7 Tips for Improving Your Architectural Visualization Skills in Rendering

When you design your 3D render, you can turn it into an asset for a usable game (walking tour), a VR game, a video or an image. These are your end products. This article offers tips on the design process and offers tips on camera placement so that your end product looks a little more realistic.

My article can be helpful for individuals who are interested in improving their architectural visualization skills, particularly those who work in 3D rendering, game design, virtual reality, and photography. It can also be useful for architects, designers, and artists who want to enhance their understanding of real-world lighting, camera angles, atmosphere, and edge rounding in their visualizations.

1 – Try to Recreate Real-World Lighting

This is a tough one to describe, but it all revolves around understanding how light works in real life. For example, in real life, smaller light sources may make certain areas appear darker than they are. Such as if you imagine a club with overhead lights.

Imagine you put lights along the forward-facing part of the nightclub bar. These lights would actually make the shadows under the bar much darker. If you put a candle in your garden while in the sunlight, it doesn’t create light on the surfaces around it. Digital renders will often add some sort of lighting effect around small light sources when in real life they wouldn’t create produce any light into the surrounding areas.

2 – Use a Realistic Camera Angle

This rule has changed a little bit now that drones allow people to see all sorts of weird angles in real life. Nevertheless, if you are trying to sell the idea of a realistic house or building, then only give fly-over shots. When you take other shots, position your camera at the sort of height and position you would expect if a human took the photo.

3 – Test and Re-Test

Have you ever seen those old Disney animators who used to do it all on paper? They would draw a little, pull up the first sheet to check their work, look at the previous frame, put down the paper and draw the next bit, check the last frame and so forth. They used to do it all very quickly so that all you heard was a room of people crinkling paper as they worked.

As a digital artist, you can get a preview of a single frame if you don’t mind waiting, but if you want to check your work, you need to use a rendering service like RebusFarm. Like the Disney artists, it is highly recommended that you keep checking your work (though not as often obviously). A brilliant way to improve is to send off a full render for processing at the end of your working day/shift. Don’t look at the render until you download it the next morning. That way, you can see your design’s perfections and flaws with fresh eyes when you start work again.

4 – Create a Believable Atmosphere

When most people think of this, they think of creating the sort of scary fog you see in horror games like Silent Hill 2, but that is not strictly the case. You can create atmosphere with the weather, such as throwing a few clouds in the sky, but you can also do it with lighting effects and even with the glare from reflections.

When an image looks clinical and sterile, it looks less realistic. Study a number of real photographs to see the subtle way that the atmosphere affects the end result.

5 – Don’t Use Lens Effects or Filters

This is more of a modern mistake. People think that lens flare makes a scene or photograph look more realistic, but it really doesn’t. Camera effects do not make a scene look realistic either. If your scene doesn’t look realistic to start with, then these effects and filters only change the flavor of unrealistic. Compare them side by side, and you may decide that the filters make it look better, but they don’t make it look more realistic. They just obscure the issue and make it more difficult to create a fair comparison.

6 – Use Imperfections Very Sparingly

This is another artistic nuance you need to understand. The imperfections you add, such as dirt, need to be super subtle. In real life, building brickworks don’t always have cracks in them, and windows don’t always have reflective imperfections. When you think about imperfections, consider the logic and then scale it down. For example, did the rain kick up a tiny bit of dirt onto the bottom of the building? If so, take how much dirt you would have added and lower it by about 55%.

7 – Understand Edge Rounding

The first point on this list, a recreating real-world lighting, was something you learn from years of experience and it includes a lot of artistic nuances. This point is the same. Buildings can have sharp edges, but you have to imagine that you are taking a photo with a real camera, and the further you walk away from a sharp edge, the duller (rounder) it appears. This is because our eyes cannot see very sharp edges from far away. That is why some 3D render designers will round edges a little so that their photos and videos look more realistic.


This article provides tips for improving architectural visualization skills, including recreating real-world lighting, using a realistic camera angle, testing and re-testing, creating a believable atmosphere, avoiding lens effects and filters, using imperfections sparingly, and understanding edge rounding. These tips can help make 3D renders look more realistic and improve their overall quality.

  1. The article provides tips for improving architectural visualization skills, including recreating real-world lighting, using a realistic camera angle, testing and retesting, creating a believable atmosphere, and understanding edge rounding.
  2. To make a 3D render look more realistic, it is important to understand how light works in real life and to try to recreate real-world lighting.
  3. Testing and retesting is important when creating architectural visualizations, and using a rendering service like RebusFarm can be helpful in checking your work.
  4. It’s important to create a believable atmosphere in your render, which can be achieved through weather effects, lighting effects, and reflections.
  5. Using imperfections and understanding edge rounding are artistic nuances that can help make architectural visualizations look more realistic. Imperfections should be used sparingly and rounded edges can make buildings look more natural.

How to legally hire software developer in Latin America for your Tech Startup

Are you a tech startup on the hunt for the perfect software developer?

South America is quickly becoming an attractive destination for tech startups looking to get that competitive edge in their industry. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to legally hire a software developer in South America, so you can make sure you have the right person on board to help your business succeed.

Let’s get started!

Over 1 million software developers can be found in Latin America.

Starting a new tech business often involves hiring employees from other countries. We can call it latam offshoring. If you wish to hire a software developer from South America, there are a number of legal considerations you should take into account. Knowing the relevant local laws and regulations in the country you plan to hire from, and understanding the associated compliance requirements, will help ensure that your hiring process is efficient and compliant with applicable laws.

Developing a solid understanding of all applicable regulations relating to international employment in South America will help ensure that your company is able to successfully hire individuals while avoiding penalties or fines. In this article, we examine some of the key considerations involved in legally hiring software developers from South America for a tech startup:

But before going overseas, learn more about the peculiarities of software development in Latin America.

Understanding the Legal Requirements

Before hiring a software developer in South America, it is important to understand what is required for the successful compliance of all legal requirements. The regulations and laws vary from country to country, and so do the visa rules.

To hire a latam software developer abroad, you must first obtain either a work permit or a contract of employment. Depending on your company structure and the type of work the software developer will be doing, this will dictate which option is best for you.

You should also research the legal requirements on how long your employee can actually stay in the country before they must return home – again influenced by their visa rules and contractual limits between you as employer and them as employee.

It is important to note that when hiring software developers abroad, your team may need to retain IT experts to ensure that any digital information they collect while abroad complies with both local privacy laws as well as those of your home country. This data protection task should be part of all job offers made to potential foreign nationals abroad.

As an employer, you are also responsible for ensuring that your foreign employees have appropriate working conditions and access to essential workplace rights such as workplace health benefits – all based on local labor laws in each respective location where you plan on hiring someone from abroad.

Finally, companies should research any specific international tax obligations they may have when hiring software workers in South America or other countries around the world. All these steps are particularly important not only ensuring that their operation abides by laws but also protects its reputation – due diligence on these issues can’t be overlooked if wanting to conduct business successfully in new regions like South America for tech startups!

3 Benefits of Hiring a Software Developer in South America

When considering the global technology landscape, South America provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and mid-market businesses seeking to hire software developers. In addition to providing access to world-class tech talent, there are a variety of advantages to hiring software developers from South American countries.

  • Cost of labour is much more competitive in many South American markets compared to North America or Europe. This enables startups and mid-market companies an increase in their budget for other expenses or operations – such as marketing, research or product development – or even help save money that can be reinvested elsewhere.
  • As many South American countries are part of smaller global economies, their governments have taken measures to encourage startups and innovation by offering attractive tax incentives for foreign investors. This can help reduce the cost of labor even further and ensure that tech companies get a fair market rate for the work they seek from contract workers and remote employees.
  • Lastly, establishing solid interpersonal connections with people from different regions can go a long way in helping create meaningful bonds with potential customers and suppliers when launching technologies internationally. When reaching across borders it is important that companies develop understanding about cultural differences as well as regulatory frameworks in order to effectively navigate this new environment and make successful partnerships in this new global economy.

Where to Find Qualified Software Developers in Latin America?

When it comes to finding the right software developer for your startup, you may be wondering how and where to go about obtaining the necessary legal information for successful hiring in South America. There are several resources available that can provide a comprehensive view of the legal requirements necessary for acquiring qualified software developers in this region.

To start, many venture capital firms and accelerators which operate in South America are knowledgeable of local recruiting laws that regulate hiring contractors, either full-time or freelance. They can help you understand the legal implications associated with hiring software developers and make sure that your new hires will comply with all applicable regulations before they begin work with your startup.

Furthermore, if you have an established network of programmers and tech professionals or have used online job boards previously to advertise positions, then there are some specific steps you should take to ensure a smooth transition into choosing new developers from South American countries. For example, since foreign talent has different rules than domestic employees in terms of work visa eligibility requirements and taxes imposed, doing research beforehand on whether or not candidates have appropriate qualifications is essential. Additionally, having a contract set up outlining details such as terms of service, payment model (e.g., hourly rate or project-based wage), job description/project scope and timeline expectations is also vitally important when trying to bring on software developers from this region.

Overall, networking with other tech startups and keeping abreast of global changes to legal policies pertaining to foreign labor practices is one way entrepreneurs can maximize their chances at finding qualified software developers from South America for their tech startup. Doing thorough research on individual compliance issues beforehand is another key step entrepreneurs can take when seeking out highly skilled employees from overseas locations like South America for successful contracting solutions going forward.

How to Vet Potential Candidates?

When searching for a software developer for your tech startup, it’s important to take the time to vet potential candidates. In South America, there are numerous resources available to help you make sure you’re hiring the right person. Depending on your business’s individual needs and goals, candidates should be able to demonstrate their programming skills, demonstrate ethical standards associated with software development and possess a solid understanding of the business’s mission and values.

To ensure that the best qualifications possible are present in each potential hire, use the following suggestions:

  • Request coding abilities be assessed through evaluation tests or past projects.
  • Require potential hires provide references who can verify their professionalism and ability to problem-solve when coding challenges arise.
  • Ask them about compliance measures – Core web development applications such as JavaScript/AJAX must comply with various international laws such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). If a developer is not familiar with existing regulations, it is advisable to avoid them as non-compliance will become an issue at some point in the future.
  • Ask questions about security measures – A secure code should have no major vulnerabilities due customer data standard encryption protocols are followed such as AES (Advanced Encryption Algorithm). Basic security frameworks must also be followed such OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).
  • Compare quotes from different providers – Fees vary depending on several factors including experience level and company reputation so you want to get several quotes before making a decision. The lowest quote may not necessarily mean poor quality – read every assessment report properly and compare it with others before optimizing your code budget according to market trends in South America.
  • Assess cultural compatibility of each candidate – Work culture is an important factor when crafting successful teams in any region, South America included – analyze how well aligned long term interests align between your company goals and those of each candidate you interview while balancing overall project objectives alongside candidate fitment into existing teams prior or after hire date.

Negotiating Terms and Agreements

Before you start negotiations, it’s important to understand the specific labor laws and regulations in South America. Many countries in South America have individual laws governing the options available for hiring a software developer, including immigration regulations and visa requirements. It is also important to take into consideration cultural factors that may influence negotiations and agreement terms.

Once you have a good understanding of your legal responsibilities as an employer, you can begin to negotiate terms and agreements with potential software developers. Consider key points such as:

  • the salary or hourly rate offered,
  • duration of employment,
  • benefits packages,
  • rights to ownership of intellectual property produced during or related to the employment agreement etc.

Prepare a comprehensive outline that includes all relevant details so that your developer understands exactly what is expected from them before signing an agreement.

When possible, it may be beneficial for both parties involved to consult with legal professionals for additional guidance throughout the process. A qualified lawyer can help ensure that all necessary steps are taken before both sides agree upon a contract and signing it off for legal ratification. This will help ensure that all parties are fully aware of their respective rights and obligations throughout the business arrangement, making sure everyone involved is fairly treated in compliance with applicable regulations.

Tips for Working with Software Developers in South America

Before beginning the hiring process, it is important to understand the restrictions on foreign employees in South America. In some countries, visas and permits may be required for foreign employees working with technology companies. It is also important to understand the wages and labor policies of each country you are looking to hire from, as wage costs may vary significantly from region to region.

  • Understanding technical skills, background, and experience requirements for the software developer position
  • Providing a detailed job description before interviewing candidates
  • Asking questions about past projects and experiences, technology companies or startups in South America
  • Checking for skills in software development environments like AngularJS or JavaScript
  • Inquiring about specific methods used to resolve coding issues
  • Identifying suitable candidates for employment in tech startup
  • Negotiating salary and benefits through HR representatives
  • Considering non-wage incentives such as company car schemes in South America
  • Discussing relevant labor laws before entering contract discussions
  • Sending official offer letters and signed contracts once terms are agreed upon.

Ultimately, hiring qualified software developers in South America requires research and knowledge regarding labor laws but provides access to an excellent pool of well trained professionals who can help grow any tech startup venture.

101: Why do you need Latam coders?

In conclusion, hiring the right software developer for your tech startup in South America (Brasil, Argentina or Colombia) is an important decision that can have lasting implications for the success of your business.

Legally hiring a software developer can be a complex process that involves investigating local laws in the country where they will be based and understanding their legal rights as workers.

Why is Zero-Based Budgeting important in App Development?

Zero-based budgeting is an approach to budgeting where the budget starts from zero and every expense must be justified for each budget period. This approach is particularly important in app development because it allows companies to allocate resources efficiently and effectively based on the current needs of the project.

Zero-based budgeting is a budgeting method that requires all expenses to be justified and approved in each new budget period. It was developed by Peter Pyhrr in the 1970s. This budgeting method analyzes an organization’s needs and costs by starting from a “zero base” at the beginning of every period. Wikipedia

Four Reasons

Here are some reasons why zero-based budgeting (ZBB) is important in app development:

  1. Aligns budget with project needs: In app development, project needs can change rapidly, and traditional budgeting methods may not be able to accommodate those changes. Zero-based budgeting ensures that the budget is aligned with the current needs of the project, which can lead to more efficient resource allocation.
  2. Encourages cost-saving measures: ZBB requires every expense to be justified, which can encourage app development teams to find cost-saving measures. This can lead to more efficient use of resources, which can ultimately result in a better return on investment.
  3. Increases accountability: With zero-based budgeting, each expense must be justified, which increases accountability throughout the app development process. This can lead to better decision-making and a greater sense of ownership among team members.
  4. Promotes transparency: ZBB can promote greater transparency in the budgeting process, as all expenses must be justified and approved by multiple stakeholders. This can help to build trust among team members and stakeholders, which can ultimately lead to a more successful app development project.

Here are some of the Key Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Increased efficiency: Zero-based budgeting ensures that every expense is justified, which can lead to more efficient use of resources in app development.
  2. Greater flexibility: Because ZBB requires companies to start from scratch with each budget period, it allows for greater flexibility and the ability to reallocate resources based on changing priorities and needs.
  3. Encourages innovation: Zero-based budgeting can encourage innovation in app development, as it requires companies to think critically about each expense and find more cost-effective and efficient solutions.
  4. Improved accountability: With ZBB, every expense must be justified, which can increase accountability and encourage better decision-making throughout the app development process.


  1. Time-consuming: Zero-based budgeting can be more time-consuming than traditional budgeting methods, as it requires companies to start from scratch with each budget period and justify every expense.
  2. Requires significant planning and coordination: ZBB requires significant planning and coordination to ensure that every expense is properly justified and aligned with the current needs of the business.
  3. Potential for cost-cutting: While zero-based budgeting is not solely focused on cost-cutting, there is a risk that it could lead to cutting corners or sacrificing quality in order to stay within budget constraints.
  4. May not be suitable for all app development projects: Zero-based budgeting may not be suitable for all app development projects, particularly those that have well-established budgeting processes or that are focused on maintaining existing systems rather than innovating.

Overall, while there are some potential drawbacks to ZBB in app development, the benefits of increased efficiency, greater flexibility, and improved accountability can make it an effective approach for many companies. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and carefully consider whether this approach is the right fit for your particular app development project.

Five myths of Zero-Based Budgeting in Startups

Zero-based budgeting is a time-consuming process that requires cutting costs and can be inflexible and risky, but it is not just for large companies.

There are several myths associated with zero-based budgeting in startups. Here are some common ones:

  1. Zero-based budgeting is only for large companies: While zero-based budgeting was first developed for large companies, it can be just as effective for startups. In fact, zero-based budgeting can be particularly helpful for startups that are looking to allocate resources efficiently and effectively.
  2. Zero-based budgeting is too time-consuming: While it’s true that zero-based budgeting requires more time and effort than traditional budgeting methods, it doesn’t have to be overly time-consuming. With the right tools and processes in place, zero-based budgeting can be streamlined and efficient.
  3. Zero-based budgeting requires cutting costs: While ZBB can help companies identify areas where they can cut costs, it’s not solely focused on cost-cutting. Rather, it’s about ensuring that every expense is justified and aligned with the current needs of the business.
  4. Zero-based budgeting is inflexible: Some people believe that zero-based budgeting is inflexible because it requires every expense to be justified. However, this approach actually allows for greater flexibility, as it allows companies to reallocate resources as needed based on changing priorities and needs.
  5. Zero-based budgeting is too risky: Some people believe that zero-based budgeting is too risky because it requires companies to start from scratch with each budget period. However, this approach can actually be less risky than traditional budgeting methods, as it ensures that every expense is justified and aligned with the current needs of the business.

Overall, while there may be some misconceptions about ZBB in Startups, this approach can be an effective way to allocate resources and ensure that every expense is justified and aligned with the current needs of the business.

What are the characteristics of zero-based budgeting?

The four characteristics of zero-based budgeting are: a bottom-up approach, a focus on justification and analysis, a periodic reassessment of expenses, and a emphasis on planning and goal-setting.

Bottom line

Overall, zero-based budgeting can be an effective approach to budgeting in app development, as it allows for greater flexibility, cost-saving measures, accountability, and transparency throughout the budgeting process.

Main Features of Trading in the Future

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is higher than the budget of some states. This opens up great opportunities for making money on virtual money. Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most promising ways to make a profit, along with mining.

The Future of Trading Technology

Cryptocurrency has been promising to change the way the world does finance for over a decade. However, only now has the technology really caught up to expectations. Trading is now done all over the world using blockchain technology. More importantly, it has now gone beyond just trading cryptocurrencies and extended to traditional assets trading too. 

Here’s an overview of the future of trading technology that’s being built right now and the features you can expect to rule trading. 

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Cryptocurrency trading is simply the buying and selling of cryptocurrency tokens. It’s not too different from other forms of trading like precious metals, currencies, and stocks. The goal of trading is to buy low and sell high to make a profit. You can do this in several ways, but the most popular is to use a specially built cryptocurrency exchange. 

There is one big difference, however. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, probably the most volatile market that’s ever existed. The price of a cryptocurrency can both skyrocket and tank at a moment’s notice. That’s what makes it so exciting for many traders. 

Features of Investing in Cryptocurrency

Out of the 11,000+ cryptocurrencies in existence, Bitcoin trading is still the most popular. It’s been revolutionizing the investment world for the last decade with its groundbreaking features. 

The first is its truly limited supply. There are a total of 21 million bitcoins that will ever exist, and that’s it. Some are locked away and will be distributed to miners over time, but nobody can ever create more than that. Supply and demand determine the price, and as the demand has been growing while the supply stayed constant, the price has been going up. This is why so many investors are so excited to risk their money to invest in Bitcoin. 

On top of long-term investment prospects, cryptocurrency is great for day-trading too. There are very low costs and barriers to entry compared to other traditional markets. It means people all over the world are trading and betting on the price of cryptocurrencies day-to-day. 

There is another unique way to earn money with cryptocurrency called mining. It is the process of using the processing power of your computer to help secure the Bitcoin (or another crypto) network. It’s difficult to get into crypto mining, but it’s extremely profitable if you can get it right. 

Trading with Tokenized Assets

One of the key innovations of blockchain technology is tokens. These are unique digital assets that live on the blockchain such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. They are cryptographically secure, can be traded instantly and seamlessly anywhere in the world, and can represent any kind of asset in the real world. That last point is important. 

These new kinds of digital assets are being used to trade all kinds of real-world items. For example, Tether is a digital token that’s pegged to the US Dollar. One Tether token has the same value as one US Dollar. But, unlike US Dollars, Tether tokens can be traded instantly and almost free across the globe on cryptocurrency networks. 

The same principle applies to other valuable things. You can invest in gold-backed cryptocurrencies to gain exposure to the gold price on the blockchain. Many cryptocurrency startups are issuing shares as tokens. You no longer need to be an accredited investor to profit from the rise of these new companies. You simply log in to crypto exchange and buy that startup’s tokenized shares.

There are places you can even buy stocks of such companies as Tesla, Amazon, and Apple. However, this trend has caught on so quickly that regulators are getting worried it’s causing risks for the whole stock market. 

Despite the challenges, this new way of trading is extremely popular and is expected to keep growing. 

Is it profitable to mine crypto in 2023?


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Features of Trading Technologies

Tokenized assets trading can give you the same profit as traditional investment trading, but, with a few additional benefits, too. 

First, trading traditional investments as tokens allows you to trade your crypto and other assets on the same platform. You can keep track of your whole portfolio of bitcoin, crypto, tokens, gold, shares, and anything else all in the same dashboard. It makes the trading experience easy and seamless, but it also helps you keep track of everything in a uniform way to reduce your risk of bias or of missing something important. 

The second feature is security. When you buy a tokenized asset, you don’t just open a position on that asset. You receive a protected token on the blockchain. However, you do need to understand one thing. Digital tokens backed by currencies, stocks, or other assets are only as good as the organization that underpins them. For example, Tether is an incredible digital token that makes it seamless to trade US Dollars, and these tokens are safe in ways that US Dollars aren’t. However, they also rely on the trust and competence of the people who run the Tether project. If the whole Tether project were to collapse, you could own a Tether token that could be worth 0 dollars instead of 1. 

Last are the tools. There are countless crypto trading platforms and apps being developed as we speak. Many of them have advanced features built-in that only the top traders had access to a few years ago. Now, anyone can open an account and take advantage of advanced trading dashboards, statistics, charts, algorithms, and more. 

The Future Is Now

Tokenized trading has already changed the way we think about trading and investing. It’s brought the world of finance, previously limited to a select group with special access, to the entire world. Now, anyone can buy, sell, and trade almost any asset. Moreover, they can trade faster, cheaper, and more broadly than traditional investors could ever dream to. And, the technological tools being developed are helping them do it in a sophisticated way. 

This future world of trading is opening up right now. Will you take advantage of it?

How technologies work in CPA affiliates

A CPA affiliate is an intermediary site, like Vulkan Vegas CPA, that allows website owners (webmasters) to earn extra income and advertisers (partners) to increase their sales using affiliate marketing tools. Let’s understand how CPA affiliates work, what technologies they use and what general data they receive.

Technologies in CPA Partners, how they collect data

What is the difference between CPA affiliates and affiliate programs of individual online stores?

I will say right away that the principle of operation of both programs is the same. The main differences are:

  • number of affiliate programs;
  • tools offered by CPA affiliate program for webmasters.

As a rule, one CPA network contains dozens or even hundreds of affiliate programs of different companies on various topics. Webmaster just needs to register in the system once and start working with several partners at once. There is no need to constantly search for new affiliate programs, as this is done by the network itself.

It is also more convenient to manage the income from affiliate programs, such as V.Partners, because all income is accumulated in one account. Plus, there’s no need to wait until the minimum withdrawal amount to be reached. 

As a rule, CPA networks have more convenient statistics and conversion tracking systems. However, it is not always possible to find the right advertiser in affiliate networks. Some large companies prefer to develop their own platforms for interaction with webmasters.

Choosing CPA tools 

Each affiliate program has a mandatory attribute – advertising tools that allow webmasters to attract visitors to the partner’s website. Let us consider the most popular of them:

  • Affiliate link – always available on the description page of the partner’s offer. The received link can be inserted into your website, newsletter, group in social networks or used in ads for contextual and banner advertising systems.
  • Banner is a classic online advertising tool that leads to the partner’s page. As a rule, the banner already contains an affiliate link. Usually banners of the most popular sizes are available.
  • Teaser is a text link with a picture.
  • Rotator is a script that sequentially displays banners or teaser blocks from a preformed list.
  • Product feed is an upload of selected products in XML or CSV format. All links to products in the feed contain affiliate identifiers. On its basis you can easily create your own affiliate store, product catalog or a regular showcase.

What CPA affiliate programs pay for

There are two types of users in affiliate networks: 

  • advertisers;
  • partners-performers. 

Advertisers offer their offers with all advertising materials. They actually pay money for a specific action: 

  • purchase;
  • subscription to services;
  • re-registration in the game;
  • installation of a mobile application. 

The reward for the action varies depending on the product. Implementing partners advertise products on their resources, and for this they receive profit. 

