Grow Your Business Substantially with IT Managed Services

Of course, you want to grow your business!

Who doesn’t? 

So if you are, then you must consider hiring an IT managed services provider. They have been around for years, and they’ve stuck around for a good reason. 

While several businesses would rather have their in-house team manage their IT services, it might not always be an ideal option. 

Today, more and more businesses realize the value of outsourcing their IT department. 

The ultimate aim of doing so is to ensure operational efficiency, especially in small and medium-sized businesses. Managing their IT department is tough when there is a lack of resources to keep updating apps and the network itself. 

This is where managed services take the burden off their shoulders, and the business can focus on their service or product. 

IT specialists have been trained to manage several services, such as: 

  • Backup and recovery
  • HIPPA compliance
  • Network monitoring
  • Data storage handling
  • Email hosting
  • CRM applications

So, getting back to the point of whether or not you wish to increase the chances of your SMB becoming a success, should you or should you not invest in network support solutions.

Let’s take a look at some benefits to help you make a smarter decision. 

Business Management Simplified

You understand your business more than anyone else, so it only makes sense that you invest your time in putting efforts into it. If you are not an expert in fixing issues with the email or a network crash, then trying to figure it out, right at that point, is only going to cost you good business.

But then, when you bring in an experienced IT professional to handle such issues, you can be at peace that your network, server, data storage, and everything IT is being managed well.

Not just this, your in-house IT team can now use their time to take on initiatives that will bring about an improvement in your operations. Each day won’t be the same when you’ve hired a corporate network services provider, and you’ll see progress in your core business niche. 

IT Budget is Streamlined

There is no certainty when it comes to an IT budget; it could skyrocket at any point. Say your network becomes incapable of working or your PCs begin to malfunction one at a time, what do you do? Fix it. And this will mess your already assigned IT budget. Above and beyond that, having a large in-house IT staff is already costing you a lot. 

This is where managed service providers come into the picture. They ensure that your systems are maintained as they should be. Of course, all the details should be mentioned in the contract. They shall be aware of any upgrades that your systems need and include the costs into the budget from the beginning.

Reduced Downtime

What a waste it would be to have your employees sit around waiting for the network to get working! Downtime is known to cost companies a lot, weekly, which adds up to a considerable sum annually. When you invest in, and IT-managed services provider, you will have the assurance that your network is being monitored round the clock and throughout the year. Even if there is a problem that arises, experts from the MSP can fix it, saving you from a prolonged downtime. Most of the time, these managed IT services people keep a tab on your systems and ensure that they’re performing regular checks to avoid a system breakdown. Instead of fixing something that’s broken, they don’t let things break.

Compliance Maintenance

There are several rules and regulations that apply to the IT sector, that you, as a business person, might not understand or even be aware of. And yet, having a comprehensive understanding of the regulations that govern the industry is crucial. This is where managed network services can help you. They ensure that your IT department is in compliance with all the regulations and save you trouble in the future. Like Preemo – highly recommend Manage Services Miami (USA).

Boost in Capacity and Expertise

What is the largest team of IT professionals that you could hire for your business? Let’s just say that no matter how much expertise it has, it won’t be as much as what an MSP could offer you. When you hire a well-known MSP, you will get a team of professionals who have been trained and have the credentials and certificates to prove the same. There will be an increase in the flexibility and responsiveness of the team, which will give you the upper hand. At any given point, your corporate network security team will be available to help you through any issue. They’re going to be a great addition to your existing in-house staff of IT professionals.

Business Security

Every business will have an increasing set of confidential information that it needs a shield around it. If this sensitive information were to leak and become known to the public, competitors, or investors, it could lead to a drastic issue. Most times, hackers and cybercriminals carry out the process of entering your system and steal data, either for money or personal gain. If you read about some of the biggest hacks in history, you will find that these businesses were almost ruined. This is why you need to have a foolproof security system that will save your business from such disasters. This task can become more comfortable with the help of managed IT services providers. Since they’re always on the lookout for threats, it is easy for them to identify them and save you before these hackers or malware attacks.

With several other benefits of managed IT services, you can sleep in peace, knowing that a dedicated team of professionals is on their toes working to keep your system safe. 

You’re going to save a lot of money and time by investing in IT managed services, and there will already be a plan in place that will help you dodge from any surprises thrown your way. 

Some things to be taken care of before investing in Bitcoin in 2021

As we know that many people are engaged in the processes of bitcoin mining and investments. This is an excellent source of income for them. Even that crypto is now spreading all over the world because of its returns on investments along with digitalization. There are so many benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies like fewer transaction charges and time, transaction privacy and security, etc. There are various other benefits of investing in bitcoins also. 

There are various factors for investing in bitcoin, but some things need to be taken care of before investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Further here, we will discuss the drawbacks of bitcoins.

Some Drawbacks to be taken care of

Some negative things need to be taken care of before investing in crypto like bitcoin.

  • We will discuss the biggest drawback of bitcoin technology which comes with some benefits also. When a person does a transaction, the transaction made by him is kept by the blockchain technology private. This is preferred to be good to some extent. 

But if the user does the transaction to the wrong person, this is the issue of concern. Once the transaction is made, the user cannot get the transaction history or even the person’s identity to which he has sent the money. So, this is considered to be the biggest drawback.

  • The second point here is that the user should take care of his account’s username and the password of the bitcoin profit official site account. If the user forgets the password of the bitcoin account, he will be at a significant loss. If a person has bought some bitcoins and forgets the password after a few years, then his investment becomes zero on the spot, and the bitcoins remain left there. This is also a great drawback.
  • The point we will discuss is not an issue of drawback, but the thing here is that bitcoin is being used for illegal activities. Some people who want to make the transactions and make them private buy some of the illegal things. This is again an issue of concern as this will majorly affect the economy and the atmosphere.
  • In this, we will discuss a drawback; let’s suppose that the user’s transaction gets in between and does not get completed for any reason. Then either the transaction will get completed in a couple of minutes, or the transaction will be cancelled, and the number of bitcoins in that transaction will remain in the blockchain. It will not be returned to the user.
  • Sometimes on the internet, the user allows cookies for the website. When cookies are allowed, that website is allowed to have access to your browser, which becomes a huge problem because of that access. Those websites get access to the bitcoin account, and then they can easily withdraw the bitcoins in your account, and the person can never be able to recover them as we have discussed earlier also, there is no transaction history of the payments which are done.
  • This point is just about awareness. Sometimes a user is new and just starts investing in bitcoins without any knowledge. And he invests just foolishly and can lose the money either by buying crypto at high prices or by sharing the password or even by losing the password of the account.


No doubt, bitcoin is a great concept for earning money and getting self-employed, but there are some of the factors also which need to be taken care of. Suppose we see that there are many benefits, but those benefits also come along with drawbacks. The biggest benefit is that the transaction of the user cannot be screened in any way. But the dark side here is that if the money is sent to the wrong user, then it can never be revived by any method.

Secondly, the password is unchangeable so that no one can prank your account. But if the user forgets the password of the account, then there is no retrieval of the money he has invested in it. The richest investor becomes zero in a single minute.

Building a lead database across the United States

How and where to find data?

I’m Dmitry, B2B Marketing Expert and the CMO with Belkins company. We specialize in B2B lead generation, and generating sales appointments, extending our services across 50+ industries in North America and Western Europe. 

Our company consists of three departments: SalesSupport, and Lead Research. The Support Department includes SDRs, Account Managers, and Email Copywriters and covers the tasks of setting outreach campaigns, preventing emails from going to spam folders, lead qualification, and appointment setting.

Why are SDRs not in Sales Department? SDRs do more than sales. They work with the clients’ databases, monitor their results, consult them, etc. Every SDR is held responsible for the success of their clients.

  • Sales teams attract new clients. Also, it serves as a sandbox for newly hired SDRs who need to gain more experience for working with leads on the client’s behalf.
  • Lead Research/R&D /Lead Generation/Data Research. Hands down, this is the heart of our company. This department covers lead research, lead validation, lead analysis and segmenting. The quality of the data found by our Lead Research teams defines the quality of the results delivered by our Sales Department and Support Department. 

Our Lead Research teams do their magic the following way: marketing research of the industry, making an ICP, data research, and, ultimately, building a lead database. 

The basic lead information includes name and surname, title, place of employment, business email and everything that allows personalizing a sales offer. For instance:

  1. Number of employees;
  2. Active hiring;
  3. Technology stack (programming language, frameworks, etc.);
  4. Annual revenue;
  5. Monthly site visits

Outlining an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) is the first step of lead generation. It requires building a database that would meet the client’s needs closely. It will allow to pinpoint the key titles in the company, outline the audience’s pain points and throw away all irrelevant segments. Logically, there can be no email personalization, structured business messages or a unique value proposition until the ICP is ready.

To build an ICP without taking too much of ours and our client’s time, we made a special form. After our clients fill it, we move the form to our ResearchTrello Board. Then we assign the tasks to our team and we get started.

On average, it takes from 24 to 48 hours to process an ICP for the test leads. It allows the client to see how a Belkins’ database looks like. Also, when the clients receive test leads, they can try to generate appointments by themselves

As we start our work with the client, we research the client’s needs and build a list of companies that are a close match to the client’s ICP.

To make our research as productive as possible, we use the following resources:

  • LinkedIn – it allows viewing companies and titles. It’s not the only source of data, but it provides open access to the contact data that the companies publish for networking and cooperation. As our work continues, LinkedIn becomes a great outreach platform.  
  • Crunchbase – contains information about companies, attracted investments, and founders. 
  • AngelList – provides information about companies and investors.  
  • – features information about the wide range of service vendors, including reviews, ratings, articles and clients’ feedback.   
  • / – most of the product-manufacturing companies register here. The platform also features reviews about their work and products. 
  • Zoominfo / Datanyze – these resources offer information about the technology used by the companies. They also allow to segment them by popularity, revenue and to view technical data.   
  • SimilarTech – allows finding web-technologies related to e-commerce, widgets, marketing and etc.

After you build the list of companies, you must identify your decision-makers. If you have loyal customers, learn more about their companies’ structure and processes to find if there are things that are common for the entire industry. In case you are not sure which title is your decision-maker, reach out to several employees and ask them who you should be speaking with. 

What I learned from mistakes:

  • Check the company’s activity;

If you think that a company is a direct match, don’t be in a hurry to send emails. If the company’s official media accounts are inactive and contain only six-month-old posts, while its blog hasn’t been updated for three months, you are more likely to waste your time than get a response.

  • Locate stagnating companies;

LinkedIn Insights allows you to see the hiring graphics, number of titles in the company and its growth for 1-2 years.

Example:  You specialize in outsourcing. The target company has five job offers for Android developers. For the last three months, the company has tripled its number of IOS developers. This should give you a clear idea of how your value proposition must look like.

  • Study the company’s structure closely;

To find your decision-maker, explore the structure of the company that you want to add to your Outreach list. Check the About us, Contacts, and Team pages. Take a look at the blog authors to determine your possible recipients. 

In case the site doesn’t provide you with the necessary information, visit the company’s LinkedIn. It usually features data of all Western companies, startups, and experts. You only need to enter the name of the company to the search bar and start looking through the employees. Top managers usually update their profiles with relevant information, so finding an appropriate person should be easy. 

However: Nowadays, LinkedIn is rather a recruiting and candidate search platform rather than a tool for finding contacts and generating leads. Many companies create LinkedIn profiles for online presence. Therefore, if you can’t find the necessary information about your prospects in LinkedIn, that’s because they no longer post it in their profile. 

Luckily, there is an alternative. If you heard about Xing, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, it’s a LinkedIn analog that is very popular in Germany and DACH countries. The service has over 15 million users, so, compared to LinkedIn and its 500 million users, it’s not exactly the top professional network in the world. Nevertheless, Xing has been a huge success in Europe: the number of Xing users from DACH regions counts up to 13 million, while LinkedIn DACH-stationed users make up only 11 million.  

So, your list of companies is ready. Your next step is to find and verify their emails. There are many services that can help you out. 

Since we find several thousands of contacts each month, it’s critical to us that our search was quick and productive. Therefore, we chose the following tools: – our main tool for searching corporate emails. It’s very handy and provides a lot of email validation features. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator – we use this extension when we manually gather emails. It allows us to get emails straight from the LinkedIn profile. 

We also use and other Hunter alternatives, but this subject needs an individual article. When we need to find a personal email, we can use several options: 

Option 1. Parsing

Use Dux-Soup, Phantombuster and Google Spreadsheets to select Gmail mailboxes just like Twitter and Facebook URLs. Quite often, links to Twitter are added to LinkedIn profiles. 

Option 2. Singular inquiries

With Name2Email Google Chrome extension and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can find personal emails if you know the name and domain. If you do things right, you will also get LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. 

