How 4G Clinical get $200m by Goldman Sachs

4G Clinical, which develops software to manage clinical trials, raises $200M led by Goldman Sachs

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What is a CTMS? – Clinical Trial Management System

The Clinical Trial Management System is the essential set of tools to effectively plan, manage and track your clinical study portfolio.

What Is 4G Clinical?

4G Clinical is a leader in randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) for the global life sciences industry, offering the only fully cloud-based, 100% configurable and flexible solution utilizing natural language processing (NLP) and integrated supply forecasting.

Where is 4G Clinical’s headquarters?

  • 4G Clinical is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States.

How RPA closes the Digital Gap between Healthcare and Technology

This is where RPA – Robotic Process Automation – can particularly help.

The ongoing pandemic has forced every industry to bring revolutionary changes in their working patterns as well as to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the customers they need to come up with some innovations.

Change is the mother of invention and the companies in any industry can reap the desired rewards once they work according to the demands and the requirements why they need to make some changes in their companies and what’s the need?

Things are changing in every industry and healthcare is not an exception to it. The pandemic called out for high levels of anxiety and stress and it becomes pivotal to release their workload as their work has been rapidly increasing particularly in this year whether we talk about doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

The doors of technology opened up wide gates for healthcare and for the technology this year than ever before.

With the pressures of the global pandemic on healthcare systems and its staff, HEalthcare is now closely chosen and closely intervenes with the technological sector.

Technology can speed up the workload and can provide much convenience to the doctors and other medical staff.

The routine medical data of the patients needs much care and the continuous process of this hectic data becomes tedious for the medical staff to keep it specific along with the COVID 19 information and data of the patients.

This is where RPA can get integrated, RPA can genuinely reduce the amount of time which was earlier spent on repetitive and daily tasks for processing such medical data right from scheduling the appointment to inventory and test management.

Medical staff almost spend most of their time solving and updating the administrative tasks on the apps as well as on the computers.

RPA can be the most proven automation tool to take the workload and release the medical staff from tedious and repetitive work.

RPA can also provide the best healthcare support as it makes the utilization of data that is available in large volume which helps in improving the quality of information, it even improves the medical decisions.

Opportunities for RPA in Healthcare

The healthcare sector has been the perfect conductor of technological evolution for years and years.

Such an evolution can not be implemented directly and there are several factors that are to be taken into consideration such as the cost of implementation, existing infrastructure, and the legacy system. 

Such transformation can make the difference between the health services and it can keep up the pace of the dynamic changes happening in the demographics of the United Kingdom and its evolution as the perfect fit for all the technological age or the complete failure of it. 

Following the tremendous pressure and warnings that healthcare services are performing poorly with the rising demand of the COVID-19 scenario.

The shortages of the medical staff pertaining to COVID-19 situations are now a threat to the overall healthcare system.

The considerations and warnings have spiked up the recent boom of digitalization and automation technologies that all the analysts have been observing over a wide range of all the industries.

RPA can assist in boosting up the operational growth and can certainly create a positive patient experience even by increasing the control and terminating the additional things. 

The results of RPA in healthcare

There are many recent use-cases where RPA played a pivotal role in providing better healthcare services to the patients and then making a tangible difference to all the operations

  1. Mater Hospital, Ireland (link)

    All the automation projects with all the major hospitals in Dublin has been rendering the medical staff with their own software robots which can take the workload of nurses dealing with infection control along with COVID-19.

    Much of the administrative tasks gets performed by the robots which includes the information on patient’s testing and even the reports that were made previously had to be taken into consideration. 

The nurses can now spend their time as the frontline warriors with all the patients who are suffering from the coronavirus.

The robots can speed up the coronavirus spread which ultimately means that the patients can be informed about their diagnosis at a much quicker and faster rate which eventually helps the patients to isolate themselves from the people and to stop the spread of virus.