But you will receive your percentage only in case of sale or subscription to services. The principle of operation of any affiliate: sell – get a certain percentage of sales.

The New Unicorns of 2023

In the US, 78 new unicorns emerged in 2019, 11 more than in 2018. China unicorn creation slowed down substantially in 2019 with 22 new unicorns from a high of 58 in 2018. The next highest count of new unicorns is Germany and Brazil with five, a record for both countries. Israel, India, and the UK all report four new unicorns this year.

Unicorn Funding By Year

To understand 2019 through a different lens, let’s switch gears from the 2019 new unicorn cohort to funding to all unicorn companies. In 2019 unicorn companies raised $85.1 billion — down from 2018 at $139 billion, and 2017 at $93.8 billion.

Despite concerns about a changed venture funding market after WeWork pulled their IPO on Sept. 30 2019, funding to unicorns was up quarter over quarter by 11 percent, but the quarter was down year over year by 54 percent. It is worth noting that 2018 included two of the largest rounds ever to unicorn companies with $14 billion invested in Ant Financial, and $12.8 billion in Juul. However, these two rounds alone do not account for all the increased funding to unicorns in 2018. We fully expect 2019 invested dollars to increase at a greater rate than prior years as new unicorns are minted in 2020.

2019 Unicorn Cohort

2019 new unicorn companies collectively added $216 billion to unicorn valuations, and $50.5 billion in equity funding in total over time. The leading sectors for 2019 unicorns were in Financial Services, Commerce and Shopping, Data and Analytics, Transportation, SaaS, and Health Care.

The five most highly valued new unicorns include:

  • Uber Advanced Technologies Group ($7.3 billion) the autonomous vehicles subsidiary from Uber
  • JD Health ($7 billion) an e-commerce platform for pharmaceutical products
  • Databricks ($6.2 billion) unifying customer analytics
  • CloudKitchens ($5 billion) Travis Kalanick’s smart kitchens for food delivery
  • Rivian ($5 billion) a sustainable automotive technology company

Six companies that became unicorns in 2019 and also went public in the same year, listed in order of IPO valuation, are:

All of these companies had an increased valuation at their IPO over their last private funding round in 2019, ranging from 25 percent for Health Catalyst to 189 percent for 10X Genomics.

Investors In The 2019 Unicorn Cohort

With $50 billion invested in this new unicorn cohort, it is interesting to look at the investors fueling the growth of these companies. The most active investors in companies that became unicorns in 2019 by portfolio count include the following:

Insight Partners with 13 portfolio companies, Spark Capital and Tiger Global Management with 11, New Enterprise Associates, GV, General Atlantic, and SV Angel at 10. This list of investors includes a mix of early and late stage venture, corporate venture, and private equity/alternative investors all actively seeking stakes in highly valued venture backed companies.

The most active investors by deal count, which showcases investors who are in multiple rounds for companies who joined the unicorn ranks in 2019 include the following: New Enterprise Associates in 30 rounds, Insight Partners (26), Kleiner Perkins and GV (25), Accel and Spark Capital (24).

2019 Unicorns By Founders

While there is no shortage in funding for these high-value companies, there remains a discrepancy between the number of male and female founders that reach the coveted unicorn status. Five (4 percent) of new unicorns in 2019 had female-only founders and 16 (12 percent) were co-founded by a female-male team. Overall, 114 (84 percent) unicorns in 2019 had male-only founders.

Illustration: Dom Guzman

Best 10 Places for College Students to Find Part-Time Job

If you are a college student, chances are that you need extra cash to buy your school materials, pay for accommodation, or use it on vacation or anything else.

If you are a college student, chances are that you need extra cash to buy your school materials, pay for accommodation, or use it on vacation or anything else. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until you graduate to start working. There are plenty of part-time jobs for college students. So, this means you can earn money as you study.

Some of these jobs include:

  1. Babysitting 

This is a popular job among college students because of the flexibility that it offers. Depending on the age of the children, you may have to work afternoons. Some of the things you will be doing as a babysitter include, helping school-age children with their homework, performing household chores, taking the kids on playdates, preparing meals, etc.

The average hourly rate for a babysitter is $16.75 for one child and $19.26 for two kids.

  1. Tutor

As a tutor, you will help students with their homework, discuss and review assignments, and many other things. Tutoring jobs can be found in various places. So, if you think you have what it takes to be a tutor, you can check online or remotely for opportunities.

An entry-level Tutor with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $14.55/h.

  1. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the most flexible and well-paying jobs for college students. Some sites hire freelance writers. Although some of these freelancing wring jobs require some training, most of them don’t. 

An entry-level Freelancer with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $10/hr.

  1. Delivery person

A delivery driver picks up and delivers packages, including food, mail, etc. A delivery person may use a car or bike, or foot to deliver these packages. If you are interested in being a delivery person, you can look for restaurants hiring near me that could be hiring delivery persons.

Delivery person with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $13 – $18/hr +Tips.

  1. Barista

A barista is a person who makes beverages, especially coffee beverages. Baristas generally work in coffee and tea shops, but they can also work in bars that serve coffee.

Barista with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $13.5/hr +Tips.

  1. Petsitter

If you love pets, then you can use that hobby to make money. You can be a petsitter. This job pays well, and it pays even better if you have experience working with non-traditional pets like farm animals and horses. Some of the duties you will be doing as a petsitter include walking the dog, feeding and cleaning the pet, administering medicine, etc. 

A Dog Sitter in your area makes on average $15 per hour.

Beautiful fitness boxing gym. She wears a pink boxing glove and wears exercise. Sandbag is a pair of punches.
  1. Fitness instructor

If you are a fitness freak who spends most of the time at the college’s fitness center, then you may consider becoming a gym instructor. Most gyms are usually on the lookout for talented gym instructors, so you can make money while doing what you love. If you live in an apartment complex with gym facilities like these apartments for rent in Garland, then you should try applying to be a gym instructor and have your neighbors as your clients.

  1. Brand ambassador

Another perfect job for college students is the brand ambassador (wiki link). As a brand ambassador, you need to raise a company’s brand awareness and increase sales if possible. You can achieve this by representing the brand and talking about it positively. You can be a brand ambassador for a restaurant, sports team, hospitality firm, etc.

  1. Administrative assistant

The administrative assistant is also another job that suits college students, especially those students who are pursuing careers that require administrative skills, such as office management, accounting, HR, etc. Some of the duties you can do as an administrative assistant include answering phones, data entry, recordkeeping, etc.

  1. Restaurant host

This is also another job that offers flexibility to students. A restaurant host greets guests as they enter the restaurant, and then seats them at a table. They may also assist with servers. This job pays well, too. 

Important Considerations when Recruiting Senior Staff in Dubai (UAE)

Recruiting senior staff is quite different from hiring entry-level staff. That’s because the pool of candidates in this group is very narrow. Moreover, you need to thoroughly vet a candidate because he or she will have a lot of authority over the organization in MENA region.  

Knowing what to look for hiring a senior staff can help you find a suitable candidate who can help your business grow.  

When it comes to recruiting senior staff, employers have two options. You can:

  • Post ads and search for the staff yourself on jobboards;
  • Contact an agency to help you find the best worker according to your requirements.

Both approaches have their pros and cons. But generally, most employers prefer to contact a recruitment agency to help them look for the best candidates. Besides, these agencies know some of the strategies that they can use to get the best hires.

Most employers prefer to contact a recruitment agency to help them look for the best candidates

Important considerations when recruiting a senior-level position in the UAE

When recruiting senior staff in UAE, there are plenty of essential considerations to help you get the best candidate. Whether you are looking for senior staff to fill an executive position for a short period, or you want the staff permanently, these are some of the considerations you have to put in mind.

  1. Skills and qualifications

When it comes to hiring a senior staff in the UAE, one of the essential things you need to do is to clearly define the skills and qualifications you are looking for in the candidates. The best thing you can do is to outline the business needs so you can set your expectations, hence helping you to identify the best candidate. Moreover, when recruiting senior staff, their qualifications should be a priority. The last thing you want to do is to hire unqualified candidates.

  1. Personality traits

You should also clearly define what traits you want in senior staff. The personality traits play a significant role in determining how the senior staff will manage the team as well as engage with the departments within the organization. And of course, you don’t want to hire a candidate whose behaviors and character don’t align with those of your business. 

  1. Set realistic expectations

When looking for the senior staff, you need to hire someone who can engage with your team regardless of their skills or background. Experienced and qualified senior staff can take your business higher, but they can also run the risk of bringing down the performance of the company. So before you hire the senior staff, it’s a good idea to set clear expectations so that the potential hires know what is expected from them.

Why you should contact a recruiting agency when hiring senior staff?

Why is it important to contact a recruiting agency when recruiting senior staff in Dubai? Well, there are plenty of benefits if you let recruiting agencies help you find the best candidates for your business. These benefits include:

  • They will be able to find matched talent for your organization
  • They have wide access to passive candidates
  • They will assist you through the recruitment process
  • Assistance with all the paperwork

What Kind of Financial Obligation Do Kids Have to Their Parents?

A biological parent has a legal obligation to pay child support to provide for their child’s essential living expenditures, which include providing them with food, clothes, a place to sleep, medical treatment, and education. 

It is the obligation of a parent who does not have custody of the child(ren) to make regular payments to the parent who does have custody of the child(ren). 

When one parent is no longer the child’s main caretaker or no longer resides in the same household as that child, the responsibility shifts to the other parent, a circumstance like this may have arisen at the end of a divorce, a separation during the marriage, or the fact that the parents were never married.

In this manner, even if the parents of a child younger than 18 no longer live together, they continue to share parental responsibility for the child. 

For example, let’s say that both parents want to ensure that they have equal input into crucial, long-term choices about their child’s well-being and development, and they want to make this a legal obligation. In such instances, they need to create or ask the court for an order that provides equal shared parental responsibility. 

“Key long-term considerations” include where a child will go to school, major choices about their health, and adherence to a religious tradition.

What does the bible say about helping parents financially?

According to the Ten Commandments: “Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God commanded you…”.
In 1 Timothy 5:3-4: “… But if a widow has children or grandchildren, let them first learn to show godliness to their own household and to make some return to their parents …”.

Responsibility for children’s finances

The fact that you and your child have disagreed does not absolve you of your responsibility to fulfill any financial commitments that you have to your child. If this is the case, a parent may intentionally alienate their child to provide an excuse for why they do not want to contribute. 

For example, imagine that the private school your child should attend is more costly than the public schools in their home state. If this is the case, stating that your obligation is limited to the public school price may be considered unreasonable by a court, which may lead a judge to order you to pay a bigger portion of the obligation and the legal expenses connected with the application.

Imagine that your child does not enroll in a college degree program at a recognized vocational school after graduating. If it’s the scenario, then there is a presumption that he is emancipated at that time, and you are likely entitled to a termination of any future financial assistance that is being provided. 

In this situation, the parent paying child support has the right to petition the court for an order terminating his child’s support and any other connected duties following the kid’s graduation from high school.

Suppose your child has turned 18 or graduated from high school but is not immediately enrolling in college or a trade school, and the other parent is unwilling to voluntarily cooperate with the entry of an order for termination of the support obligation. 

In that case, you must apply to the court to terminate the obligation to pay child support. However, when the parent wants to cooperate with the entry of an order voluntarily, then you will not need to make this application.

As this is completely understandable for parents to want to assist their children in pursuing high educational goals, the next “common” issue that faces divorced parents in this state is the question of who makes the decision regarding the child’s school placement and who is responsible for paying the costs associated with the child’s attendance at that school. 

The payment of child support for a college student is not the same as the payment of the college costs that a student incurs. Both the obligation to pay child support and the obligation to contribute to the cost of higher education are responsibilities that are placed on parents.

A Guide to Calculating Child Support

The amount of child support owed and who is responsible for paying it are often resolved on a situation basis in a state trial court. The paystubs of parents, their total finances, and the amount of time each parent spends with physical custody of the child all determine the amount of child support to be paid. 

Because it is believed that the custodial parent is already spending most of their income on the child or children, child support is determined based on the income of the parent who does not have basic custody of the child or children. 

The financial obligation for child support is split between the two parents so that the total amount of assistance provided is comparable to what it would be if the parents cohabited and split their living costs evenly.


After the parents have separated, they each are responsible for providing financial support for the child, even though the child may reside with either parent. 

Parents can work things out between themselves or apply for a child support evaluation.

When choosing choices for their children, the most important thing for parents to remember is what will be in their child’s best interests. 

After having collaborative conversations, most parents who are no longer together can agree on the care of their children. Family mediation services may assist the parents in reaching a resolution or compromise acceptable to both parties if the parents cannot agree on their children’s post-separation care.

It can be very difficult when a child’s parents divorce or break up. But, on the other hand, it would be helpful if you concentrated on what is best for your children’s better future.

Top Reasons Why You Should Outsource e-Commerce Development

More and more companies are choosing website development outsourcing as their preferred path for getting things done. In this article, we’ll talk about a specific type of web development, eCommerce, and the top reasons why businesses and digital agencies choose this type of business model.

What Is eCommerce Website Development?

E-commerce web development is the design and development of a website for a store where customers can purchase goods online. Online stores let businesses reach a wider audience (nationwide or worldwide) which allows for a greater targeted customer reach and increased revenue.

eCommerce website development covers the technical aspects of bringing an online store to life. This service comprises implementing the necessary functionality coupled with producing the desired design. In short, the main challenges of eCommerce development are:

  • choosing essential functions that consumers need
  • creating user-friendly interfaces combined with outstanding design

Let’s briefly look at the elements to consider during online store website development.

The Ins and Outs of e-Commerce Development 

Online stores have several essential things that should be taken into consideration when creating a website.

Product Inventory Management (PIM)

An online store aims to present products for sale in a way where the arrangement of collections/categories is a must for a successful store. Professional eCommerce web development assumes product inventory as one of the basic features. Moreover, a well-organized eCommerce website shows customers related products, special offers, and discounts which in turn, encourages them to view more items and pick the ones that they want. 

Navigation and User Experience

The ability to navigate through the website easily guarantees a better user experience. Consequently, web development cares about the store’s menu, categories, and navigation bar. Furthermore, filtering and sorting options improve the users’ chances of finding items effortlessly.

Shopping Cart and Checkout Process

Setting up the shopping cart and checkout the correct way is essential for selling. With a well-developed eCommerce site, you won’t have to worry about an abandoned shopping cart because of a substandard design. Likewise, a professional should handle tweaking the way the shipping system flows and adding various shipping and payment options.

Marketing and Communication Tools

Online store development also implies integrating various marketing and communication tools that engage customers and promote sales. These tools include newsletter subscriptions, chat, analytic software, etc.

Website Security and Performance

Due to the fact that online stores deal with payments and sensitive information, their security is of the utmost importance. Professional eCommerce web developers will never ignore the proper implementation of a website’s security. Additionally, they’ll ensure that the website speed will perform as expected even if faced with large amounts of product images or traffic.

The Main Reasons to Outsource eCommerce Development

Spoiler: Outsourcing eCommerce development lets you devote your time to business management and marketing while professionals create an outstanding online store to fit your needs.

Generally, creating a website for a store happens during the initial stages of starting a business. During this period, business owners face hundreds of other issues such as registering a business, opening accounts, estimating risks, managing inventory and warehouses, applying for licenses or permits, finding partners, streamlining projects, etc.

Outsourcing your online store development lets you concentrate on essential business processes, including hiring professionals, building your team, launching marketing campaigns, and so on. Below are additional reasons why outsourcing eCommerce development is beneficial.

Expert Website Development

The first reason to outsource your online store build is the expertise that you get. Trustworthy companies specializing in eCommerce development will have the relevant experience needed to enable them to complete projects quickly.

Even if you have doubts about which platform to use for building an online store, the right professionals will be able to give you a hand. This will help you discover specialized services like WooCommerce, Magento, or Shopify development services that will assist you in meeting your requirements. Top open source services review is in our post.

Developers who have completed numerous projects know development platforms, content management systems, APIs, plugins, and other tools inside and out and can adapt to most any requirements with ease. Skillful developers will help you choose the most appropriate means for managing your products and integrating marketing tools alongside providing user-friendly website designs.

Niche-Specific Customization

The expertise mentioned in the previous section also lets you get an online store adjusted to a specific niche. For instance, a clothing website requires adding product variations (colors, sizes) and sorting filters (style, fit, season, material, occasion, etc.). 

At the same time, a pet store needs to emphasize product categories, featured products, and related items to catch the customers’ attention and encourage them to make a purchase. This means that the website design, development, and functionality should be handled by professionals who have multiple projects under their belt.

Custom Feature Implementation

Besides tweaking your store to meet the needs of your niche, you may want a custom solution to make your store stand out from the competition. A great example of a custom functionality implemented by Shopify experts is a Product Customizer shown below.

This custom solution for the US online jewelry store Young In the Mountains lets users create unique pieces of jewelry by setting their preferred options. This easy-to-understand tool takes people through the process of creating their dream jewelry with ease. Feel free to read more about this custom creation here.

Before hiring an outsourcing team, you can discuss your necessities and vision to make sure that they understand the direction that you want to take. This way, you will be able to get a better understanding of whether the team can provide you with the right custom solution.

Attention to Detail

Experienced eCommerce developers will help you plan the tiniest details of your online store. They should always ask you to provide as much information as possible to ensure that the end results meet your exact expectations. Most likely, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire with the project specifications. This way, the developers can ensure that nothing is overlooked in the process, even parts that clients often don’t consider. 

A reliable eCommerce development company can assist you from the very beginning (such as choosing the right platform or CMS) to the wrap-up phase of your website and post-project recommendations. From the general store layout to the tiniest button customization – you’ll have every aspect covered without having to worry about forgetting any details.

Cost Effectiveness

Outsourcing eCommerce web development saves you money in several ways.

  1. You’ll be able to reduce your payroll. 

An outsourcing company uses its own human resources department which throws the hiring process on someone else’s shoulders.

  1. You can find companies that fit your budget. 

Hiring professionals from developing countries can save you bundles. However, cheaper doesn’t always mean better so make sure that the company you are considering has the skills and expertise to deliver what you need. Once you find the perfect match, it’s a combination that is hard to beat. 

  1. You get scalable solutions for your project. 

Outsourcing eCommerce web development means that you don’t need to worry about hiring different specialists for different project stages. If you trust your eCommerce website creation to a reliable company, they will have an array of specialists on their team to provide you with the maximum flexibility to get the perfect website to meet your needs both now and in the future.

Saving Time and Managerial Efforts

If you outsource your online store development, there’s no need to worry about administrative tasks or spending time finding a good in-house team. Mainly, you don’t need to hire, train, or get adjusted to the work styles of new employees. The right outsourcing company will have a team of professionals ready to embark on the project as soon as they get all the requirements.

In addition, you don’t need to manage the team, track task completion, or find solutions to unexpected situations. The outsourcing team will be happy to provide you with updates regarding your website creation and you’ll get the results without having to deal with any web development management hassles.

Agency Growth with Outsourcing eCommerce Web Development

The reasons we have covered are primarily relevant to businesses who want to launch their eCommerce website. Yet, outsourcing eCommerce development is also beneficial for digital agencies wishing to scale up.

Firstly, outsourcing will provide expert assistance in any sphere where you lack expertise. As we have discussed, online store creation can have many quirks and unknowns. By having the right knowledge on your side, your ability to attract and keep customers will only increase over time.

Secondly, digital agencies can cooperate with outsourcing companies in peak times when their in-house resources are bogged down with other projects. If you feel overwhelmed by your workload, outsourcing is an excellent solution to making sure everything is completed on time and to your customer’s satisfaction.

Conclusion: Why Outsource eCommerce Web Development

To sum it up, outsourcing eCommerce website development provides a ton of advantages for businesses launching a site and digital agencies looking for a partner. The outsourcing company of your choice will provide qualified services and produce a well-tuned online store that meets your requirements. You’ll get niche-specific design and functionality or even custom solutions if so desired. On the same note, outsourcing will save you time and money.

For digital agencies, outsourcing eCommerce development means delegating tasks and completing projects successfully, no matter how challenging the projects are or how many resources are needed.

Role of Auditing in Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the performance of a board of directors and how they determine the company’s values.

Corporate governance is a method by which companies are managed and governed with the aim of enabling effective, entrepreneurial and responsible management.

The board of directors is responsible for governance. The shareholders are responsible for governance. They must appoint directors and auditors to ensure that the company has a good governance structure.

Corporate governance refers to the actions and decisions of a board of directors in determining the company’s values.

Benefits of corporate governance

Corporate success and economic growth are only possible through good corporate governance. Corporate governance is essential for investors to feel confident and for the company to be able raise capital efficiently. It reduces capital costs.

Corporate governance reduces capital costs. The stock price is a benefit. It provides the best incentive for owners and managers to reach goals that are in the best interest of shareholders and the company.

A strong corporate governance system can reduce corruption, mismanagement, and hazards. Corporate governance supports brand building and growth by ensuring that the company is managed according to the interests of all shareholders.

What role does auditing play in corporate governance?

Internal Auditing is an independent, objective consulting and assurance activity that adds value to a company’s operations. It helps companies achieve their goals by using a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of their risk management, control and governance systems.

Governing body: This is the entity responsible for the organization’s overall direction and control. In most cases, auditing serves two purposes. Auditors perform objective and impartial assessments of an organization’s governance structure, as well as the effectiveness of specific governance operations.

They also act as agents to modify, advise, or advocate for improvements in the organization’s governance and procedures. The board of directors and management of a company oversee and create processes that ensure effective governance. These efforts can be supported and enhanced by internal auditors. Auditors should be independent and may not interfere with the development of governance mechanisms.

Auditing is a key tool in effective organizational governance because it provides assurance on the organization’s risk management, control and governance processes.

The maturity of an organization’s governance and structure, as well as its role in the organization and qualifications of auditors will determine which capacity is most important for auditing.

The internal audit function is designed to assist companies with limited governance processes and structures. It provides advice and compares existing structures against regulations, and helps meet compliance requirements.

Auditors can focus on structured governance practices to determine if the company’s components work together, analyze the reporting transparency between its parts and the governance structure, and compare governance best practices.

Internal auditing focuses on governance activities and not just process audits. Internal auditors assess the organization’s governance structure and design. These auditors can assist companies by advising the board and executive management on important upgrades and changes to structure and design. They are not limited to ensuring that existing processes work. This is different from separate audits that provide objective assessments of specific governance actions.

Internal audits are based on data collected over a specific time period from different audit assignments. Internal auditors should be able to assess the accountability of key organizational governance elements and integrate assessments on risk management with critical controls.

These governance activity assessments may include the outcomes of specific board-level governance review work as well as governance issues arising from different audit assignments.

Internal auditors are the board’s catalysts. They can best serve by providing objective, independent information and evaluation. They can help the board learn about culture, tone and ethics, transparency, and how to interact with each other.

Modern internal auditing relies on an organization’s structure to detect, respond to, and manage the various strategic, financial, or compliance risks.

Hire Skilled Analytics For Corporate Governance Auditing

A Corporate Governance Audit can be a helpful approach to ensuring that a company has followed all applicable laws. It also ensures that adequate internal control systems, policies and procedures have been in place to protect the interests of all stakeholders.

Why It Makes Sense to Look After Your Employees

In any business – whether you have an in-house team or a full team of freelancers – employee retention is one of the most important goals. A high rate of employee turnover can be extremely costly, and it can have a negative impact on your team’s morale and your brand reputation. It makes sense to look after your employees and make the necessary changes to improve working conditions should you need to. We’re going to dive into this topic a little further as we explore the high cost of staff turnover and the reasons why every business owner needs to stand up and look after their team members. 

The Cost of Turnover

The cost of staff turnover is often underestimated and the reason for this is the direct monetary costs are easy to tally, but the indirect costs can be more difficult to quantify. There is a niche group of people out there creating careers through job hopping to be aware of. The most obvious cost of turnover is the direct replacement cost. This includes the price of advertising, recruiting, and training new employees. 

These overheads can be significant, especially in industries that generally experience high turnover rates. There are also indirect costs that most people don’t think of. These can include decreased productivity, morale problems, and a loss of institutional knowledge. Turnover can also lead to increased stress levels for remaining employees, which can lead to a drop in their performance. All of these factors can have a negative impact on your company’s bottom line and take-home profit.

The Benefits of a Happy Workforce

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. When employees are content at work, they are less stressed, more engaged, and more productive. Lower stress levels, in turn, leads to improved focus and concentration, which translates to better work quality. 

How to Keep Your Employees Happy

Communication is key when it comes to keeping your team happy. Let each person know what’s going on in the company, and give them a chance to voice their opinion and be heard. Do what it takes to create better and safer work conditions. This can include outsourcing tasks that can be automated or hiring a third party to handle specific operations. A good example of this would be a company in the logistics industry using fleet management software and installing dash cams in each of their vehicles. Not only will installing dash cams and using the software for tracking and reporting improve driver safety, but it will also help to reduce costs and increase productivity levels going forward.