After you finalize your database, it’s time to send emails. To manage our sequences, we use Reply. This service allows us to automate our sequences and optimize our work with emails.

The success of your emails depends on: 

  1. Database;
  2. Mailbox settings;
  3. Personalized templates;
  4. Relevant value proposition.

Always have 10 minutes to check all qualifiers in your database to avoid any possible mistakes. I suggest doing so in your sending tool’s interface to prevent problems with coding, fonts, and gaps. 

Keep a close eye on the limits of your email service provider and check your content for spam triggers so your emails won’t land into your spam folders, completely nullifying your efforts. 

Why do People Invest in Cryptocurrencies rather than in the Share Market?

In the old times when there was no internet or digitalization, at that time most of the users invested in the share market for investment and return motives. Even now, in this time also the older adults of 70 are still investing in the share market. But later, with time, the market has evolved very drastically, and the crowd’s focus has been shifted from the share market to the crypto market.

Reasons to invest in Cryptocurrencies

There are many reasons for the above statement, here further we will discuss the same.

  • Volatility: In the case of the share market, the user needs to hold the money for an extended period of time, and after that time, there were profits but in significantly fewer amounts, and even the profit gains get dropped just because of the market fall. But in this case, if the crypto market is very volatile and the price of the cryptocurrency rises and falls at a very high rate.

If a person is investing in cryptocurrency, he will earn more money than that of the share market in the same time period.

  • In the case of cryptocurrencies, the user can buy the coin in the parts very quickly. And even can sell it. If he wants to buy a whole coin, he can buy it in parts and can store it till he can buy a whole coin. But in the case of the share market, the user has to buy a full share; there is no option for buying the share from the share market in pieces.
  • Another factor here is that while buying the shares, there is the problem of buying the shares by paying commission paper charges, etc. and even it takes more time for the buying of the share whereas, in the case of the cryptocurrency, there is no such issue of brokerage or any other issue. There is one-to-one buying of the cryptocurrency; even the cryptocurrency transactions are made private compared to that of the share market; in the case of the share market, anyone can get a record of share on the user’s name.
  • If there is an urgent need for the fund transfers, then, in that case, the user cannot transfer shares from one user to the other on an urgent basis. In contrast, cryptocurrency is a universal and decentralized currency that can be used to transfer from one user to the other at any time at any place.
  • Transactions made by the crypto platforms are kept more private as compared to that of the share markets. All the transactions in crypto are saved in the form of the blocks and blockchain, and we all know that this is the characteristic feature of the blockchain of transaction privacy and transaction security. Whereas if we see the case of the share market, there is the issue of the transactions; if the user wants to buy or sell his shares, all the activity can be legally recorded.
  • The essential and most crucial factor that comes here is the transaction fees. The transaction fees in the cryptocurrency case are very low compared to that of the share market. If a person wants to do an international transaction in cryptocurrencies, it also costs the same to the user. Where in the case of the share market, if the user wants to buy the shares in the international currency, so in that case, he has to go for the currency exchange, and then he can buy the shares which cost too high.
  • If a person wants to exchange crypto from one to the other, it is effortless for the user to exchange the crypto like this, but if you see the case of share market first the user has to sell his share, and then he can buy a new share.

Is it profitable to mine crypto in 2021?


Drag the slider and make your voice heard.


Drag the slider and make your voice heard.


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Cryptology is born and is moving with complete digitalization. Whereas the share market is too old and has various traditional features. Crypto gives its users excellent facilities for less transaction time along with fewer transaction fees. It is a decentralized and universal currency, so it can be used at any place to make transactions and to transfer money.

Crypto even provides more returns on investments in a concise time period. So crypto is good to invest in as compared to that of the share market.

How to check Energy Companies and Suppliers?

If you’re currently looking for a reliable company to buy energy resources from, this article will give you all the tools to check it out.

Someone said that if you don’t have a website, you don’t have companies. That’s the rule that got businesses to go the detailed route. Whether we want to or not, we’re constantly leaving little bits of information about ourselves online every day. It’s like those white pebbles a kid leaves behind as he goes deep into the woods to find his way home. We’ll have to apply ourselves as Sherlock Holmes to collect the crumbs and build a picture of the right company. And here are just a few simple tools that anyone can handle to check out the company.

Almost half (46%) of oil and gas exports in 2018 was for crude oil, compared to 37.8% for refined oils then 13.8% for petroleum gases.

Daniel Workman

Tools to check suppliers or sourcing of oil and gas

Some of these tools are free some are paid. In the first one, we can find the tail of the company and make sure it exists. In the second case, specialists will do the job and check all of the company’s financials.

For most American and European organizations, the shadiest companies are from China and Russia. We hope that our guide on how to verify china company will help you in business.

The first tool is Google search.

This is the easiest and most reliable tool to check your company.

An alternative. You can go to China and ask passersby on the right partner. But how many of us know Chinese?

The second tool is company directories.

Information in most companies is on public directories.

The third tool is LinkedIn.

Be sure to check how many employees have a company’s LinkedIn profile. This list will help you assess not only the size of the company, but also the geography of its employees and their qualifications.

The fourth tool is Specialized Experts.

These are the guys who will help you find suppliers of crude oil and check their credit history and tax records with local government databases.


Most databases of companies and firms both in China and Russia have electronic versions. But often only an experienced professional can figure them out.

  • Tip #1. Any of these tools can not give 100 percent information be sure to check the information received about your partners from different sources.
  • Tip #2. Most free sources can be fooled, so checking with professionals will help you avoid making big mistakes.

I wish you success in finding your partners for many years of work.

How businesses can foster Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace

How does working in a tech startup better than working in other companies?

In the old days, tech startups across the globe scored media attention for implementing a company culture that is unlike many others. This includes practices such as remote working that enables employees to be productive through a level of flexibility.

But working in the startup ecosystem can have its dark side. In the past decade, we have witnessed cases of abuse and discrimination that have further stressed the urgency of building Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in the ecosystem.

Top Receive SMS Services with French Phone Numbers

Receiving messages has become an important process. Despite the private messages, there are messages that are crucial for the work of many businesses.

Receiving messages has become an important process. Despite the private messages, there are messages that are crucial for the work of many businesses. Communicating with the clients, researching the market, SEO activities and many other tasks require dealing with a phone number. 

It is not always possible to work on your real number and, thus, virtual services have taken care of you. Nowadays it is possible to use a directory without an actual smartphone or SIM-card. 

Special accommodations offer receiving or sending messages, calls, numbers etc. Those of French are not an exception. Most of the popular trustworthy companies have numbers of European (and not only) countries. 

Speaking of France, most of the accommodations have French numbs. However, it is always necessary to count on certain parameters before choosing a virtual number accommodation.

Your accommodation should:

  • care about your privacy;
  • offer you a large number of countries and directories;
  • be reliable;
  • guarantee prompt message delivery or a refund;
  • have a loyal price policy.

Let’s get acquainted with some of the top receive SMS accommodations for French numbs.

Services for French Phone Numbs

There is a large choice of providers with European numbs. As for French numbers, here are the top ones.


The service offers directories from more than 30 countries and France is not excluded. It is possible to choose between one time and rentable directories. 

The authentication codes come very quickly. The prices are loyal. In case you have any issues, feel free to connect with around-the-clock customer support service that will solve everything. 


This service works with plenty of countries. France is among them. You will be able to track, receive and send messages with this accommodation. The coverage is global, thus France is among the countries in the list. 

Obviously, there is a big variety of free services. However, their reputation wishes to be better. The issue is that a company that does not receive profit cannot cover its expenses. That is why it often happens that numbers of free accommodations do not work properly. 

On the contrary, paid services always try to be on the top and do not brit the disappointment to their clients.  

It is always up to you what service to choose, but if you need a French directory, take a look at the aforementioned 2 services if you need to get sms online. Do not forget the moments specified before. Taking a look at them, your choice will be obvious. 

5 Dollars Logo vs AI-Generated for $7M

AI Logos for $150M.


We are constantly looking for grows techniques. I decided to share with you a recently discovered arbitration case that is relatively easy and accessible to all.


The $150 million logos were sold through the 99designs and Fiverr platforms in 2019. Okay, 99designs. At least real designers work there. But on Fiverr mostly work only low-level freelancers, generated logos on old-fashioned templates.

A bit of analysis

On Fiverr, in the Logo Design section, you need to sort by Best Selling and open many different Gigs, which (1K+). Some accounts have over 50K completed orders at prices ranging from $5 to $50 on average. Inside Gigs, there is another important open metric, “Orders in Queue” – orders in progress. Orders are executed under the conditions for 2-3 days. It is not difficult to calculate how much this Gig earns. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Case 1:…/design-an-impressive-logo In total 33K orders were fulfilled and currently there are 295 orders at 17.33 euros.
  2. Case 2: In total 3868 orders are executed, and in work at the moment 188 orders on 8.66 euros.

On the second example of the freelancer account for a year.

Where is the AI here, you ask?

We had to make the logo in 10 minutes. Google offered me a logo maker service The product turned out to be very cool.

What is a startup called

The startup started in 2016 and was originally called Logojoy. It was one of the top 5 most popular sites where you could assemble a logo in a minute using artificial intelligence.

Here you can read more about it:

The guys raised $7M and with this money developed a product that allows you to create endless variations of logos with the help of AI trained by an army of designers.

I suggest you go through onboarding and make your own impression.

How to create an own logo for 30 sec?

Create a modern logo for your business

Save money and time by creating an cool logo on your own! To make a logo template unique, you need to personalize it. Every element of your logo can be customized (custom gradient, cliparts, shadow effects, beautiful font and fill the background with your favorite colors).

  • Step 1
    Enter the brand’s name or company slogan. Make the search more specific by entering the keyword or choosing a proper category. Change the background color.
  • Step 2
    Pick a template from the variety of designs offered by the online logo generator.
  • Step 3
    Tweak each layer in the logo editor. Change the color of the whole logo or the separate elements. Change the font. Add shadow effects and combine the chosen design with cliparts (1M items) or with images uploaded from your device. Save all the logo drafts in your account.

TOP Logo Maker Services

#1 LogotypeMaker — this service is very similar to the previous one. You must select the appropriate category, and then edit it at your discretion. The site allows you to upload up to six logos for free. In addition, users can receive files in high resolution using LogotypeMaker, which can be used for printing, printing business cards and posters.Free Logo Maker & Logo Generator | Make a Logo OnlineThe best free logo maker & branding tool lets you create your company logo in minutes. Make your unique logo. No design…

#2 Logo Ease is a free online logo creation service. It is very easy to use. To start using it, click the Launch your logo button on the site toolbar and open the editor. To select a pattern, zoom, fill in different colors and more. After that, you need to download the file with the logo in ZIP format and use it on your website or blog.

Logo Ease Samples

#3 CoolText is one of the most popular free online publications. It allows you to create logos for free and without special knowledge in design. This service works only with text logos.

#4 FlamingText is a text logo generator with over 200 different effects. The algorithm works: choose the effect, enter the desired text, edit the properties, save. By the way, besides the already familiar PNG, JPG and GIF, there is a PSD here.

FlamingText is free online logo generator that anyone can use to create a great logo in minutes! Just select one of our…

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Your Logo on Social Media

Keep your brand looking professional and fresh, wherever it’s displayed! Read this step-by-step guide to using your logo on social media.

Digitally building up the construction industry

Construction is the biggest industry in the world, and yet, even outside of crises, it is not performing well.

  • Despite restraints, the construction industry is on the cusp of a technology revolution which will reshape its future
  • Construction companies are now in a race to go digital, with the hope that technology will enhance profitability while also fending off competitors.

The construction industry is well known for its resistance to change and has fallen well behind other industries in recent years. This year, however, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced historically conservative companies to make broad, sweeping adjustments.

No doubt the construction sector is the quickest-growing industry worldwide but the last one to bestow with the benefits of technology.  Especially this year, due to the pandemic, construction sites across the world emptied and were among the sector that stalled entirely for a good few months due to the lockdown. But it has also been a year of looking into construction technology — an oft-neglected segment.

A McKinsey report last month predicted a big shakeout across the construction industry over the next decade, with companies adopting technologies and methodologies from the manufacturing world. Indeed, the bulk of short- and long-term pandemic-driven construction industry issues will be solved with technology.

Construction tech boom

Construction is the biggest industry in the world, and yet, even outside of crises, it is not performing well. The ecosystem represents 13% of global GDP, but construction has seen a meager productivity growth of 1% annually for the past two decades, according to McKinsey.

Taking the good with the bad, it is expected that the continuing Covid-19 pandemic will drive a net acceleration in the use of technology, and the construction industry will continue its transformation from a highly complex, fragmented, and project-based industry to a more standardized, consolidated, and integrated one.