  1. Cleveland Clinic, The United States of America (read)

    The coronavirus testing of the patients across the states sped up at the rapid rate amidst the protocols which need the patients to be registered and the test kits which have been correctly labelled.

    To bear up with the rising demand, the clinic also deployed a robot to manage the patient’s data, register them and even correctly label the test kit which they really require. It can complete the overall process in just 15 seconds.
  2. Swiftqueue, Global (more)

    The Swiftqueue is a cloud-based platform for healthcare that makes use of all the automation solutions to bridge the gap between the patient engagement system with all the multiple data storing systems and each hospital uses.

    Integrated across various countries such as the UK, Canada, and the USA. The platform even gets into proper use to plan patients for multiple outpatients and even the diagnostic appointments which help in representing massive savings in various countries and where hospital appointments are still made using the post or where the patients are the only one who is able to reschedule the appointments via phone.

    Another important aspect of such partnership between UiPath and Swiftqueue is that such software robots can eventually reduce the time taken by the hospitals across the UK and Ireland to process the huge backlog of all the appointments made to the patients which are even unlinked to COVID-19 when the global pandemic gets in control a little.

The last line

Automation in the healthcare industry can improve the health and patient care which is being delivered currently at a faster rate. Any task which is tedious, repetitive and which requires little decision making and no human interaction which is suitable for automation. Healthcare is predicted to have a 36% automation potential, meaning that more than a third of healthcare tasks – especially managerial, back-office functions – could be automated, allowing healthcare providers to offer more direct, value-based patient care at lower costs and increased efficiency.

RPA can curb all such problems of the medical staff and nurses when it comes to performing the administrative tasks so that the medical staff can completely focus on the core subjects.

Healthcare and automation is likely to bring new methods of healthcare solutions and will overall take the industry to the next level.

About the Author: Parth Patel is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of SyS Creations which is a top provider of RPA in Healthcare. Operating the IT Infrastructure of SMEs and startups keeps him on his toes and his passion for helping others keeps him motivated

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Digital Vaccine Passport: How it must Works?

If you are someone who is taking the decision to be vaccinated, having to make a decision about how to spend your money in getting this vaccine.

  • Green passport Concept
  • Domestic vaccine passport
  • Bahrain Case
  • Other Vaccine Passport Programs
  • Vaccine passport App
  • EU Digital COVID Certificate

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said there would be a review into the issue although he added some form of vaccine passport would be “going to come on the international stage whatever” for foreign travel. 

Governments and developers around the world are exploring how certificates and passports could help to reopen economies by identifying those protected against COVID-19.


The term health passport, or health pass, generally refers to documents – in paper or digital format – that certifies a person is unlikely to either catch or spread disease.

With the novel coronavirus, the proposed certificates would attest one of three things: that the holder has been vaccinated, has tested negative for the virus or has recovered from it.


Different health passes have been trialled by governments and firms around the world in recent months.

Tech giants including Microsoft Corp, Oracle Corp and healthcare companies Cigna Corp and Mayo Clinic in January become part of a coalition pushing for digital records of people who get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The project, called Vaccination Credential Initiative, aims to help people get encrypted digital copies of their immunization records stored in a digital wallet of their choice.

Bahrain launched a digital COVID-19 vaccine passport in February, one of the first countries to do so.

Denmark has said it would launch an initial version of a coronavirus vaccination passport by the end of February, while Sweden plans to launch a vaccine passport by summer.

Last October, Estonia and the World Health Organization started a pilot for a digital vaccine certificate.

Meanwhile, China has put in place an app-based health code system that uses travel and medical data to give people a red, yellow or green rating indicating the likelihood of them having the virus – and whether or not they can walk around freely.

Israel has said it plans to issue a “green passport” to those who have been vaccinated, which will grant them easy access to restaurants and cultural events, and exempt them from quarantine rules or getting a virus test before travel.