Appreciation also goes a long way to creating a team that’s content with how the business is run. Show your employees that you value their hard work with regular acknowledgement and reinforcement. Finally, development opportunities show that you care about your employees’ growth and development. Offer training and development opportunities regularly to help each person reach their full potential. Allowing employees time off to continue further education (as long as it doesn’t interfere with your operations and goals) is also a great way to show them that you’re invested in their futures as well as the future of your business. 

How to Virtually onboard new Employees in 2022

Boomer Consulting, Inc. has been an entirely virtual company for quite a while now, so working and collaborating remotely hasn’t been a challenge during the pandemic. What IS new to our team in the past few months is virtually onboarding new team members.

In the past, we would fly new hires to Kansas City for a few days of in-person onboarding and training at our Accounting Innovation Center. That wasn’t feasible – or advisable – when our newest employee started in May of last year. Fortunately, we were able to take what we’d learned from years of working with coworkers, clients, and vendors across the country and apply it to the onboarding process.

Here are some of the best practices we’ve learned that can help the process go smoothly for your firm.

Ship technology in advance of the start date

When we hired our newest Solutions Advisor in May, we had a pretty quick turnaround from when he accepted the offer until his start date, but we wanted to ensure that he had everything he needed to hit the ground running on day one. We rushed to order and ship his laptop and other equipment so it would arrive a couple of days before his first official day on the job.

On day one of onboarding, our new team member met virtually with our Technology Business Analyst to ensure he had all of the equipment he needed and could connect to the cloud resources. Some firms we work with schedule 30 minutes or so a few days ahead of the new employee’s start date for the same purpose. Either way, this ensures your new team member isn’t sitting there on day one, waiting for equipment to be delivered or struggling to connect.

Video conferencing

The Boomer Consulting team has encouraged firms to leverage video conferencing tools for years, and the ones who did were much more prepared for working in 2020 than those who still relied heavily on traditional conference calls.

You simply cannot successfully onboard a new employee without video conferencing. The first few days and weeks at a new job are a critical time for establishing personal connections for new hires. Video conferencing is the best way to meet with someone virtually and still get that “face to face” feel.

During our new team members’ first days, we scheduled all of his meetings on Zoom. We also planned in break times but had someone available via Zoom even during his breaks, so if he wanted to ask a question, someone was there. It was also extra time to get to know him and allow him to know us.

Schedule the first week

When everyone works from the same physical space, the schedule for a new employee’s first week on the job can be a bit fluid. However, we recommend scheduling times for all aspects of the onboarding and training process in their first week when you’re onboarding someone virtually. This ensures the people they need to meet with are available, and your new team member isn’t left waiting and wondering what they’re supposed to be doing for long periods.

Schedule a meeting with HR to review paperwork and get them enrolled in benefits. We learned that this aspect of onboarding takes longer than we originally thought. We’d initially scheduled only 30 minutes but really needed an hour and a half!

Schedule time with their supervisor and training with other team members they’ll be working with. It’s a good idea to bring in several people, so they’re not seeing and talking to the same person day in and day out.

Schedule time with someone higher up – the Managing Partner, President, or CEO. This helps establish an “open door policy” and shows your new team member that nobody in the firm is off-limits to talk to if they have a question or need help.

Onboard for success

One of our favorite onboarding sessions that we use both in-person and virtually is “Onboarding for Success.” This is an extended meeting – up to three or four hours – where our new employee meets with a cross-functional team of shareholders, sales team members, project managers, technology and marketing team members. During this session, our team talks about what success looks like in our company from different perspectives.

What is our CEO’s view of success? How about the sales team and project managers? Based on these conversations, we work with our new employees to develop their goals for the first 90 days on the job.

Assign a Buddy and a Mentor

At Boomer Consulting, everyone has regular one-on-ones with their managers, but we also assign buddies and mentors for every team member. A buddy is someone who is not in your department. They help the new employee learn about company culture and support them in figuring out how we do things.

A mentor is in your department, but not your supervisor. This is a peer the new employee can bounce ideas off of and someone who will help them grow into their position. The employee has regular meetings with their buddy and mentor. That might seem like a lot of meetings, but it helps our remote team establish relationships across departments and provides a foundation of colleagues they can call on throughout their time with the company.

Virtual onboarding can be a challenge the first time. For your new team member, the barrage of information coming at them in the early days can feel like drinking through a firehose, so it’s important to take a “pulse check” after they’ve been on the job for a few weeks. This gives them time to ask questions that have come up since or clarify something they might have missed the first time around.

It can also help your team get better at virtual onboarding by learning what your new team members might need more of. Don’t worry if your first virtual onboarding experience is a little rough. You’ll learn something new every time,

Online Exchanging Cryptocurrency Pitfalls

Cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the most popular ways to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. However, these exchanges are not always safe. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid when you’re trading on an online exchange:

  1. Pitfall 1: Exchanges with low trading volume.
    Some exchanges will have higher volumes than others. You must do your research before choosing a specific exchange because there can be a lot of differences between them. The best way to find out which exchange has the highest trading volume is by looking at the platform’s website and checking out their number of users and transactions per day. 
  2. Pitfall 2: Exchanges with no customer support.
    If you have any problems with your account or if you need help with anything related to your account, then make sure to check out the platform’s website for their customer support. You must contact them before the trading day starts. 
  3. Pitfall 3: Poor user interface.
    If you have any issues with your account you must contact the platform’s customer service immediately. The best way to choose an exchange based on their user interface is by looking at how they present their website on a digital map. 
  4. Pitfall 4: Inaccurate trading volume.
    If a trading platform claims to have 100k users, but their trading volume is only $10, then they would not be an exchange worth using. It is important that you choose an exchange based on their trading volume and also make sure that it meets the criteria for the amount of traders in the world.

The most secure cryptocurrency exchange platform is https://letsexchange.io/. Check it now!

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Most Cryptocurrency Traders Make

Cryptocurrency trading is a tricky and volatile market, which can be risky if you are not careful. This article will tell you about the 5 biggest mistakes most cryptocurrency traders make.

Mistake #1: Not having a plan to trade.

  1. Mistake #1: Not having a plan to trade.
    It is important to have a strategy in place before you start trading for cryptocurrencies. Don’t just jump into the market without doing your research first. You should know what coins or tokens are worth investing in and what strategies to use when trading them.
  2. Mistake #2: Not understanding the market and its volatility.
    The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, which means that even small movements in price can make or break your investment portfolio. It is important to understand how these movements happen so that you can take advantage of it when they happen again. For example, if you are holding ZEC and it drops, that means that you are getting more coins for the same price. Also you can swap ZEC to BTC.
  3. Mistake #3: Not doing your research.
    You should spend a lot of time researching what coins or tokens to invest in, how to trade them and how they work. The information you get will help you make much more informed decisions about your investments. It is important to carefully consider the quality of information available before giving money to a new project.
  4. Mistake #4: Not being constantly aware of market movements.
    It is important to be constantly aware of what is happening around you in order for you not to lose everything in the blink of an eye. If your cryptocurrency investment is dropping, it becomes even more important for you to keep track of the situation. 
  5. Mistake #5: Investing in too many coins and tokens.
    It is important to not invest in too many different cryptocurrencies. You should only diversify your investment if you have a large amount of time, money and other resources. If you don’t have those things the safest approach is to diversify your investments into a few different cryptocurrencies instead of many.

How to Prevent Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Account From Being Hacked

Cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to hacking attacks. There are many ways that hackers can steal your funds from your exchange account.

There are a few things you can do to prevent your exchange account from being hacked. One of the most important things is to set up 2-factor authentication for your exchange account. This will require you to enter a code sent to your phone in addition to the password that you use for the exchange account. Another thing you should do is enable two-step verification on your login credentials, which requires notification and approval before logging into the system with an old password or username.

Crypto Exchanging Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Popular online cryptocurrency exchanges are often targets of hacking attempts. This is because they store a lot of funds in their wallets and they are vulnerable to hackers. Some common mistakes that people make when trading cryptocurrencies is to store their coins on the exchange. If the exchange gets hacked, it’s possible for hackers to steal all your coins.

Summery: The main reason

The main reason why many people choose to trade cryptocurrencies is because they want to diversify their investment portfolio and not have all their eggs in one basket. Investors need to take precautions and be aware of what they’re doing when trading crypto.

Best Trucking Software Company in 2022

In the business world, there is a lot of competition. Competition in the business world exists at different levels. The competition is not also missing in the trucking business.

The trucking industry is a very competitive industry with numerous companies battling for the industry’s top position. This action is, however, also not missing in the trucking software segment of the industry.

There is a lot of trucking software companies whose businesses service the trucking industry and they provide solutions that solve the inefficiency problems of the trucking industry.

As a trucking business owner, you must have found yourself in a situation where you are wondering the best trucking software to use for your business. This might, also have really bothered you more than anyone can know. But before you choose or decide to use any trucking soft, there are certain things which you need to look out for.

How to Find The Best Trucking Software?

It is important to know what exactly to look for in the best trucking software. Knowing this will help you to know what the best trucking software is. It is without dispute that there is a lot of trucking software in the market today. This software all come with diverse features and promises for trucking companies and businesses.

However, here is how you can know the best trucking software.

  • Alerts and Reminders

To figure out the best tracking software to use for your trucking business, look out for trucking software that provides you with alerts and reminders of very important transactions in your business.

The best trucking app should provide you with alerts on the location of your fleet at any point in time. You should also receive reminders for driver vacations. 

Reminders are indeed very important for your trucking business. For example, after you have successfully dispatch a load, the next thing becomes how you will get paid, you know getting paid is how your business survives and meet its obligations. So, with the best trucking software, you should get reminders for when payment is to be made to your company. This is good because even if you forget, for any reason at all, good trucking software will remind you to get paid for cargo well delivered.

  • Customer Relationship Management

If you want to know the best trucks software to use for your business, one needs not to remind you of the great importance of the customer to your business. Satisfying your customer is at the heart of your business survival. Also, a lot of your success hangs around how you manage your relationship with your customers.

The best software for trucks should make it possible for you to manage your relationship with your customers with ease. So, while you try to search for the best trucking software, look out for software that has a customer relationship management module that can handle customer support and sales and marketing integration for your business.

  • Fleet Management

Managing your fleet is essential to the success of your trucking business. The best trucking software should have a fleet management capability to make it possible for you to manage your truck fleet.

Some of the fleet management functionalities which you should look out for in the best trucking software is that it should be able to handle your truck inventory management. It should also be able to handle your truck maintenance scheduling.

The best trucking software which you go for should also be able to handle truck licensing and tax for your business. The software should also be able to track your fleet of trucks. This is very important for your business. Any trucking software that claims to be the best but cannot handle fleet management of your trucks is certainly not the best trucking software.

  • Tracking Your Drivers

The best trucking software should be able to handle the aspects of driver scheduling and tracking for your business. The benefit which this feature will bring to your business is that it will make it easier for your company to access your routes more optimally, thereby making your route and driver scheduling more efficient. A trucking software that claims to be the best should avail your business of these possibilities.

Also, apart from this, it will also make it easier for your company to access your drivers and track driver efficiency in real-time.

  • Transportation Logistics Resolutions for 3PL

Exspeedite Transportation Management System Software

The features which we have discussed above which you should get from a trucking software that claims to be the best trucking software can be found in one trucking and transportation management system software. We are talking about Exspeedite transportation management system software. Expedite has these features in the best trucking software and more.

Exspeedite is the best trucking software that any trucking company can get. In terms of driver tracking, the Exspeedite transportation management system software handles vacation time for your truck drivers with a convenient way to track time used and view time remaining. No other trucking software can get you this.

Exspeedite trucking software also gives you a thorough system that measures, scores, and reports driver performance that will monitor and review each driver’s historical performance and improvement trends. This information is provided to you accurately with real-time data to help you assign the right driver to the right job.

Exspeedite transportation management system software also has a Customer Relationship Management module which provides integrated functionality with your existing system to make sales and marketing initiatives more organized and effective.  Exspeedite also brings in impressive and simple automation methods meant to support your sales staff.

Also, what also stand Exspeedite transportation management system software out is the dispatch functions of the software which are integrated with Exspeedite to allow you to access your information, so you’ll enjoy a seamless transition between order entry, planning, billing, and settlements.


It is certainly with the best intentions that you seek out the best trucking software Solution. Trucking software that will be able to cater to the specific needs of your trucking business goals.

There are quite a number of trucking software that is available in the market and also technically speaking, on the internet. There are a number of things which you should look out to see in the best trucking software which you should use for a trucking company.

Create a checklist of the features that should be found in the best trucking software and it should include, fleet management capability which will bring efficiency into management of your truck fleet. The best trucking software for your business should also come with a customer relationship management module that can handle management and treating of customer requests. Alerts and reminders are also a must-have feature.

For these features and more, we introduced to you the best experience.

Author Bio: Scott Elliott, the CEO of Strong Tower and Exspeedite well embodies these great qualities. He currently sees to the affairs of the two companies, whose progress rates baffle the mind.


How Universities and Colleges Can Use Outsourcing to Improve Education

Even though outsourcing in higher education is no longer considered innovative and represents a common practice, most educators have little to no information regarding the benefits and the relevant challenges. Since there are many types of outsourcing that can be applied, the most important is to understand the efficiency and manage available resources correctly. Since the field of higher education uses the global approach to learning, the use of outsourcing becomes a certain norm that helps to improve the accessibility and extend the list of services on offer. Starting with cost-efficient solutions to the quality of services, every action based on outsourcing must start with proper analysis and an open discussion within the academic community. 

Why Outsourcing Becomes Necessary for Universities and Colleges? 

The most apparent reason for outsourcing in higher education today relates to the decrease in government funding, which relates to those public universities that rely upon additional assistance to remain competitive. It is a reason why many educational institutions think about the improvement of education quality as they consider outsourcing. While it may not always result in the correct management of the costs, outsourcing still remains a way to stay in control of all the additional services like catering, campus management, technical help with the equipment, and the availability of 24/7 online support for learners. The talk here is not about academic assistance alone but those situations where students require psychological assistance or guidance through financial matters as they have to make rational decisions. This is where most educators need to implement correct strategies to achieve maximum efficiency as the available resources are being channeled towards outsourcing. 

How Universities and Colleges Can Use Outsourcing to Improve Education

  • Mental Help Centers. 

This aspect is often ignored, yet college and university students require professional assistance and those specialists that can help them achieve mental balance. These can be yoga teachers, leadership specialists, or experts in team-building programs. All of it can be achieved with the help of relevant outsourcing specialists. Even when modern learners pay for college essay to get things done on time, they also approach outsourcing by using additional help that goes beyond what is available at college. Since many students are worried about confidentiality and don’t feel confident as they share something in person, outsourcing is the only way that can help them achieve mental peace. 

  • Financial Assistance Online. 

The use of a financial consultant online can help college learners achieve peace of mind as they deal with campus life and the management of available finances. Outsourcing will not only help students to understand how to manage their funds but also assist colleges in the management of their payments and cooperation with various organizations where payments must be made. Starting with the calculations to an evaluation of the best choices, the presence of a trained expert is essential. 

  • IT Specialists. 

The use of IT personnel is quite popular among educational institutions these days. As students browse through social media or pay for research papers online, the security risks become obvious. Approaching an external IT team improves the quality of services and provides universities with a higher degree of confidentiality. Speaking of availability, educators can consult the IT experts privately and voice their concerns once they arise without any delays. 

  • Technical Assistance With Academic Challenges. 

One of the most common problems that universities and colleges face is content creation and dealing with software solutions. Turning to outsource in this regard can help save time and achieve a multilingual environment. Examples of such work can be found at Khan Academy or Coursera by taking a closer look at the custom courses. Implementing the same method for the creation of a unique course with the help of outsourcing is also a great way to save some funds and meet important deadlines. 

  • Business Management Aspect. 

Although a typical university is not seen as a business per se, the presence of financial management and educational business strategies cannot be avoided. This is where an academic council can use outsourcing as a way to improve the quality of education and start with global cooperation. It will pave the way for innovations and address the problems that may have been ignored in the past, as the relevant specialists will study the situation and offer helpful suggestions. 

Should Outsourcing Services Focus on Academic Help? 

It always depends on the particular situation and the academic code of the institution, yet there is no universal solution that would fit every learning environment. It’s essential to realize that outsourcing will not become an instant solution to all the existing problems, as it will create various opinions among both educators and students. As every change takes time to become adjusted and work well, students and teachers must work together to determine the pros and cons of every solution. Since college life is not only about assignments and endless exams, the list of non-academic services is often approached as a matter of non-primary importance. 

Still, auxiliary services are essential for those scenarios where the efficiency of outsourcing must be studied. For example, problems with funding issues, mental help centers that work remotely and offer more privacy, and the IT specialists that help the equipment run smoothly are usually addressed with the help of additional specialists. It will help to reduce costs, manage available time and resources in an easier way, and provide access to knowledge beyond the college or university environment. Once outsourcing takes a share of responsibilities, there is more space for innovation as the academic community can focus on research work and the primary objectives of each educational curriculum. 


Diane Sherron believes that a global approach to education is the most efficient solution that will help to achieve equity and balance. As an educator and business consultant, she is constantly exploring ways to improve education. Studying college life and relevant challenges, Diane is a faithful explorer as she shares her findings with the world.

Why is a VPN security system good for you?

A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts data as it travels across the internet, making it difficult for others to access it. A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts your online traffic, including your browsing history, downloaded files, and geolocation, so that no one else can see it.

However, you’ll need a virtual private network (VPN) if you care about internet privacy. It is like a digital cloak that shields you from prying eyes and keeps you safe from harm’s way. Then, why utilize a VPN? In order to prevent eavesdropping and provide unfettered access to blocked websites, a reliable VPN for windows encrypts your internet connection. This article will explain the benefits of using a VPN security system. 

Why is a VPN security system good for you?

Is a VPN security system best for you? It is a question that everyone is asking, and the response is not complicated at all. Since VPN for Windows is an efficient solution for maintaining a VPN connection’s security and protecting data and internet browsing activities. The following are some of the most important reasons to utilize a VPN:

  • Securing Your Network

Using a VPN has numerous advantages. The ability of companies to adequately secure their network is one of the most fundamental aspects. An application or website might keep track of your internet behavior without your awareness. Ads might be targeted to you based on the information they have gathered. Much pop-up advertising may interrupt your browsing if you don’t have a VPN set up. This can be both annoying and distracting to your online experience.

If you use a VPN for windows, you can prevent others from accessing your internet connection. This ensures the security and anonymity of any data you send or receive.

  • Keep Your Personal Data Confidential

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a great way to keep your personal information safe online. There are several ways hackers can steal your personal information when you visit a website. They can use that information to impersonate you, access your bank accounts, and more. High-level security, such as 256-bit encryption, is possible using a VPN. Anyone who can intercept your internet communications will see nothing.

  • Control of the administration

Customers complain about a slow data network if they experience it for an extended period. The administration takes responsibility for resolving complaints. Data transmission may be controlled using virtual private networks and all obstacles eliminated. Unknown users cannot view site material if this system is in place.

  • Affordability

Because of virtual private networks, many companies can now afford to utilize the internet. Access to the company’s network infrastructure and various applications is more accessible thanks to the VPN. To be successful in today’s technology world, you must protect all of your personal information from third parties.

  • Avoid Data Slowdown

Your internet service provider (ISP) may slow down your connection once you’ve spent a certain amount of your allotted data. However, because your ISP cannot see how much data you are using when you use a VPN, you’ll soon discover that one of the VPN’s advantages is the ability to bypass a data cap. In particular, employees who are required to use data plans on their mobile devices to access the internet while on the go may benefit from this.

Conclusion: Why is a VPN security system good for you?

A VPN security system is a network of remote servers that you can use to disguise your IP address and encrypt your data.

Instagram video downloader for iPhone: mine content professionally

If you’re using a mobile camera for content production like most people are now, you’re probably wondering:

Is it possible to download a video from Instagram to get what you need much faster?

Yes, there is good news, a special service like Instagram story saver allows you to download any video that users upload to stories. There are also many types of downloaders which I will tell you about later in this article. 

Reasons to use Instagram Video downloader on your iPhone

To begin with, let’s figure out for whom and why it is most necessary to download videos. Perhaps among the listed cases, you will find your own and which will greatly simplify the production of content and also help you get new followers without much effort. 

#1 Downloading videos for the business accounts

Yes, here you might think that for a business account you have to post photos of your products or anything related to your product. But in reality, this is not entirely true. Because selling takes place in an entertaining way. Instagram is not a showcase for sales, this is not a website where you are directly aimed at direct sales. 

This is where you need to communicate with your consumer to create a positive image of your brand. The content strategy that will best meet the needs of your audience is a must.

That is, your posts do not have to directly talk about your product, or and does not have to be filmed. A lot of reactions can be caused with a downloaded clip, a photo, and a repost from a well-known blogger. Not everyone can notice top content that may be specifically interesting for users. And your task above all is to show and demonstrating this content. 

#2 Download videos to showcase your buyers’ content

Sometimes the best way to demonstrate that your product is reliable is to reuse videos that your customers post. A strong community is a sign of a good brand or an excellent product. Which will definitely lead to the desire of new users to try your products and services. Therefore, in no case do not neglect this and organically share videos, stories, photos that your customers share. 

It will also favor their ego and prove to them that you are interested in their content. Your communication does not stop after a sale. But to get this content, you will need a special downloader. Screenshots can significantly degrade the quality. 

#3 Managing thematic accounts on Instagram

Now it’s getting more and more popular because they do nor require a huge investment from creators. To maintain such a profile you also need top visuals that get into recommendations and are often displayed in the Explore. 

The essence of such a thematic or feature account is that it should be aimed at a narrow niche. So posting a nature video and posting a makeup video in one profile is not a good idea. 

And more precisely, it will be more difficult for you to promote such an account to the target user. But if you target in a narrow niche, then it will be easier for you to collect potential followers, expose them to the right targeting filters, and use automation filters. Therefore, instead of using just travel as a topic just travel, for example, focus on travel to a specific country, or exclusive traveling and luxury travel. Or more practical – share travel tips on how to save money while you travel. 

This is the secret of Instagram promotion and will help you create content and boost your account even in situations when you can’t shoot content from scratch. 

After all, making content is a much more costly method. And not everyone from your followers may always need it. All in all, these are the three main cases when you can download a video. 

Also, the fourth way is, of course, downloading for your personal use. Even if you don’t need to reuse this content, you can simply search for an Instagram tutorial, or a video you’d like to keep offline. And then you do not need to search again and again through the feed to find it and show it to someone.

Also, downloading stories is a convenient way to browse anonymously. Next, we will explore the functions of modern services that offer not just viewing but downloading videos from Instagram.

What videos can you parse from the IG app?

#1 You can download Reels. We start with this form of content because it is the most relevant video format up to the moment. Moreover, Reel can be searched by using hashtags unlike stories. Reels often appear in the Explore section.

#2 You can download stories. I download stories and when you share stories on your account you have a better chance of getting answers in Direct from your subscribers. 

After all, people are sometimes too lazy to respond or comment on public posts, while putting a reaction on a story or replying to Direct, may be a safe communication format for them. Therefore, you should constantly be interested in their opinion. 

For example, downloading a video, you can ask if your followers like it and if they want to see similar content from you in the future. This will help you collect a lot of feedback which will show the algorithm that you are actively seeking for new followers. 

The videos that are published in the profile feed. Both feed clips, IGTV, even Lives may be saved in the profile and other axes of your videos can also be downloaded. 

All in all

The advantage of doing content aggregation through the downloader is that in this case the clip will appear on your device in MP4 format. It will be convenient for you to share them without loss of quality.

10 Best Enterprise-level Learning Management Systems (LMS) for 2022

Enterprise learning management systems (LMS) help corporations and big online learning platforms provide and manage their curriculum in an efficient and convenient way. With a huge demand for such software, a lot of solutions emerged. We have gathered the top Enterprise Learning Management Systems on the market in 2022.

10 Top-Notch LMS for Enterprises


Litmos is a cloud-based enterprise training tool that is ideal for staff training, industry, and customer orientation in small enterprises. This powerful LMS includes classroom, virtual, and mobile learning as well as e-commerce and social features. Moreover, it has a convenient user interface and add-ons to extend functionality if needed.

#2 Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captive Prime was created to provide personalized learning experiences across various devices. It is an easy-to-set-up, automated and flexible platform. This LMS provides you with wide customization options and extended analytics. In addition, it enables dividing users into groups and providing them with different interfaces and curriculum.

