30.29 billion in 2016 to over $70 billion by 2021. This is your chance to jump on the bandwagon.

How to repurpose your old content for live streaming? Host a live stream Q&A session to discuss a recently published post with your audience.

You’ll show your interest in the audience’s opinion, get them further involved in the topic, and maybe even share some new insights.

As highly engaging content, live streaming can get more people to watch the video than you’ll get readers on the post. In addition, you can drive traffic to the post as people will go back to see the information you’ve shared there. 

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Write a Blog Post Inspired by Social Media Posts

Social media content is more than just pretty visuals. It can be your inspiration for new content.

As a marketing tool, social media posts are valued. But they are often undermined as versatile content. Why not fully exploit their potential? Use information from your social media content to create a blog post. 

For example, you might have made an IGTV video interview. Transcribe the interview and present it as a blog post on your website.

Or, surface an intriguing tweet that has attracted a lot of attention and further discuss that topic in a blog post.

For your website visitors who have social media accounts or don’t follow you on there, this will be brand new content. 

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Convert Posts into a Podcast

One of the newcomers among mainstream marketing content is podcasts. A third of the US population (or 90 million people) listen to podcasts at least once a month.

The reason why the number of podcast listeners is growing is that it is entertaining and digestible content that you can consume whenever you want.

People turn on a podcast while they clean, drive, or wait for the subway. You don’t need to be completely dedicated to a podcast like you have to be with reading.

If you want to create a podcast, turn to your existing content. Convert text news/articles into a podcast. Share the same findings but in a listening form. Podcast fans will be grateful for that. 

Final Thoughts

Repurposing content should be a popular technique in everyone’s marketing strategy. The possibilities with revamping content are endless. You’ll have an open stream of new content based on existing content.

No matter what your marketing goals are, repurposed content can help you in that mission. Ensure that you drive the most value from your best pieces of content. Keep in mind that repurposing content can be your go-to for maximizing your content creation efforts.

How to use emojis in Discord? ✂️ Copy and 📋 Paste

#1 Discord Emojis List

Find new emojis for your Discord server

#2 Discord & Slack Emoji

Browse thousands of free custom emojis

How to make Emojis bigger on Discord?

I love the new Emoji, but would it be possible in the future to make it so that the server has control over the size that is larger than what it currently is. Maybe like 64×64, from the default 32×32. This is only because if I were to upload an image as an emoji, it would look really small if it was larger than 32×32.

Step 1: Post emoji.

Step 2: Right click posted emoji > copy link. Then edit the same emoji post and replace the emoji with the copied link and hit enter.

Bigger emojis!

When uploading emojis to a server, make sure the reselution scale is close to 1:1 for best result.

An emoji is ment to be a small icon that can be added in your messages, and not a big image. But you can copy the url for the emoji, to post it as an image.

Dating Website vs Dating App – Which Is Better?

The internet has been a huge blessing to the dating world. Everyone can meet like-minded people by simply creating a profile on a dating website or an app. But which between them is better? Which is more comfortable to use for fetish dating (user option) and which is for making a profit (owner option)? Here’s an insight into why managers of BDSM dating sites are confident that a mobile application can be a great addition to a full desktop version, but cannot replace all the advantages of the site.

Advantages of Dating Websites vs. Mobile Apps

We can all agree that there is a wholeness and clarity that comes with viewing the desktop version of a page instead of viewing the mobile version. The user experience is always better, although, in recent times, search engines like Google have made it mandatory for websites to optimize for mobile to allow mobile users to enjoy a smooth browsing experience. All the same, the desktop version is king in so many ways.

For instance, site user can be able to access multiple features of dating websites simultaneously. By site means it could be possible to open one tab for editing the profile by indicating your BDSM lifestyle and the partner you are interested, and open another one for scanning through new matches. While switching between these two tabs, there is still an opportunity to chat with potential partners because desktop notifications will alert when new messages come in. This way, every user can get to enjoy many parts of the website at the same time.

Usually, an app will only allow running one function, which may limit the fun. With a dating website, everything is hosted online, and so customer tends to enjoy faster loading speeds. When browsing through a profile of someone they like, the user can be able to view all the info in great detail on one page and even peruse through the photos will clearer and bigger images with every available particular. 

When Do Dating Apps Make Sense?

A person’s greatest friend in the 21st century is arguably their mobile phone. We spend most of the time either chatting with friends on social apps, watching videos on YouTube, playing games, or even handling work and school-related matters using our phones. The portability of a smartphone is what makes it the most used gadget in online browsing worldwide. You will just slide it into your pocket and go about your business without anyone being the wiser.