To recall, An IDC report published in January 2020 forecasts that demand for construction robots will grow about 25% annually through 2023. As for the global construction market size, it is expected to decline from US$11.2 billion in 2019 to US$10.56 billion in 2020. However, the industry will show signs of recovery in 2021 and reach a market size of USD 11,496.7 billion, projecting a CAGR of 1.2% between 2019 and 2021.

The Asia Pacific (APAC) region is projected to register the highest CAGR in terms of value in the global construction industry during the forecast period as the region dominated the construction industry in 2019. The construction companies have ample opportunities in the APAC market in comparison to the European and North American counterparts owing to low-cost labor and raw materials.

Despite the construction industry’s traditional resistance to new technologies, some are making significant strides in rounds. Notable examples include mobile technology, drones, building information monitoring (BIM), virtual reality and wearables, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. A renaissance in the adoption of new technologies in communication, material production, supply chain management, and industry coordination, is definitely underway. Incumbents now face a choice — lead the change or watch someone else do it.

Using AI how to get accurate results from image to text tool

Nowadays almost everything is digitally connected, whether it’s a business, a classroom, or a road trip.  

People are relentlessly using different technologies to indulge the usage in their daily lives.

Gone those old days when people used to send handwritten letters, or hardly use printed text and a major reason is people use digital text that can be easily edited, shared, or for other meaningful purposes.

Let’s get deeper into it.

The connection between AI and Image to text

Thanks to the OCR technologies that use Artificial intelligence programs that can easily fetch a picture and extract text from it.   

In a recent study “Optical Character Recognition is a field of research in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision that consists of extracting text from images”.

Some people might be unfamiliar with the concept of what is OCR? 

Optical character recognition is a technology that uses a text detecting device like a digital camera to take pictures and then it uses a software that can extract the data from any visual and convert it for further use.

The accuracy level of Image to text

Nowadays in almost every sector, OCR has gained a lot of respect due to its AI advancement.

It has become not only an image-to-text traditional conversion process but also a human mistakes checker. 

Like it’s widely used in the education sector to examine MCQs papers as it saves time, gives accurate results and stores the data very efficiently.

OCR engine’s job is to extract the data from an image that it performs perfectly, but due to its nature, it follows a pattern or in simple words, it follows a structured form of data, or else it cannot give accurate results.

Thanks to the developers who have tested and worked hard to get the best out of OCR technologies, these experts have incorporated two major distinct altogether in OCR engine such as given below:

  1. Machine learning – With the passage of time the OCR technologies have incorporated machine learning.

Machine learning is technology replicating human ability to different patterns of texts like fonts, gaps in between characters, colors, alignment, writing styles, language on any visual.

Sometimes when the visual quality is not good the OCR technology can miss out on the character, especially when the spacing in between characters is very congested.

In the testing segments, it can be trained to go through similar patterns so that it can detect those errors and correct it, thus improve the accuracy level.

  1. Intelligent data processing – Incorporating AI technologies like intelligent data processing users can minimize the extraction errors from unstructured text, it helps in identifying relevant sections required for extracting and classifies them before extracting.

Further, it trains the Machine learning modules to extract the only data required on a visual, which thankfully eliminates the need for manually entering data into an application and improve the accuracy level. 

Traditional OCR engines alone were not quite as accurate as the latest ones are developed and this is all well designed because of involving AI technologies (Machine learning, intelligent data processing). 

This replicates a human brain at a very low level of errors, thus giving the user accurate results.     

Benefits of using Image to text converter tools

First of all image to text is basically an OCR that consists of using the latest AI technologies, to give accurate results in the form of digitized text that can be incorporated for multiple purposes. Like Prepostseo, Aconvert, Hipdf.

  • It helps in converting any form of visual picture text into an editable text format;
  • It helps in extracting required data in an organized format;
  • It helps in pdf text recognition to further use it while writing in white papers;
  • It helps to extract text from any image available on the internet by simply copy-pasting the URL;
  • It helps to get accurate results by eliminating manual errors;
  • It helps in scanning barcodes and interpreting it in computer language especially in bulk quantity;
  • It saves time and money when students are looking to photocopy assignments and then create in word file;  
  • It helps in recognizing old historical handwritten documents in a digital format like a word file;
  • It helps in highlighting the desirable text and converting it into a new editable format which can be used in a new picture; 
  • It’s more compact when storing all the data in a device storage disk, as compared to traditional manual documentation record rooms;
  • It helps to translate different language’s visual text into their own preferred language, like translating Chinese signboards into English.  

Uses of Image to text 

As the digital world is continuously evolving, Image to text is getting used in almost every field.

Applications of Usage:

  • It can be used in Legal documents, like tax or property documents for extracting the manual written document and convert it into digital format for a longer life span;
  • It helps vehicle passing authorities for license plate recognition;
  • It helps in public images to detect large texts especially for marketing purposes;
  • It’s widely used in enterprises to share documents and edit it in own format, like pdf image to text converting purposes;
  • It is used in airports for extracting desired text from passports, e-tickets and etc;
  • It can be used in classrooms for saving time and easily understand the handwriting while noting down notes from other classmates;
  • It is widely used in shopping stores to scan the barcode of the products and automatically generate invoices while cross-examining the price list of the product;
  • It’s widely used in the medical sector as extracting the medicines from prescriptions can be a little challenging, so it can make it easier for the user to understand.  

5 Companies acquired by Amazon: Sheet

  • Since its launch in 1994, Jeff Bezos’ company has taken over all types of businesses and startups.
  • Amazon has bought companies that have made it modify its processes or allowed it to enter new markets.
  • Amazon’s most expensive acquisition to date is Whole Foods Market, for which it paid $13.7 billion.
CompanyDescriptionHQ LocationPrice

Zoox is an AI robotics company that provides mobility as-a-service and self-driving car services.California, United States$1,200,000,000
Health NavigatorHealth Navigator platform is a comprehensive clinical vocabulary and decision-support system.Chicago, Illinois, United States?
B2B SaaS logistics management and US customs brokerage for importers and SBM freight forwarders.California, United States?
E8 Storage
E8 Storage provides the next generation of cost-effective rack-scale flash storage for the enterprise and software-defined cloudCalifornia, United States?
Canvas Technology
CANVAS Technology is a robotics company with a mission to provide end-to-end autonomous delivery of goods.
Colorado, United States?

How to Use AI to Boost Your Sales in E-commerce?

The onrush of artificial intelligence and its impact on all spheres of our lives is immense. E-commerce and online retail are among those realms that use the evolution of this technology to their advantage.

The truth is that year by year AI and machine learning are expanding their range of influence, becoming smarter and getting better in cultivating their skills of understanding consumers and their needs. This means that with the help of innovative technology, store owners can boost user experience, forecast trends, increase brand awareness, and consequently sell more.

When AI and e-commerce are team players, the opportunities for business growth are colossal. In this post, we’d like to tell you about the ways you can use innovative technologies to accelerate your online store success. As well, we will introduce you to the brands that implemented AI in their websites and how that works out. So, let’s go ahead.

1. Using AI-powered Chatbots For Improving Communication With Customers

Customer service is definitely among the areas where artificial intelligence can shine. Since most consumers are not fussed about whether a human being or a computer helps them, the number of companies using chatbots in customer service is growing exponentially.

People love chatbots. They are fast, responsive, polite no matter what, and always there when you need them. AI-based virtual assistants are able to perceive human intention without keyword matching and save an agent’s time by resolving common issues.

The whole concept of artificial intelligence is based on mimicking human cognitive abilities. AI-based chatbots can learn from previous experience and adjust to new inputs providing relevant and accurate answers to users’ queries.

For instance, Uber makes use of AI-powered bots to provide people with the ability to request a ride. JustEat, online food and delivery service, leverages artificial intelligence to create bots that are able to take orders and forward this information to the duty holders. 

Image Credit: ZX.YCN

2. Get Your Hands On User Data And Analytics

How well do you know your clients? Their tastes, habits, preferences, interests, what products they buy, and what they are dreaming about…

Of course, you can make general assumptions based on your target audience research. But instead of guessing, you can truly know the details. Artificial Intelligence aimed at analyzing people from cover to cover providing store owners with accurate and detailed information about their buying audience. Let’s delve into some of the things AI can do to grow turnovers. 

Personalized Product Selection

By collecting data and analyzing patterns, AI can shed light on customers’ interests, tastes, and preferences and, at the same time, get rid of batch and blast communications.

New Epsilon research shows 80% of the people surveyed are more likely to make a purchase if a brand serves a personalized experience. The “show everyone the same thing” approach receded into the historical distance – people feel frustrated when their shopping experience is impersonal. Artificial intelligence can change the situation for the better.

For example, in the category page grids, AI can rearrange items in such a way as to show a user those products that they may set sights on. It bases assumptions on the previously bought items and the things that the individual has browsed. 

You have probably seen a “You May Also Like” or “You Might Be Interested In” section when browsing certain online stores. These blocks are used by retailers to provide their customers with the personalized shopping experience, increase the average check size, and sell more products. Take a look at Alibaba, one of the world’s largest companies, which use AI-powered algorithms to advise goods to the customers.

Screenshot taken on the official Alibaba website

However, in order to implement and customize this section and benefit from artificial intelligence, you may need professional help from dedicated eCommerce developers specializing in e-commerce solutions.

3. Using AI to Show the Products That Compliment Each Other

As your inventory expands, it becomes challenging to pay careful attention to the products that sell well together. A piece of good news is that artificial intelligence can lend you a helping hand by keeping a close watch on the product assortment and automating these processes. As such, by having ultimate knowledge of customers’ interests and tastes, stores can offer the visitors not a single product but the best-selling combos to sell more. 

To make things clear, let’s have a look at the official Agent Provocateur website. The company selling premium lingerie and swimwear came out with the smart move: the items that complement each other are displayed in the “Wear With” section. This move affects impulsive buying, urging visitors to spend more money than they planned at the beginning. 

Screenshot taken on the official Agent Provocateur website

4. Virtual Try-Ons

When e-commerce and augmented reality play in the same team, this duo opens colossal opportunities for online sales. The technology makes it possible for shoppers to virtually check out a product before buying even if they can’t touch it in reality. All they have to do is to launch the camera of a mobile device or PC. Needless to say that implementing such a fitting room can skyrocket the user experience, making the store smart, interactive, and user-friendly. Besides, AR brings the following benefits for users:

  • The ability to feel in-store experience regardless of the location
  • Feel of something magical going on
  • Almost live interaction.

Such virtual try-ons have already been implemented by many brands, including such famous ones as GUCCI, Lancome, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo. 

Let’s see how this works. Ikea was one of the early adopters. This Swedish company selling furniture, kitchen appliances, and other stuff, leverages ARKit to allow shoppers to see how, say, an armchair will look within their room.

Image credit: Ikea official

It is obvious that many companies see beauty as a lucrative field for tech development. As such, Sephora, a famous makeup retailer, introduced a “Sephora Virtual Artist”. This feature scans a face, determines where lips, nose, or eyes are, and lets the customer try on various looks. Thus, the shopper can play with lip colors, try different false lash styles, and buy the products they like. Convenient!

Image credit: Sephora

5. Using AI for Image Recognition

Using AI for fast and efficient product searching is not something beyond the pale. Devices and software like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Bixby, and Cortana are just a few examples of some awesome platforms that enable users to hail a cab, make orders, search products with just their voice.

Along with voice search, artificial intelligence provides users with the ability to find the product they are looking for by employing image recognition. As such, instead of typing text queries in a search bar, people may identify and find items through photos made with their cameras.

For instance, Amazon, a multinational company, has implemented StyleSnap, an image recognition system, on its mobile website. By using this feature, users can upload photos of different fashion looks and the AI-powered system will display the detected items along with their prices.

Screenshot taken on the official Amazon website


Artificial intelligence is contributing to the e-commerce industry in many ways. In order to stay afloat, business owners have to employ this technology and use it to its fullest. In the highly-competitive world, establishing strong relationships with customers, as well as understanding their necessities are essential for online retailers. AI along with machine learning help businesses make communication more personal and effective, increase brand awareness, and multiply sales.

About the Author

Alex Husar

Alex Husar, CTO at Onilab with 8+ years of experience in Magento and Salesforce development services. He graduated from the Czech Technical University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering. Alex’s expertise includes both full-stack dev skills and a strong ability to provide project-critical guidance to the whole team.
Social media:

Best Sites For Selling Your Art

As time goes by we are increasingly moving into a more digitalized environment, and the art world is no exception to this rule, unfortunately. This can be a good or bad thing depending on how you made your art sales before.

Auction houses and private sales are moving online, and even galleries are seeing more than half of their sales happen via websites in some cases. This trend shows no sign of slowing, and online sales are increasing year after year.