#3 Talent LMS

Talent LMS is suitable for any business size or type. Being a cloud-based LMS, it has an easy to use intuitive interface with an ability to customize everything to your needs. What’s more, it has course selling, video conferences and gamification features with is adaptivity to work on any device, suitable for your students.

#4 LearnUpon LMS

LearnUpon LMS helps you train your employees, partners, and customers—otherwise known as your extended enterprise—all in one system. This platform is built to deliver high-quality corporate learning experiences in a scalable way. Manage, track, and achieve your learning goals through a single, powerful solution. Trusted by over 1000 businesses worldwide, including Zendesk, TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Intuit Quickbooks, Logitech, and Twilio, LearnUpon is one of the fastest-growing LMSs in the world.

#5 Docebo

Cloud-based Docebo LMS is a cutting-edge solution that works on artificial intelligence. Such technology enables extreme personalization for learners and automation for administrators. Moreover, Docebo supports such content types as SCORM, Tin Can and AICC.

  • Keep your partners engaged, aligned with your brand, and current with your products and services.
  • Boost your customers’ adoption and renewal of your product.
  • Increase the value of your membership programs by providing continuous learning opportunities and certification programs.

#6 Northpass

Modern and powerful Northpass LMS is based on the cloud too and can be used to create and distribute online training to employees, partners and customers. Its extensive, easy-to-use features allow delivering exceptional, modern learning experiences as well as measure the performance of the training. Furthermore, the interactivity of training increases engagement and motivates learners to stay on the platform.

#7 Mindflash

Mindflash is also among top LMS on the market. It provides tools to create, manage and measure external training in an easy, fast and effective way. It is a reliable solution for big companies that require efficient management system, global reach, data security and real-time reporting.

#8 Thought Industries LMS

Thought Industries is definitely one of the top LMS out there. With more than 25 content types that can be delivered in a highly interactive, engaging and modern way, it opens huge opportunities in a learning experience. What’s more, this learning management system is 100% mobile friendly with the ability to fully white-label front-end look. In addition, Thought Industries provide powerful commerce solutions as well as a full reporting and analytics tool.

#9 D2LBrightspace

D2L will be a good choice for enterprise companies as well as for K-12 and college campuses. This powerful and flexible enterprise learning management system provides students with a personalized digital experience that works fine on mobile devices. From educators perspective, the system allows strong management, customization, and rich analytics to evaluate learners success. In addition, ecommerce functionality and sales forces can be enabled.


With an is an easy-to-use interface, KMI LMS provides companies of any size with an efficient learning management platform. This system allows to create, sell, and deliver custom training programs as well as run reports and track analytics. Being responsive and mobile-friendly, it can be accessed from any device. KMI LMS and LRS allow to easily create interactive, engaging online training courses branded according to your company.

Bottom line

Choosing enterprise LMS depends on your business needs and requirements. For some companies training creation and learning experience are the most important, others pay attention to design and cloud hosting. Whatever you are willing to create, you probably need a dedicated development team to help you with the technical part and consult on which LMS to choose.

Tracking Supply Chain Crisis in 2022

White House to launch a dashboard tracking supply chain crisis.

The White House website is rolling out a new Supply Chain Dashboard, to be updated every two weeks, that will track progress in easing the backlog of imported goods that has accompanied the economy’s recovery from coronavirus shutdowns. The dashboard comes as tangled supply chains have boosted the cost and limited the availability of everything from automobiles to clothing to toys.

What is Supply Chain Dashboard?

A Supply Chain Dashboard is a reporting tool used to track supply chain KPIs and metrics in a single display or interface. Supply chain dashboards track inventory levels, logistics management, and warehouse operations.

In order to ensure that your dashboards are as effective as possible, include these seven key features and functionalities:

1) Drawn from real-time data, delivering real-time analytics.

2) Customized for your business and the specific KPI’s driving the organization.

3) Self-service capability for “deep-dive” views.

4) Secure views based on user knowledge level and “need to know.”

5) Help drive decisions.

6) Shared views with outside vendors and suppliers.

7) Accessible via mobile devices.

As the COVID-19 pandemic brings companies to a standstill, the right technology can help capture reliable, up-to-date insights about maintaining supply during uncertain times.

All around the globe, this supplier crisis is creating a myriad of unexpected consequences. In Europe, crucial imports of essentials such as pasta are at risk as a growing number of port workers fall ill or take time off to care for quarantined family members. In the United States, transatlantic air freight costs for emergency personal protective equipment and medicines have surged as much as 1,400 percent amid a collapse in regular passenger flights. (About 60 percent of air freight is carried on passenger flights.) Retail giant Amazon recently sent out an urgent email to third-party sellers to detail their inventory risk and forecasts—suppliers that account for up to 60 percent of all of Amazon’s sales.

Tracking the supply chain crisis through a single product: iPhones

As the pandemic pushes Americans toward online shopping websites, consumption has increased dramatically — and supply chains can’t keep up.

Video – https://www.nbcnews.com/news/embedded-video/mmvo123776581575

The Top New Technology Innovations for Professional Office Cleaning

It has been seen that the major problem with office cleaning is that it becomes more difficult to maintain cleanliness in offices as they increase in size. There are many new technological innovations in this field that can make office cleaning much easier. One such innovation is the use of robots for carrying out cleaning tasks, which has been seen to be very effective and economical.

The use of robots for carrying out cleaning tasks is becoming popular in recent times because these are very useful, economical and require less human supervision. These technologies have made it possible for people to work more efficiently and spend their time on other things as well.

Technology has become an integral part of our work, but an experienced and reliable staff remains a key asset. Companies like https://www.livecleantoday.com/ have been building best practices and loyal customers over the years for a wide range of cleaning services.

What the Heck is the Future of Office Cleaning Anyway?

The future of office cleaning is a touchy subject. There are many things that we can do to reduce the environmental impact of our office cleaning services, but it’s hard to know which practices will have the best impact and how we can implement them.

We’ll start by looking at some common misconceptions about the office cleaning industry and then examine some new technologies that might be able to help us in our quest for a cleaner future.

Top 7 New Technologies Revolutionizing the Industry

The world of office cleaning is changing. With the introduction of new technologies, it is now possible to clean an office in less than half an hour.

Here are some of the top new technologies revolutionizing the industry:

  1. Deep cleaning
  2. Robotic coworker
  3. Green Cleaning
  4. Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfecting
  5. UV-C Sanitizing Wand
  6. VCT Floor Cleaning Technology
  7. Battery powered equipment

AI Automated Vacuum Robot Helps Your Office Save Time & Improve Quality

The vacuum robot is an automated office cleaner that can clean your office for you. It uses a laser to detect the shape of objects and intelligently navigates around them.

This robot will clean your office at night, when nobody is there, or during the day when you’re not using it. This means it can save you time in your business and improve the quality of your work environment.

Top 5 New Ways to Keep Your Office Spick and Span Without Spending a Fortune!

Keeping your office clean is not easy – but it doesn’t have to be expensive. In this article, we’ll explore 5 of the best ways to keep your office spick and span without spending a fortune.

  1. Use Ikea’s Lack Tables as a Workspace
  2. Hang Pictures on the Wall for Instant Decor
  3. Use a Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  4. Replace Paper Towels with Microfiber Cloths
  5. Hang a Command Hook for Your Phone

Tips for Hiring Office Cleaning Services

How we can help wanted office cleaning company? The following tips will help you find a reliable and trustworthy cleaning service.

  1. Check the company’s reputation by talking to others who have used their services. Online reviews are also a great way to get an idea of what the company is like.
  2. Get quotes from at least three companies before choosing one. The rates should be similar, and you should be able to get a feel for how responsive they are in general.
  3. Check out their insurance coverage, including workers’ compensation and liability insurance. This will help protect you in case something goes wrong while they are on your property.

The Takeaway

Many of these Professional Office Cleaning Goals can be achieved by collaborating with a robotic employee, including greater time spent deep cleaning without affecting staffing levels. These types of technology solutions have the potential to play a significant part in future office assistance by relieving worker concerns and allowing more firms to operate.

PayPal Sports Betting Guide for Beginners by Tim Harrison

PayPal is one of the most trending payment methods in Today’s world. As a result, almost every gambling site offers a PayPal payment option these days. However, bettors who haven’t used PayPal before might not know how to use it properly. Also, gamblers need to learn more about the payment method before they use it. If you are not sure where you can learn about the basics of PayPal, we are here to help. 

Outsource IT Today interviewed Tim Harrison last April, and we discussed in detail PayPal as a payment method in the sports betting industry. We got to know a lot from the interview. Next, our team dug out more details surrounding the topic, and then finally, after collecting all the info, we have written this PayPal sports betting guide. Keep reading to learn more about PayPal bookies!

PayPal Overview

Before we delve into the other details of PayPal as a payment service in the gambling industry, we would like to brief you on what exactly PayPal is. Well, PayPal is an online payment method using which you can easily deposit and withdraw money within a short span. It is much like an e-wallet where you can store your funds and use them whenever required. PayPal is a highly secure platform where all your personal details are stored safely. You can keep your funds in PayPal as long as you want to. As PayPal is used in most countries, you can use the money stored in PayPal even while traveling. 

PayPal History You Must Know

PayPal was not launched as a payment service initially. When Luke Nosek and Max Levchin developed it in 1998, the platform was merely a security software. It was called Confinity then. Then in 1999, they changed their business scheme and made it an official e-wallet platform. However, it was not launched in the market until 2002. But once it got out, people loved the software, and it rapidly became popular. Today, PayPal holds one of the most prestigious positions among all the payment methods and is used by people from various countries all over the globe.

How to Make a Deposit Using PayPal?

Now that you know what PayPal is and how it got launched in the market, you must be wondering how you can deposit money to your gambling account using PayPal. The steps to depositing money using this payment method are super easy. Have a look below:

  • Visit the payment page of the betting site. 
  • There you need to click on the ‘deposit money’ option. 
  • Now, you will see multiple payment options lined up. Of all those, you need to choose PayPal.
  • After choosing the desired payment method, PayPal, you need to enter the deposit amount.
  • Once done, click on the ‘confirm’ option, and the money will be deposited in your gambling account soon. 

The money usually gets deposited within just a few minutes. You don’t have to worry about losing your funds because PayPal is a secure payment service. However, fraudulent activities might occur depending on the betting site you choose. Some betting platforms dupe the gamblers by taking all their money. That is why you must be very careful while choosing your desired site. Tim Harrison has shared more on what things you should keep in mind while choosing the ideal betting platform. Just keep reading!

How to Make a Withdrawal Using PayPal?

The withdrawal method is much like the deposit method as the steps are quite similar. However, the withdrawal time is usually longer than the time taken for depositing funds. Usually, if you use PayPal as a payment service to withdraw money, the time taken is around two to five business days. Three days is the average time taken, but it also depends on the betting site. Hence, try to choose a renowned casino so that you can withdraw your winnings quickly. 

The steps to withdraw money from your betting account using PayPal are:

  • Open the betting site in your browser, log in, and visit the payment page.
  • You need to choose the ‘withdraw money’ option on the payment page. Remember, you can withdraw your winnings only if you have met your wagering requirement. So check that before you start the withdrawal procedure.
  • If you have successfully met the turnover requirement, choose your withdrawal method, PayPal.
  • Now enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Make sure you choose the right currency. 
  • Once done, confirm the transaction and wait for a few days until the money reaches your bank account. 

Withdrawing money using PayPal is not only easy but also safe. There are no cases where PayPal has scammed people. Even if it happens, the betting site is to be blamed because PayPal has a super-secure environment for all your transactions. 

Popular Countries that Accept PayPal for Sports Betting and the Currencies Accepted

PayPal is accepted in more than 200 countries worldwide. Hence, we think it can be used in your country as well. But we recommend you check the PayPal regulations of your country before you use the service. 

A few countries where sports betting is quite popular, and you can make your gambling transactions using PayPal are:

  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Chile
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • India
  • Iceland
  • Malta

Players are often not sure about which currencies are accepted in PayPal. So here we have a list of the top currencies accepted by this payment app:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • CAD
  • NZD
  • INR
  • SEK
  • NOK
  • GBP
  • BRL

Best PayPal Sports Betting Sites Recommendations by Outsource IT Today

Tim Harrison has selected a few betting sites that are incredibly popular for serving the best betting opportunities and bonuses to the members. We cross-checked his recommendations and found that these sites are indeed the best in the sports gambling industry and all of them accept PayPal transactions. Have a look below:

  • Betway
  • 22Bet
  • William Hill
  • 10Bet
  • BetSafe
  • TonyBet
  • VBet
  • InterBet
  • STS
  • LVBet

PayPal Alternatives to Use

We have some recommendations if you are looking for some PayPal alternatives that you can trust and make quick transactions. These are the other legitimate payment methods that you can use for safe and secure transactions on most betting sites:

  1. VISA
  2. MasterCard
  3. Skrill
  4. Neteller
  5. PaysafeCard
  6. AstroPay Card

Final Word

We hope that this PayPal sports betting guide helped you learn a lot about how you can use this excellent payment method while betting on your favorite sports. The best part about PayPal is how it values the customers’ security. All your data will be safe with them; hence, you can make fast transactions without worrying about losing your data to scammers. Another thing that Tim Harrison loves about PayPal is its low charges. 

If you are not sure whether or not you want to make payments using PayPal, we recommend you try it once. PayPal is trustable, quick, and superb in all other aspects. So are you planning to use PayPal while placing your next bet? Do share with us!

The Convenience Of Ethereum For Investors

The Digital money Era

The classical cryptocurrency that has organized the economy in a standard position is Ethereum. Digital money has brought new terms to digital payment that includes the offer by the mechanism in the form of the smart contract. Digital money has a classified routine for a person to follow. The classification of Ethereum began in 2013 after the bitcoin era when the developer classified the new program for the currency.

Surprisingly, the generation of Ethereum begins with the Crowdfunding of already existing cryptocurrency. Today Ethereum is counted among the list of crypto coins that make a markable standard and a position. Digital money is giving top competition to the other currency that was trying to increase the market capital after Bitcoin people can only evaluate the preference of Ethereum. For better insight, you can visit bitcoin-buyer.io

It is very particular to judge a Crypto coin by its market cap and condition. But, usually, people in the trading Arena know about the Welfare that cryptocurrency is bringing. Therefore, it is essential to highlight some of the convenience generated after the production of crypto coins.

Easy Putting of Money

Today, the investor does not have to go to another country to find the company to establish a good profit and provide the investor with a valuable investment offer. It is very convenient to look on the social platform about the people who have begun the startup companies and require funding. Most online investors prefer putting their money into companies that are nearly developed.

The primary reason behind focusing on startup companies is the majority of freedom and preferential right to the online investor. The investors can also build a structure for the newly developed business and entertainment. Many people have come together to produce an entertainment sector that people can enjoy. 

Whenever a business is developed, many people have put in a lot of money and effort. The online investors of Ethereum are also such partners who are putting the currency and holding the ownership.

Purchase of Item

Another growing sector that is on the enormous success and has already taken over the private and local retailers to down was the online platform. The electronic and Programmable online websites of goods and services are the best place where people can easily find anything from this Smartphone. The smartphones are compatible in intermixing all the services without creating hurdles or making people go through the obstacles.

The online payment of cryptocurrency on the E-commerce website provides them with a success rate and poorly purchasing the item they are looking for on the open site. It is the better comfortable option evaluated on the scale and provides the best result. 

Digital money was first accepted by the electronic website in China, which created the revolution. Ethereum was the newly developed unit in 2013; however, it has already begun making people a part of the purchase of its characteristics.


Finally, the most rated activity that people usefully prefer during holidays or weekends is booking flights, hotels or cinemas. Ethereum is one of the classified cryptocurrencies that has created a discount pattern with merchants and Hoteliers. The currency provided by the customers to the agency or online platform provides automatic deduction at face value. The unit is capable of acceptance in every country that creates a comfort of luxury on the above hand.

People who have above visited the European side must know about the culture of cryptocurrency. It is hard to find any online retailer or local merchant who is not accepting Ethereum. Digital money provides a successful solution and gives everyone the right to develop security for the money. 

Bottom line

The currency has put a lot of incredible energy and progress into putting Bitcoin behind. However, it is examined from the statistics if the progress of Ethereum continues to develop in the same ratio. It is possible that by the end of 2030, the currency can reach above the value of Bitcoin.

But presently, it has billion of market capital which is enough to hold a proper place in the global market. Ethereum directly provides around 10% of the economy to the country. Every point in favour of Ethereum illustrates the necessity of using it for a long time.

10 Common Job Application Mistakes by Fresh Graduates

Job hunting is tough. It’s even harder if you’re a fresh graduate, with little to no work experience and limited knowledge of the industry you want to enter. With that in mind, here are 10 common job application mistakes by fresh graduates:

Source: slightly_different/Pixabay

Job application mistake #1: No Cover Letter

Never send a resume without a cover letter, even if it is stated in the job posting that only resumes are accepted. It tells the employer that you can’t follow instructions and shows a lack of attention to detail. Even though you may be highly qualified for the job, employers also look at whether an applicant is a good fit for the organization. If you don’t cover this in your cover letter examples, they may think that you are not interested enough in working at their company.

2. Wrong Email Address

An email address saying drdre95 or partygirl69 would raise red flags with any prospective employer before they have even opened up your cover letter. Make sure that you have a professional email address, including your full name or at least your initials and last name. Avoid using nicknames as these are not appropriate for a cover letter for job application.

3. No Specific Purpose/Goal Statements

Your cover letter needs to have a specific goal or purpose so it can be distinguished from the cover letter samples of other applicants. It is always a good idea to include a cover letter goal statement, as this tells the reader what you want to accomplish with your cover letter and what position you are applying for.

4. No Name

Job Application Mistake #4: Do not begin with generic salutations. They are impersonal and do not give the employer an idea of who you are or why you are qualified for the job. Your name is important in an application letter, so always include it at the start of your cover letter.

5. Poor Grammar

Even if English is not your first language, you still need to make sure that your application is grammatically correct. Employers tend to shy away from candidates who don’t even take the time to press the space bar or use full sentences. Take some time to edit your resume cover letter for errors before you submit it and make sure that you ask someone else to proofread it as well, just in case you missed something.

6. No Clear Objective

When writing a cover letter, you should have a single objective, whether this is to apply for a specific job or to express your interest in working for the company. If you are applying for a specific position, it may be beneficial to include some of the qualifications from that job posting so that it is clear which role you are interested in. Include the name of the company and the position you are applying for somewhere in your cover letter to make sure that your goal is clear.

7. Poor Content (Job Objective)

The content in your job objective should be all about the employer’s needs, not yours. The employer wants to know what kind of value can you offer the company, not what kind of job you want. Always focus on how your skills fit into their needs and show that you have done research to understand the company before you apply for a job.

8.    Bad Contact Information

Never make the mistake of sending out an application letter without double-checking the address and email. All cover letters should include a contact name and phone number where you can be reached, plus an email address where the employer can contact you. If your email address is not professional, it may be better to include your personal email instead. If you want, you can have a letterhead template and place this contact information there. 

For letterhead and cover letter templates, you can check out Venngage. 

9.   Not Tailored to the Company/Position

No matter what job you are applying for, always tailor your cover letter so that the content is specific to that company and position. This means including information from the job posting or company website that is relevant to your skills and experience. If there is nothing from the employer that is relevant to you, this may be a sign that they don’t have a suitable position available for you at this time.

10.   Typos

It’s not easy to spot your own typos, which can cause you to send out a sloppy application with incorrect information. Always reread your cover letter before sending it and ask someone else to proofread it for you as well just in case there are any mistakes that you missed.

Summary: TOP job application mistakes

Most people are unfamiliar with the process of applying for a job. It’s not always easy to know what mistakes not to make, especially if you are new to the process. We all want an employer who appreciates our skills and experience, but there are some things that might be sabotaging your chances before even getting in the door. Now that you know what they are, you can now avoid them much more easily.

How to Calculate the Cost of Goods Manufactured (COGM)?

The Cost of Goods Manufactured is a great way to see production costs and their impact on your bottom line. It allows managers to identify cash leaks and adjust prices to ensure that the business is developing.

What is the cost of goods manufactured?

The Cost of Goods Manufactured is an accounting term that indicates the total cost of producing products and transferring them into finished good inventory within a given accounting period.

COGM does not account for products that are either ready or have been sold. It is therefore a useful tool to see the whole picture of production costs and determine the profitability of a company.

What is the importance of the Cost of Goods Manufactured?

COGM, as mentioned above, is a great way to see how your production costs relate to profitability. You can increase your bottom line by knowing the COGM and making adjustments as necessary.

Knowing the COGM can also help companies:

Better manage your inventory

  • – keep better financial records
  • – develop better pricing strategies
  • – track business development.

These benefits make COGM a key KPI in every manufacturing company.

Cost of Goods Manufactured and Total Manufacturing Cost

Both the Total Manufacturing Cost and Cost of Goods Manufactured are related terms. The Total Manufacturing Cost includes the direct material and labor costs as well as overhead costs. However, the Cost of Goods Manufactured also takes into account the changes in Work-in Progress Inventory.

However, the Total Manufacturing Cost is only a fraction of the Cost of Goods Manufactured.

How do you calculate the cost of goods manufactured?

The COGM includes all costs associated with making finished products.

Direct materials. Calculating the direct material cost can be done by adding the starting raw materials inventory to the end raw materials inventory and subtracting it.

The wages of employees who directly deal with production activities (i.e. The shop floor workers.

Production overhead devoted to the production. Indirect materials are materials that are used in production, but not necessarily part the product. glue, sandpaper, lubricant, etc. (); indirect labor, such as supervision, quality control, materials administration, and other workers that are not directly involved in the production of goods, but without whom production wouldn’t happen; depreciation on the premises and equipment; rent or property taxes; insurance.

The Total Manufacturing Cost includes all of the costs mentioned above.

The Beginning WIP inventory is also included in the COGM. The cost of goods that were not finished during the accounting period.

To calculate COGM simply add the Beginning WIP inventory to the Total Manufacturing cost and subtract the Ending WIP inventory. This will give the total cost for the goods that were completed during the specified time period.


A furniture manufacturer may have $12,000 worth of furniture at the beginning of each quarter. This is the Beginning WIP inventory.

Starting WIP Inventory = $12,000

The company also has $8,000 worth raw materials on hand, ready to be turned into furniture. The raw material inventory is replenished by $5,000 of stock within the quarter. The stock remaining as raw materials at the end of each quarter is $3,000 These figures allow us to calculate the Direct Materials used.

Direct Materials = $8,000 + $5,000 – $3,000 = $10,000

Eight shop floor workers are employed by the company and are responsible for the execution production processes. The four senior workers earn $2,600 per month and the four others make $2,200 each month. We calculated their three-month salaries as the sum (since we used a quarter of the accounting period to calculate the amounts). The Direct Labor Costs are the sum of their three-month salaries (as we decided that the accounting period for the calculations is a quarter, i.e.

Direct Labor = (($2,600×4) + ($2,200×4)] x3 = ($10,400+ $8,800)x3 = ($10,400+ $8,800). x3 = $19,200×3 = $57,600

Manufacturing overhead is $28,600. It includes indirect labor costs such as maintenance (wages $9,000 per quarter) and warehouse (wages 12,000 per quarter), additional materials like glue and sandpaper (800), rent (6,000 per quarter), insurance (200 per quarter), and equipment depreciation (i.e. $2,400 per year). $600 per quarter.

Manufacturing Overhead = $28,600

The quarter’s Total Manufacturing Cost is therefore the sum of direct material and labor costs plus manufacturing overhead.

Total Manufacturing cost = $10,000 + $57 600 + $28,600 = $96,200

Furniture worth $11,000 was still being produced at the end of quarter. This is the Ending WIP inventory.

Ending WIP Stock = $11,000

Finally, the Cost of Goods Manufactured is calculated by adding the Beginning WIP inventory to the Total Manufacturing Cost, and subtracting from the Ending WIP inventory.

COGM = $12,000 + 96,000 – $11,000 = $97.200

These basic calculations show that the quarterly COGM for the furniture company is 97.200 dollars.

Cost of Goods Manufactured and Sold Cost of goods sold

Although the COGM and COGS are very similar terms, they should not be confused.

The Cost of Goods Manufactured is a measure of the finished products that have been sold as well as those that are still in stock. However, the Cost of Goods Sold only includes the cost of manufacturing the products during the accounting period.

COGM, however, is part of the COGS calculation in periodic inventories.

The previous example shows that if the company had a $10,000 starting inventory and a $20,000 end finished goods inventory, the COGS would be:

COGS = 10,000 + $97,200- $20,000 = $87,000.

For many reasons, the COGM and COGS may differ from one another.

During the accounting period, more items were manufactured than sold (i.e. Some items remain in stock and are awaiting sale.

– More items were sold than were produced in the accounting period (i.e. Some items were sold using the remaining finished goods inventory from the previous period.