Dating apps are one of the main incentives that your smartphone can offer you. It means that on the way to work, people can simply hop on the phone and open a dating app and like some new profiles of singles in the nearest area on the go. For BDSM app users it makes it easier to catch up with the matches and flirt with them a little more to turn up the heat during the day. It is a most lovely distraction that can light up the moods even when it feels bored in everyday routine.

One of the perks of using a dating app is that most of them are free to join which is undoubtedly attractive to most users. The fee is only charged when someone wants to access extra features to make the experience more enjoyable and increase the chances of success in meeting the people they want. Most apps also tend to be open to worldwide membership, unlike some dating websites that are restricted to certain zones. They offer convenience, simplicity, and fun.

Which Model is More Profitable for the Dating Business?

When it comes to profitability, both business models seem to attract different audiences. Thus, with proper design and effective management, it is possible to make a fast buck from either a dating app or a dating website. In relation to apps, they seem to be more general and open to people from all walks of life. Whether the target users are gay or straight, young or old, black or white, they all are able to access most dating apps and set their own preferences. Therefore, as a dating business owner, you have many members and are targeted hugely by advertisers. 

Dating websites, on the other hand, seem to be more specific. One may be strictly for people above 40, another is strictly for professionals, and the third is specifically for gays. This feature of targeting along with geographic regions makes most BDSM dating websites exclusive to clubs where members don’t mind parting with some dollars to join. Their wide array of membership plans sees them attract many users of their targeted groups and, in turn, make a good income. They also attract advertisements targeted to their member group.

Dating Sites vs Dating Apps: What Works Best?


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Mobile App


Technology has indeed simplified modern lives, and dating is no exception. Thanks to dating websites and apps, people are able to connect with individuals from all around the world and fall in love with someone with similar interests. That’s why businessmen are highly interested in developing more and more dating platforms to satisfy specific user preferences as much as their own profit.

How to Create Engaging Content for Your Mobile App

When you launch a mobile app you want to make sure it claims its spot on the market. Whether your app is e-commerce, food delivery, fitness, or any other type of app, it’s still going to have strong competition. Your job is to try and stand shoulder to shoulder with some of your biggest competitors and use all your skills to compete with them. Engaging content is one of the tools that can help you achieve this goal.

Creating engaging content for your mobile app requires strategizing and planning. We’ve put together a guide to help you create your content marketing strategy and raise the bar for your mobile app advertising.

Let’s break it down together.

  1. Know Your Audience

Let’s start from scratch.

In order for you to create and publish engaging content for your mobile app, you need to define who you’re aiming with it. Without learning about your target audience, you’ll be shooting in the dark.

So, step one, or even step zero, is to understand who your audience is and clearly define them by:

  • age
  • sex
  • Geo
  • social status
  • online behavior

Gather as much information as possible and create a prototype. Once you understand who your audience is, you’ll be able to focus all your content marketing efforts into that profile.

This will make the strategy more precise, productive, and engaging.

  1. Enhance App Store Visibility

Content marketing is about making your app stand out and attract as many new users as possible. The way you present your app in the app store plays a key role in its ranking in-store search results.

To make your app rank higher in Google Play & App Store, you should focus on the following elements:

  • App Description
    The description of your app needs to be concise, precise, and to the point. Make sure it tells the users about the problems the app can solve and the main services it offers.

Use the right keywords to rank higher for specific searches.

  • Screenshots
    You need to add screenshots that show your app’s interface, main features, and options. 

Apart from this, make sure your app icon is in accordance with the app purpose and is self-explicatory to a certain degree. 

By creating a professional, detailed yet useful app description, supported by proper screenshots, you’ll make it easy for the users to understand the core of the app,

Denis Faber
  1. Rely Heavily on Videos 

The visual aspect of your mobile app’s content is important.

 A study by Animoto discovered that 80% of millennials consider video content when researching a purchase decision. In addition, 76% of millennials follow brands on YouTube. 

You should, therefore, rely heavily on creating engaging video content for your mobile app. 

Here’s what your videos can cover:

  • “how-to” videos explaining the app’s main features, options, and things you can use it for
  • the benefits of using the app
  • announcements in the form of trailer videos
  • influencer interviews
  • introducing the team of experts who created the app
  • educational content that the app users might be interested in
  • promo content with CTAs at the end

You should create a YouTube channel and post videos on your IGTV to ensure it reaches a large number of viewers.