Whether you sell reproduced prints, high priced paintings, or you like to see your art printed on apparel, there’s guaranteed to be the perfect place available for you to sell your work online. But, with so many options out there, it’s important to find the right websites for your brand. Here is a list of the 10 best websites to sell your art online. They are not in any particular order. 

9. Artplode

Created in 2014, this site is designed for galleries and art dealers to buy and sell, as well as for artists and private customers. With an estimated inventory of over $10 million currently for sale, you’ll face stiff competition but you’ll be reaching a network of potential buyers from over 40 countries around the world.

Artplode lists all kinds of artwork, from sculptures and paintings to photography and digital art, and they require a $60 flat fee per listing rather than a commission when the piece is sold. So, as long as you manage to sell your artwork, this is a great deal. You can also choose whether you’re happy to cover the cost of shipping on your sold pieces, or pass it on to your customers.

And, if you’re new to the world of art selling, Artplode can match you with a specialist art consultant who will ensure that you’re targeting the right market and selling your piece for the correct price.

8. Shopify

If you already have a strong following, you may just want to sell directly from your own website instead of via a third party vendor. Shopify is a great choice for e-commerce software, and is flexible and easy to use. It can also be fully integrated into your website, so customers won’t be able to tell that you’re using Shopify CMS.

There’s no limit on the number of products you can list on your site, so you can start small and (hopefully) expand year on year.

There are currently over 600,000 businesses using Shopify technology, and over 1 million active users resulting in a total of $55 billion in sales, so you know you’re in experienced hands with this software.

7. Artfinder

With offices in London and Miami, Artfinder displays work from over 10,000 artists in over 100 countries. Every one of the 400,000 pieces of art is original, and there are no posters or reproduction prints allowed. In terms of the mediums they’ll accept, a broad range is covered, including collage, printmaking and digital art.

This site, which was founded in 2011, is fairly exclusive, and there is a selection process before you are allowed to join. Simply submit your best work and a supporting statement, and if you’re accepted you can set up your online shop. If you get in, you’ll love the company’s focus on authenticity and community.

Artfinder goes by the ethos that buying and selling art doesn’t have to be a pompous affair, and they deliver a truly refreshing take on the art market.

6. Saatchi Art

Having the opportunity to sell your art on a website under one of the biggest names in the art world might seem like an impossible feat, but it absolutely isn’t. The site was founded by Charles Saatchi’s company, and although they sold it in 2014, it still bears the name and the accompanying credibility.

Their audience is huge, and they have over 1 million followers on social media. Add to that another 1 million people that receive their printed catalogue, and you’ve got a lot of potential eyes on you creations.

You can set up a shop for free on the site and can list originals and prints. Pieces listed on the site range from artwork under $500 to one off pieces priced at over $10,000. The downside is that Saatchi Art will take a pretty significant 35% cut of your sale, but they will arrange a courier to collect your piece and will ship it for you in return for the fee. 

5. Artnet

Artnet markets itself as a modern way to collect contemporary art, so if you work in that field then this site might be for you. Artnet was founded in 1989 with a mission to improve communication between buyers and sellers of art, and they added their online services in 2008. The company now has the largest database of art sales, so this is a must have resource for serious artists who want to sell their work for a serious price.

Art can be put up for auction on the site with guide prices, for a fresh take on the classic auction house vibe. Potential buyers can also contact dealers and galleries directly, which creates a more human experience than some of the other sites on our list.

Artnet also provides useful additional paid services such as the Price Database, which is a fantastic art market research tool that lists prices for over 1,700 auctions dating back to 1985. This is designed to help sellers and buyers determine the worth of art, so you can ensure your pricing is on point.

4. Amazon

You probably haven’t considered Amazon for art selling, since that’s not what it’s predominantly known for. But, since the world’s biggest e-commerce site opened its Amazon Art section in 2013, it’s a legitimate way for artists to get their work out there.

The guest curators give the site more of a gallery feel, and the homepage is helpfully sectioned up into several searchable categories including the main color and medium.

If you want to sell on Amazon Art there is a preapproval process, and it’s worth noting that only certain mediums are permitted to be sold. 3D art is prohibited, so sculptors will need to find an alternative method of selling their art.

It costs $39.99 per month for your online shop and there are additional selling fees, but the reach of this retail giant is unparalleled so you can potentially make a lot of sales from their site.

3. Society6

If you’re looking to see your artwork printed on lots of different products, Society6 is one of the easiest ways to do so.

You can set your own royalties on art prints and canvases, so you decide how much money you make on top of the flat selling price that’s provided by Society6. For any other items, they set the profit, which can range from $1.50 up to $13.90.

Your items can also be selected to feature in the site’s main shop, which means that customers have more chance of discovering your designs without searching specifically for your shop. Order fulfilment is all covered by the site, so you don’t need to worry about dealing with customer service which is great if you’re a hobbyist and don’t want that hassle.

Some big artists choose to use Society6, including Andreas Lie and Evie Seo, which gives the site real credibility. It also means you’ll be facing some stiff competition, so it’s probably worth listing your art on several sites until you start growing your own following here.

2. Redbubble

This Australian company was founded in 2006 and is another print on demand service like Society6. The free online marketplace connects artists with an international client base via an incredibly simple to use website. As well as printing your artwork on a huge range of products, you can also create reproduction pieces which is great if you want to keep hold of your original artwork for the time being (or sell it on another site in our list).

You can set your own profit margins on your sales, so you can decide how much you make. The average margin is 17%, but you can increase or decrease that according to factors like the time of year and the traffic your product pages are receiving. Like Society6, Redbubble covers payment, printing and delivery, so it’s completely hassle free for you. In-depth traffic analytics are great for artists who are running their shops as a business rather than a hobby, but you can use this tool as much or as little as you want to.

1. ArtFire

Similar to Etsy, this staple art selling site has been operating for around ten years and has almost 300,000 unique monthly visitors.

ArtFire is designed to take the hassle out of building a selling website, and the site is incredibly easy add your products to. They also have great customer service, should you be new to selling and need some assistance. They also put emphasis on creating connections with other artists so that you can learn and share skills with other people working in your field, which is especially handy if you’re new to the art selling world.

SEO is taken care of too, and ArtFire ensures that your creations are shared to all the major search engines. They take care of the API’s, and every shop on their site is designed to rank well so you can focus on creating more art instead of trying to work out how to get it seen. If you open a standard shop you’ll pay $4.95 per month and 23 cents per listing, but there are other packages designed for larger and busier online stores, so the site will grow with you.

Wrapping it up

With so many online selling options available to artists, there’s never been a better time to get your art out there. The easiest would be to set up shop in Shopify but at the same time the biggest traffic is Amazons. Whatever you do Society6 is a solid choice.  What is your favorite place to sell your art? Let us know in the comments.

Subscription Billing Platforms

More and more, online businesses have embraced the use of subscription delivery services to sell their products online. Subscription commerce is the new trendy business model due to consistent cash flow, high customer retention, and larger customer lifetime value.

But it’s difficult to launch a subscription commerce business without a little help from your friends (in this case, online subscription billing software). Here are the top five online billing software programs to help get any subscription company, from start-up to enterprise, up and running today:

  1. Recurly: Subscription Billing and Recurring Billing Platform
  2. Nexway – eCommerce Solution‎
  3. Stripe Billing: manage subscriptions
  4. Cloud Billing Software for Subscription Commerce | Cerillion‎
  5. Rebilly: Empower Your Subscription Billing

What is Subscription Billing?

Subscription billing is the process of billing customers for their subscriptions, on a recurring basis. At its core subscription billing comes down to identifying:

  • Who needs to be billed
  • What subscriptions/products they need to be billed for
  • How much they should be billed
  • When they need to be billed
  • How to collect payments
  • How subscription data needs to be reported for analytics and accounting

Fitness GYM safety Protocols Checklist App

Some gyms in the Atlanta and Texas areas begin reopening its centers this week after instituting new hygiene protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Reopening is a step in the right direction.

One of the gym owners

We collect all Safety Checklist to one App. You can load it free here:

This checklist is a management tool to implement practical actions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 pandemic at the gym. The successful implementation of the tool is dependent on the cooperation between employers, supervisors and workers to make positive changes in the gym to improve response to and preparedness for COVID-19.

Best Websites To Find Remote Work

  • What the BEST remote jobs are and how you can find one
  • The skills you’ll need to land (or create!) the remote position of your dreams
  • Stories from real Skillcrush students who have taken control over their lives and successfully switched to remote life 
  • What steps you can take TODAY to make remote-work-life your new reality

Remote Work and Freelancing

The reality of the digital nomad lifestyle is more likely to be different from the stereotype of sipping cocktails by the pool while working on a laptop. A digital nomad spends large amounts of time looking for freelance work and delivering projects for clients (or managing their location-independent business).

Not all jobs websites are the same and the purpose of this article is to help you select sites offering high quality work instead of low paid and low quality freelance gigs.

It is also worth noting, like a redditor eloquently said in a digitalnomad thread, that as a freelancer you should also work on your value proposition and branding. In other words, all digital nomads should focus on building trust and a strong profile to demonstrate they are reliable professionals by having a solid online presence. Having a good business profile showcasing your portfolio is as important as sending CVs to potential employers.

The Trouble with Jobs Websites

The common complaint from digital nomads about jobs websites is the element of competition when bidding for jobs. It can be very difficult to stand out from the crowd when potential clients receive multiple proposals for their projects.

According to Oncontracting, the freelancer/remote worker/digital nomad market is worth $715 billion.

The main purpose of jobs websites is to make revenue from listings. Some websites charge solely employers, while others also charge freelancers to access available projects.

Jobs aggregators have spotted that building platforms catering for remote workers is very lucrative, and this is at the detriment of freelancers, who often have to compete on price.

Example: Upwork (Formerly Elance/oDesk)

Upwork seems to be quite a popular choice among digital nomads who are looking for freelance and remote work. However, feedback from freelancers isn’t always that positive: online reviews are not stellar and they have been getting progressively worse over time. Usability issues are the main concern (freelancers mention the site crashes often) followed by poor customer service.

Upwork charges per transaction but a monthly subscription is also available.

oDesk and Elance merged at the end of 2013, then the new organisation rebranded as Upwork in 2015.

Back in 2015, Forbes reported that Upwork planned to increase freelance revenues from $1 billion to $10 billion by 2021.

Power To The People: Reddit Suggestions

To get a true picture of which jobs websites are more reliable, it is useful to look at online forums.

Reddit’s digitalnomad subreddit mentioned earlier recommends the following websites on its homepage:

Digital nomads should browse through Reddit recommendations from other digital nomads, who are best placed to give an unbiased opinion. Reddit has fairly strict discussion guidelines, preventing users from spamming and promoting their own content or affiliate links. Conversely, if you look at Quora, while many answers are genuine, some are often used to promote websites.

In a thread about Fiverr and whether or not it is a good website to make money as a digital nomad, a redditor said:

“It’s really the bottom of the barrel in terms of compensation and experience for the service provider. It’s marketed on absolute cheapness, and your services are turned into a commodity.

As a DN (Digital Nomad) offering a service, you should seek to get projects at good rates from clients in higher cost-of-living locations. To do that, you need to develop a clear sales/marketing approach to reach out to these clients, and all the elements to support this. This includes things like positioning, brand, marketing collateral, email/phone scripts, etc.

My advice is to skip it and focus on building a system that lets you land clients where you have more altitude in the relationship.”

Here’s a suggestion from another redditor:

“None of those sites are the best, they are all commodity marketplaces where you compete mainly on price. The best way to get freelance work is through your own efforts, marketing yourself and establishing a reputation and network. In general it’s best to have work/clients lined up before you start traveling.”

Another suggestion from Reddit is to use LinkedIn ProFinder.

LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn ProFinder, launched in October 2015, is an online marketplace to rival Upwork and similar sites from LinkedIn. The idea behind this portal is to find high calibre freelancers (see article). If freelancers want to submit more than five proposals and want to receive leads directly to their inbox, they have to pay for a premium account.

Please note that, at the time of writing, online reviews from freelancers are not available.

Power To The People: Quora Suggestions

Quora is a good source of recommendations, but bear in mind that it is also used extensively by marketing departments to promote their own business. In other words, recommendations can be biased.

Jobs sites for freelancers recommended on Quora include:

Remote Nomad Website Recommendations

The Remote Nomad website recommends these websites:

Please note that Power to Fly is a recruiting platform for women in tech.

Translator Jobs

Digital nomads specialising in translations should look at:



Jobbatical lists worldwide opportunities. This Estonian company advertises relocation jobs and some of the employers will cover relocation costs and organise the immigration paperwork.

Traditional Jobs Sites: Searching for Remote Jobs

Traditional job sites have plenty of remote work opportunities, and not many digital nomads may be aware of it.

A good example is, which lists freelance and remote jobs. The main advantage of using websites such as Indeed is that they don’t charge a fee to freelancers.