Some finished goods and WIP inventory are no longer in demand. There is no market for these products anymore.

COGM in Manufacturing ERP

A proper MRP system can track different manufacturing costs and calculate both the COGM as well as the COGS if it is provided with accurate inputs. This perpetual inventory system eliminates a lot of the work involved in accounting and frees up time that can be used for other purposes.

Managers can also use MRP software to monitor other KPIs such as overall equipment efficiency, manufacturing cost per unit, OTIF, and so on. In MRPeasy COGM is listed as the “Manufactured” field in Stock -> Stock movement-> Inward.


The Cost of Goods Manufactured (COG) is an important KPI. It can be used to measure the production costs of a manufacturing company and to identify problems and make improvements.

It is related to the Total Manufacturing Cost as well as the Cost of Goods Sold. However, the COGM is an independent concept with distinct purposes.

The COGM formula includes the Total Manufacturing Cost and the beginning and end WIP inventory. However, the Cost of Goods Sold incorporates both the COGM and the inventory.

An MRP system is a perpetual inventory system that helps manufacturing companies track manufacturing costs and calculate various KPIs automatically, including the COGM.

TOP 10 VoIP providers for Small Business in 2022

VoIP is a cute acronym for the more technically chilly term Voice over Internet Protocol, and even though you’ve probably never heard of either, you’ve used it.

VoIP is a cute acronym for the more technically chilly term Voice over Internet Protocol, and even though you’ve probably never heard of either, you’ve used it. Skype, FaceTime, Google Voice, and the like are all VoIP-based platforms you’ve conversed over without even thinking about the connection. Not that you should, it’s 2022.

When was the last time you stopped and pondered the internet?


There is the list of the Best VoIP Providers in 2022:

1) Hottelecom

Hottelecom is a wholesale, facilities-based, Voice over IP carrier that has been dedicated to quality, competitive pricing, and expert support since 2001. Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, Hottelecom has tens of thousands of active customers throughout the world and has processed over 53 billion calls through its network as of 2011.

Virtual Numbers: From $5 per month!

2) Skype

Skype is a software program, available for both computers and mobile devices, that facilitates free or low-cost communication between Skype users, as well as between Skype users and phones. Skype has several major functions that help it connect people all over the world via chat, voice and video.

Computer-to-Computer Calls

Skype’s most basic function — and one that is free to use — is computer-to-computer calls. After signing up for a Skype account and adding a user to your contact list, make a voice or video call to him simply by double-clicking his name and clicking “Call” or “Call With Video.” Just as cellphone call quality varies depending on signal reception, the quality of Skype voice and video calls varies depending on the speed and quality of your Internet connection.


Another free Skype feature is text-based chat between users. Similar to instant messaging clients such as Windows Live Messenger and AIM, it’s possible to chat with users in your Skype contacts list. After clicking the name of a user, type a message to him in the empty field at the bottom of the window that pops up and click “Enter.” In addition to chatting within Skype itself, it’s possible to chat via text with Skype contacts using a Web-based messenger such as “ILoveIM” or “imo.im.”

Computer-to-Phone Calls

Once you load credit into your “Skype Account” using a debit card, credit card or PayPal, it’s possible to make phone calls to land lines and cellphones around the world, at rates that are fixed and generally low. To call a phone, click the “Call Phones” button at the bottom of your contact list, then enter the number in the window that pops up, making sure to select a country from the list of options, if you’re calling internationally, before you click the “Call” button.

SMS Messages

It’s also possible to send text messages to cellphones around the world with Skype. After entering your phone number — and country code, if necessary — type a short message in the blank field at the bottom of the window, as you would do if you were chatting with someone. The difference in the “Call Phones” window is that the button next to the field says “SMS,” and clicking it sends an SMS text message to your recipient. Skype notifies you when the text message has been delivered by showing the word “delivered” above the message.

3) Nextiva

If you run a business, then VoIP is your friend. As its name suggests, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to technologies that use the internet for unified communications.

With VoIP, you get a powerful business tool that costs just a fraction of what it takes to install and maintain a traditional call center. It’s also fully packed with useful features such as auto-attendants, IVR, voicemail, and conference calls.

Most VoIP service providers let you choose the calling features in your package.

  1. Advanced Call Management Advanced call management helps you prioritize, hold, route, or block incoming calls. This feature supports your front desk operations and reduces customer frustration. It also improves VoIP call quality and impact.
  2. Call Routing With advanced call routing, your company systematizes how they escalate calls. You can route an inbound call by customer type, purpose, issue ownership, agent performance, and staff availability. You’ll never connect a customer call to the wrong agent ever again.
  3. Anonymous Call Rejection Not all calls are worth taking. You don’t want crank calls to keep your team from helping real customers with real needs. This feature prevents calls from anonymous or blocked caller IDs from reaching your business.
  4. Auto Attendant It takes a lot to remain warm, upbeat, and effective at handling calls all day. That’s why your customer-facing staff needs all the help they can get. An auto-attendant helps answer, escalate, and route all incoming calls with courtesy. You don’t need a human switchboard operator. It’s a win-win.

A virtual receptionist helps you:

  • Save on hiring costs
  • Keep agents sharp
  • Make customers happy

4) Alliance IP Network

We are an international enterprise who provide telecommunications service, which is located in the United States, where we provide all the services to the South and Central America. We are an international enterprise who provide telecommunications service, which is located in the United States, where we provide all the services to the South and Central America. This International market is considered one of the biggest path in the world of telecommunications services. We have offices in Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Colombia. We provide the following service: Satellital Net, VoIP Connections, Security Services. We count with a mdern technology in AVL (Automatic Vehicule Location) GPS.

5) Passport Telecom

Passport Telecom, Inc. is an international telecommunications company offering services domestically and in several foreign countries through its affiliate offices, resellers and distributors. Passport Telecom has its corporate headquarters in the Empire Passport Telecom, Inc. is an international telecommunications company offering services domestically and in several foreign countries through its affiliate offices, resellers and distributors. Passport Telecom has its corporate headquarters in the Empire State Building in New York City and its primary switching facilities in New York City. The Company owns and operates a Network with Foreign Switching Platforms in 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. Partners in Passport Telecom include Nuera Communications, Inc., and Nuera equipment is used at all of the Passport switch sites. Nuera is a leading manufacturer of voice multiplexing equipment. Their equipment is consistently awarded top reviews for voice quality in the Business Communications Review and other industry publications. Passport uses MCI Worldcom frame relay circuits to interconnect its foreign switching platforms to the U.S. and to each other.It is through these and other strategic partnerships that Passport Telecom is able to offer its customers the best international long distance rates and the best line quality available.

How to buy your VoIP system?

You just need to make a few easy steps to purchase cloud-based phone system for your needs. Pass the registration at one of these Services and choose the service you need to buy.

The Best and Cheapest Way to Sell Your House

Buying a home is the American Dream, but selling one isn’t always so easy.

Selling a home is a pain. There are so many things to do, from making the house look its best to finding the right buyer and negotiating a good price. It’s not always easy, especially when you don’t have any experience.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to make selling your home easier.

What are the Best Ways to Sell a House?

There are a lot of ways to sell your house. You can choose the best one for you and your situation. You should also consider how you want to get rid of your house and what you want to do with it afterwards.

The cheapest way to sell a house is through an auction. This means that the bidding will start at a certain price and then go up until someone buys it. The prices may be higher than if you were selling it privately because there is no one set price.

This is not always the best way because the bidding may go too high for you, or people who don’t know about your property may bid on it without knowing about its condition or features, which could lead to them being disappointed when they find out later.

How Do You Determine the Price of Your Home?

The price of your home can depend on a variety of factors. These factors include the location, condition, size, and features of the property. There are also other considerations like how close it is to schools and public transportation.

In addition to these factors, there are also other things that can affect the price. For example, if you want to sell your home quickly or if you need a quick sale because you have been transferred to another state for work will change the price.

To research the real estate market in your area, use local web apps, such as Hawaii’s is – https://hawaiitrustedrealty.com/houses-for-sale-honolulu/kailua

Closing Costs

Usually the buyer pays the closing costs, which are usually between 2 and 4% of the selling price. But they may ask you to contribute towards it and you might end up paying at least part of the bill. Closing costs often include:

  • Title policy and insurance
  • Attorney fees
  • Property and transfer taxes
  • HOA fees
  • Escrow costs
  • Brokerage fee

What is Your Worth and What do You Expect?

The worth of a house ranges from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. It depends on the location and the size of the property. If you want to know how much your home is worth, you should consult with a professional who will evaluate it for you.

You can also use online tools to get an estimate of your home’s worth. The most popular one is Zillow, which has a free estimate and doesn’t require any personal information. You can also use it to find out how much rent you should be charging for your property based on its size and location.

How To Choose The Best Agent For You And Work With Them For The Sale or Purchase of Your Property?

Finding a good real estate agent is not easy. You need to find the right person for you and your property. Here are some tips on how to choose the best agent for you and work with them for the sale or purchase of your property.

A good real estate agent will be able to help you sell your property in a short time frame, at a higher price, and with less hassle. They will also be able to provide advice on what improvements should be made before listing it on the market, as well as what steps need to be taken after it has been sold.

Are you thinking about selling your home without an agent?

Do you want to sell your home without a realtor? There are a few things that you need to take into account. This article will help you understand the process of selling a house without an agent and what you should do before making this decision.

This article will explore the pros and cons of selling your home without an agent, as well as provide some tips on how to get started.

Conclusion: Get The Most Out of Selling Your House

Selling your house can be a difficult process. But there are many things you can do to make the process easier for yourself. For example, you should know what the market value of your house is and what it’s worth in different neighborhoods. You should also know how to price your home so that it won’t sit on the market for long.

Dameware Remote Everywhere: Guide, Price, Video

What is Dameware Remote Everywhere Soft?

Dameware Remote Everywhere is on-demand remote support software from anywhere with SolarWinds cloud-based solution.

Key Features

  • Fast and easy remote control
  • Safe remote support with advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication
  • Essential endpoint support for everything from desktops to mobile devices
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Reporting engine
  • Monitoring and alerts

The main disadvantages

  • High Price
  • Old UX/UI design

User Experience with Dameware Remote Everywhere

System Requirements

Operating System (Technician Console)Windows 8 or later
macOS 10.12 or later
Android 4.0 or later
OS 9.0 or later
Operating System (Agent)Windows 8 or later
macOS 10.12 or later
Android 4.0 or later
iOS 9.0 or later
CentOS 7 and 8Fedora 31 and 32
Debian 9 and 10
Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 (LTS variants)
NetworkAbility to make direct outgoing TCP connections, or availability of an HTTP proxy or SOCKS server
Hard drive space20 MB
CPU450 MHz

How to Dameware Remote Everywhere integrate with SolarWinds® Service Desk?

Dameware Remote Everywhere is built to integrate with SolarWinds Web Help Desk®, so admins can more easily incorporate service desk support. With this integration, users can initiate a single-click remote desktop session with computers anywhere on a network, based on help desk tickets and IT asset inventory. This integration also allows you to export asset information from Dameware Remote Support and import it to Web Help Desk.

How much it cost?

Unit Price from $ 540.00 USD per license

Pricing & Licensing

This purchase of Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE) includes one year of annual maintenance and support.

How to get Dameware Remote Everywhere for Free?

Register for a 14-day, risk-free trial. You’ll receive a fully functional version of Dameware Remote Everywhere. You can be up and running typically in minutes.

Best 6 DRE Alternatives

  • TeamViewer
  • Radmin Remote Administrator
  • SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support (DRS)
  • AnyDesk
  • Remote Desktop Manager
  • Zoho Assist

3 Metods to Make a Profit from Crypto Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is not only a word that can finish in one word. It is a whole market that stands on the top of the crypto market in the whole world. People invest in this digital currency in high amounts and profit from it. It is simply easy to invest in this crypto on trading platform CHES and get profit from it without facing any issue. You can easily invest in it by selecting the correct procedure, and after that, you can start earning well from this crypto. If you want to attain some significant profit from the Bitcoin crypto, you will do it in what way? The answer is simple: you have to select the correct method and start attaining profit. 

You can do trading, mining, micro earning, investing, and lending the digital coin to attain a profit. There is nothing complicated to involve in any method, but the whole thing is you have to gain knowledge as much as you can. All investors should go with full-fledged planning while entering the world of bitcoins. You can generate profit only when you have the proper knowledge, and you should never take it in lightweight. There are several up and down in the bitcoin crypto world, which is why one should always be ready for them.

All people should focus on profit from the Bitcoin crypto and become wealthy from trading this digital currency. Read more crypto news.

Method First: How Make a Profit from Crypto

When you use the bitcoin crypto-only for profit, trading is the best method for you and an all-time favorite of all investors. You can use trading in many ways and always ensure that your trading platform is well and offers you top-class benefits. It is well known for profit from the bitcoin crypto when it comes to the best method. This method is mentioned at the top. You can use the trading method in many ways, like doing day trading, intraday trading, range trading, etc. 

 Whether it’s day or night, bitcoin trading is always available. You can do trading anytime and anywhere without facing any difficulty. First, you have to start the internet connection, and then you can start doing trade in the bitcoin crypto. If you think that you can attain profit from it without knowledge, you are wrong, and not possible you have to attain some knowledge about the market and its situation. Then you can start trading and attaining profit from it.

Method Second

Another method you can attain profit from the bitcoin crypto is to use mining for it. However, the mining procedure is not that simple. You have to wait for the right time, and also, there is a need for the proper knowledge. You will not be able to create profit from the digital coin within a few times, and you can easily do it, but the only thing required is the right amount of knowledge.

 If any person doesn’t possess much information about this technique, you cannot easily use this method to profit. Mining is a well-known procedure for attaining profit, but it is not suitable without knowledge. Only a few people do the mining to attain profit, and when you mine the digital coin, you will attain profit from it. Only professional people do this method and attain profit from it. 

Method Third

The best method of attaining profit from the digital coin is to do micro earning, and it is well for the people who are free and have nothing to do. Micro earning is the best method, and it is elementary to use. There is nothing hard in it. You have to watch the videos or play games on the site and earn rewards. 

The micro earner is very rising, and if you want to profit, you can easily use it by enrolling on the site. So many sites offer the consumer a micro earner and enjoy the profit without facing any loss or risk. This method is only made for the people who have no job and want to earn some side income to complete their daily needs. You can easily use micro earning if you want to earn some money.

The importance of Writing a Resume

Now the time has passed when you could get any job without any problems and only with time get into the essence of it. Today, it is worth a lot of effort to really get a job that will bring both profit and joy. So, it’s worth pointing out that the foundation of almost any managerial choice now is a properly crafted resume.

Compose your resume very intelligently, interestingly and uniquely

Don’t forget that the accuracy of your resume is also very important. It is best to use a personal computer, on which you can write a nice and neat resume in the same font, mediating the main, in your opinion, places in bold. Such a design will instantly draw attention to the fact that you’re a neat person, as well as appreciate other people’s time. These qualities can not go unnoticed, and accordingly there is a significant chance that you will be invited for an interview.

Expecting a certain result, do not be afraid to let and inquire about them in the company, in addition, pay attention to the fact that nowadays it is possible to send your resume by e-mail, which will solve your question in a limited time.

Before writing your resume try to sit down and objectively assess all your professional capabilities, as well as your past achievements in a particular field. You should clearly remember what kind of experience you have in this or that activity, as well as to cut all your strengths, that is, to specify your advantages, which will allow you to specify your unique truly great opportunities and advantages. The resume writer service ResumeGets can help you with this.

Companies and businesses that are interested in you should definitely receive your resume, which is the reason why you should initially specify your e-mail or fax addresses. Remember in the job search, the main figure is you.

Follow the ideal CV structure

There are many resume structures and sequences of information. But the ideal sequence of information in a resume is as follows:

  • Surname and first name (middle name is not necessary, it is a relic of the past).
  • Photo.
  • Contacts (only phone and city, do not specify a home address, the recruiter will not go home to check who lives there).
  • Target – the position you are applying for. And there’s no need for the formulaic “find a company where I can realize my potential with maximum benefit to both the company and myself. No one takes this nonsense seriously anymore anyway.
  • Core competencies are the part for experienced professionals. The recruiter may not want to read the entire resume, but he will look at the key competencies. Here you need to specify professional knowledge and achievements, as well as specify a few personal qualities.
  • Education.
  • Training.
  • Work experience (the most recent job at the top, the earlier).
  • Additional information (languages, software knowledge, driver’s license).

Resume like a marketing tool

Resumes are the most important marketing tool for job seekers. They represent the candidate and their skills, and is a key factor in deciding whether to shortlist a person or not, as it gives an indication of their qualifications and work experience.

The resume is a very important document that summarizes everything about you: your education, work experience, skills and accomplishments. It has to be done well so as not to sabotage your chances of landing the job you really want.

How to Rent own Dedicated Server?

We met on the Internet. This site you are now on is the result of two technologies: domain and hosting. In this article, I want to cover issues related to the second technology. Hosting has long ceased to be just a place to store static information. Today it is a complex of complex solutions in the center of which is the work of the server.

On the Tech market, there are two solutions for server rental – a shared server and a dedicated server.

In this article, I will talk about the details of a dedicated server rental and finding a good provider.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Dedicated Server

  1. Determine the performance requirements. Each company has its own requirements for server productivity: constant user load, computing processes, work with large files. Depending on these figures will be selected equipment configuration of your server.
  2. Take into account possible downtime. In this era of e-commerce and SaaS services, a minute of server downtime can cost a company a huge amount of money. It is worth examining the provider’s uptime figures to assess the potential risks.
  3. Check network quality. The quality of the signal between the server and your users depends directly on the bandwidth of the Internet channel and the distance. If your users are in Europe, then choose a server in the Netherlands or Germany.

What factors are crucial for server rent?

Security remains a major concern for most businesses in this age of technology. Due to the significant amount of customer information on the line, security features are a priority when choosing a dedicated server. You should only consider working with service providers that consider security a service.

Stable security features

When choosing a dedicated server, security should come first, given that there is personal information that you are likely to share with your customers. You need to consider all possible mitigation measures taken by the dedicated server provider in the event of an unexpected data security breach.

Over the past two decades, there has been a growing concern about the number of data privacy breaches at the corporate level. The impact of data breaches is so great that nearly 60 percent of hacked businesses shut down within six months of such incidents. Your data is most vulnerable when downtime occurs on dedicated servers.

You should be passionate enough to question your potential hosting provider’s own physical and virtual security considerations. Your provider should make sure they always have the right firewalls, intrusion protection, malware, and virus protection measures in place. Such hosting providers should also have robust spam filtering techniques to ensure data security.

Technological advancements

Change is the only constant in this age of technology. It would help to consider all the potential technological dynamics in the future when choosing a dedicated server. First, think about the compatibility of the operating system with your server. You also need to make sure that your potential server has enough RAM to cover all of your future tasks and needs.

What should be paid attention first?

When choosing a new provider, I always focus on budget and service. The budget is important for any start-up project when the turnover has not yet grown. And the level of service is very important because it directly affects the desire to use the provider’s services.

In the world of technology solutions, there are many examples of projects with good service. They all win the hearts of their users.

Why do you need to choose server rent from Deltahost?

I found a good solution for renting a dedicated server. Deltahost has its own equipment in many data centers around the world. Technical support boasts fast response times and 24/7 support.

How much does it cost to rent a dedicated server?

The average cost of renting a dedicated server for a small business is $100 to $200 per month. You can also install a cloud server for as little as $5 a month, but most businesses will spend about $40 a month to have enough resources. If you want to buy a server for your office, it can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 for a small business.

SharePoint Advantages and Disadvantages, vs Alfresco vs Nuxeo DMS

One of our clients, let’s call him George, recently came to us with a problem: I’m sick of a heap of paper in our office. I can’t bear this chaos anymore. Just help me to figure out how to deal with that. I was attacked with tips from well-wishers and now the only thing I need to have got a clear professional view to agreeing on the SharePoint vs Alfresco vs Nuxeo solution.

His cry of heart confused us a little bit; however, we grasped that this will require a major effort. He was not alone who was desperately baffled with a choice of the best dms software. So this occurrence shifted us to write about the word-of-mouth Document Management Systems (DMS). So on what our client set his sights at least, you will know having read the story till the end.

When you should consider using an Enterprise Content Management System

Before we start gathering business requirements, we ask a client how things are, conduct a survey to define the most irritative issues of his employees. If there is a chance, we definitely take it and talk directly to the staff. Why we do it? Because it makes a picture clear to get to know where and how an automatization can avail.

Image 1. Long document transfer results in a great waste of time and human resources. Source: Perforce report

Surveying, we were somewhat surprised by discovering that a single employee at the company of our client wastes around 31 hours per week for document management issues, lose productivity without ELMS, and stagnate instead of moving forward.

The interviewed noticed they would like to have more control over the documents which leave their possession. Also, it is expected a user adoption of the document management system with the best hierarchy of roles. Since the interviewed were representatives of enterprises, they emphasized the easy-to-use pattern. No matter what size of the company is, people want to solve simple daily problems with a simple solution. Electronic Content Management (ECM) users expect the best document management system to be tailored to their personal needs. As figures say below, a high rate of employees is continuing to run risks of sensitive data losses and rely on email in managing document issues.

Image 2. Source: Harris Interactive, North Plains, M-Files

This sobering data makes to rethink collaboration policy at the company in favor of automatization. And for a point on top, employees battle with a bulk of applications different in purpose.

Let’s now clarify when you need a document management system.

8 key document management challenges in enterprises

You clearly need to have a document management software if you face the following document challenges in the workplace:

  1. Finding the right document is stressful because the operating physical and digital filing systems exist and work out of sync.
  2. No collaborative work with the document. Modifying, contributing, approving, archiving, and restoring does not subordinate to the coordinated principle that causes versioning issues.
  3. Undefined principles for the safe storage. Your filing system is imperfect.
  4. Old habits die hard. Your company suffers from a bad habit of single employees to take paper files on meetings, handling and reading printed files.
  5. There are no disaster recovery plans for cases of frequent outages in your content management system.
  6. Documents pass their journey from initiation to delivery slowly and inaccurately. There are no document-centric workflows to determine the sequence of actions.
  7. Multiple branches in different locations, remote staff collaboration. Your on-premise solution can’t cope with it. The cloud-based solution is beyond your reach at all.
  8. Signing issues follow the need to sign a document, lack of a present-day secure signature solution.

First off, you should detect the most paper-intensive processes in your company. They are usually unprofitable, drive up operational costs, slow down communication and document processing. Further, concern the features you need to relieve the processes.

12 Must-have features of a gainful Document Management System

Document management is a technology-based practice on documents storing. It comes to holding all files of different formats in one single repository streamlined to manage them smartly. Naturally, each company has its custom demands; therefore, very often the systems are developed with respect to their needs. However, there are core features of any content management system which can be on default albeit they may be tailored:

  1. Controlled access to the documents
  2. Records retention
  3. Scanning, imaging, recognition
  4. Version control
  5. Common file formats creation
  6. Backup and restore
  7. Collaborative access
  8. Metadata marking
  9. Notifications and reminders
  10. Digital signatures
  11. Fast and search
  12. Importing/exporting

Which DMS is the best: Platforms Overview


#1 SharePoint

Image 3. SharePoint 2016. Dashboard

People-centric SharePoint can refer to one of the various solutions to it. In this article, we show you SharePoint and Alfresco comparison so that the focus will be shifted towards a solution for document management.

Usually, there are businesses which operate within the Microsoft environment and those which consider more affordable alternatives. SharePoint is an excellent mechanism for data management. With SharePoint you can manage an information securely from any device:

  • store in one place;
  • organize files categories and folders;
  • share files across remote offices;
  • set up access types.

Most clients opt for SharePoint because of their technological advantage and feature set. We repeatedly heard from them about secure external content sharing, excellent metadata records management, retention policies. However, if it was we who were hearing them out, things are a little tense with Microsoft. Anyway, teammates get enough place for working with a particular content staying on the web page at the same time having intranet communication space across the organization there. Such familiar things like mobile apps of all kinds are available as well.

SharePoint Online allocates 1 TB of cloud storage for every single user. The system is biased in favor of automation, fast search of particular content, electronic storing, and protection of sensitive data. And lastly, there is an In-Place Hold Policy Center in SharePoint due to which you can place on hold particular content for any period (months, years). This is handy for cases when a company needs to preserve electronically stored information.

With all that SharePoint doesn’t have to use an open source model for marketing purposes, for example. This service will suit perfectly for those being indignant with open source DIY philosophy. But one should not forget nothing comes free. Learn more about how to migrate sharepoint on premise to online and benefits of SharePoint Migration Services. More about that a bit later on.

#2 Alfresco document management system

Image 4. Alfresco ECM. Expiring documents flow

CEOs just want to get solutions to document storing issues. CTOs seek a reliable platform which will bear integrations, updates, and migrations avoiding big risks. This overview is general and focused solely on an Alfresco’s ECM offering without going into detail on business process automation.

