BscScan Reviews

BscScan is the most used block explorer for BinanceSmart Chains (BSC). 

This service is used by more than 1,000,000 monthly users of BSC. It offers access to search, analytics, and API. BSC Validator: We also serve as a Validator. Delegate BNB to help secure the network and earn staking rewards. BscScan is an independent project that was founded around BSC and its members. 

Its mission is equitable access to all blockchain data.┬áA search engine that makes it easy to find vast amounts of BSC data.┬áThe data powers the ecosystemÔÇÖs dApps. It is externally shared BscScan data.┬áDelegate BNB to help secure the network, and earn staking rewards points.┬á

BSC tools, charts, dashboards, and other data sources to help you gain insights. Blockchain hashes can be accessed from off-chain metadata. This interface allows you to interact with smart contract from BSC.

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