Then, track the numbers and see what type of videos work best for your audience. What is it that they watch, share, comment or like the most?

Learn from the experience and focus on creating more videos that convert.

  1. Start Blogging 

Blogging is another important link in the chain of content marketing. Some might even say that it’s the most important one.

And, according to statistics, 77% of internet users read blogs.

The truth is, a blog can help you rank higher in Google search results and get more people to become loyal users of your app. How? Let’s break it down:

  • cover relevant topics
    Your blog should cover topics that your app users are interested in reading about.

For example, the calorie tracking app My Fitness Pal runs a blog that covers topics such as “10 Low-Sugar Snacks”, “10-Minute At-Home Workout”, or “Essential Guide to My Fitness Pal”.

  • provide answers and solutions
    Share relevant and reliable information with the people using your app, or those interested in your niche. 

Flo, the period tracking app, uses its blog to teach women about contraception, personal hygiene, ovulation, feminine products, and other similar topics.

Your blog can be the source of information, news, and entertainment that your current and potential app users will gladly turn to. In case you need help with writing, check out TrustMyPaper, Studicus or GrabMyEssay.


  • WordPress
  • Medium
  • Custom blog CMS
  1. Use Social Media

Did you know that there are more than 3.8 billion social media users worldwide? The number is enough for you to understand and embrace the importance of being present on social media.

Consider creating profiles on the leading social media platforms that your target audience prefers using. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or some other platform, make sure that you use it to connect with your audience.

So, how can you use social media to create engaging content for your mobile app? Here’ what we suggest:

  • Show satisfied users
    If you take a look at LinkedIn’s Instagram page, you’ll discover that they’ve lately been dedicating their entire profile to sharing stories about the satisfied users who’ve advanced in their careers using their app.
  • Promote blog posts
    A single captivating social media image can draw the attention of your users. Use the caption to invite them to read about a trending topic on your blog, and include a link.
  • Publish weekly announcements
    uses Instagram to announce their Artist of the Week and invite their followers to check out their music on the app.
  • Communicate with your users

Social media is great for establishing direct communication with your app’s users. You can answer their questions in DM or comments, and show how much you appreciate them.

Netflix is a great example of using social media to engage with followers. They recently asked their Instagram followers to leave a comment with a single emoji they use most often, and Netflix suggested which show to watch based on that.

  • Create surveys

Another way to engage your users is to ask them questions and do little surveys on social media. You can create an Instagram Story survey and ask them about an opinion, their desires and preferences.

Finally, let’s not forget targeted social media advertising that can be super-precise and help you get more followers and, as a result, more users.

Make sure that everything you publish is proofread and accurate. Use BestEssayEducation or Grammarly if you need help.

  1. Share User-Generated Content

When people search for things online, they like to see what other people have to say about a certain brand. People prefer reading a recommendation of a real-life customer and learn from their experience.

This is why you should start using user-generated content (UGC).

85% of users say UGC is more influential in their decisions than brand-generated photos or videos. Therefore, UGC should be a part of your overall content marketing strategy.

You can use it in numerous ways:

  • reviews & ratings
    Your rating in the app store is important. Pay attention to what users are saying. If they have a complaint, try attending to it. If they leave a positive comment, thank them.
  • images
    Social media is a great place for inviting people to create UGC. You can ask them to use a certain hashtag or tag you in their photos. Then you can repost their photos, just like Airbnb does with their users’ favorite accommodations and locations.

Show your potential users what your active users have to say and how they feel about using your app. This will be the additional encouragement they need to start using your app.

  1. Collect Feedback

Finally, you should always aim at getting direct feedback from your users. This is a great way to learn how they feel, what they need, and what segments of your app need improvement.

We suggest you rely on:

  • in-app feedback
    Create a segment within your app that allows users to leave you a short text message. Once you review their message, send them an answer via the app or directly to their mail.

Make sure to treat their feedback as valuable data and use it to improve your content and your services.

Asking for feedback is also possible through social media and directly on your website. If you ask the right questions, you’ll be able to learn more about how your users feel.

  1. Use PR

Post your new by Press Releases Sources – Get 20 Free Websites.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing is a strong advertising tool that can potentially skyrocket the success of your mobile app. However, you have to ensure you’re doing it properly and your content is highly engaging.

Use the advice provided above to improve your current content marketing strategy or create a new one from scratch.