In promoting the idea of paperless office Alfresco Content Services is based on five backbones.

  • Openness, easy integration, and extension. Alfresco ECM supports lots of pre-built solutions (SAP, AutoCAD) out of the box and the most popular tools in hand of Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Salesforce CRM to please their customers. So why pay more?
  • The company tried to make the system as accessible as possible. Its cloud-native architecture and modular approach set in motion the right performance and scalability for Alfresco Content Services. Quick Start of the system with AWS takes time less than you have lunch.
  • Content and process are at the heart of its design philosophy. Available complex document processing would really impress with its simple settings not requiring excessive spending for development. If take Alfresco vs SharePoint, the business content is ordered with metadata and folder system identically. And sure, you can strengthen a flow with Alfresco Process Services.
  • Information Governance. Scary and vital, right? Here it relates to a well-thought-out automated content lifecycle management required a little user intervention. It provides total control over documents within the platform and enables integration with third-party systems keeping to the standard of compliance.
  • Online and offline (with Desktop Sync) access to files of any size and format from anywhere. It is worth saying that meanwhile, Alfresco Cloud is declining gradually because the management sees no point in continuing to maintain a cloud-based version. In Alfresco and SharePoint comparison the collaboration is based on the same principles of group sites with threads, activity feeds, tracking, tasks, etc. Alfresco enriched mobile apps with on-device encryption that has been lost by Nuxeo and SharePoint.

As we see, Alfresco definitely knows a thing about the document journey.

#3 Nuxeo

Image 5. Nuxeo CAP dashboard

Nuxeo, an enterprise-ready digital asset management system, is open source with code publicly available on GitHub and Mercurial. This ECM is cloud-native like Alfresco document management solution to run scalable and high-performed content-centric business applications. Similar to Alfresco-based DMS, it supports integration with cloud deployment infrastructures AWS and Azure to keep it scalable.

The platform provides plenty of opportunities to reuse custom object models for those who like convenience. You may appreciate batch import as well there. Over 150 plugins, full-text search, video transcoding, flexible workflow engine and other features put Nuxeo in the raw with a document management system by Alfresco and SharePoint.

Its API-first approach presents Nuxeo in a particularly favorable light in addition to microservices architecture. Due to the desktop sync source code (Nuxeo Drive) available for free users can get replicated files to their local computer easily.

Another feature of Nuxeo, Live Connect, to the contrary of its competitors, allows using cloud content due to connectors, so users don’t have to switch on the apps and work with them as if they are local. Many clients are satisfied with the opportunity to continue using Dropbox or Google Drive.

So Nuxeo keeps increasing its technical power, meanwhile, getting venture investments from Goldman Sachs. How this will affect the platform evolution will see. And now we will proceed to workflows — the heart of every document management platform.


SharePoint Workflows

There are two types of collaborative system: SharePoint Server on-premises and cloud-based standalone or included in Office 365. It has five in-built workflows:

  1. Approval workflow (routs a document for approval or rejection).
  2. Collect Feedback workflow (provides recorded feedback from all revisors).
  3. Collect Signatures workflow (works for Word documents, Excel workbooks, and InfoPath forms only).
  4. Publishing approval workflow (control publishing new and updated web pages on sites).
  5. The Three-state workflow (tracks the status of a list item with a high volume of issues or items).

If you prefer greater flexibility, you can modify any built-in workflow with SharePoint Designer 2013 or even create your own. Also, you can extend the platform by add-ins guided by SharePoint development documentation.

Alfresco Workflows

Comparing SharePoint vs Alfresco, the latter supplies five simple predefined workflows too; however, it doesn’t limit you to create custom more complex ones.

  1. You can use an adhoc workflow to assign a task to someone in particular.
  2. A group workflow provides a single group of users with a collaborative review and approval option.
  3. Desiring to review and approve content in parallel with multiple collaborators you have the opportunity with Alfresco workflow to assign the task in this way.
  4. Using a pooled review and approval workflow you can assign the task to multiple users with one taking ownership to manage the task. Then the task can be completed or sent to the pool for approval by another person engaged working on the task.
  5. Here you can assign a task to be reviewed and approved by a single user.
Image 6. Customized document review. Alfresco

In spite of their simplicity, workflows of Alfresco Content Services perform reviewing and approving document process automatically. It relieves users from superfluous actions with transferring documents via emails, losing final versions and blaming people for mistakes. Alfresco offers a number of inclusive tools you can use to design new workflows, execute, and monitor.

Nuxeo Platform Workflows

The Nuxeo Platform is a bit poor in the variety of workflows. There are two default ones to demonstrate the workflow principles.

  1. Serial document workflow allows users to work on the document one after another. It is done for one action at a time (review or approval).
  2. Parallel document workflow is a collaborative way to work on the document when participants can make editorial corrections all together simultaneously without the approval of a previous contributor.

Similar to Alfresco and SharePoint Nuxeo provides a tool Nuxeo Studio for anyone wishing custom workflows. Any user has a range of options to manage tasks (submit, delegate, reassign) and the workflow he right way (implement, cancel). Notifications will help to alert about changes in the workflow and document. Also, permissions modified during the workflow or task save from all the hassle between participants.


Licensing fees for SharePoint depend on capabilities, deployment, and hosting. SharePoint Online as an independent app is available for $5 and $10 user per month for small/mid-sized businesses and enterprises respectively or you can subscribe for Office 365 plan and get it included. Extra features with Office 365 applications will cost you $20 user per month under the annual commitment. If you are leaning towards SharePoint on-premises, you will be charged for each person/device accessing SharePoint Server under a CAL license model (Client Access License).

The matters are variable concerning prices for Alfresco. The development company doesn’t let out service tariffs on the grounds that each business is unique and has its particular needs. Yes, they likely can allow it with 11 million active users on board. This relates specifically to Alfresco Enterprise Edition. The Alfresco enterprise pricing may vary depending on the number of users, power of rented hosting servers, addons, and availability of technical support by Alfresco staff. Nevertheless, it’s up to you to opt for Community Edition free of charge. In a pair Alfresco vs SharePoint, the first one is more flexible in investments.

A visionary by Gartner, Nuxeo is a fully open source and is driven by contributors. The Nuxeo platform is distributed under the LGPL (Lesser General Public License). Its offering includes a 30-day trial to online services for free with a subsequent subscription fee. The cost will depend on the service package you get from Nuxeo. There is a customer support engagement, system requirements, access to Nuxeo Studio, marketplace, integration connectors, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). If you are a developer or your company is staffed with Nuxeo developers, then it wouldn’t be hard to set up and customize a free open-source community version which is available to download on the Nuxeo official website. Here, advanced support is the payable option only.

Which ECM package can help your company?

The enterprise document management system comparison sum ups the primary differences between systems. To clarify the matter which DMS software fits you best let’s see pros and cons of three systems.



  • Collaboration. Its content management set is a part of creative environment for teamwork and task-solving which enables to manage all form of documents.
  • Sync and centralization. One repository syncs files through online/offline and local tools. Centralization of business tools combine all company apps (Internet, Intranet, Extranet).
  • Proven and well-known. Large companies have been trusting products of Microsoft for years.


  • License. A SharePoint price isn’t limited to a subscription fee. You also should budget for maintenance, provisioning, upgrade costs, etc.
  • Complex setup. It’s not enough to buy a system; you will need a developer familiar with the technologies to make right configurations.
  • Overfeatured. It is overloaded with capabilities and expensive for small-and-middle-sized businesses.



  • Open source. It means Alfresco is highly and easily customizable, open for unlimited integration with other platforms. Besides, if the question of how much does alfresco enterprise cost is decisive for you, you will be pleasantly surprised that License for Enterprise Edition is less comparing to other ECMS.
  • Two versions on Linux. Community Edition will find its application for small scale implementations. Enterprise Edition mostly replicates a feature set of CE enriched with some extra options. Both can be deployed on free Linux.
  • ECM + BPM. Content management processes are built with just-enough functionality which can be seamlessly extended with business process management features.


  • Support and documentation. Support is good only by community members. Documentation leaves much to be desired. Customers are left to rely on training programs of their software provider.
  • Interface. It concerns not only Alfresco ECM. The unfriendly and cumbersome UI is frequently happening in document management platforms.
  • Mobile capabilities. Alfresco DMS has limitations of mobility. Some tasks are not available to be carried out still.



  • Cutting-edge technologies. The company promotes to use the latest technologies in software development focusing on security fixes too. It surely expands opportunities for developers and users.
  • Microservices and plugin architecture. Each of the autonomous services is in charge of processing a single business operation. Plugin-based architecture lets add new capabilities easier.
  • Built-in workflow builder. Users can make their own workflows right after setting up the system without additional tools.


  • Limited features. Nuxeo suits better for small and medium business rather than for large enterprises feeling the urge to grow. Very primitive UI.
  • Training for pay. Training and consulting, as well as exclusive support, will cost you a fee, even though the platform is fully free.
  • Few OOTB integrations. Targeting on enterprises, Nuxeo has is a lack of integrations, though. If you prefer this platform, be ready for extra spendings.

And lastly, when we set out to explore the difference SharePoint vs Alfresco vs Nuxeo, we wanted to show how the things are from the expert point of view. So it all adds up to this that Alfresco happen to be killing the game in the best DMS solutions. Yes, you read that right. For over ten years of document management with Alfresco we have some good reasons to suppose it will satisfy you.

Looking for an Online Converter to Convert CEL to BRL

All You Need to Know About Converting CEL to BRL

If you are looking for an online converter to convert your Celsius currencies to Brazilian Real, click on this link https://letsexchange.io/custom/exchange-pairs/cel/brl/info/. LetsExchange offers a unique and superfast user-machine interface that reduces your efforts and gives you suitable returns to your deposit value. With over 330+ currency exchange pairs, we present a wide range of options for you. All you need to do is select your desired exchange pair of currencies and follow the below steps.

Here Is Your Step-By-Step Guide for Converting CEL to BRL

Here are the simple steps that you need to follow for converting Celsius to Brazilian Real on our platform:

  • Select the type of cryptocurrency into which you wish to convert your funds. You must, for example, pick CEL in this instance.
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What Are the Benefits Offered by LetsExchange for Converting CEL to BRL?

Cryptocurrency converter LetsExchange is undoubtedly one of the best online converters for crypto users. We commit to delivering what we promise. Here are the primary advantages users can get by choosing our services:

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What Is the Live Pie Chart Status of CEL to BRL Value?

According to the live pie chart, value of CEL to BRL value:

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Here are some of the most common questions we get regarding our services.

How Many Exchange Pairs Are Offered by LetsExchange?

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How do I Convert CEL to BRL without Using a Visa or MasterCard? 

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Where can I Safely Purchase Celsius without Additional Payment?

At LetsExchange, we offer safe and reliable service when purchasing crypto coins. All you need to do is follow the live chart and reach our platform to get your cryptocurrency at the best rate.

CRO to BTC Exchange Using The Right Aggregator

Investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and CRO refers to buying the currency, expecting the value to increase over time so that you can get good returns. However, on buying these coins, make sure that you have your wallet that no one else has access to. Also, make sure you buy and invest bitcoins only in reputable and registered sources. It is essential to keep in mind that no single country’s financial situation, so investing in bitcoins should be done carefully, keeping in mind, the stability in value. This article has discussed some essential pointers on bitcoin transactions on the right portal and details about CRO to BTC exchange.


Bitcoins are very secure and also keep your anonymity maintained. Moreover, these transactions can hardly be faked or reversed. It is for this reason that transactions via bitcoins are preferred. So, the payments made should only be through and for people whom you can trust. 

The acceptability of bitcoins increases manifolds many days, thus making payments through it more convenient as time passes. The transactions are signed digitally, which are then verified online. All of these transactions are stored on the blockchain, that is, on the cloud. 

We can also use Bitcoins to buy goods and services now since they are accepted by several online stores, similar to how cards are accepted.  

International Money Transfer

Bitcoins are perhaps the most secure, simple, and inexpensive way of transferring money abroad. The transfer processing is rapid, additional costs are minimal, no intermediary is needed, and there is no minimum or maximum amount that you necessarily have to transfer if you have logged in with a famous service provider. It provides its users with the best possible stability of exchange rates and thus making it very convenient. Thus, bitcoins help cut down on time required for transferring funds and provide security at the same time. 

CRO to BTC Exchange

Here, we will be discussing the specifics of this exchange. To initiate any exchange, you might want to understand the circulating supply for both the coins you are dealing with. You might as well invest some time learning about maximum supply and the percentage fluctuations for both the coins in the past 24 hours. The exchange rate has to be understood, after which we must undertake the following steps.

Learning The Coins

Bitcoin is a widely-accepted cryptocurrency that was introduced in the year 2009. It does not have a single administrator. It can be mined by anyone who has the required equipment and has its users spread worldwide. Currently, one bitcoin is worth $11841, but its value is constantly changing. There are no physical bitcoins – i.e., they exist only on paper or ledger, in this case, that exists on the cloud. As bitcoin is getting accepted more and more, there are now way over 15 million making use of the cryptocurrency wallet. It is because the uses of bitcoins are so varied and practical. CRO is relatively new compared to Bitcoin’s popularity. So, if you think changing CRO to BTC would be a fair call, we assure you it is. It is also a wise decision if you are trying to do an exchange in the early stages of your cryptocurrency career.


So if you are looking for an affordable, convenient and secure way of investing and storing your money with remaining tech-savvy, Bitcoins and CRO are the currency models for you. Whether you buy them from online exchanges or mint this cryptocurrency yourself, the choice is yours but make sure you have the right platform for it like the Alligat0r crypto aggregator!

Tracking Fox an OBDII GPS tracking

It may be important to you and your family to track where and how long your car has been. Technological advancements make this attainable with use of GPS or other tracking systems. GPS trackers for cars are helpful to determine the location of where your car was. They also tell how far it has travelled, which can help if you lost something near your car. You can figure out the location of where it was right before. Tracking Fox has created a device that can track cars and other items. This would be one of the best gadgets for people to use when driving/selling their car because it can help with so many issues. Let’s see what this Tracking Fox D.

What is Tracking Fox?

As the name indicates, Tracking Fox is an OBDII GPS tracking device that tracks the location of the car. It packs many great features that are very helpful for the user. A good GPS tracker is one that not only tracks the car, but also alerts you when, for example, the car has been moved from where it is usually parked or if the car leaves a designated area after being parked. This is what Tracking Fox GPS tracker does, it has so many features packed; that are important and useful for the user to keep tabs on their car or on the cars of their loved ones like; parents, kids, or spouses to keep them safe and to look after. It can also recognize driving pattern of the driver or the individual who has installed the Tracking Fox GPS Tracker. It is more than just a Tracker for the feature it comes with. It also helps with cutting fuel costs that the car and saves more fuel. That is because it is able to recognize the driver’s driving pattern and since it is an OBD11 GPS Tracker it is connected to the Electrical circuit unit of the car; that actually controls the car’s performance.

It can help you with both your personal and professional needs. The Tracking Fox OBII Tracker is compatible with the Tracking Fox app, which is available on Apple Store & Play Store. It is also compatible with both Windows and Android devices. This device is only compatible with cars that have been manufactured after 1996. It comes installed with a SIM card to help find your car through a cellular network, which is used more often these days.

What makes Tracking Fox GPS Tracker unique?

Most car trackers available in the market focus on a single functionality and offer low versatility. Their features though, allow you to track your car live anywhere. Its not so subtle enough to blend into the car’s appurtenance, unlike Tracking Fox OBDII GPS Tracker that is connected to OBDII Port and subtly fading into other accessories, which makes it a safe option to use as a tracker. This Tracker has easy installation. It just needs to be plugged into OBDII port and it is ready to use. Other trackers need to be connected on a magnet-friendly surface to ensure contact or the tracker might fall and in many cases it does, but Tracking Fox is installed inside the car so it is fixed and can’t fall. This tracker sends alerts if there is an unauthorized use of the car or if there’s a break in. Other GPS trackers cannot do this. Fox Tracker helps reduce gas costs by giving you detailed reports on how much your car is using. It is like an amalgamation of a OBDII Tuner and GPS Tracker with advanced features.

How does the Tracking Fox GPS Tracker work?

Tracking Fox GPS Tracker works in a simple manner. Since it has multi-purpose usage, we will talk about its first feature and how it works and that is, tracking.

  • Tracking: For tracking, Tracker Fox uses multiple sources to locate or track movement. The tracking app of the tracker is synced with cloud server on the trackers the cloud server receives the data from a cellular tower (which is compatible with the sim that comes with tracker) when the car is in a range of a cellular tower. On the other hand, tracker is sending its own signal that interferes with GPS Satellites as well as the cellular tower and the activity is tracked on the app.
  • Fuel Saving: The Tracker also has a fuel saving option that is because the tracker also has a micro-controller CPU that memorizes driving patters and then it commands or signals the Electronic Control unit of the car to consume fuel accordingly, thus alters the usage of fuel as per driving of the user and saves bills on fuel usage on the car.

Benefits of Tracking Fox

  • It helps with tracking by two sources; cellular signals and GPS Signals so it has multiple sources just in case one is unavailable, other is.
  • It helps in sending alerts if the car gets stolen
  • For car rent businesses it is helpful in tracking car usage and locations it has been to
  • It has cost-cutting ability as it reduces fuel consumption.
  • It helps keep tracks of last 90 days of car location, route and navigation map.
  • Sends alerts when there’s over-speeding of the car, acceleration, or hard hitting of brakes.
  • Sends anti-theft alerts just in-case there’s suspicious entering of someone in a car.
  • It can be switched from one car to another
  • Easy plug-and-play feature.
  • Compactness of the device.
  • Dual features or tracking and fuel saving.


Now there’s a price of the device itself and there’s a monthly subscription and other price bundles and offers.

  • The price of 1 Tracking Fox OBDII Device is $58.14 after a 50% discount.
  • Monthly subscription to tracking plan: $7.58 a month.
  • 6 Month Subscription to tracking Plan: $6.40, which is saving user 15% less than monthly subscription.
  • 12 Month Subscription to Tracking Plan: $5.23, which is saving user 30% less than monthly subscription.

The purchase can only be made through official website and only payment methods are PayPal and Visa Master Card.

Refund Policy

This tracker comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and free customer service. If it doesn’t meet your expectations or does not work as we promised, then you can claim a full refund.

Final Thoughts

The Tracking Fox Tracker is a multi-purpose apparatus with many features that make it stand out from its competitors, such as alerting you to theft, speeding or over-speeding. All of this without charging you any extra fees. The Tracker helps find your belongings wherever they are thanks to its innovative GPS, network, and cellular technology. This nifty purchase for someone who’s looking to track something. It can also be used to maintain logs of all locations visited.

Rent a Dedicated Server for Your Project

This article will show you how to choose the best dedicated server for your project. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and your server will be delivered in no time.

1) Determine the amount of storage and bandwidth necessary for your project.

2) Decide whether you want a Linux or Windows operating system on the dedicated server.

3) Compare and contrast different providers and their offerings.

Introduction: What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a type of hosting that provides a user with complete control over their virtual infrastructure. Dedicated servers are used by companies that require more stability and security than the standard shared hosting provides like https://deltahost.com/dedicated.html.

Types of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are different from the traditional virtual hosting and you can rent VPS server. Dedicated servers offer a lot of benefits such as lower price, better performance and more control.

What is the difference between renting a web server and buying a web server?

There are two ways to host a website, either by renting or buying web server space. You can rent a web server for as little as $5 per month, but the downside is that you could be shut down at any time. If you buy your own web server at $50 per month, you will have the stability of knowing that your site will always be up and accessible.

Where to Buy Dedicated Servers Online

Sometimes you need a physical server to store and manipulate data and perform certain tasks. But sometimes you also need a virtual server to serve pages of information. A virtual server does not require any physical hardware, it can be hosted on a single computer or on multiple computers.

The best place to buy dedicated servers is from the company that has been doing it for years and has an excellent reputation. It’s also important that the company offers competitive prices with quality customer service.

With the best place to buy dedicated servers, you can be assured that your needs will be met and your data will be safe and secure.

How do I choose a dedicated server in the USA?

Choosing the best server is not an easy task with so many options in the market.

There are different things to consider before choosing a dedicated server like:

  • What you want to store on the server,
  • how much data is it going to grow,
  • do you need to scale up or down at any point.

Making sure that your hosting provider has more than one datacenter is also a good idea.

What are the important factors to keep in mind when choosing dedicated hosting?

Choosing the right hosting service can be a daunting task for both experienced programmers and novice programmers. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are making the decision to choose what type of hosting service to use. This article will discuss some of these important factors.

  1. How much data needs to be stored?
  2. What features are needed?
  3. How much traffic is anticipated?
  4. What’s the expected uptime requirement?
  5. Does the provider offer adequate support?

Conclusion: Get Your Ideal Dedicated Server Today!

To conclude, a dedicated server will help you grow your website or business in a number of ways. The added stability and speed of a dedicated server will give you an edge over competitors in your industry.

If you are looking for a dedicated hosting provider to host your project, try Deltahost. They offer the best quality of service and the most affordable prices in the market.

How can you Protect your Business from Fraud?

Financial fraud has been on the rise in the U.S. and affecting even small businesses. It occurs when someone deprives you or your business of money that financially harms your venture, small or big. Generally, this is through deceptive, misleading, and other illegal undertakings.

The back office is one of the common types of financial frauds and includes unaccounted for expenses, an indirect transfer of wealth, fake checks, and undertaking illicit business upgrades. Fraud experts cite the lasting effects of cutback and recession that have reduced financial balances, checks, and self-satisfaction as the key contributing factors. 

According to Joseph Wells, who is the founder of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, there are a number of risk factors that contribute to fraud in small businesses. They include:

  • Insufficient financial control concerning how cash is used, improper record-keeping, and bank accounts are handled.
  • Inadequate selection of workers during the hiring process. Employers are not doing enough background checks before hiring.
  • Trusting the wrong person. What makes small businesses succeed is also the home of fraudulent people who will do anything to harm the business.

A recent study by TD Bank of small businesses owners shows that 75% are taking specific steps to protect their ventures against financial fraud. However, a good number aren’t doing enough to excel in their endeavors.

According to Robert Dunlop, head of Corporate Security and Investigations at the bank, they have to be cautious. With the advent of and surge in new technologies that small business owners settle for, it is important to be well-acquainted with the latest technologies in use. They have to be wary of techniques criminals use and be careful in keeping their businesses safe from fraud.

There are incredible tips to protect businesses against financial fraud they should be well-versed with. And they include:

Make Use of Financial Balances and Checks

Business owners should take time and conduct an internal review of their finances on a monthly basis. Amount used to make payment should match what they have in recorded invoices, and checking for missing documents should be mandatory. Undertaking random audits or hiring professional auditors will help keep employees alert about the consequences of any form of financial fraud. These will keep away would-be fraudsters in the business premises.

Secure Computer Systems and Practice Website Awareness

Business owners need to be well-versed with cyber protection. Many small businesses have fallen victim to cybercrime. The computer system you use should be well-protected with the latest antivirus software and firewalls.

Phishing is a common technique used by fraudsters to obtain business private information. It’s a technique that uses a form of an email to obtain confidential data. Most of them are easy to notice as they appear to contain legitimate addresses or certain titles, but they are all fraudulent.

Protect Sensitive Hard Copy Documents

The digital area is not the only area that is prone or exposed to information breaches. Employees or competitors can still use important data and use it against your business. These will include things like checks, credit card information, or emails.

Mr. Dunlop emphasizes business owners should be wary of the documents they leave behind with photocopiers as they might get into the wrong hands. If you have to sell a copier they have to make sure no important documents are saved in the hard drives.

Opt for Safe Online Banking Platform

Online banking offers a means to safely undertake transactions and keep your financial details safe. Major and reputable banks use numerous security options to keep their customers information safe. Security options that online banking offers include real-time information, better customer care on 24/7 basis, secure payment, and account transfers.

Invest in Proper Insurance 

Businesses need to invest in top-notch insurance policies that protect them from losing money due to back-office fraud. Go for an insurance policy that protects your business against theft, forgery, embezzlement, and credit card scam.

Why Business Should Rely on Spokeo Protect

When undertaking background checks, you will need a platform or options that will ensure you undertake an efficient process. Spokeo is a standout that has transformed many companies. With Spokeo Protect you can safely undertake social searches without any worries.

It makes it easy and effective to use phone number search features that make it easy to search people’s backgrounds stress-free. 

You will rest assured that you have the right information about an individual using phone number, email, name and address. With Spokeo connection among other features, you get a chance to get connected with all your friends’ social media profiles and in one place.