To access current opportunities, type in “remote working” in the search box. You can sort and filter results by job type, location, salary and more.

For example, if you are a freelance writer, you can search for “remote working writer”.

Most sought after remote workers tend to be developers, technical writers and SEO experts.

Remote Jobs Aggregator: Ditchtheoffice

If you want to go to a one-stop-shop collating all the available offers of remote work, you can also try

Email Roundup: Remote Jobs Club

One of the alternatives to typical remote boards is Remote Jobs Club, which is  free, once–weekly email roundup of remote jobs that aren’t restricted by commutes or a particular geographic area.The interesting part about this newsletter is that all the remote jobs are manually picked and verified.

Jobseekers’ Resources: JobHero

JobHero  has a job search section and a lot of career-related information, including sample resume content for thousands of job titles.

The Verdict: Where To Find Remote Employment Opportunities

If you are looking for remote work, start your search on sites such as Remote OK, We Work Remotely, SkipTheDrive, RemoteJob and Indeed.

If possible, choose a website that does not charge to access opportunities or a transaction fee for each completed project.

The best way to use these websites is to allow you to access potential clients and, once you have successfully completed a number of projects with them, ask them for referrals.

Digital Transformation Rules for SMEs

The industry today, is all about the small and medium enterprises. The contribution of them to the national as well as global economy is huge. Smaller businesses and startups generate economy by creating employment to the nationals and economical equalities to the nation. 

In simple words, smaller businesses like yours play an important role in improving Indian economy and similar parameters. So, the SMEs need to be developed and updated regularly to ensure its best performance. In today’s date, in accordance with the ‘Digital India Campaign’, digital transformation of a business has become the primest concern for the owners. 

Importance of Digital Transformation for Small and Medium Enterprises:

To digitize is to provide better cutting edge to a business. Digital transformation provides you the best assistance in dealing with the responsibilities in the fast-paced market as of today. In the process of any developments, it is easier to lose your track and you fail to cope up with the activities. ERP lead digital transformation ensures smooth transition with informed decisions and streamlined operations. 

Digital transformation helps you continue with your business’ pace and improve productivity with an enhanced interface. Digitizing makes data accessibility very easy. It brings departmental updates at one place. 

Smaller businesses anyway need to perform at a higher pace to catch the market reach. Startups with smaller teams have a lot of activities being performed at the same time. Therefore, digital transformation could be the only solution to them. 

In what ways an ERP contributes to Digital Transformation at an SME? 

Well, when to talk about digital transformation, improving customer experience is no different. Make your ERP more customer-centric. An ERP software provides you best information for analytical purpose. It ensures best decisions are made in accordance with best information available. It just brings them all together. ERP also helps automate few repetitive tasks by not curbing employment but making it easier for them. 

ERP along-with a customer dedicated system like Customer resource management (CRM) software, can bring in best customer data like their interests, most picks, crawls on website, and much more. 

Whereas, a cloud-based ERP software can help you gain better visibility on the major business operations. With ERP lead digital transformation, optimization of your core activities like the operations, customer nurturing, workforce management, etc. becomes easier and more efficient. Also, lets your workforce function and access data from remote locations as well. 

How it benefits your employees? ERP based management lets your employees focus on more productive tasks rather wasting too much of your time in mundane. Also, it curbs down errors and human intervention is  minimal. 

ERP helps future-proof your business. It does not only helps you achieve your current KPIs but also shields you from future challenges. Such futuristic ERP software lends your business the much required flexibility and scalability and improves its functionality throughout. 

Its now time to transform your business and make it capable of every challenge that comes. Make a decision today! Choose the right ERP for your organization. Good luck!

Author Bio: Ritik Singh writes about ERP and CRM solutions (on-premise and cloud-based). A young passionate content creator who writes for Sage Software Solutions pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of cloud-based ERP and CRM software in India.

Data-driven storytelling: How numbers are transformed into stories

Data-driven storytelling is based on the great allure of stories. With this in mind, more and more businesses are adopting a narrative approach to internal and external communication in the effort to convey abstract data in vivid ways.

In times of big data: Presenting complex information in an understandable way

Business intelligence tools, CRM software and the use of artificial intelligence all give marketing and sales departments a wide range of options for data collection and analysis to choose from. But the crux actually lies in the wealth of information available and in the complexity of that information: The mere generation of numbers and data is largely pointless if it does not succeed in communicating the meaning of these numbers and data and putting them in a context people can understand.

Data-driven storytelling, on the other hand, prepares naked figures in such a way that stakeholders and customers experience them as understandable, interesting and appealing.

“Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.”

Jean-Luc Godard

Storytelling with data as a communication strategy

Basically, data storytelling is not new. For instance, a trend toward data-driven journalism has been emerging for several years now. The term describes not only a certain type of information acquisition but also a particular form of presentation. These aspects are also true of data-driven storytelling in in-house corporate communications and in marketing.

In essence, data-driven storytelling comprises three areas:

  • the analysis of the data
  • the narrative
  • the visualization of the data

Thanks to narrative as well as visual and interactive elements, abstract data sets take shape, and this contributes to greater reach.

Data processing: Here’s how to turn data into a good story

But how do you proceed if you want to illustrate the latest sales figures, or user interactions in the last quarter? First of all, there should be careful consideration of which topic is to be prepared for whom, and on the basis of which data:

  • What point do my data illustrate? How meaningful and representative are they?
  • What target group do I want to address?
  • Which aspects of my data evaluation should be conveyed to the target group?
  • What prior knowledge does the target group have?
  • What misconceptions does the target group possibly assume?

7 typical storylines in data-driven storytelling

Only once the above aspects have been isolated does it make sense to think about what the narrative should look like. First of all, a storyline should be considered that is appropriate to the question at hand and the existing pool of data. According to marketing manager Ben Jones, 7 basic types can be distinguished here:

  1. Change over time: A story is told about a process or transformation.
  2. Drill down: The narrative begins with an overall view and leads to a concrete example.
  3. Zoom out: Over the course of the narrative, a tiny focus is extended to taken in the big picture.
  4. Contrast: Different protagonists, data or issues are compared.
  5. Intersection: At the heart of the narrative lies a crossroads where two or more questions or data points intersect.
  6. Dissection of factors: Data and storylines are interrogated for correlations and causalities. Unclear records are “dissected,” so to speak.
  7. Profile of outliers: The story is dedicated to special cases and statistical outliers.

A meaningful structure of a data story

Like any good story, a data story should captivate its readers or listeners. Taking a cue from the dramaturgy of classic feature films, a structure in at least three parts is recommended:

  1. Exposition: Presentation of the topic and context of the data analysis; what is the occasion for broaching the question?
  2. Confrontation: Presentation of the central question and the challenges involved; what are interesting observations and problems?
  3. Resolution: Concluding wrap-up with recommendation for action; what insights does the data analysis yield, and what things might need to be changed?

Data visualization: Preparing numbers for visual effect

In addition to the actual narration, visual elements also play a decisive role in data-driven storytelling. Infographics, diagrams, animation and highlights make the world of numbers tangible, even for the untrained beholder. The presentation should be as clear and simple as it is precise. The accompanying narrative can pick up on and explain any relationships that cannot be conveyed visually. Combining textual and visual elements makes data stories easy to understand and internalize. This not only bolsters in-house communication processes but can also contribute to improved customer loyalty.

About the author: Cora Eißfeller
Cora Eißfeller works as an online editor at content marketing agency textbest in Berlin. After working for several years in publishing, the literary scholar now devotes herself entirely to digital marketing. Her focuses are e-commerce, new work, and urbanisation trends.

Big data for small businesses

Big Data is now becoming a marketing tool available not only to big business, but also to retailers, services, and more. Instead of advertising for everyone, analyzing specific data makes it easier to target your customers, optimize costs, and drive sales.

Big Data is a large unstructured amount of information that is produced and stored in the digital world: where and how many people are there, what actions they take, what sites they visit… Retail, banks, mobile operators, insurance companies have huge amounts of data about each of us. All of this data can be used to evaluate consumer behavior and to generate analytical reports, build forecasts for business development. The analysis of this data is used in the field of finance, logistics, marketing to predict trends in consumer behavior. Your “individual” offers are formed by retailers precisely through the processing of information about previous purchases.

They use technologies such as cloud computing, mobile and social technologies, machine learning, the Internet of Things. Business analysts analyze large amounts of data, interpret it for a deeper understanding of customer needs and improve business processes in real time.

Of course, it is either too difficult or impossible for ordinary entrepreneurs to do it on their own. However, their services were offered to them by mobile operators. Kyivstar and Vodafone have a wealth of information about their customers and do not hide that they are using Big Data to create their own services. And recently, big data products have been offered to entrepreneurs and other business segments.

We are looking for a client

With big data, knowing your customer’s habits and preferences, you can best identify locations for new stores, business units, and more. The report will show you where these people are most often. If the business is important to the maximum permeability of the place, then it will help Heatmap (“heat map”) – areas where the number of people, judging by the number of smartphones, is the largest. You can view the current locations of branches, points of sale or ATMs on the map, and add and save new objects. By the way, such reports will be useful in planning promotions. For retailers, these cards are a way to determine the best location for new points of sale. When they open, they will be relevant to analyze the potential customers and targeted SMS-mailing.

Good offer

If an entrepreneur is planning to grow their business and reach new customers, Big Data will allow them to find their target audience and make a relevant offer to them. This requires the mobile carrier to have an existing mobile number database for today’s business customers. An analyst can process big data about their behavior in the company and create a consumer portrait. For example, an operator can analyze the journeys and movements of subscribers, their age, gender, income, the presence of children and a car locally (home, work, and weekend), what sites, locations, or locations they visit (here you can add competitors’ addresses, for example) whether it has a competitor discount, receives SMS from them, or dials their numbers. The following is an automatic sampling from its subscriber base, which are similar behaviors (so-called Look-alike audiences) who are not yet customers of the company.

The next step is to make these people fit the needs of the offer via SMS.

Having a portrait of a client, an entrepreneur can apply the aforementioned reports to target advertising across different channels of communication. For e-commerce, the chain can be: customer segmentation by specific attributes – target segment analysis – search for a target-like segment – communication with potential customers.

Examples of technology use

Operators talk about successful cases of using big data for business. For example, a network of home goods and cosmetics stores wanted to determine the number of potential buyers who live and work within a 3km radius of the stores, to identify their portrait for further attraction. Having analyzed more than 200 parameters, including distance from the store, socio-demographic characteristics, smartphone availability, online behavior, they built the model and identified 4 segments for further targeting. Conducted promotional campaigns with individual offers for each segment. Analysis of the results showed a significant increase in conversion. Becoming aware of discounts, sales, discounts, or special offers for a specific CA with Big Data becomes much more effective.

The filling station was tasked with finding new customers. The owners of the car were found and informed about the opportunity to receive cashback and become a member of the loyalty program. A similar target audience searched for and found a auto parts store.

Among the regular users of the service are coffee shops that send invitations to middle-income people who

Marketplaces: how to successfully work in the High season?

In peak seasons of holidays and big sales, revenue can be doubled. This is the marketing axiom. But you can burn it out, making a number of mistakes due to inexperience. How to stay in good shape and what tools to use when preparing your company for work on marketplaces – in the material.

Experts highlight several key points needed to work on marketplaces. Defining a goal is a top priority. This can be the sale of old wastewater, attracting new customers, gathering contacts to continue working with the base or increasing the turnover here and now. Different companies are different short-term strategies. And starting from the goal you need to think about what the mechanics will be, based on the information about the target audience and its needs.

From strategy to start

The easiest and most effective way to get a great season on the marketplaces is to get on them before it starts. Marketplaces are often ranked 1-3 in organic search engine placement. That is, having entered the market with seasonal goods first of all, the chances of those shops, which will be issued in the first line, increase repeatedly. At the start of the season, the number of sellers will increase many times over, and the competition will already be quite serious, so you need to act on the anticipation that will bear fruit.

Layoutplaces have their own conditions for starting a collaboration. Somewhere it is enough to create a file of unloading of goods (feed), and somewhere there is a long process of filling in the documentation and ordering the content. It may take one month or more than three. Sometimes, some sellers may not go beyond the application phase. Having passed this level, the task is to create unique content, to prepare high-quality professional photos. Only then – sell and receive as much positive feedback as possible that influences buyers’ decisions.

For successful work it is necessary to keep track of the actuality of prices and availability of goods as often as possible. Because if one of the buyers complains that they are out of stock, this item will be deprecated. Failures regarding the range negatively affect the seller’s reputation.

“In order to buy from you, they have to talk about the product. Good talking. And the more – the better. Or about you as a salesman who deserves attention among a huge number of competitors. Working with the marketplace is a willingness to play long hours, and in addition to wanting to be able to reach a wide audience, you need to be prepared for what is not so easy, ”- Destra founder and CEO Dmytro Romanovsky.

