Browser ‘Favicons can be used as Undeletable Supercookies to track you online

Source Vice: “Favicons are something that almost every website uses, but nobody thinks about. The little icon at each tab’s start provides a logo for the current tab. Twitter uses the little bluebird, Gmail has the red mail icon and Wikipedia has the bold W. This is a handy shortcut that allows us to navigate through our endless tab situation. Researchers have discovered that these icons could be a security flaw. They can allow websites to track your movements and bypass VPNs and incognito browsing statuses. This tracking technique is known as a Supercookie and was created by Jonas Strehle, a German software designer. Supercookie uses favicons as a way to give unique identifiers to website visitors. This ID, unlike traditional tracking methods can be stored almost permanently and cannot be easily removed by the user,” Strehle stated on his Github.

Browser favicons can be used undeletable!

The tracking method is effective even when the browser is incognito. It cannot be cleared by closing the browser, closing it, restarting the system, or using AdBlockers or a VPN. Strehle’s Github explains that he was inspired to use favicons for tracking users after reading an research paper from the University of Illinois at Chicago …”.

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Its 70TB users’ data leaked by security researchers –