There are incredible ways to curb business fraud. Many business owners trust their employees and associates that they don’t even protect their confidential data. But why stress where there is an incredible way to check the kind of people you are working with and their records. Spokeo is a one-of-a-kind option that organizes every information you need about a worker, business or consumer you deal with each day.

What You Need to Know About Online Casino Scams in Poland

Online gambling has become the talk of the day after ranking third among well-performing online industries. The industry hits $295 billion annually, attracting the attention of potential gamblers and entrepreneurs. Investors have ventured into the lucrative business to try their luck, giving a rise in the number of online casinos. 

There are many reputable casinos on the internet, but there are a few rotten tomatoes out there scamming innocent gamblers. Online gambling scams involve a lot of things, including rigging the house edge and exposing personal information. Online casino websites have encouraged gamblers to remain vigilant when choosing a gambling platform. Our expert, Klara Czerwinska, sheds some light on what you need to know about online casino scams in Poland.

A slow Withdrawal Process

Gamblers in Poland engage in gambling for two main reasons; entertainment and winning real money. Withdrawal wait time is a significant concern among Poles judging that everyone demands a fast and convenient service. A slow withdrawal process is one of the principal online casino scams that many Poles have experienced. 

Some gambling platforms have refused to pay gamblers winning for days, weeks, and even months after winning. When a player inquires why they are not paying on time, rogue casinos reply that a clash of terms and conditions causes the slow process. The best way to avoid such a scenario is by reading online reviews before hitting the sign-up button.

Lack of Customer Service

Remember, it is costly to run a casino. Online casino scams have accelerated as many gambling platforms look for shortcuts to run their business. Lack of customer support is among the most prominent online gambling scams that have rendered many players helpless. 

In many cases, gamblers have lost their money after a casino lacked a contact platform. Suppose a casino lacks 24/7 customer support. It is better not to get associated with the platform. High-ranking online casinos offer swift customer support through email, live chats, and calls. Polish players can always determine if a platform is right by checking reviews on reputable platforms such as kasyna online

Asking for Personal Data

It is another significant online casino fraud that has made gamblers lose their valuable data. Rogue online casinos are not able to secure the sensitive information of their players. They are unable to use the Security Socket Layer that keeps personal data from cyber-attacks. Well-performing online gambling platforms have secured their websites with HTTPS protocol. By doing this, sensitive information such as ID numbers, bank information, and security numbers is not prone to attacks. 

A cyber attack is likely to occur every minute. Newbies in the world of gambling should automatically leave sites that ask for their sensitive information. It is essential to sign up with online casinos that are secure enough to avoid serious issues in the future. Security is a primary concern for online casinos; thus, many platforms have embraced new technology to help them secure their gambling platforms.

Bonuses that seem too good to be trusted

Online casinos use bonuses to lure more gamblers into their platform. Examples of bonuses offered by various platforms include Welcome Bonuses, Deposit bonuses, to mention a few. Every gambler loves freebies, and inappropriate casinos have used the trap to take advantage of gamblers. They come up with a bonus that appears too good to be true. Players should read the terms and conditions to avoid getting conned in the process. Before the commitment, a gambler should understand the wagering requirements. Some demand spending 20 times the amount given as a bonus before withdrawing winnings.

Challenging in finding the RTP

There are many casino scams, and not all are related to payments and fraud. Rigging games is a popular scam that is done to allow the house to constantly win. The return to player (RTP) refers to the average percentage of money from all bets over some time to be issued back to players. Some casino experts refer to it as the opposite of the house edge. When the house edge is 10%, the RTP is likely to be 90%. High esteemed online casinos display their RTPs for the games they offer.

Enjoying your first casino experience in Poland is easy once you understand what is expected of you. The above list will help Poles avoid red flags in their gambling experiences.

Best outsourcing services on the Internet for the IT sector


Information technology (IT) is probably the most promising sector nowadays. It’s a constantly developing and changing branch capable of making an important difference in our daily lives.

Today, many industries are no longer able to function normally without IT. Just imagine how would communication, healthcare, finance, security, education, voting, or business in general work if computerized systems, applications, software, and other advantages and IT tools are nonexistent.

Lately, we witnessed how in some urgent situations IT systems can be useful, in the sense of accessibility, when many of us have started working from home and managed to stay productive while being away from our offices.

Image source https://www.pexels.com/photo/laptop-office-internet-technology-177598/

Benefits of outsourcing

Till recently, outsourcing was generally associated with big enterprises delegating one or several of their business activities, such as manufacturing, to a third party which is in most cases an external company. The two most popular overseas outsourcing destinations are China and India, for their low-cost labor and fast adjustment to new production systems. However, with new trends and further development of outsourcing, hiring virtual or remote workers, companies, and individuals, to perform various jobs is getting more and more of a common practice. 

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To break down several misconceptions, individuals can be outsourced for many jobs. IT experts, virtual assistants, and writers are perfect examples. Furthermore, the company can be very small or even a start-up and still a very good candidate for outsourcing. The only really important factor is that organization or a person can benefit from it. Speaking of benefits, except already mentioned lower operational and labor costs, enabling focus switching on more important business activities, expanding or entering new markets, and gaining access to knowledge, skills, and resources are just a few of many reasons for external hiring.

Freelancing is a way of online outsourcing to individuals through platforms, such as Upwork, Fiverr, EduBirdie, or Freelancer. Contracting out to skilled people, who are experienced, specialized in some field, or have advanced expertise and degrees is a simple and often very low-cost way of task allocation. The best part is that anybody, including students, can use it. Finding high-quality programming, writing, or proofreading services can be done effortlessly within a very short amount of time and negotiated directly with a freelancer. 

Proofreading service for writing teams

No matter how simple it is, any official document, e-mail, essay, dissertation, blog post, ad, or any other kind of public writing demands certain knowledge and time. The deadline is almost always the inevitable part of these tasks. This is the main reason why the products and services, offered by professional writers have so many users.

Another popular product that is used mainly by students, but is also very popular among writers, bloggers, and content makers are academic proofreading services at EduBirdie, where everyone can check their text for proofreading. With so many assignments and projects to complete and papers to write students often need help to avoid overlooking simple mistakes, or logic gaps. Writing teams might need proofreader’s services as well, for important documents and studies.

The most popular outsource services for the IT sector

The cost of mobile app development can be extremely high. This is probably the most frequently outsourced IT job representing over 46% of all app-related external hiring. It’s hardly a surprise that most jobs are delegated overseas. It’s common knowledge that a well-designed mobile app can significantly improve business results.

Companies often need custom software developers, to boost their sales or to modernize their business process. Since this type of job includes not only development but also digital design, implementation, business analysis, and much more, outsourcing usually means external hiring of the whole team of experts in these areas.

Digital marketing is an integral part of the business for many companies and the best and easiest way to reach their customers. With so many active Internet users good digital strategy is essential, so outsourcing this service to skilled and experienced professionals can make a huge difference.

Web developer’s job is to create a web application according to the user’s needs, usable across multiple platforms. Outsourcing these duties means finding a reliable person and an expert for the design, coding, and layout of a website. A well-structured, practical, and polished website means a good first impression and more customers.


The IT industry shouldn’t worry about its future. Although it’s not that easy to become an IT professional, it offers endless job opportunities. With each day, as our world becomes more and more digitized, it’s safe to predict that this industry will only progress. The good thing about most IT-related occupations is that person doesn’t have to be a math or tech wizard. What is even better, it’s an interesting and creative profession. 

Author Bio:James Collins is a freelance content writer engaged with several online publishers. As a writer, James aims to deliver engaging content that informs and entertains the audience. His work is based on deep research that brings practical value to the reader.

Types of NYC DOT Permits

DOT permits are issued by the NYC Department of Transportation to allow contractors to perform and work on NYC’s sidewalks and roads while utilizing construction equipment. DOT Permits are commonly used to enable the use of specific tools, occupation of roadways and sidewalks, closing of roadways for repairs, and many more operations. They are divided into two groups: building operations and street opening.
Building operation permits allow during varying types of construction.

Street openingBuilding OperationsSidewalk Construction
100 – Open sidewalk to install foundation
106 – Transformer vault – in roadway
107 – Transformer vault – in sidewalk area
110 – Major installations – cable
112 – Rapid transit construct/ alteration
116 – Fuel oil line
117 – Vault construction or alteration
118 – Reset, repair or replace curb
119 – Pave street-w/ engineering & insp fee
120 – Tree pits
121 – Construct or alter manhole &/or casting
124 – Repair electric/communications
125 – Leader drain under sidewalk
126 – Test pits, cores or boring
127 – Conduit construction and franchise129 – Install street furniture
130 – Land fill131 – Private sewer
132 – Install fence133 – Install traffic signals134 – Repair petroleum leak
138 – Installation of fire alarm box
139 – Installation of bus shelter
151 – Installation public pay telephone
153 – Install test pit/monitor well/pipe
154 – Install traffic street lights
155 – Regrade/replace street hardware/casting
156 – Repair traffic street light
157 – Repair traffic signals
165 – Install newsstand
166 – Pavement cores
167 – Restoration re-dig
168 – Core re-dig
172 – Micro trenching
173 – Regrade hardware
180 – Tree pit/storm water inlet
181 – Installation of poles
182 – Removal of poles
183 – Relocation of poles
201 – Place material on street
202 – Crossing sidewalk
203 – Place crane or shovel on street
204 – Place equipment other than crane or shovel
205 – Place shanty or trailer on street
208 – Temporary pedestrian walkway
210 – Install temporary decorative light on street
211 – Occupancy of roadway as stipulated
214 – Place container on the street
215 – Occupancy of sidewalk as stipulated
218 – Install bike rack on sidewalk
219 – Place temporary security structure
221 – Temporary construction signs/markings
401 – Repair sidewalk
402 – Construct new sidewalk
403 – Replace sidewalk
404 – Construct new sidewalk with heating pipe
405 – Construct new sidewalk builder’s pavement plan

What DOT Permits do I need?

DOT permits are primarily different than DOB permits because they are issued per street, as opposed to DOB’s style of per address permits. This means that work taking place at 123 Fake St, will require DOT permits for each street work will take place on. Essentially that requires 4 permits of each type! An example would be replacing the sidewalk, so occupation of the sidewalk is required, as well as repair sidewalk. These two permits would be required for each street the sidewalk is being replaced on.

Get DOT Permits Now!

Companies that are registered with the NYC Department of Transportation can file for permits. General contractors and other contractors cannot apply for permits until they are registered with the DOT. DOT permits before, you will need to register. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months. The NYC DOT has the most stringent insurance standards in the city, exact wording, specific types, letters are all required before the contractor even registers with the DOT.

7 Ways to Developing Machine Learning Strategy for Business

If you’ve succumbed to the hype around machine learning, you’ve likely heard hundreds of ML evangelists claim that data-driven decision-making is inevitable for companies that want to thrive in the near future. And a number of questions will arise as you consider how to employ the technology in your business. Can it significantly aid in reducing costs or increasing revenue? How can you estimate return on investment? Can you leverage the existing data to yield game-changing insights? Should you even try to get on that train right now?

What’s so special about machine learning

The concept of machine learning was conceived about 50 years ago with the idea of making computers learn as humans do. As the field evolved, it gave us a means to find useful patterns in large amounts of data.

The way to address this is to apply an algorithm which would differ from the diligent but narrow “if-then” programs that we’re used to dealing with. Machine learning isn’t limited to narrow-task execution. An engineer doesn’t have to compose a set of rules for the program to follow. Instead, a machine can devise its own model of finding the patterns after being “fed” a set of training examples. Dealing with a “black box” of that sort–where a human is only concerned about inputs and outputs–brings an almost unlimited variety of application opportunities, from recognizing cats in pictures to tracking body functions that yield individual treatment programs.

The reason machine learning is only now topping the list of tech buzzwords is that just recently we’ve achieved computational power enough to process big data: huge and unstructured data sets with possibly thousands of variables instead of small and well-filtered ones. Much talked-about AlphaGo, which has recently beaten a human grandmaster at the ancient game of Go, is just one of the examples.

Defining how machine learning is going to be the gamechanger for your business isn’t as trivial a task of simply putting the data into the black box and waiting for a magical insights sheet to roll into your printer tray. While you can utilize the approach to get insights about one or a handful of operations in a company, tangible changes happen only if the adoption is backed by a strategy. The strategy should be introduced and guided at the C-suite level, and a number talent acquisitions should be made to support this strategy adoption.

Step 1. Articulate the problem

There are generally two types of companies that engage in machine learning: those that build applications with a trained ML model inside as their core business proposition and those that apply ML to enhance existing business workflows. In the latter case, articulating the problem will be the initial challenge. Reducing the cost or increasing revenue should be narrowed down to the point when it becomes solvable by acquiring the right data.

For instance, if you want to reduce the churn rate, data might help you detect users with a high “fly risk” by analyzing their activities on a website, a SaaS application, or even social media. Although you can rely on conventional metrics and make assumptions, the algorithm may unravel hidden dependencies between the data in users’ profiles and the likelihood to leave.

Here’s another example. While it’s relatively easy to estimate performance scores in a sphere of production, can you understand, for instance, how salespeople perform? Technically, they send emails, set calls, and participate in conferences, all of which somehow result in revenue or the lack thereof. People.ai is a startup that tries to address the problem by making a machine-learning algorithm to track all the sales data, including emails, calls, and conferences, to come up with the most productive sales scenarios.

The bottom line here is to define the problem where standard business logic and the set of rules aren’t sufficient to solve it. Use machine learning when decisions heavily rely on the subjective opinion of an analyst or a decision-maker.

Applied predictive analytics is a broader variety of techniques that anticipate outcomes by leveraging data. While machine learning is one approach to realize predictive analysis, the current landscape of areas where it acts as a strategical reinforcement to business processes is quite broad, from content recommendations to healthcare.

Step 2. Consider the prescription

The most advanced issue of developing predictive analytics strategy is whether you can find the right prescription based on the received knowledge. In other words, what are you going to do with the insights you obtain? Can you automate the decision-making in this case? McKinsey disclosed story of an international bank that was concerned about the number of defaults that some of their clients experienced. By means of machine learning, they managed to detect a group of customers that had suddenly switched from spending money during the day to use their bank cards in the middle of the night. This behavioral pattern closely correlated with the default risk as the bank later discovered that the people from the group were coping with a recent stressful experience. The prescription was to offer financial advice to the people from the risk group and establish new credit limits for these customers. In some cases, coming up with such prescriptions would be much harder or it would involve a course of actions that can’t be automated at all.

Moreover, insights that you will get may inspire the prescription measures that you could never think before unraveling hidden dependencies in your data.

Source: http://www.mckinsey.com/industries/high-tech/our-insights/an-executives-guide-to-machine-learning

Step 3. Ensure that the quality of your data is good enough

Data science is a broad field of practices aimed at extracting valuable insights from data in any form. And we believe that using data science in decision-making is a better way to avoid bias. However, that may be trickier than you think. Even Google has recently fallen into a trap of showing more prestigious jobs to men in their ads than to women. Obviously, it’s not that Google data scientists are sexist, but rather the data that the algorithm uses are biased because it was collected from our interactions with the web.

Qualify your data and decide the minimum prediction accuracy

Basically, the quality of the data you have or can collect will define whether it may be used to build the algorithm. Data can be noisy; some information can be conflicting, biased, or just missing. To qualify your data set for further model development, you’ll need to involve a technical consultant or a data scientist in the early stages. This will allow for data testing and setting the minimum acceptable prediction accuracy. Here’s something to note: Although business decision-makers look for concrete recommendations, data science can only provide relative figures. So, deciding the minimum degree of confidence acceptable for solving a business problem will be on top of the importance list.

In one of our projects involving fare prediction analysis in booking air tickets, we were challenged to design an algorithm which would forecast flight fares, both short and long term forecasts. Seventy-five percent  of prediction accuracy was high enough to support customers with booking recommendations.

Be ready to break down silos, anonymize, and share data

One of the hurdles that our data science team regularly faces is access to data at the stage of project negotiation. While understanding the initial costs are critical for any business that decided to embark on predictive analytics, it’s nearly impossible to estimate the accuracy level and price without seeing actual data. That’s the point when negotiations can be paralyzed by the catch-22 problem. Business executives can’t give away the sensitive customer or business-related information to a technical consultant, while a consultant can’t give definitive answers before seeing data.

We usually offer to provide a subset instead of the whole database and anonymize it beforehand. Even for the companies having a data scientist on board, it’s a common management challenge to share data among different departments. An overregulated information policy or just hoarding of data across departments can really slow down the process. That’s why data science adoption should be introduced and guided on the higher management level.

Good news: Data can be fixed

Even if your data set is messy and unstructured, it’s not necessarily a death sentence for your data science initiative. Today, data scientists are well equipped with a number of practices to apply during the preparation stage to restructure, clean your data set, and further optimize it for efficient modeling.

Source: O’Reilly, The Evolution of Analytics

The bad news here is that a data scientist may require quite a while to complete data cleansing and proceed to the modeling stage. Should you try handling it yourself in advance without having proper expertise? The general answer is no. It’s very likely that your data set will need refactoring anyway.

Step 4. Prepare to bridge the gap between technical and business vision

If you ask data scientists about their favorite and most useful algorithms, you’ll likely hear something about boosted decision trees, artificial neural networks, kernel methods, principal component analysis, etc. Thus, you may hire a brilliant data scientist who’s still going to have a hard time translating complex results into concrete business language. On the other hand, a chief marketing officer (CMO) may lack the technical background to convert figures given as probabilities into monetary terms.

According to a recent SAS paper, many organizations have already recognized the need to introduce a chief analytics officer to their corporate frameworks. The person should have both business and tech expertise to lead the data science initiatives, envision the options to scale the machine learning application and reconcile business and technical vision.

Otherwise, your data scientists should be ready to educate decision-makers on the opportunities and limitations that different ML models present.

Step 5. Explore the options to hire the right talent

One of the most popular courses at Stanford is machine learning. And back in 2012, the Harvard Business Review regarded a data scientist to be “the sexiest job of 21st century.” Yet there have been a lot of talk about the shortage of data-science talent over the past few years. McKinsey theorizes that by 2017 the demand for this expertise will be 60 percent higher than supply. No matter whether this prediction is true, the profession is extremely hyped. If you operate from New York City or Silicon Valley, the starting salary for a data scientist will be about $200,000, as stated by Bloomberg.

What makes data scientists so scarce and valuable is the blistering change in the technological landscape that outstrips educational capacities. Moreover, being a data scientist requires a rare skillset combination at the junction of math, statistics, programming, databases, and domain expertise.

So, here is the challenge. What are the options?

Hire a data scientist and be ready to engage

If you aren’t operating in a metro area such as New York City or Silicon Valley, the median salary will be about $104,000, which is nearly double the average salary for a regular programmer. Not only do experienced data scientists have higher price tags, they will demand creative work to stay engaged, which often conflicts with the siloed department structures of many organizations.

Homegrown specialists

To leverage the talent that you already have, you’ll inevitably need a data scientist to take a leadership role. This also can be addressed by building or acquiring a machine learning platform with a friendly interface that would be approachable to a wider range of specialists within your organization. That way, you’ll be able to scale from one or a handful of people to a larger group of experts. Have a look at our data science team structures guide to get a better idea of roles distribution.

Find a vendor team

Outsourcing several operations to external experts became a common practice a long time ago. But unlike generic programming that so many vendors can do, data science and machine learning outsourcing haven’t yet overcome the threshold of trust. The biggest challenge of outsourcing machine learning tasks is to align corporate limitations of sharing data with external expert assistance. Depending on the type of data you have, you may need to anonymize it in a way that it doesn’t reveal sensitive details, like customer contacts, their location, etc. You should also keep in mind that an anonymized data set doesn’t allow an analyst to enrich it by using external sources or applying his/her own understanding of a problem to build a more efficient model.

Build relationships with educational institutions

In the US, there are about a dozen Ph.D. data science programs available at universities and nearly the same number of computer science programs that are actively emphasizing data science. Another popular way to fill the skills gap is boot camps where attendees take 12-month or so courses. This option seems very promising for companies that aren’t ready to invest into hiring experienced experts, though you should always consider additional internal training to accumulate essential domain expertise.

Step 6. Models become dated, be ready to iterate

Most of the models are developed on a static subset of data, and they capture the conditions of the time frame when the data were collected. Once you have a model or a number of them deployed, they become dated over time and provide less accurate predictions. Depending on how actively the trends in your business environment change, you should more or less frequently replace models or retrain them. There are two basic approaches to that:

Challenger testing. When the existing model is assumed to become less accurate, a new challenger model is introduced and tested against the deployed model. The old model is removed once the new one outperforms it. Then the process is repeated.

Online updates. The parameters of a model are changed under the continuous flow of new data.

So, if you want to retain your predictive analytics on the same level of accuracy, having occasional or short-term data science services is not an option.

Step 7. Decide whether you need a custom-built algorithm

Building custom data models, their deployment, and further iterative development may be a serious financial and management burden for small and midsize businesses. Using algorithms that are shipped off the shelf is a viable option if you’re looking for common prediction tasks. Large product developers like Hitachi are already preparing blueprints and even solutions to support the industries they’re focusing on. Having an out-of-the-box algorithm doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have to customize it to align with business objectives, but it might greatly reduce the financial difficulties.

Salesforce, for instance, is offering artificial intelligence instruments that can communicate with their existing cloud solutions. The previously mentioned people.ai service along with Azure Machine Learning, Google Prediction API, and IBM Watson Analytics can be integrated with the most popular CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and some others. Guesswork offers ecommerce companies better understanding of customers by analyzing various collected data and providing tailored experiences. It integrates with ecommerce sites and can predict which visitors are more prone to conversion or it lets you tailor a newsletter to each customer. Ultimately, you can apply to Algorithmia, a marketplace of pre-built algorithms that communicate with software through REST APIs.

Is it the right time to adopt Machine Learning?

In one of his novels, Hemingway described how a man goes broke “gradually and then suddenly.” The passage aptly reflects the way machine learning progresses. Today, it’s on the top of the hype cycle, and, consistent with Gartner, the mainstream adoption will happen in 2 to 5 years. Early adopters are already actively testing and iterating to reach a high productivity stage.

In a course of a few years, it’s likely that having a data science department will be the definitive point of competition in a wide range of business verticals, as CRM systems became years ago.

Resources for U.S. SMBs (small-business owners)

Do you know McKinsey’s #1 tip for businesses willing to be up and running again?

“Take your business online.” It seems obvious, but many small business owners still hesitate to do it as they don’t believe it’s easy. One of our thankful clients told us “As a beginner entering this digital world, the online presence was a hard thing to achieve.” I want to tell all entrepreneurs: the market is already offering excellent solutions to small businesses. These are tools that anyone without coding and designing skills can use. And some of them are even free. Like Boxmode.

So, don’t be shy. Go online. Because all your competitors and customers are already there.
#onlinebusinesses #digitalmarketing #smallbussiness

Programs and support

“What resources are available to support my business during the COVID-19 crisis?”

Financial support and official informationReview official government resources and learn about loans, grants, donations, and other relief funding

Expense managementLearn about opportunities to reduce or defer costs, such as taxes, rent or mortgages, utilities, and insurance

Employee supportFind information on where to apply for unemployment relief, health coverage, and other resources to support employees

Pro bono and nonfinancial supportFind expert services at little or no cost, as well as local, industry and community support

Planning to reopen

“How can I get my business up and running again?”

Taking your business onlineFind tips on building a website, connecting with customers, and managing e-commerce

Considering reopeningReview considerations for thinking through what is best for your business, employees, and customers

Preparing to reopenExplore ideas for implementing official guidelines at your business

Back to business

“How might I think about the future of my business?”

Consumer sentimentExplore recent surveys for insights into consumers’ shopping preferences

Small-business sentimentFind insights into how other small-business owners and operators feel

Community mobility trendsReview aggregated mobility data and trends when thinking through decisions for your business

Ways to ask for supportSmall businesses and their communities are relying on each other more than ever. Here are some ways to ask for support

How CRM Improves your Lead Generation Flow

In today’s business marketing, one of the critical element that drives the business momentum is Lead nurturing.

According to Andre Pino’s,

A process by which leads are tracked and successfully converted into sales-qualified leads is known as Lead Nurturing.

No matter how your agency or business gets leads, you can always contact those leads once and wait for their response. Lead nurturing is just a process, but it really works.

Marketo: Companies excelling at lead nurturing generate 50 percent more sales ready leads at a 33 percent lower cost.

Marketing Sherpa: 79 percent of marketing leads never converts to sales. The main reason behind the poor performance is the lack of lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing is a process of dealing with qualified leads to make the conversion rate more apparent, but at the same time to make sure that you are gaining the business of customers when they’re ready.