Plus the competitors

In order to avoid minus the marketplaces, you do not have to fall below the price of competitors. Promote the product by placing on marketplaces, most advantageously through the mechanisms of internal advertising, with pay for action. It is not necessary to promote a product that is expensive. It is best to advertise for numerous small products.

Often, companies that use advertising without binding to marketing promotion spend huge amounts of money. Only a clear understanding of its margin and meticulous accounting of all the costs of logistics, advertising, cost of goods, etc. Otherwise, it may be unsatisfactory when the sale is completed.

Another thing is if the purpose of the sale is to get rid of warehouse residues, for example, from products from the collections of previous years, and against the background of increased demand to increase sales of the actual product that does not fall into the sales category. Then the received minus from the sale of discounted products is projected.

“Proper pricing is always important. This rule has no exceptions. While trading seasonal goods, many people misjudge the factors that affect the cost, but in the season, the cost of logistics, risks, packaging, raw materials and so on, ”- co-founder of the online store handmade cosmetics Word of scrub Dmitry Alexandrov.

Are “seasonal discounts” really discounts?

If you follow social networks before and after the sale period, you can definitely come across publications about unscrupulous sellers. They are, and they are quite a lot. Many are really inflating prices and making discounts before the holidays. Thus, the product is better sold, the psychology of the buyer works. This is little monitored on the Ukrainian market, but on the same Aliexpress support team keeps track of sellers and prices.

Experts say this is a painful issue for Ukrainian retailers. Most sellers want to attract as many buyers as possible, sell as much product as possible, and earn the most. That is, they are not ready to give real discounts. Therefore, there are different pseudo-actions and “conditional” concessions. Some stores raise the price a few days before the sale, and then point to a lower price tag. In fact, it is even higher than it was before. The rest give discounts selectively, on certain categories of products, or even remove more liquid goods from the shop window and catalog on the site for the sale period.

Expertise, which is better for Ukrainian retail. Adeje bіlshіst sellers want to get more and more buyers, sell more and more product and earn as much as possible. That’s not ready to make real books. That is why they recognize the pseudo-assumptions and the “concessions”. The dealers of the store pay the price for the day before the sale, and then pay the price for the change. And rightly so I won’t be guilty, lower than before. Reshta give the books vibrokovo, on the singing category virobіv, as well as navigate to pick up the best products from the store to the catalog and catalog on the site for the period of sale. And by the end of the sale, I’m declared for sale.

Tse du pomilkova і korotostrokova policy. Don’t worry, don’t buy goods at all, don’t show up for goods late, until the season is low, and don’t remember, I’ve got to sell the store price on the street, so I’ve added. Most of all, intimations with dosvidom, you have to come to the store for two or two days, take a look, write down, or go to the photographer’s price tags. In addition, it is preferable to bother with a little bucket and resources for more price, so that you can marvel at the goods at competitors.

In addition, the Wayback Machine website is the digital archive of the All-Saving Pavutini and the Internet Information on the Internet. There you can insert the address of the street and marry, which is on the other side. But google the cache and save the copy. Be-a kind of fraud of a buyer, it’s too early to show up and end up with negative video guides on the Internet, having deprived the user’s credit for reputable sales and promotions, which should be done. Well, zrozumіlo, the buyer himself and his near dear number didn’t try the hype and be spent for you. So, such a piddid is incorrect and invisible, even the company has even turned its socks on a healed customer and as a result of one “sale”, we can annul the entire Viconan robot.

“For an unscrupulous salesman of a short-term vigoda, an hour and a half of a week’s retirement, kiberponedilka іshshih іzdіvyh tіzdіvnyh razprodіvіv mіd turn out to be great problems іn loyal customers іn maybutnymu. Fooling customers can’t even turn around shopping, ”- Dmitri Romanovsky, CEO and CEO of Destra Internet Marketing Agency, pidtverdzhu.

No special secrets

Narazі komunіkatsіya z klіntom and klіntoorіntovanіst – tse the most important aspect, on a warto wrap respect. Це come to mind and marketplace. Be on the sound, promptly vidovite the food. Virishuyte problems, which wins on the goods, so that you will be in the minus. Vicoristise the gifts and compliments – as a result of negativity, purchase distress, and as such it has become. Don’t forget that hostility is about dandy – it’s the most respectable tool, a kind of “for” you, but “protest”, the fragments appear on the guides. Klіnt, a kind of company chuє, vidchuvaє dovіru to those who want to be rooted, who can appreciate and be ready to help. Such a result, as a result, will be advertised by the servants of any other company, however, it is inconceivable, which is not to be missed.

As a rule, speak in general about e-commerce, then such charms aren’t.

How to Sell Tickets Online: 3 Best Market Players

The selling of event tickets has begun to change dramatically over the last ten years with emerging online marketplaces. What important aspects should you consider when thinking about entering this market?

  • Gametime
  • StubHub
  • TicketMaster

How We Can Help You

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3 Technologies that Changed Business Forever

New technology is evolving at a faster rate than ever these days, with new innovations, changes and developments around every corner.

New technology is evolving at a faster rate than ever these days, with new innovations, changes and developments around every corner. From the power of the modern smartphone to the capabilities of the internet, there are incredible changes every single year to how we do things; and businesses are no exception. With technology evolving specifically to make business easier or different – whether intentionally or not – there’s a lot to keep up with for the average employee or business owner.

While not every innovation is equal, there are some forms of technology that have completely changed the way that business works forever. Technology is so important that we will likely never go back to the old way of doing things. So, what are these technologies that have made such a vast difference to business and changed it forever? Here are just three of the major innovations that have transformed the world, and business with it:

1. Online shopping

From anniversary gifts to household essentials, books to flowers, very few people use physical stores any more when there is far more choice and freedom available online. Just about anything can be delivered to our doors in 2-3 working days, and even sooner in many cases. The development of online shopping technology has vastly changed the landscape for any business selling directly to the public, making buying online vastly superior to shopping in physical stores. As such, it’s no surprise that buying online overshadows just about any other form of shopping available.

This is made all the more important as new technology is developed to provide better customer service and faster delivery. The fastest delivery in the UK was made in just 14 minutes and 8 seconds, and platforms like Amazon are king when it comes to buying a whole host of products. From vacuum cleaners to hair products, furniture to artwork, anything can now be purchased online. For businesses, this technological tool means an entirely different way to sell to customers that have never been done before. 

2. Digital communication

It can be easy to forget that businesses once had to rely on landlines or even letters to get their business done. The office is one of the places that have been completely transformed over the years by technology, vastly improving efficiency and allowing companies to be connected around the globe without any extra effort or input required. Digital communication is at the heart of much of the technology in offices, allowing businesses to work more effectively together and communicate between themselves and to customers far more quickly.

Digital communication is a vast area of technology, but the majority of it relies on the same basic requirements; an internet connection on both ends. From popular video conferencing services to instant messengers, emails to VoIP calls, digital communication, often in instant form, has evolved so rapidly thanks to the improvement and evolution of how we use the internet. Digital communication has changed business forever and only looks to be getting more sophisticated as time goes on.


3. Mobile technology

Very few people go out into the world without a smartphone by their side. From communicating with friends and family to checking work emails, using GPS and scrolling through our favourite social media platforms, smartphones are probably the most invasive piece of technology in our modern lives. As such, they’re the ideal tool for businesses to utilise for anything from improving productivity to advertising to customers. Mobile technology has changed business in unexpected ways, allowing us to adapt to new forms of entertainment, advertisement and communication.

While digital communications technology does include smartphones, the average iPhone or Android device is far more than just a way to talk to or collaborate with others. As such, the way businesses utilize mobile technology is different in many ways. Not only do these handheld devices change our shopping habits and even our customer service requirements, but they also change our expectations of businesses. Fast responses, instant support and mobile-friendly websites are a must for any business that wants to remain attractive to their audience, vastly changing how customer care and even website design has been handled in the past.

There’s no doubt that technology can change just about everything. For business, understanding those changes and adapting to them are musts to survive. From digital communications to online shopping, the way that we interact with companies has vastly changed – so understanding those changes, and meeting those needs, is more essential than ever.

What is FoodTech? Categories

FoodTech is an ecosystem made of all the agrifood entrepreneurs and startups (from production to distribution) innovating on the products, distribution, marketing or business model.

Main FoodTech Categories:

  • AgTech,
  • FoodScience,
  • FoodService,
  • Coaching,
  • Delivery,
  • Retail

Why Invest in Food Tech?

Can you tell me more about what you see happening at the intersection of food and tech today that’s driving all these changes?

Food and tech are colliding on many different fronts. From the scientific breakthroughs accelerating our natural world to home appliances that are giving home cooks “super powers” to make better food in their home kitchens, technology is moving from being novel to being truly useful. At the same time there are all these companies using technology to improve the logistics of delivering food to homes and offices, which is just one aspect that needs to be addressed.

What are the benefits these changes could bring to the consumer and business world?

The benefits are numerous. We have the potential for science and technology to transform traditional methods of producing, managing and cooking food into more simple, healthier and expedient ways to put good food on the table. There are also many associated benefits when we feed people good food. For example, our health care costs should decline as less people are starving or becoming obese. Then there’s the environmental toll of our current food system that could start to be reversed. We can foster more healthy, sustainable land management. And we shouldn’t deplete our precious natural resources as quickly when we find more replenishable ways of producing food for a modern world.

Are there any risks to all that?

There are fears of the unintended consequences of applying science and technology to the problem. That’s why the word responsible” is key to the innovations to foster. We must perform the right analysis on the impacts to making change and work with food experts to move in the right direction. Bringing technology and food leaders together, we can build confidence in what we’re doing and ensure that’s the right thing for nature and the health of our society as a whole.

In terms of bringing food and tech leaders together, do you think those communities are aware of a shift toward reinventing the food system?

Look at the demand for healthy, natural foods in our stores and restaurants—it’s a movement that the major food companies can’t ignore. They’re buying up companies or developing new products to address this trend. For example Campbell’s recently announced a $125 million venture fund to accelerate the changes in their business and the food system as a whole.

What’s the greatest factor motivating this change?

There’s a huge push for transparency in our food system: knowing where our food came from, how it was handled and ultimately what ended up on our plate. Several companies, from Clear Labs (DNA analysis for food) and 6Sensor Labs are tackling across the whole ecosystem where food exists, from creation to consumption.

Internet project of an Entrepreneur

Over the years of consulting in Internet marketing, I have an interesting quality. I began to determine the future of an entrepreneur’s Internet project with fairly high accuracy.

Imagine, I personally consulted hundreds of site owners over 10 years. I remember almost everyone and still follow some.

I have developed critical thinking. On my way, almost every entrepreneur excitedly talks about his project. Sometimes it even speaks very correctly. But managerial experience makes it possible to evaluate business by additional criteria.

And now you listen to the entrepreneur and make your own assumptions. Will win or not with this approach and my observations.

Every year more and more coincidences. Every year more and more often I speak my doubts right in the eye. Often not a plus to myself. But I’m telling the truth.

Although there are exceptions: When you were very surprised at the rapid growth.

Stages of Successful Business

There are two stages when a business owner can understand whether his online project will be successful:

The first stage in the communication phase:

  • What is his business category
  • Attitude to the product (by the product we mean everything, not just the site)
  • What is his real expertise
  • What is the share of the marketer in him and what experience did he have
  • How does a person relate to investments and generally to money
  • How soberly assesses the situation, goals, risks and its willingness to take risks
  • Willingness to deepen in new knowledge or to assemble a competent team
  • Tolerance and ability to transfer knowledge to others
  • How well does he manage to assemble teams and effective working groups

The second stage at the stage of starting work:

  • Quality of communication
  • Self-discipline and the ability to discipline everyone around
  • From discipline and speed of implementation of important matters
  • Loyalty to the smart, not loyalty to loved ones
  • The speed of his own development

Then additional factors are connected. There are many of them and all can not be counted.

The most important competencies for an entrepreneur

I calmly relate to burning eyes, motivational speeches, or “now we will change the world.”

That’s what everyone says. Especially in the first 2 months. Cool when they tell you this in a year with good results.

The reason for the lack of many qualities is the nature of the person or defocus.

In the long run, the ability to create a team and management that possesses these skills decides. Or you have to do everything yourself on and on.

Good and indispensable experience! Sometimes it saves your time and money.

Best live TV Streaming sites

1. – Watch all type of TV Serials.