Travelling within the EU has just become easier. From 1 July 2021, the European Union introduces the Digital COVID Certificate, which allows passengers to travel within the EU without quarantine or in certain cases testing requirements. The certificate is issued free of charge in the Member States of the European Union on request and is accepted in Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland in addition to the 27 countries of the EU.

Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle back plan to develop a digital Covid vaccination passport

A coalition known as the Vaccination Credential Initiative — which includes MicrosoftSalesforce and Oracle, as well as U.S. health care non-profit Mayo Clinic — was announced on Thursday.

EU Digital COVID Cert

What is the EU Digital COVID Certificate?

It’s proof that you have one of the following:

  • Been vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Received a negative test result (within the required timeframe).
  • Recovered from COVID-19 (within the required timeframe).

What are the benefits of having the EU Digital COVID Certificate?

  • Seamless travel to most countries in the EU – plan your getaway now.
  • You may not have to quarantine at your destination or on your return.
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re travelling safely.

Healthcare systems and the Blockchain

Bitcoin is one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies, and most crypto users are investing in it. This is because Bitcoin has the most secured transaction system. Bitcoin works on the blockchain system. All transactions of the bitcoins are stored in the form of blockchains. The bitcoin platform is secured by cryptography; no one can ever access the blockchain system at any cost.

Blockchain system has got such popularity that even now in the hospitals, the blockchain system is used to store the information in blocks. This now becomes a trend in almost all the big hospitals.

This is the new and modern style of storing the patient’s information, and in the future, it will become straightforward for the hospital to get the information of the patient by this system.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) states, “The Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information (‘Privacy Rule’) establishes, for the first time, a set of national standards for the protection of certain health information.”

University of Illinois Chicago

Pharmaceutical Application

In the healthcare sector, there is the need for transparency as this helps the whole system of the hospitals and the pharmacy to maintain the records. In the pharmacies, all the software which is used there is almost all based upon blockchain technology. 

Blockchain technology is considered the best technology for various reasons as the data is stored in a very systematic manner. All the data, when required, can be easily extracted in a couple of minutes and can be easily managed.

Healthcare Institutions

These are the institutions where there is coaching of the medical-related fields like MBBS, Pharmacy, etc. There is the need for a very secure system to protect their data in all the ways possible. As the data stored is too important for the institutions.

In these medical institutions, there are some cases of the leak of the examination paper. To protect some of these illegal activities, there is the use of blockchain technology. Basically, because of this reason, it is always said that the medical field is always concerned with the latest technology to create privacy and protect their data from being stolen.

Digital Storage and Privacy

The data is stored in the blockchains of the hospitals digitally. All the data can be retrieved at any place on platform with the help of the proper internet connection. This is the most significant advantage of using blockchain technology. Even if the data gets lost from the device the user is using, the data can be restored very quickly. 

Blockchain system provides whole privacy and security to the data of the user which is present in the blockchain. As most of the time the information of the customer is confidential, so neither the doctor nor the patient wants to reveal the reports of the patient, so the information of the patient cannot be leaked in any case by this technology.

Continuous Screening Of The Data

In the healthcare industry, there is a requirement of continuous screening on each and everything so that everything should move on efficiently. Primarily if we talk about the pharmaceutical industry, there is the need for continuous screening so as to prevent the black marketing of pharmaceutical products for various illegal uses. 

Even if we see that there is also the need for the screening in the reception area also so that there is no misplace of the basic details of the patient with the other patient. And with the help of the blockchain, all these things can be very easily managed. As all the things are stored in a very systematic way, anything can be found very easily in it.


If we talk about the healthcare industry, here we have the need for advanced technology as everything is based upon the condition of the patient. Suppose any single thing gets changed in the reports of the patient, so there will be a significant problem in the treatment. So, the blockchain technology is the best ever considered technology doesn’t matter where it is going to be used. 

There is no link between the blockchain of bitcoin or the blockchain of the healthcare system. This is just that this is a promising technology, so it is being adopted by the healthcare system too, as we all always say that we should always go for the good things to be in the way.