CRM for Lead Generation

CRM software is a very useful tool that simplifies the management aspect of business. If you have implemented the right CRM then you’ll definitely get improved results in sales, close more deals and increase real time decisions and predict accuracy. With a solution like Soffront CRM there is no magic formula to nurture customers and generate qualified leads. However there are chances to get into deeper customer data to improve sales initiatives.

6 Ways How CRM Nurture Lead Generation Process?

An efficient Customer Relationship Management system offers a number of functionality at an affordable price. A CRM impacts a business significantly. It helps in nurturing leads and building better long-standing relationships with customers even before interactions with the sales team happen.

  1. Find the right customers.
  2. Build more sustainable relationships.
  3. Reduce the cost of sales.
  4. Increase employee productivity.
  5. Offer better customer service.
  6. Improve customer retention.

Effective Marketing Campaigns

According to the latest CRM analysis of reports, businesses nowadays have realized the impact CRM software has on Marketing. Whether it’s about taking advantage of segmentation features to build shared groups of customer targets and enhance the messaging of campaigns, or profiting from the opportunity pipeline and campaign reporting. With CRM, you can fulfill your business objectives by providing yourself deeper fact based insight into your customers and prospects. CRM gives a detailed look at the opportunity pipeline which can be aligned with every opportunity to a specific marketing campaign.

Tracking Leads

Every CRM follows its own process of tracking and managing leads, and letting you see the status of the leads and where they’re in the process. Like sales, leads records can be tracked like the number of customers who were contacted in the past month or week, what was discussed, customer’s queries, and others. Specific reports can be generated and analyzed based on it.

“A 5% reduction in your customer defection rate can increase profits 25%–85%.”


Companies can fulfill its goals with the help of CRM and improve the quality of leads as well. From both the sales and marketing departments, there should be a definite goal to enhance lead quality of more sales and revenue. You crm helps you to get quality leads and identify which actions are eventually translating into lead and then to a sale. Using those data, leads can be fast-tracked by the sales process to help you more economically and ensure you successfully reach your sales goals.

There are many more ways of improving the lead generation with a CRM. But the most important being CRM to be the the main pivotal point of lead generation, which not only helps in generating quality leads but, it enhances the sales process, ensure better conversion rates and helps close more deals.

Amid layoffs, some residential solar firms are outsourcing solar design

Outsourcing makes sense for startups and medium-sized companies.

Rob Barker

Residential solar workforces have been slashed amid the Covid-19 induced economic slowdown, prompting some rooftop solar companies to explore outsourcing solar design to independent contractors.

Maintaining existing rooftop solar project deadlines and keeping costs down is always important, but, in the face of the skyrocketing residential solar cancellations and residential solar installation postponements that started when lockdowns began in the U.S. in mid-March, it is paramount.

Young technician master in workwear bending over solar panel on the roof while adjusting handle

“[Currently] most companies are seeing a drop in sales, or their designers now have to work from home which makes training new designers almost impossible,” said Rob Barker, CEO of Three Line Design, an Orem, Utah-based residential solar design firm that launched a month ago, he said.

According to data aggregated by Ohm Analytics, solar permits have fallen substantially since the Covid-19 crisis began. Solar permits in California, for example, averaged 902 per week between January and March 2nd, but by the week ending March 30th, California’s weekly solar permit volume was at 536.

A man carrying a solar panel on a green construction site, working on a green building project.

For startup and medium-sized companies, outsourcing makes sense, Barker said. “You want to have strong designers to eliminate problems for your customers’ accounts, but to pay for a full-time designer gets costly [when you consider] the number of accounts you have per week for a designer to do,” he said. Fluent Solar and Solarise Solar have outsourced some their solar design to Three Line Design, he added.

Whether commoditizing residential solar design in this way will create long-term efficiencies or lead to lasting change will depend on the customer feedback loop. Due to the boom-bust nature of the U.S. residential solar market, it would be premature to make a call on the “new normal” in residential solar, said Josh Weiner, CEO of SepiSolar, a firm that generates about 20% of its solar engineering and design business from residential solar clients and the rest from the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Solar panels on suburban Italian home. Photovoltaic power plant. Regenerative energy system electricity generation.

Ultimately, Covid-19 might end up accelerating the pre-pandemic trend of outsourcing solar modelling. “In the solar modelling space, there was already more of a drive towards cost reduction due to competition within solar and with utility rates, and in- or out-sourcing can play a role in that,” Chris Hopper, co-founder of Aurora Solar, a software firm that has developed a suite of tools that lets customers remotely assess potential solar sites and model and price solar projects.

Formation of Zero Energy Parkings

People ‘s activities are caused by climate change and the speed of current changes is unprecedented. The uncontrolled use of fossil energy leads to the depletion of the world ‘s fossil energy reserves. The slightest energy savings, especially in the thickened areas, lead to a reduction in the emission of pollutants and therefore help to protect the environment.

In the construction of new parking lots and in the conversion of old ones, it is possible to dramatically reduce the volume of fuel consumed and, as a result, energy consumption and emissions. In the near future, the priority is to switch buildings to self-sustainment – they will consume a minimum amount of electricity that will be generated on its own. The main characteristic of the architecture of buildings of the future is ultra-low and even zero energy consumption.

A zero-energy building is a building with high energy efficiency, capable of
locally generating energy from renewable sources and consuming it in equal quantity during the year. When generating energy less than is necessary for consumption, the building is called a house with almost zero consumption. [1]

Principles to be followed in the design of energy efficient parking: reduction of energy requirements, use of surplus energy, reduction of the need for artificial cooling, provision of high-efficiency control systems of microclimate and other systems, including lighting; provision of renewable sources of solar, wind, etc. [2]

Net Zero Energy Building technology

Net Zero Energy Building technology has become a real technological
breakthrough in construction and is one of the most promising today. Several important components are the cornerstone of nZEV technology. First, it is a building project that is designed to reduce heat loss, maximize natural ventilation and illumination. Second, construction materials and equipment that completely eliminate heat loss and inefficient use of electricity, sunlight and water. And third, generating energy from renewable sources. [3]

Solar systems based on photovoltaic modules, which are well established
worldwide, are commonly used for power supply. They can operate independently (using batteries) or connect to a centralized power supply network, which allows them to exchange energy among themselves, and when the network is disconnected, backup systems are used. Photovoltaic panels are typically mounted on the roof of a building at an optimal angle of inclination by means of a supporting structure. Solar panels are reliable and do not cause trouble in maintenance. Wind generators can also be used to generate electricity. The task of solar collectors and heat pumps is to provide hot water supply and heating. [4]

The development of the project should be carried out in a direct reference to a specific climatic zone. In other words, the use of solar panels, for example, is effective in southern areas with more sunny days, and for buildings located in northern latitudes, wind farms seem to be more suitable. The construction of a building with zero energy consumption undoubtedly requires the use of modern building materials that meet the requirements of energy efficiency, heat saving and economical use of resources. The additional costs required to convert the parking project from basic building code standards to zero-energy parking will increase the total cost of the building by an average of 10%. At the same time, they will vary significantly depending on the location and architecture of the building. [5]

Although buildings, and especially parkings, with zero energy consumption remain rare even in developed countries, they are becoming increasingly important and popular. Such technologies significantly reduce environmental impacts and save building maintenance costs. Obviously, the creation of zero-emission cities in the 21st century is possible not only if new energy-efficient buildings are built, but also in the case of energy modernization of a large number of old buildings.


  1. Marszal A., Heiselber P. et al. Zero Energy Building – A review of definitions and calculation methodologies // Energy and Buildings – 2011. – № 43 (4). – pp. 971-979.
  2. Schukin A. Houses of the post-carbon era // Expert – 2010. – №3 (689). – pp. 77-81.
  3. S. Pless, P. Torcellini Net-Zero Energy Buildings: A Classification System Based on Renewable Energy Supply Options // U.S. Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Service – 2010. – pp. 1-14. DOI: 10.2172/983417
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  5. Rat G.I. , Mordinova M.A. The development of alternative energy sources in solving global energy problems // Bulletin of the Baikal State University. – 2012. – с. 132-135.


Chubarova Daria

What is DOT Revocable Consent?

“DOT grants permission to applicants to occupy or use space on, over or under the City streets and sidewalks, charging fees for these uses.”

New Yorkers utilize every square inch of real estate possible. It would make sense to use the sidewalks in front of their building as well. This can become complicated as the Department of Transportation (DOT) has jurisdiction over that area. Revocable Consent is required when someone wants to build something on public streets or sidewalks, they need to acquire a Revocable Consent from the NYC DOT.

Simple put, Revocable Consent is used for the owner to occupy space on city sidewalks or roads. One instance this may be required is when there is work being done on certain stoops in Brooklyn or the addition of a snowmelt system in Manhattan.

  • Revocable consents are revocable
    The name says it all, but it means the DOT has the right to revoke that consent at any time, for any reason, at the owner’s expense,
  • Revocable consents are granted in periods of 10 years
    This means they must be renewed at the end of the term in order to avoid penalty.
  • Aside from initial filing fees, expediting fees, and architect/engineer services, revocable consents typically have a yearly fee
    These depending largely upon what the revocable consent is being issued for, where it is, and for what purpose. These fees vary drastically and are difficult to estimate.
  • Revocable Consents may require approvals from other NYC agencies
    One of the more common approvals required is LPC (Landmark) approval for consents in historical districts. Additional approvals from any combination of the DOB, LPC, PDC, etc. may be required.

Do I need a DOT Revocable Consent?

Although Revocable Consent is required when building something on or under city-owned streets and sidewalks, it must meet certain criteria. For example: sidewalk cafes are handled by the Department of Consumer Affairs. Aside from desired these items to be placed on the sidewalk, reasons are required for doing so. Fees may also be assessed after initial meetings.

Here is a partial list of many of the items requiring revocable consent:

  • benches
  • bridges
  • clocks
  • conduits
  • hatches
  • electrical sockets
  • fenced or walled-in area not used for planting or parking; including a fenced or walled-in area containing a drainage basin
  • flagpoles
  • guard booths
  • guard rails
  • information signs or kiosks
  • stoops and any other improvements adjacent to a building which is located in a historic district or which is an individual landmark where construction of such stoop or other improvement has been approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission
  • overhead building projections in excess of that allowed by the Building Code
  • cables (other than underground cable, wire or optical fiber and associated electronics under the jurisdiction of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunication)
  • parking lots for private use
  • pipes
  • planted areas, including any surrounding fence or wall
  • posts, poles or bollards not otherwise governed by permit procedures contained in Title 19 of the Administrative Code
  • railroad tracks for private use
  • ramps intended to provide access to people with disabilities
  • retaining walls
  • sidewalk plaques or logos
  • signs or plaques on City-owned street lamps or other City-owned structures
  • stoops, steps, ramps, vestibules or other entrance details extending beyond limits set in Articles 8 and 9 of Title 27 of the Administrative Code
  • street lamp or fixture
  • tunnels
  • vaults or underground improvements not otherwise governed by license procedures contained in Section 19-117 of Title 19 of the Administrative Code
  • public service corporation facilities ancillary to, but not within, a franchise granted prior to July 1, 1990
  • enclosures for trash receptacle adjoining a building, for private use
  • litter receptacles for public use affixed to the sidewalk

Obtaining Revocable Consent

Revocable consents require meetings to discuss the extent of the consent, phasing and propose yearly fees. There are several forms of documentation necessary before obtaining revocable consent. The application that must be submitted is sometimes referred to as a petition. This form asks basic information such as the adjacent property, its owner or lessee, and the proposed structure.

It’s important to note that your petition must also be accompanied by a plan drawn by a professional engineer or registered New York architect. The filing fees for the petition range from $100 to $750 depending on the necessary requirements. The entire filing, review and approval process may take from 3-6 months.

Revocable Consents can be Difficult, we make it Easy



5 Apps To Boost Your Business Productivity

Below is an overview of five applications to increase your personal productivity, which will allow you not only to have time to do more of everything, but also to live better and more consciously.

While entrepreneurs are storming the developers of mobile applications like EGO Creative and looking for options on how to make their business even more successful, their own productivity goes into the background.

Below is an overview of five applications to increase your personal productivity, which will allow you not only to have time to do more of everything, but also to live better and more consciously.


The application that occupies an honorable second place in the list, many call it an article manager. Indeed, Pocket is indispensable when you need to save an important article on a topic that interests you.

Any online information can be bookmarked (“pockets”) by categories and tags.

In order for all ideas to receive an “address” and so that later you do not have to painfully remember, “Well, where did I see this?”, Download this application and join 10 million users. It will surely help you out in those moments when there is more information than time.

Most importantly, what is saved in “pockets”, including video content, can then be viewed even offline.


The versatile productivity tool Notion can do anything, including keeping a to-do list. The main advantage of the service is incredible customization: literally everything can be customized for yourself. Powerful filters and sorting options allow you to set the display options for items flexibly, switching between list, board, calendar and table. Using comments and notifications, it is convenient to work on projects with colleagues. It’s easy to integrate tasks with kanban boards, notes, and other processes for which you use Notion.


Trello is a tool for managing a large number of projects conveniently. The application literally eliminates the headache associated with an endless stream of information. Now all the important points are always at hand and organized on the virtual task board in the form of neat stickers. It is enough to leave yourself a reminder in the form of a sticker and you will definitely not forget to buy bread for dinner.

You just need to drag and drop a task from one day to another to adjust the deadline. Trello is loved by students who track their learning progress. The app has also found fans among freelancers who are worried about submitting a project on time. All relevant information is always nearby, you just need to open the application.


1Password is one of the best password managers out there.

You can create strong and secure passwords for all online accounts you use, fill in usernames and passwords, access your data from all of your mobile devices and computers, and share passwords (great for teamwork).

You can log in with one click, the account creator is recognized by a fingerprint.


Seven is an online trainer with which you get a balanced load on all muscles just in 7 minutes.

You ask, what does productivity have to do with it? Given that the alternation of physical and intellectual activity greatly stimulates this very intellectual activity again. It also reduces stress, relieves fatigue, and this, in turn, cannot but have a positive effect on productivity.

This program is ideal for lovers of a healthy lifestyle or for those who decide to join them. The program supports multiple languages. 

You can complete levels from beginner to athlete with an instructor sergeant, cheerleader or other characters as your coach. It’s easy to stay in shape with personalized plans. Define your goal, determine your fitness level, and the app will take care of the rest.

With such assistants, you will no longer be worried about the question, where the 1440 minutes allotted to you in a day went. If it seems to you that you could live this time more efficiently, do much more in a day, rather download the above applications to your smartphone and change the quality of your life.

AI-powered Smart Webcam for your PC and Mobile

Yesterday, the NeuralCam team dropped NeuralCam Live, an AI-powered app that turns your iPhone into a smart webcam.

It’s simple to set up. Download the iOS app, install a Mac driver, and you’re good to go.

They built a machine learning engine to make you look better, even in your pajamas.

The Style framework edits video similarly to a professional colorist (think Instagram filters).

With the Enhance framework, well, you can enhance your video.

Finally, with the Recognition framework, you can automatically locate your face and remove everything around it. It can also detect and instantly blur facial touches (looking at you, nose pickers) and nudity (there are other apps for that).

Rapidly developing AI and ML tools will inevitably bring serious innovation to live photography and videography. NeuralCam Live is one of the examples among others (CamoAround, and mmhmm).

The company is gaining momentum in the growing smart camera space. A year ago, they launched low-light and photo enhancing NeuralCam and NeuralCam Pro.

The growing number of smart camera apps and video tools (LoomZoom for HomeFacebook PortalRemotion, and Krew) can make working from home a lot more interesting.

NeuralCam Live is free to download with and has a premium subscription with better features. It works with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Sadly, it doesn’t support FaceTime or Safari browser.

What I Learned About People From Delivering UberEats For 1 Month

Being on the job hunt is basically a full-time job. You go on interviews, hoping that they lead to something. When you’re not working though, what do you do to pay the bills?

You could apply for unemployment, but that usually takes weeks to begin, and that’s if you’re even approved (I was denied both times I needed it). Thanks to what is called the “gig economy” you can now become an independent contractor and use your car to give people rides (Uber, Lyft), loan your car out (Zipcar), or become a food delivery driver (Glovo, Doordash, Bite Squad, UberEats). I chose the last one.

In between applying for what felt like 100 jobs, some that were not what they seemed, I decided to use my car and my cell phone data plan to deliver food for UberEats. I did this for about one month before starting my current job and I learned a lot about people in my city.

1) Most People Don’t Tip

When I started delivering for UberEats I had a goal of earning $100 per day. If I went out 5–6 days each week, I would make up for the money that I was missing out on from not working based on this goal.

I figured a few trips here and there added up, plus I would receive tips on most trips.

I was mistaken.

I completed at least 4 trips each time I went out and some days more. For 29 deliveries in my first week, I received a tip on 15 trips. Roughly 50% of the time. I strategically went to certain areas of the city where I knew people are more apt to have money based on their housing and driving situation.

Some of these people tipped and some did not. There’s also a college in one of these areas where affluent families send their kids. Don’t go to those areas; college kids don’t tip either.Part of my first and second days of delivering and the tips received

I understand that on top of ordering your food, you have to pay the service charge to use the app and the delivery fee. Depending on what you’re ordering, and your money situation, it’s easy to spend $15 on a meal through UberEats.

However, if you go to a restaurant and spend $15 on a meal you’ll tip, let’s say $2 at least. I believe people who use UberEats think that the drivers earn all of that delivery fee so they don’t see the point in tipping. You’ve earned $5-$10 for picking up the food and taking it to their home. That’s not the case. I’m grateful for the people who tip though(special thanks to the man who tipped me in cash one night. That was a nice gesture).

2) People Look Down On You

I worked in the restaurant industry from my sophomore year in high school until my final semester of college. I made a little over the $5.15 minimum wage at the time but barely hit the $6 mark before I left. I know what these drivers, servers, and cooks go through on a daily basis and it’s not an easy job whatsoever. Working in the restaurant industry taught me to treat these workers with respect and appreciate them. If it wasn’t for them, you would have to cook a meal every morning, afternoon, and evening.

This didn’t happen too often but I did feel disrespected during one of my final trips on a Thursday night. I couldn’t find the entrance to a patron’s downtown apartment and circled the block on foot trying to find a way to get in. On top of that, I had parked on another street because downtown has terrible parking at night.

From the moment I accepted the delivery until I reached the door, it was almost 30 minutes. I understand the frustration that comes with not having your food when an app tells you it will be there in 10 minutes. Humans make errors and when you depend on someone to find where you live, when it’s not an actual house, it can be difficult to enter an apartment.

I finally figured out where the entrance was located. I was also greeted by another delivery driver who couldn’t figure out how to get in the building either. After searching through the list of both of our patron’s names, his patron finally sent the access code. We were in!

I made my way up to the 5th floor in a hurry to deliver. Upon knocking on the door I was greeted by a less than happy man who took the food and didn’t want to hear my explanation for not being able to find his apartment. “It’s cool”, he said in a very passive voice before shutting the door on me.

I understand if he was hangry but a lot of these people who order food don’t respect the person delivering it. This makes me wonder if these people ever had to work for anything in their lives.

3) Demographic

Earlier I mentioned that I go to a certain part of the city to do deliveries. While this sometimes works, it also has not worked on several occasions. However, there’s a trend that I noticed in my first week as an UberEats delivery driver.

Many of the people using the app to order food are in fact better off than most people. They’re usually white, 30’s-40’s, and have a couple of cars parked in the driveway of their $400,000 home.

This doesn’t only breakdown for home deliveries. When tasked with office deliveries, these people are usually wearing suits or some form of dress clothes. They were almost always white.

Best food delivery service in the US: Uber Eats vs GrubHub vs DoorDash

There was a time where you could look at a particular delivery and known what platform would have paid because the pay formula was transparent. That’s gone now, other than Postmates anyway, but that’s probably just a matter of time. I could use the average profit per hour. I track every delivery and here’s how it works for me:

  • Postmates: $22.48/hr
  • Grubhub: $21.61/hr
  • Doordash: $20.37/hr
  • Uber Eats: $17.87/hr

Understand – that’s PROFIT – after expenses. But that’s not the total picture because total earnings with Postmates is a fraction of what it is with Grubhub. So let’s talk about each one.

The App4321
Compare US Delivery Services

So what does all of that mean? Your average person who uses UberEats to order food is out of touch with why people are delivering food in their spare time.

Nobody wants to give up their spare time to go pick up your food and take it to you. People are doing ride-sharing and food delivery because they may not have a choice. They may not be getting hired so this is a small way to try and pay the bills. Or maybe they’re so far in debt that they have to work a part-time job in order to pay their bills.

The next time you call an Uber, make sure you tip your driver. Treat them with respect. You never know when this could be you someday.

How to Follow-up on a Job Application: Create the Perfect Post-Interview Impression

You applied for a new role and still haven’t heard back from the employer? Are you getting impatient but not sure how to follow up on the application? Look no further, this is where the almighty follow-up email comes into play!

After applying for a job, the eagerness to find out where your application stands can sometimes make the wait seem nail-bitingly long. When following up on a job application, you don’t want to seem too pushy, but not following up means another candidate might snatch the position away from you. Play your cards right however, and you might just boost your chances of getting that dream job!

Before You Follow Up

It’s important to understand that the hiring process can be lengthy, depending on many factors like the size of the company or the number of applicants. Here are a handful of reasons why you may not have heard back from your prospective employer:

  • The application deadline has not yet been reached
  • The employees responsible are ill or on vacation
  • More candidates than expected have applied for the position
  • The selection process is taking longer than planned

When Should You Ask?

As a general rule of thumb, you should wait a week or two before making an inquiry. It’s important to give the employer enough time to review the applications. Mark the date on your calendar and send a well-timed follow-up email—it’s a great way to raise your head above of the crowd!

Do’s and Don’ts

Stick to the following guidelines when you write your message:

Be friendly and polite when inquiring about your application status and avoid any implication of criticism.Pester the recruiter.
If it’s a small business, allow a minimum of one week before following up, for larger companies, extend this to two weeks.Send a message too quickly. Try to be patient (we know it’s hard!)
Express your interest in the position in an unobtrusive way.Simply repeat your cover letter. Reach out to the recruiter with new and interesting information.
See if you can get an answer as to the next steps in the application process.Put all your eggs in one basket, keep applying for other roles!

When it comes to the perfect email, and especially if you’re applying for a role with a small business or a young startup that may take a more relaxed and informal approach, make sure your message is clear and concise but also friendly and conversational. Here’s how:

  1. Be PoliteTo convey a professional impression, good manners are your currency. Address the HR manager by name and thank them if, for example, you’ve received an acknowledgment of receipt.
  2. Keep it Short and ConversationalA short email is more likely to be answered promptly. No one wants to read a 10,000-word dissertation on your qualifications at the follow-up stage. Be conversational, friendly, and focus on your winning personality. After all, whoever is reading your email might become your colleague in the near future.
  3. Be ConfidentIt’s in your interest to ask about the application. Be self-assured but polite and remind your potential employer why (Hello) it is YOU they are looking for.
  4. Ask a QuestionFormulate a specific question, for example, “when can I expect feedback?” or “how will the application process proceed?”, a concrete question is more likely to elicit a response than a rambling discussion of your suitability for the job.
  5. Signal You’re Available for an InterviewIndicate in your email when you would be available for an on-site interview.
  6. Proof the EmailYou can make a positive impression not only through your application documents but also through your email. The text should, therefore, be free of errors. Check the grammar and spelling and make sure that you’ve correctly named the addressee.

Job Application Follow-up Email Samples

Email templates can help you gather ideas for possible ways to write your own email. However, you’ll need to adapt the email to the job you’re applying for. You can use the suggestions below as a guideline:

Example 1

Hello [Hiring Manager’s Name], I submitted my application for the [job title] position on [DD.MM.YYYY]. I just wanted to make sure you received it and to let you know that I am still very interested in the position. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information. I look forward to hearing back from you. Best regards,[your name]

Example 2

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name], Thank you very much for your confirmation of receipt on [DD.MM.YYYY].I am aware that a qualitative application process takes time. Nevertheless, I would like to inquire as to when I can expect feedback on my application as I am very enthusiastic about the prospect of filling the [job title] position.Should you have any questions regarding my application documents, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or telephone on [mobile phone number].I am looking forward to your feedback. Kind regards,[your name]

Many HR professionals are active on professional social media platforms, such as Xing or LinkedIn and you can use these channels to contact them. Generally speaking, the same standards apply as for an email. The advantage here is that if the contact person clicks on your profile, you may be able to score points right away if your page is designed seriously and attractively. A picture is worth a thousand words they say!

If you already have another job offer and therefore have to make a decision, describe your situation objectively: you can point out that the notice period with your current employer is about to expire or that you’ve already had an offer but would value an opportunity to interview as you are keen for the role. One thing to remember is that even if you think you’ve found the dream job, don’t stop looking for alternatives until you’ve got a definite answer!