2. Free TV Website (Watch Free 1808 TV Channels)

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5. Watch All TV Channel (Watch UK, France, Pakistan, Russian and US TV channels streaming here. All channels related to Entertainement, Kids, Movies and News can be found for a particular country on this site. Just browse using the top drop down menu to access your favoriate TV channel)

6. Free TV Online with Squid TV (Watch 500 Channels)

7. Movie Watcher (You can watch online straeming for all most all the world channels. You can browse by Aftica, Ammericas, USA, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania countires channels. If you want to browse for a specific country streaming, you can use the alphabatic order menu from the left side bar. )

8. Stream 2 Video (Live Channel streaming from USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, UAE, France, Switzerland, Italy, India, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Romania and Serbia)

9. Free TV All (Great website for watching free Channels related to Sports)

10. EPC TV (All the US channels online e.g NBC, NBA, CNN, ESPN, Disney, Fox, NFL Network and several others.)

11. Watch Free TV Online – Read Here (A website providing information about all the channels)

12. JumpTV (Watch all latest and live shows, sports, drama, and states official channels)

13. Free TV Hub (Most of the News Channels)

At the current time these streaming sites can be accessed but with the national government taking a more aggressive line on torrenting there are fears the government could put pressure on IPS to also block streaming sites. At the moment the government seems to be putting pressure on IPSs in a case by case basis, but this could change and the time may come when the use of a virtual private network (VPN) may be necessary.

For now though enjoy the free top TV and films from your PC.

Sales-as-a-Service Comparisons & Insights

SAAS allows businesses to create and manage a sales force without having to advertise, recruit, hire and even train sales agents for the positions.

Sales-as-a-service (SAAS) is not yet clearly defined and could be considered as software or services (or a combination of both), which provides businesses with “sales capabilities as a service” whereby, businesses can access relevant and crucial sales resources when they need them. For instance, if you are looking for an efficient sales channel or sales team, SAAS software can help you acquire the resources you need to meet your company’s goals.

SAAS allows businesses to create and manage a sales force without having to advertise, recruit, hire and even train sales agents for the positions.  Also, SAAS can also provide marketing tools, lead generation, effective sales systems and more. However, different SAAS service providers offer different packages and features.  

As an example, in a recent Wall Street Journal article titled: “Coming Next: The On-Demand Sales Force” reviews how the startup Universal Avenue is building an app to hire a sales team via an app. Universal Avenue says they are building a “sales-as-a-service” app based on the “sharing economy” which is best known for services offered to consumers such as Uber and Airbnb. It’s possible the “on-demand sales force” from Universal Avenue may disrupt the marketplace in much the same way.

Below is a comparison of some of the companies providing 

Elastic Sales<Close>
Seed Fire Venture
Peacock Digital
Sales Push
The Paretto Effect
NuGrowth Solutions

Elastic Sales

Elastic Sales is a ‘sales-as-a-service’ service provider, which operates using the software. has four main features that can help businesses make more sales by closing more deals.

The main features include:

  • Make and receive calls with one click: all inbound and outbound calls are logged into the software automatically, which allows for better and more sales calls. Also, the lead activity of a caller is displayed when the phone rings; this means, that crucial sales data will always be available when you need it.
  • Send more and better sales email: The app automatically tracks all your sales emails. You will, therefore, be able to see who opens your emails and keep track of the number of emails you have sent out at a particular time. This app also allows you to save templates, hence improving email workflow.
  • No tedious data entry tasks: Close io eliminates the need to do tedious manual data entry work with its auto-logging feature, which automatically enters relevant sales data into the system such as email and call correspondence. This can free up your sales agents to concentrate on closing more deals instead of doing data entry.
  • Get quick and accurate answers to your questions: For instance, if you need to know the number of potential leads/deals in a particular neighborhood that you have not yet contacted, simply ask the app, and you will get quick and accurate results. This is because the app collects most of its data based on actual sales behavior, therefore giving you accurate data.

Despite its great features, this SAAS software from Elastic Sales is not for everyone. For instance, if you do not use email or phone as part of your sales efforts, and you only manage 100 leads annually, then you may not be able to utilize Close io entirely.

Peacock Digital

Unlike Elastic sales, Peacock Digital does not offer a SAAS app or software. Instead, this sales-as-a–service, service provider offers a full-service sales outsourcing solutions to businesses.

These services include:

  • Lead Generation: Peacock Digital’s SAAS service identifies your target audience and potential marketing territories, and then applies a systematic approach in building leads for your business.
  • Lead Development: through the use of phone and face to face conversations Peacock digital sales team nurtures prospects for your company.
  • Sales Finalization:  this involves closing deals and contract negotiations (if required).
  • Partner development: this SAAS service can match your business to the most suitable implementation partner.
  • Market Representation: the company provides market representation in New Zealand and Australia.

SeedFire Venture

Seed Fire Venture has over 20 years of global experience in offering SAAS services to various businesses.

Seed Fire services include:

  • Strategic Go-to-marketing Plan:  A Strategic Go-to-marketing (GTM) plan will help you identify key competitors; develop market projections, profile customer segments and to profile large potential markets.
  • Develop a route-to-market strategy and execution process:  Distributors, resellers, manufacturers and consultants are a valuable part of the sales process; hence, the need to involve them in this process.
  • Lead Generation and Lead Management: Seed Fire ventures, unlike other SAAS service providers, offers a ‘pay per lead payment facility’, which makes lead generation and management a priority for them. They generate leads using various mechanisms such as digital marketing, telemarketing, and partner ecosystem.
  • Elastic sales force (on demand): provides a sales team to execute a scalable sales strategy, upon request. This service benefits small and medium organizations as they might not have the large amount of initial capital required to hire, train and maintain an in-house sales force.
  • Product Pre-sales and Post-sales support: Seed Fire Venture supports sales efforts needed before a “deal is made.” In addition, the company also offers post-sales support which works towards developing loyal customers.

Sales Push  

Sales push is a Sales-as-a-service, service provider which offers a variety of sales related services such as:

  • Email Campaigns Management: helps conduct custom email marketing campaigns, using well-designed email templates, which are also responsive to mobile devices; hence, allowing your business to tap into the ever-growing “mobile phone (users) market.”
  • Online Ad Management: Sales push makes ad designs, executes and optimizes these ads to help you generate more sales. An example of online Ads is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
  • Online Reputation Management: Social media is an important part of the sales process in today’s “tech-savvy” world, where sales are sometimes closed through an “endorsement tweet or the number of likes a product or service has.”  Sales Push manages companies’ social media presence in a bid to generate sales leads and even close sales.

The Paretto Effect

The Paretto Effect is a SAAS service provider, which focuses on sales outsourcing for companies. This company uses a unique model of helping you select your sales team. The company is responsible for employing, training and even paying your sales team.  Once recruitment and training are complete, you are then left to manage the sales team after training; you have the right to terminate the services of your sales team when need be. 

The Paretto Effect’s SAAS model offers:

  • A 12-month free replacement for every sales representative.
  • There are no upfront costs. You only pay for visible results, hence reducing your ‘investment risk’.
  • The cost is evenly spread over a period of 12 months.

NuGrowth Solutions

NuGrowth Solutions is an outsourced sales and marketing organization to help companies grow through professional market outreach and strategic territory management.

NuGrowth sales-as-a-service model includes a proprietary territory management system along with hiring, team building, and coaching. They provide people, processes, and systems to an organization for customer acquisition.

Their sales-as-a-service and a suite of full sales management includes:

  • Sales management
  • New business development
  • New business development – fill the pipeline
  • Full end-to-end service from Contract to Closing
  • CRM Management

Instead of focusing on software (though a CRM is an essential tool), NuGrowth services are similar to adding a fully operational branch sales and marketing office built to scale.

There is a growing number of sales-as-a-service (SAAS) providers, but a side-by-side comparison is difficult because services vary. There is not yet a clear definition for sales-as-a-service. While some might offer SAAS services using a sales app or software, others will provide these services using an outsourcing model, where you outsource sales team recruitment services from them.  In addition, there are companies who build a custom team to act as a branch of your sales and marketing department.

In addition, some service providers may offer a flexible repayment period, while others may not. There are also service providers whose SAAS structures are compatible with changing technologies, such as the mobile phone platform, and others are not.  

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Biggest Challenges of Global Brands

The global economy is rapidly changing and the way people are marketing their brands are on a completely different level now. Companies are constantly struggling with competition and have to come up with innovative things in order to remain competitive. Gone are the days of relying on traditional media such as print ads and TV commercials to reach out to customers. Now, social media grasps the marketing side with a strong grip, hovering over an economy that continuously changes every single day. With these volatile factors, global brands have to be ready to adapt to a new landscape, have to take several steps for going global and implement strategies that are both flexible and effective.

The Road Block

Any brand that achieves domestic success will try to explore opportunities to market the brand on an international level. Multi-national companies are always seeking new ways to grow their market shares by going into emerging markets. Being the most attractive market there is, companies are edging out one another to fight for a demographic of a large middle class with financial stability and strong economic outlook. But before they can even reach to these markets, brands have to be ready for the challenge at hand to grow their business.

What Are These Challenges?


Rolling out a global marketing campaign can easily be hindered by budget. Not only will the campaign be time-consuming on the planning part, but it can also be expensive on the implementation slot. And to deliver a global marketing campaign, brands have to be ambitious and take risks with their money. But with the rapid innovations in content management systems and other media platforms, marketing campaigns and its costs are reduced significantly without losing the ability to track ROI.

Uniformity and Customization

International markets can be quite challenging to reach out to for brands due to the struggle of customization and uniformity. What may work for one country may not work for the other.

And entering a market without first-hand knowledge can be disastrous for your marketing campaign. This is one reason why brands and their marketing campaigns fail even before they’re launched. The lack of cultural knowledge and professional translation skills can affect new product launching in a new market, and this isn’t evident up until the campaign has been launched.

Brands also feel the need to customize their marketing campaigns to adapt to foreign markets, however, this can be quite taxing on their budget. That’s why it’s often advised to conduct thorough market research to determine what needs to be changed for any existing marketing campaign prior to launching it.

A Volatile Digital Landscape

Trends in the digital world and the Internet marketing industry are ever-changing, and brands have to be on top of it in order to stay relevant. Company websites and their social media profiles are now direct bridges between the company and potential consumers. But without a direct and clear strategy, companies end up losing a major opportunity.

Consumer Reactions

The brunt of any brand’s marketing message and campaigns likes in its ability to reach out and emotionally connect with consumers. Viral content can instantaneously reach out to millions of customers in a matter of minutes at the fraction of the cost of traditional marketing media. But steps for going viral are most likely affected by the 2nd challenge – uniformity, and customization. Are brands knowledgeable enough of the content they produce that it won’t offend their target audience from another country?

The challenge here is what kind of content will a brand’s audience appreciate and react to. Considering the first two challenges mentioned above (Budget and Uniformity), a viral campaign can make or break any brand’s international marketing potential.

Tracking ROI For Global Marketing Campaigns

Companies always try to cut costs and to do that, they need to be able to determine the ROI for any marketing campaign. However, marketing campaigns usually take a hit as a hurried attempt to cut costs and this is where it goes down for most brands and where customer retention and acquisition go out the window. Companies that are trying to reach out on a global scale need to treat marketing as investments, not costs. Measuring ROI is the challenge for any brand and its marketers, considering that campaign performance varies from different regions and budgets are at stake. The ultimate goal here is to determine the performance of the campaigns based on the value they’re providing according to the ROI.

Creating Objectives To Overcome Challenges

From the start of the campaign, it’s imperative for brands to be clear with their objectives and goals, so all teams know what needs to go out, what needs to be evaluated, and what needs to be removed. A campaign that does not do well may need to be put on hold and re-evaluated to identify possible flaws and errors before improvements can be made.

Marketing Partners

Digital Marketing campaigns increase visibility, drive conversions and improve ROI. The holistic approach integrates all forms of internet marketing and digital advertising to deliver results across all channels appropriate to your business.

Contact us today for a free consultation and cost estimate for
your project. We work with companies in all industries, big or small.

8 Ways to Improve Your Fulfillment Efficiency by the App

Whether you’re running a small family business or a large-scale distribution center, you know that gaps in efficiency can seriously slow your business.

Whether you’re running a small family business or a large-scale distribution center, you know that gaps in efficiency can seriously slow your business. And, in today’s consumer-driven economic landscape, there is no room for moseying, with 63 percent of consumers saying they expect three-day delivery as the standard. Taking a good hard look at your process can help ensure that you’re running an efficient operation and that your customers are always pleased with your services.

Inefficiencies in the form of inaccurate inventory, slow restocking, under-performing technology and others could cost you millions per year if not addressed, but identifying them can be its own costly challenge. Here are some of the ways you can find, and close, the vulnerabilities in your fulfillment process.

