Apartment Rental Apps Development: The Explosive Growth of Airbnb Solutions

Technology has changed the way people search for the apartments. Well, the mobile application provides a platform that creates a tech-powered living experience, which home seekers find useful. All top of it, apartment rental apps provide solutions for both tenants as well as landlords in terms of offering solutions with less paperwork and minimal time-consuming.

Based on a similar concept, there is an app for an apartment rental named AirBnB. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “In Q3 2018, Airbnb said it had its strongest quarter ever, where it saw “substantially more” than $1 billion in revenue.” However, this rental startup company provides turnkey flexible rental apartment solutions.

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This application started out as the worst child in the room, but could create a new industry.

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The hospitality-tech company, AirBnB, transforms the mid to long-term housing experience. AirBnB allows its app users to rent apartments with high-end furnishings for both business professionals and individual renters. In short, this apartment rental app based on the turnkey living solution.

Being a real estate startup, if you are planning to create an apartment rental app like , here, we’re going to explore a few quirky solutions, which you can consider during apartment rental apps development.

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3 Quirky Solutions from Blueground to Consider During Apartment Rental Apps Development

1. A Blend of Seamless, Turnkey & Furnished Apartment Rental Solutions

When it comes to renting an apartment exactly as what one is searching for, it is hard to get the perfect one with all the amenities. Not only this, it always comes with loads of hassles like paperwork and consumption of time. Undoubtedly, remote work and business travel have become the new normal. However, such problems have analyzed by AirBnB, and it has provided solutions for the same while searching the apartments for themselves.

This company has successfully provided seamless solutions for home seekers, especially for those who work in remote areas and business travelers. The key takeaway, which you can take from the apartment rental app, AirBnB, is to offer flexible short-term solutions to your customers. This is because the long-lease commitments are usually lengthy.

2. Fill Up The Hospitality Gap & Ease Rental Friction

The startup company has realized the importance of the value of flexible leasing. Moreover, the company has already realized the huge pain points of customers as they usually get frustrated and mental strain because of not having stable personal living arrangements for them.

Furthermore, people also find hassles when buying new furniture. And, they also need to do a lot of paperwork in order to get an apartment. This startup company has eliminated the issues like costly and time-consuming traditional rental process. The apartment rental app allows its app users or tenants to switch to any other listing during the rental period if users’ preferences change or if they want to explore different locations during their stay.

Being a real estate startup, remember, this quirky solution can help you to get succeed like AirBnB. So, don’t forget to consider this during apartment rental apps development.

3. Offer a Set of App Features to Provide Seamless Rental Experience

The next quirky solution from AirBnB is to enable users to handle with digital and connected infrastructure. On account of this, tenants or app users can monitor their apartment and arrange maintenance, housekeeping, and other services directly via apartment rental app like AirBnB.

As a tech startup, if you are planning to create an app for apartment rentals, then this solution is important to consider. All you just need to offer a set of app features to embrace when creating an app like AirBnB:

  • Geo-location
  • Social Sharing
  • Cross-platform Ability
  • Custom Search
  • Push Notifications
  • Allows users to access information about the location and entry system of property information
  • Access services like housekeeping and babysitter services
  • Nearby Apartments: Allows users to look nearby pharmacies, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, parking areas, restaurants, and gyms

So, if you are all set to develop an apartment rental app like AirBnB, then these are some quirky solutions, which you have just gone through.


Before concluding this, it is worth-watching to check a few important stats of the real estate market.

Looking at the market size of the global real estate market, according to the report from Grand View Research –

  • The global real estate market size estimated to worth $4,263.7 billion by 2025.
  • Globally, the real estate market is driven by rapid urbanization via migration to find better amenities and increasing the demand for urban spaces.
  • The real estate spaces for retail, commercial, industrial, and healthcare infrastructure are high in demand along with increasing urbanization.
  • North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East are the hot regions for real estate app development.

So, once you have decided to make an app for apartment rental like AirBnB and if you want to share your app idea, then you can cross-verify it with experts.

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