  • Boost Inventory Accuracy — Did you know that, on average, retail inventories are only accurate 63 percent of the time? Why is this such a big deal, you ask? If your inventory numbers are off, you’re unable to properly store, pick, package and ultimately fulfill at peak efficiency. Not to mention, we all know that customers and partners expect to see what’s in stock and when while they’re ordering. Improve inventory accuracy with fulfillment inventory solutions that ensure unparalleled accuracy.
  • Make Your Process Predictable — When your process varies widely from one day, week, month or season to the next, inefficiencies arise. The fact of the matter is, if you don’t know what to expect each day, you’ll lose out on labor and operational costs, not to mention an over- or understock of goods. Invest in a good business distribution software to help monitor, predict and automate your systems for more predictability. When your software does a good portion of the monitoring and maintaining for you, it’s easier to refocus your attention and improve efforts elsewhere.
  • Invest in an RFID System — Budget-drainers in the fulfillment process can add up quickly and prevent your business from rapid growth, but it can be really tough to identify them if you don’t have the proper systems in place. Transparency and data tracking at every level of the supply chain is vital to helping you develop solid analytics, and analytics are necessary for making impactful changes on a day-to-day level. With radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and a detailed tracking software, you open up transparency and tracking like never before, helping to ensure better data aggregation. 
  • Reduce “Touches” and Handling — Take a look at the average number of touches—that is, number of times an item is being handled—of a typical item in your facility. The more touches or steps, the more room for error and mishandling. Reducing the amount of times each unit is handled is a worthy fulfillment effort that can help prevent error, damage and theft while boosting the speed of your process. Note that touches aren’t limited to human touches. Any step in the fulfillment lifecycle could be considered a touch, whether it’s a robot picking, a pallet transporting or a human packaging.
  • Optimize Facility Flow — You may think that the way your facility is laid out has little impact on the efficiency or success of your business, but that’s simply not so. Creating a fluid flow, from accepting inbound goods to shipping items out, is important to helping prevent roadblocks and inefficiencies in the process. Hiring a warehouse layout optimization specialist is the best way to go about this if you think that your facility needs a pretty massive overhaul. It will also help you optimize your storage space so that you can store more without the need to upgrade.
  • Use Less Packaging — It should be every fulfillment manager’s goal to reduce the amount of packaging used. More packaging equates to more steps, more handling, more time, more money and more waste. Take Amazon as an example of how to reduce packaging to boost inventory: The eCommerce giant is working to challenge their massive packaging inefficiencies by using more envelopes and developing a system that allows them to ship items in their original packaging. Your aim should always be to figure out how to best protect items in transit with the least amount of materials.
  • Optimize Picking Operations — Picking—the act of grabbing specific items to prepare them for shipping—is one of the core components of any well-oiled fulfillment center. Because even miniscule inefficiencies in picking can seriously affect your bottom line, there are all sorts of incredible picking technologies out there (again, just look to Amazon for examples). But you don’t have to shell out millions on high-tech picker robots to get the job done right. Small changes, like combining orders into single travel units and keeping all picking operations at the ground level, can equal massive changes over time.
  • Optimize Slotting Operations — Slotting is the process of organizing your center’s inventory before it’s picked, processed and fulfilled. Like picking, optimizing your slotting efforts can bring massive returns with small and affordable changes. Even minor adjustments, like keeping your fastest moving items in the most accessible spots in the facility, can revolutionize the way you do business. Look at slotting as a science and follow best practices to ensure that items are fulfilled in a reasonable timeframe.

It’s All About Analytics

At the end of the day, you’ll only get so far in any fulfillment endeavor if you perform, test, measure and adjust as part of an agile, ever-evolving optimization strategy. But how do you make measurable changes if you don’t have the measurements to begin with? The very best thing you can do to constantly improve your processes is to track, track and track some more. With the right software and equipment, you’ll be able to closely monitor, measure and adapt based on past performance data. From there, closing efficiency gaps is easy!

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media for Society

Social media has grown tremendously in the last few years. From 2006 onwards the growth rate is unexpectedly very high. Specially Facebook and Twitter have grown much faster and captured millions of users in just a few years. The way technology is growing, it is obvious that more and more people are going to grasp its benefits. It has brought a lot of advantages for the society. From progressed nations to under-developed countries, every nation is utilizing the power of social media to enhance life and use it for the bitterness of the people.

However, on the other hand it has also affected the society in the negative way. Just like anything which can be used for both good and bad, social media have also provided the negative and positive ways for the people. It is all about the usage and getting things done positively by using the power of social media. It is in the hands of the user to use to its advantage. But willingly or unwillingly it can still have negative impacts on the users. Today in this article I am going to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of the social media for the society.

Let’s start with the disadvantages first, because the advantages are numerous and everything is perceived to have a positive effect unless it is used negatively.

10 Disadvantages of Social Media for the Society

1: Cyberbullying – According to a report published by most of the children have become victims of the cyberbulling over the past. Since anyone can create a fake account and do anything without being traced, it has become quite easy for anyone to bully on the Internet. Threats, intimidation messages and rumors can be sent to the masses to create discomfort and chaos in the society. Check out the 6 cyberbullying stories that turned into suicide stories.

2: Hacking – Personal data and privacy can easily be hacked and shared on the Internet. Which can make financial losses and loss to personal life. Similarly, identity theft is another issue that can give financial losses to anyone by hacking their personal accounts. Several personal twitter and Facebook accounts have been hacked in the past and the hacker had posted materials that have affected the individuals personal lives.  This is one of the dangerous disadvantages of the social media and every user is advised to keep their personal data and accounts safe to avoid such accidents.

3: Addiction – The addictive part of the social media is very bad and can disturb personal lives as well. The teenagers are the most affected by the addiction of the social media. They get involved very extensively and are eventually cut off from the society. It can also waste individual time that could have been utilized by productive tasks and activities.

4: Fraud and Scams – Several examples are available where individuals have scammed and commit fraud through the social media. For example, this list contains the 5 social media scams that are done all the time.

5: Security Issues – Now a day’s security agencies have access to people personal accounts. Which makes the privacy almost compromised. You never know when you are visited by any investigation officer regarding any issue that you mistakenly or unknowingly discussed over the internet.

6: Reputation – Social media can easily ruin someone’s reputation just by creating a false story and spreading across the social media. Similarly businesses can also suffer losses due to bad reputation being conveyed over the social media.

7: Cheating and Relationship Issues – Most of the people have used the social media platform to propose and marry each other. However, after some time they turn to be wrong in their decision and part ways. Similarly, couples have cheated each other by showing the fake feelings and incorrect information.

8: Health Issues – The excess usage of social media can also have a negative impact on the health. Since exercise is the key to lose weight, most of the people get lazy because of the excessive use of social networking sites. Which in result brings disorder in the routine life. This research by discovery will shock you by showing how bad your health can be affected by the use of the social media.

9: Social Media causes death – Not just by using it, but by following the stunts and other crazy stuffs that are shared on the internet. For example bikers doing the unnecessary stunts, people doing the jump over the trains and other life threatening stuffs. For example in this video 14 year old from Mumbai was doing stunts on a running train which caused his death. These types of stunts are performed by the teenagers because of the successful stunts made and shared over the social media.

10: Glamorizes Drugs and Alcohol – One of the disadvantages of the social media is that people start to follow others who are wealthy or drug addicted and share their views and videos on the web. Which eventually inspires others to follow the same and get addicted to the drugs and alcohol.

10 Advantages of Social Media for the Society

1: Connectivity – The first and main advantage of the social media is connectivity. People from anywhere can connect with anyone. Regardless of the location and religion. The beauty of social media is that you can connect with anyone to learn and share your thoughts.

2: Education – Social media has a lot of benefits for the students and teachers. It is very easy to educate from others who are experts and professionals via the social media. You can follow anyone to learn from him/her and enhance your knowledge about any field. Regardless of your location and education background you can educate yourself, without paying for it.

3: Help – You can share your issues with the community to get help and giddiness. Whether it is helping in term of money or in term of advice, you can get it from the community you are connected with.

4: Information and Updates – The main advantage of the social media is that you update yourself from the latest happenings around in the world. Most of the time, Television and print media these days are biased and does not convey the true message. With the help of social media you can get the facts and true information by doing some research.

5: Promotion – Whether you have an offline business or online, you can promote your business to the largest audience. The whole world is open for you, and can promote to them. This makes the businesses profitable and less expensive, because most of the expenses made over a business are for advertising and promotion. This can be decreased by constantly and regularly involving on the social media to connect with the right audience.

6: Noble Cause – Social media can also be used for the noble causes. For example, to promote an NGO, social welfare activities and donations for the needy people. People are using social media for donation for needy people and it can be a quick way to help such people.

7: Awareness – Social media also create awareness and innovate the way people live. It is the social media which has helped people discover new and innovative stuffs that can enhance personal lives. From farmers to teachers, students to lawyers every individual of the society can benefit from the social media and its awareness factor.

8: Helps Govt and Agencies Fight Crime- It is also one of the advantages of the social media that it helps Governments and Security Agencies to spy and catch criminals to fight crime.

9: Improves Business Reputation – Just like it can ruin any business reputation, It can also improve business sales and reputation. Positive comments and sharing about a company can help them with sales and goodwill. Since people are free to share whatever they want on the social media, it can impact positively when good words are shared.

10: Helps in Building Communities – Since our world has different religions and beliefs. Social media helps in building and participating in the community of own religion and believes to discuss and learn about it. Similarly, people of different communities can connect to discuss and share related stuffs. For example Game lover can join games related communities, car lover can join communities related to cars and so on.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of social media for the society. However, these are the enough advantages and disadvantages to decide which way to go on the social media.

Clio Company

$250M / Series D

Clio is a suite of web-based tools that help law firms in practice management and client collaboration.

Categories: Law Enforcement • Legal • Software

Founders: Jack Newton, Rian Gauvreau

Investors: JMI Equity (Lead), TCV (Lead)

References to Research

  • CrunchBase

4 Ways to use Big Data for Business Needs

Big data has a lavish potential to change the way we run businesses. Last year, over 27% of Fortune 1000 executives said they started seeing a range of benefits from their big data initiatives, from decreasing expenses to creating a data-driven culture.

Big data has a lavish potential to change the way we run businesses. Last year, over 27% of Fortune 1000 executives said they started seeing a range of benefits from their big data initiatives, from decreasing expenses to creating a data-driven culture.

 #1 Keep it clean
#2 When migrate, do it wisely
#3 Don’t leave self-service BI users alone
#4 Overcome internal bottlenecks

It`s time to meet your strategy with technologies!

Bellwether Coffee

$40M / Series B

Bellwether Coffee develops hardware and software platform to transform the coffee industry.

Categories: Coffee • Commercial • Food and Beverage • Information Technology • Software

Founders: Ricardo Lopez

Investors: DBL Partners (Lead), Lyndon Rive (Lead), Peter Rive (Lead) + 8 more

References to Research

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Culture Amp

$82M / Series E

Culture Amp is an employee analytics platform that specializes in staff surveying and analytics.

Categories: Analytics • Enterprise Software • Human Resources • SaaS

Founders: Didier Elzinga, Douglas English, Jon Williams, Rod Hamilton

Investors: Sequoia Capital China (Lead), Blackbird Ventures, Felicis Ventures + 7 more

References to Research

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Check out the list of 30 of the most exciting startups working on driverless cars and autonomous tech.

Some of these companies have raised significant funding in recent weeks, as investors place their bets on the eventual breakout winners in the space, as well as the new industries that will emerge.

Zoox is the most mysterious member of the self-driving car club, an exclusive list of 50 companies that are allowed to operate autonomous vehicles in CA. The startup raised a $250M Series A from Lux Capital and DFJ. Zoox is hiring in multiple positions in the Bay Area. aims to build the the safest most reliable autonomous driving tech. In January, the one year old startup raised a $112M Series A.

Cruise, which now leads GM’s autonomous tech efforts, recently showed off a robocar without a steering wheel it plans to launch as early as next year (pictured in header). Cruise is hiring in SF. is building the self-driving car brain. Watch the video. The company raised a $50M Series B from GGV Capital and NEA and is hiring in multiple positions.

Nauto raised a $159M Series B from Softbank and Greylock to make self-driving safer. The company gathers data about human drivers and their behavior to improve safety through its autonomous data platform.

AImotive raised $38M in its third round of funding just a few days ago. The company specialized in making software that can take the data from autonomous car cameras and sensors and identify pedestrians.

Ouster makes the world’s most capable LIDAR sensor, and raised a $27M Series A back in December.

Embark makes self-driving trucks. The company went through YC and aims to revolutionize commercial transport. Embark is hiring. Check out the video of their tech.

Starsky Robotics is also making self-driving trucks, and also went through Y Combinator. Starsky is hiring, and has a demo video that will make you want to go into the self-driving trucking industry today.

LvI5 building software and collecting data that’s needed to scale autonomous vehicles globally. If you’re interested in crowdsourced HD mapping and want to work at a YC startup, go work there.